Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Morality is not so easy...

Have been very busy these few days so I haven't had time to blog. I will continue to be busy until the middle of next week, Things should go back to normal for me towards the end of next week.

Tiger Woods, Jack Neo, a Malaysian minister and an American president.....

When I just started working, I socialised a lot more than I do now. At a barbeque organised by a friend where many people turned up and a small group of us started discussing about short trip to KL- we decided travel cheap to KL taking a bus from JB instead of booking a bus from Singapore. There were 5 of us - 2 guys and 3 girls. I went because I had nothing else better to do for that weekend. I hardly knew the people I was going with because I met some of them for the 1st time at the barbeque. When we got to KL, one of the girls requested for her own room while the guys shared one room and the other girls shared another. We found out later that the girl wanted her own room because she was meeting her lover, a married businessman. The next day the businessman joined us for breakfast - he probably assumed since we were all strangers and won't rat on him. Other than the fact that he was cheating on his wife, he was a like any other guy - friendly, confident and courteous. While it is considered wrong and immoral to cheat on your spouse or girlfriend, over time I realised this behavior is more widespread that most people think. Singaporeans don't like to rat on other people's private life - notice how the other parts of Jack Neo's scandal popped out in quick succession only after his 22 yr old mistress spilled the beans on him - many were helping him to keep things secret for a long time. Why do people cheat on their spouse when it so damaging if you're found out?

Human beings are polygamous by nature (Polygamy left its mark on the human genome). It was a matter of survival in the past when living conditions were extremely harsh. Genetically, you're better off "sowing your wild oats" than forming stable families. However, as we become more civilised and organised as a society, and learn to overcome the forces of nature, this behavior became unnecessary and incompatible with the social structures that evolved over time. To repress this behavior, laws, religion and social norms (morality) were imposed on the people. Many find it hard to overcome this behavior pre-programmed in our genes despite the fear of being found out, promises to their spouses and damage to their reputation. Take Bill Clinton as an example. Here is a guy who had everything going for him and plenty of political enemies waiting for one mistake to tear him down - yet he couldn't overcome his 'lust' and nearly destroyed his presidency.

40 years ago, perhaps it was easier to constrain human behavior - movies were sexually tame, no Internet, no social networks, and fewer bad role models. Today, Hollywood actors, sports heros, and playboy billionaires have taken over as role models for many of our youths. This is counter-balanced by rising religiosity- the emergence of megachurches....Jack Neo was with his pastor when the scandal broke, Tiger Woods spoke about returning to his Buddhist roots. For the successful who have more than provided for their family, it becomes harder to resist infidelity given they have time, money and easy women who are attracted to their success. However, infidelity is bad for our society as causes families to break up and broken homes lead to problematic childhoods for the kids[Broken homes, broken children?]. We are always disappointed when famous people held up as role models are found to be less than perfect. While we have the right to be upset given we have been sold a deceptive unreal facade of the actual character, we also have to ask ourselves if why we have formed unrealistic expectations knowing that famous people today manage their public image with professional PR and spin. Jack Neo was wrong to cheat on his wife and will pay for it with his reputation and he will be painfully humiliated and prosecuted by the media. We should not condemn him without mercy ...and although I'm not a Christian, there wisdom in these words from the bible : "Let those without sin cast the first stone". We are all imperfect in our own way for Jack Neo's transgressions, his wife and children are the only ones who needs to forgive him.


Anonymous said...

Jack Neo is not only successful and famous as movie director, he was also awarded PBM and cultural medalion.

His films are also portraying some social ills of our society and can click with heartlanders and even senior PAP people (he was mentioned by then PM Goh in ND rally and even counted minister George Yeo as a good friend to be able to call and seek advice and counsel on such a private matter)

Hence he is no ordinary Joe. That's why the huge attention on him in the media and internet.

Had he been an ordinary Joe, who bothers? Not even newsworthy unless it is a crime.

So all this hoo ha is only to be expected. And a temporary diversion from the more serious and continuing problems of high cost of living, jobs, public housing etc.

mate4love said...

