Monday, March 01, 2010

MSM becomes friendlier to Chee....

In June 2008, Straits Times published an article that told us Chee may be me suffering from "anti-social personality disorder"[Link] - this article and many others over the years attempted to paint Chee as a suspicious character from the political fringe. Yesterday's Sunday Times coverage of the SDP's 30th Anniversary (SDP Marks its 30th year) and Chee's ZaoBao interview[here] along with a smiling confident looking photo of him gives us the impression that something has changed in the MSM.

The article above appeared in the Straits Times today allowed Chee to clarify a number of issues - where he gets his funding and Chiam's exit from the SDP. I'm not too sure what to make of all this since the editors of the papers are still the same people and there is not yet enough evidence to be convinced that they have suddenly become completely objective in their reporting. What I don't believe is that any of this happened without careful thought and a purpose. With an unfriendly MSM, the SDP has had to harness the Internet to reach out to supporters and recruit new members. Today you can access its websites, youtube videos and its articles are replicated in numerous forums and blogs. The next election will see a younger generation born after 1965 forming more than 50% of the voters - this generation, better educated, more widely travelled and less susceptible to simple propaganda....perhaps all these factors led to a change in the MSM coverage of Chee. Tossing names at Chee like one old man did calling him "a near-psychopath" may actually backfire these days.

Martyn See wrote about all this change in attitude of the MSM in his blog(The coming around of Chee Soon Juan and SDP? ) suggested that the change may be due to:

"Perhaps there is a tacit recognition that a bankrupted Chee is already a spent force and thus not a political threat? Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew, after clashing with the Chee siblings in court, saw for himself horns didn’t grow out of their skulls? Perhaps the political desks of ST and Zaobao needed to fill their quotas of articles per month...."

I don't think Chee is a spent force - if anything, his fight for democracy has taken on greater relevance and popularity given the tranformation that has taken place in many asian countries such as S. Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

Treatment of Chee by the MSM aside, there is something I found extremely disturbing in Martyn See's posting:

"Five years ago in the police station, I was interrogated by the police over the making of my documentary Singapore Rebel. Photographs and minutes of the Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) meetings and activities were produced in front me, and I was asked to identify faces in those snapshots. How did the photographs and minutes end up with the police? Did the police have moles planted in the opposition? Is Lee Kuan Yew an autocrat? You go figure."

If the above is true, the national intelligence agencies may have been used to spy on PAP's political opponents. This is an abuse of power - instead of hunting down Mas Selamat's buddies they have infiltrated Chee's SDP......even if there is abuse, why must they waste resources on this when MM Lee called Chee a "political juvenile" and thus not a real political threat? Is Lee Kuan Yew an autocrat? Hmmm....has there been any doubt of that!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky,

There's a psychological rule at play. I can' figure it out as well. I suppose the government wants to paint itself in soft strokes before the election. I don't know really. Perchance, it has something to do with the need to instil the idea about the upcoming 9? NMPs to be elected for this election. And the need to then ride on the contrast of this Chee's interview and the post experience of the new 9 NMPs when they come in after this election.

I am also speculating here from the rather soft budget we had that there won't be an election this year for two reasons. PAP wants the FT saga to die down, at least, water it substantially down. It seeks to ride on the natural upswing of the global market to report that things are well. (Don't get me wrong, I'm all for good days. What I'm not for is HOW the government presents the information).

My skepticism of the government lies on two core tenets. The government doesn't appreciate basic human rights such an entitlement to a decent minimum wage that would allow me to survive at the minimal cost should something happens to me unknowingly in the future. I mean I don't have a personal doctor, a nutrionist, a family lawyer, etc. unlike some people I know who don't have to deal with some of the harsher sides that is the nature of life.

Also, it's amazing to see that we have journalists and politicians who are psychoanalysts wannabes. What's more amazing is that they can issue a description of the diagnosis? I wonder what's stopping from taking the next further step of issuing a prescription.

Anyhow, I'm planning to migrate. No offence guys, but apart from finding most Singaporeans, vain and politically apathetic, I find them timid and morally inept to do what they know is right.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1/3/10 09:13,

leaving is for sure if PAP is to withhold power for the next ten years, but you want to make sure that you use your network outside Singapore to hit them whenever possible.

