Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Truth and Reality on the Ground....

Here are political broadcasts in 2006 by Ms Chee and Ms Slyvia Lim for the last elections. You can replay most of it for the coming elections because few of the problems raised have been solved and many things have worsened for a segment of the populace. What I notice while reviewing the 4 yr old political broadcast is Ms Chee of SDP spoke about bread and butter issues while Slyvia spoke about the unlevel playing field for the opposition - the public sometimes think that SDP is all about democracy and WP is more concerned about bread & butter issues. Perhaps the actual differences among our alternative parties are not as large as we think and they differ mostly in style and how they choose to engage the PAP. I will take a detour to a popular topic - gangs- but will discuss a little more about the elections later.

After the murder of teen, Darren Ng, MP for Pasir Ris said that the incident was an "isolated one". Shortly after he said that, another gang related attack occurred in Bukit Panjang[Link], a woman was attacked by a gang at pub[Link] and the police arrest many gang members found many weapons[Link][Link][Link]. Apparently, gang activities have been festering among our 'lost youth' and it took a murder and a bunch of unruly gang members from a teenage gang called 369 to wake everyone up:

Dr Teo Ho Pin, MP for Bukit Panjang, also urged residents to play a part in keeping the estate safe.

He said: 'It is important that residents remain alert, vigilant and provide information if they see any suspicious or incriminating activities.'

He, however, maintained that the area is safe, and that he had never seen a single gang fight in the area in the last 14 years.

But residents The Straits Times spoke to said that the area has been known for gang activity for years, and that recent years have seen a rise in such activity and also more rowdy teenagers in the area.

One of them, who wanted to be known only as Raj, said that he believes the increased audacity of teenage groups could be a result of a temporary neighbourhood police post in Fajar Road being closed down.

A neighbourhood police centre was opened farther down in Segar Road.

Mr Raj, 47, said he has e-mailed Dr Teo and the police for about two years, since he started feeling that his neighbourhood was unsafe and brimming with illegal activity.

He felt the fencing up of the area has done little to keep teenagers away from the area, as they have resorted to staying out late at the blocks' void decks and the barbecue pit instead.

He said that it is not uncommon to see teenagers from nearby schools in their uniforms smoking in the vicinity. Some even sport tattoos.

- Lifestyle hub a haunt of rowdy teens, Straits Times, Nov 12, 2010.

The above article from our very own "fair and objective" Straits Times quoted MP Teo Ho Pin saying that his ward Bukit Panjang is safe, he has not seen a gang fight in 14 yrs and wants residents to be pro-active, take responsibility and give information if they see suspicious activities. Later in the article, one resident, Raj, said he has been writing to the MP and police for 2 whole years about the neighborhood which is "brimming with illegal activities". Other residents said they feel unsafe in the area where rowdy teens with tatoos hang out frequently. I brought up this article not to talk about gangs but how the perception and thinking of leaders can be very far removed from the reality on the ground. In this case, an MP who is suppose to close to the ground doesn't know what goes on in his neighborhood, denies the place is unsafe when residents feel a lot more has to be done. He asks for more information when residents have already provided feedback on the matter for more than 2 years. This particular MP is believed to be one of the better MPs around[Link].

For 4 years now, Singaporeans have been coping with the problems that Ms Chee spoke about in her 2006 political broadcast. Little has been done - in fact the govt ignored what is felt on the ground and has gone ahead with its own agenda and taking care of its own interests. In the first part of her speech, Ms Chee spoke of high minister's pay vs low income many Singaporeans have to struggle with....how many Singaporeans feel that this is unfair and unjust. One of the 1st things PM Lee did after getting elected was to increase the pay of ministers and MPs....slapping Singaporeans in the face (figuratively). Ms Chee spoke of the rising cost of living and how tough it was for Singaporeans to cope as a large segment of the populace have faced stagnant wages for the past decade. The PAP govt response to that was to increase the GST after the elections...and prices of many other things after the elections. Ms Chee spoke about the problems caused by the large influx of foreigners. the PAP govt went on to increase the influx causing great strain to housing, transport and medical services. If you want things to be fixed and your interests addressed, you cannot simply give feedback and write emails ...that was what the people of Bukit Panjang did and their problems only got worse. You have to send a strong signal in the next elections...a signal so strong that it cannot be ignored for things to change for the better and to make Singapore a better home for all Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

No worries, it happens only once every 50 years!

Anonymous said...

Looks like on election results can wake up the bloody PAP. Let's do it together for Singapore!

