Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sending the down and out to jail....

Nevermind we don't have the usual safety nets for the poor and unemployed as in other developed countries. We have many beaches where one can set up tent and try to get by until one's luck changes. So that is what some people think.....

"'I suggest you use a bicycle chain to tie yourself to a tree or you may lose yourself as well."
- Judge Saruwan making fun of the homeless person for losing his passport and IC.
Here's a sad story about a Singaporean, Noor Mohammad Yassin Ismailm who didn't have a job and had to put up at East Coast Park. He was arrested by the rangers for setting up a tent without a license - see in Singapore you need a license for many things and if too many people become homeless and set up tent at East Coast they will probably implement a 'tent COE' to curb the problem. The judge fined him $800. Noor who was very skinny because he didn't have money for food couldn't pay the fine and had to go to jail for 4 days. At least his meals will the taken care of when he is in prison.

This is the cold hard justice you get in Singapore strict adherence to the law that does not factor in the fact that the circumstances that led this man break the law was outside his control.

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Jailed for living in illegal tent
By Sujin Thomas

HOMELESS and unemployed, Noor Mohammad Yassin Ismail pitched a canvas tent at East Coast Park in May, 2007, and lived there for almost a month - without a lease or licence to do so.He was discovered on June 26 of that year, after he was apprehended by park rangers.In court on Tuesday, Noor was asked to produce his Identity Card or passport but he said that he had lost both items. It prompted District Judge Mr Shaiffudin Saruwan to retort in jest: 'I suggest you use a bicycle chain to tie yourself to a tree or you may lose yourself as well.'Pleading for leniency, Noor, who is tanned and skinny, said that he seldom ate, only doing so if friends gave him food. He added that his mother is paralysed and looked after by a younger sibling, while an elder sister does not care about him.

He was fined $800 but could not afford to pay the fine so he was jailed four days instead. He could have been fined up to $2,000.


King Greg said...

In Singapore, the damn downtrodden already still must give them extra kick down, whereas the damn upstairs rich and powerful already still must give them extra millions plus promote twice a year up.

Wah lau eh! Even King Greg see already buay ge yen!

Anonymous said...

There is something unusual in this case. Both the District Judge and the accused are both Malay. Normally, there is a belief that minority of the same race would normally sympathise with their own kind.

In this case, we have the DJ make a mockery of his own kind...

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:46

This is in fact the expected behavior though more common for ,eg, us Chinese.

Cant remember the scientific name for this though.

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how some people can show such a lack of sympathy for those down and out. This is really called "throw the stone as well down the well". Sure you may be a judge but you are still a human. No compassion at all! He deserves to be reborn in some country like Ethopia to be one of the starving masses in his next life. Some people never think ahead, all they see is the pot of gold that is dangling in front of them. Sorry lor, your pot of gold (or the zeros in your CPF and bank account) is not going to follow you to the netherworld. Pls rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

There is no homeless in SG!
We take care of every1!

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad case.

The DJ is a downright prick. When a person is down and out, have no where to stay, no where to sleep, and nothing to eat, do you think his priority is keeping his passport or IC?

Does he expecting that a homeless man to apply for license or lease to pitch a tent in the park?

Anonymous said...

I think the reason that the judge reacted that way because most of us had been groomed in a certain way. Most people, when they read this piece of news, would think that he deserved it because almost all of us knew that pitching a tent at the beach requires a license. (Since most of us at one time or other tried to organise a barbecue or outing at the beach)

Only a minority would think further about the mitigating factors in resulting in this situation......

Sigh......guess we are getting more and more 'heartless'....

Anonymous said...

He shoul just sleep in the void deck. i believe no licence required

Anonymous said...

this is a stupid law. in singapore, the garmen owes EVERYTHING - land, roads, buildings, your cpf monies, even your body parts when you die.

singaporeans on the other hand, owe nothing of their country. not even the HDB flats they buy.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, this is not about the poor man not having applied for a license.

try to get a license for pitching a tent in any one of our parks for an extended period of time, on the grounds that you're homeless, you will most certainly NOT get it, ok!

this is about a homeless person who has nowhere to go and gets sent to jail, but not before a good dose of salt-rubbing to the wound.

where is our social safety net that dear mrs minister from aljunied (can't remember her name) mentioned just recently. in other countries, the man will be sent to a home for the homeless and not jail.

sgcynic said...

