Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outstanding Govt keeps getting caught off guard...

This was pointed out by someone in one of the many Internet forums... Joanne Chan, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 29 December 2009 2315 hrs

He said: "Nobody, no matter how prescient, no matter how clever, would have been able to predict that this is what is going to happen this year. All of us were caught off-guard... I did not expect the prices to go up.

PUB chief executive says water agency caught off guard in Orchard Rd flood By Claire Huang Posted: 18 June 2010 1747

SINGAPORE : The Chief Executive of Singapore's national water agency, PUB, has acknowledged that his agency was caught off guard by the Orchard Road flood on Wednesday.

I thought the housing issues were quite straight forward the population expanded quickly and the supply of new flats declined as HDB tried out BTO building to meet orders. Yet Minister Mah had great difficulty figuring out that increase demand and falling supply can cause a rise in prices. As for these floods, Al Gore's blockbuster documentary in 2006, An Inconvenient Truth, did mention Singapore and pointed to a whole host of climate changes that will result in global warming. Also, our drainage system was designed and built before the La Nina phenomena[Link] - other govts have taken steps to prepare their farmers for higher rain fall this year.

Looks like we are not paying our leaders enough not to be "caught off guard"....they seem to have problems analysing basic widely known data even after the warning signs appear.


Anonymous said...

Last week's Orchard road floods were blamed on clogged drains. To prevent recurrence, they said they will increase the checks on drains from 3 months to every month.

This week many floods occurred in various parts of Singapore.

Looks like PUB is caught off guard by many clogged drains in Singapore.

So besides Orchard road, they may now need to check every month on all the drains in Singapore.

And if still floods, then what to blame?

Maybe as Minister Yacoob said, we are still learning. By trial and error? Not bad for a paycheck in the millions.

Anonymous said...

One more "caught off guard". Not enough beds in General Hospital... obviously the ministers do not need to wait in line.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky Tan,

'Looks like we are not paying our leaders enough not to be "caught off guard".'

Please do not encourage our leaders to ask for more. As it is they are already paid the highest in the world!

Where do you want them to buy their meals from? 5 star hotels, 6 star hotels or 7 star hotels?

Economist with a heart :)

Anonymous said...

You must be realistic about your expectations of an entity that has a monopolistic control on many things.

A monopolistic entity has an outstanding bargaining / price fixing position.

The consumer on the other hand, will have to accept what's dished out.

Live with it.

Anonymous said...

Told you all liao, nowadays Singapore is run by paper generals and paper pushing scholars who do not lead by examples but merely by decree. The country is going down the drain with the PAP.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard a squeak from MEWR and I expect they too are at a loss as to explain the cause. It is not like we never have experienced such a deluge before. Floodings has occurred before albeit in different areas but never before in so many places at the same time. More than 100mm rainfall an a few hours is not a good excuse nor the 2nd flooding within 2 weeks. My sympathies to those whose livelihoods were affected and damage to their personal properties and to the thousands who were inconvenienced in some way or another.

Anonymous said...

The pay is certainly not enough, it's only paid for Fire fighting job which is like runing your car until breakdown no regular servicing.

To pay for regular servicing or preventive maintenace, Singaporeans may need to pay several times more to our lowly paid leaders. Please don't caught off guard when the GST is increased for this purposes.

Anonymous said...

Had they saw it then instead of preaching abt it now how great china is to become and proceeded to allocate our entire funds to china, we all could be so rich with dividends that we dun need gst collections today. think abt it, we were there at the right place and time, yet were caught off guard, pouring our money to the west instead, and at the wrong place and time too. That China will be a great country in the decades to come, even school kids know, so why preach abt that which is obvious instead of having the imagination to do the right thing at the time when deng xiao peng's china and we were the closest partner, we have missed the once in a lifetime chance of gaining exponential payoffs by investing then; or was it becos we didnt pay these people enough millions to do a fantastic job?

Anonymous said...

actually they knew all along,but choose to wait it to be serious that warrant the actions. by the time, they are caught off guard and it is too late.
but really who cares anyway?

Clear eyed said...

Can't really blame the monkeys for getting caught off guard. After all, the more peanuts they are given, the more time and energy they will need to count and store them. I expect they will be caught off guard even more often as the peanuts they get increase every year.

Anonymous said...

Why prevent?

"Caught Off Guard" -> Fixed the problem -> "Good Job" done -> Pay rise

Cycle repeats.

It is always not their fault when problems happen. They are Flawless Elites !

Anonymous said...

Must be getting more and more complacent Minsters under the leadership of LHL.

yeokh said...

Here's the root reason why we are not paying peanuts and yet we are still getting monkeys:

Anonymous said...

