Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alex Tan barred by YPAP...

I guess its their way or the highway - Alex refused to abide by the "rules". Alex Tan, 22-yr old engineer, has been barred from YPAP's Facebook. I haven't gone through most of what he wrote but read his face to face encounter with Sam Tan accusing the PAP govt of being the cause of apathy among the young[Link]. One participant even asked him to leave Singapore if he was that unhappy with the PAP govt. Gee.....Alex Tan should have realised that when the YPAP members meet their leaders the rule is they have to balance any criticism with a whole truck load of praise. You're not suppose to embarrass your great leaders in front of a live audience by directly assigning blame to their actions. However, what Alex Tan said about apathy was rather mild, as least according to what was reported in the papers:

"He pointed his finger especially at the PAP's dominance and the lack of press freedom. The 22-year-old also said the PAP may feel it is helping the people but the people feel disadvantaged by its policies, from foreign talent to national service." - Straits Times Report

Lets put it this way. Apathy wasn't widespread when the British was ruling us otherwise how do you organised people to get them thrown out? The reason for this apathy. in addition to what Alex said about press freedom. is the harsh treatment of people who stood out for the rights of the people such as detention for decades without trial and bankruptcy. Seeing what has happened from the 70s right up to the 80s what do you think parents tell their children..."mind your business, never criticise the govt and steer clear of political issues". The widespread fear of people growing up during that time is very real and this fear is still prevalent today.

Alex Tan is not apathetic. If the PAP and the media it controls makes an example of him by smearing his character, the rest of us will probably stay anonymous, keep quiet and mind our own business.

At least Alex put up a fight against the PAP ideas and their rules. Way to go Alex Tan.

Young PAP bars user from its Facebook page Youth wing blocks 22-year-old for starting flame war.
-ST -->
Rachel Chang
Sun, Dec 13, 2009The Straits Times

The youth wing of the People's Action Party has blocked a 22-year-old project engineer from its Facebook recruitment page.
It has also deleted his posts after a war of words between the two sides last month.
Mr Alex Tan has been banned from the page until he agrees to 'abide by the rules', according to a message sent to him on Nov 29 by the administrators, who are members of the Young PAP (YP).


Anonymous said...

But Alex Tan is just a minority of his kind. Maybe the one and only one.

Like what some had said, those who strongly disliked PAP and Singapore can just simply voted with their feet if they can. Many did just that. If can't, then stay on and be apathetic.

Or else continue to fight losing battles. Like Alex Tan, Chee Soon Juan etc.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Chang said 'abide by the rules'. What are the rules?? Must you be in total agreement with the policies of the PAP? Must you have no opinion other than those of the PAP? Have you got to bne brainless??

Onlooker said...

Already there is an ongoing smear campaign from the MSM against Alex.

But the point is:- we need people who will speak up even the mass majority may stay with the status quo.

This is because the survival and viability of our nation depends on people who can move us in the right direction instead of just following global trends.Which may or may not be beneficial to our country as a whole.

And Sadly, PAP (under the senile LKK) have been proven to be inadequate in this aspect.despite their publicizing their achievement through inciting speech about the inadequacy of other bigger nation compared to us.
They are still afraid of allowing the country to become a true democracy where every citizen can have a say.
Otherwise they would not need a crutch called GRCs.

Anonymous said...

ALex Tan disturbed the Young PAP's mutual masturbation.

I see that Young PAP are trying out their masters' tricks.

1. character assassinate i.e. point out his DB sentence

2. point out his lack of academic qualifications

3. when the above does not work, simply ban him.

Anonymous said...

dirty people deserve each other

Anonymous said...

I mean lets put it this way. Who the hell are "PAP leaders" Zaki Mohd and Sam Tan?????????? These are appointed leaders, they have no credibility, they have no mandate. The PAP is a sad joke preaching to their own kind.

