Friday, December 04, 2009

Cooling day for RATIONAL decisions..

You know the election is coming when they find ways to tweak the rules like that "cooling off day" they added. I really don't know what to make of it. Perhaps they are afraid some report about the next pay hike for ministers or next GST hike will leak out or get fabricated on the Internet one day before voting day and cause votes to swing to the opposition. The Worker's Party said it would be possible for all sorts of (positive) news and explanations from civil servants (who have become not independent) to get aired on that day to swing the votes to the PAP. Mr. Brown in his latest comedic podcast speculates soothing music being played over the airwaves and "Men-in-white" propaganda going on TV that day. The Opposition already has so much stacked against it including the short minimum 9-day campaign period to get their message out, how the boundaries will be drawn, lack of (positive) coverage on the state controlled media and the pork barrel tactics of estate upgrading and handling out of New Singapore Shares just before the what is the big deal about "cooling day"? The Opposition already has so many hurdles to clear, one more in the form of this "cooling day" just add to the numerous difficulties and the unlevel playing field they should be used too by now.

The PAP claims that the purpose of the cooling day is for voters to think rationally before they vote. I find it strange ...because the PAP has this habit of shocking us into voting for them like saying this country will sink without them, that the opposition is full of flyby night shady characters, that Chee SJ is a gangster, that our homes will become dilapidated and worthless, our daughters will become maids if we vote for the opposition....last elections, they said that the Worker's Party manifesto was full timebombs and poison. It is all threat and fear to get us to vote for the PAP so why in the world do they want rationality? Rationality can only work against them! So I don't buy the rationality reason for the cooling day.

... We don't have to wait for the election cooling day to think rationally - we can start right now....

I would like to ask Singaporeans this RATIONAL question right now:

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Another RATIONAL question would be:

What are 5 things that PAP govt has done that benefits Singaporeans in the past 4 yrs?

Yet another few RATIONAL questions:

Does the peformance of our leaders justify their salaries?

Do you feel greater financial security today than you did 4 years ago?

Given the increasingly complex globalised economy which forces tradeoffs in policy making, wouldn't it be rational for Singaporeans many of whom see their interests being traded off in favor of big business to want more diverse views to be represented in parliament?

What is the worse that can happen if the PAP loses 10-20 seats?

Anyway, will people really miss those part time PAP MPs with little to say on critical life-affecting issues?

Everyone in Singapore should think rationally about how they should vote. I will definitely spend the 24 hour cooling period to reflect on what the PAP has done in the past 4 years and I'll post my thoughts rationally and coolly on this blog so that everyone can rationalise what they want to do with their vote and what they want for Singapore, themselves and their children in the long term.


Anonymous said...

They can cool for 100 days and I'll still vote for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

"What are 5 things that PAP govt has done that benefits Singaporeans in the past 4 yrs?"

Sorry, I can't think of any.

But I can easily list 10 things they did since 2006 that make me very tulan:

1. GST up
2. Hospitalization mean testing
3. Ministers' pay up
4. Ho Ching and GIC's reckless investments
5. No accountability for Mat's escape
6. Foreigners overcrowding everywhere
7. HDB price up
8. Light sentences for NKF's culprits
9. Minibond frauds
10. Compulsory CPF life

I am surprised it took me just 10 minutes to list the above.

Anonymous said...

They have allowed for more NCMPs lah, more single seats lah, smaller GRCs lah, now the 1 day cooling period lah.

What next? Maybe super goodies on the eve of election day!

Wah, this one I tell you, sure work one.

The opposition sure doomed again. But got consolation prize leh. 9 NCMPs for the best losers!

But for the voters, more foreign talents, more expensive HDB flats, more pay increase for ministers, etc etc.


Anonymous said...

I urge voters to think VERY VERY carefully in this election. This may be the crucial juntion for Singapore history and if the bad things are going to happens, (MORE OPPOSITIONS) I suggest they happen now when our MM is around so that there can be fine-tune plans policies for our next 20 to 30 years for the inevitables.

And for our fellow Singaporeans, please take this election SERIOUSLY. We won't want future leaders to implement policies like SUKA SUKA without consulting us. (Opposition voice)

Anonymous said...

