Monday, September 06, 2010

SM Goh : View Problems in Perspective....

"It's important for those who are facing problems of success - like inadequate car parks and housing at the top end - to think of those who are struggling to make a living everyday. There are many people who are not able to benefit from our overall success. So just remember that, as we also try to solve our own problems at the top end,"
- SM Goh, 4 Sept 2010.
People have a whole new perspective when problems that previously affects others spread to them. People focussing on their own success and their own interests have always worked to the PAP's advantage. It is the not guy who votes for the PAP to get his estate upgraded or the feller who too busy getting his new car to think about the poor that the PAP has to worry about. The voters that the PAP has to worry about are those who look beyond their own problems to question why we have so many old folks who are unable to retire and have to work as cleaners - many were part of the generation that contributed the economic miracle that took Singapore from 3rd world to 1st. Why is the income gap so big in Singapore? Why can't we have minimum wage and safety nets for the low income group? Why can't we have universal healthcare so that no Singaporean has to worry about money when he gets sick?
When the PAP govt increased it's own salary which was already the highest in the world, did they spare a thought for those who were struggling to make a lliving? When the PAP govt implemented all the changes in the CPF did they consider those low income individuals who will never make enough to retire? Are they suppose to work until the day they that the PAP plan for these people?
The more you think beyond yourself and your own problems, the more you will understand how PAP policies have left a large segment of Singaporeans behind in their system. The more you care about your fellow Singaporeans, the harder it is for you to accept the lopsided policies implemented by the PAP govt. While you may have been able to cope with the neverending increase in cost of living and overcome the challenges the PAP govt creates such as importing foreign labor to compete against you, your fellow Singaporeans may not be so lucky. Today there are many Singaporeans whose wages are so depressed, they cannot afford basic necessities such as housing, utilities and transport. There are many older Singaporeans who are badly affected by structural unemployment because the govt has open the flood gates for foreign labor - employers have an endless supply of young workers and that takes away jobs from people above 45 years old..... many of whom have children to feed and parents to support. Did the PAP govt think about them?
If you view problems in the right perspective, looking beyond your own life and thinking deeply about the problems faced by those who have to struggle the hardest in our society, you will come to only one conclusion on how to make things better for all Singaporeans...and that is....
SM Goh asks Singaporeans to view problems in perspective
By Hetty Musfirah Abdul Khamid Posted: 04 September 2010 2047 hrs

Video Link :SM Goh asks Singaporeans to view problems in perspective

SINGAPORE : Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has asked Singaporeans to view problems such as overcrowding in trains and increasing property prices in perspective, and remember those who are less fortunate.

Mr Goh was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a community event on Saturday held in conjunction with the Muslim fasting month. The Ramadan-on-Wheels is an annual event that aims to help the needy.

It is organised by the Malay Youth Literary Association. This year, over 200 beneficiaries who have been given S$200 Giant Hypermarket shopping vouchers each, headed off with volunteers to shop for their daily groceries. All that would not have been possible without supporters. And it's this thoughtfulness that Mr Goh hopes to see in Singaporeans, even as the country deals with challenges which have accompanied the country's success. "It's important for those who are facing problems of success - like inadequate car parks and housing at the top end - to think of those who are struggling to make a living everyday. There are many people who are not able to benefit from our overall success. So just remember that, as we also try to solve our own problems at the top end," urged SM Goh.

Ramadan-on-Wheels has reached out to more than 1,200 disadvantaged families since it started in 2001. - CNA /ls


Anonymous said...

Lucky, well articulated. When I was younger and chasing the 5C, I did not give too much thought to go beyong self.

Howver, now that I have the 5C and getting older, I started to look beyong self and I have a different perspective.

Go to the Funan foodcourt, you would find 2 extremely old ladies' cleaners who can hardly walk properly cleaning tables.

I asked why they still have to work at their age and they told me that they needed to eat. It is a pity that we have a society that do not take care of the old and the weak.

Why are they in the position where they are now? may be they did not work hard when they were young. May be they did something that they should not do. may be , may be and that could be hundreds of reasons why they are where they are today.

But the bottomline is that for whatever that they did or did not do, at this advanced age, they should not be left to fend for themselves and go through their golden age as they are now.

It is very sad to see very old people still trying to make a living that way.

Towkay said...

Be thankful to PAP that Singaporeans still have cleaner jobs when younger foreigners can easily take over their jobs.

PAP has done well to persuade Singaporeans to do jobs that foreigners don't want to do. Good jobs should be reserved for foreign talent.

sgcynic said...

Why d6es GCT drawing millions in annual salary not do away with the penion scheme for ministers? Why does he draw salary and pension? Why are the elderly politicians so special? Cannot afford to retire on their CPF savings? Even younger Kim Swee Say feel so rich when he looks at his monthly CPF account!

Anonymous said...

no matter how hard we try, it's too late.

In Singapore, if you don't see an U-turn sign, it means you can't u-turn.

