Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Singapore Needs Better Leadership.....

We were once told that our top leadership had something rare called 'helicopter vision', a term used to describe their abilities as super visionaries able to see far beyond what ordinary Singaporeans can. During the debate on minister's pay, it was argued that they were extraordinary men who made a painful sacrifice to serve the people for a mere couple of millions. What we actually saw in the past 3-4 years was leadership that had problems acknowledging the problems of ordinary Singaporeans let alone solve them. When HDB flats rose sharply, they kept insisting that it was still affordable instead doing something about the supply. When ordinary Singaporeans raised the problems of overcrowded public transport during peak hours, they again denied there were any problems - it was netizens who diligently analysed the situation to show that there was a massive rise in population without corresponding increase in capacity.

They pursued a short term strategy for generating economic growth by importing foreign labor exacerbating our society's most serious problem - income inequality. Thousands of Singapore households have fallen into poverty and we are beginning to see homelessness among Singaporeans. We do not just have a bad income gap problem, we have the WORSE income gap among developed countries (bar chart from Online Citizen):

The income gap is not a new problem - it has been around for more than a decade. However, instead of implementing measures to help narrow the gap such as minimum wages and safety nets, they implemented policies that worsened the situation - liberal immigration policies, regressive taxation (GST) and reduction of workers' benefits. We are not only seeing rising poverty but the emergence of an ultra-underclass among us.

As citizens, we cannot continue to wait and hope that the govt will start to do something about the problems we face. The PAP govt with its diversified interests (GLCs etc) rarely put the well- being of ordinary Singaporeans at heart of policy making..... what we have are healthcare policies that shift as much burden to the sick and families of the sick, labor policy that tells Singaporean workers to make themselves cheaper (, better, faster) and imports foreign workers excessively to keep wages down, transport policies that generates more revenue as congestion worsens and costly public housing that results in a lifetime of debt for young couples.

We cannot allow our thoughts to be shaped by the govt controlled media and our votes to be bought by estate upgrading. We cannot depend on the PAP to overcome its ideological constraints and reliance on old tired formulas for change while our fellow Singaporeans struggle to make ends meet. These leaders who demand millions cannot even understand the problems Singaporeans have to struggle with day after day. At the end of the day what is needed from them is what money cannot buy - real integrity, empathy, care, respect and humility.

The other day SM Goh gave a speech in which he said our leaders need to be tough and not 'strawberries'. Who can be tougher than people who kept coming back with their heads held high after they were jailed and bankrupted for their determination to do what is right. Who is tougher than the man risks everything to stand up in a climate of fear to speak against what is wrong in our society.


Anonymous said...

We, the RESIDENTS of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people; regardless of race, language, religion AND NATIONALITY, to build a democratic society, based on DEPRESSED WAGES AND INCOME INEQUALITY, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our MINISTERS, WHOSE SALARIES ARE PEGGED ONLY TO GDP GROWTH.

Anonymous said...

Imagine $ingapore is a company. We are the boss and the garmen is the sales people. The sales people demands to peg their salary to business (GDP) they bring in.

However, now the boss has found out that he forgot to consider the cost factor in the salary and commission equation.

The sales people (garmen) has been increasing the business (GDP) without giving any consideration to the cost.

Do you think the company can survive with these 'FAT CAT' sales people only interested in their own salary and commission while company (the nation) is suffering big losses???

half empty said...

I think the Singaporeans will only vote PAP out when we have lost all our reserves and Singapore is no longer able to compete economically. When all the foreigners leave because there are no more jobs. When all the able Singaporeans have migrated. Then the oppositions will have the chance to rebuild the country from scratch. Until then the majority of Singaporeans will continue to give PAP to rule. When it happens, it's already too late.

Anonymous said...

The smart people always rule the dumb ones. It doesn't matter if the readers of this blog can see the true state of affrairs. The majority still believe only PAP can protect their wealth and deliver continuous good life. They don't have to please every one. Just 50%.

Anonymous said...

I thought Greece is in bankruptcy. How come their income gap is better than Singapore which has billions in reserves?

Any folks can explain?

Anonymous said...

That means in Greece the number of high income earners and the number of low income earners are quite balanced. Or they have a big middle income population.

In Singapore, the few high income earners makes shit load of money while the rest of the populaton makes pittance.

