Monday, December 28, 2009

Strive harder and harder....

“Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants"
- MM Lee, National Geographic, The Singapore Solution, Jan 2010[
" If native Singaporeans are falling behind because "the spurs are not stuck into the hide," that is their problem" - MM Lee.
A few months ago, the Straits Times reported that a top civil servant took 5 weeks off from work to attend expensive cooking lessons in France. How many of you are able to take 5 weeks off from work? Yes, the rest of us have to strive harder. In 2007, a blogger wrote about the new employment terms[Link] given out to her mother, an elderly cleaner:
1. The pay is reduced to S$500
2. Now it has to be a 5.5 days working week
3. There will be a cut in manpower as there should not be more than 3 people working at an area, regardless how large the area space
4. No annual leave and sick leave for the first year.
I've never heard PAP MPs who stood up to defend their fellow elite (aka French cook) talk about the pay of some Singaporeans being too low or about the lack of protection for Singapore employees. During the debate about ministers', PAP men stood up to talk about why the most expensive cabinet and (probably the most expensive) top civil servants were underpaid and have made a great sacrifice and deserve more remuneration...the same MPs have never spoken about ordinary Singaporean workers deserving a better income. While there is great dismay and shock among netizens over what MM Lee has said, such beliefs are prevalent among the elites within this elitist system they have created - no amount is enough for the people on top and the people at the bottom deserve to struggle. To worsen their plight, they import "hungry" workers from impoverished 3rd world country who are paid $200 at home to come here and depress the income of our low income workers further - that these Singaporeans sink further below the poverty line is no concern to them....the main concern of our current PM when was that his 'most expensive ministers in the world' were paid too little - raising their pay was among the first things he did when he took office.
If we continue with this system, where will you and your family be 10 or 20 years from now?


abc said...

fuck those so called elite.

Anonymous said...

Things are quite terrible for the lower classes and underclasses. Low pay and high cost of living, a double whammy.

For some of the middle classes, stagnant income, overcrowding, high cost of HDB flats and living and not enough for retirement.

Question is will things become intolerable and reach breaking point? Meaning majority are suffering and PAP will be voted out, or failing which huge illegal protests in the streets?

If this cannot happen anytime soon or at all, these folks (now maybe still the minority) will continue to suffer a long, ongoing and painful existence.

Anonymous said...

" these folks (now maybe still the minority) will continue to suffer a long, ongoing and painful existence. "

Well, that is the way it is gonna be, nothing will ever change. The next GE will be another super victory for the PAP because those poor suckers will continue to vote the PAP because they will be given a little candies just before the GE and they will kwai kwai put their crosses next to the PAP candidates. They surely deserve the govt they vote in. The last 50 years of Singapore history has proven that to be the case. Why change now? Who cares about the poor suckers who earn less than S$1200 pm? no one? The middle class won't care either because they have a roof over their heads, food on the table, children in school and one or two holidays a year. Why would they care for the poor underpaid workers of Singapore? It is a dog-eat-dog world and it is every man for himself. This is uniquely Singapore. Majullah Singapura!!

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Q3 unemployment has risen to 3.4% overall, 5.0% for resident labour (note the latter figure is higher!). One job opening for every two job seekers. Meanwhile labour productivity continues to fall.

If it is only the poorest Singaporeans who are suffering under the current system, then their voices might not be heard and there might not be such widespread resentment.

The problem is that practically EVERYONE is affected, except for the inner circle elites.

That doesn't sound like news, but there is a slight difference this time round.

Observe the emergence of a new underclass - unemployed and underemployed PMETs. These people are not poor because they lack education or training; they are poor because they are not part of the inner circle. When their numbers reach a critical mass, the resulting effect is very hard to predict.

Towkay said...

Why let the poor suffer so much in Singapore? Singapore is obviously too expensive for them and the rest of you losers. Do the right thing, vote for PAP so that they can implement the final solution. Ship the Singaporeans without merit out to JB or Batam, and let more foreign talent in. Singapore must survive with or without Singaporeans.

Do the right thing, vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

yes, everyone should vote for PAP for more good years and golden period, after all Singaporeans have been deceived and naive for 50 years to vote for PAP. It will not matter if they are extinct since they are going to vote for PAP anyway. I like to see Singaporeans enter in Book of Extinct Species that include DoDo bird. Singaporean does not matter anymore since they have no dignity and no pride as a human to do the right thing. Serve these whiners right if they going to vote for PAP again because the new citizens are going to vote for PAP and replace the true bred Singaporeans. Singaporeans will become dinosaurs in matter of years. I will collect their bone and sell to dinosaur bone dealers to earn billions.

