Sunday, April 18, 2010

Understanding the Singaporean Dream.....

"Well, as I said, because so many more are getting higher education, the scarcity value of a degree is less. Furthermore, the overall inequality in the society is much less than when 3 or 5 % were getting degrees and they were in great demand. If you had a degree, you could easily buy a house or a car, and it was no problem because that was your pulling power. Now, with 20% getting degrees and more tertiary educated, they are earning more than those who didn't go to university. But university graduates are not as few as before and, therefore, make less."
- PM Lee Hsien Loong, Harvard Interview[Link]
The Singapore Dream was once defined as 5Cs - Cars, Cash, Condo, Club Membership, Credit Card. These days they market credit cards to anyone with a heartbeat so you can drop that... overspending on your credit card can easily result in a nightmare. Club membership and cash are quite ill-defined - you can take club membership to be at one of the exclusive country clubs with golf not your NTUC Fairprice membership and cash to be something like $1-$2M in today's dollars. The Cs are still relevant today at least for a large segment of our population whose values have been shaped by materialistic orientation of today's society. I'll get back to the 5Cs but first I would like to share something from my childhood...
One of the fondest memories from my childhood is that of my dad driving the whole family to a drive-in cinema somewhere in Jurong. I can't remember what movie was screened but that day, my sister and I got to sit on the bonnet and roof of the car to watch the movie. In those days, I lived in a kampung but my dad owned a car so we get to go places. Family weekends were spent fishing at Bedok Jetty, the beautiful beaches, rustic Sentosa, movies etc. Children did not get much homework in those days. I was an undisciplined student who did not submit 90% of his homework even when required. Those days the teachers did not bother, my father did not bother as long as I passed and I had this thinking that if I understood the stuff they were teaching, homework wasn't important. PSLE was a pass/fail thing i.e. no marks involved. You can take it that I had a childhood - a happy one. My dad worked as a technician all his life after he earned his 'O' level attending night school. Degrees were rare in the 60s when a large part of the population was uneducated. My dad's story is one of spectacular social mobility. We left the kampung in the late 70s when my dad bought a HDB flat. It was fully paid in a few years and my dad was debt free. In the late 80s there was nasty recession and housing prices plummeted. My dad bought a terrace house and serviced his loan with his technician pay. My parents still stay in the terrace house today. Our neighbors have moved and sold their properties. The house on the left was sold to a rich lawyer and the one on the right was sold to a rich specialist doctor. You may be asking : what is so spectacular about that? Many people were able to do that in those days. See my dad had one of the worst starting point possible. He was an orphan and had to support himself working when he was still a child. Owning a landed property and putting all this children through university exceeded his wildest dreams....and he did it working as a technician. Two years ago, my dad asked me to buy the neighbor's house. Our neighbor's son got into some financial trouble and he had to sell the house to help his son out. I couldn't match the price offered by the rich lawyer and was priced out....actually I didn't come that close to being able to buy it because I realised later when I got to know the lawyer better that he is, to put it bluntly, 'filthy rich' and would have offered a much higher price because he liked the location. I was priced out 2 years ago and at today's prices, I'm completely priced out. But that is just a small disappointment not being able to own the same type of housing as my dad. The challenges for our younger generation is much bigger than mine - life is tough even for an Ivy Leaguer like Scott Huang (see previous post).
There is one C that describes our society so well - that C is COMPETITION. Intense competition that one cannot avoid. If you look at attaining the 5 Cs as a form of success, then a high rate of failure is built into the system - number of cars is dictated by a quota so most people will not own one and only 20% of the population will live in private property as land is scarce. Working hard alone will not do. You have to make more money than the other 80%. As if it is not intense enough, the PAP govt make sure the spurs are in your hide by importing people at a high rate at all levels. Today 80% of the 1st class honours in engineering are foreigners because the govt goes overseas through Contact Singapore and other means to hand out scholarships to bring in foreign students in large numbers. Among the 2 billion people in China & India, you can always find a large number of smart people willing to come here for a fully paid education. Don't be so simplistic to think that the local guys are not good enough to do well. When you have a quota and you have to grade people, people get knocked off simply due to the quota i.e the differentiation can be inaccurate and artificial. You can this extend to the rest of society. People make a mistake when they think that this intense competition and our meritocracy goes hand in hand ...but this idea of doing better when you work smarter and harder is only true up to a certain level of competition. When competition becomes too intense and working hard alone is not enough to attain your dreams and people will resort to excessive risk taking, unethnical, unfair, unhealthy & immoral ways to get what they want. What emerges out of this intense competition is not a better, stronger and cohesive society that can take on world but a selfish, unhappy one that is bogged down by the numerous failures it creates internally. Our FT policy went from one to import only the best carefully selected people to elevate Singaporeans to one that brought in so many people that it can only depress Singaporeans. PAP policies has caused the dreams of Singaporeans to become less attainable and the intense competition is now a source of great unhappiness in our society....and there is now plenty of unhappinessness with the PAP.
While many Singaporeans still dream of the 5Cs, a growing number dream about having more freedom, democracy, equality and justice in our society. The 2 dreams are ultimately linked and whatever stands in the way of one is also standing the way of the other. A growing number of Singaporeans do not want to wait any longer - they are leaving. The other day, there was great dismay in my company when we found out that an employee from one of our associates had applied to emigrate to New Zealand. My company had invested a large sum to have him trained for something very high tech and uncommon. I was asked to find out what was going on. He told me that our investment is safe because he has no plans to leave in the next 5 years. He was getting a head start because such applications can take a very long time. I asked him why he wanted to leave when he is actually doing quite well for himself in Singapore. He told me that looking ahead there is great uncertainty for his children - they are average students and may not have the same capabilities as him.....there is great uncertainty how well they will do given the extremely intense competition here. I asked him, "why New Zealand?". He told me that any place where an average person can lead a high quality of life would be okay....and that is probably what it takes to keep good people in Singapore. It is not just about attaining our own dreams but also a system that will give our children a good chance to do well in life.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your story, lucky

