Wednesday, August 18, 2010

YOG : Overwhelming Negativity on the Net


I've only one previous posting on the YOG[here]. It is expected that once Singapore won the bid to host the YOG, considerable resources will be set aside to ensure that the event is a success. My main concern was the tripling of budget to $387M. The govt will have to be accountable for that and show the people how the $387M was spent. Money aside, there seems to be a lack of interest in the event among the public. On the Internet, the PAP critics have pointed their guns at the YOG organisers and been firing non-stop for the past few weeks inevery single discussion forum on the Internet. Why the intense negativity and anomosity towards the YOG?......

Many see this as a PAP govt project. Something that the PAP leaders associate themselves with and are willing to move vast resources i.e. people and money to make it work....their own glory is at stake. The problem is we do not see the same commitment and enthusiasm when it comes to solving serious problems faced by Singaporeans. The YOG budget for this was rammed up to $387M without much fuss. NS men, school kids, JC students and teachers were 'volunteered' to help out. MOE bought 80% of the tickets and there was little interest from local and foreign spectators for the other 20%. Do you see the govt coordinating manpower to line flooded areas with sandbags to protect the residents? Do you see resources being channelled quickly to Singaporeans who lost their jobs during recessions to help them during the hard times? The minister in-charge of YOG, Vivian Balakrisnan vigorously debated against further increase in allowance under the PA for the poor when the cost of living rose and many were found to be skipping meals to make ends meet. Yet, for the YOG, pouring in a few extra hundred millions is no big deal and considered 'worth it'. The interests of this govt appear to have diverged from that of the ordinary folks. Therein lies the source of apathy among the public and the intense negativity on the Internet. A govt that out of habit throws the problem back at the people when they ask for help now sees the YOG being thrown back at them...YOG ? That's a PAP project. On the Internet the focus is on everything that goes wrong at the YOG.-bad (dog) food for volunteers, poor coordination at the opening ceremony, collapsed roof at basket ball match, empty seats and the list goes on...and on. We have a group of people so disenfrancised, frustrated and angry with the PAP govt that they see the YOG as a project for PAP self-aggrandizement using tax payers' money. The same money that can be used to alleviate the transport woes, floods and improve their lives.

We have people who are disinterested...we also have people who are very angry and fed up ...all this has turned somewhat ugly with people tossing one spanner after another. It would have been different if we had a govt that shows more care for the people.


Towkay said...

This YOG event is the last straw. Singaporeans need to be replaced immediately after next election when PAP gets its mandate. Why should elites bear with such uncooperative and ungrateful Singaporeans when FTs are in such abundance?

lim said...

Well said, it is just plain common sense that if you don't respect, and care for the people, in times of need, how are you going to rally people to your cause?

I dread to think what will happen if war should break out... First to surrender?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the upcoming GE has to be postponed to a later date given the lukewarm support from Singaporeans to the YOG.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many Singaporeans being so angry with the government before. I am quite interested to see how this translates into votes at the GE.

jamesneo said...

If they are stupid enough to postpone election to next year end, the downturn in 2011 will make them lose at least 10-20 seats.

Anonymous said...

votes for opposition increasing? rubblish. Sinagpore is not like malaysia, france etc where a revolution can happen because there are really genuniencely angry people who wouldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

lim@13:16: "I dread to think what will happen if war should break out... First to surrender?"

Well who is the biggest enemy of Singapore and Singaporeans today? Not Malaysians (although deep down inside they sure love to kill us), Indonesians or the Thais, not any foreign country.

Singapore have been hijacked, "re-colonized" from within by none other than PAP and PAP like any occupying "enemy", is milking Singapore for all its worth.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was quite neutral about YOG, maybe even slightly interested in some of the sports.

Until 2 things happened:-
1) The reported overblown budget by up to 4 TIMES!!! This is further compounded by continuing reports of hideous spending of our blood money like it is drain water e.g. US$7M for private chartered plane round the world tour, and US$9.8M publicity.

2) That the almost S$400M is being spent by the very same Ministry tasked to look after the welfare of less fortunate Singaporeans. For whole of 2010, only $92M (less than 25% of YOG budget) is allocated to help the needy -- this $92M also includes admin & staff costs (some are rather expensive), so not all will even go to the poor & desperate.

In case anyone forgot, the C comes before S in MCYS!

Anonymous said...

@Towgay: "Why should elites bear with such uncooperative and ungrateful Singaporeans when FTs are in such abundance?"

Neber get your Ftrash pets to "support" your Youth Orgy Games ah?

Count On Me, Singapore! said...

