Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lim Zi Rui : I don't know what I'm defending anymore.... Part 2

It is telling when a senior leader such as SM Goh was not able to answer such a question when asked....surely he must know what is of such great value to Singaporeans that they are expected to sacrifice their life for. We have put hundreds of thousands of fine young men through national service expecting to risk their lives when the time comes....but what is it that is worth dying for? How come SM Goh was unable to say ...?

Freedom....throughout the ages men have fought and died for freedom. Many have died fight against dictators and tyrants who ruled and exploited them. Your forefathers fought against British colonialists. Why? They fought for the freedom to plot their own destiny, the freedom to choose their leaders and freedom to speak their minds and be heard. If you're fighting for your freedom in Singapore, who would be fighting against? Not an invading army but a system of control put in place that limits your liberty and takes away your rights. I'm sure elsewhere leaders would not hesitate to tell people to defend their freedom with their lives....but in Singapore it is hard to say that.

Defend your family. When the 1st missiles fall on our soil, where will your family be?....

"My parents called a family meeting in their bedroom soon after Saigon fell. My father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, then Singapore’s Prime Minister, told us: ‘Mama and I will stay here to the bitter end. Hsien Loong is already in the SAF and must do his duty. But the three of you need not feel obliged to stay." - Lee Wei Ling, Straits Times, 1 Feb 2009.

Thanks to the honesty of Lee Wei Ling, we now know that when Saigon fell, (part of) the Lee family was considering leaving the country. Hey, Saigon is a long way from Singapore and Thailand + Malaysia would have to fall first and no bombs were falling on Singapore, yet they considered leaving. That is afterall the practical thing to do. What is the point of risking the life of your family when you can afford to buy them air tickets to get out. That is the logical thing to do especially for the wealthy who have homes all over the world. In many poor countries, people actually fight to defend their families because they can't move them out of the country...they have to leave by foot and as refugees to escape the invading forces which is dangerous so it makes sense for men to defend the country for the sake of their families.

Defend your HDB flat & assets. Although this may seem a little funny at first but it makes a whole lot of sense. Many Singaporeans spend a large part of their life servicing their HDB loans and a large part of their net worth is sunk into HDB flats...for some people losing their HDB flats is like losing everything....that surely is enough motivation for people to fight. The problem with Lim Zi Rui is he doesn't have a HDB flat and have not had the experience of paying for it over many years so he finds it hard to answer his own question. The problem with this notion is many HDB flats are now owned by PRs....I don't think PRs will be around to defend their HDB flats - they will probably depend on you to preserve their assets.

Defend your way of life. Suppose you have a happy life - a good retirement to look forward to, no worries about medical care, good work environment, great friends...all possible only because you live in a good that cares about its citizens....a way of life that you want for your children, nephew and nieces. You think it is worth defending? I'm sure some people would think so. Suppose you live in a country where you're afraid to get sick, where there is no retirement and you have to work for your whole life, where the pace of life is so stressful, all you think about in your spare time is how to emigrate, what do you do when you're asked to defend this way of life with your life?

Imagine on of the first thing to happen when the risk of war is imminent is the departure of the foreign workforce. Given our high dependence on them, everything grinds to a halt and the psychological impact of seeing hundreds of thousands of people leaving you behind will quite devastating to those who are thinking of staying behind and fighting.

Defend your fellow Singaporeans. There is a reason why all of us haven't left and are still staying put. Many capable Singaporeans who have the ability to leave for countries with better weather, better healthcare, higher incomes, better opportunities, choose not to do so for the simple reason that we consider Singapore our home. We like living among other Singaporeans, people speak the same language (Singlish) as us, people who have gone through the same good and bad times as ourselves, people who can understand us. ....we, Singaporeans, have a unique identity something that you can never remove from a true-blue Singaporean. Human beings feel a certain duty to help and defend people they can identify with.

“When I was younger, I was very proud of being a Singaporean. But that was about five, ten years ago. Five years later, with all the changes in policies and the influx of foreign talent, I really don’t know what I’m defending any more.."- NTU Student, Lim Rui Zi

When excessive immigration start to destroy this unique identity, this sense of duty to defend your fellow Singaporeans is also destroyed. Everyday, you go to work in buses crowded with foreigners speaking languages you don't understand and when you get to your workplace, more foreigners who are more at home with each other than they are with you so much so you feel rather foreign in your work place. You get home again to be surrounded by foreigners because your Singaporean neighbors couldn't take it and emigrated to New Zealand. You'll start to feel like Lim Rui Zi - you will still do what you can for Singapore but you won't be able to understand why you're doing it and the danger is one day when you search your heart for reasons and none exist, you may not be able to what Singapore needs you to do.


