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Minister Balakrishnan scolds Al Jazeera and bloggers ...Part 2

TOC has replied to Minister Balakrishnan's accusations[ TOC Part 1 & Part 2] of "propagating these falsehood". Please go through TOC's findings and judge for yourself. The truth is sometimes like an onion - it comes in many layers. I went through the comments in my last posting and a few people say its the couple's fault they end up homeless. It is almost always true that when people reach the point that they need to seek govt help, you can examine their lives and find that they could have done much better for themselves. This, I feel, is irrelevant because if everyone manages their life and finances well, nobody will need to go to Minister Balakrishnan's MCYS for help and he can just shut it down. The only relevant questions are whether they really need govt aid and whether, as a society, we want to help them or not. If the govt does not want to render help, there is no point examing their lives to pin the blame on the individuals. At the center of the truth onion are very simple facts : an unmarried couple wants to get a rental flat which is all they can afford but are prevented from doing so by various rules which they cannot overcome so they ended up it a very difficult situation withut a home.

"The people we have who insist on staying in beaches and parks are not first timers and not people who have bought their first flat or first rental flat. These are people who have almost always sold their second flat or a third flat, have unfortunately dissipated the subsidies and cashed them and now have run into problems. .Members would have faced this problem which almost become emotional blackmail" - Vivian Balakrishnan[Link].

You have to read what Minister Balakrishnan said a few times to fully appreciate what he is getting at. So most of our homeless people actually emotional blackmailers? They are blackmailers because they had gotten into financial trouble and were forced to sell their homes to repay creditors? They are blackmailing PAP MPs with the sadness of their situation? That the minister see people losing their homes due to financial difficulties as a form of blackmail says a lot about govt attitude towards those in need.

Singapore is a city-state and like many cities housing is expensive. Because land is scarce in a city, the free market can never bring forth a solution that results in everyone being housed. That is why you find some form of govt/public housing in cities around the world. In Singapore, the majority of the people stay in public housing. Within this public housing system, we have rental flats which is suppose to be the ultimate housing safety net. The govt like to say the people staying in rental flats enjoy subsidies (read the minister's comments) i.e. market subsidies. However, these 'market subsidies' are needed because there is a wide income disparity - which results in a gap between what the poor people can afford and market rental. When the subsidy is large, it is not because the govt is generous but because we have big disparities in income. There are roughly 4500 people in the queue for rental flats. The total stock of rental flats is 42,000 but will increase to 50,000 in 2012 based on current HDB plans. The waiting time for rental flats is 18-30 months long. As the cost of living increase and income gap remains, the demand for rental flats will go up. Some time in the early 90s when we were heading for the Swiss standard of living, demand for rental flats fell and near 100% home ownership was believed to be attainable. But today, we after another 2 decades of GDP growth, we see poverty rising and demand for rental flats increasing because our income gap ballooned and that is what drives the demand for rental flats. You have 2 solutions to fix this problem - (a) reduce the income gap (b) build more rental flats to match the genuine need for these flats. HDB decided to build more rental flats but not enough to meet the demand. So they decided to implement various rules to kick people out of the queues[HDB rule change for rental flats].

" HDB will continue to permanently debar those who have enjoyed 2 housing subsidies. This is a current criteria, and we’ll maintain that. We will also retain the 30-month debarment for those who have just sold their flats. " [Link]

I'm all for rules that disqualify those who are rich and have immediate alternative solutions to rental housing. But barring people who sold their flats for 30 months and permanently barring those who purchased flats twice from HDB just doesn't make sense. How would you know when you bought your 2nd flat from HDB that your business will fail or you will sick and have to use all your money for treatment? It is one of these rules that hit the homeless couple at the beach. Even if you are eligible, you have to wait for 2 years before you're assigned a what do you do in the meantime? Maybe stay at the govt shelter but shouldn't the govt build enough rental flats so that these people have a proper home?

