Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Best Countries to live in....

Singapore is 23rd on the annual Human Development Index List[Link] this year. Australia beat Finland? Japan despite having a lost decade and anaemic GDP growth ranks 10th. Strangely, Germany is just one position above Singapore (why?). I'm surprised Italy is ranked above us.

13.United States
20.New Zealand
21.United Kingdom


Anonymous said...

I think it is a very commendable position.

Except for Japan, the others are all the "Ang moh" countries, which had a very sizeable headstart economically.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lucky for the statistic. Looking in detail, it is interesting to see that Singapore's GDP per capita is 40% higher than Australia but lower HDI. I guess that shows the gross income inequality in Singapore. Not surprising really. We could do so much better if the government think more of the people instead of their million dollar salaries.

Jolly Jester said...

Looking at how this HDI stat is formed, I think we can see why Singapore does well.

It is constructed from 3 equal weighted components:

1) Life expectancy
2) Literacy (measured by gross enrolment ratio for primary, secondary and tertiary)
3) Purchasing power parity adjusted GDP per capita

So there's nothing to indicate things like income inequality in this index, or any proxy for happiness etc.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Singapore's GDP per capita, it's even more interesting to notice that Singapore has the 4th highest GDP per capita (PPP) in the world, way above countries like Switzerland...


Anonymous said...

Australia? They must be kidding. I have lived there for about 2 years. Australians are racists and discriminate against Asians. They side with their own even if in the wrong.

I live more as a human being in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Singapore gahment do so much for you already, you still want more more more more more.

You go malaysia and indonesia see people get to be educated properly or not. Their road side got lamp post or not. Raining, their place will flood or not. Their road got always get new coating of fresh tarmac or not.

And lastly, are you able to progress in life or not? Go Jakarta KL Bangkok and see for yourself lah.

The Singaporean of this generation is spoil brat, period. Born with golden spoon, weak like shit.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans need to do some thinking for themselves. Reports such as these serve only as guides / references and will not be able to take into account your own circumstances.

You'd need to decide for yourself what's best for your own situation.

Btw, sweeping statements that use developing countries as a basis of comparison are intellectually amusing.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter 23rd or 1st. Most important is one must have lots of money. Then all the countries listed are all best to live in.

Anonymous said...

Really Anon 11:38,

I find your statement really amusing and myopic. Are you comparing singapore to a 3rd world country? If so, why are our ministers paid more than 1st world country ministers * 10?

Actually I don't not think that the singaporeans have progressed much. in fact, by the next generation, I think all that have earned by our parents during the good years (from 1960s to 1980s) will be returned to the government in the form of the hidden taxes of housing, education and cost of living. When you are old, you will be reduced to cleaning kopitiams (provided they still want you) and collecting aluminium cans. So 1st world dream back to 3rd world reality. What's the difference between singapore and a 3rd world country?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is too comfortable for our young generation. Look at them you know they are spoilt and weak like ****. No good for the Nation.

I suggest them going to SIBERIA for 3 weeks survival in the wilderness, starting from letting them figure out the way once out of the Russian airport. We need strong DNA in our youngsters!

I agree that Singapore is too comfortable and seriously the real danger here is getting knock down by cars. We need more adventures.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 6/10/09 17:53. The spoilt brats have too cushy lives, do not know how to earn their own keep and take for granted that a cushy life is their entitlement. Therefore the unreasonable demands from some of them.

Send them to some Timbaktu place to suffer and learn about the harsh realities of life they are so protected from.

Anonymous said...

You are absoultely right. May I propose that the first people to be sent to Timbaktu to be our useless, overpaid, underperforming, french cooking lessons elites. I'm sure all those cooking lessons will be useful. LOL

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice ?

All the top 22 countries are genuine democratic country not unlike communism-dynasty-masqueraded Singapore.

And even directly after Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia are also democratic country.


Anonymous said...

strange survey. singaporeans still have to do mvv in netherlands despite being ranked higher than many european and asian countries.

Anonymous said...

Australia? They must be kidding. I have lived there for about 2 years. Australians are racists and discriminate against Asians. They side with their own even if in the wrong.

I live more as a human being in Singapore.

6/10/09 11:18

I lived in Singapore for 30 odd years, and yet as a Singaporean-born Chinese, found the country to be racist, whether it be to the Malays, Indians, Eurasians, or other races that may inhabit that island today. The sort of racism you talk about that is experienced sometimes in Australia, is no different from the type of racism dished out to the foreign workers (talents) in Singapore. Just that you are on the dishing-out side in Singapore and the receiving side in another country. We have got to learn that this is just another fact in the world that we live in, that we all have a bias and that it is simply easier to side with what we are comfortable with. So despite being the easier option, this doesnt make it the right option as well. Having lived in many countries on that list, I would say that Australia does in fact deserve to be on that list. At least you get a chance to voice your opinion there with no fear of retribution from the government whether you are white, black, yellow or brown.

Anonymous said...

To the mother fucker old hag who says younger generation are weak and spoil, then I guess you are dumb, stupid piece of shit and a chicken that is heading to the slaughter house.

Yes that's right! you're a stupid old hag for believing and vote the PAP for many many years despite being plain ignorant that they are really screwing you and your ass over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? I'm upgrading to a better country to live in and strangely enough, its MPs costs less than Singapore's MPs.

Congradulations, Lucky, you're getting popular. That's why there are trolls on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6/10/09 23:01,

Is that the best you can do? Curse and swear?

You have proven your critics right.

Anonymous said...

And trolls are those with opposing views?

Lucky, I like some of the things you write, but do not always agree with you.

If simply speaking one's pov means being a troll, this blog isn't much of a bother, thanks to your faithful fans.

Anonymous said...

Come nowm, you're missing the point. there is a difference between a PAP minion post and a genuine person with a different opinion:

How to identity a PAP minion 101:
1) says things like "You better grateful"
2) compares singapore to a 3rd world country when it comes to infrastructure e.g. "You see our lamp posts every night on, malaysia one got on or not?"
3) defends PAP ministers multi-million pay but not singaporeans 3rd world pay, e.g. "You see property agent cut 1% already so much, of course PAP minister pay must more $$$$$$$. Helicopter view you know?"
4) Says things like people cannot make it when the only people who cannot make it is themselves (think HUGE HUGE LOSSES $$$$$$$).
5) Threaten to send people packing to Timbaktu. Actually we also want to send you packing to Timbaktu in the next GE.

Very easy to tell one.

Anonymous said...

I am sick when I saw them telling stories (too much publicity already) how much Singapore was KAMPOPNG and transformed into modern country and the sacrifices they made. Good old days when these people made good for us through hard work and dedication.


OR HOW I HAVE NO PROBLEM IN MAKING PEOPLE TRUST ME. HAHA Get real. MY BOSS HAS TONS OF PEOPLE BEGGING HIM TO LET THEM TRUST HIM. I see people are just 'sucking' up and get a investigator and be surprised what you can FIND.

Jsut went for kopi and a aunty told me how life becomes unbearable after hmm....2003. Get it???

Don Corleone said...

Have you lived in Italy? It is the best country to live in. People are friendly, food is superb, the landscape amazing, the quality of life is th ebest in Europe maybe with Spain......Non comparisons possible with Singapore, a soul less city, that smells of clorine.

Anonymous said...