Friday, November 27, 2009

Apply for Casino Self-Exclusion Here...

You can apply for self-exclusion here:
I got my whole family to do it.

I was reading through stories about problem gamblers in Australia serveral months ago. In many cases they were passing by the casino (back from the cinema, restaurant, supermarket) and were drawn by the bright lights. They decide to go in play a few rounds on the slot machines(pokies) and before they know it they were hooked. Companies making slot machines program these machines with lights and sounds to trigger plenty of endorphins (pleasure inducing chemicals) to be released in your brain when you win. In fact they hire Phds to research how to get players hooked on their slot machines. Why do people get addicted to drugs? Drugs like marijuana cause the release endorphins in the brain and cause a craving for more. In Singapore we hang people who bring in marijuana but allow the slot machines in clubs. Why? Problem gambling is just as harmful as drugs - just look at the 12,000 loan shark harassment cases year to date. Many, I believe, are the result of gambling.

Before the govt even decided to build casinos to added to the problem, it was already a problem for many families and the harm caused by gambling is no less than that caused by drugs. Why are we so harsh on one problem and so lax on the other? I can't believe the poster at one Singapore Pools outlet I passed by the other day - it warned people about gambling by asking them to gamble within their means. The poster is found here [Link]

This ridiculous message is reflective of the effort our govt to put in to tackle the gambling problem. If you follow what the what the poster says, it is actually asking you to start gambling (responsibly?) as if it is a good thing like exercise - the correct message should be don't gamble or don't learn to gamble or don't start gambling or stop gambling. Most of these so-called "responsible gambling" campaigns are run by casino operators or online poker website operators. It is similar to the "Children don't smoke" campaign run by cigarette companies - the underlying message is children don't smoke so you're very adult to do so. How do people become problem gamblers? They start by playing light You don't go around telling people taking recreational drugs occasionally for pleasure is okay. It sends the wrong message by telling people there is something called "responsible gambling" ...that gambling can be good. They should tell people gambling is bad and it can lead to harm. I'm not suggesting the govt ban gambling outright but the campaign message has to be that you do it at your own risk of harming yourself and your family.

This govt is so strict it censors what we watch and read. Yet it allows something as harmful as gambling to proliferate and the related problem of loan sharking to grow. The govt's limited effort in this area has been disappointing and that is why many Singaporeans believe the casino will bring more harm than good.


Anonymous said...

Like many other negative things here, the PAP knows very well what they are doing, and what is within safe and tolerable limits. The ends is high GDP and the ends justify the means.

In fact, LKY once told a foreign audience that there is very little that he does not know about Singapore. So meaning don't teach your grandmother how to suck eggs.

Of course if you folks suffer, it is also within the safe and tolerable limits. Hahaha!

yamizi said...

It's probably a more warped version of banning chewing gum and allowing cigarettes...but hey, they have officers who prowl around to catch litter bugs for throwing cigarette butts!

mint said...

I do not think a message that tells people "gamble at your own risk" is going to be more effective in curbing gambling than the message that says "gamble responsibly". People who decide to gamble or who are addicted to it have already made up their mind before they step in to the casinos. It's just like how smokers ignore the messages on the cigarette boxes despite those disgusting pictures illustrating the harmful effects of smoking. Even if govt does not allow casinos here, many singaporeans would still be able to go to overseas casinos.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Sorry to be off-topic Lucky, but I hope you are monitoring the Dubai World's debt situation closely.

Dow futures are plummeting ( minus 201 at current time); this could become quite bad for stocks.

LuckySingaporean said...

Lim Leng Hiong,

Dubai is nothing unexpected. I wrote about a few months back.

I think something will happen to the market but Dubai might be a false alarm.

Anonymous said...

check this out.....

Musicwhiz said...

Gambling is a scourge. The Government should actively discourage it instead of putting up ambiguous notices like this. It's their social responsibility and they should not shirk it.

Smoking and drinking can be harmful but gambling really DESTROYS families. We have read about so many articles on the terrible effects of problem gambling, sometimes I shudder to think what would transpire once the IRs open for business.

The problem is that stuff like Mahjong, 4-D, soccer betting and Toto are viewed as "Leisure" activities rather than gambling, and that is the root of the problem. Even 50c is gambling, it's the principle of it and not the amount wagered. The sooner people realize this, the better.


Anonymous said...

i took a double back when i saw that poster. if anything, it looked like it is Promoting Gambling.

trash this pap garmen

Anonymous said...

All parties who against this casino project should all apply for self-exclusion. All parents should request their daughter's boy friend to sign in too. If our government are really serious about this application it should be a life long exclusion and come with a proper cert for verification.

Gerald Giam said...

Thanks for informing about this. I have been waiting for it. My wife and I just excluded ourselves too.

Anonymous said...

This self-exclusion thing is for problem gamblers/addicts to prevent themselves from losing control and start gambling. What's the rationale behind ppl who dislike gambling to sign up for this? Isn't your conscious mind and self-control adequate in stopping you from entering the casino?

Anonymous said...

Ture, you need nothing to prevent you from entering the casino when you are conscious enough. I learn from movies that insane people will not admit their illness, like wise you can find drunk fellow outside pub area shouting he is not. You understand that there are people who dislike or disagree this project then can I ask them to join me to express our dissatifaction through the application, to the one who go its own way in a peaceful manner.

Sylvester Lim said...

Signing up for the Casino Self Exclusion is also a form of protest to it.

Anonymous said...

People with no gambling addiction issues who apply for self-exclusion will not really help their cause in expressing their dissatisfaction with the casinos. It will just inflate the statistics on the real gambling addicts that are seeking help.

The govt may think that the NCPG programs are successful due to the inflated number of applicants and assume that problem gambling is not a big issue. This might end up worsening the situation.

Anonymous said...

Your application for Casino Self-Exclusion has been submitted. Your transaction number is APPS09112XXXXX.

Should you have any enquiries on Casino Exclusion, or if you require advice on problem gambling, please call 1800-6-668-668.

Please note that the Council will need time to ensure that the casinos and all relevant authorities are notified of your Casino Exclusion.


The only gambling I've done in my life is buy $3.50 7number toto whenever there's jackpot prize up for grabs.

LuckySingaporean said...

anon 00:51,

I tried to point out that gambling is bad not just problem gambling. Everyone should not go to the casino because gambling is bad not just addicts. Addicts start by being non-addicts who get hooked after their 1st time. That is why those arguing against the casino don't want it on our soil because it will result in more people getting hooked.

Sign the exclusion even if you're not an addict. Gambling is bad and we all should not start gambling. And if ever we get tempted, the exclusion will turn us back right at the door.

The govt's message telling people to PLAY RIGHT, PLAY LIGHT is the wrong message. The point that only ADDICTS need to sign the exclusion is also wrong..because by the time you become and addict it is too late. Everyone should sign this exclusion. Everyone should try their best never to get started on casino gambling. This govt has made too many mistakes on this problem.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't your conscious mind and self-control adequate in stopping you from entering the casino?

27/11/09 22:55"

i don't know about the others, for me, i just wanted them to show my support for anti-casino movement by excluding my family.