Remember the PAP Singapore system owes you a lot - your time wasted in NS, and the resources you should get as a citizen but given freely by PAP to the foreigners.

Alan Wong said...

I think it has to do with the people's growing disillusionment with PAP leaders on one hand while on the other hand more Singaporeans are begining to realise that we should give more credit to CSJ for whatever he had done, even if we believe that he is the devil that LKY has made him out to be.

When we look at the scale of things especially when we start to compare the benefits of an SIA plane equipped with a hospital services with that petty taxi fare and a few extra stamps, who is the greater devil among the two, may I ask ?

When he is able to enjoy his couple of million-dollar annual salaries at the expense and suffering of others (like those held in detention under Operation Coldstore) how noble can our angel be ?

Deity of Conflict said...

"Did the police have moles planted in the opposition?"

Ever heard of this gadget called a button camera?

It was surveillance tool used in the Cold War.
I wouldn't be surprised if a modern day digital version is used now.

Yes, it is an open secret amongst the older Singaporeans that there exists a spy network in this country under the party to spy on their own people.

It is a tale that exists from 1960s to today. That is why I was slapped in face everytime when I was young, I commented on the why party does that.

Oh yeah, I was sore with my parents (now they are dead) for that when I was older.

I am willing to bet that this practise is going till today.

We are being beaten by own parents into political apathetic people!

It is like the story of the Dragon Slayer- The knights retaliate the dragon for terrorizing the village. The villages instead of sending the knight to kill the dragon in the lair. Chases off the knights for fighting the dragon. They would rather sacrifice 1 innocent to the dragon than just kill the dragon once and for all.

(Hint: Why? Unless the Knight comes with armoured piercing rockets and tanks. The village simply do not have any form of confidence other then reliance on technology. They would rather let their chances to allow the dragon terrorize them.)

Now does that sound familiar ?

Yes! That is a reflection of our people!

They will not fight until they have overwhelming odds which is an uphill task. Considering that party moves at 3 steps infront of the alternate party.

(Oh yeah, I used the party and the alternate party. Opposition is just too strong a word. We need not to oppose, we can opt for an alternate party)

Morale plays a vital part every battle. This is no exception.

A technologically advanced force with low morale and extreme reliance on high-tech gadgets is certainly no match for a highly motivated, highly trained, moderate tech force.

We are being castrated and sterilized politically so that we cannot be involved.

But politics, country policies and livelihood are all intertwined.
The more we ignore, the chances us having no future here.

Yes, if anyone who wants to emigrate. GO.

But considers this, this is your country, this is your land.

Where are you going off to ?
The embassies will make you go through many steps, will ask how will you contribute their country and swear an oath of loyalty to their country.

What do you know their land ?

Watch a DVD and quote everything off it ?

Anonymous said...

In the US states dept annual report, the US accused Singapore of abusing the ISD for political purposes. To date, Singapore has not protested nor denied this accusation.
It is so blatantly obvious that the ISD is nothing more than a secret police outfit taking direct orders from LKY to maintain his stranglehold on power. He even used the ISD to spy on his own colleagues like Dr Toh Chin Chye, Ong Pang Boon and I heard Goh Chok Tong. Goh Chok Tong is a nephew of Ong Pang Boon whom Lee Kuan Yew treated with suspicision all these years.

Anonymous said...

This shift in the position of the MSM can be interpreted in the following way :

1. The declining patronage and negative perception of the MSM. They have to arrest this before it is too late.

2. A risky strategy to wean off the youngsters from their total reliance on internet news and alternative views. There are indications that the pap is losing huge grounds amongst this group. As much as 90% of these people are against them.

3. The liberals have won and they are undoing some of the harsh agendas of Lee Kuan Yew. LKY and the sick LHL is losing grounds within the party heirachy. Tony Tan is no fan of LHL. He once resigned from Cabinet due to LHL's arrogant and abusive ways. He stepped down when LHL took over as PM. So he could be pushing his own agenda.

4. Lee Kuan Yew changed of heart to allow more than 10 oppositions into parliament as a sorts of check and balance. Remember he urged CSJ to get into parliament in their encounter in court. LKY may have now relised thru his daughter that lots of the papist elites are useless and he is fearful that the moment he is dead they will misbehave. Recently he mentioned about ensuring that the institutions are in place. However I am not inclined to belief that a leopard can changed its' spots.