As I see it, PAP will win the next GE. That is a sure bet. Whatever you say here will mean nothing when the results are published. I would not be surprised if they gain more than 66.6% this round. Candies and ang pow before GE day and kuai kuai all Singaporeans will vote for the MIW. Of course we must not forget the threats concerning lift upgrades, daughters and wife as foreign maids etc etc.

Anonymous said...

take the candies and vote for the opposition! ;)

Anonymous said...

You must win the trophy for "making a mole out of a mountain".

Every decision you have things to complain.

Please lah. Grow up.

yamizi said...

great post lucky =)

yamizi said...

Anyway, I'm concern if the one day cool off will be used as a whip against bloggers as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyway with the cooling day, I will just eat another extra meal, sleep enough, read some books, go for a movie - relieve stress from work .... and still vote for the OPPOSITION haha

Localized said...

I wonder got PA or CC block party or not as per The podcast.

Such obvious gerrymandering method only mean that the bailing out will take place within the next 2 major events.

Ghost said...

I cannot see how this cooling-off day will benefit the PAP though. Even with 'postive' news, Singaporeans will not be swayed by 1 more day. This new law makes no difference whatsoever.

Chee Wai Lee said...

I fear a red herring.

Let us see if this "cooling off" day will distract us from the issues that really matter or it will be another "James Gomez" distraction for the electorate.

Anonymous said...

er...i think 100 cooling days also won't make a difference leh!! Why can't they let the "walkover" towns to vote??? No more such thing as walkover anymore!!!

What cooling day? As long as PAP reigns a day, there will never be a cooling day for sinkies!!!

Damned you, PAP!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@4/12/09 19:44 alamak!! making a mountain out of a molehill is it???

write properly leh, otherwise how to score points for your PAP masters. later they no pay you, you waste time posting.

Anonymous said...

I take this as the last chance to save Singapore. Vote for change and for our future!

Anonymous said...

our future. And our children's future is at stake. Hot or cold, let's do the right thing!

runroad said...

The 2011 election is going to be a tipping point. I say that because the the FT resident high tide is already lapping at Singaporean's necks at approaching 50% of the total population. Come the 2016 election, there's every chance that the foreign waters will close over our heads and we will f**king drown!. Can you not see that what the Singapore-born do or do not do from then on will become irrelevant because we'll be in the minority? If we do not stop them in time, our masters will ensure that happens to stay in power. We're the endangered species sleep-walking into the jaws of the predator.

People, if you plan on living in a nation you can be proud to call home you need to shit now or get off the pot. There will be NO second chance later. True to its founder's lack of integrity, your government has betrayed the very people who put it in power - its foolish trusting citizens.

Cooling-off period, schmooling-off period - we've always had 2 choices: (1) resist or (2) submit. The difference this time is that option (1) will soon no longer exist.

Anonymous said...

elections most likely held between apr 2010 and jun 2010 (before world cup)

jobs credit end jun2010 = more jobs to be lost, thus pap wants to hold elections before bad news comes again.

Anonymous said...

I hope this cooling day will be a public holiday, then I can go "cool off" with my friends/family. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am definitely voting the PAP because i know the opposition are nothing more than clowns lusting over the high MP pay while they all hold dubious and low paying careers.

Foreign Talent is critical, nobody would turn up for work if i employ singaporeans. All sorts of excuse and other "urgent" matters. Foreigners will gladly turn up because they are under a 2 year slave contract and i can cancel their S Pass anytime.

My life has always been better with the PAP in control. My properties value keep going up, I pay maximum 20% taxes, no capital gain and dividend tax, 2 day S-Pass approval, no hassle in maids welfare and lots more.

However there are some aspects the PAP can improve.

improve the quota for PRC workers,

reduce the amount of cars on the road-implement a minimum $50,000 payment for COE.

Scrap the weekend car scheme altogether-all you get is a increasing bunch of cheating bastards.

regulate the property broking industry- it is infested with career dropputs and dodgy characters.

remove the housing rental cheme- it simply develop a clutch and opportunistic mindset. 99% of the people in rental housing are making a quick buck at the expense of the government sympathy. give those in need a cash grant and they should find accomodation at market rate.