Anonymous said...

The papist Leegime only PRETEND to care for Singaporeans during GE. Once the GE is over, all the promises are forgotten and it is back to their usual business of screwing ordinary Singaporean. This has been going on for the last 50 years. Time for Singaporeans to wake up and punish the papist Leegime for their cheating ways.

Anonymous said...

what to do other then say KNN

Anonymous said...

My take is, there is no turning back in their pursuit for GDP growth and the domino effect of that pursuit. We have now too many foreign interests n our shore and attending to their needs is upmost to the rulers. Still, there is hope in the ballot. I won't be surprised many heads will roll.

Anonymous said...

"...Straits Times quoted MP Teo Ho Pin saying that his ward Bukit Panjang is safe, he has not seen a gang fight in 14 yrs and..."

Ya what, MP Teo is right, no gang fight in 14 years... He is stating a fact, don't you agree?

Only until recently then have fight what.

But what's the problem? The police will come down hard on those gangs and problem will be solved. They did it last time successfully so no reason why not now.

Trust PAP, be it politics, economics, crime and gangs, problems of casinos etc, etc.

Sure there will be problems but sure also they can solve one.

If not, why the opposition so weak and why PAP got 66% mandate and 98%seats at elections?

Anonymous said...

I have been in Bukit Panjang for more than 18 years. The gang fight is not peculiar to Bukit Panjang. I have not seen a fight since then. Bukit Panjang is still a safe and buzzing town to live in.
The Police is vigilant in carrying out their duties, but they cannot be present everywhere. It is important for every citizen to do their bit, to be the eyes and ears of our community and to help ensure our community safety and security. I agree with Dr Teo that the Community has to remain alert, vigilant and provide information if they see any suspicious or incriminating activities.
May be the Grassroots and the Police may consider implementing a programme for the primary and secondary school students to prevent juvenile delinquency and mould them with positive behaviour.

Anonymous said...

why the opposition parties so weak

In one summary


Anonymous said...

I really feeling extremely sad, disappointed and worry.
I am born poor, grow poor, live poor and finally going to die poor.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
what to do other then say KNN
17/11/10 10:46

You should shout KNN!!! and then vote for opposition at the coming GE.

You must put aside whatever personal feelings about whether opposition can do a good job or not. The fundamental solution now is to jab a big sharp spur into PAPies backsides.

Even the most capable and smartest people will become out-of-touch, self-serving and lazy if there is no competition and they are treated as gods and when everything is catered to them on a golden platter.

Human nature is human nature. There must be strong checks & balances in order for the smartness and capabilities to flow to the people, and not for their talents to be used to secure their own riches and power.

Anonymous said...

If you have not paid attention, when was the last time you see policeman on beat, or even in patrol cars ? OK not counting those fully armed soldiers at the airports and MRT stations and at entertainment hubs. They are definitely complacent ignoring the safety of the heartlands and focusing their firepower where tourists and foreigners congregate. Sure, like the other post suggests, the govt can solve all, but they are reactive rather than proactive.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore is so safe, why do we need to have a police post in front of every minister's house?

Anonymous said...

All of you to understand that the power lies in the bottom 30% of the digital divide, the elite and the beholden takes 1/3 will vote PAP, the disgruntled like you 1/3 and the fight is in the hearts and minds of the clueless bottom 1/3 of the digital divide. Like the Gutenberg printing press which destroyed the Monarchy in Europe by convincing the farmers and serfs to change their minds, all of you should instead of complaining, use some rubber gloves and print out 100 copies and distribute at the bus-stops every day. Soon this is float back via their RC net work and they will have to come up with better ideas.

Anonymous said...

It's more like 40-20-40, 20 being the fence sitters that if one convince, then you win. So the one with the resources to convince and please the 20% will take it all on a simple majority basis. These are not necessarily the bottom of digital divide ppl, they can be intellectual as well.dt

Anonymous said...

I remembered chatting with my friend (before the murder) about the lack of police patrol nowadays in the neighbourhood as compared to maybe about 10 or 20 years ago.

In my time, we would see frequent police patrols in the neighbourhood. I am sure most of you would recall your mother scolding you and saying that the 'mata' would catch us if we misbehave especially when groups of aunties would gather together at the void deck after doing their marketing.

And people in my age group, would have definitely kena ICs check for illegal assembly.

Fast forward to the present, in my present neighbourhood, I do not see police patrolling anymore. I would only see them at hawker centres buying food or in their patrol cars casually crusing by.

