Thursday, July 29, 2010

MM Lee : Never Retire & the Intellectual Class.

Hardly a day goes by without MM Lee sharing his thoughts with us. You may not like him or what he says but his sometimes very direct assertions does give us a glimpse into the thinking of the PAP govt.

"Never Retire" - MM Lee

Thank you MM Lee. Now we can skip all the useless and worthless talk about pushing the retirement age higher and higher every few years. The term 'retirement age' in Singapore carries very different meaning from other developing countries. In other developed countries, when the govt commits to a retirement age, all govt policies on healthcare, pension and taxation are steered towards making sure workers are taken care of once they reach the retirement age. It is a promise that, however hard your struggle to earn a living is today, you can look forward to retirement at a certain age. Shifting retirement age is a very big issue in other countries and is seen as a solution that is taken at the last resort. In France, people have taken to streets to protest the shifting of retirement to 62. The man who wants to do it Sarkozy says he share the pain of workers and has to convince them that it is only done because it is necessary. Here in Singapore the word retirement has a different meaning and the most important implication of a change of retirement age is when you can withdraw your CPF. There is no govt pension, retirement medical plan or housing to look forward to. You pay for your own retirement. If you don't accumulate enough, you can't retire....simple as that. With the current income gap and rising cost of living, a large segment of the population will never be able to retire regardless of retirement age. Those who struggle the hardest to make a living will also end up working the longest. The govt pushes the CPF withdrawal further and further back to force them to work longer....they have no choice as they depend on their CPF to retire. Those who cannot accumulate enough in their CPF can never retire. The people who can retire earlier are the ones with the highest income and don't depend on the CPF. In many countries, the system attempts to bring about great equality by setting a retirement age and commiting resources to ensure that everyone can retire once they reach that age. This is important because it tells workers that no matter how bad their struggle is when they work for decades at lower paying jobs, they can look forward to a decent retirement. Here we have the biggest income gap in the developed world and a retirement scheme that extends the inequality into retirement with many never able to retire.

MM Lee also spoke about building a separate class of people from the ordinary citizens known as the intellectual class. This class of people will be formed mainly from students imported from India and China. He also said there is insufficient talent among Singaporeans and that the Malaysian talents we imported are "not so bright".
"...they are staying because going back does not give them the opportunities we are offering them here..." - MM Lee
As a strategy, a country should not close it doors to external talent. If you bring in the right people, it can create great opportunities for your own citizens and improve their quality of life. But here, MM Lee is talking about creating a special class of people and giving them special opportunities. I strongly believe that the future of Singapore should depend primarily on developing our own talents and importing foreign talents only if it benefits our ordinary citzens. Once the govt pursue a strategy of importing talent and giving them opportunities, it relegates the development of our own people to a lower priority. Take sports as an example. Why would they bother to scout and develop local talent when they can just hop over to China and bring in talents - it is so much easier and the results more instaneous. To raise the standard of a certain sports requires the (sports) association to popularise it, create clubs in the schools and special programmes for those who are talented. Once you can import talent, you can basically forget about all the hard work of getting locals involved involve in the sport and developing local talent.
Why is MM Lee so obsessed with having an 'intellectual class' anyway? If you have been listening to him closely all these years, you will understand that the PAP believes that it is solely responsible for the success of Singapore. This plays down the contributions of men and women who formed the number 1 workforce in the world for decades - a workforce that never went on strike, accepted less benefits, worked longer hours and took CPF cuts during recessions. This generation of workers are now heading for retirement with little medical benefits and pension because they took low wages to build this country taking us to where we are today. While the PAP govt pays itself the highest salaries in the world, these workers have the least benefits among workers in the developed world. MM Lee talks about expanding the 'intellectual class' by 3 times using foreigners and keeping them by giving them special opportunities. This is what ordinary Singapore get for being obedient citizens - an intellectual class comprising mainly of foreigner sitting on top them and taking away their opportunities to succeed.


Anonymous said...

Basically it means...

Yup PAP past policies which screwed up past/current generations of local singaporeans potential and ability to be all that they can be. Well PAP is stating the obvious...not my problem even though it is our lousy policies.

So now we need to import "intellectuals" and create this class to lord it over the locals.

A approximate re-quote from a famous long dead greek philospher -

"When a society separates its scholars from its warriors, it will have its thinking done by cowards and its foolish warriors dying for nothing in the end"

Good day all.

