Sunday, November 08, 2009

Man killed his children... ...

By now, I think most of you have heard the tragic story of a father who killed his own children then himself. This is an extremely sad story but one parts of this story occurs in every housing estate in Singapore, every block of flats, and is familiar to social workers, church pastors and many ordinary Singaporeans. This tragedy could have been prevented if we have greater determination....

When the PAP came into power, it spared no effort to contain its political opponents. 4 decades later, the newspapers that had not so nice things to say about the PAP are gone. Political opposition shrunk, laws to limited their activities are numerous and anyone thinking of joining a political party is somewhat fearful. But loan sharks seem to flourish in Singapore. If the PAP spends the same energy to get rid of loan sharks as it does to retain its power by repressing political opponents, these loan sharks would have long been eliminated. Loan sharks hurt ordinary Singaporeans so it is not an urgent problem for the PAP govt but any one giving a speech without permit or taking part in a peaceful march will be haul into court and treated like dangerous criminals. Earlier this year when dismal figures of loan shark harassment popped up, Minister Wong Kan Seng's best idea was to make it illegal to borrow from loan shark so that harassment victims would be too fearful to report the crime because they too can be arrested[Link]. If the PAP govt exercise they same creativity and energy to contain loan sharks as they do the opposition, this problem would have disappeared 20 years ago!

In response to concerns about the casino and to make the decision to build those casinos palatable, it promised a campaign to prevent problem gambling. For that purpose, the NCPG (National Council for Problem Gambling) [website]was formed. It took the PAP, decades to get around to doing something and they did so only when tremendous opposition from all quarters of society got together to oppose the casinos. However, saying they will do something about problem gambling to reassure Singaporeans that casino will not cause that much harm is a promise I do not trust - casinos typically make about 42% of the revenues from problem gamblers[Link] and their success depend on a large part on problem gambling.

Why did the father kill his children then himself? He was a problem gambler who borrowed from loan sharks and was badly harassed by them. Remember before the decision to build those casinos, there was a similar case of a man killing his family then himself because of problem gambling and loan shark harassment[Simon Lee killed his family and himself in March 2005] . Now 5 years later just before the casinos are opened we have this tragic case and no progress on problem gambling. The PAP tells us they are building these casinos to create jobs for Singaporeans but many jobs are filled by foreigners and Singapore has so many jobs we need to bring in foreigners to fill them. The problem in Singapore is not the lack of jobs but structural unemployment, low wages and shortage of jobs that match Singaporeans' skills. There are numerous other better ways to create jobs. Why build those casinos? Andy Xie once said in an email what the Singapore govt is trying to bring in with those casinos. I think there is some truth in what he said - recently ahead of Singapore's casinos opening, the Chinese govt increased the number of permits/visas for its citizens to go to Macau. I don't believe these casinos are built to benefit ordinary Singaporeans - the govt will gain from the casino revenue and leave the churches, volunteers and social workers to cope with the problem it generates.


Man kills own children [Link]

A MAN, 38, suspected of setting fire to a flat and killing his two young children, later fell from a high floor and died in hospital.

The incident, believed to be murder-cum-suicide, took place at Block 543 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on Saturday night.

Police received information at about 9.50pm that a four room flat on the sixth floor was on fire. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted too.

When they arrived at the scene, a body of a man was found lying at the foot of the block, badly injured.

He was believed to have run up to the 12th floor and leapt off. He was rushed to hospital where he died later.

When officers went up to the burnt flat, they found the bodies of a boy, five and a girl, three, who were said to be the man's children.

Neighbours said they often heard quarrels and sounds of breaking glass from the flat.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, Lucky. Don't be too much.

Your PM is only paid S$ 2M a year. Your MP are only collecting a part-time allowance of S$120K a year.

They all already said they are underpaid (and also overworked). They all say that if they don't join politics, they can make much more money!

If you want them to work harder to get rid of loan sharks, you will have to pay them MORE! MUCH MORE!

Jason said...

Hi totally agree with your comments, Singapore is definitely heading down the wrong path with the casinos, to line the govts own pockets. I wonder how many more of such cases we will read both on the official media and online..