Hi Lucky,
when it concerns infidelity, the stakes are Hell of alot higher for married men with family.

in general, most men are pigs, i.e. those pigs who love to mate with more than one partner.

the catch is doing it without getting caught and for starters, not in your own backyard.

the biggest folly is to underestimate the fury of a woman, even if she is only 22.

i agree that morality is not so easy, but facing the consequences of getting caught is also not easy.

the point is never let the small head override the big head........

Anonymous said...

Why is it easier for wife to forgive a adulterous husband than for a husband to forgive a adulterous wife ?
Double standard or biased standard ?

Anonymous said...

Well said Lucky, unfortunately there will be many sitting on higher moral ground who will say otherwise. So what if he was awarded medals or if anyone perceive him to be a role model? Did he asked to be one when all he did was produced shows that is popular. We are all imperfect in one way or another, character flaws and weakness for women being Jack Neo's. Whom he knows in the course of his work has nothing to do with him.

Ask yourself too, why a young person who is aware that he is married wanted him? She too has motives whatever it they are but then, I don't care as it is none of my business except between Jack and his family. Best to leave them to sort out their problems, for we are outsiders and know nothing of their family life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

Shall we rally around him for what he did?

Is it true that it is normal for successful men to do such things and therefore it is ok?

Anonymous said...

"Take Bill Clinton as an example. Here is a guy who had everything going for him..."

hahaha...Lucky, you're overly mistaken. Obviously, he didn't have EVERYTHING going for him.

Wittengenstein said...

Let me be the first to recast the stones even though I do not sin and have never sin.

Jack didn't do anything wrong insofar as being a primate. Get this fact straight. We all fuck around. Those of us who don't are probably indulging in masturbation, pornography or simply oogling at those male or female magazines; or simply oogling in public.

Men and women enjoy sex. But what has led to the sexual repression we see in most societies and particularly Singapore is that it's all fucked up from the beginning. We have designed a society based on ideals. These ideals are clearly against our evolutionary givings.

What we should have done was to design a society based looking at man's (and of course woman) biology and and psychology. Instead, we have don't otherwise. We have forced men to meet unattainable ideals. We have trimmed men to fit these ideals. Men and women will go on fucking way past Jack Neo's supposedly imposed errors.

Many married men and women are simply sick and tired of fucking one another. That's why they feel more refreshed after they see another man or woman apart from their loved one.

Singaporean men are well-known polygamist. They all fucked around. Let me help you: Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Babi, Tanjung Batu, Batam, Clark Air Base, Hat Yai, Hanoi, Phom Phenh, Gin Jiu Ka, Geylang, etc.

Married women are even more repressed. Morality is just human interpretation. There are no moral phenomenon in nature. Only a moral INTERPRETATION of phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

For those who are married but sex no enough, there are better ways to contain or satisfy the urge without getting into terible trouble. They are:

1. Go to a pros. But there is still a danger of contracting VD.

2. Self service. Very safe and also quite satisfactory.

After all, sex, like hunger, is very temporary. Once you got your fill, you are satisfied and do not want more until it build up again the next round and the cycle repeats.

Hence not worth getting into trouble by doing it in ways other than above.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The YOG coming up this year will be the biggest diversion before the 2011 elections.

yamizi said...

"Let those without sin cast the first stone". <---law enforcers and courts of law should close down then =)

Anonymous said...

it piss us when MP can say this happening to successful men as unavoidable. does that means we are unsuccessful? that is an insult! as MP, they should mind their own business and not side with their "friend" affairs! they should not endorse such immorality!

Anonymous said...

While the consensual/private affairs are his own family's business.

The allegations of sexual harassment are more serious. In the United States, that would violate certain harassment laws since he was abusing his own position.