The govt has adopted an approach to economic development with includes a policy of importing cheap foreign labor that has led to great disparity in income - the highest in the developed world. It is this income gap that drives the need for rental housing and housing subsidies. Instead of meeting the genuine demand for rental housing, the HDB under-supplies leaving those with very real needs to find other solutions - those who are lucky have other family members who stand in for the govt to give help ....others end up at beaches, void decks and govt shelters. Why is there a 2 year queue for public housing for those with a real need when resources are allocated for foreign workers hostels so that foreigners have a place to stay?

This is not a problem the govt cannot fix. The govt has more than enough resources to do this but is limited by ideological belief that 'welfare is a dirty word' and 'subsidies are bad'.....but these subsidies are neccessitated by the huge income gap which is a function of economic policies adopted by the PAP.


Anonymous said...

It is NOT the job of any government to make life more DIFFICULT than it is necessary. The Singapore papist leegime has over the last 50 years gone out of their way to make life very difficult for the average Singaporeans while pandering to the whimes and fancies of the elites and the rich. Such a government don't deserve the support of any electorate. Kick them out and u will have a better quality of lives.

Anonymous said...

Sigaporeans may like to check it out if they can trust the words of the chosen ones in the following:-

No child will be deprived of education.

No sick will be deprived of medical treatment.

No one will be deprived of a roof over his/her head and no one is allowed to build tent or sleep in the parks and void decks.

Foods will be delivered to those who cannot afford them.

And most people in SIN, 4 out 0f 5 according to today's Straits Times find SIN a good place to live and work or vice-versa.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57,

I do not know you but I agree with you 100%. I hope more And more Singaporeans will vote out PAP. I say enough is enough with these 2 stupid ideologies that PAP is preaching-

1. Welfare is a dirty word.
2. Subsidies are bad

I personally think that most Singaporeans are generous, hardworking, and willing to help fellow Singaporeans who are down with their luck.

Vote for a better kinder Singapore 2011.
Don't vote for the Royal Family in 2011.

Economist with a heart :)

Anonymous said...

The most important thing is that the gahmen is very confident it will win and win big again at the next election.

50% of the win will be a no fight, thanks to the opposition. And 48% of the win will be due to 66% of people who are rich with some getting richer due to stock up, property up etc.

So with 98% or even 100% seats, there is no issue with 33% or less who are poor or even dirt poor as long as there is peace.

Anonymous said...

Know this, the PAP is a right wing fascist party. Anyone who cannot see this needs to get their heads examined.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not about not helping the truly needy but preventing abuse.

One question we need to ask is whether the couple has been abusing the system. They have nine children between them, the man is 60 years old. Why is he divorced repeatedly? How old are his children? What have they done to help with the family?

You may be willing to lavish all your wealth on those who might be abusing the system, but sorry, I am not as rich as you, nor willing to let others take advantage of me.

Not only that, why are they so choosy when offered help? The woman's excuse was that she was afraid her 'partner' might not be able to take care of her. Then why not get married? There are many others who do not have options they have and are living alone even in sickness.

I'd rather my limited resources be given to genuine cases that need help and deprive the truly deserving by diverting resources to less deserving ones.

There are many question marks in many of the homeless cases publicized online by bloggers and aggregators and we should examine the details before pointing the finger at the government for not helping.

Perhaps only some opposition members would like to do that to hit at the PAP. But that is under the belt. Singaporeans are not stupid. You may shout as loudly as you wish but we know how to differentiate from what is smoke or fair game.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be

"...than deprive the truly deserving by..."

Anonymous said...

"The issue is not about not helping the truly needy but preventing abuse."

Yeah, like paying millions to ministers

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1/5/10 14:35,

If you feel that these people are not deserving of help, then perhaps you should go tell MCYS to stop "helping" these people. So why is Nparks and MCYS insisting on "helping" them by rounding them up and putting them in "shelters"?