Anonymous said...

Equating material affluents to dream and happiness seems constricted. In this First World Society of SIN, there are apparent trends of diminishing kinsmanship, friendship and camaraderie. Marital woes are as aplenty as office politics, neighbourly disputes are not uncommon and suicides happened island wide and can be expected to rise in tandem with the rising costs to survive.

Of late, the disenchantment with the leaders are growing and the Oppositions appear bent on competing against one another for unknown reason though my guess is that individual glory and gain should be the prime cause, an unintended display of selfishness?

Are there really no food for the soul, no heart for feelings and no feeling for betterments of human relationship? Must one keep competing to outshine others? Must one puts down others to be outstanding? Must one show superiority over others? And does material attainments always bring happiness? Some joys maybe and the most difficult achievement is to keep the joy alive.


Anonymous said...

In most of europe, education is free. why not we all go there?

Anonymous said...

"Competition is good" is often muttered by the very ones who do not need to compete, or actively prevents competition. This is why the PAP cabinet are two-faced hypocrites who have no moral authority to lead.

Anonymous said...

I am putting in some 2c on the story of Huang given his Ivy league degree:

Given an Ivy degree and a master from the US, one should have hit 50K USD as a starting pay. However, it is likely that Huang is a "scholar" and has to put off with the miserable starting pay in his organization. Anyway, we know Singapore firm/organizations' pay are pathetic (why? Thanks to PAP).

Starting the climb from a lower position kills him as compared to his peer in the states. Try asking the "scholars" from A*star, EDB etc.
If you get a Master degree from the states, you should hit minimum 50K USD as a starting pay, be it in US or Singapore. Failure to do so wastes the degree.

Anonymous said...

