Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is a tsunami of good news about to hit Singapore?

Remember in 2006 a few months before the elections.....we had a tsunami of good news hitting Singapore [Link]
Higher wages seen for Singapore workers as job market tightens By Wong Choon Mei, Channel NewsAsia Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 01 February 2006 2037 hrsSingapore businesses optimistic in first half of 2006 Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 01 February 2006 1554 hrs Singapore's employment in 2005 at all-time high of 2.3 million By Hwee Goh, Channel NewsAsia, Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 01 February 2006 1104 hrsSingapore's economy expected to continue prospering: PM Lee By Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 28 January 2006 0721 hrs
NTUC aim: Make 10,000 jobs pay more this year Straits Times Jan 14, 2006
RECORD panel recommends financial incentives for NSmen
By Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia, Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 19 January 2006 1702 hrs
Panel recommends incentive package for companies to hire older workers
More workers expected to find jobs in 2006: NTUC Chief
NTUC to set up $50m fund to help low-wage workers upgrade their skills
By May Wong, Channel NewsAsia
Medisave withdrawal limit to be raised from $300 to $400 from April
Singapore expects strong manufacturing investments in 2006
Strong jobs gains show Singapore employers hiring for growth: analysts
Jalan Besar Town Council unveils $517m estate upgrading plan By Yvonne Cheong, Channel NewsAsia
S&C and rental rebates for 700,000 households By Sharon Tong, Channel NewsAsia
Sembawang Town Council to spend $570m on renewal plan
Singapore created 28,500 jobs in Q3
ComCare Fund disburses $8.7m to help low income households By Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia
East Coast Town to undergo S$500m renewal programme By Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia
HDB upgrading programme speeds up with 64 precincts chosen for 2006 By Farah Abdul Rahim, Channel NewsAsia
East Coast Town launches S$500m makeover programme By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia
Jobless rate down to 2.5%Lowest in 4 years! Straits Times 1 Feb 2006
Singapore retailers say festive season sales the best since 2003
By Anjana Menon, Channel NewsAsia
Manufacturing, service sectors optimistic about business conditions, Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 01 February 2006 2016 hrs
Singapore's PMI expands for 9th straight month in January
By Loh Kim Chin, Channel NewsAsia
Singapore's STI ends at six-year high for second day running Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 02 February 2006 1818 hrs

Singaporeans less worried about economy, job security: survey By May Wong, Channel NewsAsia Time is GMT + 8 hoursPosted: 03 February 2006 1851 hrs
Its deja vu reading the news lately...

The economy is picking up and nice gestures like increasing NSmen pay, 'calibrating' foreign imported labor, anti-speculation measure to keep property prices from escalating, 'Singapore Rebel' unbanned, higher subsidies for nursing homes .....Khaw Boon Wan has started a blog [Link]. Yes, the good news is flowing, the timing is critical and it is all building up to something. In a few months, 66.6% of the populace will think they are living in paradise.

Elections have to be held every 5 years but most of them are held about 4 years from the previous one:
1948 · 1951 · 1955 · 1959 · 1963 · 1968 · 1972 · 1976 · 1980 · 1984 · 1988 · 1991 · 1997 · 2001 · 2006

During his talk with NTU students recently, PM Lee warned of a W-shaped recovery[Link]. That might happen given the global economy has recovered on the back of massive stimulus spending by various govts around the world. Once the effects these stimulus packages end, the economy might not hold out for too long. There is a window between now and the early part of next year when the 'ground is sweet'. Once you see the announcements of multi-million dollar plans for fountains, gardens, playgrounds and walkways near your home, you can be sure the elections are not too far away...


Anonymous said...

i say, let's do the smart thing.

grab the sweet stuff and vote them out!

they're trying to buy us with $ so that they can reward themselves with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I second that... the PAP has been consistent only in its arrogance, ruthless downtrodding of the Singaporeans, and saying whatever they want whenever they want to get their way. I don't even believe any of the "encouragement" and not enforcement stuff that they are saying now... just wait until the elections are over and they will just do a 180 degree flip. People, wise up, vote out the tyrants and blood suckers...

Anonymous said...

The marketing sales tactics has already started since last year and more and more goodies are being announced towards the end of the 2009...You can bet my minibonds that the elections is just round the corner...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the reality is, we will fall for the same tricks again and again. Who says you can't fool all the people all the time? It works in Singapore. They truly deseve their million dollar salaries.

Anonymous said...

But always after the 'good' news comes an avalanche of BAD news...