Anonymous said...

in the animal world, these creatures are free to screw around. very natural. in the humanimal, as lucky and some commenters have similarly concluded, humans were happiest when there are sexually liberated. unfortunately, the human specie has evolved. they became organized, not wild. they have created a covenant. the purpose of a covenant is to impose order. the human race generally accepted this covenant. this covenant unfortunately can be too imposing. powers have abused this covenant to repress or oppress those who would stand in their way. but slowly, we are awakening to its abuses.
so yes, generally agree with 3/4 of lucky's post.
fine tune the casting stone bit because, the other extreme is lawlessness.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, (1)there is a difference between adultery with a willing party and coercing a subordinate into a sexual relationship. I agree if an unknown lay man committed adultery, it is a matter for him, his wife and children to resolve. However when a man abuse his power as a boss to extract sex from culpable and young employees, then it is a crime in most first world countries. I am not sure whether it is a crime in Singapore. Even then society should and must condemn such disgusting behaviours. Otherwise, our daughters will not be safe.

(2) there is a difference between an unknown lay person and a high profile, respected and award winning director. In most first world countries, society sets and expects those who hold public office as well as those influential high profile entertainments, sports and other personalities to a higher standard of behaviour and for very good reasons.
I am sure u r aware of those distinctions as well.
Jack Neo deserved to be scrtinised and condemned for his sexual misadventure.

Anonymous said...

in other words, we want those who have disciplined themselves or curb their natural appetites to be at the helm or take on high profile jobs.

reason is very requires tremendous discipline to stave off corruption and keep the system clean.

if you lack this discipline, you must naturally be removed from your high position less you corrupt the entire system and hurt the population or people.

that's why we slam these people in high places!!

Anonymous said...

take our strong man for him or hate him, he has tremendous grit and steel like discipline. this is one of the key characteristic of a good ruler or leader.that's why we are one of the least corrupt society in the world.

Anonymous said...

sexual harrassment? hmm, maybe, maybe not. it's pretty much an open secret that you sleep around to gain some grounds, especially in the entertainment/media/modeling industries. (besides, if it were harrassment, why wait 2 years before revelation? why issue repeated threats about suicide?)

neo's persecution in the media is by people who enjoy proclaiming their moral high ground, and others who enjoy thumbing down at successful people who have fallen from grace, and of course, media sensationalization.

the notion of monogamy be the moral way is a fallacy which begs all to question its fundamentals critically. what is agreeable to you does not necessarily agreeable to others.

if you choose to suffer from on(e)itis, so be it. just be considerate and kind enough not spread your STDs to others.

Anonymous said...

13/3/10 23:07

you have to fight against religious laws to be "sexually free". i am sure, you are aware our english laws, which we have adopted, are religiously motivated?

Anonymous said...

realized in history, dictators and wicked kings were often associated with scandals and perversion?

even martin luther was sexually abusive,i think.

Anonymous said...

bottom line is...if you wanna fcuk around, don't take on high profile jobs lah!!

that's why those low skill workers visit geyland nobody cares

Anonymous said...

the whole thing is overblown, almost seems deliberately, by the 148th media... maybe to distract people and take some heat off the useless pap MPs and ministers who are f**ing up a lot of things hahaha!

recruit ong

Anonymous said...

nothing better to say...fcuk off lah or find a pros to screw lah

Anonymous said...

Religious laws:

Thou shalt not commit adultery

Thou shalt not fornicate!

Anyone object? Raise your cock! LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:00,

Wear a condom please. You should never jump down without a parachute. For God's sake, we even have our very own infamous sex forum: sammyboy.

And you think Singapore men don't fuck around?

Don't be hypocritical. We all know how often you masterbate. Be a man! Be a polygamous man! And be safe too.

Anonymous said...

13/3/10 23:43

hey, the whole world masturbate including your mother, father, sisters, brothers and MM, SM, PM.and all the pastors and priests. LOL

What is your point? LOL

Anonymous said...


he/she is getting "steamed" with all this tok about sex.hahahhaaaa

cannot tahan aleady hahaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that anon 23:47 and 23:49 are the same fucker who are trying to dilute the commentaries time and time again.

Anonymous said...

"And you think Singapore men don't fuck around?"

Read lucky post again. We generally agree with him that men and women fuck around. No prob.

Are you repressed?