Anonymous said...

he deserves to be fuked by his own kind. if you going to be a party cadre, you shouldn't express extreme views.

you need to learn the art of stroking your superiors in the right places before you critiqued.

cmon this is practiced everywhere. don't tell me you never stroked your superiors at work? you never stroked when you write to the press?

life here has taught us that if you want honey from the people who holds the string over you, you need to be "nice".

you need a good dose of hypocrisy

alex is just naive and got himself fuked because he actually believed the authorities when they say they don't want "yes man" in their team.

you gotta give credit where credit is due. you cannot make sweeping statement at the pap who has, after all, successfully raised the standard of living for everyone...even the poor.

he should have peppered his criticism with more sensitivity and always remain a skeptic.

instead of making callous remarks, he should have said:

"Comrades!" he cried. "You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organization of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples."

Anonymous said...

anon 19.01, that was brilliant. Well said. Anyone who has any inclination to be a future pap party member or even minister should learn to do a little stroking now as investment for the future. Animal farm does bear similarity with the political scenario in current Singapore. Pigs do love apples and milk here and they actually believe they deserve the feast.

Anonymous said...

"he should have peppered his criticism with more sensitivity and always remain a skeptic.

instead of making callous remarks, he should have said:"

While the pigs have their own master. He is not Alex's master and Alex is not a party cadre of XXX. Anyone to correct this understanding.

Anonymous said...

13/12/09 14:14
"Or else continue to fight losing battles. Like Alex Tan, Chee Soon Juan etc."

And maybe you are just a minority of your kind. Maybe the one and only one to believe you own statement.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this YPAP stuff. See only loads of bootlickers and YES men.

Why don;t they evaluate their master's policies and offer suggestions for them.. OH SOUND SO NAIVE ME. THEY ARE JUST SCAMS AND FACADE...LIKE THE RC

Anonymous said...

Poor Alex, you are living in The Matrix, unless you are The One, you are still part of The System, you will be visited soon by Agent Smith very soon.

Anonymous said...

Had Alex Tan criticized the second language policy, he would have been banished. This is a country where the emperor has no clothes and no one is allowed to tell him. Surprise!

Anonymous said...

anon 13/12/09 15:55
1. character assassinate i.e. point out his DB sentence

2. point out his lack of academic qualifications

3. when the above does not work, simply ban him.

you forgot the fourth...
If all else failed...just labelled him as near psychopath or having a antisocial personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

Follow the rules of the old man;

Always call yourself as the hero.

And when you get invaded, surrender, switch sides and serve the invader as a translator.

Loyalty has no meaning to him. It's the survival of the fittest. Anything goes!

Anonymous said...

I can give you 50 reasons why I am not voting for PAP and want to leave:

1. I want to buy a house without paying a Cash-Over-Value of $100,000

2. I don’t want to be accused of being fussy if I don’t want to live on the first floor or basement bomb shelter, or ulu ulu places like Kusu Island

3. I don’t want keep hearing that flats are “affordable” when I really cannot afford flats.

4. I don’t want to see foreigners flood our condos, HDB estates, MRT trains, buses, schools, EVERYWHERE

5. I don’t want to know about how ministers are getting lots of landed and prime property both local and overseas when I have trouble getting a 3-room flat.

Anonymous said...

6. I don’t want ministers who get multi-million dollar salaries when I do odd jobs and some months I don’t make more than $2,000.

Ministers in other countries may take bribes and embezzle. My ministers are smarter, they get more money claiming more MILLIONS in salary LEGALLY.

7. I don’t want to pay ERP just because foreigners’ cars are clogging my roads. Especially, when ERP do not solve congestion problems!!! We still have terrible traffic jams!

8. I don’t want to do NS and reservist to protect my country against foreign invaders when:
(A) I don’t have a house to protect
(B) I cannot afford to start a family to protect
(C) I have to protect foreigners and their property with my life when they run away during war.
(D) Foreigner PRs do not have to serve
(E) I get paid worse than a Bangala worker. To think that National Service needed people donation’s in 1967, after a year, it gathered S$ 3 million from Singaporeans when we were all so poor.

9. I do not want to see PRs and New citizens flashing their blue and pink ICs on their national days.

10. I do not want to see the shamelessness of importing foreign athletes and claims that Singapore won when a foreigner won. Oh yes, we pay these foreigners millions of dollars so that Singapore can claim that it won. WOW!

Anonymous said...

