Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama on Democracy...

"Today, we sometimes hear that democracy stands in the way of economic progress. This is not a new argument. Particularly in times of change and economic uncertainty, some will say that it is easier to take a shortcut to development by trading away the rights of human beings for the power of the state. But that is not what I saw on my trip to India, and that is not what I see in Indonesia. Your achievements demonstrate that democracy and development reinforce one another......

The nations of Southeast Asia must have the right to determine their own destiny, and the United States will strongly support that right. But the people of Southeast Asia must have the right to determine their own destiny as well. That is why we condemned elections in Burma that were neither free nor fair. That is why we are supporting your vibrant civil society in working with counterparts across this region. Because there is no reason why respect for human rights should stop at the border of any country.....

Prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty."

- President Obama in his speech to Indonesians, Nov 2010.

I'll discuss what he said a little deeper later today. Think about what he said and what has happened to our country in recent years.


Anonymous said...

Last time everybody hv a job.
Now many diploma / degree holders find it hard to hold on to their jobs once they hit 40. How to compare?

Anonymous said...

"Today, we sometimes hear that democracy stands in the way of economic progress......But that is not what I saw on my trip to India, and that is not what I see in Indonesia. Your achievements demonstrate that democracy and development reinforce one another......"
- Obama

Hahahaha. Wonder what he was brought to see in his 3 day trip to India and less than a day trip to Indonesia.

Anyway, come on. It's just a speech by President Obama for his host. Does any head of state says bad things during an official visit to the host country?

Or do you expect the PAP or their mainstream media talk (if at all) more negative than positive things about PAP and Singapore?

Please lah, Lucky Tan.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago, India's democracy is a bogeyman for LKY to tell Singaporean why dictatorship is good.

With India rising, LKY's seem to stop all his "India being fxxked by democracy" theory.

Nowaday, the new bogeyman is Taiwan along with his all time favorite such as phillippines.

In bashing democracy, LKY never fail to give good reasos such as Singapore is small, vulnerable, multi-racial, lack of natural resources....etc bla bla

All these have been trumpeted along by all his lackies.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest yanks have realized what they have been conned. The brightest sinkees are still hero worshipping him. Yes. That tells a lot about our country

Anonymous said...

"prosperity without freedom is another form of proverty" only the last line makes sense. sg is ranked quite low in freedom index, does it mean we are in fact very poor?

Anonymous said...

Obama is a good president,making very difficult decisions at this realluy unusal time,

And yet,he did not say,this is too difficult,it is someone else baby,he screwed up big time but talk abbout demiocracy,which is telling his voters,pl tell me if I make mistake.Do you find such men/women in rising great Asia?

Obama would be two terms president

Anonymous said...

"prosperity without freedom is another form of proverty", unquote.

Had President Obama said that during his first visit to Sin after he was elected, me would have do my best to kowtow to him in person.

Unfortunately, he was not that sober then.


Anonymous said...

Anon 11/11/10 07:46 :- Does any head of state says bad things during an official visit to the host country?

Got ... our very own forecaster extraodinaire likes to go around to different countries and lecturing them on how to run their countries and telling them off on why their system is lousy and PAPpy system is good.

Somemore this old fart visionary gets to experience 1st class SIA service, 6-star hotel presidential suites, 5-star michelin restaurants, $100K a day medical & security entourage, while performing his forecasting & lecturing "job". Time for him to up lorry already.

Anonymous said...


My friend,I dare say that at this time,no one world leader would comment adversely against MM LKY officially,although privately it is not the case.

We the citizens must admit that MM LKY is brilliant,but that was when Madam Lee was alive and kicking.

Presently,I do not know,but tend to think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 11/11/10 11:19am.

me does not ask for anyone to think or say anything negative or bad about Lee Kuan Yew, there are enough SINGAPOREANS DOING IT AND WITH GUSTO.

President Obama was not someone LKY fancied to win the Post of President Of US and he made no secret of his(LKY) opinion.

On his First Visit to Singapore, Obama was in a rush and might be too tired, said something nice about Sin and talked about Aung Sung Su Kyi of Burma instead. Me surmise that Obama was and is a nice diplomatic guy wherever he happens to be in.

It is just my hunch that Obama's words are like arrows, the target is always a distance away from him(self).


Anonymous said...

The reality is that Singapire is just a red dot whose soft power extends beyond its physical constraints.

Singapiore does have elections,one is just around the corner,it is absolutely fair,although I dare decales that not more than 50% of voters would dare declare it fair.

What the pappies would counter when posed this question would basically

Where got fairness in this world one?name me one country,one political party fair one har?

Obama as a world leader,must take a maro view,it is true that many countries are very much worst than Singapore,every citizen in Spore knows

Anonymous said...

Sorry,should be

It is absolutely FREE.

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Anonymous said...

when LKY is no longer around, the president, pm, fm, lm will probably be ahneh. what will sg be then?

Anonymous said...

I certainly see it in the U S of A.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, me should work for a little namesake by predicting and forecasting as well, a good gamble with little or nothing to lose.

Me say it again, Indonesia is the Next Dragon in term of developments. Reason? Endow with natural resources and the main reason will be of course consumerism, the main engine of growth for any country with political stability.

There will be more draconian legislations in Singapore as the Rulers tighten their grips to hold onto their powers after the Coming Election when voters show them displeasures with their votes for Oppositions. This will of course further alienate and disaffect the citizens.