Isn't ironical that since our population has grown so drastically, the police ratio should increase?

As for the part of being the community watch, it is obivous that the public could only do so much, that is why we have a government to plan and enforce public safety and security, right?

Another thing about neighboourhood police posts, in the past, it used to be 24 hours. Presently, I think only the bigger police station operates 24 hours.

Looks like we also save costs in these areas. My view is that definitely, there has been a change in operations in the police force. Just like in the army...3G army means less men.

Anonymous said...

It was heartening to see the MP took swift action to address residents’ concerns.

sgcynic said...

Yup. Swift action only when matters blow up in their face and there's no more covering up.

Anonymous said...

Why blame the hardworking MP? I thought it was supposed to be parents’ responsibilities for their children’s behavior?

Anonymous said...

Hardworking MP? Yeah working hard for their own benefits.

Anonymous said...

Aren’t they working for the residents? At least the MP is around and be seen of putting things into action. Isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

Mouth talk means action? LOLOLOL

What matters are results. Of cos that and accountability dont appear to apply to the MIWs.

jamesneo said...

Most likely all the feedback is lost in between the secretary and the other RC managers who got the mail and decided that it is better not to inform her/his boss the mp so that their bonus will not be affected. MP only wants to hear good news. Bad news means more work.

Anonymous said...

lots of rc kaypohs at chaichee at the cluster of blk 50 to 54 and policemen are almost a daily sights.the residents here are very used to policemen in actions around their neighbourhoods.
the mps were frequent visitors to chaichee and bedok north. all are very busy keeping the constituency crime free. they must be doing a great job?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

For the last 2-3 years, I have been telling you that YOU have no idea how bad things are. YOUR actions show you do not think that things are bad. YOU are still sitting on your arse.

I can assure that UNLIKE YOU, Dr Teo Ho Pin is FULLY aware of the ground. PAP has an ARMY of grassroot activists. They simply did NOT care until now. The real question is how/why the tightly controlled official media had allowed these bad news (gang attacks) to appear in the english papers.

And yes Mr Lucky, Singapore needs YOU. NOW.

Anonymous said...

I see the main problem of PAP shifting its priority to look after the interest of foreigners,whether talents or not post last electtion.

Plus the fact that Wong Kan Seng seems to enjoy his glory despite the disappearence of Mas Selamat affair.

Singapor citizens should all wish for the return of LKY(1959)thios old voters should know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis.
Good points raised.

Anonymous said...

Many people have no issue if the top guys are paid well to do a GOOD job and take ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY. This is real LEADERSHIP and it takes MORAL courage. Be it a company or a country. Running a country is not an easy job. However, I urge those high in office to make a POSITIVE difference in the life of ordinary Singaporeans especially those that cannot fend for themselves. With the increase cost of living in Singapore, we need to revisit our fundamental thinking that shapes some of the policies such as food ,transport and medical-care subsidies for the low-income group and provide more real growth opportunity and family support measures for those middle-income groups who are "sandwiched" in between.

One last point. Our experiences
now are the result of our thoughts and actions 5 years ago. So if we want to change (and not just complain), we should change our thoughts and actions. Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is insanity.

Anonymous said...

PAP is sleeping having been paid sky-high salaries.

Anonymous said...

When power is absolute,
Truth is as I say it,
Reality is as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Costs are geting higher & high, while more & more people, one by one, become unemployed or under-employed.
How to survive?
FTs are the ones drive up properties prices bec only they can afford.

Anonymous said...

The woman being attacked in a pub by gangs in their late 20s. How can they be considered as teenages? Maybe, there are actually some adults that are controlling these gangs?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky


PAP is getting ready.

Are YOU?

Alan Wong said...

After the election, he raised his own salary including those of his cabinet ministers. Then he felt paiseh and then decided to donate some of his pay to charity.

Taiwan's ex-President Chen Shui Bian did the reverse. He cut his own salary and then his supporters said if he is so corrupted, he wouldn't have sacrificed his pay cut in the first place. Then it turned out he is one of the most corrupted leaders in the world.

Is there any similarity between the donation and the pay cut ? It seems both of them wants to look good in the eyes of the public.

What actually matters is the end-result, was there any difference ?

Anonymous said...

For our votes to count, the opposition must do their part by standing for elections first.

So let there be choices, and our votes would be casted accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Just bec they imported more FTs to make our wages low, to make us more difficult to find a job, and yet they get more bonus.

Is it fair?
When many are strugglng or cannot survive, just make a few people happy will not do.

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