11. I do not want to hear jeering against the SG local soccer teams from foreigner spectators when we play against other countries IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!

12. I don’t want to pay 7% more for everything I buy in my whole life when the government gives my $200 in “compensation” handouts!

13. I want to see a local student being the top student. Not some China kid. Not hearing from ours kids that there is no point to work hard as some foreigner is going to squeeze them down inevitably.

14. When there is public curiosity, I expect my government (especially Law minister) to be transparent enough let us know about Temasek and HDB cost to build a flat, etc.

15. I want my country to be known as a COUNTRY. My country is NOT just a city like some idiot claims.

Anonymous said...

16. I don’t want LHL’s son to be the next succeeding prime minister.

17. I don’t like how China suckered us in the Suzhou park initiative and we still have to kiss their assess.

18. I cannot understand why local siblings cannot buy flats when foreigner PR siblings can buy flats.

19. Singles are not allowed to buy flats before 35? Are singles supposed to be forced into marriage just because of this? By the time singles reach 35, the flat prices will be higher by $100,000 to $300,000. These singles worked very hard to scrimp and save only to see savings ERODED away by inflation!

20. I do not want to read the paper when it is pro-PAP and there is major censorship and selective publishing and late publishing for what cannot be hidden.

Anonymous said...

21. I don’t want my life-savings to be belittled as the salt on the “peanuts”.

22. I don’t like it when my country’s reserves lost tens of billions of dollars and the PM’s wife can still head Temasek!

23. I want important national assets key to our security like power stations to BELONG to our country, not sold to foreigners.

24. I like to add hum to my mee siam by the way.

25. I want a president who actually DOES more. Not one which who I seek shakes hands, seldom speaks, does not even pardon and spare a 19-year-old kid his life. Not a president who kids confuse with Mas Selamat (Many kids who know Mas Selamat do not EVEN know Nathan)

Anonymous said...

26. I don’t want to have my next national day parade at the silly riverside place….AGAIN! How long does it take to make a stadium? We are a country but we don’t even have a national stadium?? How about loaning Malaysia’s Merdeka Stadium for Singapore’s National day?

27. I want job security. A contract for 1 or 2 years, Then look for work again. The cycle repeats. We have to worry for our jobs and livelihoods on a daily basis. When we are over 40 years old, who want us anymore? I might as well join the army as sign on. But wait, that is contract TOO!

28. I don’t want the next generation to suffer like me in university. I had to work part-time to support my uni fees in NUS, while foreign students get free uni education thanks to MOE PLUS $500 allowance every month. After that, NUS still has the cheek to call me up and ask me to donate to NUS. Why they need money? They lost hundreds of millions of endowment in the financial crisis. I can still remember working and saving for 3 months before I could afford a 2nd hand laptop.

29. I want to protest in the streets to voice my discontent without being put to jail by the ISA act or made bankrupt. For goodness sake, I don’t even dare to accept Singtel’s offer of giving me free 6 months internet if I switch from Starhub to Singtel, because I am scared that my IP address and my name will be blacklisted by the government. (considering Singtel’s afflictions with the govt)

30. I want an opposition party in power. Any opposition is welcome. As educated and smart as my current and soon-to-be-ex ministers may be, I want people who CARE and LISTEN. Even if it is a guy who had graduated from kindergarten would be welcomed if he cares.

Anonymous said...

31. Elites who have been born with a silver spoon, who never had trouble finding a job, who never had money difficulties, who never went hungry, who breezed through NS, do NOT deserve my respect nor should they be in the government. We need people who UNDERSTAND what it is like at the pits and bottom! Not some shortie who claims to understand hardship with a childhood living in 3-room flat but marries an angmoh and lives in a landed mansion.

32. I want a better electoral system! I don’t want WALK-OVERs again. Some of the seniors did not even get to vote ONCE in their whole lives. How is that democracy?

33. I want fairness. Is it a coincidence that certain estates under certain members of our government are especially well-cared for with upgrading etc incentives? Is this fair? Are residents of areas under the opposition similarly cared for? I quote a resident from Potong Pasir “the lifts here are so old and I can’t climb the flight of stairs to reach my place anymore.” I supposed the 60 year old aunty would be forced to vote for PAP to get new lifts.