Next, ICA will charge the poor guy to replace his IC and passport. Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

""singaporeans should learn from what happened to Dr Cai. The same can happen to anyone who are above 40 ".

It has happened to many sporean. Not only those lowly educated.

Many graudates above 45 are jobless. Many former talents are now jobless.
Many hv been jonless for many yeasr. But the stat still show near full employment.

Onlooker said...

"???Meritocracy????" mah......

The merit of being born with silver spoon.

The merit of being pompous with every entrance staged and planned.

The merit of lost conscience.

The merit of closing both eyes to the situation on the ground.

The merit of mass propapganda that by wearing White in 7th "ghost" month they are pure as snow and boy are they hungry.

And the merit of exploiting Cheap migrant labor with so many "Meritorious? meritocrats??" merrily merit themselves with self proclaimed merits.

What to do? It happened......

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most shameless government. Paying themselves million and praising themselves as elite, despite losing the mandate to rule. So unlucky to be born as a singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the poor and jobless are a minority, less than 33%.

If not how come PAP can get 66% mandate at every election?

Don't tell me the poor and jobless also voted for PAP?

Anonymous said...

the law is a two-edged sword. either it heals or it hacks.

it takes alot of soul and WORK to show heart or nurture and love someone back to life.

on the other hand, the law is quick(execution), clean( black or white) and without hassle/EFFICIENT( who dare to fight the law?).

though the law is good, it has to be balanced with heart.

but unfortunately, we have chosen to be EFFICIENT cause efficiency derives the most currency.

so therefore, unless your righteousness EXCEEDS the righteousness of the scribes, politics shall be ruled by hypocrites and rich ones too.

Anonymous said...

""Armed with an honours degree, Ms Lee only received four offers after sending out 100 job applications; the offers were mostly commission-based jobs in real estate and insurance. She is still in her 30s. Can you imagine what obstacles jobseekers in their 40s and 50s face?""

If u become an insurance agent, you may have to sell structured products to make yr friends & relatives suffer. If not, you may suffer - loss yr job as an ins agent, and there is nothing left (no more job for u).

Anonymous said...

watching parliament tonight, i am convinced our leaders are cowardly bullies who employ laws to beat up people who failed to live up to their impossible expectations...since MM argue we cannot be equal and therefore, the lesser equal people will suffer under the more equal rulers or pigs from the perspective of the animal farm story.

watching parliament tonight is a real eye opener.some of our leaders are frightening RUTHLESS. they are in fact, cold.

and those lesser leaders....if you care to observe......swallowed their saliva as they watched and keep their highly regarded position and fat pay checks.

Anonymous said...

anon 2144..aiyoh, go beg for jobs for hiok hiok hiok lah...sure get one.

my hiam my hiam..sure get one.

maybe can get prison job. lol

Anonymous said...

When I read tt a phd has to resort to drive taxi for a living, I feel very sad. If they spend so much to recruit a foreign talent, pls make the best out of him. It feels like wasting previous resources, while on the other hand u claimed u need more FT as there is not enuff.I dun undstd what is gg on in sg. Worse than communist china these days. Sad.

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents.

1. What happens after the guy gets out of jail? How can he get a chance at a job with his jail record? Would it be back to pitching illegal tent at the beach again, waiting to be caught and then waiting to go to jail again (for free food and shelter)?

2. Why did the DPP even bother to prosecute such a case instead of referring to community welfare services or homes? Isn't it a waste of court resources?

Anonymous said...

If the guy has broken a law, the judge is empowered to mete out the appropriate punishment.

But it is unprofessional for the DJ to pass such insulting comments, knowing full well that the guy cannot/will not retort without running the risk of being accused of contempt of court.

Such comments epitomise how little respect for the "lesser mortals" by these elites.

Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised about the judge's lack of professional conduct?

This ain't the first time it happened. Keep your eyes peeled whenever you read of a court case mentioned in the 154th.

It is very common for our judges to pass sarcastic remarks on either plantiff or defendents in the course of their work. Very common indeed.

Of course, the judges are fully aware that we are not allowed to retort back, or we may be found in contempt of court.

Makes passing sarcastic remarks even more fun that way.

Anonymous said...

