Tuesday, August 04, 2009

SM Goh's 10 challenges for the next generation...

Yes, I know it is not his fault but had we reached the Swiss standard of living, most of the challenges won't be there. I thought as SM he should have some insight on how we can meet the challenges instead of just posing them . Lets at least look at whether the questions are well formulated.
SM Goh highlighted 10 challenges for the next generation of Singaporeans

1 High growth: Amid global competition, can you maintain Singapore’s high economic growth and keep on improving our standard of living?

In 1959, thousands of Singaporeans lived in slums and squalor. Today, more than 90 per cent own their homes.

Why do we equate high growth to rising standard of living and quality of life? We should be thinking long term and going for sustainable growth that benefits Singaporeans. In pursuing high growth, the PAP had to open the floodgates for imported labor causing wages of the lower income Singaporeans to be depressed and structural unemployment. Today we are seeing an increase in poverty as the GDP grows and cost of living goes up. The basic necessities are price beyond the reach of an increasing segment of our population. That is the price we pay for high growth.

2 Life will get better: How do you, as leaders, convince Singaporeans of that when they are already living in good-quality public and private housing?

They can convince the populace the same way one of our leaders convince us we were headed for Swiss standard of living. The message can be repeated on the state on media until 66.6% of the population believes it is true. In fact the newspapers have on a daily basis been convincing us that our lives are better than what they really are - yes the MRT trains are not that crowded, HDB flats are affordable, medical care is affordable, there are no poor people in Singapore, jobs are plentiful and Singaporeans are just fussy.

3 Transport: How does the Transport Minister satisfy the demands for comfort, convenience, congestion-free travel and punctuality of services and expectation of affordable fares, ERP and parking charges?

How? Is SM Goh pretending not to know? SMRT just reported record profits again[Link] in a recession year. The profit motive of the transport monopolies conflicts with the need to provide comfortable and affordable service. Profit is enhanced when trains are packed like sardine cans. Profit is enhanced when frequency is low and air-con is turned down.

As for cars, it is allocated based on the ability to pay. A disable person or a person who needs to bring his aged parents to hospital everyday can be denied a car by a person who uses it to go play golf. Such is the rule of money in our society many things are allocated based on the ability to pay. The fact that cars are considered a luxury tells you something about the quality of life living in an overcrowded island whose population continues to expand due to imported residents.

4 Health care: Can the Health Minister stamp out diseases linked to an affluent lifestyle, such as diabetes and cancer? And keep health-care costs down and affordable?

If we live till 90, we would probably have to work till 75 to have enough savings for a cosy retirement of 15 years.

Cancer is linked to lifestyle?? ..The risk is higher for smokers but cancer can strike anyone.

In a previous article, I showed that Singaporeans shoulder a disproportionate part of the cost of healthcare compared with citizens of other countries. The govt does this by forcing citizens to save for healthcare i.e. medisave + medishield. The govt continues to shift the burden of healthcare costs to Singaporeans by implementing means testing. So when SM Goh talks about keeping healthcare cost down and affordable - he talking about keeping it down and affordable for the govt. ...and the way it is done in Singapore is shifting the burden to those who get sick in our society.

SM Goh said "we would have to work till 75"...the use of the word 'we' is incorrect. It should be 'you'. SM Goh has a large pension and so do all the other members of the elite...they don't have to work. You wonder why they have to be paid millions every year and still get pension when they stop working.

5 Worker training: Can the Manpower Minister and the labour chief design a new training programme, Workfare (a wage supplement for working low-income Singaporeans) and a Jobs Credit wage subsidy scheme for grandparents and maybe even great-grandparents?

The message is very clear - you work until you die. You work even when you're a great-grand parent! Retirement is history in Singapore. That will absolve CPF from being a failed scheme unable to take care of Singaporeans' retirement because Singaporeans don't retire. They can rename CPF to CHS : Contribute to HDB Scheme.

6 More babies: What will get our young to marry and have children? Any creative ideas on procreation, Mr Goh asks parents and the young.

This is a real challenge especially after they spent two decades convincing Singaporeans to have fewer children. It will probably take another 2 to undo the brainwashing....this is a classic case of a govt creating its own problem.

7 Ageing: Today, 9 per cent of our population are over 65 years of age. By 2030, it will more than double to 20 per cent. How do we support so many senior citizens, he asks the chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Ageing.How will we look after our parents and grandparents? Will you build more community hospitals, nursing and old folk’s homes, and keep them affordable?