5. They are under tremendous pressures from the FreeWest. Look at the comment from the American ambassador designate.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised the gahmen infiltrated SDP and any organisation. When I was studying overseas, one of my friend's roommate was a mole, reporting what S'porean students said about the gahmen and the country.

Anonymous said...

The PAP moles are also at the Hong Lim Park whenever there is a speech. You can see them with their short or crew haircut and wearing office wear and loitering around the park, and then sitting near you trying to overhear what you are saying to other people..
LKY has made Singapore into a North Korean regime, no doubts about that ! Like a leopard, he will never change his spots.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deity of Conflict,

With regard to:

"Yes, it is an open secret amongst the older Singaporeans that there exists a spy network in this country under the party to spy on their own people. "

If you watch Said Zahari's 17 years of injustice under Operation Coldstore, you will find out that his ceiling house fan was tapped.

This is definitely going in Singapore. The government is even aware that Singaporeans go over to Indonesia for cheap virgins and teenage sex. Hence the law that prohibited underage sex was passed about 3 years ago. It was also along the same time when the US was hot on the heels of paedophiles and underage sex. This tapping is not new. Go to Geylang odd lorongs and you'll see police cameras positioned there by the side streets. Undercover cops roam freely on Friday nights. Go to Desker Road and you'll see a small towering camera overlooking the legalised brothels. And there's many more. Do you remember that a year and half back, it was imperative for pre-paid card users to register their pre-paid cards. This wasn't the case in the past. At one point in time (I don't know if that is the case now, could someone verify this?), you need to show your i/c when you apply for your first Ezlink card? Did you know that your Ezlink card carries with it a history of all the train spots you have been travelling since the day you bought that card. Your passport is now an electronic passport. This means you can track wherever you go with that red book. What makes you think that your phone lines are no tapped? CSJ is heavily tapped. And they say, they don't know where he gets his some of his financial support. I don't even he gets much financial support to begin with as he has been made a bankrupt and any cash that is wired into his account would definitely be frozen.

Our country does not run on honesty, gentlemen. Not of meritocracy. It's always been LEEtocracy. Singapore is not a country. It is a corporation with PM LEE heading the Singapore Inc. All motives now are for profit maximization. Ministers get sinful bonuses at the expense of developing Singaporeans. Their values are turned upside down. PAP will eventually lose its seat, not in this election though but by 2021. By then, they would have amassed so much money, bonuses and properties internally and overseas, for a 3 generations that it's no longer BIG DEAL for them to lose.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39,

Well said. Some keen insights, you have there, especially the part about addressing the negative perception on MSM.

Deity of Conflict said...

I am aware of the treachery involved.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23,

My moral consciousness is intimately linked to my political consciousness. What does that mean? It means that I can't be fully moral, i.e. I can't fully express my moral actions when I'm in a system that politically inhibits me to be a moral agent at full capacity. When the system punishes people for speaking out against hypocrisy (just look at the evolving reasons offered for the suffocating supply of FTs and the unaffordable HDB flats), oppression (no freedom of expression) and the lack of basic human rights (minimum wage and my right to use my CPF savings as I deem fit, etc. and many more examples); I can't be maximal moral agent.

So I'm leaving without a heavy heart. As I know I'm doing the right thing for my future and my future generation. You may go on to build a country based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for out nation.

I am doing just that. But not in Singapore. The universe is my home.

Anonymous said...

He has a supportive family. That's very important for an opposition politician's sanity in Singapore's context.

Anonymous said...

i have no doubt the coverage on Dr Chee is just continuing the character assassination on Chee.

there is nothing flattering in the article about Chee, just the usual vague unsubstantiated claims of foreign backers and hidden motives and so on.

recruit ong

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:28,

Before you jump the guns and attack LKY, you need to be fair about your assessment of US.

You seem to have forgotten a lot of the wrongs the US did. Let me remind you.

US sponsored the Afghans and Osama ben Laden against Russia in the Russian and Afghanistan war. Then they switched sides.

The US killed more than 3 million Vietnamese in the Vietnam War. They sprayed poison pesticides on the Vietnamese crops using their aircraft and thousands of Vietnamese children were born handicapped.

The US went against the United Nations agreement NOT to atttack Iraq for suspected weapons of mass destruction. After more than a decade, no weapons of mass destruction was found.