Do we need to bring you to geyland? LOL

Anonymous said...

$$$$hey, the whole world masturbate including your mother, father, sisters, brothers and MM, SM, PM.and all the pastors and priests. LOL

What is your point? LOL$$$$$

his point is that he is a closet masturbator worried that his mother or pastor may found him out. but he didn't know his pastor is also doing it.probably jesus also doing it hahahhahahaaaaa

Anonymous said...

"bottom line is...if you wanna fcuk around, don't take on high profile jobs lah!!

that's why those low skill workers visit geyland nobody cares"

Imagine, can we accept our ministers fuking around?

I think ALL HELL will break loose from the opposition side!


Anonymous said...

i dun know man, what if chee soon juan and low thia kiang fark around?

maybe can because the opposition camp seem to be very liberal and forgiving leh. hehe

Anonymous said...


this is a fun topic


Anonymous said...

"Religious laws:

Thou shalt not commit adultery

Thou shalt not fornicate!

Anyone object? Raise your cock! LOL"

No takers? hehe

Anonymous said...

"Imagine, can we accept our ministers fuking around?

I think ALL HELL will break loose from the opposition side!"

then they all(start throwing stones) become religious. :)

you dare deny? :)

Anonymous said...

A married man cheating on his wife is indeed a private family matter for themselves to settle.

But a sexual predator using his authority and power to prey on vulnerable women like his actresses, employees and 16-year-olds... Now that is no longer a private matter that society should turn a blind eye to.

Natural instincts or not, there are certain laws and ethics in place to protect one person from another, and I believe Jack may have crossed that line.

Anonymous said...

So what if Jack had crossed the line? I think he has earned enough to retire, or if not just start again elsewhere. The world is so big and Singapore so small, and with his great talents, where got problem?

The show goes on, in various ways.

Anonymous said...


Monogamy was basically imposed upon us by the British - this law, like sodomy are religiously (Christianity) motivated. And speaking about religiosity, what about the victims of JN? If the stones are not cast at JN, does this mean sparing the wrong at the expense of the victim? Such talk is only fit for megachurches and its members to protect the elites and large financial contributors to their organisations.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about casting stones, in the Bible, it was a lowly no-body - Mary magdalene who was about to be stoned...whereas JN, a person with power and fame, who abused his power and authority to seek sexual favors from young impressionable girls cannot be equated with Mary Magdalene. JN is a serial sex predator, a member of the elite PAP and a prominent Singaporean. Didn't Jesus "cast stones" at the Romans and their Jewish cronies?

Anonymous said...

because of the influence of hypocritical religion here, singaporeans are generally sexually repressed even those who claim to be...liberal.

thus, condemnation is a matter of pushing the right buttons. the worse kind are those who claim they are not christian but quote the bible, realize they have been "throwing stones" from the very beginning but when comes to carnality, the rules do not apply because, they excuse themselves as mere mortals.

how convenient.

to rid this hypocritical diseases, we need to cull religious people starting from the top. people who don't practice what they preach should be jailed and fined. then followed by supporters of such hypocrisy so as to warn others of their idiocy, we should tattoo the word, 'hypocrite' on their forehead as warning to others

next in line will be those who anyhow quote the bible. send them to 10 years in bible college to study hebrew, greek and the latin language. after that, another 10 years working in red light district with their chastity belt padlocked by their mother.

i think this will heal sinkapore of hypocrisy and stupidity. lol

Anonymous said...

"JN is a serial sex predator, a member of the elite PAP and a prominent Singaporean. Didn't Jesus "cast stones" at the Romans and their Jewish cronies?"

Good point. Maybe lucky is PAP elite mole? LOL

Sick of Jack the Bonger said...

jack was predatory, almost paedophilic. he tried to bed a 16-year-old girl!

how would you like it a 50year OLD man tries to seduce your teenage daughter?

when jesus said that let those who have not sinned cast the first stone, i don't think it meant that we should not condemn anybody on all occasions. if that is the case, then we should not condemn people like HITLER!!!

the point is, when good people don't take a stand against immorality, that is akin to condoning. all it takes is for jack's past victims to "mind their own business" and keep his predatory immoral actions to themselves, and MORE VICTIMS will fall prey to Jack.

likewise, if we refrain from critising Jack for his sexual deviation and hypocrisy, other high powered elites will carry on with their immoral activitities.

the excuse that social engineering over the years masks our "natural" inclination to be sexually promiscuous does not hold water. Take a stand, and stick to it. Face the music like a MAN, instead of hiding behind your wife.

