Friday, July 09, 2010

Ultimate Apathy? ....Part 2.

UPDATE: There is a New Paper report that gives more details about the story. It was less one sided that the original letter by the victim's sister. The woman involved did fight back and the attacker wanted the bus driver to detour to a hospital for treatment of his 'wounds'. The bus captain did contact the operations centre and the incident was reported to the police and the strategy was for the police to intercept the bus on its route - unfortunately the attacker escaped before the police got to him. So the truth depends on who tells it....and what she is trying to convey. But at the end of the day, the fact remains that a man attacked a woman on a bus in front of a group of passengers that did not step forward to help. Benjamin Tan, the only protagonist in the story, told the News Papers the 'gawkers were blocking the way' when he tried to help. When things happen, we should try to do more to help. A few commenters suggested the woman could have been abusive, rude and provoked the man in some way...and that I've jumped into conclusions. In the 'good old days', people will have enough common sense to separate the people fighting so that they don't end up strangling each other ...then it will really be too late to do something. Regardless of who started the fight or for whatevever reason how does sitting around and doing nothing help to make things better?

Part 1 is found here.

Rather sad to hear about the incident in which a girl was attacked on a double decker bus and no one bothered to help her not even the bus driver (oops, I mean bus captain) who just drove on. Only one young man by the name of Benjamin Tan tried to help.

Have we become such an uncaring so society that everyone just minds his own business and can't be bothered with what happens to others. When you see no reaction on the part of Singaporeans to things that happen around them, it doesn't mean all is well.....things can be falling apart and everyone is just sitting around apathetically....

We teach our young maths, science, languages etc and the intense competition in schools is suppose to be part of education system that produce a high standard - parents pay money to send their kids for tuition so they can score higher than other kids But what is the use of all that if we produce people who don't give up their seats for the old and pregnant women on the bus - we need special seats and signs to remind them to do it. The 1stt thing we should teach our children is to care about others and be aware of the needs of can forget about the rest of the stuff if we can't get this done right.
Attacked but they just stared

My sister and I have lost faith in the kindness of Singaporeans - except for one
Letter from Irene Teo 05:55 AM Jul 08, 2010,-but-they-just-stared
July 8th, 2010

ON SATURDAY evening, my sister boarded SBS bus No 30
along West Coast Road, heading for the Esplanade.
She took a seat on the upper deck.

A male passenger took the seat next to her, positioning
himself very close to my sister. She asked him to give
her a little space. In response, he inched even closer.

Then, to her utter surprise, he punched her several
times on her head.

My sister tried to defend herself, but she was no match
for this man. He held her wrists and continued his attack,
hitting her on the head and in the stomach.

As a result of the attack, my sister sustained bruises
on her head, neck and arms.

The struggle lasted for 30 minutes and was witnessed by
all the passengers seated on the upper deck, but during
the entire incident, not one of them tried to intervene
and stop the attack.

None of the passengers even bothered to help my
sister pick up her belongings.

Only one passenger – Benjamin Tan Wei Kiong –
who had been seated on the lower deck came to her aid.

Benjamin heard the commotion and headed upstairs.
He asked the bus driver to stop the bus and call the police.

But the driver refused to, saying that the SBS command
centre had told him to drive on.

After this shocking incident, there are a few crucial
issues I want to highlight:

- Why didn’t the bus driver stop the bus?
Driving on meant my sister, as well as other passengers
on the bus, was put at risk of another attack.

- Why didn’t the bus driver contact the police?
Surely all bus personnel have been trained as to
.what to do when a passenger is assaulted.

Even if he had been instructed to drive on and not
stop, couldn’t he have assessed the severity of the
situation and taken action?

- Most importantly, why did no one on the upper
deck come forward to help my sister? Thanks to the
inaction and apathy of the spectators on the bus,
my sister is nursing not just her physical bruises
but also the emotional hurt from the fact that
no one bothered to help her.

This incident has made me lose faith
in the kindness of Singaporeans.

The only glimmer of hope is the existence of
Good Samaritans such as 22-year-old Benjamin,
who helped my sister and who later spent his
Saturday night at the police station with us.