34. I want a limit to the number of years the PM can hold office, so that as bad and as lousy as the PM is, we can at least have a chance to start afresh.

35. I want small quotas/ratios legislated for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

36. I want foreigners to be restricted to less than 20% of our population instead of 36%.

37. Horsie actually said that foreigner PRs were under-represented in HDB flats. Pah! No more than 2 flats in a block should be sold to PRs! Otherwise, how can the many old uncles and aunties have pocket money for retirement by renting out flats?

38. I want their CPF contribution percent to be much higher and that their CPF to be forfeited if they leave SG.

39. I want higher income taxes and property taxes for foreigners.

40. I want NS for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

41. Foreigners who bought HDB flats cannot be allowed to rent their flat out EVER!

42. I want the SGD to be moderated downwards! A higher SGD may benefit those who can afford to holiday overseas, those who are rich enough to send kids to overseas for studies, or PRs and foreigners when they remit money home. BUT overly high SGD deters investments into Singapore.

43. I want curbs on inflation. To that effect, we need to install restrictions on property speculation, raise reserve ratios in banks, and have more stringent criteria before loans are issued. AND OF COURSE, GST lower back to 3%

44. When foreign talent enters my country. I want these people to be REALLY foreign talent. I don’t want my country’s pink IC and PR to be handed out like toilet paper.

45. I want more heavily subsidized birth-delivery, child-care, pediatric health and education care to boost local numbers. If S.Korea can do it, why not us? The practice of replacement diminishing local numbers with foreigner number MUST STOP.

Anonymous said...

46. Instead of always saying Singapore does not have enough talent, will the government spend more money and effort in education and grooming the young? Every time they say that there is not enough of certain type of people, the government will import these people in masses and hordes.

47. I expect government-affiliated institutions to not indulge themselves with luxuries when other citizens have bread-butter problems:

When NTUC income unilaterally announced major cuts in its bonus for insurance-policy-holders, the MAS allowed this to happen. NTUC income claimed financial woes, but took HUNDREDS of agents to Australia for an exorbitant expense-paid holiday as they made the announcement earlier this year! Do they think about the widows and orphans when they dine fine with wine?

At first I could not believe NTUC Income to be capable of this, then I checked on the web and saw the NTUC CEO hugging 2 BIKINI girls and drinking champagne in Australia too.


48. I expect the MAS to protect citizens financially too:

When thousands of investors lost their life savings in the mini-bond fiasco, where was the government? Unlike the Hong Kong government which had exerted pressure on its local banks to compensate a minimum sum to its minibond holders, the Singapore authorities chose to stay out of the matter.. MM even chided Singapore investors for “walking in with their eyes open” and therefore did not deserve a compensation. (from TemasekReview 1 Dec)

49. I have 1 more issue with the state Media Press. HOW can they publish photos of people suspected of crimes when they have not EVEN been convicted? Imagine the tarnishing to the poor suspect’s reputation if he were innocent! It is not as if the guy can sue ST and get $400,000 in defamation compensation.

50. Anyone can give the 50th reason? Come on my fellow locals. If I can say so much, you can at least say something! Few thousand people viewing this article and so little comments?

Anonymous said...

Well Alex could be a sign of things to come. A growing discontent even amongst your own people. Let's see what happens the day after cooling off day.

Anonymous said...

Well said anon of 50 points... in fact I started listing...i tnk 15 points or so before in this comment page...glad to know we are on the same page ; )

Anonymous said...

Wah, jialat man. PAP so many shortcomings.

You dare to vote PAP again and suffer for the next & the next generations ?

Anonymous said...

With the govt tentacles in the companies esp GLCs, I tnk people are still afraid of voting for oppositions. They are afraid of repercussions (real or unreal, really dun know) Right now, biggest employer should still be the civil sector plus all the major companies in Singapore are GLCs, people pragmatically will still likely to vote for the current govt because they are afraid of being ostracised or blacklisted. I tnk it may be difficult for people to thnk long term as ultimately, it is still fraught with uncertainties...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

what DB?

i've learnt to treat the current administration with contempt.

naturally any "crime" committed against any part of the state machinery is treated with a huge mountain of salt.

runroad said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! 49 sharp nails to hammer into the PAP coffin. Here are a few more.

