Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...May your dreams come true!

I chose this song by Susan Boyle to put on my blog for Christmas for a few reasons. Less than 1 year ago, Susan Boyle was an unknown church volunteer until she picked up the courage to appear on Britain's Got Talent. Frumpy and awkward, the audience instantly wrote her off until she sang and the rest is entertainment & Internet history. It is only 9 months since her first appearance on BGT but her debut album, released in Nov 2009 has reached No. 1 throughout the world and is the best selling album of 2009. Susan Boyle is the best example of how the Internet can transform and change lives to make dreams come true. For years Singaporeans have been dreaming of greater equality, freedom and a better life for their children but positive changes has been hindered by those in power who dominate this country using propaganda. The Internet has brought about change in many countries including nearby Malaysia. I hope in 2010 the dreams of ordinary Singaporeans come true. Have a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Happy holiday Lucky...THANKS for your effort!!

Anonymous said...

You are a guy after my own heart. A very merry x'mas to you and all your fans. I too look forward to a better future and remain hopeful that there will be, must be changes, otherwise I may be forced to look for greener pastures. Check youtube for "water disaster" and "blue energy" and do your part to mitigate global warming. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lucky Tan. May God bless you and show you His way.

Have a blessed day,
Economists with a heart

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

cy said...

Paul potts, the shy,"ugly" salesman who won the Brit got talent award by singing nessun dorma in turandot was also in the same mould as susan boyle. you should include his video too,esp his first appearance when he shocked the judges and audience.

Merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Paul was a hand phone salesman. I believe many of us can indentify with him. A meaningful and purposeful time of Christmas reflection to all. Vote meaningfully and purposefully in the next election. This land is ours and we can all stay and make a difference. dt

Anonymous said...

susan boyle dun hav elite, uncaring face tat's y ppl like her :)

ProbizAndProrich said...

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year to all !

My wish is for more and more Sporeans to become towkays. The country needs more towkays to reap in plenty of profits, remain greedy to expand their business thus providing more jobs.
That's right ! More middle management/foreman jobs for Sporeans who can ensure the foreigners work harder, faster and cheaper for the towkays.

Remember this golden rule: it is easier to be happy when you make your towkay happy first.

Towkay said...

Singaporeans better enjoy this Christmas. The next Christmas (after the next elections) will be very very tough for you, with all the price increases and joblessness. But it's okay, you voted for PAP, it's your own decision.

Clear eyed said...

Thanks Lucky for all the hard work you put in for the sake of Singapore and Singaporeans. I hope too that your efforts yield fruit and we will have a happier, better New Year for all, not just for the "elites". Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and everyone reading your blog!

runroad said...

All the season's very best to you and your readers, Lucky. Whether they be towkays or paupers there is room for all of us real Singaporeans in our Singapore. It belongs to us all, not to the delusional madman who thinks he's God's gift to our nation.
- runroad

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for all your efforts - don't give up! We're right behind you! Rememeber the ocean is made up of million drops of weak water droplets. I believe you are making a difference to the ignorant, deluded and deceived out there.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to You for been a Lucky Charm for the Internet !

on_form said...

that linked james gomez blog website damn outdated. Can remove it or not?

Anonymous said...

susan boyle is a 'product' of the mass media.

i won't buy into that but it does show the sometimes imperceptible power of the media to influence people and those who control it.

yamizi said...

Happy Holidays Lucky =D

Anonymous said...

"""The next Christmas (after the next elections) will be very very tough for you, with all the price increases and joblessness. But it's your own decision."""

You mean the more votes received, the higher the prices of every things??
The more votes received, the more peopple (sporean i suppose) would become jobless??

Anonymous said...

10 Reasons Why I Will Vote For PAP

1. We raised the GST to help the poor!

2. We practice meritocracy! LKY, LHL, Ho Ching, WKS, are all in key government positions because they are capable, and not because they are family.

3. If not for HDB, we would be paying $500k for a 4-room flat instead of only $350k, without COV.

4. We import hordes of FTs to keep wages low, so that MNCs will not relocate.

5. We have an Elected President who keeps our reserves safe, unlike countries like Iceland, who have declared bankruptcy

6. We have an independent judiciary who consistently finds the opposition guilty of defamation. Stupid CSJ and JBJ!

7. We pay our ministers the best in the world, so that they will not be corrupt. Look at Africa or other Asian politicians!

8. We don't believe in welfare! If you are poor, life will kick you in the balls! You want to pay more taxes so that the poor can eat three meals at restaurants?

9. We believe in NS for citizens, scholarships for FTs! You really want your FTs to bear arms for Singapore? You not scared they will run at the slightest hint of danger?

Singaporeans won't run because they have nowhere else to run!

10. You want to compare Singapore to any dirt-hole in any Third-World country??

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Ha ha... nice list!

Imagine Singapore as a family, with the government as the parents and the citizens as the children.

We are probably the only family in the world where the parents think like this:

"Our own children are not hard-driving and hard-striving enough!

So we will REPLACE them with many adopted children who will eat less food and work much harder! This is the BEST plan for the future of our FAMILY!"

Meanwhile, Daddy and Mummy must have the biggest bowls of rice with all the fish and meat because of our VISIONARY LEADERSHIP.


See if we care. Don't you know that ALL other families have dirty water and lousy food?

So be quiet, sit down and eat your sweet potato porridge.

Oops, we should take back a few spoonfuls to help your poorer siblings out.

We must collect all this porridge so that when they need it, I will tell them to go FIND WORK so that they have money to buy our porridge.

What are you staring at?


Anonymous said...

Lim Leng Hiong, your parents must have been very strict, but be thankful you have sweet potato porridge to eat. In other countries they do not even have that. If you are not careful you will starve and you will lose your rice bowl and your wife and daughters might have to go to become maids in other countries. So, make sure you put your mark in the right place when the time comes for you to vote, if you get the chance that is. Remember the lift upgrades too!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your excellent articles throughout the year. You have made a contribution to the well being of Singapore!

I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Merry X'Mas Mr LuckyBama

If that guy is right you have plenty of the same for the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

dun say neber give u tips ... Obama is the best.

Anonymous said...

Alot of local talents are buried under the mountain of Foreign Talents.

And sad to say, even locals do NOT help locals.

Really wanna wish a "Happy" new year for all singaporeans...but, as long the familee is in power, Singaporeans' happiness are far from it.

God bless Singaporeans.

kopitiamer said...

3in1kopitaim cannot be accessed liao. Also cannot access through loop.

Anonymous said...

the pro pap guys must be govt empolyees. Look, they all disappear over the holiday season. =)

City Media Group said...

brilliant post

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Yes, Paul was a hand telephone sales representative. I trust a number of us can identify with him. A significant and deliberate time of Christmas reflection to all. Vote definitively and deliberately in the following race.

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