Nothing to do with the countries reserve. The poor in Greece is live a more comfortable life than the poor in Singapore. Sure one day Greece may no longer able to provide free/low cost medical care for its people. At the moment, the government is still taking care of its people. In Singapore, the government is only taking care of the rich.

Anonymous said...

I was in korea years ago when the korean government nearly went bankrupt during the currency crisis.

The government may be broke, but the people in korea were not broke. They had money to spend, save and to live comfortably.

It is probably the same in Greece. The Greek people have money. It's only the government that is broke.

In Singapore, it is always the reverse. It is the government who has huge reserves, while Average Joe here lives from hand-to-mouth.

Welfare in Singapore is strictly for residents, not citizens. Ask the average PRC student if he is receiving a monthly stipend from our govt. The answer would be 'yes'. The average singaporean student is probably saddled with bank loans instead.

Anonymous said...

Another prison sentence for the Chees. While I'm not a ardent fan of Chees and SDP, I can't help but feel for their sacrifice.

At first, I did not pay too much attention to his antics for I simple assumed he was a man who felt wronged with his dismissal from NUS. But over the years, what he is saying makes more sense. He has been right about the polices and we are seeing his warnings become reality now.

His outburst in court and his points have a element of truth to it. He has repeatly proved that the police men were going out of their way to charge him and has made them look foolish again and again. Worst of all the judgement against him makes it laughing stock overseas. He is making the self proclaimed great leaders look like what they actually are. Ordinary and Little.

Anonymous said...

In other countries, to serve in the civil service is considered an honour. In this little red dot, it is considered as a sacrifice. These arrogant leaders are a disgraceful lot.


Anonymous said...

Half empty,

You're just silly. We can never lose our reserves, simply because, the government controls the flow of information. Suppose we did, do you think you and I would ever know? Do you think the government will so stupid to offer itself enough rope to the voters to hang them? Tsk! tsk!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54,

"The smart people always rule the dumb ones."

It's not the smart people, dummy! It's absolute power. Saddam Hussein wasn't smart. He was a bastard who, when he came into power, applied a TOTALITARIAN rule. He killed off all his enemies.

Same goes for Hitler.

LKY is no different. Everybody goes into ISD. Killing wasn't in vogue back then. Today, bankruptcy is in vogue. LKY just did it the American way. We, are the very idiots, that supported a system that allows for this in the first place.

History has shown us so many stories of stupid autocratic emperors and kings.

Never put an evil man into a totalitarian political system. He gets brazen.

How do you know someone is evil? It's simple. Evil people have a habit of condemning others of evil. It is not a LKY thing. Look at all the bitches in your office playing office politics. You know what I mean?

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"How do you know someone is evil? It's simple. Evil people have a habit of condemning others of evil. It is not a LKY thing. Look at all the bitches in your office playing office politics. You know what I mean?" - Anon 14:03

Yikes, did you just divide by zero???


*Universe implodes*

half empty said...

Oh, you'll know when the reserves are empty. When the government has to keep raising taxes and find other ways to raise revenues. When the government has to start borrowing to pay themselves and to run the country. When things start falling apart and not fixed. It may not happen tomorrow but it will happen if the government keep investing as though they know what they are doing.

Yes, there is no transparency. That's why we won't know until it's too late. By then, all the highly paid ministers and their families would have moved their wealth overseas to continue their lives of luxury. Only the rest of the people who are too afraid to give the opposition a chance will be left behind to pick up the pieces.

I may be stupid but I'm not going to bet my children's future with this government. I'll take my chances elsewhere.

Christopher Story said...

DBS Bank/Development Bank of Singapore: This bank was closed down by the Singapore authorities


Anonymous said...

Lucky, very well written.
Sharp and to the point.

Anonymous said...

So long as Singaporeans are not given shares in Temasek and GIC, the reserves don't belong to them.They belong to those whose name appear in the share registrar like Lee Kuan Yew and Ho Jinz. Ordinary Singaporeans have got no proof of ownerships. They got no dividends. When they are in difficulty they cannot use the money to help themselves.
Only after they are given a paper to tell them that they have so many shares in Temasek and GIC can they rightfully claim that they own the reserves. Then they will get dividends. They they can get annual reports and vote at the AGM. Now they don't even know how much money there are.

Anonymous said...

anon 14:03 is right on the money. that scarring analysis of despotic rule( religious or not) is biblically supported - christians should note.