50. I don't want our already poor working class sabotaged at every turn by the very people who are supposed to be looking after their interests first and foremost. The despicable millionaire two-faced traitors Lim & lim who have headed the NTUC are an utter disgrace to labour unions everywhere.

51. I want an end to the government pretence that it's only an ordinary private investor when it spots any niche in the local market that makes a profit. For God's sake quit competing tooth and nail with your own bloody citizens for the tiniest crust of bread! Your filthy fingerprints are over everything from food to funerals. You can't even leave our wet-markets in peace. Will you be setting up durian stalls next?

52. Stop the constant lying and harping on about the delicate state of race relations in Singapore. We the people have always got along perfectly fine until you lot came along and deliberately made race an issue for political advantage, just as they did across the Causeway. Pay attention now: we know the ancient problem you trot out at the slightest excuse was a cynical political exercise to create bogeymen.

53. Although it's probably too late now such is the damage, enough of the screwing around with Singapore's culture. Hasn't it yet dawned on your finely-tuned intellects that a nation's culture cannot be bought (much less engineered) but is the simplest thing in the world to devastate? I don't want flavour-of-the year linguistic shenanigans, it is MY right to speak MY native tongue which is a dialect in MY own country without government interference. If you don't like it then YOU leave, not me.

54. Rule by gerontocracy - ugh, disgusting! Nobody should be permitted to retain their position in government beyond statutory retirement age, nobody, however exceptional - NO exceptions. If previous experience can be useful then they return on annual short-term contracts as consultants but never, ever should they be permitted to interfere with the decisions of those who now occupy their seats. Even Sir Winston Churchill was thanked and honoured by a grateful nation for his role in WW2 and then promptly thrown out of office at the next election. And if that's good enough for a man who shaped the history of an entire world, what more for certain infinitely lesser beings?

Anonymous said...

I must say the two postings by anon of 49 points and anon of 50 to 54 points are the best I have read since coming to this blog. It makes sense and the points are logical. I am not saying they are definitely correct or factual, but they are definitely a reflection of my sentiments in this country.

It is quite amazing that our MSM can be quite good in reporting similar issues and opinions in other countries, but cannot apply them in Singapore. Cases in point are the recent articles on leadership and pork barrel politics etc. Sometimes you can see that they are picking on the correct articles and issues and yet failed to address them in our local context.

With regard to leadership, I think there is a line similar in meaning to what was written... A good leader must not think that he is not fallible, instead must always constantly think of the possibility of the positives and willing to address and admit to weaknesses.

Just look at our dearest leaders...i.e. we are silly enough to give them the mandate to lead anyway...sigh...

Anonymous said...

sorri by runroad : )

Anonymous said...

"If all else failed...just labelled him as near psychopath or having a antisocial personality disorder."

This outdated trick no longer works anymore. Only works with people who are locked inside a cave for too long and only know their own shadows.

Anonymous said...

55. I don't want any CPF life nonsense. I want to withdraw my CPF at 55 and retire as I wish.

56. I want the ministerial pay be reviewed by a truly independent commission immediately.

57. I want all the public office holders to declare their assets every year.

58. I want the judges be appointed permenently, not on annual or every two-year basis.

59. Do away with the mean testing and HOTA immediately!

60. I want a medical system that will send me a 747 when I am in need overseas.

Alan Wong said...

Just look at how the YPAP mindsets are being shaped by PAP ideology - What right does anyone have to ask a fellow citizen to leave Singapore if he or she is not happy with the govt ? Again is this not the same mindset of some PAP MP's daughter who shouted at some poor fellow to "Get out of my uncaring face"

Whether or not one who choses to stay or leave Singapore, nobody should be questioning that right or call them quitters.

Bear in mind that Singapore does not belong to PAP only, YPAP puppies!

Anonymous said...