Anonymous said...

Other "You die your business" social menace under PAP include:

- Time-share marketing;
- Fraudulent investment schemes such as Sunshine Empire;
- Toxic "bonds" and notes;
- Dishonest property agents;
- Bloated car accident claims;
- Seafood restaurants preying on tourists;

Who suffer for the above? Everyone of us cause we have to always remind ourselevs and loved one not to be victimised.

The PAP is not going to do anything to protect us. Their non-actions really put their party's name to shame.

Anonymous said...

These are the reported cases because a few lives were lost in one incident.

There were many unreported cases of suicides. In fact statistics revealed that there is an average of one suicide per day for the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,
even worse, more people will borrow from loansharks to gamble in IR casino. Very convenient to jump down from casino if lost money. No need to jump from HDB anymore. If lucky, the gambler can try their luck jumping into the sea from casino.

Anonymous said...

"Your PM is only paid S$ 2M a year."

Haha, what is $2M when the whole Singapore to him and his con-family ?

Isn't his wife lost more than $40 billions in gambling and still a non-issue to his family ? Happy life as usual for them, as money is not a concern to them. Everyday make money from ERP, tax , GST, etc.... what is $2M to him ??

Anonymous said...

the man that had killed his children and later committed suicide ,in my opinion was a coward.
It is better for him to opt to be a robber to rob those which are overpaid instead the killings.
If he got caught, too bad get jail and rotan, still get free lodging. Government would also fed his kid.
The key word is all still survive. Sad sad story.

Anonymous said...

The crux of the issue will lie with the so-called 66% or middle income group. I think as in most cases, the income distribution curve of the population will be normal. About 10 to 15% of the population will be high income earners, 50 to 70% of the population will be middle income earners and lastly, about another 10% of the population will be the low income earners.

The government will always focus on the middle income earners to ensure that there will be majority votes for them. The issue is that with GRCs and walkovers, they do not have to substantially cater to the entire middle income group. For the next election, unless the lower middle income group is large enough to influence the election, I guess there will be no changes to the current system.

I am getting pessimistic. I was reading the Sunday Times where the government is implementing a subsidy scheme for companies such they do not have to accept the lowest quotation. In the report, the Minister says the objective is to raise the wage levels of low-skilled workers. However, intuitively and logically thinking, I personally think it is ridiculous and will not really address the issue as highlighted in the article. I got into an argument with my family about the measure and their final response was *even though the measure was not effective and prone to abuse, what can you do?*

Conclusion is that middle income families are either apathetic to the situation, somehow still supportive as they felt that government still get most things right or some are even benefitting in some ways.

Some more with the political playing ground so uneven, what is more that can be said....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.26

The 66% has been quite constant for 40 over years! Amazing isn't it?

One more thing, in the 2001 election during a severe recession, PAP even won over 70% of the votes! And there were 60% walkovers!

So the middle class increased during a recession! And the opposition became even weaker!


Clear eyed said...

Sometimes I wonder if those luxuriating in their ivory towers and making all these policies which hurt Singapore and ordinary Singaporeans are human at all. They seem to me to be one great machine greedily and callously sucking in money at all cost without regard to the suffering and destruction they cause.

Inspite of all the pain around us, Singaporeans don't seem to be any the wiser. When I try to talk to my family members and friends about socio-political issues, their eyes glaze over and they ask why am I so anti-PAP. When I send them articles such as Lucky's, they say they are too busy and have no time to read.

We have become the laughing stock of the world. I just returned from a trip to Shanghai and the tour guide told our group point blank that the Singapore passport now has no value.

Anonymous said...

The problem with 66% lies with the baby bommer generation. Policies like asset inflation, rising stock market prices benefit the majority of this gneneration. Particularly thoes that work in the govt service. (Thoes that kanna retrench, etc bad luck).

The dearth of income earning oppertunities only affect the younger generation.

I feel that the baby bommer gneration has done a great disservice to the world as a whole. Global warmining, finanical melt downs, run away budjets in many industrialized countires, poor political system in Singapore, are their legacy to their children.

