Wednesday, August 18, 2010

$387M can't buy you the real Spirit of Singapore!

There was a time not too long ago when Singaporeans cheer their team with all their hearts. You didn't have to force school children to cheer and support our sportsmen. Our sporting heros came from our schools and kampungs. You knew them or knew someone who knew them. There was enthusiastic support for our sportsmen and great pride among Singaporeans when they won. amount of money can manufacture that.


Anonymous said...

Our government dont understand that..or simply selective understanding. The Spirit of Singapore is now GDP and is fully supported by 66% of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Our garbermen ought to wake up idea and follow the footsteps of the church.
On capful examination, you realize both are talking about the same,prosperity, health and wealth all of which are coveted by people.
But why is it the church has more success in getting their people more compliant and appreciative despite all their tribulations and setback?
Why do these sheep keep giving and giving until tears flow from their eyes and not complaining?
Yes, the secret is out.
Use the lords name in vain and your people shall be grateful to you and accept all your policies without complain.

Like the Roman emperors, our elite members of parliament should raise their profile to divine status and be worshipped.

Use god by proxy, preach faith and create your own bible as the authoritative word and all our garbermen and people problems shall be resolved

And every Sunday, we can sing our national song with pride in the padding, if you like.

Anonymous said...

Error, I meant to say...sing your national song with pride and full of spit oops..spirit in thePADANG

Anonymous said...

It was sad that the kind of real sport spirit and patriotism had to give in to politician's pride who couldn't get along well with each other then.

Anonymous said...

lucky is stucked in the 70s. LOL.
Then, there were no distractions like Internet, shopping malls, Korean idols, avarta, travel etc etc to influence our taste bud or raise our demands and expectations.
Face it, affluence has spoilt our people and even if you bring these people or era back, it will never be the same again.
We are on our our way to establishing our own harajuku groupies.LOL

Anonymous said...

happiness is now a campaign led by phua chu kang and his big black mole

hahahaha...the government is telling us and showing us how to be happy or that we are actually deliriously happy...hahahahaha

amen amen

Anonymous said...

In the 80s we still had a country and leaders who believed in a higher cause. People of different religions and races co-existed peacefully. We were close to becoming one people.

Today, we hardly know our neighbors. Too many foreigners at too rapid a pace. Full of mistrust. A flawed education system that produces a population unable to think critically.

And judging by anon 18/8/10 19:49's response, we are getting exactly the leaders we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Wei, what's wrong with my response? Not true meh? If the church can do it or allowed, by law, to talk cock or god, why can't our garbermen do the same?
In any case, our garbermen has been overseeing religious operatives here. So why not take another step and use them to rally behind their causes? These sheep are so ripe and ready to be exploited anyway. Might as well milk them for what its worth right?LOL
Remember, in religion, you need not provide evidence to your creative and innovative ...policies or speeches.

Every thing is base on good faith and our garbermen can sure use a lot of those, can't they?

So be smart, if the church can talk cock, the garbermen can also do the same to achieve health,wealth and prosperity with free labor from sheep.

Which garbermen wouldn't want their people to give until tears flowing huh? LOL.

Durian Freak said...

My god. that's one huge ass kallang wave.

dumb + dumber in PAP said...

I have to agree with you $387M can't buy the real Spirit of Singapore but sadly we have a dumb PM and whole bunch of PAP stooges who think otherwise.

40 years went by from 1970 and we ended up importing China's TT team B to 'supposedly' make us proud. WTF!

It is pathetic to say the least, especially when we look at countries with similar or smaller population size who can immediately command respect for their sports achievements.
Jamaica, NZ, Denmark, Uruguay, Fiji comes to mind and these countries do not depend on coercion in gathering public support.

Anonymous said...

With the opening of floodgate to allow vast number of foreigners to come to Singapore, majority of Singaporeans living standard have worsen. HDB flats had been bid up until they cannot be afforded by majority of Singaporeans. Resources like education, public transport and so on are stretched beyond the capacity to serve Singaporeans with a minimum threshold standard.

Singaporean median salary has been stagnated at $2400 since many years ago as the large number of cheap foreigners coming to Singapore to work have depressed the income here. Effectively, after adjusting for inflation, majority of Singaporeans are earning less over the years to pay for the ever increasing cost of living.

However, there is a minority of Singaporeans such as Towkay type of Singaporeans (e.g. Towkay in this blog) have benefit from the present of large number of foreigners. These Towkays enjoy driving BMWs, enjoy being member of country clubs, have health check in private hospitals and stay comfortably in private estates as admitted by Towkay. These are the things that this privilege minority group of Singaporeans are enjoying while the majority group of Singaporeans can only stand aside and look at these privilege with envy.