Anonymous said...

A palpable hit!

Anonymous said...

The boss of a company in the financial, manufacturing, logistics, biomedical, retail, shipping, information technology, construction, real estate industries needs to recruit about 100 more peoples for his company due to the increase in sale.

He put up a job advertisement for the various posts. When the boss receives many job resumes, he filters off Singapore Citizens from the job applicants, practically rejecting all Singapore Citizens job applications. The boss only chooses foreigners and permanent residents for job interviews.

The boss follows his principle of selecting job applicants based on this thinking:

Singapore Citizens need NOT apply, ONLY Foreigners and Permanent Residents can apply.

The boss reasons that he can get CHEAPER foreigners and CHEAPER permanent residents to fill the job vacancies.
The FIRST priority for the advertised jobs go to foreigners and permanent residents.

When the boss cannot fill any job vacancies by foreigners and permanent residents, only then he will consider Singapore Citizens for the remaining unfilled job vacancies.

This is how Singapore Citizens are treated in Singapore.
Do you feel this is a terrible and lousy experience?
Who are we, the Singapore Ciitizens, defending for?
Ironically we, Singapore Citizens, have to defend for these foreigners and permanent residents who are replacing we, the Singapore Citizens.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, many will continue to stay here. And to serve their NS. (Do they have a choice)?

And for those who choose to leave, many more (from the whole wide world) willing to come here and replace them.

And doesn't matter how, as long as the population increases and GDP grows.

And as long as nobody dare to attack Singapore because we have a strong SAF. Strong maybe not in numbers of soldiers (due to low birth rate) but at least in superior firepower. Bomb the hell out of the attacker if they dare to attack.

So with all the above, plus a strong government that will sure win elections, no problem.

Anonymous said...

even voting for opp will not improve situation. still subject to mercy of 99 hdb, overcrowding and lousy transport system. only way is out.

Anonymous said...

My little neighbour living next door (she is just 16 and doing her O levels this year) told me today that they are never allowed to write bad things for their social studies exam or project.

Ironically, she told me in her social studies exam which she just had recently (I dunno whether its school or O levels paper), there was a picture of a man blowing a flute and animals (rats??) following behind him and the animals were labelled 'foreigners'.

I dunno how true is that, but I found it funny when she mentioned this to me.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the import of foreigners is so rampant that even neighbourhood secondary schools are resorting to giving away scholarships to mediocre foreign students so that they can help boost the school rankings. I heard this from my neighbour, and she said that some of the so-called 'foreign talent' have far worse than average results and they are generally snobbish and look down on singaporean students whom they deem as inferior and undeserving of government scholarships.

There are so many talented local students here so I dont understand why our government wont sponsor the locals and instead pour money and roll out red carpets to welcome mediocre foreign talent.

According to what i hear, even a 16 year old and her fellow singaporean friends are thinking of migrating becos of the current dire situation of 'foreigner is the best'. :(

Anonymous said...

we are like some third world countries e.g. south american/ north africa whereby every local wanna get out. the gahmen should enjoy some pay cut.

Anonymous said...

with internet and travelling, locals start to realise that the moon is indeed greener on the other side. more freedom, cheaper housing and transport, better welfare protection, more realistic education system, more opportunistic, better childhood for kids etc.

Anonymous said...

Today, Lao-Corporal explained in ST Forum why he will defend Singapore to the death.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lim Zi Rui has stumbled upon something that should have been obvious. That SM Goh is thinking / speaking like a monopoly. Just as in a casino, the house always wins.

Anonymous said...

When doubts surface about Singaporeans' committment, a swift survey dispels concerns about loyalty. Letters to the press appear expressing undying support. There's nothing wrong with our society. Lim Zi Rui must be mad.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Truman Show!

Anonymous said...

I believe many may not realise this but the land we reside in belongs to the PAP Government, and not to Singapore citizens. That is what we are suppose to defend. The PAP being the biggest landlord and the minor landlords has raised the price of land and properties, and those who rent them has to pay the high price of having the privilege of occupation. From HDB, malls. factories, shops, entertainment outlets and every rentable spaces has a high ROI.

Ever wonder why cost of the same goods from a hawker stall and a hotel are vastly different? When the cost of rentals go up, these costs are passed down to the customers. Note that the slight increase of cost of goods are bearable if salaries go up in tandem. The increase in population and the influx of cheap labour has driven down take home pay of the locals.