Anonymous said...

It is the MOST SICKENING IDEA i have ever heard.

Sounds like wisdom from a worker ant.

Really like to know if he has family, relatives and friends and if he treats them like humans or machines???


Anonymous said...

LKY believes in social darwinism, thus this crap abt no retirement and talented class riding roughshod over non-talented class.

xl (Frugal Introvert) said...

I'm amused about his 'intellectual class' because i had impression he's scared of intellectuals challenging the status quo after calling us ignorant, daft.

What exactly is his definition of intellectual class? I suspect is highly educated but trained enough to not make waves aka obedient.

Anonymous said...

If you play golf, chess, scrabble, start reading novels are going down.

I thought that was a daft thing to say

Anonymous said...

He can churn out such nonsense day in day out because we have given him a blank check.

Lets take back the blank check in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we are going back to colonial times where a group of supposedly special people are given extra and special opportunities to succeed and rule over the rest of the people.

The global trend now is equality and letting everyone develop their abilities to highest potential. Good grief, why are we always doing things backward?

Anonymous said...

Hitler wanted an Aryan race of blue eyes,blond Caucasianrace because he thinks they are superior than other humans...I don't see a difference here.

Anonymous said...

Raising retirement age or whatever they called it, it's basically a default of debt.

Anonymous said...

importing of "intellectuals"!!???!?!?!?!
that's hogwash!!!

lim said...

Let I said many times.. Time for pap to step down in coming GE..

Wonder why pap bothers to build schools.. Need engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc, just import, instant formula...

Anonymous said...

Time for him to live a little like human and reclaim for himself some humanities, humaneness and conscience.

Anonymous said...

So what's new?

You die your business.

You die better than I die.

We need 1.5 million foreigners who are more hard driving, cheaper and faster.

All you 40+ year old singaporeans are slow, expensive and only good in your dreams.

Singaporeans are chief complainers and lazy and choosy. Complain about affordable HDB flats and still want to choose top floor.

Forget about CPF. Your CPF is locked into HDB flats and expensive medical costs. The minimum sum will be raised to $1 million by 2020 and draw-down age will be 90 yrs old. Ok what, since no more retirement right?

General Elections will be by Dec 2010. Don't forget to vote for PAP!

Anonymous said...

"I think we have to develop that approach to life: You've reached the maximum you can do at your age in that position, you move sideways and you take less pay and you move gradually to less and less pay because you are moving slower and slower, especially if you are doing physical work."

That final part of the statement "especially if you are doing physical work" effectively means:

"But if one is a demi-god and not doing physical work, but instead forecasting work, then one can choose not to step aside, and take more and more pay because one is doing fortune-telling more and more often!(nevermind that the predictions are all hogwash)"

Anonymous said...

i din read the newspaper report, but i trust lucky's summary.

i'm very disappointed with PAP. the way they are treating us citizens, it's like farmers sending old horses to slaughter after they can't do work.

help yourself. vote out PAP.

Kaffein said...

What rubbish! On what basis is he saying that? Because he can? Or because it is his idea? Or because it really is what Singapore needs?

Total hogwash. After all the education, upgrading of skills, exposure to global markets, etc it doesn't really matter because the godfather says someone has to lord over us. You Singgies need a dose of lordship to wake up your 5Cs idea.

Sigh... the truth is most Singaporeans at least 66.6% of them think he is wise and almost spot-on most of the time in spite of so many flip-flops. I can agree with you Lucky that we are going backwards, not just a few years, but decades into the colonial days.

Seriously folks, you guys have to let you voting do the talking.


PS. There is such a bitter-taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

LKY should continue working (machiam vampire or Highlander) but be paid the same wages as the retiree grandpas and grandmas collecting and washing dishes, cleaning toilets etc at our food courts and shopping centres. Only then will have have a better idea what life is like for the average S'porean his age. Are we really capitalist? It resembles George Orwell's Animal Farm communist collective more and more.

Anonymous said...

That's it. I have decided to emigrate to a real country before I reach 40 and considered useless. I also do not wish to see my kids resigned to the "rubbish heap" because they aren't top 10% in PSLE.

Anonymous said...

All these crap from the Mental Minister, what about the PM? On MC or what? what do we pay him for? for his father to insult S'poreans?
Lessons in leadership.