DanielXX said...

unfortunately some people do deserve it. if those ppty speculators today who buy three or four flats on heavy financing were to end up in dire straits next time were to beg for help, should society help them? we would say to hell with them right now because we're so pissed with the ppty punters, but we might sympathise with them next time when they descend into the pits.

taxpayers' money must be used sparingly. although we want to help everyone, this is not possible because resources are scarce. i believe resources should be directed towards those who truly need it and deserve it ie. the elderly and decrepit. those who have hands and legs should fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 14:35

Something that has not been publicised much nor highlighted. No further news nor any call as to who was responsible to allow this to happen.

"A 43-year-old man was jailed 36 years and given the maximum 24 strokes of the cane yesterday after he pleaded guilty to three charges of rape and one charge of sexual assault by penetration.

The odd-job labourer raped his 14-year-old daughter thrice and forced her to perform oral sex on him twice between 2007 and 2008.

These incidents came four years after his release from jail. In 1998, he was jailed six years and caned 12 times for molesting the same daughter, then 6.

The girl moved out of the house and made a police report after she found out that she was pregnant. She was already 26 to 27 weeks into her pregnancy by then."

Now although not related but still relevant, my question is, "how was it possible that this sex offender was release?" Mind you, knowing his past records, the authorities should have him monitored as he was abusing his own children. Yet, he was allowed to go back to his home and not only repeat, but went further by raping his own daughter. An innocent child was punished because the authorities saw fit to allow him back into society. Who is responsible for this outrage?

It is understood that not everyone has the good fortune to live a good life. Sometimes it is their own making, sometimes it is providence that they are born into such circumstances. We all should try to be more compassionate and have empathy to the lesser mortals. More so to fellow Singaporeans than to victims of tsunamis, typhoons and whatnot as charity should begin at home. Or do we have an agenda (special interests) in helping the less fortunate beings in far away lands? Are we so bigotted and mercenary that we only help because we expect something in return?

We see our fellow citizens with helicopters, doctors, nurses and whatever form of aid helping others. Our leaders handing our million dollar cheques smiling away, as though they are so glad to be of help. A few hundred or thousand to our needy, irresponsible and not so smart Singaporeans, we put our foot down and denounce them as abusers of our system and cheating us of our hard-earned money. I think this is laughable.

Anonymous said...

there are many ways of helping. lucky seems to think helping others must be unconditional. pls

lets see you open your pocket freely to anyone who needs help? hypocrite right?

the right way to help someone is to understand the root cause of his/her problems if we are to appropriate the right solution. even then, some remediation may be hard pill to swallow. such measures may involve denying immediate relief as a form of discipline to get them back on the right track.

question is, how effective is our system in vetting these hardcore cases? how do you balance compassion and discipline? abuse too can go both ways.

in the guise of austere measures, the authorities can also deny help to the truly needy.

but judging from this case, the gov has been accountable.

Anonymous said...

Welfare is not a dirty word when it comes to providing a fixed oversized monthly salary to incompetent ministers and top civil servants.

Welfare is not a dirty word when it comes to children of ministers being awarded expensive scholarships. Ever noticed how many kids of top politicians being awarded government scholarships?
Are we living in a monarchy, where people are awarded the best oppotunities because they are born to the right parents?

Welfare is not a dirty word when it comes to losing billions of dollars in hare-brained investments.

Welfare is only a dirty word when money is used to help the poor.

Ironically, the billions we lost in failed investments is easily worth 10 years' of welfare money that is used to help the poor

Anonymous said...

We have seen it all before:

"Privatising profits, socialising costs",

"Trickle down economics" that mollycoddles the rich,

Billions lost in investments but no need to account to the people.

Those of you who want to pick on the couple, pick on AL Jazeera, pick on so-called welfare abusers, you have conveniently or deliberately forgotten to take a look in the mirror and turn the spotlight on the PAP. If so, you are nothing more than hypocritical scums who have lost all moral bearings. Oh wait, I guess i am describing the PAP and their unthinking toadies hahaha.

