Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Suicide due to gambling....

The casinos will only bring more trouble.

In Singapore we hang drug traffickers because, according to the PAP govt, drugs destroy lives. We hang small time runners for trafficking very small amounts of drugs as a deterrent. Misuse of Drugs Act carries a mandatory death sentence for anyone caught trafficking more than 15gm of heroin, 30gm of cocaine or 500gm of cannabis. These death sentences are disproportionate the the crime and the harm caused by these small quantities of drugs. The govt is also completely inconsistent - gambling causes the same or more harm but is tolerated by this govt.

There is no proper education of the public on the harm of gambling. The govt conducts campaigns to encouraging "gambling responsibly". The correct message should be "gambling is bad" or stop gambling because it leads to problem gambling. You don't go and tell people to use drugs responsibly or smoke responsibly. The right message should be don't gamble because gambling can lead problems.

"For every winner there are hundreds and thousands who keep feeding the kitty and, net, it's a big loser for citizenry" - Warren Buffett on the harm of legalised gambling
Dec 22, 2009
Gambling addict hangs himself [Link]
By Khushwant Singh

IN THE suicide note to his wife, father and close friends, Mr Teo Kok Hun, 33, confessed his addiction to football gambling.
The 33-year-old driver, also known as Zhang Guohan, admitted that this was the main reason why he was always short of money.
His favourite football team was Liverpool and he was wearing the club's red jersey when he hanged himself in the bathroom of his four-room flat in Tampines on Oct 26.
His 30-year-old wife, a travel agent, found his body at 7.30pm, when she returned home from work.
State Coroner Victor Yeo, on Tuesday, returned a verdict of suicide.
Strangely, Mr Teo's death came a day after Liverpool defeated archenemy Manchester United, after a series of four successful defeats to other teams.


Towkay said...

Look at it this way. Gamblers help Towkays own Mercs for themselves and their children. And they know when to expire themselves when they become penniless and economically useless. They are more useful than the average Singaporean.

Promoting gambling is good because it helps the weak and poor to eliminate themselves. PAP government got it right again, I'm not sure why some minority of Singaporeans keep finding fault with PAP government.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Towkay, in saying that gambling is good for thr weak and the poor. When they are poor the elusive dream of hitting the jackpot is very real. The more they dream about that jackpot the deeper they sink into the hole. When they are so deep and cannot get out of this hole they dig for themselves, they commit suicide. Only the weak end their lives this way. Good for economy, less people depending on social welfare and govt crutches. Towkay has it all figured out. This way is best for Towkay and family. The rest of you weaklings, tough!!!!!

Anonymous said...

his wife must be ugly thats why when you are poor and stuck with an ugly wife. youa re better off dead

Everlearning said...

Hi Lucky,
I really appreciate your postings on the evils of gambling... and that our Government is so proud of having not one but two casinos that they pin their hopes in bringing $$$ for them.

The $$$ gains are at the expense of families' ruins... it is mere heartless!!!

My heart aches... One cannot compromise and justify evil-doings.
Is it built for our own good or destruction?

Anonymous said...

But the clever and very capable people would tell you...

You went in with your eyes open. The casino is there, but you have the free will to decide whether you want to go in or not. Don't blame me if you are so weak willed.

Same like loansharks, why are they able to sleep at night? Because they can tell themselves they did not force all those poor folks to borrow from them.

Actually, for most things, you also can always give the reason that you are always the one responsible because you make the choice.

However, we also know that things are not so simple. For example, the Qing government allowing the sale of opium to its people in the 1700s to 1800s.

Anonymous said...

i am a liverpool fan,same as the one who died. i think he probably put too much faith in liverpool winning games, which they did not this season. Thus, he dug a bigger hole each time.

the story will have been different if he was not a Kop fan, at least he would have separated his support from his finance situation.

"you will never walk alone"

Anonymous said...

It happens all the time all over the world whether or not you have casinos, camel-racing, cock-fighting etc etc. Are we going to stop people from having a chopper at home just becos someone got chopped up by an employer-made-crazy maid? Or are we going to stop people from falling in love becos of suicides,murders and domestic violence associated with crime of passion. Perhaps we should banned cars becos of road accidents hah!
Gambling will always be there in many forms so it all boils down to an individual character.

Anonymous said...

The casinos are meant for high rollers, and there are plenty of them, according to Adelson, Sands Chairman.

So u ordinary folks better just stay away from it. Just play your toto, 4D, soccer betting as before.

Anonymous said...

