Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SM Goh : Your Problems are just Gripes....

"SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong last night called on Singaporeans to spin their own Singapore Dream and live it, rather than focus on what he termed the Singapore Gripe.
While gripes about current concerns such as floods, high home prices, crowded trains and distance-based bus fares were understandable, he urged people to not lose sight of the many more things which are going well for Singapore." - Straits Times, 8 Aug 2010[

For a leader who once told us that we were headed for the Swiss standard of living, SM Goh has decided to recast the materialistic dream of 5 Cs (Condo, Cash, Credit Card, ...) to a less materialistic form (comfort, charity, career, children..)[Link]. He urged Singaporeans not to 'gripe' about floods, home prices and crowded trains. SM Goh has misunderstood. Our dreams are far bolder and bigger than the one the current PAP govt is set out to achieve - GDP growth, more GDP growth, GDP growth at all cost. We want greater economic equality so that the bottom 20% of Singaporeans don't have to live in poverty. We want greater democracy so that ordinary citizens have a voice in govt. We want the trains to be less crowded not just because we find it hard to get on but the older folks, pregnant women and less abled have even a harder time. We are concerned about the high price of housing not because we are looking for homes (l already have one) but because it puts our fellow Singaporeans into deep debt that they have to shoulder for for decades. We do not want floods not because our own homes and surroundings are flooded but because other Singaporeans had their property destroyed and their lives endangered by the recent floods.

Why do you think people are spending so much time protesting against the use of mandatory death penalty in Singapore? They want a more just and humane society - that is their dream.
SM Goh wants to recast our dreams but within the established power structure to maintain the status quo. The future is ultimately far more challenging and Singapore will do much better with a more open society one that does away with the current power hierachy and its draconian rules and controls that limit our freedom. We need to be innovative and creative to do well and not depend on the old tired formula of doing things faster and cheaper. We have dreams of real change to make the lives of Singaporeans better far and they bolder than what the PAP govt is willing to take on.....lets not have our dreams recasted and moderated away


Anonymous said...

He is shifting the goal posts because he has failed to achieve the goal. Call it downgrading, rethink, u-turn, moderation, dumbing down.

Anonymous said...

I hope our PM,SM and MM read this.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Can you believe these guys??? Set a target, fail to meet target, then set new target ... and hope for the best. At the end of the day, they know that they will get re-elected to their $3 million jobs, so why would they care??

Anonymous said...

If u asked me to rank LKY, LHL and GCT...

I will place GCT right down at the rock boooooottom

Anonymous said...

How do you intend to do away with the power hierarchy?
Our meritocrasy, theoretically speaking, ensures the best qualified - the key word here is qualified and by
what criteria? - to rule.

And you went on with...we need to be creative and innovative to do well but haven't we been innovative and creative which got us where we are today?

As for dreams, it is an empty canvass. Anyone can splash paint on it and calls it art.

And art being subjective only appeals to selective audiences.

If you are still dreaming, you are out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Imagine being paid millions to talk c**k sing song while lesser mortals have to fend off competition from boatloads of cheap foreigners and at the same time, to fulfill nationl obligations. Your promises of a land of milk and honey being diluted while the elites are living it up and sneering at you. There is a price to pay for all these injustice and incompetence.

lim said...

@anon, 18/8/10 12:29

>> "Our meritocrasy, theoretically speaking, ensures the best qualified - the key word here is qualified and by
what criteria? - to rule."

Sure, meritocracies sound nice, but how about accountabilities, so by "merits", e.g. good results, good degrees, get you the job, but what happens when you cock-up while on the job? Any accountability? No?

Anonymous said...

dreams ? u mean aspirations?

Anonymous said...

Being a seatwarmer, then talked about aspiration to be the Switzerland of the East, then failed to attain it for Singapore, and then went on to reprimand citizens who quitted by emigrating when his own daughter was a quit member, now talks about there are better things to aspire other than materialistic goals.
How to continue to place trust on an ex-PM, who seems to be another person than he was. It's better for him to shut up, and receive his gigantic pay without doing any work, our ears would be more peaceful.

JRT said...

i can't believe how shameless he can get. If he cannot deliver, then lie low and let the matter blow over. Instead, he is now blowing his own trumpet, trying to be corny with another definition of the 5 "C" and change the goalposts

Flooding, crowding in the MRT, high housing prices, high costs of living all affect our everyday life someway or other. How can we simply ignore it, and focus on the bigger things?

This is another very clear signal that this govt has no accountability and is simply very arrogant. They can get away with everything. In other countries such as Japan or UK, the ministers will apologise and offer to resign, and really resign. In Japan, they may even slice their belly open.

chemical Ali said...