Thank you, Benjamin.


Anonymous said...

YOG budget exceeded by 200%. Not a word from Low T K, Sylvia Lim and Chiam S T.

Another extreme case of Extreme Apathy...

Anonymous said...

So the lesson is:

Avoid such attacks in the first place. The girl could have just stood up and moved to another seat rather than telling the man off. Some men are provoked by such telling off, you never know. Given the high stresses of living here, there are all kinds of mentally unstable people,men and women, so it is best not to provoke.

We cannot control people's apathy so have to learn to avoid as much as possible such incidents.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that basically Singaporeans deserve it.

When one of the opposition politicians repeatedly gets sued, jailed and call-named by the PAP, nobody ever said anything, not even his fellow oppositions.

Now, the NSP began to cry-father- cry-mother when it got fined $300 by the NEA for selling its newspapers, asking people to stand up together for its cause.

Remember that famous poem when nobody spoke up earlier for the victims, eventually there will be nobody left to speak up for you?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday a salesman was jailed 5 weeks for road rage. He damaged a doctor's BMW after his car was hit by the doctor's BMW but the doctor ignored him. What if in this case the aggressor is an elite punishing a peasant girl for talking down to him? If we interfere, we might get into trouble for rage against an elite.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are really like zombies.

Those working in the town areas are generally well dressed, look modern, polished and even speak ok English. But there's not much substance in what they think or say.

That's why LKY & its PAP masters look down on them with total contempt. They rather have FTs to replace these locals.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there is some idiot (9/7/10 09:04) who is pretty much blaming the girl for the attack.

Anonymous said...

Far from being idiot, Anon 9/7/10 09:04 is giving sound advice, especially for girls.

Ignore it at your own risk and even regret.

Anonymous said...

KUDOS to Mr Benjamin Tan and here me stands with a salute for You Sir!

What disturbs me is, according to the sister, the attack went on for thirty minutes and someone(BenjaminTan) from the lower deck was even able to know something amissed at the upper deck. It goes to show the decibels(loudness) of the commotion.

WHY THEN, with everyone holding a mobile or two, DID NOT call the Police?.......? Does apathy in SIN reached to this unthinkable terminal stage?......? Scary. Or was there more than what was said???

Another Blogger had posted this case at My Singapore News, readers may like to read it for more comments there.

Me has lost much faith in the Justice System in SIN and as for interventions in domestic disputes, me thinks there is much precautions and cares to consider.


ILMA said...

singaporeans have this attitude because the government has always maintained that the individual can only depend on himself for his welfare and survival. the state will never step in. this extreme individualistic, dog eat dog mindset has pervaded through every rank of society, such that everyone has become this apathetic, self serving automaton.

Anonymous said...

i am surprised that nobody whipped out his camera phone and sent a video to stomp...

that aside, apathy is a learned behaviour. singaporeans are learning from masters in this area --- multi million dollar ministars

Anonymous said...

9.04 could be closer to the truth

According to the report by NP, there was half an hour of abuse.
If you had not looked at her physical injuries and her claims, you would think there was half an hour of physical abuse. Apparently the man suffered more injuries than her. She only got minor bruises on her arms, which maybe expected in the heat of argument especially when both parties were seated "thigh to thigh".
The point here is that that half an hour of abuse I suspect was not so much on physical violence otherwise her injuries would have been far more severe.
The truth could be that the half an hour show was mostly verbal abuse. If so, who do you think, between the two, were capable of provocative verbal abuse?
If I were the passenger watching the fiasco, I may not be that sympathetic to act.

Anonymous said...


If you had not looked at her physical injuries and going by her claims, you would think there was half an hour of physical abuse.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story? Ppl are too quick to judge in favor of the dame or damn in distress.

Irrational heroes who anyhow slam?

Anonymous said...

It explains why the guy in the lower deck came to her aid.the upper deck got a better view of what went on. You have to be clueless and blur enough to act in favor of the woman.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lucky there you have it. Plenty of commentors on your post are actually bashing the girl and saying the upper deck passengers did no wrong in not intervening.