Anonymous said...

"Such talk is only fit for megachurches and its members to protect the elites and large financial contributors to their organisations."

Don't be surprised that the most horny people are the pastors( one keeps his fantasy alive by having his wife in lady gaga outfit). That's why they often dwell on grace and the constant reminder to remind people God doesn't remember their sins so you shouldn't either.

That gives them, the elites, spiritual diplomatic immunity - touch not God's anointed or elites

And the elites favorite quote is: You are not under law( don't cast stone) but grace.

What they actually meant to say is: I am not accountable to anyone except my own fantasy!

Anonymous said...

the joke is...there are so many women in these churches supporting crap. hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

spiritual leaders are very repressed lah thats why thousands of priests molesst children, pastors all over the world committing sexual sins. the church people committing adultery and the young people in church fornicating.

cmon. every sunday chant powerful scriptures and can tell people we are OVERCOMERS in god.

pls lah. overcum your headlah! leaders also cannot live it and want to tell followers to keep their organs sanitized.

talk cok man. people who buy (pay good money) into all these power thingie in church ought to go beyond the songs they sing which work their emotion lah.

if only they know what went on behind the church curtains. aiyoh.hahaha

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about the private life of Jack Neo but my respected Minister asked us the rally around him. I am sure he is pleased that we continue to talk about Jack!

Anonymous said...

your respected ministers and jack are both from the elite brigade.

does that mean that you dont care if your ministers fukked around?

maybe george yeo knew about the elites dirty business thats why he stood up for jack? LOL

Anonymous said...

i suspect, a lot of pap people must be farking around. that goes for the opposition.

no wonder lucky stoning. lol

Anonymous said...

Can't even answer a straight question.

Only reason is because Singaporeans have been FUCKED by religion that's why you guys are so impotent politically.

Anonymous said...

"does that mean that you dont care if your ministers fukked around?"

do you know why lucky can't answer that?

Anonymous said...

Lucky, some comments here are totally unwarranted, no relevance and more like the rants of an unsound mind.

The words "Let those without sin throw the first stone" is an invitation to whoever considers himself as never having done wrong, perfect in every sense, judge others who has made mistakes or did something wrong. The sentence is very simple but within itself has so much meaning. Whether it comes from Jesus, the Bible or whoever, there is no reason to attack the church, the believers nor their leaders. Sensible comments can be tolerated but some comments here are pretty offensive to others. Kindly do not use this place to post nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"does that mean that you dont care if your ministers fukked around?"

ERP up...HDB up...immigration up...unemployment up...expenses up...transport up...medical up...etc etc up up and up...
If you haven't notice, singaporeans has been f*** around by the PAP for past 4 years already.

Anonymous said...

"some comments here are totally unwarranted, no relevance and more like the rants of an unsound mind."

So anything that goes against your interpretations of scripture are unsound whereas ridiculing other's beliefs are sound on your terms? Lest we forget Rony Tan.

Isn't that abit rich?

Done That said...

the best place to have multiple affars with no condoms is to join the church! especially the new age type.

Lots of easy targets, impressionable young girls, horny housewives, sexy divorcees.

It is one big sex club.

Anonymous said...

"Let those without sin throw the first stone"

to the uninitiated, there are about THREE LEVEL of interpretation to that quote.

1 the low level
2 the mid level
3 the high level

low level interpretation is usually used on sexual matters. so don't shoot yourself because you too are no saint type of penile argument

mid level interpretation is a bit more sophisticated and viewed from judeo christian perspective

the high level interpretation will demolish all pretentious religious bigots.

Anonymous said...

"the best place to have multiple affars with no condoms is to join the church! especially the new age type.

Lots of easy targets, impressionable young girls, horny housewives, sexy divorcees.