Thus, how can the majority of Singaporeans have any real spirit? Of course, it is no. Only the minority of Singaporeans like the Towkays possess the real spirit of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Inflation has ballooned dangaerously, yet our pay is stagnant.

A fresh grad starting pay today is not much different from 10 years ago, but cost of living has increased.

2-meat-1-veggie at the mixed rice stall used to cost $2.80 6 years ago. Today, it will cost around $3.50.

Fishball noodles used cost $2 to $2.50. Now, the average price is $3. It is the same for chicken rice.

It is time to vote wisely against the Men-in-White.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 18/8/10 19:49,

Why are you dragging religion into this topic?

Anonymous said...

Religion has a lot of ready free labor and some even willing to die for their causes or at their leaders bidding in gods name.

Our garbermen should exploit this free labor, just like the church, since IT IS NOT ILLEGAL

Think about the potential in this labor camp?

One church alone has 30 000 following. Another one has 20 000 over goondus at gods command through his leaders.

If we tabulate all the members from every religious institution, the number will far exceed our entire army.

Heck, a fraction of them can fill our football stadium without a problem LOL

Hey, these sheep will even pay our garbermen, until tears flowing, to cheer our national players. LOL

Now that should be the SPIRIT of SIN LOL

Anonymous said...

18/8/10 20:19, it isn't true that modern distractions are responsible for the loss in spirit. Every country (both developing and developed) strongly supports their football team during the World Cup.

Why is then that when Singapore is in the Olympics Table Tennis Finals, we don't emotionally identify with the representatives? Call it irrational, but I can identify more with Fandi Ahmad even though I'm not Malay, than I do with our table tennis players whose exploits aroused a mere curiosity rather than celebration and disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Those were the days my friends, i thought it would never end ... we sing and dance ...

Anonymous said...

" it isn't true that modern distractions are responsible for the loss in spirit. Every country (both developing and developed) strongly supports their football team during the World Cup."

I think things have changed here. Sure, it would be better our sportsman are all locally breed which makes winning much sweeter.But they have to be really good, unlike those days, the standard has risen since then.
I don't think we have that kind of talent to bring on the cheer or cause that level of excitement anymore.

We have far more important concerns or worries and interests in our current way of life to even sweat a bit for local sports.

Too little time plus higher costs in everything changes everything.

Local sports, not personal workout, is no longer a priority or chief obsession or form of entertainment anymore.

Anonymous said...

Where got time for YOG or Spirit of Singapore when your rice bowl are on the line? Ask average Joe in Singapore, they will tell you earning a living is more important than YOG as they dun feed you neither will Spirit of Singapore. All thanks to Cheaper Better & Faster.

Anonymous said...

singapore spirit? what's that? probably only half of the residents are born here. there is no more sense of belonging. everywhere in spore is filled with foreign speaking people. older singaporeans cannot find jobs and the govt really think we give a shit about yog? even the FTs don't give a shit so you know no loyalty from them. someone made an excellent comment : does anyone know which country hosted the last Youth Worldcup? probably nobody. if noone is interested in youth football, govt must be stupid to think the world will be excited about yog!

Ser Ming said...

Hey Lucky,

Thanks for the clip. I almost forgot we had a great team. I was in Pri Sch back then. Didn't really know how to appreciate them.

A shame that we don't have such teams anymore.

Anonymous said...

I was from the Quah Kim Song, Kim Lye, Mat Noh, Dollah Kassim era. Yes, there was the Kallang wave and roar. Sponteneous and spirited. We would yell till our throats were hoarse. My daughter, a 2nd year poly student cannot connect to that as she "volunteers" for YOG mass dance. I watched the senior director of SSC on Blog TV yesterday and his condesending remarks explains a lot. DT

Anonymous said...

"One church alone has 30 000 following. Another one has 20 000 over goondus at gods command through his leaders

If we tabulate all the members from religious institutions, the numbers will far exceed our entire army."

$387M can't buy you the real spirit of Singapore?

And praying will?

Question is: Will the presence of a Christian stronghold in this nation bring us the "right spirit"?

If you are not happy with the development here, you know where the stench of hypocrisy is coming from, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Actually, for couple of millions, the government can get tens of thousands of foreigners to cheer for the Singapore team. Just don't get them to sing the national anthem. Isn't this what we are witnessing in all walks of life in Singapore? This is a place to make money and get out, try to be practical, like the foreigners and forget about patriotism while the current government is in place.