1. Value of the house is dependent on the market. Cash-over- value of $100,000 is demanded by the seller, not the government.
2. We are all “fussy”, in other words, discerning. What’s wrong with that?
3. It is affordable to the majority. I am guessing that most of the readers here CAN afford a flat.
4. Then, how to solve problem of not enough “talent”? Not enough doctors, teachers, factory workers, nurses, retail, road sweepers…. How?
5. Capitalist society what, some have and some have more. You want to be communist?
6. Honestly, most of these people can get the same salary elsewhere even if they are not ministers.
7. ERP simply works. I have been traveling BKE before and after ERP: it works la. Who likes to pay, I also kenna with no cash card before but cannot deny that the traffic is better what. OK, I can only speak for BKE. CTE I heard quite terrible.
8, 9: ok, I think everyone who is citizen has to defend the country.
10. While I agree with you in principle, I think we should be sensitive to the feelings of those who long considered themselves Singaporean.
11. OK, I feel you.
12. Who wants to pay. But no tax, how to build roads, hospitals, pay the police teachers….???
13. a little too foreign-phobic, don’t you think?
14. Government cannot afford NOT to be transparent any longer. Anyone can publish anything on the web and the cost of not being transparent is lots of mistrust.
15. ??

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 21:24

You know... what you say is not right. I know, you know that you are nit-picking the argument, delibrately misunderstanding....

singaporeans pay a lot of tax.... gst, cpf, ns, for profit ntuc, smrt, sbs, sing power, gasoline tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, road tax..... in some ways hdb flats too... and we get next to nothing in return.

I know you know that. Maybe the system has been good to you. Maybe.... But maybe..... you were lucky? The govt has coddled the majority.... Maybe... some day, touch wood, you loose your arms, you loose your sight.... Have you thought how terrible that would be.

Maybe your industry becomes redundant, maybe for all your talent, you have to work 18 hours a day, every day, put up with endless abuse, just to feed your family. You have no time to retrain, no time to think....

It nearly happended to me.... I had a near career death experince... and I say.

It is not sour grapes, it is not jealousy of our betters... It is morally not right to vote for the PAP. It is not right to recite worn argments that we know are not true. It is wrong to sit on our comfortable chairs and say everything is alright when it is all wrong. It is damn near a sin to vote for the pap.

Anonymous said...

"14. Government cannot afford NOT to be transparent any longer. Anyone can publish anything on the web and the cost of not being transparent is lots of mistrust."

Guffaw hahahah...

have you ever tried writing in to the govt agency asking for the reasons or selection criteria for some scheme??? you'll get your head banged against their impenetrable wall all the time. thanks for pointing out the obvious consequence of this NON-transparency: a lot of mistrust on the ground.

one fine day, i'll blog on this....

wicdm said...

Yes I am lucky and I do try to look after the poor. It must be scary to have a near career death. Especially when you have mouths to feed.

Question is, how can we, as a society, ensure that people are taken care of.

I do not believe that PAP has all the right answers.

Trouble is, very few people actually bothered to understand the issues in depth and even less are actually helping the society to understand and to come out with solutions. Speaking to people from all walks of life as well as some people from the Government, it seems to me that most of the thinking is done by the people from the government. Many of these issues turn out to be incredibly complex and it seems that few outside actually understand them well.

This must not be. The collective wisdom of 5 million people of the street surely can give us all better solutions to the challenges ahead of us.

This is the age where control of information flow is simply futile. This is also the time where issues and information can flow freely to help us all deal with issues that matter to our lives.

Many of these issues are deeply emotional. But, other than ventilating, how can things improve? How can we, as a society, improve things?

Does voting out the PAP actually help?

I think the netizens must rise up, focus the collective wisdom to solve problems.

Anonymous said...

50) I dont want to see a cooling off day before election if we singaporeans need 1 day to be rationale.

Anonymous said...

To wicdm:

Side comment. Many of the problems are caused by the PAP. If one looks at the overall picture (the multidue of taxes, direct and indirect as well as the for profit govt linked companies, which amount to taxes) the singapore govt takes an enormous amount of revenue from the people, much of it from the very poor. It returns next to nothing. I estimate that the effective tax on the poor is approx 40%.

We can live in a free market economy. We can compete like the Americans, but it is difficult to do so when one is so badly hobbled. Please, think about the problem trully.

