Thursday, December 31, 2009

Latest Reason for Chinese Influx : Maintain China-Singapore ties!

Just when you begin to accept that they are here to make you strive harder, a new reason has emerged to justify the large influx:

"A key sustainer of Singapore- China relationships will continue to be the large influx of Chinese immigrants that come to Singapore to work and stay, MM Lee added"
- AsiaOne News, "Why Singapore will not be squeezed out by rising China" [Link].

I've never heard of one country trying sustain relations with another by importing the other country's people but there are always uniquely Singaporean ways of getting things done.

From my previous post on the same topic:

"Gee, we were told they were here to create jobs for Singaporeans[Link] and we should be thankful. Then we were told they were here because of the low fertility rate. Long time ago we were told they were needed for skills that didn't exist in Singapore. We were also told they are here for jobs Singaporeans did not want. Now we are told they are here because Singaporeans are now too lazy for Singapore Inc."

Why is there such a big influx? Wah...there are so many good reasons.....but pushing up the GDP , cost of living (housing) and driving down wages of Singaporeans to keep costs down are never officially the reasons for having such a large influx...hmm perhaps these are the unintended consequences of the good intentions of a govt that will do only what is beneficial for ordinary Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

We just need to bear in mind that the road to hell is always paved with good intentions

Anonymous said...

In the lab, scientists and researchers try various types of experiments to yield a certain outcome.

It mahy turn out to be a fruitful and rewarding outcome.

But other times it is an explosive outcome and they got injured or even killed.

Of course they never intended it will happen that way.

Anonymous said...

Have always thought the reason they give is this:


Must support maintaining China-Singapore ties and practice my Chinese. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Lately, he seems to keep on justifying himself of things he did or said last time.

He just to prove that whatever he did was right. Even mistaken he did was 'right' mistaken.

Say No to Nonsense said...

The reasons are getting crappier as the days goes by... Maintaining ties with China?

I might not be in a position to speak about diplomacy of a country... but then, with Chinese 1 billion plus population, I don't think their government or people really care about how much people we are importing from them... afterall, the numbers that we import are totally insignificant!

Oh... and by the way, if these so call talents are really talents, I don't think the Chinese government will be really please with Singapore tapping their talents away. In fact, ties will be eroded and not maintained. So, does this means that these people are not really talented? Then when are they call foreign talent?
Gee... I am confused once more...

Anonymous said...

Old man ran out of justifications for his and his son's failed policies. So just anyhow fish out a reason lah hahaha!

Anonymous said...

aiyo, he is just shooting off his mouth left right centre.

mark of senility.

Towkay said...

Look forward to importing 1 million more Chinese after PAP wins next election!

Jezebella said...

It does work. China has too many people so I'm sure they won't mind losing a few (the numbers that came over should be nearly irrelevant to them because of a population that exceeds 1 billion).

Besides, despite the economical boom, there will always be a need of jobs and more jobs, and I doubt there will be enough for everyone in China.

Not sure if China collects remittance fees just like the Phils does, but if yes, then it's another economical gain for the Asian giant.

So yes, it does help, even if it sounds odd.

cy said...

gd joke abt mistress!LOL

Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing. ~Steven Grayhm

Bad excuses are worse than none. ~Thomas Fuller

If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. ~Yiddish Proverb

Whoever wants to be a judge of human nature should study people's excuses. ~Hebbel

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. ~Benjamin Franklin

Any excuse will serve a tyrant. ~Aesop

Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things. ~Russell Baker

Anonymous said...

great quotes about EXCUSES!!! Really enjoy it! : )

Anonymous said...

give too many reasons and they become rationalisation

Anonymous said...

Well Lucky, I think the old man is right.

Look at countries like Australia and NZ, most of the people are British import. They use English and called the English Queen their head of state.

When we have enough PRC imports, relations will definitely be at all time high, and Mandarin our main language and the founder of the country will be Mao Zedong!

Clear eyed said...

He's just telling us once again that Singaporeans can die for all he cares! He wants to give the jobs, the scholarships, all that our forefathers have built, everything that is worth anything here, to the China imports. To him Singaporeans are just stupid peasants. The imports are "talents", more deserving of whatever this non-country non-nation only a city has.

Anonymous said...

maybe these imports will replace our current government one day

Alan Wong said...

I suspect the main reason is that the Malays are producing at a much faster rate than the Chinese and Indians combined together. I suppose LKY is obviously very worried if this trend is left unchecked especially when Singapore is only a small dot surrounded by the largest Muslim population in the world. There is only one solution to counter this except that they are not telling us the real reasons for it.

I do hope they will have the real statistics to prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why does the WW2 Japs collaborator needs to improve ties with the mainland Chinese? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

It is TRUE. Imagine what happens if your Mu**** friends want to gobble you up.

THINK LONG TERM. WITH A COUPLE OF MILLIONS DRAGON DESCENDANTS here, we will all be grateful to MM in 10 to 20 years time.

Ha we also need not have to 'integrate' with M******* any sooner. Anyone want to be a MU**** minion state in this piece of muslim SEAs???


Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Not I say one but a real Towkay says you are WRONG

Anonymous said...

Chicken and even crab farmers sometimes use hormones to make these creatures grow bigger and faster to be sold. And grow they did!

But don't know what will happen to those who consume it.

At one time in China, there was a food scare involving a delicacy called hairy crabs due to this. Hairy crabs are popular because they are full of delicious roe.

And lately another scare in China involved melanine in milk and milk products to make it look like it has a lot of protein content. Some of those guilty of this had been executed.

Kojakbt said...

Yesterday, Kojakbt22 and a few bros were banned from Delphi. Am replying to Eric How here to his taunts on YPAP fb...

Eric How ( posted on YPAP fb:

"Kojat and folks busy creating new nicks in delphi? Thought that you guys are the king of 3in1kopitiam? Still got banned? LOL"

To my friend Eric and his fellow young people,

Do you think that by taking opportunities to cause people to get banned in 3in1kopitiam, we will just shut up and go away? Don't you think it's a bit naive of you guys? Out of every person you complain to Delphi to ban him on technicalities, ten others will jump in to join 3in1kopitiam. Already, there is a 100% increase in the number of new nicks created in the last 10 days compared to the previous 10. Ask yourself, why? Are we really so free to join a forum to bash "PAP" for bashing sake? I'm telling you from the ground that more Singaporeans are fed up with PAP because of the insensitivity of PAP shown towards Singaporeans.

Sure, people like you who is a towkay's son helping to run a prosperous family business may love PAP's policies of importing cheap foreign workers. In fact, you have said in another thread, "(Alex) can jolly well choose to emigrate if he wanted to and lots of people from overseas will be very glad to take over his place. As a businessman myself and having a number of foreign workers in my company does keep my business expenses down considerably. This policy from the Government does benefit us greatly and I am really thankful to them. My peers and I are all driving and without all these saving in labour cost. I don’t think that we are able to afford all these luxuries." Well, I would like to remind you, Eric, that not all Singaporeans can be as lucky as you able to enjoy the fruits of your ancestor and be a towkay's son. In any societies, there will always be more workers than towkays. So, pls be sensitive to your fellow Singaporeans when you are making such remarks.

Another case of insensitivity comes from your Minister Mentor himself. In a recent interview with National Geographic, he said, "Over time, Singaporeans have become less
hard-driving and hard-striving. This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants” and “If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem.” So, can you blame the people for joining alternate blogsites and forums like 3in1kopitiam, SBF, TR, etc to voice their displeasure.

Whether PAP is heeding or not, I would leave it to you guys to ponder. Before I end, I'd like to quote this nice lyric from the musical Les Miserable:

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!"

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to our LuckyBama. May you stay lucky and continue to write more inspiration speech.

LuckySingaporean said...


I'm surprised you guys got banned. On what basis did Delphi forum ban you? Disagreements, arguments, etc are commonplace in Delphi forums.

Anyway, if you get banned. Just set up a server somewhere that won't ban you and life goes on...this is afterall the Internet - build to survive nuclear attacks, tyrants and censorship.

Whatever happens, the TRUTH will eventually prevail.

Happy 2010

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy new year, Lucky. Thks for your efforts and peseverance. Don't give up everybody! A new decade and a new beginning!

Anonymous said...

You hope for a new beginning? I sincerely doubt you will get that, I think more likely 5 more decades of the same. The way things are going, I would very much doubt that there will be any changes, maybe just a tweak here and there just to keep things calmer. On the whole you must be prepared to have the same for another 50 years at least. Sorry to be so gloomy on New Years Day, but that is my prediction. Happy New Year everybody. Lets pray for a miracle.

Anonymous said...

There will be no miracle if Singaporeans are too cowardly to vote out PAP.

People only like to pray, not take real action. They always want others to do the dirty work for them.


Anonymous said...

JOSEPH GOEBBELS - Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister
is alive and well living in Singapore.

If interested please read -

Btw happy new year Lucky.

Anonymous said...

"My peers and I are all driving and without all these saving in labour cost. I don’t think that we are able to afford all these luxuries."

kick the spurs on the hide of those who drive and afford all these luxuries, and save the environment so that more people can eat in restaurants instead of hawker centers. Or hawker centers instead of no centers.

Anonymous said...

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?"

Not only we must learn to sing. Please also learn how to sharpen your spurs and learn how to kick. You better learn how to kick and kick real hard before they kick you first.

This is the type of country some people like to build and this shall be the way we must learn to adapt and use the very same method back on those policy makers.

Anonymous said...

what a pathetic lot you Singaporeans are. All talk and no action. Thank you for all the luxuries we FTs are getting at your expense.

Anonymous said...

"My peers and I are all driving and without all these saving in labour cost. I don’t think that we are able to afford all these luxuries."

If we keep saving on labour cost, how long more do you think you can afford to drive?

It would be far cheaper to hire someone who will take only public transport, than someone who likes to drive.

If we give FTs the power to hire and fire workers, including Singaporeans, how long more before the FT replaces all of us with people from his own hometown or country?

admiral chengho said...