ILMA said...

Lucky, good stuff -- you beat me to posting this. Haha. This is an even better video. Dream team Singapore! :D Makes me tear.

Anonymous said...

the problem is a real Spirit of Singapore can only be generated from the ground. being the control freak PAP is, white spremacists cannot bring themselves to cheer along with the peasants. THEY, and THEY alone, reserve the right to MANUFACTURER and LEAD the peasants.

vote out PAP, vote in ANY OPPO

Anonymous said...

first rule, only idiots blame foreigners.
second rule, locate the spirit of this nation if you want to change it. tell me who is more spirited than those who would cry for comic book heroes?
third, we are all directed by a group of organized mind, not groups of disorganized mind.
oppositions are a disarrayed groups of useless minds, are you barking up the wrong trees?

Anonymous said...

ha! ha! Blaming the opposition for PAP foul-ups! Thats rich! So insecure already?

Anonymous said...

yah, huge pile of organized minds have imbued stubborn spirit. even the gods say you can't penetrate their thick skull.
this kind of spirit has been around for centuries.
very stink one.
cannot use newwater to drive out one.
their "good works" are their best covering that's why nobody will ever suspect.
drunk drunk drunk spirit I say

Anonymous said...

This City is being lead by greedy shenanigans. The citizenry has no role model of any quality to follow and emulate.


yet some are expecting real spirit of Singapore.

Spirits of Sins are everywhere here and yet few can feel them. What the hell!

Keep working to stay alive la! What lofty stuff is Spirit Of Singapore?


Anonymous said...

Re: "We are all directed by a group of organized mind..."

Yes, but the absolute power they possessed have made them blinded and dead to all criticisms! Lucky's post here shows that we are obviously going down in the wrong direction but the arrogance of PAPies think that only they know it all! I am convinced that stronger presence of oppositions in the parliament would be good for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Actually religion is created by man to justify his or her place in the universe.

The universe is hostile and uncaring to the finite whims of man.

As long as man focus on himself and his foibles to the deteriment of its infinite will be just as extinct as the dodo.

Instead of uniting and working together to get the better of a cruel and hostile universe...we rather fight and quarrel and show who is top dog with meaningless finite gains.

Now how silly and idiotic beyond belief is that?

Your ultimate arrived views is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...


If the 300 over million dollars were distributed to each singaporean, do you know how much each will get?!

The world does not need the YOG and no country is worse off either without it. In fact, Singapore is better, betterer and betterest off.

Because, if PAP does it, they will definitely win 100% votes in the next GE.

And most of the instant millionaires can migrate to other countries to live their dreams.

Anonymous said...

As paper cannot wrap around fire, the truth is finally out. All the empty seats in the competition venues speak for themselves.
Easily solution is to import 500000 foreigners to fill up all the empty seats. Who say the real spirit of Singapore cannot be bought?

Anonymous said...

the spirit of sin can be found in a bottle

Anonymous said...

get free labor to fill empty seats. they may even give you money to sit through the boring games.

Anonymous said...

Conscript the PRs and new citizens to a new form of National Service - attending 'bo liao' national events like YOG etc for 2 years.

Continue to serve dog food to them so they truly appreciate the value our NS men who had been given worse all these years.

Anonymous said...

get a few charismatic leaders to anoint the chairs.
promise these free laborers, who think they are king's kids, that they will get a dose of holy spirit anointing if they come into contact with these specially anointed chairs.
and watch the suckers queue like a long slithering snake just to fill up those hot seats.
well, if it works on Sunday, i am sure it will work anywhere. hahahaaaa

Anonymous said...

The real cost of the YOG should be well more than the rebudgeted $387mil, if you assign a dollar cost to the hidden "free" labour (NSmen, schoolchildren, teachers, civil servants, volunteers) mobilized and disruption in normal activities of the economic or educational nature for example.

I am not even sure the final explicit dollar tally will be not be re-revised again upwards of that $387 million, and given the hoo-ha over even that first revision, will the gahmen ever dare to disclose any more changes if so.

Kaffein said...

Seems like a certain 'Anon' who feels it is his patriotic and civic duty to provide free sermons and consultations to blog readers about successful churches and their money-making 'spins' as he would like to term it. Oh he'll proclaim us 'guilty' if we are members of such churches and also 'guilty' since we are not following the way how these churches became successful.