GST up
Utilities up
Transport fees up
Foreign worker imports up
MIW ministerial salaries up
Forced CPF Life implemented

This time, the MIW have to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the voters for :

1. what they've already done and
2. what they have planned to do to us for the next 5 years.

There is no free lunch in Sg.

Anonymous said...

don believe anything the pap said anymore.

Anonymous said...

Please be reminded that if we do not vote PAP out, Ho Jinx will use our reserves like playing with 'monopoly money', without the need to be answerable to anybody. We will have nothing left in 10 years...

Anonymous said...

"GST up
Utilities up
Transport fees up
Foreign worker imports up
MIW ministerial salaries up
Forced CPF Life implemented"

IN addition,
- More Mean Testing Up, extend to more area for profitability and reduce cost at expense of citizen
- More surcharges up etc ezlink's Giro is just the beginning of the surcharge culture
- More change to CPF with minimum sum Up
- More nonsense Up by MIW
- Up up all the way to whatever LKY and his pappies feel like it.

This PAP has lost total credibility and trust. Whatever they promise or implement underway before election, they will undo or belittle it once the election over.

Let's not give them a blank cheque this time, else our honest mistake of not voting them out end up giving them billions dollar cheque.

Li Ao says Singaporean is stupid. For once, let's prove to Li Ao that Singaporean is not stupid anymore by voting those money-sucking bastards out.

Anonymous said...

But if we want to vote them out, we need to ask the opposition to compete in every ward instead of giving up half the seats before the actual polling. I too believe that elections are round the corner. If we look at the ST's reporting for the past few weeks, we can see them all of them are geared towards creating a positive impression of the PAP. Some of the main issues are:

- Building up old man Lee's legacy (MIW book, taking photos with his defeated opponents)
- Benefits for NSmen (to show that they take care of the locals)
- Soothing the simmering discontent among locals (FTs are your friends, not enemies)
- Using positive data to obfuscate the difficulties faced by less well-off Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Man, I sure hope the opposition are following this blog digilently..Slyvia Lim, are you reading? Fortify your party! Get more candidates! Contest in every ward! We want to give you our votes! said...

Same sentiments, I believe GE may be coming real soon!

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"Unfortunately, the reality is, we will fall for the same tricks again and again. Who says you can't fool all the people all the time? It works in Singapore. They truly deseve their million dollar salaries."

For those who believe that nothing will change I should emphasize that the situation now is different from 2006 in a number of significant ways:

1. In 2006 the unemployment rate was at a eight-year low (2.7%) and falling. Today the unemployment rate is at a four-year high (3.3%).

2. In 2006 there were ~700,000 foreign workers in Singapore. Today there are ~1,000,000 foreign workers in Singapore, and adding PRs comprise 35% of the population. This is the highest proportion in Singaporean history and highest in all of Asia.

3. In 2005 the GDP growth rate was 8.1%. Last year it was 1.2% (GDP forecast for 2009 is -6% to -4%.)

4. 2006 was a period of global economic boom. 2009 is a period of severe recession.

5. In 2006, there was continuity in global politics. Ruling parties increased their majorities eg. General elections in Malaysia (2004) and Japan (2005). Today there is an undercurrent of change eg. Malaysia, Japan and USA.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lim,

I too would like to be proven wrong but when I look around I realise nothing much has changed. We are just doing kopitiam politics in a different medium. Yes, many of our countrymen are suffering. But we are suffering at a relatively high level of comfort. Please are more concerned with what they will lose if they vote for opposition than what they will gain if they vote PAP out. For us to have changes, like Japan or US or Taiwan or South Korea, we need an opposition that will offer a real alternative government. Right now, they can't even field sufficient candidates to win a simple majority. PAP does not even need to resort to the bullying tactics of the past to return to power. Best we can hope for is increased opposition members in the Parliament. That is if they are not taken to court on some trumped up charges and then disqualified. Change may come but it won't be in the next election. Probably not even in my lifetime.

famiLee tsunami said...

The PAP is giving us a tsunami of good news and Singaporeans can return the favour with a tsunami of votes to induce a heart attack for one old fart......I don't believe it is possible to call the army from the grave. LOL

Anonymous said...

Even if a dog is put up by the opposition, I will vote for the dog. At least it can bark back.

Anonymous said...

nothing will change. if you speak to friends, colleagues, parents, most of them will still vote back PAP. it is sad. Assuming that everyone who commented on this blog vote for opposition, it is still a small minority.