Anonymous said...

you see, PAP is always about money.

as far as PAP is concerned, the homeless couple had been given $220,000 worth of "compassion" and "subsidies".

never mind that a big chunk of this is locked up in CPF, PAP's own kitty bank.

never mind that the couple had been jobless and needed funds for daily living.

perhaps, the biggest mistake that disqualified this couple from receiving further aid is that they have been STUPID.

STUPID enough to have bought and sold hdb flats several times.

STUPID enough not to be able to secure a job of the kind that hordes of PAP-approved foreigners can compete for.

STUPID enough that the woman is suffering from asthma and can't hold down a job.

this STUPID mentality has been clearly articulated by PAP spokesgirl - GET OUT OF MY ELITE UNCARING FACE!

Anonymous said...
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Kojakbt said...

PAP Govt seems to be more willing to spend money on new Tanks and Fighter Jets than to support our aged.

Welfare for the abled may be not desirable but certainly there is no shame in giving welfare for our aged. I don't see how people can continue to work till they are 80s in order to support themselves.

We must break this thinking. Welfare for the aged is an ENTITLEMENT especially after he has helped sweat for the country for so many years, including his national service to his country!

Anonymous said...

Vote wiselee.Vote for welfare or end up with warfare!!

Anonymous said...

I have helped many poor Singaporeans in the past, but I have stopped doing so.

Many of these same people who need help the most had always voted for PAP because they feared the PAP would blacklist them and their family in any way possible, and there is a constant fear their flats would suddenly be worth zilch because PAP threatened to turn the estate into slumps.

God won't help those who can't help themselves, neither can I.

Anonymous said...

As a society are we prepared to see some of our fellow citizens suffer and die for whatever reason other than murdering someone else. If we do, then something is very wrong with the direction the society is heading.

Anonymous said...

Well written post :)

Anonymous said...

Balalalalalalalalalalalalalalala... living in lalalala land....

Given up on these million dollar people... Waste so much tax-payer money going into their pocket...

Anonymous said...

Stop being so naive. Becos of these slanted and shallow-minded posts, I have made up my mind to vote in the PAP in the forthcoming election.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/5/10 23:34

Care to comment what is so naive, so slanted and shallow-minded?

Anonymous said...

Anon 23.48

If you cannot read between the lines, you won't be able to understand me either.

Sinistra said...

Lucky ,do you remember the Aljazeera report about the conditions faced by the migrant workers working in a marine company and IR.

PAP is currently only concerned with a few privileged individual's concern who are asset rich (regardless if the riches are legit or not).

These individuals would like to have their asset in a secure place that dealt out excessively heavy punishment to any one who might affect their wealth.

They hide their extravagance by claiming that they are providing job to local Singaporean when in fact they are using proxies to purchase (lived in)commodity thus driving up the price to a exceptionally deceptive high level.

A case to consider.A certain Siant's song Supermarket that bought flats in a certain area near to it's operation to house both it's labour imported and acting as an warehouse/stockroom.

HDB is AWARE but strangely they have been turning a blind eye to the situation.And then there is those Con companies that house their workers in public housing that is under the name of their employed foreman/ (usually)relative. basically decreasing the supply of flats while housing their higher paid workers.

Basically, it is a win win(for the self enricher) lose (other who are not meritocratic enough) situation.

Personally though I have seen NS Men s who have to sell their flat serve NS cycles, go for reservist,got divorced because of recent financial difficulty that is worsen by our government pro rich policy just because they are not meritocratic enough by being a hawker,technician and other supporting jones that have to turn to service based jobs due to the ineptitude of the current inept puppet.

It is not the PAP's fault that labour cost is driven down while they paid themselves millions.

It's not the PAP fault that HDB is rising fast out of reach of non meritocratic average Singaporean.

It's because Aljazeera reported something that is sensitive yet true.