This is a man with no self respect and there are tell tale signs that his wife has little respect for him. What the heck! even LKY proclaimed Goh CT as second choice to be PM. However, over the years Goh made himself useful to the familee and has now parked himself nicely to collect $Millions per yr.

Frankly, as a tax paying singaporean who has completed reservist obligations, I disregard any comments from scums because I really despise scums and as such, Goh CT has no business talking down to me or my family.

Anonymous said...

Makes me real glad that I don't pay income tax to PAP anymore, since I kenna retrenched back in 2008. The retrenchment was a blessing in disguise. Forced me to re-evaluate my skills, enforced discipline on me to brush up my forte and interest. Now I earn a decent living w/o having to share my sweat money with PAP, except unfortunately for GST and property tax, as well as cut-throat electricity pricing.

Anonymous said...

According to the world best countries study by Newsweek. Singapore Political environment is ranked 67 far below Indonesia and many previous communist countries.

runroad said...

"...we need an exceptionally strong Government, with the ablest, the toughest and most dedicated of leaders. We head-hunt for them, test them out in heavy responsibilities,? Lee was quoted as saying in the Straits Times. Again.

Oh dear, the mountains are in labour - a ridiculous pensioner on the cusp of senility shall be brought forth to read from a teleprompter the bullcrap he's regurgitated without fail for 50 years. If you repeat an untruth often enough, people will begin to believe you? Maybe once upon a time when you controlled all media but not these days of the Internet old man. Your people have moved on despite your worst efforts and left you irrelevant.

One of these tried, tested, proven leaders of men was GCT and the other was his own effete son. Both men were and continue to be walking disasters for the poor Singaporean citizen and were soon found wanting in basic human qualities. Today's almost one-to-one FT:Sinkie ratio had its roots in Goh's time asleep at the wheel, LHL merely picked up the baton and gave the screw another turn as he had been programmed to do by dada. Don't forget it was also Goh's 'leadership' that approved the out-of-this-world pay scales used to keep the troops loyal and let the royal family off scot free when they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar of property speculation. Alee Baba and the 84 thieves indeed.

GCT has always been the wooden dummy whose mouth and limbs were manipulated by someone with an arm right up his bottom. How he managed to warm the seat in that position only he knows. And a less charismatic and grey personality would be hard to imagine until you look at what came after him. Bottom line is, you can quite cheerfully tell Goh to take his 5 Cs and shove it where the sun don't shine because he's only a wooden puppet with an unusually long......nose. Department store dummies someone once said?

Anonymous said...

Woody is no longer relevant because he is even worse than the Master he serves. You know what, Singaporeans do learn from experience and you can fool them once but not twice. Woody never learn from the lesson he got in the last GE when LTK won despite the goodies promised by Woody. He still thinks Singaporeans likes him. His promises were all blowing in the wind and what many policies he made, example, increasing the salaries of the ministers, are hurting the local citizens today. The intakes of FTs and scholarships given to FTs all started during his watch.

Now he is spewing the 5Cs because that is all he knows, materialism, the alpha and the omega he lives by. This man has peanuts in his brains and totally out of touch with the aspirations of Singaporeans. He promised but cannot deliver because he does not know how. Let me get a quote from a comment made in another blog from Sir David Marshall in 1994:

"I've got nothing against money. I'd like to have money myself! I'd like to have a house and a garden and dogs and a car and a chauffeur but, look, I've got a flat. I've got a swimming pool attached to the flat. I've not even got a car but I use taxis. I have a dignified way of life without being wealthy.

I don't see the necessity of owning a Mercedes-Benz and a swimming pool and a couple of mistresses. I think we've got our values all wrong.

You know $96,000 a month for a Prime Minister and $60,000 a month for a minister. What the hell do you do with all that money? You can't eat it! What do you do with it? Your children don't need all that money.

My children have had the best of education. In fact, I'm very proud of them. One of them is a senior registrar to two major hospitals in Oxford.
Another of them is a consultant in European law to the Securities and Investment Board in the United Kingdom. They've had their education. There are no complaints.

I never earned $60,000 a month or $90,000 a month. When I was Chief Minister, I earned $8,000 a month.
Look, what is happening today is we are encouraged to and are becoming worshippers of the Golden Calf.

We have lost sight of the joy and excitement of public service, helping our fellow men. The joy and excitement of seeking and understanding of the joy of the miracle of the living the duty and the grandeur. We have lost taste for heroic action in the service of our people.

We have become good bourgeois seeking comfort, ! security . It's like seeking a crystal coffin and being fed by intravenous injections through pipes in the crystal coffin; crystal coffins stuck with certificates of your pragmatic abilities."

