Friday, January 14, 2011

Minimum wage news from around the world....

Go to google news. Search for "minimum wage" and see what you get[or just click here].

The first few articles should be news from Singapore about the recent minimum wage debate. That is followed by hundreds if not thousands of news articles from around the world on minimum wage being implemented, raised or debated. I quickly through the 1st hundred can go through the rest if you want. The truth is nowhere else in the world does minimum wage get slammed down as a bad idea as in Singapore. Most countries are thinking of raising minimum wage if they have one or aspire to have a minimum wage once their economy permit them to do so.

"Almost all who spoke on the topic argued that it would do more harm than good; by diminishing the economy's competitiveness, they said the measure would lead to unemployment for the very workers it intended to help." - Straits Times [Link]

Harm? How much harm (or rather economic disruption) minimum wage brings about depends on how much the wage structure resembles that of a 3rd world country (that is why all developed countries except Singapore has a minimum wage). When we talk about minimum wage which is implemented with little harm and great benefits in many countries around the world, the PAP MPs talk about how concerned it is about harm that it will bring to Singaporeans. Minimum wage is hard to implement in Singapore only because the PAP govt ruin every pre-requisite needed to implement minimum wage smoothly. You know what brings harm to Singaporeans? Since those 2 casinos were built we have seen a spate of crimes, numerous families ruined by gambling losses. A few days ago, it was reported that more than a thousand families had their family members excluded because of problem gambling at the casinos. ...and many more families will be harmed by this. Yet the PAP govt allowed these casinos to be built in Singapore saying that they create jobs. This argument is bogus because the Singapore economy has so many jobs we need foreigners to fill them - the real problem is structural unemployment and lack of better paying jobs ...the casinos solve neither of these. The casinos brings hundreds of millions in revenue to the govt and causes real harm to Singaporeans....


Anonymous said...

Pls get this thru the thick skull of yours.
U have only 2 bums in parliament.
They cannot afford loss if face and will come out with more insane policies to prove u wrong.
More u complain, the faster we get 10% gst. And >67 cpf withdrawal age.
Unlike u, The really poor sheeps cannot afford it!!!

Amused said...

Everyone should challenge his MP on this issue during the meet the people sessions. I am pretty sure many of them believe in the minimum wage but were too afraid to speak up. If they are unwilling to represent their constituency, they should relinquish their posts. MP is not a corporate job! said...

Why income equality is good for the country.

Anonymous said...

The late Deng Xiao Ping said:

"Does matter black cat or white cat, as long as it catches mice, it is a good cat."

Doesn't matter casinos, no minimum wage, structural unemployment, 3rd world wage structure or wide income gap, as long as there is GDP growth and revenue for govt and PAP will continue to be the strong govt, it is good.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone should challenge his MP on this issue during the meet the people sessions."
Anon 14/1/11 10:13

Anon, you joke lah. You where got chance and MP where got time for you to challenge?

Don't believe, you try lah.

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage is one of those subjects that looks right but in the long run, like welfarism, can potentially cripple the nation.

Recently, a young man, sensing I was a tourist, approached me. As usual, most of these people are selling something. Being a Taiwanese, he was polished in his native language and his delivery. He was very polite and in fact, apologetic for pushing his cheap looking little plastic pouch. Knowing that his targeted sympathizers would be savvy enough to know the true value of his pouch, he was deliberately honest and charmingly apologetic so you won't feel offended or your intelligence insulted. Then he went on telling you he is a young struggling entrepreneur trying to succeed with his " little creation"( you can probably find it in one of their fleece market) and hope you will support his " dream" of being the next Bill Gate or something - yes, the same kind of hype or propaganda in being an entrepreneur in our own soil.

Well..he was trying to be...."lucky". And we on the other hand were skeptical as usual. But we were not in the mood to argue with him or felt competent(and inappropriate) to argue in his native language and "blessed" him with a small token - for his courage and perhaps, shamelessness.

You see folks. He is like "minimum wage". He knows he is "cheap" but he wants to eat his cake without making the effort to increase the value of his services or product. So he waxed lyrical about his " dream" or "rights" instead and appealed to your sense of compassion.