Even Mah Bow Tan was very poor in his childhood what. But he made it to the multi million dollar grade for so long already. Hence he definitely does not live in a terrace house. Most likely in a good class freehold bungalow, the ultimate property asset in land scarce red dot.

So those who are poor still got hope lah. Try hard, try smart or whatever and for sure you can make it. That's the Singapore dream.

In fact for a long time 66% have make it so it is really no big deal. That's why PAP knows they will win again at the next election. And win more easily with 50% no fight.

Anonymous said...

"PSLE was a pass/fail thing i.e. no marks involved"

Then how could you have attended NUS in the "early 1990s", as you so claimed in a post of yours some time back???

The time doesn't add up! PSLE is already refined to T-score, for the cohort which entered university in 1990, let alone "early 1990s"! Either you are "fuzzy" in one or the other, and I think it is the latter - I think you went university in late 1980s, not early 1990s. You are 40+ years old now, not the late 30+, that you painted yourself to be in the earlier post.

Anonymous said...

anon 18/4/10 15:23,
It is true that govt scholars do not start out at US$50K/year. But that's simply to placate the non-scholars by not having too large a diff in the STARTING salary. After this STARTING stage, the scholar gets promoted very fast such that if he is really good (by pap's standard), he can get S$350,000/year by 32 years old in the admin service. In any case, the scholar is often sponsored for a 2nd masters degree (typically an MBA, or MPA) towards the end of the 1st bond (if he signs on for the 2nd bond period). Thus, with both undergrad and postgrad sponsorship factored in, a scholar does not lose out to his counterparts who stayed back in USA, and indeed does better than his US counterparts because while the latter's pay is subjected to his performance in the bank etc, the former is guaranteed a rise to perm sec level with no accountability to the public for his performance.

Lucky Tan said...

Anon 15:53,

I attended NUS in the late 80s and early know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporea Dream has been TRASH by the relentless influx of these "Foreign Talent". What are we defending for? Infact, i am sitting next to a "Talent" while posting this comment. It took me 30 years to learn to be more selffish from now on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:13,
Were you in your hotel room when you typed your comment?

Anonymous said...

Anon 17.10

Haha, I get your joke.

Or, he could be in a Karaoke or Night Club!

Anonymous said...

Hi All:

pardon me should anyone finds me off track.

Me thinks the dream that Singaporeans or any other man and woman want to have is happiness, thus dream equals happiness.

It seems that me am an oddball here deciphering dream as a tangible or intangible fulfillment of the soul and the dream, a personal wish/goal. No matter where one, Singaporeans and other(natinalities) dreamers included are in.
As such, me does wish to ask if dreams of Singaporeans or otherwise have to be so tangible that one must be able to hold it and weighs its' worth.


Can it be intangibles such as emotional fulfillments of love, loyalty(patriotism) and piety?


spiritual attainments such as contentmentment and be virtuous?

May i also ask; who defines the Singaporean Dream?. Me am a Singaporean and my dream is my personal love which i choose and will bring along wherever i go. Do i have to get a passport for my dream if i migrate? And if i became a citizen of Timbuktoo, my dream changes into Timbuktoon Dream? Or do i have to change my dream to suit Timbuktoo?

Yours truly: patriot

Anonymous said...

To Anon 18/4/10 15:53 'Then how could you have attended NUS in the "early 1990s", as you so claimed in a post of yours some time back???.... You are 40+ years old now, not the late 30+, that you painted yourself to be in the earlier post.'

Just read the story and enjoy. you don't have to extract personal details from Lucky. Unless you are a PAP spy.

Anonymous said...

Dear All:

my apology for a typo mistake with the word 'contentment'.

Like to ask too; since when Singaporeans have become so patriotic that their dreams have to cater to the State? Or be defined by the State?

Have we Singaporeans lost our Individual Rights to have our own dream?


Lucky Tan said...


