Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mas Selamat was staying in his brother's home...

I'm taking a break from blogging until the elections is announced or the new year comes which ever comes first. I'll be travelling a little these few weeks but will try to write if I can find the time.

Remember when Mas Selamat escaped and the whole island was put on alert? There were posters of him at the exit doors of buses and MRT trains. We were told to report anyone who looked like him. He could have been staying in the woods, living in the wild and so on. There were (unverified) stories about NS men who were made to comb the Malay graveyard next to their camps because some suspicious shadow was spotted. The whole country was put on a hunt for Mas Selamat - almost every primary school kid knew his name and what he looked like.

It turned out the search for Mas Selamat could have been narrowed....right down to his brother's home where he was staying before he escaped to Johor.

People Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they were surprised he managed to gain shelter in his brother's flat in Tampines.

"I would think that's the first place they would check, the family's homes?" said one of those interviewed.

- CNA Report (see below)

Mas Selamat stayed at his brother's home and it is strange that the authorities did not do a simple search for him at the homes of his relatives but instead combed various parts of the island. I think the public assumed that they had already done the common sense thing of monitoring his closest relatives before doing anything else.

I think the lesson for everyone here is you cannot assume people in charge do the most obvious and logical thing before they spend lots of taxpayers money and mobilize public resources to solve a problem. When the light shines and the truth is out, we get plenty of surprises....

Public shocked and surprised after Mas Selamat escape revelation
By Satish Cheney | Posted: 23 November 2010 1835 hrs

SINGAPORE: The reactions of Singaporeans were one of shock and surprise when asked about the help Mas Selamat Kastari received from his relatives, after his escape.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugan had revealed in Parliament on Monday how Mas Selamat was given assistance by his brother's family and also how he disguised himself as a woman with make-up and a traditional tudung headscarf.

When Mas Selamat Kastari escaped detention in 2008, he was certainly the hottest topic everywhere, from offices to coffee shops and now, he's once again in the spotlight.

People Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they were surprised he managed to gain shelter in his brother's flat in Tampines.

"I would think that's the first place they would check, the family's homes?" said one of those interviewed.

Another agreed that checking with relatives of the accused should have been done earlier: "Had I been an investigator I would have probably first checked with his relative. One hundred is also not that much of a big number to monitor."

Reactions were mixed when it came to the issue of blood being thicker than water.

"For me the most important thing is the country because that is something which is giving you your bread and butter, so your allegiance to your country is beyond your allegiance to your family members."

Others felt that it depends on the individual.

"You have to weigh between personal and national and so it's going to be a very difficult decision."

Everyone Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they do not see any racial or religious sensitivities coming up due to Mas Selamat's relatives harbouring him.

While Mas Selamat's escape has generated a lot of buzz online as well.

A doctored picture of Mas Selamat disguised as a woman, has been making its way via FaceBook and Twitter.

Many online users have also been making jokes about the incident.

On some popular online forums, users wondered if the sentences meted out to those who harboured Mas Selamat was too lenient while others expressed sympathy for the family.

There were also questions on why the authorities did not stake-out Mas Selamat's family members' homes.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry said it plans to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Nur Aini - with a view to dismissing her, as she's been found guilty of harbouring a prisoner of State.

Nur Aini is the niece of Mas Selamat Kastari.

The Ministry said it takes "disciplinary action, including dismissal," against teachers who have been charged and convicted in Court for a criminal offence.



Anonymous said...

Because we Singaporeans are complacent. We as nieghbours should have been more alert. I am sorry ok?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was an honest mistake and the ministar should not be blamed. For that I became one of the hundreds of thousands that had to open my boot and lift up the boot carpet to show there is nothing in the spare wheel compartment. Zillions of manhours lost at the Woodland queues. And the firemen's precious hours as well. Bigger heads should roll. dt

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the ineptitude of those responsible for the evidently uncoordinated state of our homeland security as regards the MSK case. Seriously someone high up should own up to the responsibility for what has happpened or even step down, instead of us hearing excuses and yet more excuses as more comes to light.