And I haven't started on Chile, Rwanda, El Cuardo, Panama, Mexico, Honduras, etc.

Yes, LKY is a devil. But US is father of all devils. That makes LKY almost like a saint (I'm NOT justifying LKY's ISD though).

Anonymous said...

Pre-election days...ANYTHING is possible :)

Anonymous said...

Govt playing good cop, bad cop. They realise that too much bad mouthing and public "tekaning" of opposition can backfire on them, just like with the Gomez incident during 2006 elections. PAP does not want masses to think they resort to bullying --- a fierce character who can smash you with the law -- yes, but not as an image of a school "sam seng".

SPH cannot print anything they like, even if it is not against the written law. There are many many OB markers they need to observe. Every week, the chief editor and editors are briefed by officials from MITA on what to focus on, what not to publish. My friend's dad was an editor with SPH before retirement, and this was one of the internal secrets they had to perform.

Anonymous said...

There are moles in the armed forces and universities' organizations, in particular christian groups. Many moles penetrated the churches and result in the splitting of the churches.

Those moles are also controlled by the Freemasons and the Illuminati, whether directly or indirectly.

Christopher Story said...

Former Assistant Secretary to US Treasury


Anonymous said...

To Anon 1/3/10 14:07

Sure the papist leegime not only don't go around the world victimising foreigners, they went out of their way to welcome foreingers into Singapore to give hell to Singaporeans. The papist also tend to treat foreigners better than Singaporeans. That must be a world first.

On the other hand the Americans don't go around jailing their own citizens for doing what is expected of them by exercising their constitutional rights like what Lee Kuan Yew did to Singaporeans. Those who opposed LKY including people who help him founded the pap were locked away for donkey years without trial and treated worst than convicted criminals. Innocent and patriotic young Singaporeans were harassed charged and jail for walking with placards on the streets.
So who has treated their citizens better - Lee Kuan Yew or the Americans ? Do u still think Lee Kuan Yew is a saint compare to the Americans ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, as compared to the Americans, definitely. LKY pales in comparison. How many dead bodies did LKY leave? None. I am not an LKY fan but if something is not right, I will say so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:12,

You have been watching too much conspiracy theories. That Illuminati thing functions well in US and UK. It is possible that it happens in the local evangelical movement that is taking place in Singapore. You need to substantiate this though. The influence of rock music into modern day new christian churches has been traced to the works of the Illuminate. That would be a reasonable justification if you're wondering what I'm getting at.

Anonymous said...

Where was the MSM when Dr Chee was sent to the Queenstown Prison? Where was the SMS was Dr Chee interrogated LKY in a court of law? Where was the SMS when Dr Chee was made bankrupt? Fuck the Straits Times. All you guys should buy a copy of it and burn it. Tell your family members and friends not to buy the lies and lop-sided reporting that is the Straits Times. When the "WOrld without Borders" has ranked ST below 160 at world rankings for accurate and responsible reporting, you still peek a boo at it? You would pay a buck for such slanted reporting.

It's the States Times. It has never been the Straits Times.

Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

To anon 1/3/10 20:26

I can only conclude that u r a foreigner. No native Singaporeans saved those who licked and sucked the pap will consider LKY a saint. To the vast majority of Singaporeans he is an evil monster.

Singaporeans cannot do anything about American foreign policy but Singaporeans can certainly do alot to teach LKY and his pap a lesson not to treat them like dirts.
Vote for Change Vote out the pap.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew don't trust Archibishop Gregory Yong. He has to bang the table to subdue GY in the Catholic Maxist Fiasco. So he encouraged and facilitated the development of independent evangelical churches in Singapore to dilute the power of the more Christian establishments.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Can Dr Chee stand for election?
I don't think so. (I may be mistaken)

Does infighting and dilution of opposition support (between the various parties) benefit PAP?

When it comes to politics I think you have some way to go.

The solution is of course to issue a fatwa on anyone who disagrees with you.

Mr Anon 1/3/10 22:16

So he encouraged and facilitated the development of independent evangelical churches in Singapore to dilute the power of the more Christian establishments.

Eh, I can assure you that evangelical churches who did not kiss his arse had the short end of the stick too.

Anonymous said...

anon 1/3/10 22:16.