That is a good point. Ultimately, the goal is happiness. That is a complete package - emotional, spiritual, material and so on. That is harder than building good homes and convenient transport system. Much of the intangibles is the responsibility of individuals to pursue. However, with a pace of life that is so stressful in Singapore and intense competition, the intangibles also become harder to attain because you end up with little time for them.

Cat said...

I would say that I had given up long ago for big house, big car etc etc. I just want to do my job well, and have enough time for myself for my passion (which may not be possible sometimes as the govt intrudes on my time with ICT, mobilization, forcing me to move house etc). said...

We could actually follow the Switzerland way of admitting the richest that create jobs for local.

Strict immigration do not hurt iota, everyone except property developer is happy. said...

The scholar system LKY learnt from ancient China is destined to fail.

It is the cause technological and social stagnant of China as it sucks the most intelligent mind out of creative production, into the cesspool of court intrigue and bureaucracy.

The western system is the one prevailed. All best brain are use in creating output for society. Then, those among them who wants to serve the country are always able to move seamlessly into public office.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Tan:

Thank You much for the compliment.

When Singaporeans made and continue to make dreams to cater to the State, the pace and stress levels will be increased. Incremental and higher expectations are norms to the next level of attainments.

What happens now is that the COMPLIANT Singaporeans have now realized that they have been doing much but are not getting returns. They are awakened to the fact that they had been subtlebly and subliminally brought to face the present reality, precisely because they have worked for the Singapore Dream.

Can it not be said that the Singaporeans have collectively and willingly let themselves be goaded to the predicaments today due to the Singapore Dream they were told to aspire to by the Leadership?

Me says no, your dream is your private whims and fancies; me wishes that within that dreams of yours'; incorporate some desirable intangibles to cater to the wellbeings of YOURSELF as well as the Human Society as a whole, NOT JUST FOR YOUR COUNTRY.

Material wellbeing alone caters only to the physical needs which is only just parts of existence. Like any other mankind, Singaporeans need humanity(spiritual) to have a meaningful trip on Earth and based in SIN(unfortunate link-just kidding).


Anonymous said...

PM's statement if I see if from a different angle simply means that paper is all that counts... No paper, no talk...

I am fine with FTs coming into Singapore to work or study but only if no Singaporeans have that particular skill or at least some proof that that FT can do better than a Singaporean... I think that is fair to Singapore and Singaporeans... However, any bloodi tom/dick/harry can come in and work from Kopi-aunty to prostitutes, to study-mamas... That is not very right i think...

PM Lee, to your statement which I retort... Degrees are not a rarity anymore however, Masters is neither a rarity anymore... Many modern-day Singaporean students have pursue higher higher education because they already foresee such an issue... Even the amount of PhD has increased... To add on, the level of studies, research, level of education et cetera as improved greatly since LKY and your time... Shouldn't you or your lao-pei or even MBT with the old piece of paper drawing less $$$ or move aside? Its out-dated...

It just reminds me of the "Eye-Power" officers in SAF... Shit just rolls to the bottom... Others have to clean up the mess for you...

SG Girl Next Door said...


In those days, a person with 'o' level education could get a pretty good pay job. Seemed like you were not short of material needs during your childhood days.

In my primary school years, my dad was not earning alot (like most of my classmates' dads). We were slightly better eg we did not need to share cut-up apples. My dad wanted us to have whole apple each so we won't 'drool' when others were eating. Most of my classmates had many siblings (4-10 siblings!); hence need to share or fight for certain material things.
I didn't get new clothes most of the time. The only time I got to wear new clothes were during chinese new year and that was just one dress. Needless to say, my ang pows (red packets) were not alot as my relatives were not well to do as well. And I never got to keep those ang pows as we children would gave them to our parents. Despite all these. I enjoyed going to schools to see my classmates and teachers. My dad used to say:'No one can force you to study. If you don't study hard now, in future, without an education, you'll have to sweep the streets." And I studied hard.