"We, are the very idiots, that supported a system that allows for this in the first place."

you see, the issue is a structural SIN that gives rise to self serving leaders or give too much power to certain types of people.

doesn't matter whether it is a religious or a secular organization/government, where this structural SIN becomes the foundation of growth or where the people build their lives on, it will, sooner or later, like a house build on sand, collapses.

no party/religion who comes into power under such a system can bring lasting peace or will be able to unite the masses in a single purpose to fulfill our national pledge

makan$$ said...

Look no further than PM Lee and you can see LKY has picked a dud for Singapore. The sad part is no amount of mentoring is going to help PM Lee become a respectable leader and it's the same for the remaining PAP stooges.

ps: convince Dumber to stop voting
for Dumb and S'pore will have
better leadership.

Anonymous said...

" Singapore is a very small country with a very big government. Hence, it is unacceptable that the government cannot even get the basic things done right.

The MPs know that their primary responsibility is to represent the People. Yet there is one or two Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) per week with horrendous waiting times. It is disappointing to learn only Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang fulfil their MP's duties on a full time basis. The solution is so simple that it should be mandated: spend more time with the constituents.

My emails to my MP takes an average of 4 days for an acknowledgement and about a month for a reply (regardless of whether is satisfactory or not). Surely this can also be improved.

MPs are also reluctant to represent the People in parliament over important issues like government inadequacy (too many to list), social justice (e.g. the GST hike did not adequately help the poor), industry regulation (mini-bond fiasco), huge investment losses (by GIC and Temasek Holdings).

The Constitution requires parliament to provide the oversight role in the government. The MPs must be asking questions, persisting in asking questions and demanding proper answers. Sadly, this is not happening at all.

Whatever it is that we had inherited from the British, our parliamentary system is now one minus the efficacy. In any case, the broken system must be fixed soon before it is too late."

the above comment was made by steve wu in TKL blog.

obviously, the system is under tremendous pressure. the problem seems to be world wide. though we maybe better off than most countries(for now), the stress on the social divide(inequality) is getting greater.

you feel that the dam is about to burst anytime soon.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"anon 14:03 is right on the money. that scarring analysis of despotic rule( religious or not) is biblically supported - christians should note."

I don't think Anon 14:03 makes any sense.

Granted that some people who are obsessed about evil are pretty evil themselves, but if speaking out against evil BY ITSELF is evil then Anon 14:03 cannot express such a statement without being evil in the first place, which is a self-contradiction...

Personally I don't see the troubles of the world as some kind of fight between "good" and "evil", but rather conflicts of interest between groups of people at different levels of society.

Anonymous said...

The government are bereft of any new ideas other than pinning their only hope on the 2 IRs, which are bound to fail miserably.

Each time its leaders opened their mouths, they shot themselves in their feet again and again.

I'd say the government has advanced to its level of incompetence (Peter's principle).

Anonymous said...

lim needs to read history.

Anonymous said...

In the past
I supported LKY and his pap
Then I was blind and dumb.
Now my eyes are wide open
And my minds cleared
Of the garbages
Pumped in by the papist
I hate LKY and his pap
I want Change,
I want to vote out pap

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"lim needs to read history."

The history of evil?

Or the history of anons making self-contradictory statements that don't make any sense?

I admit that I'm more familiar with the latter.

Anonymous said...

precisely what don'tmake sense to you?

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Should we speak out against evil?

Martin Niemöller says YES:

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me."

Anon 14:03 says NO:

"How do you know someone is evil? It's simple. Evil people have a habit of condemning others of evil. It is not a LKY thing. Look at all the bitches in your office playing office politics. You know what I mean?"

If we cannot speak out against evil (because that somehow makes us evil), then we would be guilty of apathy, as Niemöller warned.

Moreover, Anon 14:03 is speaking out against evil by stating that the evil people speak out against evil.

Hence the self-contradiction.

Leow gai?

Anonymous said...


You need some basic lessons on structures of consciousness when you about deconstructing others' arguements as fallacious.

You fail to see the limitations of logic as a tool to begin with. So your assertion that its circular reasoning is not unforseeable. It does not make one an evil person when one attempts to define "evil".

A surgical doctor does not need to have brain tumour as a prerequisite to operate on his patient who has the tumour.

I don't wanna waste energy teaching you here...

Suit yourself.

Anonymous said...

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;"

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me."