Did you 'Anon' realise that in ALL of your postings, it's always about money?!! Gee you sure have exposed yourself that your gripe is not that these churches are successful. Your grouse is that you don't have money these church-goers have. Don't give me the 'holier than thou' attitude. It stinks through your writings.

To you I have these words:
Your cynicism only shows the type of person you are - a poor soul who needs:

a) Attention. Which I'd suggest you go and find your joy or kick elsewhere in the Net.

b) Money. Because most of your comments are all about these successful churches who has lots of 'health' and 'wealth.
=> To which I'd say, next time don't ever congragulate anyone 'Happy and Prosperous New Year', or wish the best of health to anyone who is celebrating his/her birthday.
=> If you don't want 'health' and 'wealth', I'm sure I'll be the first to volunteer to receive yours.

c) Forgiveness.
- either you had lost a lot of money and are envious of these 'rich' people giving to churches
- or you have tried to set up a successful church and have failed utterly

d) Lost your marbles. In which you either need to take a stronger dosage of your medicine. Or go visit one of these churches to free your thoughts.

In simple words - GET A LIFE!


Anonymous said...

shheesh kaffein, if politics is not primarily about money, then what is it about? your grandfather? LOL
everyone in power wants money. even china now realized they need economic power,size is not good enough, to command the respect of other nations. and you think today's church politics are any different? LOL

can you set up an organization that generally employs free labor, and the here is the best part, and even pays you, a princely sum for some, to work for you!?!LOL

anon basically suggested, sarcastically, that perhaps our garmen should exploit these religious institution under them as these churches had exploited the gullible ones.

for it takes a crook to pilfers another crook,yes? LOL

Anonymous said...

use the church ruse. If our garmen had promised volunteers 30,60 and 100 fold return, you think they would have lashed out at our garmen and condemned the YOG?
Tsk tsk tsk, money shuts mouths even if it is from faith based reward system.
now that is creative church innovation our garmen should consider copying if they want happy, praising and grateful or graceful voluntears LOL

Anonymous said...

Keep telling people they would save money on the new "distance-based" tpt fare.
However, most people's (> 80% ?) experiences proved otherwise.
Now people may start to question other statistics, and begin to have a mis-trust over all other statistics (such as employment statistics).
When you look back in future, it may prove to be one of their biggest "wrong move" or "mistake" made.

Anonymous said...

You promise them air, they will be happier than when you promise them a packet of chicken rice.

ha ha ha ha

Clear eyed said...

There's no spirit left in native Singaporeans. It's been sucked out by LEECHES. The City is now made up of zombies and aliens and fat LEECHES sticking spurs into the zombies' hide.

Alan Wong said...

A lot of things in Singapore are now becoming more and more fake nowadays :

fake crocodile tears
fake concern for the poor
fake justice
fake charity
fake patriotism
fake volunteers

Anonymous said...

but why are you afraid to mention your fake churches huh?

scare to del with the polluted source? he he

Anonymous said...

By the way, our young lions beat Montenegro 3-2 in the under 15s match and booked a place to face haiti in the semi-finals.

Yesterday night, I heard a sudden cheer echoing thru my neighbour which reminisce of the world cup.

But the world cup is over and the epl has just started. What could it be? So I tune in to my TV and saw that the SIN team lead by 3-2.

I cont to watch and u know what I saw? I saw PM Lee, vivian bala and NMP joseclin yeo cheering for team SIN. When the whistle is blown, the tv cameras occasionally focused back on them. Happy like fark. Disgusted. If the SIN team loses, what do u think we will we see?

Anonymous said...

The true measure of support would have been much better if we had not done more than just marketing the event like a movie.

The hard sell, rallying plead, targeting youths or coercion and desperate issuing of free tickets have, to a certain extent, falsified the enthusiasm.

That said, the litmus test of genuine interest in the games has to be from a broad spectrum of society, not zooming in with your camera on a focus group or groups.

no country for poor man said...

Yesterday's Spirit of Singapore was spontaneous started from small beginning, far different from the PAP manufactured ones we see today. Patriotism bought with money can never can never beat true passion coming from the heart. Same goes for the spirit of public service in our million dollar ministers today. Sad isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Our government should implement church endorsed program of sowing into their coffers and reaping from nothing to help the poor towards 30,60 and 100 fold return.

If the church can legally sell this brilliant program to the public, why can't our government adopt it and sell it to our people? :)

Anonymous said...

Below is just a sample of government approved teachings/sermon by one of our well known local,also international,pastor.
Since the authorities sanctioned it, why not tell our poor, and the less successful, to do nothing; only believe( he conveniently left out the need to tithe or give to church but of course, lucky being a sharp person, would have nailed the sly pastor ) and your critical needs shall be met - like magic?