[anon 2144..aiyoh, go beg for jobs for hiok hiok hiok lah...sure get one.

my hiam my hiam..sure get one.

maybe can get prison job. lol]

actually, they can be the running dogs of you know lah hahaha

not bad you license to sniff license to lick lick mostly balls and after license to bark bark someore hahaha

and somemore...they pay you dog food oh no wait...monkey peanuts....or pig sewage hahahaha

after can proudly say...i support SPCA!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Although I disapprove of the DJ's remarks and feel that jail term is inappropriate, we need to also ask why he is jobless and his family does not care for him. Even his younger sibling has to take care of the mother. Maybe there is more to the background of his situation.

Nevertheless, he should have been made to serve community service or something similar instead of being sent to jail. It keeps him occupied meaningfully, benefits community and gives him a second chance without tarnishing his life with a prison record.

He didn't do much harm. In fact, the Indian foreigner who molested a woman deserved to be jailed instead.

Anonymous said...

hate to say this but if we failed to understand that the laws are ultimately determined by a group of clergy like men, we may be wasting resources arguing superficial legal concepts. this is quite similar to arguing religions with people of diverse frames of minds. due to a myriad of special interests, priorities and values at stake which can only aggravate any contentious discourse, the rule of law , determined by those in power, provides the best solution to mitigate these differences especially if it threatened autocratic rule.

and do you seriously think you can win an argument against people with fork tongue?

the problem is in your content. the laws are simply tools to achieve and serve the purposes of a different content than yours.

and this set content has been determined by a core group of men. hence, arbitration is but only a means to an end.

the damping truth is that you are unlikely to change the laws if you can't convince anyone of them to give up its predatory power.

i'll be surprised if you and your revolutionists succeed in altering the current status quo.

at best, we hope your accumulated sufferings will one day weigh against them .

Anonymous said...

Anon 19/8/09 23:28

Tsk Tsk Tsk, you heard about "modern day labor camp" or not?

Build the pyramids and die under the rule of pharoah's labor camp!

Anonymous said...

Anon 19/8/09 23:35

Perhaps what you are saying here is that...there is a kind of apparent and outward show of apparent right behavior, what some call wayang kulit to impress shallow idiots, that stinks like rotten fish.

It takes a discerning mind to see the difference between Pharisaical crap and the genuine crap?

Anonymous said...

Danielxx, have you visited one of these "illegal tents" lately?

Anonymous said...

Lucky, there is a sick idiot (Danielxx) who keeps acting as different persons and talking to himself.

Could be a PAP bastard trying to disrupt the readability of your comments.

Figure out his IP and ban/expose him.

Anonymous said...

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Ah Kow lets some hot air out of the balloon, which slowly descended below the clouds, but he still couldn't tell where they were. Far below, they could see a man on the ground. Ah Kow lowered the balloon, to ask the man their location.

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Ah Kow Called down to the man, "You must be a lawyer." "Gee, Ah Kow," Ah Huay replied, "How can you tell?" Ah Kow answered, "Because the advice he gave us is 100% accurate, and is completely useless".

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it'slike u are here cums the good samaritan pigs who tell you the obvious( so brillient hor)...your fault your walk walk or we throw you into the dungeon.

thats the lawyer talking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19/8/09 20:51 mentioned that the poor and the jobless are a minority since if they are the majority, then surely the gahmen wld be ousted rite?

There are some issues that worth pointing out:
i) Walkover.
Not all constituencies/GRCs are contested, so no opportunity for one to cast vote even if one wants to.
ii) Timing of election.
Looking at trend of past 2 elections, it is either maximum fear (2001, at start of recession) or maximum hope (2006, end of recession) so sentiment wise, people will be swayed into supporting incumbent.
iii) Election Issues.
The issues during election are normally domestic, ie maintaining my assets like HDB, quality of opposition etc. So people would prefer to maintain status quo as they do not want their asset values to drop, better for others to be the hero. Guess the influx of migrants will mean they want status quo too, so tough luck for opposition.

But despite all these, it is clear that gahmen is unable to maintain the same no. of popular vote as before in the next election as there are external factors this time around such as slow economic growth, persistent UnEmp, high cost of living that will prove hard to tackle, and also internal problems (TH's fiascos, high profile blunders like Mas Selemat's Escape, Minister's high pays etc) that have eroded people's confidence.

