Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

In his New Year message PM Lee talks about Singaporeans coming 1st for his govt. I'm glad he has laid this out as a New Year resolution for his govt because for the past 10 years it was not clear what came first - big business, the PAP's power or GDP growth. I urge all Singaporeans to help the PAP govt fulfil its resolution of putting Singaporeans 1st. To do this, we have to put aside our apathy by being more active citizens. We have to put in place the checks and balances in our system to ensure that Singaporeans' interests are well guarded.

With all the changes in the election rules, reassuring words about Singaporeans being 1st and promise to moderate the influx of foreign workers, it is likely that the next elections will be held soon. All the sweet talk, promises and reassurance are all just part of an election strategy. Remember what was said before the last elections? Did they tell you they intended to raise the GST and their own salaries? After they won a landslide victory of all but 2 parliamentary seats, what happened? No more sweet talk, no more reassurance. Its back to the usual 'you die, your business'.

"If native Singaporeans are falling behind because "the spurs are not stuck into the hide," that is their problem" - MM Lee.

A few days ago, Deputy Secretary-General, NTUC, Madam Halimah said she's seen many cases where middle-aged degree-holders who lost jobs during the downturn become taxi drivers. She said that "under-employment is unavoidable as with slow economic growth"[Link]. That is only partially true because employers are also reluctant to hire these degree holders even during the good times. The structural unemployment problem existed in 2006 & 2007 when the economy was a lot stronger because the govt's policy to import foreigners meant that employers had endless supply of young workers. If they had been able to secure employment opportunities in 2006 & 2007 that made full use of the skills, they would have been in better shape financially when the economy tanked. By saying that this underemployment is unavoildable (how can underemployment be unavoidable when we are importing so much foreign labor), the PAP denies that its policies have had detrimental effects on ordinary Singaporeans and we know that this is not true - denial means they will keep repeating what they have done in the recent past. If you think it is sad that many of our graduates have ended up driving taxis, the situation among many of the old who cannot afford to retire and have to continue working is just tragic. Leong Sze Hian's thorough analysis of the statistics show that a large number are unemployed (they can't afford to retire and have no jobs) as the influx of foreigners to low end jobs intensified.

[Leong Sze Hian's Interview]

While job security is reduced among older workers, the cost of living has gone up. Housing prices have risen to the highest level in 20 years - rising 35% since the 1st quarter of 2007. Minister Mah said last week that he expects the rise to continue. Throughout the rise, HDB's standard response is that flats are affordable. Affordable became one of the most abused word in 2009. Higher housing prices will lead to bigger debt burdens for households and longer repayment periods. This bigger debt burden means greater vulnerability to loss of home when jobs are lost or incomes are reduced. Already, one in 12 mortgages are in default in Singapore[Link]. The recent increase in HDB prices is likely result in even higher default rates in the future. Without the safety nets that exist in all other develop countries, Singaporeans are so financially stretched, they have little ability to protect themselves against these uncertainties hence a widespread feeling of insecurity about the future.

As we go into the next decade, we have to ask ourselves why and how we end up having the biggest income inequality among all developed countries. This large inequality reflects the imbalance in policy making over the past 2 decades. We have evolved into a society where power and wealth is concentrated in the hands of a power-elite that dominate an undemocractic society using propaganda. The PAP govt has interests other that those of ordinary citizens as it taps its leadership mainly from its GLCs, arm services and civil services to which it is inextricably linked. At the end of the day, equality is intertwined with freedom and democracy because only when the power returns to the people and they are able to speak up for themselves and assert their rights, only then, will we be able to see the interest of ordinary Singaporeans coming first in the govt. So when they tell you that Singaporeans come first without any real political progress towards democracy, it is all just election talk. You're 1st before the election and somewhere else after the elections .........unless you vote wisely.


Singaporeans come first for Govt: PM

By Kor Kian Beng, Political Correspondent

SINGAPOREANS are top priority for the Government, which will aim to grow the economy in a way that allows all citizens to share in the benefits, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has emphasised in his New Year message for 2010.

It will do this in two ways: by growing Singapore's external wing, and raising per capita income by boosting the skills level of workers.

At the same time, the Government will also 'manage and moderate' the inflow of foreign workers so that Singaporeans are not overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, he said.


Anonymous said...

That's right. The same pattern and result will happen again.

No matter how much the blogs are anti PAP, or how big the oppositon rallies, the result will still be about the same as before.

Where this is concerned, nothing will change in Singapore.

Don't believe, just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I think S'poreans biggest problem is their lack of balls.

They only dare to complain, but don't dare to take action.

I go to church. People got problem. They always say, "I will pray for help". I think prayer is good, but what I feel people are saying is that they have no balls to take action. They only want to complain to God, and pray that other people take action on their behalf.

I go to cinema. One jerk uses hp. 100 people don't dare to tell him off. That 1 jerk has more balls than the rest of the 100 cinema-goers put together.

People eat in mrt and hog seats. The other 20 people don't dare to even fart. That 1 seat-hogger has more balls than the 20 other people put together.

