Sunday, November 08, 2009

New immigrants help sustain, enrich S'porean way of life, says SM Goh

[Link to Report on SM Goh's Speech ]
Of course it is true - having a appropriate number of immigrants each year will enrich our lives. That is however not the reason for the PAP govt having such a liberal immigration policy that opened the floodgates to foreigners. Having one cup of coffee everyday helps to gets you going, but the PAP's immigration policy is like taking 15 cups of coffee a day overworking your adrenal glands to the point of exhaustion- our housing market is over-heated, our structural unemployment problems severe, our income gap is terrible and the ordinary Singaporean is asking what the hell is going on here. The PAP pandered to the demands of businesses for cheap labor at the expense of ordinary Singaporeans - somehow along the way they forgot Singapore still conduct elections and the people left behind in their policies get to vote. Now that the general election has to held next year or the year after, it is time to say sensible things:

"Singapore must manage the inflow of foreign talents as well as other immigrants to ensure that Singaporeans do not lose out but rather benefit from their presences, SM Goh said yesterday"
- Straits Times 6 November 2009[Link]
So what has the PAP govt done in the past 10 years when it comes to foreign immigration? Did it take them more than a decade to realise that immigration policies have to benefit ordinary Singaporeans not just businesses who want to lower operating costs? Coincidentally, realisation comes when they need to hold elections in coming months. Most Singaporeans are wage earners and a large number are low wage earners whose income in real terms have fallen as the cost of living rose. The task now is to say sensible thinks and talk away the pain of the past few years by saying soothing sensible things and making token efforts to moderate their immigration policy. However, there is real risk that the habit of drinking 15 cups of coffee a day will return after the elections and that habit might worsen to 20 cups - so for ordinary Singaporeans, while the PAP suddenly say and do sensible things, it is not the time to be swayed but to hedge your risk by making sure they continue to say and do sensible things after the elections. Otherwise, the insanity of the next pay hike for ministers, GST hikes and the idea that we can just 'live with' the high income gap will simply return after the elections. Unless we do the right thing, we will allow this govt to fall back to its old habits and much needed change will never come.


Anonymous said...

it always amuses me when the ST (or is it our ministers?) starts giving soundbites like "foreigners should benefit sgreans" or "foreigners can become like locals"....erm..duh!

tell me something i dont know.

Anonymous said...

Our HBD prices are now red-hot due to immigrants and flats not built enough to cater the demand and now they are rectifying this by releasing more land next year. 'Don't panick and take your time'.hahah They created this mess at the first place and now they tell us to behave... ohoho most unique. We should be grateful.

Never been like this before where almost every daily essential expenses go UPUPUPUP

Anonymous said...

But then how to exercise our votes when there are 50% walkovers?

And the opposition more or less still the same?

Also at least 66% are still doing OK or even well, despite all these PAP policies and the bad economy.

Maybe a better way is to try to be in the 66%, if not there yet.

Anonymous said...

Am looking for an EXIT STRATEGY by the next ten years when SINGAPORE will be truly WORLD CLASS.

Am grateful to all the Ministers visiting China now but can they do even better like by securing deals with the Chinese government to allow us to own AFFORDABLE flat there that costs $300,000.00. Oh that is in Renminbi, when we have to settle them then. THAT IS REAL TALK ABOUT ENRICHING$$$ SIBAGPOREANS.

Anonymous said...

It is time to develop some rural land in FUJIAN into AFFORDABLE HOUSING to cater for Singaporeans who will be working there in the future. That way we may have 13 millions Singaporeans to DEFEND our homeland...

Anonymous said...


HDB are red hot today is not due to immigrants...that was two years ago..

HDB are hot today because singaporeans are selling their fully paid apartments to pocket the cash difference to tie over and buying higher with max loan.

thats why the authorities are worried about this bubble.

Anonymous said...

Enrich Singaporean way of life ???

Have the seior minister ever shared a bus or mrt ride with these immigrants ??

More often than not they are loud..smells horrid and they spit all over the place.

My HDB apartment is fully renovated and fully aircondition..six months ago a group of immigrants moved into the apartment directly above mine..I have been battling with bed bugs eversince.

Yes we do need immigrants...but better ones.

Anonymous said...

lest we forget, we should list down what they implemented immediately after the 2006 GE:

- GST hike;
- Minister salary up;
- Mean testing for hospitalization;
- Unbearable influx of immigrants;
- Up for bus, taxi and MRT fares, ERP, electricity, education charges;

The PAP are solely responsible for the above as they chose to implement despite strong objections. Remember: Lee Hsien Loong had the audacity to ask Singaporeans to swallow the bitter pills while they themselves are eating buffet with champagne. I want to ask him: How many fxxking bitter pills you want us to swallow? Until we choke to death?