LLH, do you mean to say...when the christian ridicule or rather...speak out( their intent was to speak out against EVIL) against the buddhist, that is not...evil?

i hear you...now go and preach to ISD.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that today the word "evil" as been so badly abuse as the word "God". It now means so many things. LLH mistake was equivocation on the word "evil".

Anonymous said...

Any person who believes that a stranger they never met 2000 years ago died on a wooden plank is ludicrous. The problem why moslems and christians get emotional when you engage them in a rational discourse is because they are themselves trying hard to convince themselves of their own beliefs. So when you come in and shine some light onto them, they get upaset. Try switching on the lights at someone who is sleeping in his room at 3.00 a.m. in the morning. That lights will hurt his eyes. Thus, the moslem and christian beliefs are nothing but REPRESSED doubts. And they know this.

Anonymous said...

Based on logic, I would agree with LHL. It does sound a bit contradictory based on THAT statement.

Anonymous said...

Definition of evil is blurred in the modern context. Do you take a country's laws as the basis or do you take religion's laws? I once saw a documentary where someone makes a interesting statement. It is not considered unlawful unless we, the humans, make it to be.

Nevertheless, personally, to make things simple for myself, I think one is considered evil if he has done harm to another, whether bodily of mentally.

The argument just reinforces that in this world, it is almost impossible to draw black and white, one answer or one explanation. Amazing that PAP has succeeded in shaping Singaporean minds to such an extent that majority of us seemed to believe that only a certain way or explanation is plausible i.e. the PAP way...without them, Singapore will fall...haha

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"It does not make one an evil person when one attempts to define "evil"." - Anon 18:12

I definitely agree, but tell that to Anon 14:03 who claimed that you can know someone is evil if they condemn others as evil.

"LLH, do you mean to say...when the christian ridicule or rather...speak out( their intent was to speak out against EVIL) against the buddhist, that is not...evil?" - Anon 18:40

I didn't make any claim, Niemöller and Anon 14:03 are the people who have strong opinions about this matter.

As I said before, personally I see troubles in the world in terms of conflicts of interest between groups of people, short-term vs long-term benefits etc., rather than "good" vs "evil" - which is such a headache to define.

"The problem is that today the word "evil" as been so badly abuse as the word "God". It now means so many things. LLH mistake was equivocation on the word "evil"." - Anon 19:07

Agreed, except that the equivocation was first made by Anon 14:03 who claimed a simple method of knowing evil is to look at people who condemn others as evil.

Personally if I had to define "evil" it would be along the lines of how much suffering a person caused to others, etc. like what Anon 19:35 said.

The act of condemning others as evil by itself isn't a particularly strong case for being evil.

Anonymous said...

Ok i wont criticise the govt, except to convey my feelings that alot has changed since the Old Guards left. To be more precise, the PAP it seems has changed about 180% and people who are still talking about being grateful to the PAP must know this distinction. The main differences between the Old Guards and the present leaders are, the Old Guards were exemplary civil servants who, did not belong to the scholar class and did not super peg their pay for their work, and the results speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

By the Old Guards, I mean strictly the Goh Keng Swee and Hon Sui Sen types, not those forecasting extraordinaires or expensive talk show gurus.

Onlooker said...

Title: "Singapore Needs Better Leadership....."

Agree totally.

Voting in the opposition will have a lot of positive effect in the future.

As for the incumbent, They had their chance.If they cannot serve the public who vote them in.
It is pragmatic that they must be voted out.

As for the housing problem, are Singaporeans, who need a place to live and start a family, to blame or is it the lack of foresight and planning in the relevant ministry?

Is the drop in quality and productivity the result of Singaporeans not having ironic spurs stuck in our hide by our leaders or a result of the lethargic and complacency that seem to pervade all the ministry here.

We might be silent majority but do the incumbent really want to test our patience?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2/3/10 19:11

I think what you write is tantamount to saying things which you accuse others of saying. Best not to go along that road because, this is off-point and serves no one any good to argue. You have your beliefs and others have theirs, so leave it as it is.

Anonymous said...

appreciate the moderator to delete those inflamatory posts that serve no purpose

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

According to Mr Skeptic (loyal fan of yours), the opposition leadership is overwhelming Christian.

LKY, as we all know, is atheist.

And it seems like Christianity is worse than LKY.

Vote PAP?

Anonymous said...