Soft Trade said...

what hypocrite we have here. Anon 10 20:31, Now that you have made your money under a supportive govt, you are questioning the very policies that make you successful by your own standards in the first place. have it occurred to you that the 2 old ladies are simply side effect of an environment that encourage wealth creation.

Unlike you, i am grateful to the govt who dun tax millions of capital gains from financial speculation and certainly do not encourage bum policies to feed people who dont plan for their future.

Lets all face it, a caring society simply cannot be a competitive society. if the generatons ahead learn to care for others more than their own success, it is the beginning of the end for Singapore.

And Mr 5C, why in the world are you dining in a food court?? A successful man should have regular tables in a minimum acceptable restaurant like Gordon's grill or Hua Ting.

The garbage that spilled out of those foodcourt is hardly edible. Food like most things in life is dollar for dollar. no such thing as cheap and good.

Anonymous said...

soft trade, you are one of the selfish bastard that only look at your own welfare. you deserve to live in hell.

Lye Khuen Way said...

I beg to differ on the " if no U-turn sign, then you cannot do a U-Turn".
The PM many National Rallies ago, proclaimed a uniquely Singapore Logic : If there is no specific rules against a certain action: it is deem OK to proceed !
That is why, you find drivers doing U-turns when there is no "No U-turn" signs !

Anonymous said...

Soft trade, a person success and his compassion for the old and weak are two different thing.

Only an asshole like you who only look at your own interest would doom Singapore character as a country of you die your business.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lye

I believe you are talking about "other countries".

In Singapore, everything is so uptight, rule-based and cannot appreciate satire.

One example: A transport co. in Sing. announced that they are adopting "green" policy. The immediate repercussion downwards is to ban drinking bottled mineral water even on outfield assignment.

Even if bottled mineral water is consumed and expenses put up for reimbursement, it must not mention "bottled mineral water" and must state as "refreshments".

Anonymous said...


because of people like you there are backstabbing, cocksucking and sabotaging in the workplace.

Maybe you could suggest LHL to round up all the albinos, the crippled, the poor and the illiterate and the retarded and put them all to sleep.

Let me guess, you must be the hubby of Josephine Teo.

Anonymous said...

when they said minister themselves not high enough, why cant they look problem in perspective? double standard.

Anonymous said...

when the ministers said their own pay not high enough (already in million), why cant they look problem in perspective? double standard.

DanielXX said...

I see poor old ladies walking around in Chinatown and some of them are hunchbacked and yet cannot afford to buy a proper crutch so they use chairs to provide forward leverage. That is how sad some of them are. I am thankful for the opportunities that Singapore provides and my aim is to make money from the useless stupidos in the market and eventually spend it on the poor old people out there.

Anonymous said...

>>>employers have an endless supply of young workers and that takes away jobs from people above 45 years old

I don't understand this point. Someone 45 years old has probably at least 20 years of experience under his belt. How can someone as young as 20 years old take over the role of an experienced 45 years old? I totally don't get it. It's not possible unless that 45-year-old person did not do enough to improve him/herself throughout the years.

If you disagree with me, please provide an example to support your point. Otherwise, I see this subjective.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:01
Try asking your parents

Anonymous said...

I recently just restructured my business. Guess what I had done. I removed a Singaporean from my business while keeping all my foreign employees simply because foreign employees are cheaper. said...

If PAP take care of the old, who take care of Ho Ching and Tony Tan who has thrown $80 billion (according some source) in the drain?

Who is going to recapitalize, Temasek and GIC so that our elite can become a come back kid full of courage?

Our HDB and FT skyrocketed in 2008, during the worst recession ever seen is not without reason.

Singaporean has to bail out Ho Ching. Ruthless LKY can let high HDB sterilize whole lot of Singapore, LKY can put young Singaporean to a debt leverage of 30 years without even winking his eyes.

The most important is Ho Ching got bail out and Singapore is forever growing GDP to show Paul Krugman "sorry you are wrong".

Anonymous said...


Frankly that is the perspective if one wants to enhance their business in Singapore, or any country for that matter. It all boils down to the business structure that government policies encourage. This is the unfortunate lot of Singaporeans who allows the monopolisation of the government and most of the essential services such as transport, media, power supplies and etc. Couple that with the loss of 2 - 2.5 years of serving the NS, citizens has a disadvantage over foreigners. Citizens has to accept that there is little they can do, except go into business for themselves, emigrate and find a better life or upgrade themselves for a more higher paying job. Voting the opposition in is a possibility but replacing the government may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Anonymous said...

This is what Kennedy said in the 60's;

“Too much and too long, we seem to have surrendered community excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things … Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages; the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom nor our learning; neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile.”

Anonymous said...

It is genocide a soft form of doing it through policy changes and a system that does not care less. It is the handy work of Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

Air-cond bus interchange for all interchanges?
We don't need such luxury!
What we really want is simple life, lower cost of living, and a simple job to allow us to survive.
We are not interested in just the external "looks", but more concern about things closer to our hearts.