Wouldn't it be much easier to solve all life problems ....... with no social consequences?

"In the Gospel of John, we find Jesus being asked the same question by the multitude who had been awed by His miracles — “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?” The people had seen Jesus healing the sick, and feeding 5,000 men with only five loaves and two fish.

Notice how Jesus answered them: “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.” My friend, the greatest doing is believing — believing in Jesus the sent one, who has done it all for you at the cross!

If you are asking, “What must I do to receive my healing?” the answer is this: Believe in Jesus, who “Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses”. (Matthew 8:17) We have seen members of our church delivered from life-threatening conditions such as cancer and kidney failure. They had simply believed that Jesus bore their diseases on His own body. There was nothing for them to do, except to believe.

When the jailer asked Paul and Silas, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (Acts 16:30–31) The greatest miracle in your life happens not by you working and trying to save yourself, but by you simply believing in Jesus who died to save you from eternal damnation and to give you eternal life. Why then, should the lesser miracles of healing or financial breakthroughs be any different?

Beloved, what is the miracle you need today? There is nothing left for you to do, but everything for you to believe, because Jesus has done it all for you!

Anonymous said...

"Why then, should the lesser miracles of healing or financial breakthroughs be any different?"

Brilliant! :)

Desmond Goh said...

First and foremost, we all should take a moment to recall, Singapore was and is and will always be a land of immigrants.

Which ones of our grandparents, great-grandparents were not immigrants? We should try to embrace others who come to our land, for our grandparents were once immigrants too. If we could empathize with the hardship of our forefathers when they came to a foreign land, let’s do the same with others.

Anonymous said...

Desmond Goh,
where are the FTs when singapore had their worst recession in 1985?
when the new world hotel collapsed, where are they?
they come to enjoy our fruits of foreparents, and gone when economic became bad..
where were you..too?

Anonymous said...

"Jesus didn't come to declare people guilty or to put them to shame. He came to do just the opposite. Jesus knew the Law very well and was without sin, so He, of all people, would've had the "right" to use the Law against people and to put guilt and shame on them. But instead, He lifted away their burden of guilt and shame through love, mercy and grace. He helped people who had been hiding from God and who were afraid of Him to instead trust Him and draw near to Him and love Him!

Guilt and shame should no longer be the reality for us as we relate to God. Jesus not only released all our guilt and shame, but He took away the very sin that caused guilt and shame! Guilt and shame is really only a mindset that people carry around with them. We can get rid of that mindset by believing the truth of how Jesus has, in reality, taken away all our sin, guilt and shame!"

Stop and think what this kind of doctrine will do to people.
These are all government approved teachings.

No wonder people in high places have no shame.LOL

Anonymous said...

Their actions and inactions are all protected. You can shame them in the papers for their greed but it will cut no ice with them and their followers.

You get your theology wrong, you are fucked!

Anonymous said...

PAP has come to the point that monies can solve everything from getting people married to having children etc..... Something is wrong with their collective conscience that people are doing just the same. Increase fine prevent people to do......etc....where can there be spirit if monies reign supreme in this life on earth? LHL better resign and step down before your father go and meet the King of Hell!

Anonymous said...

Me feels that none of the present parliamentarians need to resign. They should and must be who they are and what they will be according to their plans and ambitions.

As in all scheme of Nature, trying to save or make good a rotten egg or fruit is impossible.

The decay of SIN has begun decades back, when it is rotten to it's core, naturally, there will be other arrangements for good or for bad.

There is no choice but to face reality and fate. The Leaders know too that they themselves will have to face the consequences of their deeds. Don't ever feel that just because they show no conscience means they have no sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Praise the lord.

Anonymous said...

i think that people are missing the point. the govt is trying their best to promote singapore to the rest of the world. yes, they are 387m will not buy the spirit of sg but it is not trying to do that. having foreign talents in our national team is to train up the future of sg young althetes. to boost up their talents. maybe it is not working in exactly how it is plan but the idea is there.
it is a sad thing that the football spirit during the m'sia cup days is gone. our current national team is not living up to the standard as in the past. but the young cub had performed well in the yog. yes, they lost to haiti. but they played with the spirit better than the national team itself. maybe becos they r not paid so what motivate them is the passion to win glory for sg. the current national team has alot to learn from the young cubs. i hope that the young cubs will have more to give in the future as they grow up.... and return the kallang wave back to singapore....