The govt either is a fool or is lying. I am inclined to say both.

Anonymous said...

61. I don't want any MM or SM or Ministers without portfolio in the cabinet.

62. I want an independent workers' union not headed by a pap minister.

63. I want free public transportation for the old and disabled, and more concessions for students.

64. I want more public holidays.

65. I want free parking for all HDB carparks.

66. I want no government tax on wines.

67. I want ISA abolished now!

68. I want the Istana turned into a public park. Ask Nathan to go work in Punggol!

69. Stop the speak Mandarin campaign and bring back dialects now.

70. Stop collecting the stupid TV/radio licence fee from us and give us crappy TV programs.

lim said...

You know, there are a lot of "forecasts" by pap that ended up way off...

- 2 is enough
- limit intake of medical/law students
- more golden years
- swiss standard of living
- standing by TT Durai

and I think the forecast that 1 in 2 will live well beyond 85 is very unlikely...

Anonymous said...

"and I think the forecast that 1 in 2 will live well beyond 85 is very unlikely..."

more will rot in their cocooned hdb and the stench of, 3 to 6 months, corpse will linger during that period because singaporeans are too demoralized, or the other extreme, too self absorbed in their own importance, to care about their neighbors or for each other.

the rotting corpse is but a sign of our apathy that permeates our society because we believed we can be "good people" whilst indulging in excesses.

we believe "talents" are "good people".

Anonymous said...

1. Value of the house is dependent on the market. Cash-over- value of $100,000 is demanded by the seller, not the government.

I do not quite agree as first of all, the valuation of property in Singapore is not really as market driven as it is led to believe. Many people have written on this. Just look at how we value our land.

2. We are all “fussy”, in other words, discerning. What’s wrong with that?

I agree with this as the extent of being fussy or really being critical is really quite subjective.

3. It is affordable to the majority. I am guessing that most of the readers here CAN afford a flat.

Affordability is very subjective. Just like survival. I can survive on porridge water for the rest of my life. But would you choose such a life? Just like GCT can say he uses those ayam bar of soap to bathe everyday and wear china brand shoes and shirts...point is that people have strong feelings over this issue is because of a multitude of factors..not a single one...

4. Then, how to solve problem of not enough “talent”? Not enough doctors, teachers, factory workers, nurses, retail, road sweepers…. How?

It has been stated here before that foreigners are welcome in Singapore..but the point is the extent and degree of the beginning, the govt said they are talents not found in singapore...then recently...they sang a different tune...the tu lan thing is that people on the ground observe that it was not true from the beginning of it....

5. Capitalist society what, some have and some have more. You want to be communist?

It is difficult to define what is capitalist or communist...i feel that political ideology is hard to really draw a line..there are some issues that you are capitalist and some issues you are communists...point is that there are always people calling other peope this and that and the victors always win...however, history has shown that a democratic way..power in people's hand is the only way to guard against abuse and other stuff....just look at our has been ingeniously designed......obvious that it is not really democratic...

6. Honestly, most of these people can get the same salary elsewhere even if they are not ministers.

That is obviously not honestly...IMO...probably not majority but minority...however can never find out because many things are he earning much because he is a minister or he is capable...chicken and egg question at least in the current situation in singapore...if only that TH and other GLCs are not so intimately linked, then maybe we can assess whether they can really earn that much in the private sector because being brilliant in academic studies does not mean you will be a good businessman and vice versa..being clever and intelligent does not mean you will be a good president or prime minister....way too many intangibles to determine...if really so easy...singapore will be the richest nation in the world..because we can talent spot so accurately to minimise wastage and training hours...

Anonymous said...

7. ERP simply works. I have been traveling BKE before and after ERP: it works la. Who likes to pay, I also kenna with no cash card before but cannot deny that the traffic is better what. OK, I can only speak for BKE. CTE I heard quite terrible.