The heart of Singapore is Something that The PAP have abandon in search of their top heavy elitist structure that provide a "Safe" environment for Singaporeans(hobo not included).

For This is Singapore INC.If you are not meritocratic enough(born in the right families,willing to sellout) then you are rubbish that should get out of their uncaring elite face.
But if you succeed overseas, suddenly they want you back, isn't it ironic?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is meritocratic? What rubbish!

Practically every adult member of the ruling family in Singapore holds a key position in government or GLC! They are the best person for the job?
How stupid can you be to believe this nonsense?

Look at every single ministr we have. A very high percentage of them, those with children above 18 years old, have seen their own kids either going to OCS or winning top government service scholarships?
That is Singapore's example of meritocracy?

Welfare is alive in Singapore. Unfortunately, it is usually given to those who are paid million dollar salaries, to those who can already afford expensive educations.
I have known of many straight-A students who had to struggle with band loans and giving tuition to fund themselves through university, while the rich kids breeze through life fully funded by taxpayers money, thanks to being born to the right parents.

Anonymous said...

He is not a suitable person to be a minister. His mentality is not correct at all.

Base on his track record, he is able to give 10 million to the foreigners to integrate, then at the same time refusing to give a little more for the for families... $350 (if i am not wrong)... increase a little more will allow families to dine in resturant... i cannot believe in what I am reading...
Did you see the pattern again...?

Anonymous said...

I wonder will sillypore ever have a protest/demostration stage by blue against white. LOL !

Alan Wong said...

It is a fact that our PAP Ministers are already paid millions in salaries annually, more than what others would probably earn in a lifetime.

It is also a fact that so many of our PAP Ministers' children are awarded government scholarships although they would hardly qualify as financially deserving.

If it is a such a necessary responsibility for our Minister Balakrishnan to dig into the background of the couple to check into their financial circumstances and deliberately announce to the whole world that the couple had made a profit of S$200,000 from the sale of their flats, then may I ask what kind of standards are also applied to the children of the PAP Ministers who apply for government scholarships.

Did our Prime Minister Lee ever made it clear that the children of PAP Ministers's are also equally entitled to compete for govt scholarships with those who come from poorer families even though their Minister parents can more than afford to send their children on their own account as what many rich and middle class families do ?

Isn't it strange that they would rather keep it (awarding of scholarships to their own children) a quiet affair as compared to that of homeless couple?

Is this not a another form of legalised corruption and nepotism especially when they come back with a guaranteed job in some government-linked enterprise ?

For the benefit of a rental home, they will take no pains to expose you for all they care but comparatively for the potential gain of a govt scholarship, they will do it on the quiet less they be exposed to be nothing better hypocrites ?

Anonymous said...

hdb is leasehold properties...just like housing in any communist country.

Anonymous said...

just read an interesting article
World's highest paid "politicians"

2.75mil sg
515k hk
400k us
342k ireland
319k france
315k australia
309k cananda
303k germany
300k uk

As average top 9 = 310,000 pa therefore 2.75mil, 10 times the median wud look gross by any std and for that pay, the person shud be capable of running the 9 other countries as well. further, the article is flawed as our politicians shud be filling up the 10 top places instd.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky,

I read your blog and actually agree with most of what you say;
and this includes most of your comments in the entry "Minister Balakrishnan scolds Al Jazeera and bloggers ...Part 2"

However, I do not agree with your logic that we should help anyone in trouble irregardless of the circumstances which brought them
to that state. Do remember that resources are finite. If we help a less deserving case, we will have less resource to help a more deserving one.

I am not saying that MCYS's handling of the case is necessarily correct. However,
we should judge whether this couple's case is deserving before deciding.

I notice a tendency for you to be bias and generalize at times. This does you
and your cause no good. If the truth is supported with 10 arguments, 9 good and
1 biased, it leads to a loss of credibility for the case. Better to have 9 good
justifications than to have 10 (but one flawed).

