Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr Lim Hock Siew speaks....

As a Singaporean, I cannot support this system and the people running the system that did this to a fellow Singaporean. Dr. Lim tells us that the authorities wanted to extract a 'repentence' from him as a condition for his release from detention. Dr. Lim does not need to repent...the people who locked him up for 19 years should be the ones repenting their atrocious inhumance actions. Until today, they show no regret - one of them telling the whole world that the Chinese people do not want democracy or freedom....the 2 things that could have prevented this despicable act.


Say no to nonsense said...

It always sadden me greatly to read stories on political victims in Spore. By virtue of using the draconic ISD, totally innocent personals can be made victims as they have no ways to seek greivance… since no trial is needed. It is really sad that such barbaric methods are still being used in our own backyard.

However, it is even more saddening… when Singaporeans conveniently disregard and forget about these people who had once fought for us… to an extent that they have gave up and sacrificed a significant amount of their youth and feedom. Mandela served 27 yrs as a political prisoner for a purpose… South Africans still remember him upon his release… but how about people like Dr Lim and Chia Thye Poh? Did anyone gives them a damn when they are released? In fact, how many Singaporeans have heard of these fighters before? By my reckoning… few and far… almost zilch among the younger ones…

To a certain extent I feel many Singaporeans are a damn hopeless lot… there is no point trying to fight for Singaporean’s rights… most wont be impressed nor grateful… instead they will think these people are doing stupid things and wasting time. Such is the kind of apatheism in our society that, I feel, will very likely lead to Singapore’s decline… since no one feels the need to fight for the nation. Singapore is all appearance… but dun have a soul.
How much longer can Singapore continue to keep up with its beautiful appearance without a soul?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think old man surrounds himself with Gurkhas and numerous bodyguards? Because he knows one day he and his kin will have to pay for his deeds. There is no escaping such a day.

Anonymous said...

Hey lucky..... That is your future. =)

Anonymous said...

The Chinese, since 4 May (wusi) movement, have been striving for Mr Sai (Science) and Mr De (Democracy).

This has been in the text book of Chinese schools (both in mainland China,Singapore and the then Malaya.

They even followed the western slogan of "Give me Freedom or Give me Death"....

Anonymous said...

To: 12:22,

Despite all the obstacles placed by pap, 33% of the people still vote against them. We just need to win over another 20%. Don't lose heart.

Thank you Dr Lim!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:"Hey lucky..... That is your future. =)"
16/11/09 17:10

This maybe anyone's future in Singapore. You may THINK that you are safe hidding behind the PAP curtains. But once you are affected by their policies, or you have offended some Elite in any other way, your chances are the same as all, regardless of how much ball-licking you have done.

THEN! There will be others, just like you, who would be smiling behind the curtain, thinkig they are safe.... :)

Localized said...

Actually there are quite a lot of people (both stayer and quitters)who are aware of these incidents.
Just because they never speak up due to the climate of fear does not mean they are hopeless.
And the disclosure of those information on the British part have contributed much to the beginning of that realization.
Looking down on your fellow Singaporean is the trademark of PAP.

Sylvester Lim said...

Every one of the perpetrators must be held accountable even if they are retired and their 'work' shown to all.

Anonymous said...

concentrate on making money folks, the government doesnt persecute anybody for doing it. why bother with stuborn people and their antics. The PAP will fix them good.

Anonymous said...

The greatest act of political violence that old man Lee has done on Singapore is not the detention of these prisoners or the suppression of the media or even the castration of our judicial system.

It is the creation of entire generations (of post 1965) Singaporeans who are brain dead. If you speak to most Singaporeans, they are empty shells who only care about making money and obeying instructions.

Anonymous said...

Skeptic, well said.

Anonymous said...

hi Skeptic,

I enjoy your blog and ur comments but i have to disagree with u a little bit on this.

in the 80s, there was the Marxist conspirators.

2000s, Chee and his friends speak up.

2009, some teenagers speak up about ISA.

I have seen Malaysia and Indonesia before the Asian crisis of 98. They look like brain dead before that crisis but now they have democracy and are fighting for democracy enthusiastically.

Singapore is the same. This kind of suppression is like a damn before it bursts. The small cracks were there all the while. It just needs a little more pressure and time.

if someone tells me singaporean is unique, its BS. Everyone in the world wakes up hungry after 8 hrs of sleep.

LKY is 80+ yrs already but Singapore lives on. We have time on our side.

Singapore's future is democracy and pluralism.