And for pete sake, Governemntal organisation should stop recognising all those part time degrees, distance learning, SIM(edu system dropout), dodgy foreign U. IT clogs the public service with idiots and send the wrong advisory to private sector.

Increase the charges for of transport, medical, utilities and GST to western standards to improve the deficit. the govt are running a huge gap compare to what Aust and UK are charging. STOP subsidizing the ungratefuls.

Thank You
Beneficiary of a good govt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5/12/09 13:01 and Beneficiary of a good govt said
"My life has always been better with the PAP in control".

No doubt PAP governance benefits the institutions, companies and elites. The top 10 to 20% perhaps. However this comes about at the expense of the bottom 30 to 50%, some of whom can barely survive.

You are not beneficiary of a good govt, you are beneficiary of an unjust exploitation.

sgcynic said...

A rational question: why would LHL change the rules so to allow more NCMPs from the 'opposition' when previously he stated that a large number of 'opposition' MPs in Parliament would distract him as he would spend time thinking of ways to fix them instead of thinking of the right policies for our City. Given his performance to date, he will definitely not be able to function at all with more NCMPs.

Anonymous said...

he stated that a large number of 'opposition' MPs in Parliament would distract him as he would spend time thinking of ways to fix them instead of thinking of the right policies for our City.

Like that better have more opposition.

Anyway, as for the premise that "opposition are nothing more than clowns lusting over the high MP pay while they all hold dubious and low paying careers."

We just need the residents of ang mo kio and tanjong pagar to do us a flavour

I believe that humans are basically good, including pap MPs and ministers, just that one person or one family is in control of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Makes no difference. I'm shredding the voting ticket, if any.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"Makes no difference. I'm shredding the voting ticket, if any." - Anon 5/12/09 18:24

I find this sort of thinking very disgusting, unbelievably selfish and despicable.

Never, never waste a vote; many of us did not get a chance to vote for many years, and may not get a chance to vote yet again.

Treasure the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

"You must win the trophy for "making a mole out of a mountain"."

If it is just a mole, you wouldn't have needed a PM to waste his precious time and propose it in front of parliament with some of his fellow MPs supporting the motion.

We are living in a country where complaining is a good harmless avenue left available to us.

Other countries are likely to literally go out in the open to protest and strike as people may not feel so cool about this 'cooling' period.

"Every decision you have things to complain."

That shows there are two sides to a coin.

Anonymous said...

Lim Leng Hiong:

Do you create the rules that determine what's right or wrong? You expect others to obey your rules?

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"Do you create the rules that determine what's right or wrong? You expect others to obey your rules?"

Not sure what rules or right or wrong you're refering to.

I only know that sometimes I feel so disgusted that I feel like throwing up, so I get a plastic bag ready.

I hope throwing up is not illegal.

runroad said...

'Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew urged the new citizens to work together with Singaporeans to solve problems.
He reminded them that in this economic downturn, some developed countries were restricting immigration – but not Singapore...

Using current statistics, an informed blogger estimates that in six years’ time – by 2015 – this city will be populated by 6.59 million people, of which just only half (or 3.91 million) will be true-blue Singaporeans.

Take away the naturalised citizens (estimated: 181,000) – according to him – born and bred Singaporeans may be the minority in their own country.'

Testing time for migrant policy

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for THEE.

Anonymous said...

"FT resident high tide is already lapping at Singaporean's necks at approaching 50% of the total population"

Very good, I second that! Let us start by pruning off PRs who have committed serious crimes in Singapore.

No more releasing PR convicts into the mainstream society!

No more Work Early Release Programme for these PR convicts!

No more home detention for PR convicts!

Pls get them off our "uncaring" face! Singaporean deserves better than this!

Anonymous said...

Lim Leng Hiong:

I get 5 seconds of cheap thrill whenever I insult someone on the Internet. Guess your remarks in exchange for 5 seconds of cheap thrill was worth it.

runroad said...

Little things please little minds. Enjoy your cheap thrill, anon 00:30. After all, a cheap shot deserves no better, right?

I may not always agree with Lim Leng Hiong's views but at least his posts have substance. IMNSHO, that is more than can be said of your own clumsy efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hhm...anybody notices that there's an upward trend of "non-political" coverage given to pappies in local Chinese dailies recently? can't seem to escape from them ...i'm sure "cooling day" doesn't apply to these...aarg!