I got my diploma and degree studying part time while holding full time jobs. I don't see my degree helps me in being 'successful' in life. I still can't afford a resale hdb flat and I don't own a car.

My dreams...long gone. I'm fearful if I can save enough for my old age when there's no one to take care of me and the society here rejects the old and helpless. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

what garbage to say that inequality is less when 3 to 5% of population are graduates. shldn't it be as the proportion of graduates goes up, society becomes more "equal"???

the clown is talking nonsense to mask the fact that singaporeans are so screwed that even graduates are affected.

vote out pap, always

Anonymous said...

You mentioned:

"When competition becomes too intense and working hard alone is not enough to attain your dreams - people will resort to excessive risk taking, unethnical, unfair, unhealthy & immoral ways to get what they want. What emerges out of this intense competition is not a better, stronger and cohesive society that can take on world but a selfish, unhappy one that is bogged down by the numerous failures it creates internally"

I would like to share this truth as an ex-teacher in a secondary school. I taught for 5 years and what I saw and experience was really sad. And since this will never see the light of States Times, I would like to reproduce my experience of what you wrote about in schools.

The EPMS system that was introduced where each teacher is ranked in the school which ultimately decides their performance and bonus has created a climate in school where teachers lie, cheat, manipulate, condescend, taunt, form cliques and segregate.

I'm surprised my teacher friends and I managed not to fall apart in such a climate. Teachers are observed and ranked in a room with all the HODs and principal. I was told to look at my colleagues as my competitors. Each teacher was trying to outdo the other and office politics was rife in schools. It wasn't a school and I sympathise with the students at the amount of abuse they get. Teachers make use of pupils to win competitions for themselves so that they could gain leverage during performance ranking. This is dispiriting. Do not get me wrong. I'm a performer and I did well while I was in the vocation but I had to leave because the environment that MOE has created in the teaching profession today is so bad, that many remain single, burnt-out or jaded. When I was there, they had a Teacher Renewal programme where teachers learn to meditate but the crux of the systemic problem was not corrected. It is no surprise why the government insist on bonding teaches for 3 years. The attrition rate is very high and it is no surprise to those still in the profession. 40% of the teaching fraternity has than 4 years of teaching. 60% are less than 8 years of experience. But for the 3 year bond, many would have left earlier and I know 2 teachers who broke their bonds while I was there.

We are promoting a cold society. And teachers are pitted against one another, you morally corrupt them. I wonder how many teachers out there would speak out. I suppose most would rant on MyForum, MOE's teachers portal instead.

Anonymous said...

Look up this book, "Diminishing Returns of Education" and you will probably know where we are headed. Yr example of the parent with average kids resonates in me. It always get me thinking about my children. However I think it's too late for me to uproot and I am actively influencing my kids to move out of the country in their young adult years. That leaves me and my wife alone in our twilight yrs. Why do I have to work so hard?

Anonymous said...

"Why do I have to work so hard?"

I am surprised most people until now still do not realise something. Those of you who did NS and reservist, did you work hard? Therein lies the answer.

Anonymous said...

PAP did exactly what was expected.
Blame the likes of Lucky who knew and did nothing.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

"PAP did exactly what was expected.
Blame the likes of Lucky who knew and did nothing." - Anon 19/4/10 10:49

Expected by who?


And if you knew what they would do, why didn't you do anything about it?

not_a_satire_anymore said...

Thanks for the memories evoked out of this posting and a timely reminder that something is out of whack about Singapore right now.

lim said...

@anon 19/4/10 10:42

>>"I am surprised most people until now still do not realise something. Those of you who did NS and reservist, did you work hard? Therein lies the answer."

I believe most worked hard to pass their ippt, pass their soc, etc.. Not everybody desire to go into ocs and become officers, if that is what you mean, afterall, not everybody are planning a career in the saf...

Outside of saf, lots of reservist corporals do work hard, studying for their degrees part time while holding fulltime job, so if that is not hard-working, I don't know what is..