Singapore is now falling apart. Tiongkok-kia all stealing our jobs. Yet, we all don't dare to vote out PAP. Damn scared that you might piss off LKY if you vote opposition. Damn scared that if you vote opposition, tmrw will have no job.

Idiot! You vote PAP, you will have job meh? You think you vote PAP, the tiongkok-kia or the Pinoy-kia or the India Keling-Kia won't steal your job?

You bloody ball-less Singaporean! You deserve to be made extinct by all those FT-kia!

Anonymous said...

REST ASSURED Lucky, our Gahmen always fulfill their promises.

Remember the last election when PM announced that no one will be left behind, now we can see all the "No One" and "Nobody" are left behind.

GST to help the poor? all the poorly paid minister got their pay rise

Now Singaporean come 1st? I really hope that our PM didn't say this as this means trouble. It means all Singaporean will come 1st in receiving increased utilities, GST etc

I rather that he says nothing and go for holiday on New Year day

Anonymous said...

Our govt can lose billions in one year, but will only spend $600 million over 5 years to help the poor with their utility bills.

Our govt only give Singaporeans top priority in NS and reservists, but give FTs top priority in scholarships and post-graduate degree problems. Do you know that most of phD students are FTs? And that most of the profs who recruit these FT phD students are FTs too?

Our govt main concern is to make as much money as possible using HDB. You think they have any incentive to give locals real affordable housing?

I bet MBT will get a big fat bonus if he can push the HDB flat prices to $600k average.

You don't vote against PAP, you will be pretty much screwed!

Why you don't dare? You scared LKY will get angry with you, is it?

Towkay said...

See I was right all along. PAP does place Singaporeans first and will continue to do so. The ROOT problem is Singaporeans are too fussy, so we got no choice but to import more foreigners.

Singaporeans still refuse to take up $800 a month job. I can easily hire a Filipino graduate for $800. Even reserve taxi driver vacancies for Singaporeans, they also not happy.

I think after next election PM Lee has to implement some unpopular but good for Singaporeans policies. Like increasing GST to 10% to reduce unnecessary consumption. Force Singaporeans to take up $800 jobs or else fine them for not working.

Anonymous said...

> You're 1st before the election and somewhere else after the elections .........unless you vote wisely.

Excellent 1 liner that sums it all! Look at it, our spineless PM don't even have the testicular fortitude to reduce foreign influx, just 'manage and moderate' which means temporary increase at a slower rate before the election and something else after the election.

I don't blame the foreigners for our citizen's plight. I blame the gutless and gullible Singaporeans for misusing the only power they have left and the PAP members of parliament for failing in their duty to the citizens.

Anonymous said...

I just spoke to a local born Singaporean who had completed NS and now studying in Australia. He said he cannot get a place in NUS and had no choice but to get his degree overseas. But having been there for about 1 year, he has no desire to return. We have just lose another local born reservist. To rub it in, he said this country is meant for the rich and FTs. No place for him. Will the education minister take note if you are reading. dt

Anonymous said...

So we shall see the election result.

If the PAP wins again, then ordinary Singaporeans deserved to be treated like fools. THEY ASK FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans coming 1st for his govt ....and the mother pig can climb up the tree. Both I "believe".

Anonymous said...

Anon 08.04, the coming GE will be no different from all previous ones. There could be a slight change in the number of opposition MPs in the next parliament, but that will not change the direction all future policies will go. The majority PAP MPs will listen to their Master's voice and vote as the Master's wish. A bunch of yes-men is only for show. In reality Singapore is governed by only one person. The rest of the govt ministers are just too scared to voice their opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh YeaH, property tax increases! who should i vote this time?

Anonymous said...

Oh not AGAIN! electricity tariff increases! who should i vote this time?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:33

"In reality Singapore is governed by only one person."

Spot on man!

But that's where things are scary. Or maybe not.

What will happen if this one person kick the bucket? Given his age, at most another 5 or 10 years more to live.

Will Singapore change for the worse? Or be much, much better?

Onlooker said...

Happy new lucky :)

Same old same is what happen after election that counts.

BTW,Towkay you still never realise what PAP is doing now will have a negative impact on your business viability in the future.

just ask yourself how many SME succeded overseas.I can only think of one and it is being used to park Town council funs.

Onlooker said...

Sorry ,my previous comment should be happy new year but due to GST have to cut budget and cut the word year and a comma then I type a verbose comment to say hey I forgot to type "year" leh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.33

Same opinion here.

In the past 30-40 years, no major changes to important policies on population, NS, transportation or HDB. Only minor cosmetic ones. Why?

Even China has admitted their mistakes in culture revolution in the 60s.

China government alway emphasize 'to serve the people', I have not heard ours saying the same thing. Why?

Or, are we supposed to serve 'them'?

famiLeesexadvisor said...

what does PM Lee actually mean when he says "Sporeans come first" ?

The truth is Sporeans will be the preferred choice when PM Lee is in the mood to shaft and screw.

That's right ! Sporeans in general make the most compliant sex partners...for politicians of course !