The aggravated problems are caused by the PAP Government. So if million dollar salaried Ministers cannot answer a million dollar question, we ask who? They cause the problem and now they are unable to resolve them. Yet we are asked to serve NS and lay our lives down to protect what does not belong to us. We cannot even protest on the streets to voice our displeasure. There is no avenue nor anyone who will argue our case. We do have serious social problems that will manifest itself if nothing is done to rein in the excesses of the present government.

Anonymous said...

Alright, since Lucky has been so kind to write honestly on such an important matter that concerns all of us, then I'll give you my 6.5 million dollar perspective what is going on now.

The PAP administration is trying to sustain a losing battle with the present disillusioned native Singaporeans.

It is no longer a popular move to gerry-mander the electoral boundaries like they did with Cheng San GRC. If you can't redraw the electoral boundaries now as it is unpopular move, what is left now is to bring in the foreigners and give them citizenships. Then, work with the HDB ministry to decide where to house this people who has to stay here. Issue out your BTOs to these new citizens in areas where a large portion of the citizens have voted against you. Every month, lauch new flats in these constituencies. House your newly annointed citizens in high opposition constituencies and voila! You stay in power in the next election.

Gentlemen, these people craft in packs.

This present gloomy climate in Singapore is ochestrated. It didn't happen by chance. It was crafted that way by the powers that be.

Until we first learn the lesson to defend our freedom of speech, Singapore will no longer belong to us.

Just look at the trains and buses. They're all overcrowded. A feeder bus ride to work to the interchange each morning is so unpleasant. We're packed like sardines to the very end of the exit and entry doors. Is this first world?

Your guess is as good as mine. Everything rest on this election. I hope we are all talking about these matters to our dear friends, families and relatives, and creatng the much needed awareness on these issues. Singaporeans are so busy earning a living that they have forgotten how to live.

Anonymous said...

In reservists, the CO always coins the phrase "like it or now you still have to do it - no choice."

I have a fren who was jobless for months but just embarked on a new job that comes with a probation period of 6 mths. Then the SAF-100 came and he has to go for reservists. This guy applied for deferment but was told that MINDEF only grants NS deferment if your probation period is 3 mths. Anything longer than that - that's your business....

This is SAF - you gena called for reservist you die die have to do. if you dun clear your probation period becos of reservist, that's your business!

Anonymous said...

The papist policies have destroyed all the things worth defending for. They have taken away Singaporeans Freedom. they have destroyed the kinships amongst Singaporeans by allowing the wage disparity to balloon. They have bring in so many foreigners who have deprived Singaporeans of their rightful place in their own country. So it is hardly surprising that young Singaporeans are so disillusion with NS and the country.

Anonymous said...

In MNCs where Singaporeans are a minority, if the recruiting manager happens to be a PR, normally they will try to recruit their own kind internally or externally for new openings.
One way to demonstrate "fairness" is to go thro' a few rounds of interviews with both internal and external candidates. Then eventually, after their "careful" selection, PRs of their own kind will be shortlisted and all Singaporeans will be found "unsuitable" and filtered out...

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans thought that they have something to be proud of two or three decades ago. They were so proud and boisterous about themselves. IT WAS FROM THAT MOMENT ON THAT WE GOT THE RESULT AND SITUATION OF TODAY.
Now, we face the shits and if no cleaning takes place, the shits will hit more people.


ex snr wo said...

Singapore still has hope even if many NSmen agree with Lim Zi Rui saying 'I don't know what I'm defending anymore'...

...the scary scenario is when they start saying 'it's smarter to save your own ass and let others do the defending' and they back this up by mentioning LKY's examplary service record in WW2, i.e serving your country by serving the enemy.

frankly, this is something Lim Zi Rui can save for defence minister Teo Chee Hian's visit to the uni.

Anonymous said...

"In my Meet-the-People sessions, I see more appeals by foreigners who can not get permanent residency."
~ MP Indranee Rajah, NUS Forum "Economic growth: At what cost?", 3 Nov 2010, (Refer to ST, 4 Nov 2010, Page B5)

Anonymous said...

With reference to anon 5/11/10 00:00, the India-born hiring manager of a certain German MNC in Kallang Sector recently brought on board 6 new staff members in a headcount increase. Only one was a Singaporean - a transfer from another department. Four were from India. In total, only 2 of the 15 in the team are Singapore-born. Eight are from India.

Anonymous said...