Now do we want to create a situation where it is mandatory to pay a minimum wage to someone for merely checking in to work at 9 and leaves on the dot at 5 and in-between, he is not much of a value?

The young man needs to know what is...shame.

Anonymous said...

Btw, he was trying to sell his " pouch" for 3 to 4 times what its true worth in the market.

Anonymous said...

"Now do we want to create a situation where it is mandatory to pay a minimum wage to someone for merely checking in to work at 9 and leaves on the dot at 5 and in-between, he is not much of a value?"
Anon 14/1/11 13:12

Anon, come on. If it is mandatory to pay minimum wage but you think he is not much of a value, then don't hire him! Simple as that!

If you still want to hire him, then it means he has some value but not the kind you like but you need.

And there are many, many more examples of things or people in this world where you do not like or agree with but still have to do or get it.

If you are bothered, no end man!

Kaffein said...

Did they say more 'hum' as in 'mee-siam mai hum', or 'minimal wage can harm'? Of course those MPs with the incumbent party will not like 'hum' because it does 'more harm than good'. The words 'hum' and 'harm' are synonymous. Get it?

By the same token, when every police force and anti-terrorist squad know that the first place to check and stake-out is the homes of these terrorists, our Home Team was busy searching drains and the Mandai jungle.

Of course we are uniquely Singapore. We have do it differently to prove our million-dollar worth.



Anonymous said...

@Anon 14/1/11 13

"Minimum wage is one of those subjects that looks right but in the long run, like welfarism, can potentially cripple the nation."

Fair statement but the whole argument about crippling a nation is like "WTF" is he talking about? A vendor in Taiwan is an example of how a nation can be brought to ruins? Check yourself as soon as possible into IMH because something not right with you.

Then another funny statement how this can cripple a nation. A low wgae earner comes in at 9 and leaves at 5 doing nothing. So because with so many thousands of them doing nothing in-between these hours, minimum wage is not desirable. There are no supervisors, and no head honcho to dismiss such workers? So bite the bullet and accept that such workers are doing a normal day to day job?

"Now do we want to create a situation where it is mandatory to pay a minimum wage to someone for merely checking in to work at 9 and leaves on the dot at 5 and in-between, he is not much of a value?"

Finally you add,

"Btw, he was trying to sell his " pouch" for 3 to 4 times what its true worth in the market."

This is an example you have for not agreeing to minimum wage? A street-wise vendor pushing for a sale to sympathetic tourists. So in Singapore, the old lady pushing 3 packets of tissues for a dollar to diners, what do you call that? Maybe you can also tell us another reason could be that old man, barely able to blow his harmonica on the sidewalk should not deserve any coins because he cannot play a proper tune.

For goodness sake, if you want to disagree, make sure your argument is sound and not something totally irrelevant.

The young man needs to know what is...shame." said...

Minimum wage is one of those subjects that looks right but in the long run, like welfarism, can potentially cripple the nation.

The problem of the civilization in past 6000 years is never welfarism to the poor, but welfarism to the rich.

Why Ho Ching, Tony Tan and LKY deserve their million dollar salary given that they have blown up temasek and GIC?

Even free market economist agrees with Karl Marx that when there is income inequality, productive capacity will be destroy leaving the society with less material well being. Income inequality creates excess production capacity as no one is able to consume goods and services.

History has taught us that whenever man attained higher income equality, the wealth of nation exploded.

There is no way slavery, feudalism can attain high degree of civilization due to their exploitive practices.

Events such as English Civil Wars, French Revolution, New Deal fully illustrate that.

Unfortunately, the PAP elite has shown themselves to be no problem will slavery.

Towkay said...

Minimum wage is no good. Min wage forces Towkays to pay staff more money and have less profits for ourselves. With less money in Towkays's pockets, many businesses will earn less from us. For example, instead of buying Mercs for everyone in our family, we have to cope with only two. Mercs distributors will sell less Mercs and earn less. They will not be able to afford the rent and may go bust. Landlords will have no choice but to lower the rents of the Mercs distributor, at least it is better than leaving the space empty. Landlords will earn less also.