"...encouraged and facilitated the development of independent evangelical churches in Singapore to dilute the power of the more Christian establishments."


Anonymous said...

"If we had considered them (Low Thia Kiang and Chiam See Tong) serious political figures, we would not have kept them politically alive for so long. We could have bankrupt them earlier.”
- Lee Kuan Yew on political opposition, Straits Times, Sept 14 2003

The only conclusion is that Chee is a serious political figure in LKY's eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 22:12,

Your hatred of LKY has blinded your objectivity. You suppose that I should agree with your view as if it's an all-consuming and all-governing perspective.

As long as the PAP wins this coming election, rest assured, my question to you then will remain this same today.

Who voted them in? The Communists? Or the Singaporean himself? So don't tell me the majority of Singaporeans hate LKY. The prove is in the numbers. An overwhelming lack of popularity for LKY would be indicated in the polls regardless of walkovers. There is a large anti-PAP voters out there. But the slightly larger group is still the PAP voters.

And until the scale tips the other way, I don't buy your take that the majority of Singaporeans hate LKY.

That's simply not true. And you know it.

Anonymous said...

We are all forgeting that any chinese who was recruited and worked for the Kempetai during the Japanese occupation, cannot be a true patriot but a traitor. Anyone who puts his own family and his own survival ahead of the people can never be put in the same category of great leaders like Mandela or Ghandi because what ever he does is with a selfish interest. Such a person is no different from Saddam or Kim. Just compare the similarity of the succession of their sons. The internet and the recent availability of the archives in Britain is sheding true light into the cunningness of the politicians. Anyway politics is never clean not is there a honest politician

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:16,

With a mind like yours, you should be in politics. I never saw that point of view. But I must say it is very tenable. The problem starts when those independent churches such as New Creation (sounds almost heretical) and City Harvest gain landslides victory among the heartlanders. What would they then do?

My take on this is that more and more Singaporeans will be freethinkers rather than christians in the long term. I expect a few peaks in the short term for local christianity as they are funded by the american evangelical institutions. They've been trying to do that in Japan but with abysmal results. Japanese do not suffer from the Judaeo-Christian guilt trips.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anon 2:58,

Did LKY really said that? I'm stumped. That's some serious shit. Can you provide some link or evidence, please? It's worse than: "If the native spurs are not in their hinds, that's their problem. [sic]"

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36,

I'm sorry. But I'm ignorant of this. Could you point to me evidence that LKY joined the Kempetai? Or is this just a rumor?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.03 and anon 9.04, looks like both of you need to brush up on your history. Google is your friend. While you are at it, include SR Nathan too.

makan$$ said...

Hi Lucky,
MSM has to do a lot more to convince me. For a start, publish the fact LKY and Nathan served the enemies during the occupation of Singapore. Mind-boggling right ? LKY a former PM and currently Mentor and Nathan the President.
It gets better with LHL as PM.

The other thing MSM can do is to facilitate a live debate between Chee and LKY + son.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:44,

So much for being a gracious Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Wiki says:
During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, Nathan worked for the Japanese civilian police as a translator. (I never knew nathan was fluent in Japanese)

During the occupation, he operated a successful black market business selling tapioca-based glue called Stikfas.[7] Having taken Chinese and Japanese lessons since 1942, he was able to find work transcribing Allied wire reports for the Japanese, as well as being the English-language editor on the Japanese Hodobu (報道部 — an information or propaganda department) from 1943 to 1944.

I do not think anyone or any organisation will explicitely say that they worked for the Kempetai. Translator is more likely.

Anonymous said...

To anon 2/3/10 08:35

Sure the proof is in the numbers. And the numbers said that less than half of all eligible Singaporean voted for the pap.
Just to help u get this number right. Get the total number of eligible electors from the PM office. Also get how many Singaporeans have a chance to vote in the last election. Take the number who voted for the pap and take a % of this over the total number of eligible voters.
Ignorant fools like u still have a long way to go to purge all the propaganda shits LKY has pumped into your heads over the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

To anon 1/3/10 20:26

An American being imprisoned without trial longer than Chia Thye Poh or Dr Lim Hock Siew ?

Anonymous said...

