Monday, October 05, 2009

HDB Flats : Demand outstrips Supply

Latest application results for HDB flats : [Link].

Flats available : 2132
Applications : 11581

Guess 9449 eligible families will have to wait for the next round. At some point they will become desperate enough to go to push up the COV for resale flats.


Anonymous said...

need a priority queue # for citizens with NS..

Anonymous said...

yes...but the old record keeps playing..."its affordable...its affordable.."

Anonymous said...

No worry. Those who already bought their flats, condos or landed properties are at least 66% or more of the electorate.

Given the state of the opposition, most likely another 50% walkovers at the next election.

Plus some gerrymandering with GRCs and there you are, 98% PAP seats at the next election.

And don't forget they can create new citizens (how many up to them) between now and next election to further guarantee victory.

Anonymous said...

The only good solution is to ramp up supply though I doubt that will happen. I do have to agree with Anonymous 22:11 views. Prices will only keep rising.

Anonymous said...

Easy solution.

Don't get married. Don't have children. Remain a virgin.


Move to JB, commute to work in Singapore. Spend your salary in JB.

Fievel said...

sianz...i wished i didnt read this post. There i was happily waiting for the ballot results to come out. I balloted for Sengkang 4 room flats because it is the more reasonably priced is only the 4th day of the 14 day ballot and that segment is already 20 times oversubscribed.


Anonymous said...

In any country with free press, the newspaper headlines will be screaming "Housing Crisis!!" with this kind of demand/supply imbalance. Not in Singapore. I feel sorry for the 9,449 applicants who missed out. I don't know how many more rounds of balloting before the backlog is cleared. In the mean time there will be more applicants joining the queue. Someone must be sleeping on the job or this "shortage" is deliberate. At best it is incompetence. At worst it's something more sinister. Given Singapore's efficient civil service, I can't help but suspect it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

I think the housing shortage is deliberate.

With housing shortage, prices of homes will always be kept high. I won't be surprised if MBT's bonuses are pegged somehow to the high prices of HDB flats.

With high demand for housing, URA will always be able to keep the price of land high, which benefits the national coffers.

Who really cares if singaporeans have to bear a heavy housing burden?

You already heard MBT; your housing is affordable.

Anonymous said...

You heard that:


Anyone knows how, where the International standard of pegging to 30% income to property info?

Anonymous said...

I think that the policy also disadvantaged the singles. I am one that choose not to marry because I :

a)not comfortable income,look around you know things are EXPENSIVE

b) never contemplate having children because I am already 35+, no job security, not much saving due to meagre income all these years, FORGET WHAT YOU HEAR ABOUT LOW BIRTH RATE. YOU CAN"T EVEN RETIRE WHEN YOU REACH 60+, but hey people are already JOBLESS before they reach 40+! What a joke...or take a $1200 pay and raise kid in Singapore? No money better be realistic. Want to raise more LESSER MORTALS to be used by the RICH AND POWERFUL?

c)stressful here and divorce rate high. Seen many of my friends ran into this problem when money YES MONEY (PILLAR) become unstable. You know what I mean, MONEY talks, the more money the LOUDER it talks.

I won't mind plonking $120,000 for a 1 1/2 room flat to stay as I can only buy from resale market and 3rm easily costs $250,000. (IS AFFORBABLE, GRAB FAST BEFORE THEY ARE GONE YEAH YEAH YEAH)

YEAH start a family, have children, wholesome living, DREAM ON.

Is interesting to know the coming election results. We shall see...

Anonymous said...