I'm married to a Singaporean and was considering moving to Singapore so our child can experience the life in Singapore since he is half-Singaporean in a way. After reading what's being written here, I really do not want to put my child through this kind of hostile treatment by locals. I was even toying getting Singapore citizenship for my child but now that's totally out of the question. Your ST often write about other countries like Australia are racist but looking at what is written here it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I guess I'll just content myself with visiting Singapore for holidays only.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:29,

This has nothing to do with racism. Some of us here are against the policy of getting too many foreigners into Singapore at the expense of the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:38,

It doesn't matter what you call it. When you're on the ground you just feel Singaporeans do not like foreigners. Perhaps my reason for moving to Singapore is different but I don't want to have to explain my position every time a local ask me why I come to Singapore. This may be an unintended consequence of government policy but I don't have to be the one paying the price for their mistake. I do remember the days when Singapore used to be a more welcoming place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:38,

And by the way, no one will admit he is racist either. Even in Australia say that they are the most colour blind people on earth.

An Qijie said...

We have had enough of FTs, especially those who offer no real "talent". Singapore is becoming an MNC-type of place which is a free for all let's make money place. It does not encourage anyone to develop emotional attachment to the country, which is why "I don't know what I'm defending anymore."

Anonymous said...

ever since the serious tsunami years back, this region is never the same. natural disastors will become more and more common and cause this region to become unliveable. when food and supplies get cut, naturally people will want to move out and the pap regime will die naturally. as mm put it, its act of God. just like God punished the pharoah of egypt in exodus for making slaves out of people.

Anonymous said...

If leaders sent their kids to safe places when there is troble, i think hard for me to tell my kids to defend singapore with their lives.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5/11/10 08:29

Racism is not the issue but the population of foreigners that has increased in recent years. You are married to a local, and have your choice. There is no such thing as half-Singaporean. Either your child is a Singaporean or he/she is not, period. Being a Singaporean means having a Singapore citizenship and what race he/she is, is not important. All of us locals are of different race but we do share many things in common. Example, one cannot be a true Filipino if he/she does not speak Tagalog, although born from parents of Filipino descent or holds a Philippine citizenship. If one cannot adapt to the local culture and speak the local language, one cannot be considered a true citizen. A Singaporean can hold a foreign citizenship, like my American relatives, but they are not true Singaporeans as they lost their Singapore identities, being raised and educated in an American environment.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 08:29,

you need to substantiate your opinion to make for a more constructive discussion. What "hostile treatment"? What "racism"? Please be fair.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/11/10 09:00

There are racists anywhere in any country. I have migrated to Australia for the last 25 years. I did come across racist in a few occasion but my experience on the whole is very pleasant and Australian are generally friendly and non-racist. At least they don't have the discriminatory policies against any races.

In singapore, the biggest racist is the government and LKY. I lived and worked in Singapore for a number of years in the past. You don't have to worry about the singaporean. The one you need to concern for is the type of government they have today in singapore. Look beyond what you see in the surface or what the government wanted you to see. Maybe you are lucky as you are the foreigner as the policies tend to discriminate against local rather than foreigner.

I do recommend that you do not move to singapore or let your child take up singapore citizenship. Not because of the racist population but for the dictatorial and undemocratic government where you have to suck up to. I can assure you this is not the kind of environment you want to bring up your family.

Anonymous said...

@5/11/10 09:00,

As mentioned in previous comments, the citizens are of different races and most live in harmony for the past few decades. The question again is not about racism but about the government's policy.

Anonymous said...

Question: In "the three of you need not feel obliged to stay.", who are "the three"?

First we have Lee Hsien Yang. That's one. Then we have Lee Wei Ling. That's two. But who is the 3rd one that makes up "the three of you"?

Clearly, it could not be Lau Lee or his wife 'cos "Mama and I will stay here to the bitter end." It could not be Lee Hsien Loong either, 'cos "Hsien Loong is already in the SAF and must do his duty."

So, can someone tell me: Who was that mysterious 3rd son/daughter at that family meeting?

Mama and I will stay here to the bitter end. Hsien Loong is already in the SAF and must do his duty.

Mark said...

Lim Zi Rui is contradicting himself. First he says he doesn't know what he is defending for, then he says he will find a reason. If he doesn't know what he is defending for then why is he still here? If he can find a reason then shut up.
Not happy then go elsewhere la. There will always be a good and bad side to everything.

Our identity is diluted no doubt but it is not threatened. ATs and
ABNNs and AMs will have to adapt to OUR language, OUR singlish and OUR culture if they are ever thinking of staying in the long term.