All those who want confirmation that Lee Kuan Yew and SR Nathan worked for the Japanese Occupiers during WW2 should just go read the two volumes memoirs written by Lee Kuan Yew. In it, he described his early childhood of being punished by his father who hold him by his legs and hanged him over a deep well. Very scary indeed for a 4 or 5 years old. That is why he is so paranoid. He also described about his works for the Japanese as a translator and how towards the end of the war, the Japanese were suspicious of him. They trailed him for days. I suspected he was a double agent for the British as well, though he did not wrote on that. Fact is immediately after the war with the money he made from operating in the black market he bought over the V8 car used by the Japanese Military Commander in Singapore. In the book there is also a photo showing him driving his then girlfriend Kwa Geok Choo around with the car.
He then was given the privilege to ride on a British Warship to London to do his law in Cambridge where he was adopted by the British Labour Party. This relationship worked both ways. First he and the British worked together to prevent the leftists from taking over Singapore during the era where Independent from colonial masters were the battle cry of the day. He also used his close relationship with Sir Harold Wilson to pressure Tengku Abdul Rahman, the then PM of Malaysia when Singapore was part of it, not to imprison him under the ISA as demanded by the ultras in UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:07,

You need a lesson of statistics. The average number of votes for the last election was approxinately 65%. If we are reading the same figures differently, obviously your command of the English language is poor.

If you would like me to be gracious, sure I can offer you that. But it takes two hands to clap.

Anonymous said...

To anon 2/3/10 13:33

What % of Singaporeans have a chance to vote in the last GE ?

Go do your homework and u will realise that we have a government which don't even command 50% of the eligible voters.

Anonymous said...

In the past
I supported LKY and his pap
Then I was blind and dumb.
Now my eyes are wide open
And my minds cleared
Of the garbages
Pumped in by the papist
I hate LKY and his pap
I want Change,
I want to vote out pap

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee is really something.. I respect his determination.

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:09,

I was refering to those who DID vote.

runroad said...

It would be truly astounding if Dr. Chee and the SDP were not plastered with every possible spying device a modern state can lay its hands on. If ISD has not attempted to plant (and probably succeeded) its operatives in the SDP I shall willingly eat my hat and yours too. Remember that it is Singapore Technologies and its associates that have no qualms in supplying all the communications spy gear used by the Burmese Military Junta to oppress Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese people.

I'm sure Dr. Chee is perfectly intelligent enough to know all of this and takes appropriate precautions with sensitive information. Otherwise the SDP would not be canny enough to wrong-foot and make a monkey of PAP time after time and leave them floundering encounter after encounter. The introduction of CCTV at (ha-ha) Speaker's Corner and the Public Order Act is testimony to the success of SDP tactics in bearding the tiger in its own den.

So what do we make of this allegedly mellower ST approach to the dreaded Doctor? Nothing. Nothing has changed apart from wiser heads realising that they've over-played their hand and the business of 60s-style petty harassment has lost its power to intimidate and in is in fact creating negative PR. The weapons that the authoritarian state has relied upon for 50 years like imprisonment without trial and engineered bankruptcy lawsuits are beginning to lose their edge. Sympathy for the persecuted is what they now generate.

An increasingly wired generation with informed comment a mouse-click away cannot have the wool pulled over their eyes any longer. Now that they can read for themselves the story of the persecution of dissidents by the incumbent, Dr. Chee is in fact glaringly conspicuous by his absence from the pages of the MSM. That feeds the suspicion that the authorities DO indeed have something to hide which is why they are gagging him. The smart thing to do (as has now been done) is to make the best of a bad situation and allow the SDP some innocuous press coverage which can be pointed to if necessary to counter charges of bias and censorship.

Make no mistake though, you'll not be seeing SDP's manifesto published in the ST any time soon. It is without doubt now the most formidable political opponent that PAP and its dying founder has encountered since the Barisan Socialis. Its time in the sun cannot be far off.

Anonymous said...

I attended an SDP dinner event some time back. One bespectacled middle aged guy who always seem to be at every SDP event including the WB-IMF protest at Speaker's Corner in 2006 was suspiciously keen to get hold of the guest list which included the guests' phone and email. Monica Kumar didn't have a clue who he was.

Granted it was an RSVP event and there was nothing secretive but I wished the SDP would be more careful with documents like these.

Anonymous said...

the national intelligence agencies may have been used to spy on PAP's political opponents.

In America, this is sufficient cause for the President to lose his job; cf. Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal.

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