Gahmen are smart pple, they are doing damage control now to mitigate the political costs. My minister MP has started to do the walkabout recently to every HDB block!

So the next election is interesting : How will pple vote? What are the goodies gahmen is going to distribute to placate pple? Will we have finally good opposition on average contesting? Will FT vote be enough to stem the negative tide?

Interestingly, Japan's incumbent ruling LDP is facing the worst crisis in 50 years since ruling Japan almost uninterruptedly after WW2. Are we going to witness the Change that initiated from Obama's election to move across Pacific to Japan, then to Singapore? A Change that is incredible which is hitherto unthinkable?

Anonymous said...

They are not called kangaroo judges for nothing! Watch 5 SIMILAR cases to compare how they sentence Singaporeans versus foreigners.


In USA, they try to ensure diversity in school. This means they purposely and consciously, as a matter of formal written policy, put poor and rich children in the same classroom, put blacks and whites in the same classroom, put high-ability children and low-ability children in the same classroom.

In Singapore, it is the opposite! Not only do the top student go to the top school, but within the school itself, they are ranked and put into different classroom! Even in a co-ed neighbourhood schools, you may end up with a class comprising only of malays, and another class comprising only of girls and yet another class consisting only of boys!!! That's because they also segregate based on subject combination so that all those taking home economics (i.e. girls) are in 1 class while those taking technical are in another. So, the child basically leads a boy-only sch life in a co-ed sch, for example!

With this lack of diversity, you tell me lah, how do you get a Judge to empathize with a homeless vagrant?

Anonymous said...

That's the way things are in Singapore. It's not right. It shouldn't happen this way but it is not likely to change. Everyone is too busy making money to have compassion.

Anonymous said...

Dr xxx look for jobs for one year, from 2007 to 2008.
When spore is boooming in 2007 (the best golden period in sg's history) , a phd holder from stamford still cannot find a job after one year's search.
That is the most scary thing.

Just imagine what is the chances for the ordinary people & lowly educated?

So to be poor is not their fault.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2208,
Parliament sittings are insults to our intelligence. I was mortified by Tharman's comments the previous day saying being transparent will not serve any purpose. He goes round and round skirting but not dealing with it.

LKY's rare comments were shocking. Again he plays the racial cards by highlighting the minorities and threatening that equality will hurt. I am fine with our racial mix and the special grants to them. I think I will not be happy being equal with a new citizens, PRs and FTs, which is the gist of the matter. I think he is skirting the issues.

Lucky, would love to hear your comments on LKY's rhetoric.

Play god of War said...

You know, this is what papers print. Now we all know who exactly owns the paper.

A friend of mine was interviewed by the papers. The papers just spew the words he quote in different order thus giving a different perspective to the readers.

How do you know the exact proceedings of the court without being there?
How do you know the editor did not edit out the words?
How do you do if that is not a "divide and conquer" tactics aimed at the Malays since everyone knows that Old Man and his ilk always employs such tactics?

Anonymous said...

If you believe in Karma, someday
this moronic judge would trade position with Mr Noor.
I hope to live the day to see that

Anonymous said...

i dun think the judge will ever get to experience Mr Noor position in this life or event the next...i am very sorry to say that...with the salary the judge is getting and his high station...well if anything really bad goes balloon up for singapore...he will probably be another FT in another country...while Mr Noor will still try to find his way to survive...and as usual those who are of high stations in life will say it is Mr Noor future for the next generations of children of singapore : (

Anonymous said...

After experiencing 4 days in jail, and finding the free food, medicine, and shelter better than his current lifestyle. Moreover, with a criminal record, it is more difficult to find a job now. Guess what he will do from now on?

Thanks, Singapore for making a criminal out from none.

Anonymous said...

any1 knows if this article appeared in the Chinese tabloids?

Anonymous said...

There are so many things wrong with Singapore and its 'elites' that its making me lose my sense of patriotism to this country.

But what can I do except bitch about it.

Until the day that rest of Singaporean wake up and are willing to VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION, nothing will change. We need voices like that of WP's Low and Sylvia, people who really care for Singapore and its citizens to speak out for us. Coz these mightly elites on their thrones will never understand the struggles of the common people.

Anonymous said...

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