Anonymous said...

Its easy for someone like him to say NO to retirement. The reality is that many cannot even find work, let alone staying on in the job. How much is this caused by the influx of cheap labour or Foreign talents ? Its arguable.

My greatest concern is the "in between" period of say when you lose your job and when the CPF pays you. Im also worried about the shifting of the goal posts.

Meanwhile, interest rates are kept unreasonable low even though we have a booming economy, that makes things much harder as our savings is earning literal peanuts. 1 million dollars earns you about 8000 per year. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

The intellectual class will be smart people who may not be as obedient as locals who cannot emigrate. They will make their pile here and then go back to their motherland and buy cheap land to become landowner. My Bangala colleague is one of them. Another Indian ex-colleague with dual citizenship goes back regularly to buy land to develop mango plantation. After one generation, we'll realise that it is back to square one, i.e. you've got to develop local people. dt

Anonymous said...

After reading all these comments from the idiots in PAP for the past few years, I can only conclude that Singapore will become Sinkapore soon. It's going down the drain, and it'll bringing Singaporeans down together. Continue to vote for PAP, those daft Singaporeans out there. May your karma catch up on you soon. My advice to the rest of the Singaporeans who are more aware of reality, start planning and preparing your exit plan. As long as these buggers are in power, we are all screwed big time.

Anonymous said...

This old man is still playing with eugenics after all these years. First, young graduate mums get incentives, lowly educated mums also get incentives, provided they show that they are ligated. What crap. But I take my hat off him. If you fail try again 40 years later.

Alan Wong said...

He can choose to work until the day he kicked the bucket because nobody in the Govt including his PM son will dare even to suggest to him that it's about time to retire for someone to take over.

His descendants will so many choices to pick and choose which corporation they prefers to work in and when they decide it's time to retire.

Between you and me, how many of us will actually have a choice to be gainfully employed, let alone talk about picking and choosing whether to work or when to retire ?

Isn't he just simply spouting shit from his mouth instead of his arsehole ?

Anonymous said...

Excerpts taken from an interview with Robert Green ( From Napoleon To Kim Jong-Il):

"Somehow people will reach a level of dissatisfaction. You can’t force history. That’s sort of what we tried to do in Iraq. We’ll see what happens. Many people like myself years ago were predicting failure. You can’t force history. Things like that have to come up from below, from the people themselves, so my advice, unfortunately, to people in North Korea is to wait for when that moment happens. It’s interesting to see a place like Iran where it’s really happening now and it’s very interesting and very exciting where you have a group of people that are trying to put the lid on change and on history and a lot of very brave people are trying to struggle and fight against that because they’ve reached a level of disgust. They just can’t stand it any longer and so it’s coming up from the bottom. I don’t see any signs of that in North Korea, so it might be another 50, 100 years. Who knows?"

Read "Mad Leaders' Disease" for more information (see link):

Anonymous said...

The old fart cannot retire because if he does, all his skeletons will come out of closet.

It would be the mother of all fraud and corruption cases, dwarfing even the Marcos case.

Anonymous said...

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
–Joseph Goebbels

Anonymous said...

LKY's work has been his life passion. So of course for him retirement means death since he has never done anything else beside working. He just does not seem to understand that a factory worker or a low ranking office worker will not share the same kind of passion for work. Or maybe he does understand but just pretend, I don't know.

Rojakgirl said...

Blah blah blah blah...

Can this old man never shut up? Month after month, year after year, there are always speeches and columns praising him. And there are always columns revolving around his "selfless dedication" and the "finest thoughts that spew forth from his unsullied mind".

All these make me really sick in the stomach, considering the "effects" of many of the things he did. Thanks to him, Singapore has turned into a nation of "super Yayas", "maid abusers", "Chinese above all"(I'm Chinese btw but I think segregation of races is wrong), "stupid Christian fundamentalists who champion abuse of men, women and children and who piss off people of different faiths"(go home, Focus on the Family and all those who hijacked Aware), etc., etc.

And what about all those elderly who dedicated themselves to building this nation? How about all those Malays, Indians and so on? Do they not exist in this country?! I guess their dedication does not exist and often goes unrecognized by the "super elite" who bask in self-praise for taking other people's efforts.