Anonymous said...

Mr Lim

expected by mr lucky tan of course.
He has known this since what ... 10-20 years back?
The average clueless reader maybe just woke upduring the last 2 years ... Too late to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

material gives transient pleasure.
contentment leads to happiness.

Oops sorry. U r atheist.
In that case when u have more money than that rich lawyer.

Good luck mr lucky

Anonymous said...

Anonony mous 14:43 is spot on! I have seen this over 30 years of living on this tiny boat.

"Competition is good" is often muttered by the very ones who do not need to compete, or actively prevents competition. This is why the PAP cabinet are two-faced hypocrites who have no moral authority to lead.

They remove themselves of competition. Remember the term : "I have to think of ways on how to fix them. [ the opposition ]" sic.

If we are not carefully guys, their propaganda and two-faced hypocrisy will penetrate us.

Alan Wong said...

The policies that PAP have been implementing so far is slowing but surely killing the dreams of the average Singaporean.

You name it, they are simply from the same kind :-

"Get out of my uncaring elite face"

"The spurs are not stuck into the hide," that is their problem."

"Cheaper, faster & better"

"Lesser mortals"

PAP simply just doesn't give a damn to the welfare and survival of the average Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that you never met any contented atheist?

You haven't met me yet. I don't own a car. Nor a flat. Nor know how to drive. Nor enough savings. Or a downpayment for a flat.

I do not have a manegerial job. But I'm rich. He who is contented is already rich.

Anonymous said...

Since when has owning a flat a dream? Isn't it a basic need of humans? What kind of madness is this? Selling the idea that owning a home is a dream when it's a need?

Welcome to PAP's crooked brand of logic.

Anonymous said...

Like to make my conclusions at this Thread.

Too much or too wild a dream is never good, jangan angan angan or 'bu yao wang shiang'.

Share your dream with your love ones; parents, spouse, children, siblings and friends.

Dream equals wish/ambition and hope which will bring happiness.

Dream should never equal SIN(non living, lifeless entity).

And seriously, never let your dream sin You or commit sin to realize your dream.

Me an atheist.


Anonymous said...

The Singapore deam is dead. The papist leegime has sold it to the foreigners.So it is now "Foreigners in Singapore Dream."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky Tan,

I am reaching 60 later this year. I must say that you have accurately summarised what I have witnessed over the last 60 years.

I read with tears in my eyes... I really feel sorry for my fellow Singaporeans especially the younger ones...

I am afraid that nothing we can do would revert the situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

Thanks for sharing this piece. I am a 39 yo NUS grad doing my FT Masters at the moment. In the past 13 years of working, I encountered 3 recessions and numerous market turmoils. I must admit that it's getting tough going forward.

There is a saying that one's unbeatable when he is between 25 and 35. I wonder if it still holds true?

Now that I am almost 40, I fear for my future...Another saying is after 45, if you have not reached the shores, you are as good as dead. But I am seeing perhaps 40 is the cut-off in today's terms.

In these 13 years, I have been victimized by our "smart" FT policy as foreigners were favored and Singaporeans by-passed for promotions and better salaries. Then, I also witnessed third-world diploma holders or 3rd grade degree holders taking away my jobs.

All these while, I have been keeping quiet and try to deal with them using my own devices. Now, when I need the country to re-instate me, I find none.

Anonymous said...

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on bukit timah hills, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day, a small city state like ours, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that our children and future generation will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the nus degrees but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, down in parliament house , with its vicious foreign importation, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" -- one day right there in little china town, yellow boys and brown girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and yellow girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; "and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.

Anonymous said...

sorry guys. dreams are selfish or self serving. dreams led to your present predicament. the more SOME of you dream the more difficult our lives gonna be.

the sinister singapore dream is no less dreamier than a preacher who promises you heath and wealth so he can afford to wallow in health and wealth AT YOUR expense.

when martin luther king dreamt of freedom, were his people freed?

when moses led the Israelite out of the grip of pharaoh, were they freed?


they all went back to slavery!

to being slave to their appetites because, we were foolish to think we were FREE people!!!