They don't like it? Then ask them to f-off. For those who cannot appreciate what our gvmt has been doing for them then good riddance. As SM Goh said.. We MAKE USE of them for the betterment of our country

We defend for our friends(Does LZR not have any non-singaporean friends?), family, way of life and for a place to call home(Who the hell built ur HDB flat! Banglas right! Give you do you want meh?). So many reasons for you to defend. Why are you so blind?

ATs taking up places in our unis for example... That is competition and competition is good. If its a purely Singaporean Uni, then we most prob will feel lesser competition and less spur to get good results. (Who won't great when they get a better grade than an AT)

If you want a pure Singaporean Uni.. Just take a look at our friendly neighbor. All their policies is super pro Malays and look at where their Universities rank (336-7794)! Here got Singapore uni rank like that, i think the whole PAP commit seppuku also cannot redeem themselves.

Not just universities, look at their country and our country. And you will know that what we are doing is correct. Room for improvement? No doubt. Complain? Can. But don't be too absorbed in it until you become disillusioned.

Anonymous said...

We are just defending the Lee Dynasty!

Anonymous said...


Sad that you are still relying on "if you don't it, just go" line to address a very legitimate concern. Keep on doing that, and you'll be in for a surprise at the next election. It's time for the PAP to go.

Taishan said...

Off topic: Where is Towkay nowadays ?

Instructed by his PAP masters to lie low ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25,
To know if Singapore is a racist society or not, one need to ask the minority races. Of course the dominant race is goimg to say there's no racism. You know what? The fact that one has to indicate race every time one fills a form is institutionalised racism. Anyway, the biggest deterrent for me to move to Singapore is the strong anti-foreigner sentiment. I have no quarrel with Singaporeans but I don't want to be accused of taking local jobs and pushing up property prices. I feel sorry for my wife. She just want to give our child a choice. Afterall Singapore is also part of his heritage. I appreciate honest opinions from fellow bloggers. You have deterred me from considering settling in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5/11/10 18:08

I don't understand what your angst is all about. The decision is entirely up to you and if you are sorry for your wife, let me tell you, no one here cares a hoot about you or your wife. To say "You have deterred me from considering settling in Singapore", you provide a good excuse to your wife. Using us to find excuses and accusing us of deterring you is pretty stupid. FYI whether you do or otherwise is no skin off our noses, and perhaps it will be better if you do not come at all.

Anonymous said...

What the f....!?

I took 5 years to finally receive my Australian citizenship. And I was so happy my son can live a life of freedom and choice when he grows up. Not shackled to some stupid National Service and re-service for half his productive life.

Here, I read some clown wants to bring his family over from Australia. Mate, trust me, your children will thank you for staying put.

Do not be dazzled by Singapore's current status. It is not sustainable.

Anonymous said...

Stupid question to ask yourself...sometimes.

Nobody really knows how this kind of question will cut across society. So it doesn't matter where you are, there will be people to stay on to fight, even for stupid reason like...nothing better to do so hack someone to death for staring...and there will be people who will walk out of fights if they can.

What the divide between the two, well...we are a pragmatic and skeptical lot with very little heart and soul for each other - cmon, how many real friends you have in this kind of society huh?

Nevertheless, the herd mentality will probably get quite a few into defending our land.

Actually, you don't have a choice.Iif you abandon your own land, you may lose that self respect to ever live here again - small country lah, people will know.

Furthermore, where can most singaporeans run to in such a small island in a prolonged war?

Fight, for pragmatic reasons. :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky left out the most important reason...YOUR LIFE.


Anonymous said...

Anon 19:04,

I have no illusion that my decision is mine alone to make and does not affect anyone. Anyway, it's clear that it is better for my family and me to stay put. There is definitely no pull factor to live in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone can live in a compact society where every inch of the land counts.

We have 6 billion people in the world.

There will be more than enough to keep SIN Inc going.

I think those who can afford to live in much bigger country and desire greater latitude for life experiences very much lacking in a compact society should have our blessings to leave or not come here.

It's ok. SIN will work for some people, not all.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5/11/10 18:08,

"The fact that one has to indicate race every time one fills a form is institutionalised racism."

Yes, that's right. We practise sexism and ageism as well.

"Anyway, the biggest deterrent for me to move to Singapore is the strong anti-foreigner sentiment."

For example? You may need to widen your circle.

Full metal jacket said...

My parents were born here in Singapore.
I was born here also and my 2 sons as well.