Given the PAP penchant for manipulating the demographics by 2-child policy, import of foreign residents, etc., we are in for big trouble because of the large intake of people these few years to avoid the effects of an ageing population will hit us later. These new citizens will grow old in 2030 and we will have an even bigger ageing population and problem to solve. What the PAP has done to postpone the effects of an ageing population which is slower economy growth is to bring in new citizens from other countries. The problem is these new citizens will add to the pool of the aged in 2030 and we will be facing a bigger problem at that time. Yet another self-created problem by the PAP.

8 Scarce land: In the last 50 years, land area has been expanded by more than 20 per cent, through reclamation. How much more land can Singapore reclaim over the next 50 years, he asks the Minister for National Development.As the population and the economy grow, how will Singapore deal with the potential over-crowding problem?

Isn't the solution obvious? Stop growing the population beyond the physical constraints of our small island just to achieve high GDP growth.

9 Education: Bright students will be sought after internationally, chipping away at Singapore’s talent pyramid at the top. Mr Goh considers this one of the most serious threats to Singapore’s long-term survival and says it has to be solved now. His questions for the Prime Minister, Education Minister, schools and families: How do we bond students going abroad to Singapore, physically if possible, and if not, at least emotionally? How do we ensure most will return home and contribute to Singapore? How do we ensure there will always be a core of honest, able and dedicated Singaporeans to look after the country and their fellow men?

It helps if the govt can set the example. If Singapore is just Singapore Inc, what is there to hold people back. If it is run like a big corporation, people will go where the pay is highest. That is why this nation has to be de-corporatised. Democracy and equality are not features of a corporation.

10 Religious harmony: For four decades, Singapore has enjoyed racial and religious harmony. How do the people of Singapore ensure that Singaporeans of different faiths will continue to mix with one another and respect one another’s faith?

I guess we have to watch the fanatics and extremists closely. I don't think we are doing too badly here. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of some other parts of this world where bigotry is on the rise.

Actually SM Goh missed out the biggest challenges in Singapore one of which is the rising income gap leading to rising poverty among the bottom 30% of the population. The other challenge is how to close the gap between the govt and aspirations the people for greater democracy. What about the erosion of our ideals and values as we seek high economic growth allowing the pursuit of money to take precedence over equality and justice.


Anonymous said...

I think Singapore will continue with the same model for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

the question should be asked when can PAP lost it mandate? My believe is PAP will stay on for a very very long times. So the next question is how should we Singaporean adapt? Unfortunately the older Generations deserve PAP as the majority voted for it. They need to really pray very hard. For the younger generation,especiously our young man, we should advise them to work overseas until they are more than 40 years. IN this ways, they can avoid the reservist duties and concentrated on earning and saving a large amount of money. They can then retire early ie by 40 years old. In the meantimes, our women folk should concentrated on studying and acquired the necessary skill for a long time carreer without break. By the times when they are about 30 years old they can then choose to started a family with our retired at 40 years men. We should asked can we accept this challenges?

Taishan said...

..... core of honest, able and dedicated Singaporeans to look after the country and their fellow men?

There was once. But with this SM's reign it vanished.
Pose the Q to yourself, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Throw out the questions and the problems become our problems? Then why are we paying them so much?

As the government, the pap should at least pretend to provide a vision lah, like the Swiss standard thing. Draw us a piece of cake lah. Whether it can be eaten or not, is another matter.

Lousy performance. Not worth the money at all.

Anonymous said...

wonder what is the intention of GCT listing the 10 challenges. Is it meant to scare us into supporting the pap again?

AS lucky has pointed out, some of the problems are self-created,like congested public transport, land, ageing, all can be partly attributed to the influx of foreigners.

This only makes me more angry with the pap. They are really stupid.

Anonymous said...

> why they have to be paid millions every year and still get pension when they stop working.

Actually, they get pension *while* they are still working. Lee Hsien Loong answered in parliament before that those ministers above 55 years old receive their pension every month CONCURRENTLY with their salary!!!

This means LHL, Jayakumar, LKY, GCT etc are getting their salary of 3 million AND their pension of 2 million (2/3 of last-drawn salary) AT THE SAME TIME every year!!!

I don't know what else to call this except LEEgali$ed Corruption

Anonymous said...

First of all, we should forget about achieving Swiss standard of living for the general population in the next 10 years. The elites standard of living is already well above the Swiss standard of living. What we should focus on is to reduce the hardship of living in Singapore for the man in the street. Many can't even migrate if they can no longer afford or willing live in Singapore.

Also I doubt very much that the government will do things differently in any significant way. There may be some tweaking here and there but there will be no fundamental change.

We just have to learn to accept the new reality. The power of the ruling party is entrenched. We are now paying the price of dominant single party rule. It will take a lot more pain and hardship than what we're going through now for the masses to demand real changes. I'm afraid I won't live long enough to see that.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 07:04,

Thanks for the correction...so the PAP men get pension while working beyond 55. That gives a whole new meaning to the word pension possible only in our context.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...we are paying a multi-millions senior minister just to hear issues...without the solutions...