It is one big sex club."

i believe you. :)

seen all that and the GOOD NEWS is...there is grace. how nice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14/3/10 11:27,

can give a straight answer to....

"does that mean that you dont care if your ministers fukked around?"

do you know why lucky can't answer that?

Anonymous said...

What a terrible blog spot. The quality is almost as bad as its commentaries.

Anonymous said...

Ans the question or fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I apologise in advance that this is an off-remark but one of the anonymous commentators mentioned about Pastor Kong's wife dressed in Lady GaGa outfit as seen from Youtube.

I rememmber atteding City Harvest Church in Jurong West. My first visit there and I saw Pastor Kong exhorting the fact that although we may not commit adultery, he reckons the congregation could be making spiritual adultery. He goes on to mention about lusting after a man or woman in our minds.

I was seated on the fifth row and I saw young girls and middle-aged ladies in front of me in...get this: sphagetti straps and tank tops. How do we avoid spiritual adultery when I see that in church? How do I avoid spiritual adultery when I can work out the volume of their melons? Isn't it strange? No, I don't focus on tits when I go to church. But they're there staring at you.

I never returned and knew what a load of hypocrites and how hypocritical Singaporean christians have a tendency of being.


Rialce said...

How come no one expressed views on the female party? Since the girl was Lucky's friend then I suspect she must be highly educated as well and with good social status. Why then did she go into that relationship especially when she had good qualities and did not lack suitors?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the saying "Let those without sin throw the first stone".

Let's think of it this way. Can a person who doesn't know how to cook criticise another's cooking?

Can a citizen criticise the way a politician is running the country?

I believe they can because one's character doesn't affect the vailidity of an argument. Yes, you can accuse them of being hypocrites but hypocrisy has no bearing on whether the argument is strong or weak.

All in all, this article is really weak compared to your previous entries.

Anonymous said...

b4 clinton was jf kennedy, both famous studs

Anonymous said...

The reason why his entries are getting weak is because LUCKY doesn't make a serious effort to moderate the commentaries on his posts. That's why all these crap shit remarks dilutes his assertions. People enjoy blog posts only insofar as the commentaries and the post are solid.

Lucky only got half of it right.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

When you have a moment to meditate on your thoughts, perhaps you want to decide if you wish to be (1) the voice of dis-enfranchised Singaporeans or (2) the voice of the pro-gay, anti-religion, free-sex liberals?

Seriously, is PAP paying you to choose #2?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the message regarding the problem with the Confucianist tendency to flock to the prominent is beginning to be appreciated, though I dare say that most would just ignore it and stick to the tradition of couching themselves at the feet of the prominent figures since it spares them the tedium of thought and reflection - Confucian states breed 'followers' as opposed to 'thinkers'.

Anonymous said...

To Anon
14/3/10 20:43

"Let's think of it this way. Can a person who doesn't know how to cook criticise another's cooking?

Can a citizen criticise the way a politician is running the country?"

I don't agree because your above statements are not what is meant by "Let those without sins throw the first stone." Here the subject is not about criticism, but rather on morality. JN has done something immoral affecting his personal life and all the baggage that comes with it. So who amongst those who wants to hurl insults and character assassinate him must first take a deep look within him or her self and see their own imperfections. If their conscience is clear and they think they are perfect, then by all means throw the stone at JN.

He is human just like anyone of us and thereby have human failings and weaknesses. There are many who will cast stones at JN but should you also take pride in having been a party to this? If he has done wrong, he has to suffer for it, as we have already seen. He has hurt his wife and children and his future may be affected. That is his punishment and try also to see beyond that. One cannot deny his talents and hopefully he will learn from the experience and be the better man for it.

Anonymous said...

2 xchrist,
put it this way, if jesus is among us today, he wouldnt attend any of our church nor set one up.

to hypocrisy has no bearing on truth or not is similar to saying a pros is as credible condemning her own kind as much as an old ugly hag no man wants to screw

Anonymous said...