Anonymous said...

i'm not comparing the old man to stalin or hitler or any of the evil strongmen in history.

but it's amazing how much tolerance or inertia a society has before it would act to change course, so as to seek happiness, real prosperity and progress.

check out the documentaries in the youtube - they will scare the daylights out of you when you realize that too much power concentrated in a man/party IS a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

A vote for PAP means you are voting for

a) price hikes (ERP, hospital, utilities, school fees)

b) salary increase for PAP

c) more FTs to depress our wages and take our jobs

d) for Ho Jinx to continue to lose more public money and get away with it

e) keeping a PAP-friendly puppet president

f) lack of accountability of PAP leadership

g) endorsing PAP ignoring people's wishes when crafting public policies

Alan Wong said...

If we cannot vote PAP out, how about at least we vote PM Lee out in AMK constituency to send a message to PAP leaders not to be too arrogant.

It's about time that voters from other constituencies take on this responsibility so as to relief the burden from Pasir Panjang & Hougang voters who have suffered enough at the hands of PAP's crooked tactics.

It's about time that we give PAP a warning that we voters cannot be taken for granted.

Anonymous said...

The realisation is there, but will Singaporeans do the right thing and vote for the opposition?

The PAP is already fortifying their ground by trotting out feel good measures of all sorts after putting Singaporeans to dry like waxed ducks, over the last two years.

Singaporeans felt the pain, but a little lollipop and some ego massaging and they will again vote for the PAP. Just wait and see. It's a fairy tale that ends in the same way, election after election.

Sometimes I feel sick talking about Singapore politics.

Anonymous said...

GRC system and good news is one tactic lah.

The other tactic is actually already provided for by the opposition themselves.

They are:
1. Opposition fight in the streets.

2. Opposition is weak. 50% walkovers before a single shot is fired.

3. No obvious successor to the old timers, even when their health is no good. Also not enough credible newcomers, at least publicly.

4. Opposition (any type) is fierce only in blogs and huge during their election rallies. But when come to the vote - Alamak!

5. Those opposition who are more garang kena sued till pants drop and also lose badly at elections.

Like that how?

Anonymous said...

why are we blaming the opposition? many good men have been persecuted/sacrificed already when they tried to change Singapore for the better. dr chee, jbj, francis seow etc.

RED HERRING: weak opposition, yadda yadda.

vote out pap in 2 or 3 grcs, and it will be guaranteed that you get your $$$$$ back with the remaining pap mps.

King Greg said...

Wah lau eh anon 13:44, basically you saying that opposition is weak because no one vote for them, but you no vote for them because they is weak???

This kind of mentality last time King Greg learn in school is called something like "circular cirriculum" or "recycled bicycle". I forget already.

Anyway it means you no vote opposition until opposition become stong, but that time no need your vote already. So what talking you? King Greg is old and a bit senile but not that senile.

Anonymous said...

Many people are unhappy with the party but few are prepared to vote for opposition because most fear they will suffer more under the opposition. This largely due to the government controlled media that potrays the opposition as a bunch of incompetent idealists who are not fit to be in the parliament. The opposition should also share part of the blame for it's infighting and falling for PAP's trap everytime. Lastly, we the people must shoulder some of the blame for no willing to give the opposition the chance despite all the unhappiness with PAP. You see, PAP know this, that is why they know all they have to do is to throw a few sweeteners before the election to get the people on their side. The people deserve the government they get.

Anonymous said...

PAP will still win hand down for a long times even we had a opposition as strong as the DPJ in Japan. See how long its take DPJ to unseated LDP. However, we still need to take a baby step to vote for Opposition, if Singaporean really want more check and balance in the upper section of our society. Don' t forget that our reserve are in the billions, more opposing watch dogs are required.

Anonymous said...

2006 got bribe leh.. no money no talk

Anonymous said...

Hey lucky, give the papies credit, where credit is due, these are good steps. If they take them to maximize their political advatage, they are still good steps, yes? =)

Of course if they reverse them after the election, that is another issue.

Anonymous said...

Let us all together sing the Singapura Song (also from Temasek Review):

- You vote for PAP, you vote for more FT's

- You vote for PAP, you vote for ISA

-You vote for PAP, you vote for billions losses

- You vote for PAP, you vote for stagnant pay, but CoL still spiralling up

- You vote for PAP, you vote for no retirement age

- You vote for PAP, your children will send you to Johore to die

- You vote for PAP - you die your business

Anonymous said...

to anon 17/9/09 18:28

i gave PAP credit when they promised no means testing in 2006. i subsequently withdrew their credit when they installed means testing after election.

people are not stupid. when things are done out of political expediency and NOT genuine desire to help the citizens, we can bet our last billions in CPF that the same things can be dispensed with in due course.

i see no choice but to vote pap out.