Not to forget they always want to claim credits....

Anonymous said...

have you ever wondered why the cream of the cream elite have to work beyond 55, even though they are paid a hefty pension ON TOP of their salary?

it can't be that they need $$$ or that they have talents. so, why the need to hang on to power leh???

there is only one way to find out. vote for oppo!

Anonymous said...


I am glad u singing the same tune as *not your* rival Mr Wang .. eh ... Mr Koh.

About point 8 ... I believe we have more flat land than HK. Since YOU dun want to pay more taxes and some1 has to foot Mdm Ho's bills ... the solution is simple. start building 100 storery HDB in AMK (sell at discount of $1000psf)

Anonymous said...


I know the answer for No9!!!

Have Confucius Studies as compulsory subject and Corporate Finance as elective for Scholar selection.

SM Goh should pay me a million bucks :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess Woody will have to ask more questions to the mafia if they loss more seats at the next GE. Why ask all these stupid questions when they already know the answers? Only stupid leaders who think that S'poreans are dumb. Typical ostrich mentality, wait till the shit hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

To me,SM Goh spends his time flying around,getting about S$3 millions p.a. fr me plus all of us citizens,and spends his time talking cock.

It has gone on for far too long.

Did he ever examine what did he do for us Singapore citizens?

I hope he wakes up to think rather than just talk rubbish!

Sorry I did not really read his subject as I have absolutely zero interest.

Anonymous said...

He was busy boasting that they had grow $2b into $250b in 50 years, that's 125 times.

"Singapore's economy has grown 125 times from $2 billion 50 years ago to $250 billion today."

But how come he never say how much their buffet salary has increase over this 50 years?

from $200(just a guessing amount) jump to $3,500,000. That's a 17,500 times.

They grow the money 125 times at the expense of most commoners, yet increase their own salary 17,500 times.

They ought to be worshipped, at least by the 66.6%.

Anonymous said...

"He was busy boasting that they had grow $2b into $250b in 50 years, that's 125 times."

How come he never boast about his greatest achievement with his godfather that "nothing beat their extraordinary achievement of losing more than $100 billions reserve and taxmoney in less than 2 years due to investment gambling" ?

Anonymous said...

When LKY retired as PM and GCT became PM, LKY became SM.

When GCT retired as PM and LHL became PM, LKY became MM and GCT became SM.

When LHL retire as PM and ??? became PM, will LHL became SM, GCT became MM and LKY became ??

Will there be more SM, MM or ?? in the cabinet when a new PM take over? To mentor and pose questions?

Provided of course they can live as long as possible or break the oldest age record (last oldest died at 113)

Anonymous said...

to anon 13:21.

I think MM is 1 and only, the rest will all be SM. So that LKY can show his superiority. Don't think he will ever let someone has the same rank as him, or any lackey dare to ask for same rank.

it pays well to know who is the master.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder if the elites think that everything is rosy for the ordinary folks (peasants) in S'pore. If they do, then the disconnection from the base is complete.

And i wonder how many ordinary Singaporeans have been "convinced" (brainwashed) to think that they are enjoying a high standard of living. Maybe that's why they (the Gahmen) need to keep importing people from less developed countries - they will see S'pore as a step up and vote to keep the PAP in power.

Singaporean in London said...

I thought the point made about Education is especially true. Despite posing relatively high salaries for civil servants, there is no way the salary package can compete with huge corporates.

I wonder how many S'porean students who studied overseas (say Europe and the States) actually return to work in S'pore.


Anonymous said...

@Singaporean In London

Lucky's idol ... "Hanks" Paulson was CEO of Goldman Sachs before he joined the US government service... nobody pays more than GS.

Having said that, my cousin is hairstylist w zero O levels and I think he is not coming back from London ...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 14:28


They are not disconnected.
They do because THEY CAN.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 13:21

I know! I know!

LKY can be GM ... God Minister.
GCT can be DM ... Demi-God Minister.
LHL can be IM .. Immortal Minister.
Mah can be KGM ... Kitchen God Minister.
WKS can be HDM ... (Er Lang Shen's faithful sidekick)

Anonymous said...

Why Mr Peanuts choose to list the so called 10 challenges I know not.

But I do know that guy is fond of showing off,to prove that he is indeed a man of great wisdom especially now that his hair is fully white.

If you read those Ang Moh papers,magazines,like Economist.com,Fortune,A(WSJ),you know that all the things that pointed out by the great wisdom of PAP,especially MM Lee,SM Goh and PM Lee,are frequently discussed in these publications,but they are the few world leaders who are so used to copyand paste (thro")their buig mouths.