Towkay said...

Why be so negative? You will see that it is a win-win-win solution as soon as you get rid of the "we deserve to be here because we are born here and served NS" mentality. Singapore is a meritocracy, only people with merit should be allowed to remain here.

Singaporeans who cannot make it can live in a condo in JB, living a better quality of life. Their leaving make space for foreign talent to work in Singapore. Towkays get cheaper better faster foreigners and make bigger money. Elites can get rid of lousy complaining Singaporeans without spending a cent.

I seriously don't know what is the problem. You voted for PAP and its meritocratic system but now you want special treatment?

Anonymous said...

My new year wish is for LSL's cancer to recur, LKY to kick the bucket and for heartless towkays to chock on their Christmas turkey and die of a clogged artery.

Anonymous said...

I am a working middle-class, and I have seen my pay stagnate at the low end of $3k pm.

On the other hand, cost of living has escalated. Eating at the hawker centre cost easily more than 40% of what it used to cost 5 5-7 years ago. Housing costs has soared.
My salary is stagnant, and it is set to be depressed further.

Am I suppose to thank PAP and vote for them in gratitude?

Anonymous said...

"Am I suppose to thank PAP and vote for them in gratitude?"

Why ? Of course, you should be thankful to the government as Singaporeans always live in self-denial world just like the echelons in Leegime are.

Now, hypnotized yourself with this make-believe PAP brainwashing mandate and you will have more good years:
"My pay is increasing"
"My flat is affordable"
"I will vote for PAP"
"PAP is the best"
"I must be grateful to PAP"
"It is all my fault not PAP"
"PAP is faultless beyond words"

Repeat these words everyday just like naive innocent children recite the surreal SinCity pledge everyday regardless of the fact that it is just aspiration and nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The ruling party is now no different from those of other mediocre systems. Their cadres get into politics expecting ever more entitlements. Lest some goons come and say the PAP is not as bad, well wake up doofus! The PAP system is already entrenched.

Anonymous said...

Someone (why am I not surprised) just asked him to apologise:

Anonymous said...

Hey Singaporeans, do not hold your breath for an apology. You will never get one. The " I do no wrong " mentality is enshrined in the PAP manifesto. Like what towkay said, if you cannot stand the heat here in Singapore, kindly make way for those FTs who can and move to JB or Batam. The useless locals who want the govt to be kinder to the true bred Singaporeans and who wants higher pay should just leave this island. They are not contributers, just a waste of space. Get lost and make room for useful FTs.

Anonymous said...

"This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants"

"Chinese Immigrants"?

Is this a Freudian slip from LKY?

Singaporeans (I supposed he meant all races)have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. But he mentioned only CHINESE immigrants?

Anonymous said...

"I seriously don't know what is the problem. You voted for PAP and its meritocratic system but now you want special treatment?"

Aiyoh, it must be our own citizen competitors. Didn't know that their meritocratic systems can suddenly include the billions and billions of people from the world at large.

If that is so, f the meritocratic system lah. y not we also allow retired foreign gahment people to compete with own gahment people on a cheaper-better-faster meritocratic basis.

Towkay said...

"Am I suppose to thank PAP and vote for them in gratitude?"

I have always voted for PAP and am grateful for them for the following reasons:

1. Pro-business. It is so easy to do business in Singapore. Towkays can hire and fire anyone they want. Give them a month's notice. Locals too fussy, just bring in foreign talent. Also easy to earn money, just open a spa, collect membership fees from stupid Singaporeans and "disappear" (I mean lie low in my bungalow for a month ordering takeouts from fancy restaurants).

2. Pro-Towkays. They like Towkays so much, they help us become richer. Imagine HDB a public housing provider restricting supply so that Towkays' properties appreciate by millions of dollars. Towkays are also given many opportunities to grow richer. Good example is the Young PAP Sear fellow who started his business just by supplying to town councils and resident committees.

3. One country two systems. There are two sets of laws - one for the Towkays and another for average Singaporeans. Towkays get off leniently for crimes we commit whereas Singaporeans are given heavier sentences. This is good as Towkays are protected. We don't want Singaporeans coming to steal our Mercs or ransack our bungalows. This is also fair as Towkays contribute to the economy many times more than a Singaporeans so the sentences should be adjusted to reflect this.

Anonymous said...

In a way, those elderly Singaporeans (such as the elderly cleaner you mentioned in your blog) deserve it!