Anonymous said...

Stop dreaming please. PAP will not be voted out in the next election and that is a fact. The best we can hope for is increased seats going to the oppositions. Better still if the opposition can take down a GRC. If that happens, I will start believing that PAP can be voted out. But bear in mind that PAP won't go down without a good fight, clean or dirty. Be prepared to pay the price if you want to see PAP out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
A vote for PAP means you are voting for

a) price hikes (ERP, hospital, utilities, school fees)
b) salary increase for PAP
c) more FTs to depress our wages and take our jobs
d) for Ho Jinx to continue to lose more public money and get away with it
e) keeping a PAP-friendly puppet president
f) lack of accountability of PAP leadership
g) endorsing PAP ignoring people's wishes when crafting public policies

17/9/09 12:52

Great concise summary of how singaporeans are suffering under pap! i'll definitely send it to everyone i know when election comes.

Anonymous said...

e) keeping a PAP-friendly puppet president

It is a joke when we are being told to increase our productivity when the least productive civil servant get the highest pay.

Anonymous said...

The strategy is simple: Give Goodies to sweeten everyone, Create Fear that they will lose all the sweets if Opp are voted in. There, you know who is the winner?

C K said...

Erm, sorry to spoil the party but it's almost a taken that there will be a slew of good news before an general election held in every country.

Why not give it a rest and enjoy the ride? :)

Anonymous said...

You know uh...

that day i went out to eat noodles. i saw this new noodles store and Noodles House side by side.

Obviously, i haven tried the new noodles store before and since the Noodles House is more famous , i went into Noodle House lah.

then hor, not nice leh. so i went home a pissed off man and told my wife about it.

She told me: " Why don't u try the other store the next time. "

And I replied: " Siao. The other store cannot make it lah, that's why i have to eat at Noodle House mah. "

" Hmmm... That store used to be selling in the market nearby for 20 years. It seems to be ok to me, a lot of people eat their food. Anyway, how come u know that it cannot make it when U haven try it before. "

Anonymous said...

PAP is good party overall. If only the below is resolved, I am inclined to believe the rest will be mitigated to a great extent

Pegging pay to the top six. It has to be pegged to ministers of similar nation

My personal view only
- The top earners are always different people. Fixed salary earners will not be the top earner
- If justification is to attract talent, then I must say Minister must have the passion to serve the nation and not getting extremely high $$$. If you want such $$$, join the private sector.
- Despite such high pay, I did not see any accountability esp the Mat Salamat case. If a CEO makes a serious mistake irregardless it is an honest one, he will be sacked.

Anonymous said...

The real GOOD NEWS should be (just for a laugh, anyway things are now so funny here anyway):

a)Singapore GDP (just before the election is 200%up)HAHA.So good and hence reward Singaporeans $8888.00 resilience bonus for hanging so long

b) Building HDB house units 18,888 units. Enough for all PRs and Singaporeans. We don't build each house for everyone, but this figure is close enough

c) Anyone jobless for 25 weeks classified as discouraged workers will be compensated for each unsuccessful interview that is due to e.g overage above 40+ etc.

d) Every Singaporean be a shareholder stake in Temasek holdings. If make money, everyone gets dividends. Wait! worldwide equity going up and all will be assured a big pipe next year

e) Ministers' pay are tied to KPI evaluated by fellow Singaporeans. Of course the President will safeguard the results and release the money

f) job market is improving so much that it is an anomaly to be jobless. 30,000 jobs at Casino are still vacant and really no choice but to calibrate the FT flow to allow that amount more just to fill up the jobs.

g) Peoples' lifespan so long that CPF annuity is giving a huge longetivity bonus if one lives up to 100 years old. Garhmen projected a loss of 1.2 billions to cater this.

h) HDB to fully subsidize flats for Singapreans, now that Casino is going to generate billions. No longer required to take this CHEAP money from Singaporeans.

i) garhmen projected to WIN BIG in this election and already brainstorming and crafting world class policies to better serve the people till the next election.

After the Tsunami of good news, be prepard for Earthquakes of surprised.

Anonymous said...

Their tactics have always been no
better than that of a travelling snake oil salesman.
The only thing going for them is not their merchandise but the gullability of the buyers after
years of indoctrination.
Next election will not prove to be
any difference.
As they say, there is one borned ever minute and we have an abundance of them here