Friday, September 11, 2009

Singapore Rebel : UNBANNED!

This is really a breath of fresh air. I want to congratulate and thank Martyn See ( for pushing one of the many boundaries so hard until it finally broke to free the rest us. He has done so at great personal risk - going through 16 months of police investigations and threats of presecution for violating the Film Act.

His film Zahari’s 17 Years,remains banned under Section 35(1) of the Films Act for being contrary to the public interest. Only the (PAP) minister can lift the ban. If you watch have seen the film which consists mainly of Zahari giving his own account of what happened to him in the 60s when he was detained during Operation Coldstore, it is hard to understand how it is contrary to public interest when it is about his own detention experience the account of Operation Coldstore in "Men in White" is acceptable but Zahari's account is not? The PAP govt still chooses the version of history it wants us to believe...
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THE ban has been lifted on political film Singapore Rebel, which was passed by the censors with a M18 rating that prohibits people below 18 from viewing it. It is the first political film to get the go-ahead after the Films Act was amended in March, to lift the blanket ban on all political films. This move comes four years after the film - which is about opposition figure Chee Soon Juan - was banned in 2005. The Political Films Consultative Committee (PFCC), having reviewed the film, views 'Singapore Rebel' as a documentary film falling within the statutory exclusion set out in the Films Act and should therefore not be regarded as a party political film.


Anonymous said...

LBH's paper tiger speech on employing more elderly workers, and now unbanning Singapore Rebel. I sense elections coming, so they have to pretend to toss out some sweets. Wait until after elections before we celebrate. Afterall, didn't the healthcare Khaw also promised no means testing before elections, only to carry it out in full force right after the elections.

Anonymous said...

Under a Absolutist gahmen, we have no rights.
Only privileges.

So for the old man to give us this privilege (the access to the movie), perhaps a sign of overconfidence?

PS: U r still not happy?


Anonymous said...

"So for the old man to give us this privilege (the access to the movie), perhaps a sign of overconfidence?"

Over confidence? i think not.

more like lppl since the the film has been watched by many pple already. pap bo bian, so try to shun shui tui zhou and pretend to be liberal.

singaporeans will remember this. we'll vote in some SDP/WP/RP and then say, look, we still let you retain the majority what. only vote in 3 GRCs niah...

Anonymous said...

I also caution against being overly euphoric. We don't win - until we have the last last laugh. It's best to wait and see - could be just another sham.

sheeple said...

I bang your head against the wall 10 times a day for 50 years.
Then I tell you, "I'm only going to bang your head 9 times a day from now on".

You fall to your knees in abject gratitude and cry, "Kam sia, kam sia, you are the greatest!" instead of cursing, "What took you so long, you bastards?"

You forgot that according to the Constitution I wasn't allowed to bang your head AT ALL, at any time.

That is why you are stupid and your ass is mine.

Anonymous said...

My take on this? Perhaps the loosening the leash a little will make Singaporeans think that the MIW is acceptable to more freedom? After a resounding victory in the coming GE, it will tighten even more than ever before. What makes anyone think there will be any change in their attitude? He who laughs last laughs be afraid, be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Being very pragmatic, they will not give something for free. Although I hate Madhathir, he knows them well. They will not give anything away without expecting something in return, even goodwill. Since when did we ever get anything from them? Be practical, nothing here is free.

Onlooker said...

Good news.

Anonymous said...

The government calculates carefully the pros and cons of an action; from the viewpoint of the party and then decides. In this case, with the internet, those who wanted to watch the film would have done so and it would look better thus not to continue to impose the ban as it would be ineffective.

Anonymous said...

Elections coming lah. NSmen allowance now also increase.

Slowly bit by bit lah, until election day you all totally blur and vote 66% again! Or even more!

Anyway, if no 66% also at least 50% walkovers lah.

Or GRC redesign to give 98% seats lah!

Auel said...

They have to un-ban Martyn's film because the Young PAP-ies have recently submitted a film of their own to be rated...the MDA cannot possibly allow that to be passed uncut without raising more hoo-hahs for themselves.

Anonymous said...

yes exactly! saw the news and the clincher is YPAP has a film waiting to be rated by the MDA. So they lan lan have to ok see's film otherwise it is going to look damn obvious.

Anonymous said...

I think Japan LDP should be a benchmark case study for all asia politicians. No matter how long a party stay in power, changes are always necessary be it the party that governs the country or the party within.

Throughout the history of mankind, there isnt any single person or party whom can dominate in any society. eg, roman empire, qing shi huang etc...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27,

I think LKY may be the exception.

Anonymous said...

hi anon 12.37,

LKY is not an exception. Nobody is because grim reaper is the great leveler.

LDP in japan was only for 51 yrs.

A political party that dominates Paraguay for 61 yrs was toppled this year.

PAP in singapore is only 44 yrs. So its not that hard to imagine the change that is going to come in 10 to 20 yrs time.

450 yrs ago, they said the sun revolves around the earth.

200 yrs ago, african were slaves in the USA.

20 yrs ago, I met a person who went to china to give food aid and he said everyone was wearing the same dull grey jackets.

Imagine what singapore is like after LKY is gone. For better or worse, it is actually up to all of us to stand up and deliver the 5 ideals on our flag: democracy, justice, equality, peace and progress.

If our 5 ideals are too heavy on our shoulders, we might as well changed it to: authoritarian, injustice,inequality, turmoil and regress.

Nobody can force us to do something that we really do not want to do.

There is always a choice and free will.

Ultimately the young and "baby boomer" singaporeans have voted with their feet. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Actually even if they can last longer, I doubt if there'll be any Singapore for them to manage/mismanage. How high can property go? Can a 3room flat go for 1 million? And Singapore are becoming less export dependent (less manufacturing), no innovation etc... honestly most of the people I've spoken to have a backdoor - husband is malaysian, wife is china-born... if we really crash, I think half the population will be gone in a instant, the only unfortunate people will be those that you see collecting cardboard boxes etc...

Anonymous said...

Our Govt sometimes can really be very stupid. What's the use of banning it? Or for that matter, what is use of all those ratings ?

You see, one can almost get everything from the net, somemore no ratings. MDA appears to be living in their own small world. Our children are already exposed to a great deal of banned materials than they care to think. Our conservative society seems to be in constant denial that the world has indeed changed.

So what is the big deal now about naked bodies, making love, pornography, sex, gays and lesbian love, political dissidents, etc. ?

Can't we at least be trusted to be able to think for ourselves ?

Anonymous said...


Will u be commenting on this?

Surely this has a bigger impact on our future than a movie on a person whom half your supporters think is crazy? given that we are already chronically short of local doctors. esp in the public hospitals.


-I happen to hold CSJ in rather higher esteem
-DPJ is really a splinter faction of LDP so take it easy there
-Feeling happier today?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they have decided that Chee Soon Juan is not a threat anymore.

Because for quite some time he hasn't staged any illegal protests in the streets.

Anyway, what effect does a less than a 20 people protest posed?

They have "overkilled" him for too long and must have realised the absurdity of it all!