"One cannot deny his talents and hopefully he will learn from the experience and be the better man for it."

once we think that someone is indispensable, corruption sets it.

the gov was quick to remove a former pres after he similarly misbehaved.

Anonymous said...

once we think that someone is indispensable, corruption sets IN

Anonymous said...

Jack is value here because he spells $$$$

So we say...let's close one eye to those who also spell $$$$

but for a poor man who also can be talented, juggling balls..., he would have been flogged to death.

Anonymous said...

yeah...juggling a minister's balls.. LOL

Anonymous said...

he is a ...jack of all trade what. hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

People will say, he licked balls. the stick got a hard on but was found to be impotent or failed to ejaculate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry off topic....just need somebody to verify whether the taxable gross income has decreased..... I remembered earning 1800 when I first graduated and later 2000 and i dun have to pay a single the taxable income used to be above 30k a is above 22k.....

woman said...

i posted on aware.

i wrote something in AWARE website to this effect

i said,

dont just tell us what most of us know, tell us what action you intend to take or is it just talk and more...awareness?

they didnt allow that to be posted.

wah, these women so UPPER and big deal one ah? i think hor, they expect everyone must be so educated and must write like lawyers or doctors than can post hor

no wonder women here feel so...represented and protected.

Anonymous said...

thats why i say, lucky vedery good aleady. bad england and low class coffeshop style talk like me also can postmone. lucky so inclucive one hooor(sekali praise aledy change tac hehe).


aiyah, if they one hear nice and good things not criticise them, good luck to women lor. no wonder so much dirt going on with women. only know how to beat up and trash men and neber see ugly face in mirror LOL

see your face, see your UGLY face, jack say one. LOL

Anonymous said...

Lucky good? Lucky no guts to answer question. He very FISHY leh. HaHaHa.

Anonymous said...

So engaging :)

Anonymous said...

Here's another immorality. Ministers salaries are increased in this current recession even though they did not perform.

They're getting so vile and greedy, it's almost sinful.

Anonymous said...

"They're getting so vile and greedy, it's almost sinful."

15/3/10 19:18

But they will win again at next elections, right? So does it matter?

Ghost said...

Frankly Jack Neo is just a case of a rich, powerful man in the movie industry who had an affair. It hardly that uncommon.

Anonymous said...

"Frankly Jack Neo is just a case of a rich, powerful man in the movie industry who had an affair. It hardly that uncommon."

15/3/10 21:08

But it is also uncommon to get exposed and whacked until like that, right?

Why Jack Neo so stupid one don't know how to cover up properly and some more make it worse ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:32,

If nothing we do matters or makes a difference, why the fuck are you replying in the first place, you dumbass?

Anonymous said...


For a dumbass like u who don't know, that's why.

Anonymous said...

some ppl then ass blain. dun know how read is it?

Anonymous said...

So now morality, as in the pledge, is an aspiration, not an ideal?

Anonymous said...

Morality is a devil's idea. But God' s idea is not immorality.
Are you confused already?

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:08,

Spare us your compassion. Oraka mono! If the PAPies were to apply your logic that anything they do won't make a difference, you won't be writing that. So when you apply one rule, make sure you apply it consistently.

It is one thing to be a dumbass and inflict posters with your nihilism and it's another to be arrogantly dogmatic to the point you're blind to feedback and improvement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:10,

Are you writng English? We can't understand what you're writing about. Please improve your grammar. But do that outside the blog first before you use this blog as a blackboard to practise learning English.

Anonymous said...

Something I like to lend myself too.

George Yeo ratted on Jack Neo to reestablish the lost in the credibility of the mainstream?

When this issue and the upcoming Youth Olympic Games are played up, everyone will foget all the errors that the PAPies made the last 10 years. People are current;y aware of the shit that has been happening in the past 5 years 'cos TOC, TemaseK Review, etc. have been reporting things.

Falling readership in Straits Times and the New Paper, calls more sensationalized news so that the public could get it first hand from these papers. They're building a niche area, my friends.