Anonymous said...


Once you've decided that another person is right, you'll find the reasons why.

Same thing after you decide that another person is wrong. You'll find the reasons why your view is right.

What you believe in will come true. Including your own inflated sense of self worth.

runroad said...

@ anon 12:21:

Got that schlock philosophy out of a fortune cookie, huh? w00t!

Anonymous said...


Your decision to perceive others as inferior to make yourself feel superior only works on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ->

Actually I wonder why PAP is so kiasu.
Not even Lucky(or any1 here) believes that they will lose.

Opposition = bunch of left-leaning gays and gay-lovers, right wingnut fundies, bankrupted socialists, a few relatvely well-off middle-class folks with more conscience than balls, etc. all who hate each other more that PAP.

While, PAP is a wealthy, highly focused team with a strong common cause ... make more money.

The said...

Aiyah - you guys all got it wrong. This is Uniquely Singapore's contribution to the Copenhagen pow-wow on global warming.

Verse said...

PAP also got RC grass-rooted people to go around on even of Polling Day to get everybody to cool off mah.

RC people are not political parties mah. They can say they care for the residents mah. They want them to really cool down mah.

PAP also got Police people who can also go around to ensure everyone is really cool mah.

PAP also got ISD people who can ensure cooling off by rounding up potential Winner Opposition Candidate, who can be "perceived" by the Leegal People as "potential trouble-makers" who are not cooling enough mah.

PAP also can make use of the Cooling Off Day to brief the top SAF Generals what to do, in case a "Freak" Election Result is likely mah.

So many things the PAP can do during that One Cooling Off Day!

See? People wear White not for nothing hor? Sheep can wear white, wolves can also wear white, right?

lim said...

@anon 5/12/09 13:01

>> And for pete sake, Governemntal organisation should stop recognising all those part time degrees, distance learning, SIM(edu system dropout), dodgy foreign U.

Great, so how do you propose singapore become an education hub? Close all these institutions? And losing all the money that PAP government can collect (7% GST on tuition fees, etc)? Wake up, ok.

>> Increase the charges for of transport, medical, utilities and GST to western standards to improve the deficit. the govt are running a huge gap compare to what Aust and UK are charging. STOP subsidizing the ungratefuls.

So how are you going to differentiate those who are GRATEFULS and those who aren't? No need to care, right? Anyway, PAP polices affect all, including those who blindly voted them in.

Reading your post, I pity those Foreign workers that you employ, their lives must be worst than what they have to endure back home...

Anonymous said...

I think the cooling off period should not be the day before Polling Day. It should be the day AFTER the results is announced.

If Opposition wins, all those who voted for them should be identified, called back to 'cool' off, and then recast their vote in PAP's favor.

Good idea?

x-man said...

Hey Lucky, it is hell of a lot easier to think of 5 things the PAP govt has done to benefit itself

1) pay themselves millions
2) give themselves fat pensions
3) hide behind GRCs
4) kangaroos for legal protection
5) msm propaganda to inflate ego..

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, "voting" is limited to a selected few. They vote using power and wealth, instead of poll tickets. No doubt you will find some of them voting for blank pre-signed salary cheques and unlimited bonuses year in year out.

The General Elections illusion is something created by those in power, as a proposed "solution" to those unhappy with them. How nice of them to give you a chance to kick them out...NOT. Clearly they're sophisticated enough to know this.

My business experience tells me I should never propose anything to the customer that he can use against me. It's his job to find a lawyer and develop a solution. No help from me at all. Whatever feedback channels I propose are dead ends or merry go rounds. What else did you expect?

The proposed channel of complaint with regards to financial disputes: Fidrec.
The ACTUAL solution: go to Court.

The proposed channel to kick PAP out: General Elections.
The ACTUAL solution: General Elections too!? For real?

Anonymous said...

I'm okay withthe cooling off day as long its declared a public holiday

kat said...


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Anonymous said...

I'll be back tomorrow to post a comment. Right now, I'm too irrational after reading your blog. I need my ST fix to get my perspectives right again... where is my darn Home Section?! Anybody seen it?

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