Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lim Swee Say : Singapore only got half brain!

"Going forward, he stressed it's important to combine this with “soft” capabilities such as the arts, dance, and design." - CNA report on Minister Lim's Speech.
Gee where did the other half of our brain go? We used to have a movie industry...now half the commercially successful movies are made by one person with the surname Neo. See to be successful in the arts you need something called artistic freedom or freedom of expression. The Singapore govt's use of censorship and distrust of those who challenge the established order just doesn't help to foster creativity.

S'pore needs to transform itself into a "whole brain economy"

Posted: 28 September 2009 2301 hrs SINGAPORE: Singapore needs to transform itself into a “whole brain” economy, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Lim Swee Say. He noted that the country had done well in developing its "left brain" economy, by building “hard” capabilities to become a leading technology, engineering and manufacturing hub in the world. Going forward, he stressed it's important to combine this with “soft” capabilities such as the arts, dance, and design. These capabilities are no less important than Science or Business. Mr Lim said Singapore can strive to be both an Innovation Driven Economy and a Renaissance City. As part of efforts to build the creative industry, a S$1 billion development fund has been set up to support the media and gaming industry. The Media Development Authority also aims to add some 10,000 new jobs in the Interactive Digital Media industry by 2015. The two integrated resorts will contribute to the growth of creative pool of expertise as well. Speaking at Lasalle's 23rd Convocation Ceremony on Monday, Mr Lim said all these developments will mean promising career prospects for Lasalle graduates in the years ahead. He also encouraged the 825 graduands to do good for the community as responsible and caring members of society. - CNA/vm


moviemonster said...

It is easy for them to say this, conveniently forgeting that the PAP is instrumental in advocating a technocratic education system with little regard for arts. Now that we have the brightest and best not in the arts arean, it is us who have only half brain!

DanielXX said...

In order to upturn the downturn, we need to transform into a whole brain economy. Otherwise we will end up bang sai che jamban.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Lim SS is the Man in the Mirror.

Anonymous said...

Why I am not surprised to know that Sinkaporeans only have half-brain when it's the same group of people who keep giving strong mandate to someone who are slowly replacing Sinkaporeans in their own country with FT?

Deity of Conflict said...

Yeah right!
Your party made most of the people 1/2 their brains useless, now you want us to get it back ?

In case, you hadn't know it.
The Singaporean are good for 1 thing follow orders blindly.

That is no thanks to Ah Kong!

No wonder, we are getting plonked left and right by the more initiative filled FT.

Allow me: I was shopping for Halloween supplies when I saw a China gal shop assistant speaking in Chinese & then in Russian language to Caucasian lady.

I was like Wow!

The Caucasian lady was speaking in Chinese too before switching to Russian which I assumed is her mother tongue.

Anonymous said...

Interesting movie:


Anonymous said...

the $1 billion fund seems to be going into developing the "hard" capabilities (read: coolies) of the "soft" creative industry.

Maybe 3/4 of a brain is enough?

Btw, PM Lee speaks fluent Russian too. Should we be impressed?

Lim Leng Hiong said...

This "left vs right brain" talk is just pop pseudoscience; there is nothing particularly "hard" about language functions in the left hemisphere, nor is there anything "soft" about approximate calculation functions in the right hemisphere.

But setting technical details aside, isn't the term "brain" usually used to symbolise the leadership of some organization? It's very strange to describe the whole economy as a "brain".

Maybe it is a hidden jab at the brain of our economy ie. top leaders in the government, because if we are a half-brain economy then why is the leadership paid double, quadruple or even sextuple price compared to other, whole-brain economies?

Anonymous said...

Haha, Lim did'nt really say Singapore only got half brain in the article but he did call for whole brain development. But in the usual humourous style of Lucky this is welcome.

Anyway the fact that Lim and his colleague just realize people need whole brain development just goes to show how half-brain or quarter-brain they have been all this while.

You mean only after 50 years of PAP GREAT NATION-BUILDING they just came to realize this need?! Wow, even Einstein cannot beat that.

You see PAP is actually not very smart; it has all along been operating half-brain SERIOUSLY! When it started in the early 60's it was completely goal-driven ignoring processes and even people (ask the innocent political detainees who did nothing to deserve the punishment).

Then it turned into a cold technocratic regime that threw out socialism. Then starting in the mid 90's becomes a totally greedy lot whose aim is just fatten their bank accounts and scoop in as much taxes and levies as possible.

Society now is nothing more than a money-making machine for PAP. If PAP seems to accede to people's needs, that's because it still fear the vote not because it really cares. This is what LKY means when he says his gov operates by pure pragmatism!

There is in effect no sense of society in the true sense of the word for PAP and all the arts they are trying to promote is another means to make money not so much they really appreciate arts.

Copy the form but not the spirit as the saying goes.

Half-brain is PAP and the dead part cannot be revive anymore because they are "spiritually" suffocated in gross materialism and materialistic thoughts.

The evidences are all staring at us in the face.

Anonymous said...


IF SINGAPOREANS feel they cannot afford to buy as many things as they could a few years ago, they are not imagining it, according to a survey by Swiss bank UBS.

The proof, so to speak, is in a burger.

The survey shows Singapore workers have to slog longer to earn enough money to bite into a Big Mac. Its price is equivalent to about 36 minutes' worth of work, 14 more than three years ago.

lucky wat u think abt it?

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Half-Brain himself has spoken. He could be like one of us except he has elite half-brains so he can talk down to and lord over all the other Singaporeans half-brains. A real no brainer, as any half-brain can spout nonsense and other half-brainers will listen as long as he is sitting on his ivory tower. Give any nitwit soldier the uniform of a general and let him lecture a hall full of recruits and you understand where I am coming from.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Phua Chu Kang already advised us 'use your blain, use your blain' many years ago.

I am surprise that our messy hair minister only come to know about the problem now.

Good for them also lah, because people with half brain only know the lightning sign during election period.

I hope full brain people will wake up when the next election comes.

Anonymous said...

No way Singapore can become full-brain. Just take a look at MDA's censorship.

Lim SS just talk cock sing song only, like his upturn the downturn example. Paid million$ to tcss, maybe the extra is to buy his soul.

Anonymous said...

As you can see I am one anonymous who is always bombarding our garmen but this one makes sense...

If you visited countries in Germany, Japan, Eastern Europe for a while and come back you will realised many things here are quite rigid, artificial. We start with the Phua CK posters in the MRT, foodcourt designs and layout, shopping center etc. People here are also quite sterile and maybe I think is due to a planned economy and society by our garmen.

This may be a good thing for a start. If our people can be truly creative, arts, culture... I mean really in our 'blood' and not 'faking'. but FIRST WE NEED TO SATISFY OUR BASIC NEEDS LIKE HOUSING, JOB SECURITY before we can step out of our zone to explore.(Evolved to higher consciousness) Garmen can help by plonking money to create a saftey net.HAHA.

Again we need to be different from our neighbours and need to attract 'outside people' who will want to come here as their first choice (talents and investment). This could be the crucial link for our survival at some point when we have less manufacturing jobs and more of toursim side.

Anonymous said...

i was there at the convocation and i heard the speech. sounded generic to me. NOTHING new - this ideology has been established in the year 2000 when the renaissance city report was out.

does he really speak russian? he couldn't even speak english well and he spoke just like Ris Low - i had a hard time understanding what he was enunciating. he kept saying "hub" but pronounced it as "hut". :/

Anonymous said...

This Minister Lim Swee Say has been spouting and sprouting USELESS WISDOMS without ever using his own brain at all.