Their attitude is me first, me second, me last, borrow growth from the future to inflate asset bubbles today, disabling of financial safe gaurds put in place by previous generations so as to acheive short term gain.

Their bull headed refusal to see the long term effects of their actions and their insistence on impeding necessary fundametal changes make them one of the most spoilt generations.

Anonymous said...

The Man(suicide) was silly indeed for killing his children. However, i believe he had lost his ability to think rationally.

And for those in dire straits, do yourself and others a favour, do something great(hong hong lie lie- the Chinese say)such as dying as a martyr to do something great for the people. Wasting a precious life is just too wasteful.



Ghost said...

Sorry Lucky but this tragedy is not something you can blame the government on. Even if this is due to a loan-shark case, the father was the one who borrowed the money and couldn’t pay it back. Crime is a problem that exists is every country in the world and Singapore already has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Only 1 person can be blamed for this tragedy and that’s the father.

Anonymous said...


"casinos typically make about 42% of the revenues from problem gamblers and their success depend on a large part on problem gambling."

While i see the point u trying to make, the statistics about problem gambling is in relation to Australia, and nothing to do with Singapore.

I dont think we are ready to comment on a situation we have not experienced yet.

Many of us are "problem" gamblers on Toto/ 4D.. we keep buying and buying every week, yet never win. is this a problem?

Just a humble opinion, but relating the Aussie stats to Singapore, to me, is just a bit unrelated.

Anonymous said...

Well you cannot deny the fact that the having a casino ín Singapore will bolster more job opportunities especially in the social service sector. As the social service sector inadvertently will boom as you need more social workers to deal with issue brought by Casino. So it is a Win-Win if you look at PAP standpoint.

Anonymous said...

I would say suicide is part and parcel to any country as they can just simply loosen their immigration policy to allow influx of new immigrant to cover the shortfall. No one is indispensable in Singapore. Not even if you are a true-bred Singaporean lol. Yeah it sad to think we are just like cattle, but it is the truth

"r" said...

i dont have as much problem with the building of casinos. i think singaporeans should really move on from this nanny state mentality - not allowing casinos for fear of detrimental effects on the society is just like internet censorship. hey we are all adults, we should learn to make our own decisions and accept the consequences of our own actions!

the problem is that we are really still a nanny state. the even greater problem is that we are ruled by greedy nannies. imagine what greedy nannies could do to the children.

Anonymous said...

"hey we are all adults, we should learn to make our own decisions and accept the consequences of our own actions!"

Damn right. I just dream of one day all Singapore females walk naked to tempt Singapore dicky, and we should not blame those naked babe if we tempted to screw them because "hey we are all adults, we should learn to make our own decisions and accept the consequences of our own actions!"

xl said...

Is hard to contain gambling problem among population. My folks are diehard 4D gamblers. Still broke in old age.

Casino got benefits & pits. It seem the scholars in PAP can't think of other ways to create jobs other than casinos.

PAP scare of protests for fear like Berlin Wall. Protest start off small & soon 1 after another like domino effect till 1M in Berlin.

Anonymous said...

to "r" 22.43, "hey we are all adults, we should learn to make our own decisions and accept the consequences of our own actions!"

kindly tell that to amy chua, chairwoman of censorship board.

better still, tell that to admiral lui of mica.

for the best effect, tell that to the lee family who controls every last drop of your CPF $$$$$$$.

grow up, will you!

Anonymous said...

Gambling + a materialistic wife = a bad combination :)

Anonymous said...

One bastard act is the $100 entry fee for citizens - an example of extracting maximum dollars from die hard fans.

I have observed that they likes to extort maximum dollars from die hard fans of something. For example, only one telco can sell Iphone when it is first introduced and it really sell a fucking expensive plan and price.

Then came the soccer league.

Why do you think the entry fee is not $200?

Because if the entry fee is set at $200, people will go to Genting. They have already calculated. At $100, going to Genting will quite more than that and it will be more economical to go casinos here rather than Genting.

Do you think the $100 entry fee is to prevent problem gambler?