But no worries, PAP will lose badly. It will so bad, the Strait Times can't even hide it. The time has come to breather a new and freer air. You can't expect SIngaporeans to breathe Ho Ching, LKY, GCT, LHL, Wong Kan Seng, Lim Swee Suay, Raymond and this INCONSISTENT reasoner, MBT's breathe for time immemorial.

Anonymous said...

You think our opposition fuck around? You think PAP fuck around like Jack?Can we accept if they do?

Anonymous said...

court now said you can fuk legitimately, not bad. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Everybody fucks around. Don't pretend lah. Every girl who doesn't fuck around lust at the thought of fucking some men. Women buy vibrators if they can't get a man. If they're too shy with a vibrator, they will use their fingers.

I's human nature to fuck. And there's no big deal about it. The problem started long ago because religions wanted to undo men and women and deny them carnal pleasures. By getting their followers to say "no" to their sexual instincts, the priest was able to control the populace because, you see, it is impossible to not think about sex. Women think about sex more than men. Just look at how they dress. Singapore women dress to entice, allure or seduce the eyes of their conunterparts.

Women, on the other hand, undress men with their eyes - for a few seconds.

It's a natural world but some people are trying hard to make it a supernatural world. Fuck that shit, y'all!

Anonymous said...

"Women buy vibrators if they can't get a man. If they're too shy with a vibrator, they will use their fingers."

Anon above,

Wow, this is very safe from VD, satisfying and also don't get victimised (no embarassment, no guilt etc) too! All in one.

Highly recommended from a non doctor and no religion Joe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is very safe from VD, satisfying and also don't get victimised (no embarassment, no guilt etc) too! All in one.

You do your mother? I am sure she appreciate the saving.

Anonymous said...

i bet opposition leaders fuckk around. time to track them.

Anonymous said...

they not only fuk around, they enjoy self fuking too

Anonymous said...


You are worse than animal to say such things and maybe even have done it.

Anonymous said...

thts how you deal with animals. you start, we follow. punch for punch

Anonymous said...

This is getting better than sammyboy! hahaha

Anonymous said...

What if Jack had divorce his wife and marry that 22 yr old ? Then she wouldn't have called in the press and create all this hoohaa? Did her father condone her actions and was so proud that she was able to bed Jack and therefore should be there to give her moral support or was it to extract that pound of flesh?

As for #02, she got away with only cock-teasing Jack, so why now publicise her own stupidity? Just to get her minute of fame?

A dumb belle is born every minute!

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:06,

A woman will never be satisfied unless a penis enters her. So a vibrator ain't enough in the long run for sexual satiation. It's not natural to put a cucumber in one's pussy.

He who marries his hand will not be satisfied. I'd say, "Get as many girlfriends. Fuck as much as you want, but please...wear a rubber!"

If you are afraid to get VD, then don't drive a car. The odds of you getting hit by a car is higher than you getting VD.

If you may be driving safely but if the other 4 cars surrounding are not doing their part, you will be hurt or killed by their negligence.

People don't fuck everyday. But people travel almost every day especially motorist. Are we then to ban motorist from driving? Does this sound resoanable to you?

Humans are sexual beings and to tell them to practise abstinence is to tell them not to breathe. After the first few seconds, it's OK. But over time, you'll would want to release it. And it's healthy. But to suppress it would result in repression. It is not healthy.

Do you expect me to wait until all the traffic lights turn green before I move my car? Surely not. But travel I will and fuck I will.

Otherwise you're gonna get yourself like all these old chee ko pek who didn't fuck enough when they were young, they evolve to be perverted.

On the other hand, you can't always be doing push-ups all your life, could you? You need a balance. Fuck you must. But be first, please.

But don't spend all your energy on sex. There are other interesting things to do in life, ya? Sex is but one of them. I think it would be better to manage our sexual energy and transform that energy into something creative. It'll be more productive and fruitful in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Anon 07:48

Are you woman or ah kua?

If u are, point noted. If not, don't talk penis enter satisfied.

Anonymous said...

The FACT is, Morality is as debatable as whether Durian smells good or bad. Morality is tagged to levels of acceptance and tolerance and therefore subjective. It is however good to discuss and debate the Subject, it is a good talking point.