Thursday, November 26, 2009

Expert Defense of CPF : FLAWED Part 2.

“Staying Together, Moving Ahead.”
- PAP Election Slogan 2006
Before I get to dissecting what the expert has to say, I'll start with a story. A few months ago, I met a relative who was in his mid-forties. He was lamenting that the 'good ol days' were gone. He was working as a senior technician in his company and just bidded fareware to one of his senior colleagues who retired after almost 40 years with the company. The colleague who was also a technician will retire with full pension and medical benefits - if he got sick, he will get to stay in the same type of hospital ward as the top guy in the company. That is because when he was hired 40 years ago, the company believed that where-ever the person was in the company hierachy once they got sick, they should all be treated as equals and deserved the same medical treatment. They believed that people should have sufficient to for a proper retirement so they had a pension scheme. Which company had such a good scheme and wonderful philosophy that inspired so much loyalty among its workers? The company is the Singapore Civil Service and these people's boss was none other than the government of Singapore! Of course none of these came from the PAP govt. They were left behind by our British colonial masters - the Hong Kong Civil Service still has these schemes[Link]. The PAP quickly eliminated these schemes and replaced it with the CPF in the 1970s. So how does the CPF compare? In 2006, 103 veteran civil servants sued the Singapore govt to return to the old pension scheme[Link]. They felt short changed after the switched to the CPF scheme especially the loss of the medical benefits. They lost the case and had to settle for CPF. But they are not the only ones who should feel short changed - we are all now dependent on the CPF for our retirement and medical care.
I'll come back later to get to the next instalment of this discussion. We will discuss the underlying principles behind the CPF and I'll tell you why the PAP election campaign slogan is put at the start of this posting...and yes, we will dissect the expert's defense of CPF.


Anonymous said...

Lucky, I was surprised to learned that my sister who works for the ministry of education has no hospitalization benefits at all, when she had to go for a biopsy. If the government take the lead and set the example by NOT providing medical benefits for the civil servants, what do they expect the rest of the employers in Singapore to do? Sigh...

Anonymous said...

You vote them in with 66.6% majority, Don't complain now, just live with it. Nothing you can do about it now. It will be the same in the next GE. A little candy before the election, a little bit of threats to instill fear, and bingo....... another victory for the MIW.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but maybe 66.6% are middle class and above in Singapore and at every election too.

If true, Singapore indeed has a solid middle class, regardless of whatever govt policy, CPF, external factors etc, etc.

With foreign talents the middle class may even grow bigger and the opposition weaker. This will contribute to greater political stability and social peace.

In politics, numbers and majority counts, not opinions.

Anonymous said...

Every day, on my way back to the 3-room HDB flat where I stay, I see rows of terrace houses with expensive cars parked inside. And I wonder to myself, these people must be PAP supporters, because they should be happy with their materialistic rewards and won't dare to rock the boat. Is that true? Who knows.

Musicwhiz said...

To Anon:

Yes, each of those expensive cars probably costs as much as the 4-room HDB flat I am currently living in.

Such is the income and wealth disparity which the so-called "middle-class" have to face!


Anonymous said...

Who says no medical benefits? How dare you!

The minister has full pensions and medical benefits (so Lim Swee Say is lying when he said he checked his CPF statements and feel rich?)

Anonymous said...

"Lucky, I was surprised to learned that my sister who works for the ministry of education has no hospitalization benefits at all, when she had to go for a biopsy." If you have any pre-existing medical conditions when you join the teaching force, you will have to take no-pay leave when you are on medical leave related to your pre-existing medical condition.

Anonymous said...

anon above...

what you said is true, but I think the government will not cover you if you contract any illness. I know of a teacher who got cancer and he was not covered. His fellow colleagues helped him out by donating a bit towards the medical costs.

At a meeting, the principal of his school remarked that the teachers should buy their own personal insurance, especially the younger ones. The older ones may still be covered by CSC.

Anonymous said...

"If you have any pre-existing medical conditions when you join the teaching force, you will have to take no-pay leave when you are on medical leave related to your pre-existing medical condition."

It is the same for all government bodies. They don't cover pre-existing and genetic illnesses. Medishield also won't cover you. This group of people are basically screwed.

Anonymous said...

PAP slogan,"more good years" translated into more foreigners from less developed countries working here, taking away your jobs when you retrenched.
Today, foreigners compete on almost every rung of jobs.

time now to change, not only for our generation but our next, and the next and next as well.

Now is the time.

Anonymous said...

next time, you will not allowed to withdraw "your" money from "your" CPF when PAP govt changed laws as when they liked it.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, i dont think you have to work so hard because whatever it is, however the boundaries of the GRC are redrawn, chances of a new faces(a new party) to manage their estates are highly likely.

No one in their right mind would think that the economy is recovering or going to, esp if the economy is so dependant on external economies like ours.

Philip jeyaratnam has joined PSC and will influence positively. After all, he is the son of JBJ. They cant control him.

Singapore is going to be in good hands. The good singaporeans are finally out. Singapore will not be a dog for the westerners. She shall stand tall and proud as a fellow Asian.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people do not know that the PAP has maintained the pension scheme for itself. Answering to a question raised by Mr Low, the PM admitted in paliament that there were some who were at present drawing both pension and salary. This single fact speaks volunme of their honour.