Give credit when its due and also point out issues that support the other view-
point. You still have a good case even if a particular factor supports the
other view if the overall strength and balance of probability is in your favour.

(In any case, if the other view has a higher probability of being correct,
you should change your view)

Anonymous said...

"Do remember that resources are finite. If we help a less deserving case, we will have less resource to help a more deserving one."

Please elaborate? Who are the deserving ones? The minsters?

Anonymous said...

all helps are conditioner. that's why we have workfare instead of welfare.

our policies forces people to be responsible which can be as unpopular as proselyting.

depending on how you want to see it, we can frame the garmen as bastards or we can see them offering tough love.

but i think the garmen people are greedy bastards lol

Anonymous said...

Even if you are hardworking, u could not get a job after u are over 50s (some even after their 40s).
Many such older PMETs hv been w/o gainful employmnt for many years.
Don't drean of "someones" will help you. U hv to help yrself first.

Kojakbt ( said...

Talking about Singaporeans over 50, this is the latest HDB Sample Household Survey:$file/Monogram+2+Lores_R1.pdf

32.3% of elderlies between 55 to 64 yrs and 10.7% of elderlies of 65 and above are still paying off their mortgages!

For former cases, the average outstanding amount was at about $80,300 with an average monthly installment amount of about $640. For the latter cases, the average outstanding amount was about $72,200 with an average monthly installment amount of about $490. In terms of the proportion of monthly household income spent on mortgage, it was 19.4% for the former and 20.9% for the latter.

With the continual influx of cheap FTs, do you think these elderlies can continue to earn household incomes of about $3K to keep paying for their outstanding mortgages?

Frankly, I'm shocked to learn that 1/3 of those between 55 and 64 years are still paying off their HDB loans !

Kojakbt ( said...

From the forum page in yesterday's papers:

May 2, 2010
Jobless dad told he's too old or over-qualified

I read the letter, 'Older male job seekers can't get past age bias' (April18), with a sense of familiarity. My father, who is nearing 57, is jobless and has not been able to find a stable, full-time job for close to six years.

He belongs to the group of male professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) who have become jobless in their 50s.

He has a master's degree in engineering and was a manager in a major engineering firm, but lost his job in May 2004.

He has taken on various temporary jobs, such as relief teaching and doing door-to-door surveys. He even attended a year-long course on tourism management, only to find himself still unemployed despite the retraining, as the service and tourism industry does not want older workers like him.

Over the years, he has attended many job fairs, but has been told he is too old or 'at the retirement age', despite his qualifications and experience.

My father has sent out close to 600 job application letters, but managed to get only a handful of interviews, only to be rejected later because of his age. I have painfully witnessed this cycle for the past six years. This was for jobs in the civil service as well as private firms.

He tells me that besides the age factor, he faces the problem of being deemed 'over-qualified' for lower-level jobs. Naturally, his self-esteem nosedived. He became so discouraged by the constant rejections that my mother and I had to send job applications for him for a period.

I hope the Ministry of Manpower and National Trades Union Congress can help. Do well-educated, former PMETs in their 50s have to resort to finding work as cleaners, gardeners or security guards? Are these the only viable job options for them at that age?

How can they become meaningfully employed and make use of their wealth of knowledge and experience?

Kenneth Goh

Anonymous said...

Actually Singapore do practise welfare...

PAP created "Welfare" for the its ownself and its cronies.

So who say singapore does not have "welfare"!

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to read comments posted in TOC and draw the conclusion that every Singaporean is dead against VB and support AJ.

I posted in TOC. My entry was not pro govt, but I did disagree with TOC's point of view. That entry was subsequently deleted.

So the moral of the story is do not for one moment believe blogosphere is somehow standing on some moral high ground. At the end of the day, we all cherry pick to make ourselves look better to appease the crowd.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3/5/10 12:59, there is a difference between pro-pap and pro-govt.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to ST forum. My entry was not anti govt, but I did disagree with govt point of view. That entry was never published.

