Monday, September 28, 2009

Singapore Population now 4.99M.

Don't you just feel the little island is a bit crowded these days.
Here are the numbers:
1. There are 4.99M people on the island.
2. There are 3.73M PRs + Citizens.
3. There are 0.53M PRs. Which means there are 3.2M citizens.
4. The number of non-PR foreigners is 1.26M.
5. The total number for foreignes in Singapore is 1.79M.
This means 36% of the people here are foreigners this is roughly 4 out 10 people....which makes life in Singapore very interesting.
Singapore population of 4.99m is older, more likely living aloneBy
Posted: 28 September 2009 1448 hrs

Singapore: The population of Singapore at the end of June stood at 4.99 million according to the 2009 Population Trends report. The Department of Statistics report issued Monday also showed that there were 3.73m Singapore residents and 1.25m non-residents. Singapore Residents and Permanent Residents formed 75% of the population, with the resident population growing 2.55% in 2009, from the 3.1% total growth over the previous year. The statistics compiled through the register-based approach indicated that the number of Singapore citizens grew to 3.20m. This is as the number of permanent residents rose to 0.53m while non-resident numbers eased to a growth of 4.8% compared to 10% seen in earlier years. The Population Trends report also found that the Singapore population is now older with a median age of 37 years, as the baby boomers of the 1970s move into the 45-64 years age group. There are also more women in Singapore as the gap widened in 2009 with females outnumbering males by 44,4000. While the number of marriages went up to 24,596 making it the largest number since 2000, it also turned out that more people were marrying late with many still single despite being in their thirties. However, while more men did marry, more women were widowed, indicating the longer life-span of women. The fertility rate continued to decline with 1.28 live births per female in 2008 compared to 1.29 a year earlier. Women were also giving birth later, delaying till the age of 30-34 years, with fewer families opting for a third or fourth child. Households were small the report found, with a 10% rise in the number of people living alone. The Population Trends report also concluded that a 2008 new-born Singapore resident could expect to live some 80 years. - CNA


Anonymous said...

Well, the 36% figure still misses the new citizens, with which the number can easily be 40%++

Anonymous said...

The PAP has sold out Singaporeans. They are traitors all they care about is money - their million $ salaries. Have they no regard or respect for Singaporeans?!

Anonymous said...

One day not too soon we may have(many):

a) Singaporeans working under F.T. bossess who call us stupid, lazy, greedy etc

b) F.T. citizen MP who have to represent their interests when they become a large mass 'volume'

c) Singaporeans buying re-flats from F.T.citizen

d) Singaporeans renting flats from F.T citizen

e) Singaporeans serving F.T in service sector and scourn for our poor English /Mandarin. e.g Rubbish Singlish

But why are Singaporeans not marrying and having kids? said...

I believe the situation is more worse than this. Among the 3.2 million citizen, maybe 500 000 are newly mint Singaporean.

From the statistic, the foreigner here are not reproducing as well.

It is not suprising given many foreigner here are subjected to working and living stress similar to local.

Instead of pro-natal policy, PAP will then have use such pretext to get even more foreigner in, further diluting us.

The solution for stopping foreigner will be a great depression. PAP will stop when jobless rate hit 10% and we are able to sustain foreigner.

If the economy is good, more foreigner will arrive and eventually Singaporean aboriginal is going extinct.

We are going get wack whether economy is good or bad.

Kojakbt said...

Hi All,

Yes, DOS has published a new pop data:

This time, they are publishing PR figures but only for the last 6 years (due to public pressure?).

Here are some interesting graphs which show our pop situation even clearer:

Notice the large increase in PRs over the last 1 year (mid-2008 to mid-2009)...

Enjoy reading the data :)

Kojakbt said...

Just want to add that over the last 3 years (from 2006 to 2009), total increase of foreigners (ie, PR+FT) is about 500K! This represents about 28% of the current 1.8 million foreigners (ie,PR+FT) that we have in Singapore now.

In other words, after Lee Hsien Loong 1st election as PM in 2006, there is a dramatic increase in foreigners...

Anonymous said...













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Anonymous said...

When I was young, it was 2.66 million. Now it's 5m, overcrowding, and fighting for shrinking number of jobs and resources. No guess where the resources are going to. PAP and FTs. Vote out PAP. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

It is in the very near future that TB Singaporeans are only 50% of the total population.

Kojakbt said...

New correlation data of HDB Resale Prices vs PR population in Singapore:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lucky and Kojakbt for the statistics and the graphs. They confirm what I (and I believe many other locally born-and-bred Singapore citizens) feel instinctively.

I am waiting for the next election. I want to put in one more opposition vote before I leave to be a foreign talent in a real first world nation.

Anonymous said...

I can't afford to buy HDB flat anymore.

Kojakbt said...

It's ridiculous that for many years, PAP considers PRs as important to Singapore as us citizens. PAP classifies us together with PRs as "Residents" of the country in all their statistics.

It's like a foreign maid working in your house but instead of calling her a maid or a foreigner, PAP prefers to call her a "resident" of the house...

Anonymous said...

Almost 50% of country population in Singapore are foreigners. Very extraordinary, and nowhere else can you find it than in Uniquely Singapore !

Anonymous said...

"It is in the very near future that TB Singaporeans are only 50% of the total population."

No surprising as 50% of the nation reserve and asset have been gambling loss, so correlate to population of Singapore citizens.

GIC has lost more than S$60 billions dollars to date. Papa Lee surely know best ! No wonder need foreigners to RECOVER LOSS AT ALL COST.

Last time, we have growth at all cost, now we have recovery at all cost.

Anonymous said...

>>I can't afford to buy HDB flat anymore.

For PRC study mama turned PR will be getting key to her flat in Oct

Kojakbt said...

Speaking of PRC Study Mama, 1 bro on 3in1kopitiam forum has this joke to tell about them:

Daytime, the PRC lady is a Study Mama. Night time, she will become a Sleeping Mama. When sleeps long enough with a Lau Uncle, she will automatically become a PR...

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