I will be voting for PAP so that they can continue rejecting min. wage for workers. There are other ways to ensure workers earn enough to support their families. Such as shipping non-working Singaporeans to lower cost countries to live.

Anonymous said...

And the question is you don't have the much proof that minimum wages help the people to have better life.

Rather I would suggest to cut down taxes amd gst rates. The government should give working class a tax break due to inflation.
Let the market decide period.

Parka said...

To get one point clear, just because everyone else is having minimum wage doesn't mean that it's right.

Sen said...

I have this experience on the issue of Low wage workers more than once and would like to illustrate an example. Take for example, a cleaner is contracted by an agency to clean a certain number of locations. Their pay may be $700 for a 5-6 day work week and they are working in the agency for a number of years.

Then the issue of cost cutting within the government agencies comes along. For the sake of saving cost, the same cleaning project is put out where a certain number of agencies to tender for the project. The company with the lowest bid gets the job, naturally. However, there is a twist, while the last cleaning agency is disbanded, the new agency who won the bid would assemble the exact same group of workers who have been doing the exact same jobs for the past few years.

They are given another 6 months contract (or shorter) with lower pay checks (minus all the benefits), maybe $500 for the exact same job scope with the exact same working hours. Take it in mind that many are elderly cleaners who may have been doing the same job for the last 10 years. In Singapore, an official employment contract would entitle you to certain benefits after confirmation, but these workers without any form of bargaining power are consistently given temporary contracts which the agency have the power to fire at will.

What we are to address are issues such as these, these workers, when they encounter such situations are unable to pen in down in the way we do. They know that they are working long hours for the last 10-20 years without any form of security. The way I see it, they are a cheap source of labour to be used and discarded at will, a minimum wage could give them a certain form of protection. The same case for foreign workers who are hired to do these menial form of labour. Sure, we get the job done, cheaper, faster, and better but at what cost? The foreign workers, maybe you can import them and pay them 70 cents per hour, they normally have no form of recourse as they have paid thousands to come here and will be sent back for non-compliance.

The best thing to address minimum wage is to at least conduct a study and study the certain cases that are presented and contrast it with cases if it was to be rejected.

Anonymous said...

The PAP debates in parliament are all staged lah. said...

Marx predicted capitalist will attempt to pay workers less and less while paying themselves more and more.

Currently, what Marx predicted came true. And when when working class are not able to consume, capitalist in USA force the US government to borrow on behalf of working class.Thats the reason the debt crisis ballooned.

Singaporean are by nature hardworking and savers. So capitalist exploit us by means of property, health care and depress wages through FT.

What capitalist did not realise is that by turning middle class into proletariat, they are actually shooting themselves on the feet.

When proletariat reaches a critical mass, we will replay 1789 and 1917.

Anonymous said...

What Sen said happened at a country club a friend worked at. She said all the cleaners were fired and the cleaning subcontracted out. The subcontractor that won the bid, rehired the same workers and paid them substantially lower. If any other employee was fired like that they would have been paid one month pay for every year worked.

Anonymous said...

I believe that is what happens to MOST cleaning contractors. They bid lower and lower, retains the same crew and the same cleaners doing the same work get paid lesser and lesser. This is happening even in the buildings which house government ministries.

Anonymous said...

When jobless, the feeling is that u are so boring, useless & hopeless.
Even w/o min wages, so many older people alreai jobless or under-employed.
If there is min wages, hopefully it cld reduce the FTssss so that they may be able to find some decent jobs.
Will this "simple dream" come true???
U may do yr part to help them!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky

Tar-man is a trained economist.
Who has actually stuck out his neck for "truth".
Which is more than you ever did.
I repeat.
Put 43 backsides into Parliament and you will get min wage.

Btw, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is PAP has heard you.
Uni and Poly fees upped!

The bad news is the educated people have not heard u. Uni-educated atheists down! Apparently to Taoist and Hindu ... got any youtube vids of Dawkins vs Taoist priest?