Really. No sarcasm.

If you think about it seriously, delving deeper into the root cause, it should be clear and obvious that the current employment exploitation is due to us not having independent workers' unions

If only there is such unions, the unscrupulous employers (chief of which is the PAP govt, which is, in fact, the largest and most powerful employer, via its numerous large govt link companies) would not be able to do as they pleases.

This then necessarily begs the obvious question:

1. were there independent unions pre-PAP in the 1960s?

2. What happened to the union leaders?

3. What did these current elderly workers did 40 years ago to the situation in point 2 while they are young and able? for eg. did they actively voted in support for the indefinite imprisonment and torture of these union leaders and ultimately their banishment from Singapore?

These is Karma - the law of cause and effect! (watch the last 1 and a half minute)

(And the corollary is: if we now actively vote to support the ill treatment of the current elderly workers, our turn will come and karma will catch up with us 40 years later, when we too, turn elderly!!!)

ProbizAndProrich said...

To reap in plenty of profits, one must have vision and ability to see the big picture which towkays have.

It is important for Spore workers to strive harder and harder to support homegrown towkays. Otherwise Lucky's concern for Sporeans in 10,15 yrs will come true. Most have to uproot and work in JB, Batam, of course by merit, should towkays relocate their businesses there.

Remember this golden rule:
a vote for PAP is a vote for towkay
and when in doubt, towkay's happiness comes first.

Anonymous said...

Singapore govt is too pro-towkay and very hostile towards workers.

Singapore REFUSES to deal directly with hawkers. Instead, it rather deal with a "management" or towkay who sublets the entire food court or kopi-tiam or wet-market, who in turns, charges extra rent.

One unnecessary layer of fat to further oppress the ordinary folks.

Singapore also refuses to deal directly with the cleaners or security guards or lowly-paid. Instead, they always insist on dealing with a "management" or cleaning company or towkay, who will intentionally depress workers salaries in order to maximize personal profit.

Yet another unnecessary layer of fat.

Yet, when I was a student, I was taught that Singapore believes in free trade, in doing away with middle-men who do nothing but leech the system.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. You know who these hungry workers willl vote for ??

Anonymous said...

I thought the PAP ministers and all those elites are paid MILLIONS because they are top cream and PRO-BUSINESS. That means they must be able to provide a ECONOMIC CAKE enough for everyone.


Anonymous said...

DUN WORRY. Quickly book a HDB unit now at Central area for $400,000, $500,000 or up to $700,000.00 and flip them in few years time, everyone will be so happy and MILLIONAIRES hahaha

or be given a SECOND CHANCE at the TWO CASINOS. That should make the spurs stuck into the hide enough.

or ask you parents to sell their house (take part in NATIONAL DEVELOPEMENT) and move to Jurong or Boon Lay or fringe of Singapore lah. Take 30 yeasr loan and max every CREDITS you can...

hahaha... Superb Singaporeans deserved to be whipped for doing all those above. (Be spurs stuck into the hide enough)

Anonymous said...

When is the election coming?

See so many jobless people around and surely bode 'spur' result

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

Btw, the elderly cleaner who gets $500 is now the lucky. You are behind the curve. Again. Pity the elderly ex-cleaner who gets no pay and same/more bills.

And the median pay of locals is around $2.5k so the guy with $3k ... u are also a lucky one.

And the poor and hungry will vote for ... PAP.
No surprise.
The poor are gullible.

Do not blame PAP.
They are doing what is natural.
Strong prey on the weak.
Very Darwinian.

Blame the folks who could have made a difference.
Those who could/should have stood up but choose not to.
Eventually, when the easy prey are gone, the Lucky Tans who are not with PAP will be next.

PS: Notice you (Lucky) dun sing praises of Mr Obama anymore. Have you finally realize that this is one guy who will make Bush Jr look like Lincoln+FDR in 4 years?

runroad said...

The uniquely Singapore 'bribe the thief not to steal' scheme was introduced by LKY in 1994. That's 15 years of obscene profits - a minimum total of $20 million per minister (some far more) - year after year without fail, irrespective of the state of the economy, notwithstanding any regional or global recession, in sickness or in health or in incompetence.