Anonymous said...

sure, i "believe" singaporeans come first.

easy to circumvent this "promise" - give out PRs and citizenship like easy credit.

lump PRs with Singaporeans and extend them same privileges, even for criminals convicted of violent crimes in Singapore!!!

talk is cheap, i will believe it when they will walk the talk!

Anonymous said...

Increased per capita income does not mean that the lifes of the common people will get better.

Anonymous said...

Whst an ungrateful lot you Singkies are. You have a perfectly clean govt, good roads and all the fantastic infrastructure, good schools, good medical facilities,clean and safe environment and above all a great MM who has given you all these things. What else do you want?? Surely you must be crazy to demand more than all these? Freedom of speech and expression? With all the first world standard of living surely you can give up a little of those. Such freedom are not important anyway when you have food in your stomach, roof over your head and money in the bank. Just be thankful for the PAP and stop all this bitching, OK????

Anonymous said...

i am going to be 40 in abt 12 years. i am preparing for life as a taxi driver already. lol.

Anonymous said...

Even as I asked offline friends now, the majority are still saying they will vote pap.

The majority actually still dont want change, they dont see what is so bad now that needs changing.

Therefore I think that next election result will not be much different, pap will probably win with 66.59% and with only one opposition MP.

Towkay said...

Interviewed one Singaporean chap this morning for a foodcourt assistant position. He was actually desperate enough to go down on his knees to beg me for the job, LOL!

I asked him if he voted for PAP in the last election. He said 'Yes!', and I thanked him for his vote. His vote for PAP enabled me to grow my business. But I still prefer to hire foreign talent because they are cheaper, better and faster. Most importantly they have backbone. I'm not going to hire a Singaporean who betrayed his vote for a few hundred dollars and estate upgrading, and end up begging for a $800 job. Absolutely pathetic. He is going to sell me out for a few hundred dollars too when there is an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

//Even as I asked offline friends now, the majority are still saying they will vote pap.//

Do not despair. Sooner or later, they will realize and begin to see some light. If they can't see it, too bad. Sometimes, people learn better at their own pace and puzzling self-discovered knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans come first ? When toxic structures products are being sold opening and investigation revealed many innocent investors are being misled by the FIs do Singaporean interest come first ?

Anonymous said...

This is how the game is done. When you have been in power for close to half a century, you will realise that your ways of suppressing your enemies to sustain your power and control is waning. The skulls in your closet is coming out. One by one. Francis Seow. Said Zahari, etc. And the latest one: Lim Hock Siew. You cannot avoid it. It would see the light of day. To avoid all this unnecessary resistance in an ever educated electoree, multiples ways are thought of to break the will of the people to act on their rights. The more rights you have, the less rights they have to hold on to theirs. The 2-child policy was set up in the 70s for a systemic elimination of Singaporeans. This is in hope that the population does not replenish itself. This is crucial. Tharman Shamugaratnam has mentioned in an interview that Singaporeans are well-educated and with the benefit of a having a supposedly well-ranked education system, Singaporeans can easily find jobs overseas. LKY has mentioned that it's not his problem if the spurs are on the Singaporean hide. This systemic agenda to eliminate the Singaporeans is to make way for mass migration to allow for a new maleable electoree to enter the system. These electoree will be then be conditioned to accept and reaffirm PAP's political supremacy for the next 4 more decades. Your CPF will be locked. And the reasons offered by the government will continue to shift and be readjusted from time to time to reassure the present batch of Singaporeans currently on the island. One of the techiques of political control is to create conflict in the population. This is a dialectic used by Hegel and is a common method in warfare. It's called propaganda. The best way to control a population is to control its mind. We all know how that is done in Singapore. Media control. But the reverse psychology teachnique is to allow conflict to arise via new immigrants so as to reaffirm a more volatile electoree to conform to a new world dynamics. Albeit STILL in the hands of old powers. The weaker and non-confirming electorees will disappear naturally via market competition and the lack of new Singaporean offsprings being born. Newer immigrants will be a new source of Singaporean breed that are pliable to sustain decades old power structures. PAP is designing a new society for its continuity.

You have been told.

Anonymous said...

And their greatest fear is the vote. They are not pro-democracy. You are given the illusion that you are free. But gerry-mandering occurs just below your flats.

The "foreign talent" are here to stay. They are tomorrow's vote.

PoliciesAreProfitable said...

When PM Lee mentioned Sporeans come first, I believe he meant those who are pro-business and pro-rich, i.e. Sporeans who want to do business and want to be rich. These Sporeans will be the key to Spore's future and therefore PM Lee must ensure they come first.

When LKY mentioned something about "spurs not stuck in the hide", he was hinting strongly to PM Lee and the other ministers to step it up as task masters.
In other words, don't just count the money, crack the wip and dig in those spurs.

When PM Lee mentioned about managing the influx of foreign workers, he was showing foresight in realising Sporeans must not feel overwhelmed.
Again to ensure Sporeans do not feel overwhelmed because of too many PAP MPs, PM Lee will introduce a scheme for more NMPs/NCMPs for the next election.
In this aspect, Sporeans really ought to help PM Lee out with their votes.

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