Anonymous said...

The cleaners have a choice.

Not happy with wages, don't have to work as cleaner and settle for cleaner's wages.

And true enough, none of our young taken low wages jobs.

Who then works for low wages?

Your typical cleaner is nothing but a bored elderly who already has his or her HDB fully redeemed and whose sons or daughters are some useless lawyer or bank executive jetting around the globe or like GMS, hoping to land a jackpot job as a politician.

Anonymous said...

Typo error.....And true enough, none of our young takes on low wages jobs.

Sen said...

Hi, anon 20:28
I partially agree with you.

The issue is that most cleaners do not have the resources to move out of this cycle. That is what they have been doing for the last few years, and they expect themselves to do that till they pass on.

They knew that they could afford certain amenities with their way of life doing the same thing (cleaning) over the last few years when conditions were better. They would put up with it even when things get worse because they knew of no other way of life.

To put it in a bigger context, it is like an employee desperately searching for a job even when jobs have dried out in the current economy. Workers in the US are now sending hundreds of resumes to a variety of firms even though their prospects are slim, but their way of education have followed a framework that getting a job is the way to go and they know of no other way. The cleaner is trapped in an even smaller frame of mindset, they know of no other way to get an income.

Maybe we are naive to expect to help people when we see their living conditions deteriorate by proposing a minimum wage. However, such a debate only comes up when we see it happening in the society en masses. We debate that they can upgrade in their mindset in getting more training and then move on to a better job, however, how do we deal with people who refused to broaden their mindset? It has been their way of life for the past number of years and they are finally scrapping by, remember? The resulting effect is that we see an elderly toll through 7 days a week (if the agency is heartless), barely making enough to survive, and then we question the system.

The debate will be never ending, what we know is that they can actually afford to pay more since the agency is taking an extremely big cut. What we need to do is to open the books and just do a study on the feasibility.

Anonymous said...

Yes,they can pay more but it, higher wages for mundane jobs, cannot be enforced by laws.

The problems we are facing is one of value.

The day we value and embrace a humble worker as we would a high valued worker is the day we see their wages rise and the excessive wages of those in ivory tower curtailed.

And in terms of values here, Singspore has not got it right.

Sen said...

To the last comment. You would be surprised to what can be passed and enforced as laws. :D

What might be legal here might be deemed illegal in another state and continent, but then at least this issue gets debated.

The issue about embracing a humble worker, we use to do that in Singapore, don't we? Just that some time passed and we do not see the importance of it.

Anonymous said...

You missed my point Sen.

The point here is though the state has the power to enforce minimum wage, it should not do so.

How we pay a worker should be as natural( not enforced ) as how we value individuals( as natural as love) as part of the indispensable whole.

So I disagree with lucky.

Fox said...

"How we pay a worker should be as natural( not enforced ) as how we value individuals( as natural as love) as part of the indispensable whole."

While the growing disparity between the wages of skilled and unskilled workers reflect the demand differential, one must also take into account the limited mobility of unskilled workers.

Unskilled workers in Singapore have lower demand for their skills because they cannot emigrate easily to other countries, like Australia and the US, where unskilled workers are paid more. On the other hand, the Singapore government allow employers to import large number of unskilled workers from third world countries, driving down the demand and wages for Singaporean unskilled workers.

I think everyone knows this but demand for unskilled workers in Singapore can be adjusted through government policy.

Towkay said...

I agree that workers have a choice if they find the wages too low.

They can:
- work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- send their non-working family members to third world countries to live in where the cost of living is lower.
- turn to crime
- end their lives

Anonymous said...

If we want to take issues with minimum wage, we should target companies who can afford to pay workers right but are not doing so - eg. if SIA can afford to pay their cleaners higher wages but pay them exploitative wages instead, we should condemn them, not the gov.

So it means a lot of transparency if we want it to work because we can then mobilize the community to act.

Hence, it must be a collective effort of the people and state.

Anonymous said...

Or the low wage workers can upgrade their skills?

But I agree it works for some and not for others.