As what 15:22 said, this country's system is administered by paper generals and scholars. All decisions are based on "systematic and scientific" assessments without any ground appreciation of situation or wise judgement. We can accept "caught off guard" incident if it occurs once a while and involves minor issues but not those major events and the frequency. In that case, many will doubt Singapore's ability to predict future especially in time of emergency.

Anonymous said...

rex comments as follows,

Water always finds its own level. This is the most basic law of physics.
If one part is flooded and you want to prevent it flooding again, you can do some tricks to make this part look good at the expense of other parts. It is quite possible that the Thomson floods was a result of technical solutions to avoid Orchard floods. It is cheaper to have other places getting flooded.
Which is next. Potong Pasir?

Anonymous said...

Even if the Marina Barrage is opened to its maximun, it will still hamper flow of water to the open sea by 30%(my guesstimate). This greatly impedes the discharge of water into the sea in heavy downpours. The recent heavy rains were quite unusual, i would say, however, if the discharge of rain water is not impeded, there will be less floods.

The other factor offered such as clogged drains was reason too for the floods and here the NEA must bear some blames.

Having said the above; me wishes that the people and departments incharge of the environments look for long term solutions rather than blaming nature and offering poor excuses.

Each time it rains heavily now, some heartbeats will be raising, no good for drivers, shop operators and many others.


Anonymous said...

The flow velocity of water through a meandering or curvy river will be lower than that of a straight canal, ceteris peribus.

Tell that to the planners who 'upgrade' our main concrete canals to man-made rivers like those in Bishan Park.

Anonymous said...

off guard or couldn't be bothered to guard? maybe, it is more of no incentive to guard. regardless of whatever happens, the current ruling party will still prevails. we are all screwed

Anonymous said...

Stop giving excuses, all the smart aleck. Wake up and do your job properly and not so many theories. PPL want to see results results, not theories and excuses. Or cut your bloody high pay.

Anonymous said...

Old man does not care about the country, he just want to stay in power. He knows that the majority of true citizens want him out and he will seek votes from new citizens.

"It has the sixth-highest percentage of foreigners in the world (42%), who make up 50% of the service sector"


off guard celebration said...

Lucky, will oldman and his PAP be caught off guard by big change in voting pattern ?

or will PAP members be caught off guard by sudden demise of oldman ?

for either scenario, I surmise suppliers of fine wine and champagne will be caught off guard by a huge spike in demand.

Anonymous said...

PAP caught off guard is the same as caught with the pants down.

Mas Selamat and what have you. Of course, the basic reason they were caught off guarded were because

1) 80% effort spent on buying votes and fixing opposition.

2) Remaining 20% spent on spending your CPF money and the Singapore reserves.

Anonymous said...

The people will be the ones caught off guard when the oppositions are presented with a golden opportunity to take over the governing of the city. The present rulers will retire and move abroad, leaving all the shits for the new rulers.

Anonymous said...

PM just said we cannot avoid floods in Singapore. No matter how well our govt plans for our country, we cannot avoid getting caught off guard with many things. So, citizens, take care of yourself coz govt keeps getting caught off guard.

Anonymous said...

Singapore not flood-free he says because we are an island state in the tropics. Well, they just discovered that trees has roots so what else is new. I mean, you have to explain to us daft people that we are in the tropics? 50 years rule and those highly paid civil servants cannot do much about the situation. Being an island state is actually advantageous in being able to prevent flooding and not being a huge land mass. Purleeeze, we are not so daft to accept this argument. You should have Yaakob to say this and save your hide.

Anonymous said...

The PM was speaking to us like a primary one teacher talking to the class.


Anonymous said...

Primary schoo;? More like Pre school kids still with diapers on our butt...

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:21

hahaha that's a good one "diapers on our butts".

It made my day. Laughter is still the best medicine.

On a serious note- who can fault the PM treating us like babies, when 5 million Singaporeans believe GST can help the poor. If Singaporeans can believe this, Singaporeans will believe anything that they are fed. They just need to open their mouths and swallow the bullshit. After 50 yrs, even bullshit can taste quite nice.

Economist with a heart :)

Anonymous said...

With all the blunders, looks like our PAP leaders have truly been conning us into believing that they are the best.

Best for paying themselves millions first ?

Best for appointing wife or father or son first ?

Best for coming up with excuses first ?

Best for blaming others first ?

Best for shirking responsiblity first ?

Is PAP really getting from bad to worse ?

Anonymous said...

i dun think we need such a highly paid person/s to tell us that he can't do the job or nothing can't be done to prevent this situation. Please bear in mind these are the people elected/selected to serve the interest of the public .......

Anonymous said...

What else can we say? A government that punishes this Swiss guy Fricker? I mean, if he did not expose how easy it was to walk right into what was supposed to be a high-security area, we all will discover it too late when thousands died from a bomb originating from there. If no video was shown in Youtube, I bet this debacle may be covered up and no one will be any the wiser.

Anonymous said...

its the casino fault...and karma.