Anonymous said...

When a new party takes over, there is a serious need to re-open our classified files, investigate and rewrite the history of our textbooks.

People whom our textbooks now call as 'founding father' or 'upright' maybe be reclassified as something else.

And the likes of Chia Thye Poh and Lim Hock Siew and JBJ will be reclassified as Singapore's heroes, with due tribute given to their sacrifices.

I am ashamed that our history books uphold people who surrendered and work for the Japanese during WW2 occupation, and denigrate politicians who sacrificed alot for liberty and justice.

Anonymous said...

To Say No Nonsense

Kinda of agree with you on Singaporean deserve it...

Saw a video clip on an interview with Potong Pasir residents abt will they vote CST in coming election.

Most of their response are abt lifts upgrade, facilities, blah,etc

all is abt me, myself & I..nothing on opposition voice in parliament or appreciation..

Anonymous said...

"That is the law" that our dear chan sek keong has sworn to uphold!

hurray for democracy in singapore!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is chan sek keong

Anonymous said...

To anon 16/11/09 23:38,

"I am ashamed that our history books uphold people who surrendered and work for the Japanese during WW2 occupation, and denigrate politicians who sacrificed alot for liberty and justice."

I dun remember reading history textbooks upholding people who surrendered and work for the Japanese during WW2 occupation when i'm in Sec Sch. But that's 10 yrs ago for me. =)

You mean they do that now? In today's histroy textbooks?


Anonymous said...

Who were the ones who didn't surrender continued to fight the Japs? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Definitely not the prataman!

ngk said...

Singaporeans in general have no time for politics. We are too busy surviving. We need the job to put food on the table and pay HDB mortgage. Besides getting involved in politics does not pay, only trouble.

When your whole life is consumed with earning enough to support your family and save for old age and make sure your children make it through the education system, where are you going to find the luxury of thinking let alone talking about politics.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic Singaporeans fine themselves fixed, totally fixed in a situation that they cannot even have time to think of politics.

Pathetic that they simply give up and surrender to their fate of having to earn a living, to bread to the table, to pay HDB endlessly, to pay and pay and pay, and work and work and work.

Pathetic that they are so drunk with work and money that the very thing called politics is the very thing that has brought them to such a pathetic situation and yet they still cannot see it.

Pathetic that even if they are able to see the the cause of their pathetic situation, they are still unwilling or do not have the guts to do something about it.

Pathetic that they still think that they are comfortable enough not to rock the boat.

Pathetic that they are always waiting for someone else to do the dirty work for them.

Pathetic that they know only how to complain and whine but are not willing to step out to be counted for their conviction and belief.

Pathetic ........

BewareofPeoplePower said...

There is nothing pathetic about Singaporeans. This is how a resource-scarce country heavily dependent on foreign trade and investments have to survive. No two ways about it.

Beware of People Power for you will get People Horror.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Singapore 1963-communist infested,strikes,havoc,total third world status
China 1949-communist victory,great leap to nowhere dress in grey,cultural revolution still in grey with red books and Moa's quotes.

Idealistic youth supporting socialism/communism


Singapore after 1965-survival against all odds,hard work to better oneself.1975-85 success in standard of living,travel,condos,cars,maids.1985-95.Import foreigners to do dirty,dangerous and long hour jobs.1995-present,First World,achieved 5Cs.

China after 1978-open door policy,dress code?jackets & tie.
1988-98 fastest moving economy.
After 99 to present-Even USA need to borrow from China with them holding the most US treasury,bonds and what have you.

Results speak for itself you pick your choice,Socialist/communists or democratic/capitalist.(Singaporean or Chinese style)

GPS Guy said...

Singapore has evolved into country made up of people who used this country to get their riches, and packed up and leave for Australia, NZ , Canada, USA.
Everybody is for his own, Even PAP government is thinking of how to hold on to power in perpetuality by taking in immigrants from all over the world. This country has 500.000 prc passport holder out of about 4 million singaporean, eventually singaporean will be push out to the sea to accomodate the money hungry PRC passport holders

GPS Guy said...

PAP will suffer the same fate as regimes of KMT in Taiwan, Golker in Indonesia, LDP in Taiwan and even umno in malaysia

There is no escape, remember Dr Tan Cheng Bock who criticised the PAP for overemphasizinng foreign talent, he lost his job as an MP, now the old man tell us there should be better treatment for citizen , what a hypocrite, the election must be around the corner,

PAP has to learn how to eat the humble pie

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