That's the kind of cast-iron guaranteed investment of your wildest dreams, the kind of earnings no one, absolutely no one, could ever be certain of maintaining in the ups-and-downs of the private sector whatever your profession. But PAP can for its cronies with YOUR money. Simply sit back, read your CPF statement and smile until retirement day. Better than a Toto rollover jackpot anytime! And don't forget, these chiak buay leow types are nothing special, just common people no different from you or me. Now, would you give all that up (plus the red carpet treatment everywhere you go, plus the God-like power to elevate or destroy your fellow Man with a snap of your fingers) without a fight to the finish? I thought not.

Worldwide, it's clear that ALL gov'ts begin to rot from within and fail within 10-15 years max. This gov't is 30 years past its prime, long out of fresh ideas, weary beyond belief. Its leader is in his second childhood and in denial that his faculties are failing as we speak. He is making the sort of tactless political blunder (like being videoed tucking into $50k worth of gourmet Japanese food while letting his gov't deny a $30 increment to our poorest) that he would never have committed 20 years ago. He's past mediocrity, beyond second-rate and into the quality of having no practical use. Only a complicit judiciary and servile press keeps up the illusion of the great statesman - like servants wiping up after a mentally and physically incontinent old man. Is it sad? No, it's sickening, like keeping a demented cadaver artificially alive.

But the message should be glaringly obvious to us low-class, lazy, falling behind digits, shoudn't it? He and his party are not leaving anytime soon without being shoved out. By us. That needs us to get off our collective arses to do something proactive about the gangsters that look down on us - now, not when the elections are called. Don't imagine you'll automatically get to exercise your precious vote. Expect no heroes to ride to the rescue from outside. So long as Singapore doesn't threaten to choke off the Straits, its population can be ruled by the Devil himself for all the rest of the world cares. No use beating your breast over LKY's latest contemptuous sneer at your stupidity my fellow first world citizens, the world laughs and shakes its head in astonishment that we permit him to do so. It's literally our call.

Towkay Kia said...

Towkay is rite ok. PAP has made Singapore into a great meritocracy. My daddy has become very rich under the PAP. Voting for the PAP is a win-win situation ok? Win for PAP and win for rich pple like me. Do you know what is the best part of being a Towkay kia is? They make me a white horse in army, allow me to make snide remarks and I get to piss on all those dirty peasants standing outside my ivory tower. Remember hor. Vote for the PAP so that we Towkay kias can prosper under them.

Anonymous said...

I am leaving on a jet plane. Don't
know when I will back again?
Some day, I have to go.

Anonymous said...

we should also import world class ministers to replace our old and highly paid ministers who cannot improve our life.

Anonymous said...

singaporeans are striving harder ok?!

nowaday, if you walk in to any dental polyclinic, you have to pay an additional fee of $27 becos you've not made any appointment.

see how they sneak in new costs without prior notice and trumpet meagre gst "credits" on national papers...

show us the money!!!!

Alan Wong said...

Slip of the tongue ? Rascist ?

So in LKY's mind, his primary intention was to increase the intake of CHINESE immigrants ?

Never mind that afterall the other major races Indians and Malays are secondary in his mind. Is this the ultimate PAP's policy for racial harmony in the country ?

So the yearly Indian & Malay dances in our National Parade are for show only ?

Clear eyed said...

So the elderly slogging at menial jobs for 10 hrs a day, at $3 an hour, no over-time pay if they work beyond their working hours, are not striving hard enough? The ordinary worker, excluding those in the civil service, similarly slogging 10 or more hours a day, no over-time pay and with the threat of being replaced by a foreigner hanging over his head like the Sword of Damocles, is not hard-driving enough? Those leeches lounging in their ivory towers are striving so hard that they need 5 weeks vacation and pay $40,000 to learn cooking in Paris? The spurs should be stuck into the hide of these leeches, if their hide is not too tough and thick for the spur to pierce!

Anonymous said...

the pap doesn't care about how the singaporean is faring. pap only care about its own pocket, and also care about US and China, those external power. See how GIC make losses on the US investment. Who knows, the pap is using our money to please the americans. pap also pump in a lot of money into china, why? perhaps to please the chinese government.

Anonymous said...

"Who knows, the pap is using our money to please the americans. pap also pump in a lot of money into china, why? perhaps to please the chinese government."

Hope you are not stupid not to see that the Lee family is engaging in money laundering using tax-money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clear eyed:

I am a civil servant. All of us don't get additional pay for overtime. Many of us work more than 10 hours a day. I am not sure how many civil servants really work from 8am - 5pm now.

Nearly all of us are not in the same league as the Perm Sec who could take 5 weeks leave to go learn French cooking.

Nearly all of us civil servants are not entitled to pensions, pensions with salaries, GDP bonuses, golden handshakes. Not unless you are right at the top.