Anonymous said...

a pity... generations have been impressed with The Dream, people still cling to it when this becomes obviously less achievable.
I believe the declining birth-rates, and even late marriages, are by-products of The Dream being more and more just a dream.
Ask yourself, how many girl friends you know of want a boy who isn't affluent. Ask yourself again, would you want your daughter, if you have one now or in future, to be with someone who isn't affluent?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous : 19/4/10 20:11
I'm local grad, 34yo, retrenched earlier this year from a foreign MNC, in fact they closed our local office of ~50pax.
Even though I'm one of the best performers in the company, till now, no job.
my immediate dream is to get decent income.
i feel i've let my parent down, after they placed so much hope on me.
i feel i've let myself down, allowing myself to Pursue your Passion, while forgetting the realities in SG.
so now i end up poor, disillusioned, and feels even less possibility to get a girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

In india and china, degree holders can be found sweeping floors and waiting on tables. Compared to peers over there, i think you have done pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I no longer believe in a job being too low to be accepted just because you are a grad.

Hardwork plus work smart will get us somewhere. Just dont be disappointed and push forward on every single day.

Anonymous said...

"I no longer believe in a job being too low to be accepted just because you are a grad.

Hardwork plus work smart will get us somewhere. Just dont be disappointed and push forward on every single day."

spoken like a true puppy...sorry,pappy

Mr Lonely said...

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Migrant said...

"Compared to peers over there, i think you have done pretty well."

Compared to peers over there, i think our ministers have done extremely well. Just talk cock and money will roll in

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

This is the impact you have on the neutrals.

Then look at Mr Goh Meng Seng.
A person with half your ability and even less wealth but giving his all. Selling his modest 4 bedroom HDB so that he could contest in the next election.

Then look into the mirror and tell yourself that you have done the best you could.

Anonymous said...

To make things simple..
Lets' just all vote for something different on the next election and we'll see how it goes?
Maybe than.. the living cost might drop due to the new party trying hard to please us and we may all benefit from it. I'm pretty ok for Singapore to drop it positon for being best in whatever as it boast.
As long as we all get a very decent 5 years for us to recover , breath freedom and trace our steps with our elderly and the next generation hand in hand for quality time.
I'm so tired of being in the Rat Race for just to be alive in this red dot. During peace time, serve all the for
If Pa.P dare to sign the "Holiday Maker Pass" with region Countries, i really Damm sure that most of us had run long time ago.
Can't even find a decent normal woman to start a relationship or to get married? Not to mention Big cars or Big house?
It just all bimbo, nerds filling up most of the key positions in making decision..
Sianzz, all d High IQ but low EQ.
If these carry on, we may very soon see our Children selling themselves thru body means to get extra money so they can a better despite them having a Full-time job!!!
Welcome to the next tokyo. The latest porn kingdom in SEA. Actor & actress starred by our kids, lol~!

Lim Leng Hiong said...

Anon 20/4/10 21:25,

I made the mistake of clicking on that link. Now I am so nauseated I feel like throwing up.

Please! Have the common decency to give us a warning or something.

Anonymous said...

I love Singapore. As man we should not wine so much. Must fight for survival and for prosperity.

If you give up hope so fast then its better off you are alone do not drag another woman's happiness with your ineptness.

1 job not enough, work for 2 then. I have 2 jobs and I own 2 cars all through very smart hardwork.

Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

"1 job not enough, work for 2 then. I have 2 jobs and I own 2 cars all through very smart hardwork."