The dam has burst. The first casualty will be the pap. Singaporeans have been squeezed until tah boleh tahan. So they are now seeking revenge. Serve the pap right. Anyway 50 years is a very long time. Time for CHANGE. Time to kick out the pap.

Anonymous said...

To anon 2/3/10 22:04

In what way is Christianity worst than LKY ?

sgcynic said...

Religion, race, gender, skin colour are NOT factors I consider in choosing my representative for Parliament. Right heart, right intention, right skills and ability are what I look for. Certainly, the PAP crop of candidates have shown their (lack of) mettle. So it's time to vote for a (maybe) cheaper, (hopefully) faster and (probably) better team. The pragmatist in me says don't bet on a losing streak, and know when to fold.

sgcynic said...

If the MIW truly understands and represents us the people, why is it that what they say not only does not resonate with us, but is what we find disagreeable and even incredulous at times. Really makes me green eyed with envy to wonder how some people can take what the MIW say as the Gospel truth.

Anonymous said...

If the Devil himself is to stand for elections, I will vote for him (it?) over the PAPies.

In fact, the opposition can put up real-life dogs, cats, pigs, rats and goats, I will still vote for the animals.

Anonymous said...

Its almost the same all over the world my friends. Go to youtube-George Carlin- Who really controls America............................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYICOeZYEtI&feature=related

Anonymous said...

Its https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYICOeZYEtI&feature=related

Anonymous said...

Yes agree that Singapore needs better leadership. I also like to add that we need cheaper leadership.

Our leaders really need to put Singaporeans first and should be patriotic. I really depise leaders who say that Singapore is not a country but a mere city and always finding fault with Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Highly paid PAP stars always like to throw back questions with phrases like "So do you have any better solutions"? (Refer to ST where they throw the questions to Low TK)

If I am Low, I will tell them to pay me minister pays and I will offer solutions.

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs LKY to die.

Singapoe needs all Lee-family members to be removed from their current posts.

Singapore needs more intelligent citizens.

Without these, Singapore needs a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they sure do have "helicopter vision". But unfortuately on the ground level through the helicopter cabin.
The chopper cannot take off.

money4nothing said...

Hi Lucky,
I agree to Better Leadership but definitely not from the present bunch of PAP buggers.

It is only fair to compare these buggers with past leaders such as Goh Keng Swee, Hon Sui Sen, S Rajaratnam, EW Barker, Toh CC, etc, whom I believe were amongst the world's top politicians for the right reasons.

In this sense, the current world's top 30 highest paid politicians all from Singapore deserve to be shamed and booted.

Anonymous said...


Helicopter Vision
I've always been amused by the 'helicopter vision' which is the key personal quality demanded by some organisations when looking at human potential and ability. The metaphor is a terribly inexact one; in this day and age, the helicopter (whether a light passenger craft, a huge heavy military lifter, a gunship, or a surveillance/recon platform) is not likely to give you a significantly bigger picture of anything on a strategic scale.

In fact, a person with too much 'helicopter vision' will be confined to some sort of narrow-band tactical intelligence. In all likelihood, this 'helicopter' will fail to see the big picture unless at least other kinds of vision are used. To continue with this vaguely military metaphor, you need 'satellite vision' for a really big picture, 'infantry vision' for the man-on-the-spot picture, and 'infonet vision' for the data picture. Of all these four 'visionaries', the helicopter is most likely to be shot down, hardest to control, and hardest to conceal in the battlefield. It is also easiest to deceive and most irritating to the people doing their job below.

Frankly, any organisation still touting 'helicopter vision' is obviously not good at assessing metaphors. I would think that such organisations need to be left behind somewhere in the 1980s. That kind of laziness will get you killed when you are up against superior conceptual and informational skills. It explains why an organisation filled with young helicopters will eventually find its mission going nowhere because of bad weather, low visibility and sparse knowledge of ground conditions (not to mention high fuel prices).

Anonymous said...

And the winner of the strawberry award is... none other than our esteemed PM LHL and his honorable partner Mr Ho Ching! Applause pls for our prize winners!