Me likes to make an assertion here that most Singaporeans do not feel the need for Cabinet Positions such as Minister Mentor, Senior Ministers, Minister Without Portfolio, Extra Deputy Prime Ministers and a president over 80 year old without executive power.

Singaporeans have faith that without the aforesaid members, Singaporeans will still strive to make Singapore as thriving as possible and forever.


Anonymous said...

Hope all MIWs get the hint that Obama's words are directing at them.

Anonymous said...

JB's housing price may be 10 times cheaper than that of spore.
Now that with so many youth violent cases, spore is not a safe place anymore. It might be worse than JB in some aspects.
How to justify the high cost?

People like to complain about Taiwan as a "messy place", is it as "risky" as spore after so many incidents now?

Anonymous said...

"It takes open society and active citizens to reject inequality and injustice. . . But the people of Southeast Asia must have the right to determine their own destiny . . there’s no reason why respect for human rights should stop at the border of any country. . . the liberty of knowing that your leader is accountable to you, and that you won’t be locked up for disagreeing with them" these are the words we should take heed!

Anonymous said...

With the opening of two $12 billion gaming dens,it does not take much wisdom to know that more corruptions,more gang fights,killing,raping,suicides will come alone to our Spore.

MM LKY has promised more gaming dens.

It is a totally different ball game compared with LKY of 1959 which he admitted freely.

Unfortunately nort many Ah Beng & Ah Lians of 40+ years of age do not know what it is all about.

BTW,the two gaming dens are starting with annual profit of about S$3 billions a year,and set to grow.

I am a believer because I am a very small share holder of Genting Spore.

Anonymous said...

MM LKY claimed that he disliked gaming,but he approved and promoted the gaming dens bacause of exhibition,conference,etc.He was bought by MICE then.

I do not know whether our Ah Beng knows how much revenue is fr non-gaming MICE actitvities.I do not know but guess it may be 5%.

What is MM LKY doing about it,as usual,silence mah!

Anonymous said...

Democracy my ass!

In Singapore, it's only about survival, law of the jungle. Here it is you die your business. About being cheaper, better, faster. About being mentally prepared to be jobless after 35. About accommodating the influx of 100,000 no-quality foreigner trash being given red carpet mass import treatment by PAPies every year. This is PAPocracy!

Anonymous said...

The role of any government is to provide its people with the means of livelihood (jobs), security (safety) and shelter (housing). Democracries have done very well in this respect, whereas communism has failed miserably.

However, democrary in the US has evolved somewhat to a plutocracy, where the voice of the masses no longer count as much. Just look at the falala about Main Street and Wall Street.

PAP has done well in those respect, although the 'livelihood' part has been diluted as they are increasingly seeing themselves as a global country (i.e. citizenship is diluted to become how relevant a person is to the economy).

So it really depends on whether PAP can find someone with the foresight and the fire in the belly as Mr Lee who's wondering when the last leaf will fall.

Anonymous said...

As Mr of 1950+ please,
Mr .Lee of 2010 has zero value,sorry may be a little bit

jamesneo said...

The problem is Obama did not preach what he says. US has degenerated into a fascist state. When most of the people reject the bailout of the TBTF banks, he ignored them and use QEI to bailout the banks which are supposed to help revive the economy. Unfortunately, QE1 fails. When there were lots of disapproval over his obama health care(whether it works in the end is another matter), he goes on with it. In this respect, singapore is actually following the example of US by doing things that are in contrast to the desires of the people just that our government officials are less politically astute to sell their agenda compared to the US propaganda machine.

Words are nice but actions matters.

Anonymous said...

I think u forget what cowboy bush did liao.

It is not easy to solve problems created by that crazy man,thanks god he left happily after only 8 years.

Imagine he stayed on for 50 years as mentor president

Anonymous said...

Please lah 99% 0f politicians especially those who gets a lot of airtime on thr mainstream media are all wayang champions. If you cannot wayang u cannot be chosen... What so good about the US version or indonesian type of democracy... Ultimatemately it is the very top elite that rules the day. The bushes n clintons n now obama are all from the SAME secret society AND SAME CAMP.
Plus obama's 1st term , thats 20 yrs of dynastic presidency. If it had gone to the clinton butch, yes butch no typo ! it would have been the same.
Even the dump down americans are waking up to how Royally screwed we all are,yes the much loved royal bloodlines of predominantly european families.

The same fellow that wrote the Yes we Can campaign script, has always been the same scriptwriter as the one for bush , clinton, reagan etc. What has change. It got worse...higher tax less jobs , less freedom , closer to loosing their 1stand 2nd amenment than ever before.
The once 1st true Republic, America... the beacon of hope for true freedom or democracy or whatever it means, if it has got no hope then the rest of the world lagi worse...
Its Showtime..cos the world's a stage and the Audience is lapping it up... the war on terror , on communism , on drugs, on Iraq, on poverty neverending ....who's the next bogeyman ?

Anonymous said...

"Prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty"

Tell that to the 10% unemployed Americans.

Anonymous said...

He once tried to lecture a foreign leader who just had this to say:

“Who is this ridiculous man who wastes my time? Running Singapore is like running Marseilles. I am running a whole country!”
-Francois Mitterrand, President of France

top cd rates said...

Great words from the President. I like when he say it that "Prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty". I just hope the North Koreans and the Chinese and the Myanmar people hears of this. I agree with him of the freedom of elections. We, as human beings, always have the right to democracy and thanks we have the US to help countries in distress.