Point is that way too excessive again and what is the point of ERP after office hours and on Saturdays.....i know many people dun go to town on saturdays because they know it is too is also subjective

8, 9: ok, I think everyone who is citizen has to defend the country.

of course it is ok to defend ur country but point is that you cannot look at this issue in isolation again. it is not about just is myraid of factors is a fact that humans are emotional beings that is why policy makers must take this into consideration..that is why we study psychology, sociology, philosophy, urban sociology etc etc

10. While I agree with you in principle, I think we should be sensitive to the feelings of those who long considered themselves Singaporean.

Values and Moral inclinations..well subjective..but surely we will want to be a society of being humble and courteous for sake of wanting to be....cultural stuff takes years to build or unbuild....there are things called ideals and if we do not work towards these ideals, then how should we go about our lives when we can compromise on almost everything....

11. OK, I feel you.

12. Who wants to pay. But no tax, how to build roads, hospitals, pay the police teachers….??? the extent or degree of it...i tnk people who complain or a lot to say...expect no tax in singapore...

13. a little too foreign-phobic, don’t you think?

Same as above point 4.

14. Government cannot afford NOT to be transparent any longer. Anyone can publish anything on the web and the cost of not being transparent is lots of mistrust.

Truth in singapre..there are laws in place to prosecute people..before you can try to be are already is true many of us are speaking on emotional terms, but if you think about is difficult to gather factual evidence or statistics...for example the ntu professors who did research on manpower a couple of years back...they did state that they based their research only on secondary data released by the government agencies...with that in time, how can opposition or people in general be not sued for defamation because frankly, how are you argue with objective evidence?....another point..HDB accounts...though it is published on the internet...but i have friends who are familiar with balance sheets and they say that it is difficult to analyse because way too many missing information.

I feel that there are many self-fulfilling prophecies..just like the brain drain in the 80s and 90s...they say no talent in singapore.....why did the government did not ask themselves why there were so many educated and talented people leaving Singapore then? I am not sure about now.....

Young PAP stood their firm ground said...

Rules here = No vulgarities. Simple. period. Is it a difficult rule to abide? I dun think so.

If your idealogy is different from ours, it is ok, let's debate.

But if you come in here and start to "F" word everyone, we have to stop you.

Alex Tan is not as pitiful as you think. He was not wrongfully banned. said...

Do not sympathise with Alex Tan. If he came with a purpose to debate for the betterment of Sg, we welcome him and all.

But guys, open your eyes and ears, this fella came in to "scold bad words" at all who wanted a debate. You are only hearing his side of the story.

You think this kind of fella is worth our time and effort to debate? Gimme a break lah.

Anonymous said...

Alex Tan is angry about NS just becos he went DB.

Leave him alone, he is just being emotional & maybe nostalgic, haha.

Ziiro said...

I have a name for this smearing activity that pap does to put people they dun like down - i call it "PAP smear" lol

Anonymous said...

YPAP goondoos are bootlickers and ball carriers, smearing experts too. Wish they drop dead or get strike by their own lightning. Hope PAP lose big time this election. Thats my new year wish!

Kojakbt said...

[I've sent this email to them]

Dear Mr George Yeo and MPs of Aljunied GRC,

I've written to Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, the MP advisor to Eunos RCs, earlier but did not receive any response from him. Hence, I'm writing to you all now in the hope of seeking clarifications with regard to some of the business dealings of Eunos grassroot leaders and YPAP members, Mr Sear Hock Rong and Mr Fong Yoong Keong.
There have been a lot of questions asked by netizens recently concerning the conflict of interest when Eunos RCs decided to award business deals to their own Eunos RC grassroot members. In particular, there have been waves of questions asked about a company called R2E Concepts which is run by Eunos grassroot leaders and YPAP members, Mr Sear Hock Rong and Mr Fong Yoong Keong:

Netizens have been asking for clarifications on how Mr Sear's and Mr Fong's company can get work from the various Eunos RCs in such a short time (note that they are also into funeral blanket supplying business - how many funeral blankets were sent to Eunos bereaved families through Eunos RCs?).

However, there is no answer forthcoming from Sear or Fong. The continued silence can only fuel further speculations on the net. This does not bode well for our grassroot movements in Singapore. On behalf of some of the netizens, I would like to seek clarifications on the issue of conflict of interest in Sear's and Fong's case. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

A concerned citizen of Singapore

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