Anonymous said...

Have there been any BIG head rolling in Singapore?not since MM LKY took over the leadership,as far as I rewmember when I was a small boy in 18\959

He is a nice boss indeed.Big pay and NO responsibility,dream BOSS man!

Anonymous said...

How can you finger the blame on our highly esteemed leaders ... don't you see .... it's the incompetence of the general population .... if Singaporeans are engaged with their community, they will have been able to finger Mas. It's the apathy and bo chup attitude of the general population that Mas is able to hide amongst them.

You see, they can say whatever they want, so long as they can do whatever they want, and there's nothing that you can do about it, because you will still vote for the most 'qualified' MP when the time comes, and not the MP that has your interest at heart.

Anonymous said...

Relevant authority ZZZZZ again.
Either that we have totally lost all our common sense to justify super value added which in really adds no value at all.

Anonymous said...

WKS lost his BIG face as a result of the escape. He would have saved his big face (perhaps even come out teller) and prevented that huge social and economic impact had MS been captured within a few days of his escape. He could have boosted on how "powderful" his police force had become under his leadership. Unfortunately he missed the golden opportunity for not doing the most basic thing. So the conclusion was that Singaporeans are complacent -- a smoking car was put up at Orchard Road recently to remind us that Singaporeans are hopeless.

I would thought that he would make sure that those responsible would get at least 3-18 YEARS of jail terms instead of 3-18 months. It seems that painting graffiti (regardless of how nice they may look) constitute a much more serious crime that requires mandatory caning.

Anonymous said...

Ya, who cares about anyone blowing up the airports as long as our trains are free from fingerprints.

Anonymous said...

The law & police in S'pore really cockup and weird. Things which do not harm people or property such as peaceful demonstrations or criticisms of PAP are harshly dealt with --- the police can appear within a few minutes, or track down a specific blogger out of millions in cyberspace. But when it comes to certain other things, the authorities just can put on a wayang show with below average results. 12 and 18 months jail? I bet many people in Singapore will rather go for 12 months jail than to be whacked with the PAPies typical $250K defamation charges. Moreover the SOP for jail sentences is to serve only 2/3 of the time, with 1/3 commuted for "good behaviour" --- as long don't create trouble or be smart aleck can already.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 23/11/10 22:21,

LOL. I dun think MAS read gulong's comic. He must have seen chinese martial art TV dramas screened on mediacock (there are english subtitle) before.

He understands the concept of: "The most dangerous place is the most safest place" and was able to apply it to protect himself.

Well done! Can't believe that ancient method still work in today's modern settings.

Anonymous said...

Mas Selamat's neice is charged in court before he is ....

Anonymous said...

Come on guys. the police also know the concept of "The most dangerous place is the safest place", that's why they kept going back to check the toilet and finally MS was caught in a toilet located in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

From how he escape, when the news is made known, how they try to defend their mistakes...is already an international joke.

i cant believe until today, there are more jokes about this.

did we pay $2.5m - $3m pa for this jokes?

Anonymous said...

for those who have contributed their time and energy to the search, sometime you are not really doing it for a good cause, you are just doing it for someone's mistake and foolishness.

Btw who is accountable for the tax money wasted for the search?

Anonymous said...

WKS has already been disciplined - he was relieved (aka sacked) of his duties as the Home Affairs Minsters. But the big joke is he is now in charge of coordinating security for the country. Someone who cannot keep a prisoner in prison and did not do the most obvious during the search for the escaped prisoner is now in charge of 'coordinating' ALL MINISTRIES on security matters. Isn't that promoting someone beyond his competenceX2?

Maybe he should be made a minister in the prime minister's or MM's office - glorified office boy.