Don't believe,start reading those publications,most of them are free any way.

Singapore people are too polite to request for intellectual property protection fr PAP,ditto the ideas of oppositions members,civil leaders.This was pointed out by none-other than a PAP DOG,prof.Tommy Koh

He has stated openly that PAP likes to copy but w/o any acknowlegement,especially the person call MM Lee KY.

Anonymous said...

We, singaporean will have to pay the price for the one party majority. The Pap has disregard the singaporean, and treat as slaves. Perhaps the singaporean are too pampered to compete with more aggressive FT. What to do, blame it to the rigid education system which we have. We are brainwashed to be controlled and can only listen to orders. These traits of the Singaporeans are created by the Pap, and they exploited them well.

Anonymous said...

PAP's answer to all 10 challenges:


Anonymous said...

Aiya this is a wayang, for the yearly NDP season. The rhetorical questions set the stage for mini Lee to deliver some bombastic rah rah "vision" for the future - i.e. sell koyok time.

Ever notice how mini Lee is never around whenever there are bad news, but is always omnipresent to deliver the good news. So much for PAP style leadership.

Onlooker said...

Vote in more alternative parties and the solution to the 10 challenges will present itself.

Anonymous said...

Any views for the seagate retrenchment of 2000 staff?... The Job Credit Scheme really did not help in saving jobs.
Challenges often abound cos PAP is not capable. Their schemes often failed. A waste of time and resources!

Anonymous said...

8 Scarce land: In the last 50 years, land area has been expanded by more than 20 per cent, through reclamation.

mr goh, shut up! just shut up about the lack of land already!
and ask ur pet mr khaw to stop saying land is expensive so elderies have to die in jb.

everytime i sit in my friends car as he drives on the expressway, we see vast unutilised land.

Anonymous said...

3 Transport: How does the Transport Minister satisfy the demands for comfort, convenience, congestion-free travel and punctuality of services and expectation of affordable fares, ERP and parking charges?

I visit a place regularly 2 months ago, take bus A and change to bus B. The total fares for it is $1.90.

Now the same route cost $2.01, after announcements of increased frequencies during peak hours.

Any one can verified whether they got quietly increased the price again?

The recession is not over yet.

Anonymous said...


"8 Scarce land: In the last 50 years, land area has been expanded by more than 20 per cent, through reclamation.

mr goh, shut up! just shut up about the lack of land already!
and ask ur pet mr khaw to stop saying land is expensive so elderies have to die in jb."

You just reminded me about one particular wayang by Mr Peanuts during one national speech when he was PM.

In his typical,Ah Beng and quite dramatic style,as he tot he a good actor mah,he declared that he ,as PM of Spore,couldnt sleep at night.

WHY,then he expalined,we had problems,first of all,no land,then no water,how?

I remember some 66.67% group cried openly,so touched by his concern

So how now,ha,we are going to 8 millions in this little dot,a far cry fr the 3 million when Lau Goh was PM and couldn't sleep.

Water,not a problem,he claimed now that he created the NEW water.

Who solved it,Ha,not Mr Peanuts,just some university trained engineers,may not be even as good as Madam Ho,I know,as I am also an engineer,read some books,put their hearts into it,bingo!Tat's is.

If you don't asgree that he is an actor par excellence,then what is he?Mr Peanuts

Anonymous said...


Not say I say what, but *not ur rival* Mr Wang-Koh has posted a better reply than yours ...


LuckySingaporean said...

anon 17:42,

Aiyah how many times I say he is not my rival. If you like his view on Qn1 and think his reply is better then go read his blog.

If you think my ans are silly, then tell us what you think. This blog is free and open to comments and criticisms.

Are you trying to MAKE Mr. Wang my rival by repeating this rivalry thingy? I'm not so childish ... there hundreds of different views on an issue, I probably do not possess the best view for most of them.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, I think you should stop responding to the anonymous troll's claims that Mr Wang is your rival. He/she is probably just trying to stir something up... you shouldn't dignify this kind of childishness with a response. Trolls like these give blogs and commenters a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with rivalry?
Is Federer Vs Nadal childish?
Is there a social commenter out there is who is even close to your level (other than Mr Wang)?

Rivalry leads to higher standards.

PS: His answer to qns 2 is pretty good ...

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with rivalry?
Is Federer Vs Nadal childish?
Is there a social commenter out there is who is even close to your level (other than Mr Wang)?

Rivalry leads to higher standards.

When there is competition there is rivalry. But there is no competition between lucky and wang. So what rivalry is there to speak of? Stop being irrelevant.

citizen said...

I only have one question to the ruling party... one challenge

That how we can afford to pay them million $$$ now and in the future if they only offer problems but not with solutions.