The garmen is right on the money a-gain. Casinos
will bring in more businesses and jobs for everyone. Even funeral parlors will welcome more businesses.

Anonymous said...

Whatever social problems that are highlighted are only the tip of an iceberg.

They are the manifestations of something deeper and more entrenched in our souls. If left unchecked, people will just be in more misery.

Perhaps we should go back to the basic question; what is the role of government?

Any issue or problem can be just diverted to a simple; you brought it upon yourself.

Just like birth rates; low birth rates, they are perplexed why; but if you cannot earn enough; they tell you why you give birth so many;

Same for everything, there is always some kind of answers for everything.

Just ask yourself what is more right or more wrong...but of course, not pointing at towkay, people will change and start justifying for everything they do and in time, even murder can also be right...

Anonymous said...


We hang drug traffickers because PAP needs to be SEEN by the masses as serving justice. Of course they are not but no amount of blogging will help cos the masses are too stupid to tell. U can do poll your supporters if u dun believe.

Oh. Sorry, I forgot u are NATO.

Gambling is so different from drugs.
Not sure why u link the issues.

In fact, have u considered that there are suicides even before the IRs are open?

The IR is probably not going to make any difference to the gambling problems. The problems of the IR are organised crime, sex, more drugs, money laundering, etc.

The only solution is probably to let the fundies take over moral education but that would bring another set of problems ...

Anonymous said...

Mr EverLearning

U will learn that having no morals and evil is pretty much the same thing. And we, the NATO, like the average German in Nazi Germany will pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:15

Lucky wrote:
The correct message should be "gambling is bad" or stop gambling because it leads to problem gambling.

He did NOT mention banning gambling, or stopping people from this unwholesome activity.

Anon 20:21

Lucky wrote:
In Singapore we hang drug traffickers because....
We hang small time runners for...

Lucky also wrote:
...gambling causes the same or more harm but is tolerated by this govt.

U wrote:
Gambling is so different from drugs.
Not sure why u link the issues.

I say:
Lucky was not talking about drugs per se, but on intolerance and tolerance.

TowkayNeo said...

very few understand how the brilliant scholarly minds think. to ppl with an average brain faced with an obstacle which will or may stumble you, they usually resolve it by removing the stumbling block.

but great minds don't think like that.

great minds tend to twist and turn and then twist again.they cannot think straight that's why their brains are highly priced.

so if faced with an obstacle that stumble people, these great minds don't think of removing them. instead, they fight fire with fire, get the idea?

let's not be mountain goats here.gambling addiction was already a problem before casinos were even conceived.

therefore, since without casinos, people were already addicted to gambling, why not let them enjoy the full effects of the forbidden fruits?

as a result and for the sake of these chronic gamblers, two casinos were born for this task.

let me reiterate.the primary purpose for having casinos is not to collect sin revenue or to create jobs. casinos are here for the cultivation of morality in people and to ultimately defeat gambling in society.

so when more of such tragic story surfaces, it affirms the primary objective of casinos which is the salvation of gamblers.

Onlooker said...

He would not have died if he can withdraw his CPF to repay his debt/bills. which also probably what drove him to gamble in the first place.

it is a vicious cycle.

Draw Firaga.

The Pariah said...

Gambling creates legalized spin-offs that drugs don't.

Say you are a big-time client of IR. Wire-in $1mn. Stretched limousine transfer from airport to IR. Private room for playing high stakes. Purportedly win $10mn. Cash your chips and it's all beautifully laundered!

Then it is "invested" in further laundry spins. Use 20% as deposit to buy swanky apartments with cantilevered swimming pool on each floor built over en bloc land and wire-in remaining 80% for more laundry.

Everything becomes "whiter than white" after a few spins. Money makes the world go round, eh? Money can also make great minds spin.

Anonymous said... has been put to "good use".LOL

a kind of chicken said...

Hey lucky. Merry Christmas! =)

Thanks for your work and may the new year bring an opposition victory. =)

Anonymous said...

may the oppostions bring more Prosperity And Prosperity. lol.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...more gambling related suicides in the local Chinese dailies last few days :(

Anonymous said...




the bastards have been overstayed their usefulness.

kei said...

Hate those ppl kpoh still talk bad things abt him or his family ....jus let him rest in peace , stop gossip ,watch ur words ....

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seo said...

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Hanbridge has adopted a structured and interactive educational approach to enable you to learn Mandarin effectively and reach your targeted proficiency level. Clear pronunciation, the proper use of tones, real-life topics, and bilingual instruction all combine to ensure you will be able to communicate effectively.

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