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect demonstration of apathy.

Anonymous said...

We make no apologies for being "apathetic" at the moment. I am sure lucky was too quick to condemn the intelligent public by now - with exception to the blur sotong

Anonymous said...

Perhaps no one bothers becos;

1) it is a girl involved
2) the girl was aggressive or rude
3) all the blokes behind were FTs
4) all the blokes behind were wise and street smarts
5) the impressionable and naives singaporeans were all in HK

On those occassions when an aggressive girl like slap a man or cried molest, usually some fools would rush forward and assume that the man or victim involved is in the wrong. Singaporeans are very naive.


there is nothing in the report to point to the girl being aggressive or provocative.

given the male chauvinistic posts here, it's no wonder that singapore girls favor ang mohs.

all your ball-less males out there, you have no balls to vote against an oppressive govt. only got a stinky mouth to pour salt onto the wounds of a victim.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12, i suspect could be a butch; a man is verbally abused so what can we expect him to do to save face? There must be good reasons no one who witnessed the acts acted..

benjamin fan said...

Anon 15.15, the good reason is covered by anon 15.14 or lucky.

choose your pick, but don't blame the girl. it's akin to saying all those replaced by ft shld blame themselves for not being able to lower their asking wages.

Anonymous said...

smart singaporeans watched and the stupid ones join the chorus of siao and chow chabor hurling abusive words

Anonymous said...

The whole incident lasted 30 minutes!! ! If the physical abuse by the man lasted that long, I think the girl would have been dead!!

I don't think the full story is told, if the 30 minutes is true.

Hence of all the comments so far, I think Anon 12.39 had make the most sensible analysis of it.

Anonymous said...

By Vivien Chan
July 08, 2010

It was quiet in the shoe shop at the time. Then two female employees heard a loud commotion outside.

They looked out and were shocked to see a man whip out a knife from his backpack.

Before they could react, he stabbed a woman several times.

The attack was apparently sparked by a heated argument over Ms Zhou's dog, which her attacker had kicked.

The horrific incident happened at about 2pm on Tuesday, along Zhu Lin Road in Taipei's Yonghe City in Taiwan.

The victim, a Singaporean identified as Ms Zhou Gui Zhu, 46, is now in the intensive care unit (ICU) at National Taiwan University Hospital.

i doubt taiwanese women wud be so fierce to scold a man in public over a dog, but that female is a singaporean so that can be expected. i think there is no women's charter there so taiwanese women are more cultivated and quiet

Anonymous said...

The case should be treated as if both were men and arguing over the matter, definitely sparks are expected to fly if a person is ill mannered to ridcule another in public. Maybe the girl expected public protection and therefore thought she could be more abusive verbally with the upper hand... thus it is only fair that both should be fined for being public nuisances and for fighting in public.

Anonymous said...

the woman claimed that the guy assaulted her( full-on) and end up, he asked the driver to send him to hospital and the woman suffered only minor bruises. HaHaHaHa

Anonymous said...

yah, I think the guy bashed her so violently that he needed hospital attention while the woman needed newspaper attention lol
somebody need to teach the man how to assault like a man lol

Anonymous said...

We don't know the full story, this letter is from the girl's perspective. Maybe the girl was being an asshole. Assholes deserved to be beaten, regardless of gender.

Anonymous said...

he was RELENTLESS wow
relentless sissy hahaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is an ironlady so hitting her is like hitting a rock. he he he
no wonder the man got bloodied. he he he

Anonymous said...

So now that we have more details on the incident, I wonder where are the people who happily condemned those suggesting the girl could be at fault, and called them male chauvinists? right ball-less guy?

I have not read the NP report, but given the terribly biased viewpoint of the original letter writer, I am disinclined to believe anything else in her story. Someone of her statements i.e. did not call the police, are outright wrong. Even who started the fight is now a question mark.

There were several things questionable about the first letter. For someone who was not even on the bus, she sounds remarkably certain of the sequence of events. Then there was 30 minutes of assault which only resulted in a few bruises.