To Anonymous at 17:32, thanks for posting that excerpt from New Scientist. =P

Rojakgirl said...

Also, to those posting, OpenID currently has problems. bX-w3yevs error.

Just use another identity, lorz.

Tony said...

Equity release schemes have proved very popular in recent years. As living costs rise, equity release schemes, which typically let you borrow money against the value of your home with the debt being repaid from its sale only after your death, seem an attractive solution to many cash-poor, asset-rich retirees.

Anonymous said...

watch the movie "snakes on a plane", and remember the saying "enough is enough"

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, they say we die is our business, not the PAP's problem. Since we die is our business, then why you lock up our CPF money, being eaten by inflation and alot of hidden service charges, and squandering our hard-earned money in some shitty companies. You don't care for us and you still want our CPF money and fat pay cheques? Ridiculous! You are our servant, we voted for you and you work for us, not the other way round. Looks like this coming board meeting(GE), we are going to fire you. I mean even if the opposition put a dog to run for election, I seriously think I would vote for the dog. :p

Anonymous said...

His "no retirement" solution to boost national productivity just inspired me with a solution to the low birthrate:
Legalise polygamy. That way wife no.1 can work and bring in extra paycheck, wife no.2 can stay at home to produce babies, clean the house and cook for everybody. Somemore cheaper than filipino maid, savings from foreign worker levy.
Just call me Minister Mental, Where do I collect my $3m salary?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

So you still want to wait?
Maybe you prefer your children to pickup Hindi?

Pls listen.
The unthinking masses will not vote according to reason or ideals.
From Caesar's Rome to Nazi German to Bush's & Obama's USA.

If the opposition does not get at least 30 seats in the next GE, its all over.

e-financialhub said...

Anon 21:18

MM has hinted at polygamy being the way forward during the days when he was PM.

Anonymous said...

Something spectacular are on their ways into Sinkapoor, just relac and wait for them.

Keep yourself healthy and happy for the time being.

They are on the way...............

Anonymous said...

There is some truth to what the man said. Unfortunately,only half-truth for the simple fact that the odds are against the average aged workers.
So for some, working till death is a most welcome gesture, and ble$$ing, from the top but for others, playing chess in their twilight years maybe the graceful way to go - so no thank you.
But for someone of his weight to make a "forecast" and perhaps, unwittingly decide the course of those in their twilight years when our current economic environment, and probably for sometime too, is not exactly kind to older workers maybe callous.
Has he set the economic direction and policies to force all to work till death?( probably yes)
Btw, there are many who retired early and lived happily beyond nineties.
The government appears to be apt in telling half-truths these days. Not careful, they may demoralize a large segment of society and increase our suicide rate.

Anonymous said...

so now better for the state we all work until drop dead.. whatever becomes of the swiss stds promise? after chanting the commando's let no man be left behind, they open the doors to let in multitudes of aliens to outnumber us, to now becomes u die your business?

Anonymous said...

Wats the problem in sin ?

In sin people are evil !

Evil people live in sin.

And sinful people must be punished.

Very haram, you know ?

Anonymous said...

Poor singaporeans, the indiscrimate import of foreigners will expand by 3 times. Whooh!

zugeliang said...

Hmm, I like to think that our MM are seeing Singapore not from the eyes of the other nations. I guess we can't use other nations to compare and contrast. Instead, focus on what's essential for Singapore to survive and remain competitive in the global market. Honestly, it's a dog-eat-dog economy at the top and if the bottom is not well-prepared, things will turn real-bad...

I agree with most of your sentiments. Our MM has an unrelenting high standards which he has imposed upon the society.

I am interested to see what our PM would do and what kind of policies will he apply in the upcomin rally.. Though our MM words may mean a lot to the nation, the impact is still determined by the leadership of our PM. That, I'm lookin forward to see..

Anonymous said...

We should not set an economic tone that leaves no room for dignified retirement.
Many are already feeling useless for sitting around drinking coffee.
That should be an option if one can afford it.
Not everyone wants to scale Mount Everest with creaking bones.
Some are happy just watching squirrels hopping from branch to branch.
We shouldn't create a society that value these people any less or render them .......useless/going down.

Anonymous said...

Such a small city which capitalizes on youth and vanity(walk into our shopping malls and you will know what I mean) will require a reversal of economic strategy to accommodate the aged workers.
I don't see that happening unless old farts hanging out in orchard area becomes cool.