All of us got only $750 as a bonus. Even in good times, most of us will never see anything more than 2 months bonuses. We will never get 3-4 months bonus, not even during an economic boom.

Many civil servants I know are also upset with the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

Dear Civil servant,

There may be exceptions but from all ( I thought about this carefully, I am not making a sweeping statement) 10 plus civil servants I know, they are low in competence and very slack at work.

Sure, there are idiots that can get stressed over non issues. Some people even think NIE is stressful... but just because people think their work is stressful does not mean it is hard.

Anonymous said...

If people find their work is stressful, it is hard. Period.

If you don't find it hard, why not take up that job?

I have friends in teaching, and many of them say that there are rumours, rumours that teachers makes up the greatest number of patients at the IMH.

Teachers are also part of the civil service, and many of them, especially the diploma-graduate teachers, are working easily 10 hours a day regularly for a salary of $1600 or less.

Anonymous said...

Even u grad is no big deal now, unless you are 1st class honours or scholars. Then you can join the elite civil service and go on to be ministers.

So ordinary u grads, diploma or non grads, be your own boss if you want to go far. The sky is the limit. Or emigrate to a better place.

Anonymous said...

I bet $100 that 75% of the people here, including Lucky, that for all their cursing and complaining, will ultimately vote for PAP.

Clear eyed said...

Hi Civil Servant

I am aware most civil servants do not live it up in ivory towers and getting paid handsomely for it. They too have to slog. But at least the Sword of Damocles does not hang over their heads, and being at the foot of the ivory towers they get to enjoy some crumbs dropping from above, ie guaranteed bonus, generous leave,annual increments, etc. They are better off than the ordinary workers in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether anyone realises this,

when corporate tax drops and GST increases, there should be NO change in consumer product prices all else being equal.

I suspect most prices hikes are due to rising rentals and electricity costs. Talk about a recession proof industry.

Anonymous said...

Guess I have some pride. I dun want to be a civil servant cause I want to have real skills. I want to be able to fuck my employer and change job if I have to, not sit and beg like a dog when people scold me.

"r" said...

if this continues to go on, i say we dont even deserve to be independent.

Fuck independence if u dont care about your fellow citizens and continue voting for the PAPpies. Even HKers care more about their underclasses

Towkay said...

Civil servants are pieces of shit. They are low life man, always trying to make things difficult for others so that they can feel important. But in reality they are gutless Yes-men with no opinion of their own. I heard one even went down on his knees to beg his boss after he made some mistake.

And they always vote for PAP despite complaining endlessly about them and being on the short end of the stick.

As a shrewd Tokway, I pretend to befriend them so that my projects go smoothly but I actually despise them.

Anonymous said...

Not all in the civil service have it good.

A good friend of mine told me that he knows of several teachers who are in IMH. Heard from a number of people that teachers make up the majority of people there, based on profession.

Many also break bond and quit. That's why MOE need to recruit over 3000 teachers to replace them.

Anonymous said...

I respect the man, only he can sit on his comfy seat and utter such comments about the population and still remain in power. Well done man, you have successfully breed a population of prideless people.

Anonymous said...

Do you realise why the head honcho actually verbalise his criticisms about Singaporeans that they are lazy and need spurs to push them to work harder for the system? The reach of the nat geo magazine in the world is wide. It is actually a good way to inform future international employers not to employ Singaporeans as they are lazy. In a way, that will limit the choices of educated Singaporeans overseas if foreign employers believe they are a liability to their companies.

Anonymous said...

They now talk about being on the OFFENSIVE and ensure all employability? Does that means 0% jobless rate and full employment??? minus off those on course, discouraged workers, pert time measy paid workers?

Even in the best of times we still have 1.++ to 2% jobless and now in times like this they TALK WHAT RUBBISH. Some countries are even comtemplating of a double dip rececession.

OH ARE THEY GOING TO UPUPUPUP THEIR MILLION SALARY AGAIN?? or another job credit scheme costing 88BILLIONS??? hahaha Please don't up all other things like property taxes, etc and I will thank PAPa eternally.


Anonymous said...

"I suspect most prices hikes are due to rising rentals and electricity costs."

more and more people & less and less space. other things being equal, more & more cost for space.

so you see the equation on population growth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Study hard. Study 100000 hours a day to get into elite secondary school, elite JC, elite universities. Then, work hard. Work 10000000 hours a day to get a pay of 2.5k. Life is so fun~ Let's all be towkays and PAPa will love us...

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