Anonymous said...

Know this: The growth of alternative political views on the blogoshpere would not be so robust if in the first place Spore mainstream media are impartial and objective. To now point the finger at the blogoshere for lacking moral high ground is plain stupid and disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

'In the interest of fairness and in the interest of providing roofs over the heads of those who are MORE desperate, I think the additional workload is something that HDB will have to do,' he said on the sidelines of a grassroots event yesterday."

Finally. Mah has admitted. There is a problem. I would like to know what minister Mah thinks about people who need a roof and are desperate but are forced to buy their parents' house because these kids grew up in the parents' house which are 3-room HDB RENTED flats when they were young.

It is no surprising that they have not been conducting through checks with regards to rented flats. Hence these new rules on HDB rented flats.

I am wondering how we could have led such a minister in parliament for so long. Mah came into parliament by riding the GRC seat. It is mind-boggling to me, even till this day, this incompetent minister who does not want to accept responsibility could still be in office by Singaporeans all these years. It's truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:35 said:

"There are many question marks in many of the homeless cases publicized online by bloggers and aggregators and we should examine the details before pointing the finger at the government for not helping."

On the same vein, could you apply your cool logic as to what justifies the government the million dollar salaries that they pay themselves without any opposition to disagree given that their economic policies are causing a lot of Singaporeans to be disillusioned? On the same token, why are paying millions for incompetent ministers and "cover your ass" ministers?

Anonymous said...

Daniel XX said:

"taxpayers' money must be used sparingly. although we want to help everyone, this is not possible because resources are scarce"

So why does Ho Ching threw away 13 billion in Temasek investments? Why are we using our scarce resources to pay Guiness World of Record millionaire politicians in this country?

What kind of fucking lop-sided logic are you employing here? One rule for the people and another rule for the fucking Pretenders Action Party? Are you kidding us?

Anonymous said...

Anononymous 15:52 has a clear heart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16:30 hit the nail in the coffin. PAP has always been about double standards. LKY's eugenics ideology where he believes nature has given him the right to subdue and contain others and grant himself a new valuation of things. If you think you are endowed by nature to have good genes and you couple that with his Machievellian ideology that to be fear is better than to be loved, what do you expect?

Double standards.

Anonymous said...

It's lucky for LKY, Vivian Balakrishnan, Mah Bow Tan, LSL, etc. that there is no guns in Singapore. Otherwise, someone would have gotten assasinated eons ago. To think that Vivian would twist this heart to pander to his bosses.

TokyoSingaporean said...

The news that the Singapore government is not providing any social security support for its citizens and the dire working conditions has reached South Korea. And I can't answer my Korean and japanese colleagues here. There are a lot of foreign reports on native SIngaporeans' grievances abroad. PAP is painting a bad picture for us. The idea that Singapore is clean is only insofar as there are fines to keep it clean, is now not the current image. The Singapore is seen to be pretentious and ungracious to the predicaments of its native Singaporeans - a country where everyone is a digit on the GDP growth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:02

Aiyah, the entire system is a massive elaborated SAF style business organization... Wayang wayang, eye-power, Nato...

The supposedly pay raise even if most of the the public say nononono they also raise what (We'll listen to the ground - yah lah, go in come out from other side)...

moe gan thai said...

I am angry with governemnt for the sky high HDB flats prices.For only this factor, I will vote for oppositions or independents.Other factors such as ministerial salary,and foreigners are secondary.The normal prices for HDB should be lowered to $250000 for a 5 rm flat, and $160000 for a 4 rm flat.( I am talking about new flats )Since HDB controls the valuations,the talk of market forces are all bull shit.VOTE THE PAP OUT.VOTE ALL MINISTERS OUT!!

Anonymous said...

"Other factors such as ministerial salary,and foreigners are secondary."

I bet ministerial salaries are linked to HDB prices

Curiosity said...

If the minister's son made a mistake in life will he send him into exile?

Jaz said...

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