Anonymous said...

btw, most of our leaders who came to become "leaders" are just people who performed well in "O" and "A" levels. And these results alone, grants them "helicopter vision"......right......

we must first understand how they got to this position, and very often we see that they did well in school (which is chao mug), and then they were groomed (which is follow instructions), and then suddenly, they have helicopter vision and is a leader.

did they lead? or were they put granted the privilege by the ruling classes to lead? did they show us any examples what leadership they have provided?

the captain of a basketball team is sometimes not the one with the best field goal percentage, just like the captain of a football team is rarely the one who scores the most goals.

he is often the organiser, the defender, in charged of structuring and enabling the team to win games.

Do any of our leaders fit that description?

Anonymous said...

we are ruled by geeks and nerds and they have turned us into a straitjacket society with NO SOUL,color and character.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:42,

Well put. Sometimes, I do feel that the government talks down on me as if I'm some sort of idiot. So, the all of the graduate community in Singapore are "daft", is it? The lawyers are daft, is it? The doctors here are daft? The teachers are daft? So are the principals, engineers and police officers daft as well? So, let me get this straight. We paid this arrogant bastard 3 million to mentor us how stupid we are?

Only my local hokkien can best capture my spirit of this.



Long live the internet!

Anonymous said...

My, O my Singapore, what exactly are we voting for?


Anonymous said...

LLH said:

"The act of condemning others as evil by itself isn't a particularly strong case for being evil."

I think the concerned Anon. was trying to say that of LKY in context although the framed it in broad strokes.

As a human being, if we observe what LKY did to Lim Hock Siew, Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow, Said Zahari, Lim Chin Siong, the late JB Jeyaratnam, the misaccused Marxist conspirators among other things, we can say he is evil. If you put that in context of all these backdrops, he is unquestionably evil. We just a person by their actions. Putting an innocent man being jail for 17 years without proof is not serious matter. I call that evil. So try to be gracious LLH and see more than mere exactitudes in words. As much as precision and logic is important to you, be gracious and see a little beyond the strictness of the words to the spirit of the arguementation. You'd do better in this way. You don't to compromise on your stand at the same time.


Lim Leng Hiong said...

"I think the concerned Anon. was trying to say that of LKY in context although the framed it in broad strokes." - Anon 10:03

Well, Anon 14:03 said "it is not a LKY thing" so I just read it the way it was written.

"So try to be gracious LLH and see more than mere exactitudes in words. As much as precision and logic is important to you, be gracious and see a little beyond the strictness of the words to the spirit of the arguementation. You'd do better in this way. You don't to compromise on your stand at the same time."

Actually, when someone comes up with a "simple" method of knowing "evil", I have already exercised benefit of the doubt by only focusing on the internal contradiction of the claim.

The least charitable and most obvious observation, if we take the overall spirit of the argument, is that Anon 14:03 is expressing a hypocritical view ie. someone who accuses others of being "evil" without realizing that he or she is so fixated on "evil".

Fortunately, I think "evil" is a loaded and highly subjective term, often used by people to tar their opponents.

As such I prefer to examine troubles in society in terms of conflict of interest, short-term vs long-term benefit, etc.

Anonymous said...

What if pap lost the election and a coalition of mishmash politicians come into power...would they cut ministers' pay? Would they dismiss all the pap nominated top civil servants and put their friends and relatives in their place? Would they reverse gst and erp and coe and cut taxes?

When pap first won the election the first thing they did was cut all civil servants' pay! Ban yellow culture...no long hair, no drugs, no gambling (as in casino) no playboy...and today we are still struggling with raising productivity although we are supposedly a first world country! Know why? One long haired drug taking rock star is more productive than one Creative! Internet porn is BIG business. One successful movie can bring in a few hundred million $ if not billion. One author of kiddy fantasy can replace the earnings of dozens of sme!

Now...too little too late!

yang punk said...


You are one vs all the anonymous clones....

Do you think any good will come out of these people who don't even dare to put an "identity" to what they write? Much less come out into the open to try and topple a government who has a vice-like grip on the civil service, the armed forces, grass root organisation (all the ccs) the unions, the 90% HDB dwellers...

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to vote for the past 25 years. Infact I am not even given the chance to do so because electoral boundaries keep on changing and GRCs being formed out of thin air. After the election, the PAP says they have the majority of people's support and the percentage keep on rising. The PAP can achieve 100 percent "people's" support by making singapore into one big GRC, where the minimum number of election candidates is 84.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, well written piece! Good material for use in the coming GE..... cant wait for the wind od change to blow.... Ron Tan

Anonymous said...

be interresting the gerrymandering that will go on just before the elections .

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