Alex the Peasant Boy said...

Good one, Lucky! Just the other day, I was Q-ing in DBS to deposit some money & there was this elderly gentleman just in front of me. When his turn came, he walked slowly towards the teller & asked her to check his account. The teller told the elderly gentleman that there isnt any cash deposit yet & he asked her to check again. He told her, in Hokkien, that he needed the money & why isnt the money in yet? The teller wasnt too sure what to say but she was rather polite & asked him to call the organisation for the answer. Shaking his head, he walked out of the bank & I sensed that he is carrying a very heavy heart.

After I finished my business, I walked downstairs towards the smoking area for a puff & the old man was sitting on the floor looking dazed. He kept flipping thru his passbook & mumbling away. Guess I have seen enough & walked over to him & handed him S$50. He looked up at me & with tears almost rolling down, he thanked me & told me that he hasnt gotten his monthly salary yet!! He went on saying that he is a cleaner & the company is always late in paying the workers & since his pay is very little, he is unable to save any money at all.

As he limped away with the S$50, it got me wondering why is the government forcing this old man to work. I think he's already 70 years old & I am sure he had contributed much to the success of Singapore during his younger days. WE could have some YOG & overspending S$3 millions & yet we dont even take care of the old & unfortunate. The government is really getting its policies wrong & I am certain we will be paying the price in years to come. Too much effort has been concentrated on GDP that none of the ministers really cared about helping anyone!! Everyone of them are just concerned if they could generate money for the PAP cookie jars & spend ever working hour of their lives coming up with crazy schemes to collect more money from us!! Just think of COE, ERP or GST; none of these are there to help solves problems, but rather a money making tool for the PAP! This is really making me sick!!!

BTW, back to the elderly gentleman, I am sure he doesnt need to have any meals in Tung Lok or Les Amis!! Just 3 square meals in a hawker ctr will be enough for him!!

Anonymous said...


a sick society makes every inhabitant sick, that is to be expected.

Sickness does not just mean suffering from illnesses, limb and body impairments.

Perversion, greediness, evil, consciencless, impiety, crookedness and lack of humanities are sickness of the mind and spirit. When a society is run by people with such maladies, the poor and the weak will always be the hapless victims.

The people need the help of Nature to do the corrections and good samaritans to provide them some alms and consolations.


Anonymous said...

Get more PRs to become sporean?
If not, don't renew their PRs?
Will this anger the PRs?
Will this have a negative effect?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we keep status quo and keep PAP in power, would we wake up one day to find that it is a necessity for our sons and grandson to carry the weak and infirm elders up a mountain to die, never mind that the high hill we have is Bukit Timah.

Anonymous said...

everyone, listen to this video by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on why did the powers decide all Singapore ministers are assessed on their performance on S'pore GDP growth? That's the biggest problem!!

Linda said...

Quote ST
"WHEN Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was a young civil servant working in the former Fullerton Building, he had, on occasion, waited as long as one hour to catch a bus home.

Today, most people who fail to get on a packed MRT train have to wait just six to eight minutes to get on the second or third train."

Working hours were much shorter then, from 9am to 5 pm.

I belong to SM Goh's generation. I took a bus to and from work, but never experienced waiting one hour for a bus. I was staying in Serangoon area and working around Queenstown, but I could reach home by bus in less than an hour (waiting time plus journey)!

It is not fair to compare Singapore, a first world country now to his young days.

What is the salary of politicians then? How many times more do they earn now? Why can't ordinary folks have higher expectations now?

During the election campaign, SM Goh promised Singaporeans a Swiss standard of living. Instead, the ordinary workers' quality of life have deteriorated. Only the high earners have benefited.

I worry for the future generations. .

Anonymous said...

I visited Funan food court and gave one of the old lady cleaners $50. She was very happy though she declined at first.

For soft trade, I am normally look out for employees with his character trait that exhibit selfish profile and a non team player. I normally fired them. His boss is probably quite blur or he knows how to wayang so much and lick his boss that he can not see through him. Lucky he did not work for me.

Anonymous said...

B__tards of the highest order. You start thinking about the poor first. Think about the poor when you receive the daylight-robbery of a salary every month. Think about the poor when you receiving the not-for-the-ordinary-citizen pension. Think of the poor when some ugly b_tch reports a billion dollar lost. Think of poor when you eat that f-ckig abolone. You think of the poor before you open your f___ing mouth.

Anonymous said...

Soft Trade, ha ha you really kena screwed for opening your big mouth without thinking.

anoni said...


How to think when he is brain-dead, maybe even brain-less?

Anonymous said...

DanielXX @ 6/9/10 22:45

"my aim is to make money from the useless stupidos in the market and eventually spend it on the poor old people out there."

DanielXX, I thought you spent your money on prostitutes in geylang.

You say u make money from market - what market? Speculation, shares & stock?

Are u able to "make money" from "smart" stupidos like Soft Trade. Prove yourself.