You must be one of the filthy rich ministars. Your other job/s must be director at some of the GLCs. Hard work or not, I dont know. But you must be very good bootlicker

Anonymous said...

lim leng hiong @ 20/4/10 22:26

agreed. can't imagine what kind of food the blogger has been feeding on...

singaporeans are a rare breed. they know life has been going progressively worse, but they are not doing anything.

i suspect a dna test will show that most singaporeans had evolved from amphibians, and adapted to living in heating waters...

seriously, vote for CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

How are we to know that they are not from the Establishment ?

And if they are, do we expect anything less ?


Anonymous said...

two jobs not enough work three jobs.

the third job should be easy money to wealth.

just blow!

Lim Leng Hiong said...

To Anon 21/4/10 08:37 and Patriot 21/4/10 09:09,

Can you imagine anyone who can consider that as "neutral"?


So what is not neutral?

Crawling on the ground on all fours and licking the mud off the boots of the establishment?

Sometimes I feel that the sycophants make me more dulan than the government policies themselves.

*seeing stars* *** **** ** -

Feel like puking again. Erb.

Anonymous said...

Leng Hiong;

me found one that's worse.

He said on National Television with a very innocent look to declare that transport companies(Buses and Rails) WILL LOSE MUCH REVENUES.


I feel ashame to have leader like that; acting damn kind but it's the commuters that get damned.

SIN is not short of shenanigans.


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F599 said...

Bring on the competition! I wouldnt want things to be too easy.

A victory is only satisfying when you are walking through your victory parade over the millions of bodies that lay at your feet!.

Beating the 80% is too easy. It is not enough that i suceed, the rest must fail!

Anonymous said...

''In india and china, degree holders can be found sweeping floors and waiting on tables. Compared to peers over there, i think you have done pretty well.''

This is Singapore, not India or China...

Anonymous said...

Do Singaporeans still have a dream?

An average Singaporean to be squeezed out of this Talent policy is high.

Singaporeans who are not allowed to pursue a field of their interest due to results are now seeing foreigners who have a lower qualification or standards taking away jobs that Singaporeans desire. This is especially true when one is struggling and moving towards his interest after leaving school.

While searching for a career, one suddenly realized that salary offer in this field now went as low as what Malaysian/ China men / Vietnamese etc etc would ask for. The minimum salary required to feed their family in home country. Cost of a “less educated” worker is seems to be an add on advantage when considering to employ a more educated worker.

Where could this type Singaporean start his career?

A lucky person got a job. Unfortunately is hardly known as a career. It is a job where he sees most of his colleague whom are managers, foreigners. Thinking of the word "career"... it would be a tough route as company's mentality is their kind is always the best. Singaporeans? Yes unless foreign boss notice their presence.

Being sandwiched between one and only kind and the low skill foreign worker is already disappointing. MPs suddenly voice out: bull shit; foreigner workers have no impact to Singaporeans chance of getting a job (career).

Years ago, local institutions begin inviting foreigners and trained them to take up any common job in years to come is probably now choked many of our own graduates.

Stories of foreigner managers prefer to work with their own kind become a frequent conversation topic (from my own observation).

This is yet not the end. Basic necessities become more expensive. Housing price rises while MPs applauded without taking young people's misery into consideration.

Transport system getting too heavy while with the help of Adam’s invisible hand, our minister successfully controlled the numbers of cars on the road hence indirectly discriminate “not as rich” individual from owning a car.

Crazy chasing after foreigners of all kind, making us a stranger in their own county will naturally make us question on our rights, especially we owe Singapore our life.

However, situation has gone too wrong. Misplacing our rights would translate to a higher chance of us migrating and later immigrate to other country. This is nothing new as our national identity diminished.

Without a chance to vote, by voting out with legs is just another form of disapproval.

No small changes as compared to the past. The main change could be that the process of a high “volume” of HDB hotel is fast appearing without knowing.

If you ask me whether I would support Lucky’s colleague’s plan? I would say, if there is a chance, definitely.

The next part of my life would be focusing on my children’s dream, no longer Singaporean dream. Definitely my children's dream will no longer be Singaporean dream

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