Everyone please cool down and bear with it for just a little while more. Soon it will all be over. There will be no more pain. This Government has a Vision for Tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Got money to burn but no money to help people ?

Anonymous said...

@ Towkay,

You have got a point but you are only half right since the 2 million FT's here apparently couldn't be bothered either. Perhaps both the citizens and current FT's need to be eliminated ASAP.

Anonymous said...

YOG? What's that?

Anonymous said...

The mistake of our garbermen is that they never use gods name to get volunteers to do all the dirty work like the megalomaniacs churches. If they had been like those scumbags, these volunteers will gladly kiss their feet, sing their praises and even throw money at them, in tithes and offerings, for allowing them the great honor to serve them or be part of their money making empire.

if they had cleverly used gods name, there won't be so many kowbaykowboo unwilling volunteers scolding them now.

best that our stupid garbermen starts to learn from these churches how to make use of free labor and be rich for it.

Anonymous said...

It is not true that Singaporeans are not passionate or do not have spirit. The following is a very good Youtube about what Singapore once had but has now lost.

Anonymous said...

The YOG is experimental and Singapore voted to be the guinea pig. $387 million is too much to spend for an event that is a gamble. The results are expected to be dismal and will definitely be seen as a total failure. It is not so much the YOG itself that failed, but the Singapore Government that failed. I foresee that the next one will be very successful because the host country will learn from the Singapore experience and furthermore can be sure that they have their citizens unfailing support.

The Singapore Government was caught with their pants down which nowadays seems to be pretty normal. They were caught by surprise the number of floods, the infamous Mas Selamat escape and the security breach in the MRT depot recently. The expected ground support from it's citizens and from participating countries did not materialised. Coverage of the YOG were also not widely publicised in the international MSMs.

The brave front put up despite these setbacks are commendable. The repercussions will be telling in the next GE, especially the coercion and poor treatment of "volunteers", the astroturfing by the local MSMs and the exposes of outright abuses of the authorities on its citizens. Despite public denials by high-rank civil servants, many schools had made threats against their students to take part in YOG with evidences made public.

Anonymous said...

Aurunvandil, That video is inspirational! Thank you, I hope you dont mind me putting the link on you tube.

Lucky thanks for the article.

Lucky Tan said...

Thanks Aurvandil. The video brings back so many memories.

runroad said...

Can the FAP really claim to have been taken by surprise at the total lack of enthusiasm shown by Sinkies towards the crude effort to strongarm them into behaving like robot marionettes? I think not.

Cast your mind back to the 16 Sept 2006 when the WB-IMF meetings were held in Singapore. Remember the order from God and his angels to produce 'Four million smiles' to welcome our honoured VVIP guests? Remember what they got instead? Remember the sullen looks and 4m frowns of disapproval as the city's arteries became no-go areas by arbitrary decree for the people who own it?

Either this govt has a very short-term memory or they figured all their new restrictive laws would give them the upper hand in coercion this time. Turns out that old adage about bringing a camel to water and trying to make it drink holds some truth and you don't even need Dr Chee and his brave troops to turn a dreadful waste of precious resources into a gigantic fiasco. The brow-beaten Singaporean's total indifference was palpable. Not even the appearance of top American pop group could reverse the complete turn-off.

The wheels began to come off the wagon the minute someone in their infinite wisdom decided it would be a really, really wonderful idea to have an octogenarian lawyer, never ever known to have had the faintest interest in sport, totter up on wobbly legs to light the flame to kick off a festival celebrating the boundless energy of youth. Truly, the mind boggles. If the intent was to send a message that youth is fleeting and death and taxes a racing certainty, then the organisers succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Add to that school children being press-ganged, er, 'volunteered' (see here and here) to serve as unpaid galley slaves, an endless litany of cock-ups and agonising attempts to deny reality by Tharman, the PM, Ng Ser Miang and most of all, the person with egg all over his face, the hapless Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, and you have the mother of all terminal epic fails. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch I think.

Anonymous said... come pappy never ask their new citizzen/PR to rally for YOG??? ...guess even they not interested

Anonymous said...

Talking about flooding, isn't the Perm Sec was the one who went for a few weeks of overseas leave for some French cooking class and said afterwards that he had systems in place that he could go for long leave?

Could some kind soul do a google to confirm?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right about the Perm Sec.
Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

bunch of fiaking stupid people.ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

YOG Delirium aplenty for the Organizers.

The general public have to take care of their stomachs first follow by roofs over heads, transportation expenses, medications and children's educations.

HOW TO BE POSITIVE when the problems of the people becomes secondary to a frivolous 'chiakbuaypah' meaning cannot fill the stomach event ?


Anonymous said...