Lucky, you keep asking your readers to have a critical mind when reading reports from the MSM. But yet, with so little information, you resort to automatically defending the lady and blaming Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Joke lah...... that kind of bruises on her arms can even happened in big sale where women will tear each other up to get at cheap underwears.

I wonder what was the real commotion that lasted for sooooo long. Half an hour is equivalent to watching a boring local comedy trying to be comedic you know

Anonymous said...

when lucky's daughter get bashed up,for getting involved in people's disputes, worse than the woman in the story, the police will say to time tell your daughter not to get involve, just call them

but in another story when someone else had successfully intervened a fight that could turn ugly, the police awarded the chap a good samaritan metal.

with such confusing signals, no wonder people hesitated to act or wait for others to be the hero of the moment. LOL

Anonymous said...

medal :)

Anonymous said...

the fact that many did not help goes to show there is probably no redeeming quality about the disputing parties.

or maybe that the woman was really IN CHARGE of the situation by giving the man her finest VERBAL ABUSE.

ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Our police is already setting a very good example that even they themselves can't do anything for the Singaporean who was hurt by the Saudi Arabia diplomat for being told not to park at the parking lot for the disabled.

Sorry you are not an MP, can't help you. Police can't do anything either. Diplomatic immunity. Go ahead to sue the diplomat if you want. Don't trouble us. Enough headache already with the Romanian diplomat.

I thought they said immunity only apply if they are on official business. Parking at condominium on official business meh ?

Who is the greatest culprit that you can't rely upon when you have been assaulted ?

Anonymous said...

Ever been treated unjustly by any government supported establishment? Even if you are right and vented your righteous anger and frustration but with verbal abuse or scold them upside down, they will just ignore and even sue you because you treated them with disrespect.
In other words, you being right do not give you the right to scold them.
They want you to be amicable about the injustice or wrong done before they will listen to you or offer you help.
So can you blame singaporeans for being apathetic?
The woman needs to be amicable, gentle and docile if she wants help just like you have been unjustly molested by the establishment and want them to listen to you
And yes, now you know why bloggers who openly scold the government will not get any respond from them
Lesson singaporeans have learnt is not to chup when people start shouting or scolding though they maybe right.
We learn all these from our beloved government bodies.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

why half an hour so long hah? in between show babies photos and end with last 5 mins of catfight ah?

Anonymous said...

I think we may need to carry guns like in the US to offer better deterrent. I don’t understand why people won’t want to help anymore but I think that maybe they have suffered much injustice themselves. Many people are just misbehaving themselves but they don’t break any laws (on the threshold). Many people tell lies to get away from things too. So we see conflicting signals and really dumbfound to react to certain scenarios.

Are we on the path to like other major cities?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous in the first posting:

None of the PAP backbenchers raised any question and you are OK with that?

Anonymous said...

"Benjamin Tan, the only protagonist in the story, told the News Papers the 'gawkers were blocking the way' when he tried to help. "

One cant shoot a person simply becos he saw him beating a dog, without knowing that the dog has just killed another human being. As highlighted above, it seems there could be good reasons that "gawkers were blocking the way" and if so, that Benjamin must be totally ignorant or naive abt what was going on. Increasingly there are just too many unthinking fools in singapore these days, the reason we are in dire need of FTs.

Anonymous said...

It is already wrong for a man to abuse a girl. If the man is not happy, he can move to the lower deck or another empty seat. There is not need to hit the girl. If everyone acts like this, we will have fights & people being hauled to the police stations on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

you mean it is not wrong for a girl to abuse a man? if the girl is unhappy she should be the one to move her butt to another seat to avoid the confrontation, unless she was looking for a fight and/or subsequent public intervention.

Anonymous said...

about the bus thing, all I can say is that what are those cameras that are placed at the top of the bus doing, are they recording or....simply to check whether there are any passengers left after the final stop?
It may be that the girl was sitting in the inner seat and the guy refused to let her out. and the guy have some sort of mental problem just moving closer and closer inwards. Why dont he simple get up and go to another seat?