I am a Singaporean.

Politicians can say whatever they want since they are politicians.
I will kill to defend my home, my family.

Foreigners are welcome to visit and earn their living here.
But when I draw my firearm and the line in the sand is drawn, choose which side of the line you wish to stand on.

Mr Lim Zi Rui is young and does not understand many things.
Give him a housing loan and children. He will have a different stance.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of S'pore, let us be united and vote in 10 to 15 oppositions members so that pap will start shaking when they want to implement policy, they will think twice.Do not be afraid,pap should be afraid of you because you have the power to kick their ass

Anonymous said...



sent 15 opposition to "heaven" ah?

better keep these people out of "heaven" if you want them to make more noises for you la

once they tasted "heaven" , they will lose the spur and keep their mouths shut..hahaha

Anonymous said...

If one finds his country not worth his protection, one just have to take one step back to protect his own Rights and freedom and that of his/her families and fellow citizens.

空军 said...


Neither do I!

Watching this SBC airforce drama didn't helped :(

空军 said...

You don't know what you're defending?

Neither do I!

Watching this SBC airforce drama didn't helped :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fullmetal jacket. I'm born here and I have nowhere to go. So I will defend this place against anyone who want to do us in, irregardless of whether they are external or internal forces. Vote wisely. Vote for politicians who will look after the country's and our interests. dt

Anonymous said...

Read the history books, did KY defend Singapore as a young man, no he worked for the Japs to save his own ass. Like the slippery KY he was never around at dangerous moments. He slipped away when the Japanese surrendered because he was afraid the local will lynch him as a traitor..when he did not defend..why should we. Like him self interest should come first..

Anonymous said...

With the Internet, Lee Kuan Yew's sojourn with the Japanese and the role he played will be recorded in history.
If he saved himself from been shot or beheaded, excusable. Hope he did not help the Jeps to victimize others.
And if had helped to save others from falling victims to the Jeps, he would have been a saviour instead of traitor.
But, only he knows, unless there are survivors willing to reveal that part of history.
It would be nice if he could personally put it on record.

Anonymous said...

A young lady immigrant wrote to Zaobao today 10.11.10 in respond to this subject. Although she mentioned that she is well versed in both languages I think she failed to understand the true sentiment from Mr Lim. 为谁而战?He was asking defence this country for who but she was teaching us to strive or fight for one own and family better development. Very misleading.

Tronsky said...

Your points are quite valid, except for the one about the Lee family fleeing Singapore. There is nothing wrong with asking your family to flee, especially women and children who are always victims of war. As the author of Yawning Bread puts it, "When bullets fly, timidity saves lives."

I think you missed out a lot of stuff. Like how young people nowadays don't care about Singapore anymore, not just because they resent the political situation or policies, but because young people are growing up immersed in the internet, and that's where they feel they comfortable. Being Singaporean is secondary.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm Zixin, a producer from ChannelnewsAsia. I'm currently searching for someone who sees ZiRui's point of view to appear on our programme. If you are keen or would like to know more, do drop me a message at

Thank you!
Do let me know asap

Anonymous said...

Channels news has 71% of Singaporeans UNwilling to die for Singapore! Here's another place to vote with reasons and what not..let yourself be heard!

Anonymous said...

Dont bother with Channel News. If they really want to get to the "core" of the talking points - then invite some of our leaders and pose them these questions :-

1) Why did LKY ask his children to leave if war breaks out? What message was he trying to sent to singaporeans. And now he challenges us to die for each other?

2) What are some of our best defense strategy of our island if the scenario of a war breaks out. I like to know, what would stop our enemy putting a bomb on our island and sink it totally. Why bother to fight?

3) Unlike Israel (we have about the same history with them) they have experiences fighting countless wars and defending against arabs. What "real" experience do we have here. Remember this is not a simulation game like in NS.

4) Which of our leaders will be in the front/battalion lines. And which part of our Ministries will be activated to ensure we are nation-ready?" I think is a question of a NO-Vote of confidence here, and PAP should be more transparent and forthcoming in these areas and communicate more with the people, rather than making a BIG demand that we die for each other for no "clear reasons".

5) When as a nation you oepnly say that we have no security safety nets - to each his own, then why do I get a distrustful feelings that you will not have my back too when it comes to dying for the nation!

Get to the points Channel News, otherwise dont waste our time.

Chris said...

@5/11/10 09:00, As mentioned in previous comments, the citizens are of different races and most live in harmony for the past few decades. The question again is not about racism but about the government's policy.

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