Life in different worlds said...

Aiyoh! If I'm earning 3 million bucks a year, having everybody kowtow to me, got security detail following me wherever I go, free motorcade to ferry me to my physio appt, etc .... of course I also don't want to retire lah! But alas, I am only an average Singaporean worker - will never earn 3 mil in my lifetime (let alone in a year), kowtow to all the foreigners, worried about (internal) "security" being used on me if I talk too much, and have to squeeze with 5 million other people on public transport. Somemore go physio also must pay money from my own pocket. My life and his life quite different hor?

Anonymous said...

There was an emporor in the past, who was wondering why his ideas were always applaud with praises.

So one day, he deliberately appeared naked in the morning court session, and declared that what he was wearing was the finest silk.

All the people stared in bewilderment, noting the nakedness of the emporor but didnt dare say a word. They continue to sing praises on the "attire".

Until an innocent party dare to step up and declared that the emporor was not wearing anything at all.

In perspective, whatever MM Lee say will always be heard and sang with praises from majority of the SG-reans. Even if the ideas were the dumbest and most unfounded.

Until an opposition enters the arena and put a stop to this imperialism (still present in SG), there is no way we can retire with dignity.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't know what is sadder, that our leader thinks this way, or the apathy of our people to ALLOW him to get away with this.

Imagine, the equivalent would be Obama telling the press, that they need to import more Jews from Israel, because the native and african americans just aren't talented enough.

Anonymous said...

Has the Minister Mentor ever live his life freely as a man? Free from worry and self imagined threats.

Did he achieve any great deed to date?

His family and that of his successors, are they happy? Are they living with the people?

Have he himself and his offsprings ever asked themslves the above questions?

Or do they live in walled fortresses totally cut-off from the people and only get their news of the country and the World from their electronic gadgets?

Do the Lee Families think the Old Patriarch is doing good for the country as well as for his whole clans and himself?

The Lees have to ask themselves, seriously and think about the meanings of livings.


Anonymous said...

30/7/10 09:09: "Honestly, I don't know what is sadder, that our leader thinks this way, or the apathy of our people to ALLOW him to get away with this."

There is nothing sad. He says the most outrageous thing because he knows no one dares openly challenge him as all arms of the govt are in his pockets. We are living under a dictatorship. And we cannot expect martyrs to emerge if we ourselves do not even have the courage to support our opposition no matter how ineffective they are made out to be.

Anonymous said...

The thing about dealing with half truths or half baked philosophical ideas is that it is almost and always end up going the way of the perpetuator who holds the key to your bank account..

The tipping point to get people in the middle to do your bidding is to twitch the economic balance or the reward system.

This is very similar to peer pressures. If you don't follow the social trend, you are immediately ostracized from the group or society.

Although in an idealistic society where social imperatives permits, the idea of a life time employment may work. But if idea is poorly timed and executed, we may see early deaths, suicides or manic depressive disorder in older workers edging upwards.

Anonymous said...

"I don't see that happening unless old farts hanging out in orchard area becomes cool."

Who knows, we may see our elderly ministers leading a group of old aunties and uncles in leotards doing in line dancing to rhinestone cowboy at the junction of takashimaya and the heeren.
I can see our trendy young being inpired by the sight of sweaty and wrinkled bodies gyrating to John travolta greasy lighning.

Anonymous said...

A new sexual revolution too. Men and women in executive suits in their sixties hanging out in clubs and bars.

Hey, check out your working grannies and grandpas for a few drinks ya?

Anonymous said...

Dick lee is setting the pace. PAP may use him as an icon for grandpas.

Yes, the Lees revolution.

Anonymous said...

zugeliang said Hmm, I like to think that our MM are seeing Singapore not from the eyes of the other nations. I guess we can't use other nations to compare and contrast. Instead, focus on what's essential for Singapore to survive and remain competitive in the global market. Honestly, it's a dog-eat-dog economy at the top and if the bottom is not well-prepared, things will turn real-bad...

You must be a YPAP clown. U are essentially regurgitating vague motherhood statements that says nothing new other planting some dumb fear mongering to support the status quo.

I agree with most of your sentiments. Our MM has an unrelenting high standards which he has imposed upon the society.

Standards that are however not imposed on himself, his incompetent ministers and party cadres.