I haven't even mentioned the huge investment losses and the rising HDB prices.....

Anonymous said...

The Names of the MIWs are so toxic that each i see them appear in Blogosphere my stomach turns and churns.

Their empty promises are even more poisonous, they cause headaches and heartaches.


Anonymous said...

My apology to Readers!

The First Sentence of my comment should read as 'The Names of the MIWs are so toxic that each TIME i.....


Anonymous said...

"foreigners should benefit Singapore" so why did I not see that they replace the MIW, Sissy prince, the emperor, the enunch and concubine of Singapore ? If foreigners benefit Singapore, they can also benefit the government.

Anonymous said...

"Releasing more lands "
Are our wayang clowns talking about land in JB or in China ?

Anonymous said...

" How many fxxking bitter pills you want us to swallow? Until we choke to death?"

One more last final pill which is the poison pill, as deadman cannot vote.

Anonymous said...

Quote: It is time to develop some rural land in FUJIAN into AFFORDABLE HOUSING to cater for Singaporeans...

Some-one has started that process:

Anonymous said...

I know Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Al Gore are all out of work.

Can they come and replace the current Singapore ministers?

These people have good track records and cost a fraction compared to Singapore ministers.

How about the "Cheaper,Better and Faster" ideology starts from the elites first!



Anonymous said...

Voting for PAP is akin to voting for higher GST, more FTs to depress our wages, higher bus fares, higher mrt fares, higher school fees, higher rentals.

When was the last time our PAP govt was associated with lower rentals, lower cost of living and better wages?


Anonymous said...

Anon 14.36

We must understand that the hot price we see now is not an immediate result from high numbers of immigrants. This process takes time and initiated when the first pioneers PR start buying re-sale flats and pushed up the price. More come later and some also started to buy after working for some time with surplus cash and CPF. Of course the COV will be higher and higher due to more demand which is based on surrounded flats value and transacted value. NEW FLATS ALSO UP THE PRICE TO ‘SHOW THE TRUE MARKET VALUE, ALBEIT AT ‘SUBSIDIZED RATE’ The economy was also superb then, hence no control of the immigrants flow (e.g CALIBRATION)

It doesn’t help that we had (still ongoing) global crisis. Many people are hard for cash and some desperate. Like you said, Singaporeans are selling their fully paid apartments to pocket the cash difference to tie over and buying higher with max loan.

Hence it is a vicious circle feeding onto itself, more higher price and people come in speculate and even higher price and panicked and irrational behaviors takes place


We need those people there to be CHEAPER (to build a sustainable economy not by CHEAP LABOUR ONLY), BETTER Ministries that can PREDICT things few years to come and FASTER to adapt to sudden changes.

Now to release more land is very very poor solution to the problem. SO MUCH GOOD WILL ALREADY LOST, SO MUCH DAMAGE ALREADY DONE (HIGH PRICE).

Authorities worry about this bubble???? Get real. The main task now is to look IMMPRESSIVE WITH SUPERB GDP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:24

I say it is not easy to own house in China that way as a foreigner. There will be many restrictions and hidden costs and no law protection if one is to venture there, without some ‘support’

Anonymous said...

CHEAPER BETTER FASTER only apply to leeser mortals like us...




Most unique, but true in a sense if the selected MPs are great caliber. MOST I SEE HAHA is another story.

greyfox said...

So we pay the ministers big salaries so they won't be corrupt? So what about doing a good job? Do we have to pay more to get that? This is just crazy logic. Sounds more like blackmail than good reasoning to me.

There are many countries where ministers are paid a fraction of what we pay our ministers and they are not corrupt? Plus they the job they are doing are no worse than our highly paid ministers. Why do we always have to compare to countries that are worse off than ours other than justifying the money paid to ministers? This is really absurd!

Anonymous said...

calibrate the inflows of immigrants now?

correct me if i'm wrong, there was a pap minister who said B$ election 2006 that means-testing wld not be implemented either.

viola, means testing was implemented after election, and you can bet your last dollar at the casino that any calibration of inflow will stop after the eleciton.

vote for pap only if you think you're rich!

Anonymous said...

If We the Citizens of Singapore Don't Vote Wisely, these New Citizens WILL !

Wake up Singapore... WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

the type of new foreign immigrants that are here enrich only the Landlords,
with this policy, businesses pay lower salaries but much higher rental.

singaporean worker....screwed.

I NOT STUPID said...

The headline must be wrong. It cannot be true.

I think the reporter has made a serious mistake or misquoted SM Goh.

I believe sincerely that the headline should read thus:


That would be more accurate, believable and truthful.

Anonymous said...

Or is it to sustain the Dear Leader and his cabinet's way of life?