The old man has to cook up the reasons as it goes along and
I can help the old man out.

Chinese influx is to increase more members for horta, improve chances for a matching kidney.

More blood donors to cover A to Z group.

Increase the gene pool and cut down on inbreeding.

China can be Spore's hinterland if you trace the land route thru' Malayan pensinisula, Thailand, Vietnam.

Not least, Sporeans will speak with a better Chinese accent.

In return, China will learn from the wisest old man ever to walk this planet, the finer points of hoodwinking the West, of course including China's citizens.

Anonymous said...

There is such a big influx because the local Chinese are not reproducing themselves, whereas the Malay-Muslims are.

Given the current birth-rates, Singapore could become another Malaysia within 25 to 30 years.

If you think Malaysia is great, it means you haven't been paying attention to how non-Muslims are being discriminated in Malaysia.

We risk allowing Islamism and Islamic politics become a driving force in Singapore has it is now in Malaysia, if the non-Muslims are not re-producing enough.

Europe is already waking up to a sizeable Muslim population demanding that local Europeans bend their own laws and traditions to suit minority Muslim demands.

LKY is just doing the right and necessary thing, since most of you are not having at least 3 kids.

DanielXX said...

If the concern is about population replacement, the correct approach is to think about why the environment is discouraging people from reproducing themselves, rather than getting foreigners of the same race to come here and create a different set of social problems.

For example, they might want to start with HDB prices, a key source of why Singaporeans are not fucking themselves silly to generate babies --- they are being fucked silly by HDB already, who recently have a new mission to "support housing prices" rather than the original one of housing affordability.

Anonymous said...

DanielXX, if the problem is with demographics, then I don't see any problem with the environment.

If the Malays are able to have 2-3 kids or more, then why can't the Chinese or Indian families do the same?

Cost of living is not a good reason, because cost of living affects everyone, regardless of race. The average Chinees family probably has a higher income than a Malay family.Yet, it is the Malays who can have more kids.

I have interacted with Malay kids and youths. And despite coming from larger families and having less disposable income, they are generally well-behaved. They might be poorer, but it doesn't mean they necessarily have a bad upbringing.

So, dunnoe what Chinese families are really thinking about when they keep citing cost of living too high as a reason to put off having more kids.

DanielXX said...

It is the Chinese culture to have face and hence they will sacrifice having a family for face/money. Malays are more relaxed about these things. But if you can't change the culture, then clearly you have to work around it right?

Working around it doesn't mean importing foreigners. It means adapting policies to the culture. You want babies, you better make the environment more conducive to have babies.

Once again, HDB better re-think their mission. I suggest this be a key issue at the next election. Even their top management is befuddled by where their priorities lie -- with existing homeowners or with homeseekers.

Anonymous said...

I think LKY is thinking in terms of numbers. If population is declining, you just have to import more foreigners, especially the ones you prefer.

It is better to start importing now, rather than wait till the shortage of population is staring at us right in the face.

Chinese practice of face is really stupid. Even as a Chinese, I prefer practical over face. If you can't afford an expensive wedding, settle for a cheaper one.

It just doesn't make sense to throw a grand wedding to impress people who you don't really know and don't really care.

Do you really care if 3rd Aunt or 4th Uncle or Acquaintance is not impressed that your wedding is not held at 5-star hotel?

I had a simple wedding. Only invited close friends and close relatives. Didn't really bother to invite distant relatives and people whom I only see during CNY.

Kids stick to cheap and useful hobbies/courses like reading, jogging, swimming and TKD, instead of expensive stuff like ballet or piano.

Anonymous said...

I think S'poreans biggest problem is their lack of balls.

They only dare to complain, but don't dare to take action.

I go to church. People got problem. They always say, "I will pray for help". I think prayer is good, but what I feel people are saying is that they have no balls to take action. They only want to complain to God, and pray that other people take action on their behalf.

I go to cinema. One jerk uses hp. 100 people don't dare to tell him off. That 1 jerk has more balls than the rest of the 100 cinema-goers put together.

People eat in mrt and hog seats. The other 20 people don't dare to even fart. That 1 seat-hogger has more balls than the 20 other people put together.

Singapore is now falling apart. Tiongkok-kia all stealing our jobs. Yet, we all don't dare to vote out PAP. Damn scared that you might piss off LKY if you vote opposition. Damn scared that if you vote opposition, tmrw will have no job.

Idiot! You vote PAP, you will have job meh? You think you vote PAP, the tiongkok-kia or the Pinoy-kia or the India Keling-Kia won't steal your job?

You bloody ball-less Singaporean! You deserve to be made extinct by all those FT-kia!

Anonymous said...

Real talent do not come to an ISLAND to find work. Real talent do not come to an ISLAND to become citizens who do not receive a social safety net. Real talent do not come to an island where there is no freedom of speech. Real talent do not come to a place where proper English is not spoken. Real talent do not come to an ISLAND where the entitlement to a car can be more than the car itself plus at a shorter life span. Who are these talent really? Identify them.

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