This is a man, a leader, we can respect.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Dream belongs to PAP... i dont think it meant for Singaporeans.So just carry on dreaming, Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

Your problems are truly jsut gripes when you can talk all you want and they don't have to do anything about it.

So in a sense, the man's right.

Anonymous said...

despite all the complaints abt GCT here, i like him far better than the current PM.

at least during his time there was some real sense of national pride. today singapore is a sell-out. if singapore is personified, she'll take the form of a high class prostitute who will sleep with whoever pays her most!

Anonymous said...

It easy for him to say that considering he is high up in the ivory towers and do not need to worry about mere mortal real issues like getting replace by cheaper faster better foreign talent, unable to earn enough with inflation eroding the saving accounts and being one of the countries that have the lowest interest for saving accounts and one of developed countries that don't even have minimum wage in the labour policy.

no country for poor man said...

runroad and anon 19:10,

Two of the best writings I've seen in a while. Yes, it is sad what the country has turned into when the only motivation and measure of success is money. At the rate we are going, we will never attract public servants whose main motive is to serve the public. On the other hand, we are attracting mercenaries beholden to the massive salaries and the juicy bonuses who perform to a set of matrix that define their remuneration, regardless of outcome and consequences to the people they are supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

Is he worth mentioning or be remembered ??


Anonymous said...

He talked and talks a lot and actualized nothing. And all big talks mind You; Swiss Standard of Living, compassion and all kinds of superlatives. The only thing that materialized is superlative empty talks.


no country for poor man said...

Come on. Give the man a break. After all he is only a seat warmer. If not for the obscene salary he is getting I would even feel sorry for him. No one takes him seriously anyway.

Anonymous said...

Goh Chok Tong's call for new 5Cs is excellent. The problem is this call is 45 years too late.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Peanut oil he is eating at home.

Anonymous said...

talking about shifting of goal posts. Anyone remember Goal 2010 (not YOG 2010)???
If PAP can talk big, why can singaporeans have high aspirations? Enough of lip service. I won't give them a chance to do that anymore. Welcome, opposition, whoever he may be!!!

Anonymous said...

More good years , swiss standard, and then when it fell flat in 1998, he told us to bathe with Ayam soap.

ROFL! what a clown

Anonymous said...

swiss living standard, more good years , then when economy was down in late 90s , asked us to shower with cold water and bath with Ayam soap.

Meanwhile his wife say 1 million is peanuts.

man , barnum and Bailey or laurel and Hardy could not have done better.

Anonymous said...


I returned from Singapore and I'm thinking it's time to return to Japan. There are so many foreigners. The air is bad. And it's noisy and crowded.

I like my country but my country is not interested in me.

Anonymous said...

That guy is forever talking cock,did he really do a good job for Singapore,I do not think so.

But he did warm up a seat,without any question.

I say Mr Goh happens to be a man of good fortune,but he should start thinking of doing some things worthwhile for his life,there are so much he can do for good causes,not only in Spore but globally,thanks to our good fortune that we are the only slightly more NORMAL country in Singapore,the other one is of course HK,but god only knows how HK managed it so well by itself that the world generally conclude that HK did well just by going AUTO.

Desmond Goh said...

Fellow citizens, let’s face it; there’s no perfect country or system in the world. What we could do is recognize the problem, work together and strive for better progress. No doubt the recent flood and other issues are affecting our daily lives, but please pause to think, which country in the world does not have a problem? Our problems are in no way, as serious as what others face. For instance, we complain that there’s a flood, but is it a catastrophe as compared to what China is facing?

I feel we need to weight the seriousness of our problems and be more constructive in offering solutions.

moe gan thai said...

@Desmond Goh ,Right all countries have problems but we are not happy with these ppl collecting millions of $$ and trying to fix the oppositions.They are selfish ppl, greedy for $$ and have many broken promises.I don't mind if their pay is $250k per annum or $500k, but collecting millions of $$ is too much.And there is no transparency in whatever they do.

Anonymous said...

While I travelled thro' China,their people told me that almost 99% of Chinese graduates want to join Communist Party's service or government service,I looked at it and concluded that the Communist Party probably learn fr PAP.

Big money and privileades prevent corruction,it has proven not to be the case in China,after they get millions,they want billions so long as they have the power to do it comfortably.

This fantastic theory that high salary prevents corruction has proven to be non-sense,of course I am talking about Communist China,here the Singaporeans are different,for the time being.

I rspect the founding fathers of USA who decided 200 years ago that huuman beings are sinners,greedy and hence the first amendment.Even then,this may not be permanent,as circumstances change and people change.