Anonymous said...

the rank and file in the Home Team should not be blamed; they are following orders from the top and they have done their best. For in an operation like this, to hunt down an escaped terrorist, the accountability and blame must lie squarely with the top echelons, in particular the minister. He has failed, spectacularly, in a job for which we citizens are paying him in the millions.

Clear eyed said...

That WKS is taken off as Minister for Home Affairs and made Minister in charge of coordinating security for the whole country is to give him face. In name it is like a promotion. Of course whether he is up to the job is immaterial. Anyway this is one of those superfluous posts for which we are paying millions of $ every year - similar to those ministers without portfolio posts we have in our Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Probably the job of those assigned to monitor the brother's home became bored ... it might have gone something like this:

PC1: Alamak, the two of us sitting here in his hot car, damn boring. Nothing is happening, man, damn boring.

PC2: Hey, did you bring your netbook, let me play Plants versus Zombines. Something to kill time.

PC1: Yeah, you can play first, I will take a nap. Wake me when you see something.

PC2: OK .... collecting stars, shooting the zombies, ...., (looked up and saw a fat woman in tudung) ... hey, hey, wake-up, there is a fat woman in tudung getting out of the flat.

PC1: Aiya! Don't disturb me, wake me up when you see a younger lady.
Alamak, I kena killed already, the damn zombies!

Kojakbt said...
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Anonymous said...

It's a shame... The focus and attention now on the family who helped MSK escaped. The parties who should be brought to task should the auhorities involved who failed in their responsibilities in finding MSK when he escaped. The big 'gaping' holes in our security system, the Internal security, our marine police who actually let a man swim across the straits undetected... Suddenly it's all about a young girl who treasured family ties and provided shelter for a criminal for 3 days!
It's truly a shame that that's all our highly paid ministers could come up with at the end of the day, finding scapegoats to cover up their blatant mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Look! You sickening citizens!
It is because we feel 'piesay'(shameful) that we explained to You!
But You ingrates are shaming us further with your queries and doubts!
You dont trust our competency and integrity meh ???

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from someone who betray their people and work for the Japanese occupiers during WWII? We have 2 of those in the highest echelon of government. Hence, the culture of the ruling clique is to sell out your people for personal benefit. They expect MSK's family to sell him out and get praises from the authority. During the Japanese occupation, there were countless men and women who give sanctuary to fugitives from the Kempetai. Many paid with their lives when caught. In the eye of the law, what MSK's family did is wrong but I can fully understand why they did it. Not many people would turn their own flesh and blood over to be detained without trial, highly paid ministers excepted. Just out of curiousity, had MSK's family rat him out, how will they be repaid for the betrayal?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the police did check on mas's brother's home, but only the toilet not the rooms.

Anonymous said...

The day he escape from Whitley detention centre instead search for him at Bukit Brown they went on searching for him at Bukit Timah which traffic at the peak at PIE.

Instead search his friend and relatives they combed various parts of the island.

If he swim over to JB from Lim Chu Kang than what's the point for having Radar and Camera deploy at there.

Use your Common Sense???

Anonymous said...

Do you know why they were so freaking panicky that very day and were searching for a limping terrorist in BUKIT TIMAH...? right into the next day, with all the school students arriving in big shiny cars all jammed up along BUKIT TIMAH? And all these while, the roads along Tampines were a picture of calm.

Anonymous said...

the ssc spent so much, they should be the first to go. the import talents performed so badly during asian games, they should also go.

Anonymous said...

common sense is not so common afterall.

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Anonymous said...

Me remembered LKY said in an interview "It is not my job to help the opponents".

Likewise, it is not the job of Nuri to help Police Force to nab Mas Selamat. "

Me think there is an inside job like a conspiracy otherwise how did he get out..the rooster has come home to roost perhaps?


It only goes to show that PAP are not infallible. But when they do..they can FAIL BIG time..so tell me again why are they so worthy of their million dollar paycheck? They have to come clean because there is no way to hide...I'm sure there are many screwed up incidents that are not reported/come to light because they are the ONE and ONLY party.