I am interested to see what our PM would do and what kind of policies will he apply in the upcomin rally.. Though our MM words may mean a lot to the nation, the impact is still determined by the leadership of our PM. That, I'm lookin forward to see..

u must be blind if u are still believing & looking forward to "more good years" or some such similar crapo from the worst PM ever. Your unthinking obsequious post tells me u are probably a xtian from NCC or CHC.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the Lees? There is another one from the press who want to create more venues for drunken affairs. LoL
Cheers. More happy hours to come. LoL

Anonymous said...

Intellectual Class?

What's that?

Does the Minister Mentor knows what's intellectual?

He knows money but not living!

How does that square with his understanding of 'intellectual'?

He never had any sense of being a human, much less an 'intellectual' one. He must be thinking that his successors and people are all crowned in glories he brought upon them.

His offsprings should know, me thinks many of them walk with their eyes to the ground if one can get the drift. They are afraid of the eyes of the masses, there will always be the feelings of uneasiness in them. Why? Few would want to be anywhere near them.

To use Medisave, there are so many rules and conditions for the working class. Parliamentarians? Probably First Class Accommodations, treatments all paid for.

After their multi-million SINDollar Per Year Incomes, they entitle themselves to pensions for life. Contrast this with the poor folks not allowed full use of CPF (Mandatory)Medisave Savings to seek medical treatments, we can tell them to put their intellects into trash bins and their consciences to the devils. They don't even know how to treat their citizens as humans.

Me now admits i talk alot with no guilt and no shame, as the definitions for a great leader in my opinion, is as simple as One that frees his citizens from worry of livelihoods, make them feels respectful of the leadership by ensuring their safties and securities. And to provide them educations, opportunity to work together to create a more prosperous, clean(physically/socially and spiritually) and happy society.

Thus far, we have only got manipulated, exploited and bullied.


it is getting worse by the days.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the world is heading towards breaking down the employment age barrier to solve massive social debt crisis created by capitalism.
MM said older workers must be prepared to take orders from their younger peers.
We may have to start with parents taking order from their kids then. Ha.

Anonymous said...

The world does not revolve around the "intellectual class" or the rich just like in the animal kingdom, the other creatures don't revolve around pigs and vultures.

Anonymous said...

We lesser intellectuals are reading this but the general public are still worshipping him as the god. Until they do nothing will change. He has always been a white man in yellow skin and a colonial master. After taking over he has followed what ever they did to stay in power with the masters in power

Anonymous said...

MM Lee suggested no retirement is the best way for Singaporean sound like a slave driver boss.

MM Lee said that he is still learning at old age.
Do hope he learn how to let go - let go of his control over every Singaporean.

Perhaps a suggestion to import politican eg. Hire Clinton to be our politican advisor rather than having him giving worthless suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Remember he wouldn't even want to give the pilot a chance to continue working in Singapore and yet here he talk cock about the virtues of not retiring at all.

Some people can really be so kind & evil-hearted at the same time.

What a hypocrite !

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to see a North Korea in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

After u reach 50,and if u still need to apply for jobs (unless u are yr own boss), the HR may write sarcartically hinting that why at this age u are still looking for jobs (measn u hv no chance)? (but 99% of the time u would not get any reply at all!!)
Even if the job does not pay any basic sal, and u only get yr pay months after u hv completed yr work, u would be replaced immediately and the "job" given to younger candidates when they can find the younger ones.
Under such circumstances, how are u going to work unless u are rich or can be yr own boss.
It only add insult to injuries for the "young seniors" over 50 year olds.

Anonymous said...

usually great people and their families died at the hands of the things they created or take pride of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,
Here's a letter to the Today newspaper that makes a lot more sense than what the "sage of Singapore" sprouted.,-live-longer

birdofprey said...

You know what? the article is wonderful and clearly puts into perspective what is really going on. But you know what else? Singaporeans deserve what they get and voted for. SGP's are a bunch of spineless, anonymous whiners. Now they are abused as being lazy and possibly intellectually retarded.....but guess what they will still vote PAP. Please.....this bed is made by you, so please happily lie it in even though its full of shit.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing you can do. As long as you live in Singapore, even with the elections coming, you think you can win? It's all rigged. Game over man.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Anyway, I really want to know why is he paid so much annually when all he does is 'forecasting'?!