Never in the history of Singapore has the government becoming so disinterested in the affair of ordinary men and women. They are what we called "on high" in the manic phases of bipolar. Yes they are suffering from some kind of sickness of which they will deny.

Anonymous said...

I might be the only one... but the overwhelming negativity serves to only turn me off after sometime. Not against the YOG, its organisers or PAP, but those opposition supporters. If they are representative of what the opposition is, it's pretty easy to guess where my 2011 vote is going, and I'm not a PAP supporter.

There's only so much you could complain and not look like an annoying whine.

Anonymous said...

They can always do CGI to fill up the empty seats similar to what China did for their grand fireworks during olympic opening ceremony.

Ah Cow said...

It's not only Sinkingporeans who are
disinterested in YOG (Yog? What's that?). FTs by the hordes are also staying away.

I have to give credit where credit is due: Pro Alien Party's policy to assimilate FTs has worked exceedingly well!

Anonymous said...

Elections in S'pore are like those of Iraq under Saddam or Myanmar under the Junta, i.e. they are not free and fair elections. The people's anger will therefore not translate to ballot results for obvious reasons.

Desmond Goh said...

We need to see things from a broader perspective. It might be true, not all of us are fans of sport, and may not want to watch the games. But we should not be degrading YOG, as we are the host country and it does not reflect well on us.

Singapore is a country that is dependent on trade, commerce, diplomacy. YOG helps to enhance our image to the world. We need to show the world, what we can offer, YOG is a good opportunity, just like how we hosted many other world events.

There’s a start to everything, and no one is perfect. We all make mistakes from time to time. It’s not how we fail, but rather what we learn from lessons and experiences. YOG is good exposure for Singapore in planning world events and being known to the world.

Being known to the world helps us in our efforts to keep our economy going. Please recall, we have little or no resources. Trade, commerce, diplomacy is a must for us to survive and grow!

ghost of GKS said...

What broader perspective are you talking about? Overrun budget by more than 3 times is ok to you? What mistakes and learning from it are you talking about when vivian and teo ser luck admitted to none?
YOG planning without public consultation is ok to you?
Coercion to gather support and attendance is ok to you?

You said "being known to the world helps us in our efforts to keep our economy going".
Don't you think we are already well known worldwide?
Who does'nt know we have LKY and his daughter-in-law Ho Ching managing our reserves and keeping our losses at only $100B ?

You are wrong we have little or no resources! not when we have LKY, PM Lee, Ho Ching plus 80 of the highest paid politicians on the planet as our ultimate human resource. Which country can even come close ?

There is a saying, "it is not wise to think and wank at the same time".

chan said...

Every one is entitled to vote or comment whatever you feel is right. But if there is no evidence in what you are saying then it is better to tone down. Slandering is wrong in any civilised society.
If you can do a better job, just volunteer your expertise to the country and its ppl.
If you only want to critise behind the screen. You are still entitled to do so. But it just shows how unconstructive you are. It will be quite scary if such ppl are voted into our government. Then it will be time to leave/migrate.
There is no doubt that this YOG is well done. Detractors can critise all they want about the budget overrun and the so-called forced volunteers.
Youths nowadays are extremely vocal. If they are forced to volunteer, I am sure that the youths will just not turn up or will make much more noise or report to the press. So, why are the volunteers still there working so hard? Do you mean that someone is putting a gun to their heads? We were all young once, skipping from volunteering is quite easy, no one can force you if you don't turn up. Don't tell me that you are different.
Budget overrun is the only thing that detractors can really have some grouse about. To me, when the government spend money as long as there is no corruption involved it will make me sleep well. What is necessary is to explain why there is such a large difference. And see what we can improve on.
If any one of you can produce any evidence of wrong doing, then please report. If you are depending on gossips or rumours, then keep to yourselves. We don't need gossips to spoil our moods.
I am no budgeting genius but all of the detractors seems to be great at budgeting. You guys should volunteer your services so that if we want to bid for any thing in the future, we can use your figures. If you are so confident, then any thing in excess can be contributed from your pockets.
Talk is dirt-cheap. We all know that unless you don't need to make a living.

Anonymous said...

Some are simply not awared of what the grouses are about and thought little about forced volunteer as well as unfair and unjustifiable non-academic merits for volunteers.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, to anon @14.50
Another stooge sent to do some damage control. Ask the ministars to volunteer their pay first before asking for ideas how not to get into budget overrun. In the first place, was there even a public consultation?
Typical farking stooge,(and I mean it) conveniently implying coercion can only be in the form of pointing the gun, wtf!
When the tables are turned against the bloody MIW, they will get to taste all types of coercion and stooges like yourself can learn from it.

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