Friday, January 15, 2010

International Living Quality of Life Ranking

Singapore takes 70th spot on the quality of life ranking by International Living.

Singapore is way below Japan, S.Korea and Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

will this be reported in our straits times?

runroad said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Even the ex-communist Warsaw Pact basket cases like Romania, Croatia, Albania and Ukraine, for so long buried behind the Iron Curtain, now rank above the Little Red Paradise.

Even poor Bosnia-Herzegovina, raped, war-torn and ethnically-cleansed in the 90s, home to the horrific genocide of the Srebrenica Massacre, now trounces us for freedom, environmental quality and sheer quality of life!

So next time you hear LKY and PAP shamelessly claiming they took Singapore from Third World to First against overwhelming odds, ask them why our quality of life doesn't match their rhetoric. From Third World to First? My ass.

Anonymous said...

Even if the opposition manage to take majority in the coming election, they can't control the country at all. Even if the PAP lost, they would still have a lot of $$ and still able to exert a lot of influence

Anonymous said...

Who do you think the more than 2 thousand, and counting, Gurkhas are here to protect?

Read Mr Chia TI Lik's excellent article here:

Anonymous said...

Honest... Singapore is actually quite good and First World if you are amply paid for your job or rich.

It is just the same anywhere in the world and do you want to live in Romania or Albania if you fall into the OK category? Get real. No money everywhere is the same.


Anonymous said...

Hardly surprising. Only those living in ivory towers do not feel the burgeoning depression on the ground in the past decade. The quality of life continues to drop like a rock.

Anonymous said...

"Even if the opposition manage to take majority in the coming election, they can't control the country at all. Even if the PAP lost, they would still have a lot of $$ and still able to exert a lot of influence"

on what basis do you say that non-pap party cannot control the country???

pap has a lot of money tied down in tlc. simply sack all the key position holders and the money can be rechannelled to singaporeans.

ask not what the country can do for you, but simply vote out pap.

Singaporean in London said...

Oh, the local newspapers over here in London made a big deal out of this and lamented that the UK at 25th position is way below France (1st place) in this table.

I was immediately interested about where S'pore is placed. Thanks for pointing to this link.


LuckySingaporean said...

Singaporean in London,

Lamenting 25th position?
Singapore has sank below Croatia, Serbia etc in 20 years the ex-eastern bloc countries have leapfrogged Singapore.

So much for the miracle...

Anonymous said...

Singapore had high scores for economy, risk and safety, and infrastructure; middling scores for cost of living, leisure & culture; and low scores for freedom, environment and climate. (I don't know how climate score is calculated). I guess Sing gov only concerned about GDP aspects - economy, risk and safety, and infrastructure - and never gave any thought to the rest.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the rankings.

S'pore was dragged down by very low scores on "climate".

Nobody can do anything about the weather. we are not an air-conditioned nation, u know.

Anonymous said...

"Don't be fooled by the rankings".

Yah, also don't be fooled by S.T.'s ranking at 154th too.

Not fair to penalise S.T. when they cannot find a single fault with the Spore Govt.

Anonymous said...

"S'pore was dragged down by very low scores on "climate"."

Climate of fear and that is why the score is low. What we do not have true weather climate like 4 seasons, we have to Climate of Fear to replace it.

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