My gut tells me that those who don't bother to upgrade may be contented( accept it as fact of life) with low wages or subsistence living - still a choice.

They probably have no liability or very little liability unless very "sway" and may need special counseling.

Anonymous said...

Or the low wage workers can upgrade their skills?

We are all fooled into PAP lies that we can upgrade ourselves to prosperity.

The truth is that we are not going to get an iorta gain of productivity by attending lessons.

Productivity are gain when the society pays their worker meaningfully. When that happens the most creative individuals will attempt to invent machines to replace manpower. And we see productivity shooting through the roof.

When we have a system of slavery, the labor is so cheap that no one bothers to improve on methods of production.

The emergence of Western Civilization is base to improving the lot of their people until 1970. After 1970s, the greedy elite forget the teachings of their prophets and start listening to charlatan like Milton Friedman.

Sen said...

Hi, anon 22:27

Actually I have some pretty cool ideas about price fixing to explore. Normal economics theory told us that competition is great and should remain uninterrupted. However, for certain issues, the base price to drop to, where exactly is the bottom? One did not get to learn such a cool controversial theories outside of our normal day to day textbooks.

One such issue is the famine in Ireland which killed millions.

Ireland actually produced enough food for four people to last a year (per person) for their food exports alone in the year 1845-1849. However, millions actually died from starvation. The pay for the labour alone was non-existent as the rent alone surpassed what they laboured. We have yet to get there, in a way; we are only experiencing this issue within certain segments of the population. However, one issue pegged to price with food is that it could actually be fixed in a way that was substantial to everyone or chocked off the people who could not understand the system to the brink of starvation.

I guess I've made pretty lengthy posts today, but the above is a very big example in itself. Its good to disagree at times, afterall, we get more opinions.

Anonymous said...

Amartya Sen concludes that non-democratic British Colonial government is the culprit that killed 3 million during the famine of Bengali.

Similarly, the root of our income inequality is asshole dictator LKY. A autocratic government need not heed the suffering of the peasants while a democratic institution must make sure no one left behind.

Anonymous said...

Sone of you here are divided between Marx and Adam Smith. Actually, they are two opposing beasts but nevertheless, still a beast in its own right.

Only the wise knows how to manage these beasts.

Anonymous said...

' Parka said...To get one point clear, just because everyone else is having minimum wage doesn't mean that it's right. 14/1/11 17:22'

Dear Parka just because several countries have opened doors to cheap foreign labours doesn't mean that its right!!! Go figure out your conscience, pap guy!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have read the original Wealth of Nation by Adam Smith. Basically Adam Smith got nothing to do with PAP economic system.

Beside economics, Smith the other great work is "The theory of moral sentiments". The moral value preach in this book got nothing to do with PAP's deprave and unmoral value.

I did not read the original Marx (its very difficult). And I think Marx got nothing to do with Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

I read enough Keynes, and I believe he is a great man. Unfortunately, thieves nowadays justified bailing out the rich, banks and doing QE using his name. This has nothing to do with Keynes.

I think 99% of politician nowadays are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Minimum Wage does not benefit Singaporeans if foreigners are allowed to work here. Most employers will hire foreigners as there are always ways to exploit them.
Similarly, the price of property will keep going up so long as foreigners are allowed to purchase property here. Whatever measures takened are likely to affect the locals more.

Anonymous said...

PAP's mantra is to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. However they refuse to acknowledge that there are limitations to someone's ability to upgrade. Even LKY have not learnt to use the PC without external help.

Anonymous said...

Whether you choose to see the Lee's government as meritocratic creeps( or crap) out to exploit the weak and disadvantage or not, the fact remains that Sg is small and without natural resources.

If they don't suck up to the rich and talented, would we be what we are today - a rich city?

Even the poor among us will be happy being poor here than let say in India or America?

Nevertheless, I do agree that PAP people are shameless ass lickers - they perfected the art of the self serving kind of ass licker.

Anonymous said...

the fact remains that Sg is small and without natural resources.

If they don't suck up to the rich and talented, would we be what we are today - a rich city?

The wealth of nation can only be created with a just and fair system, when a nation develops, it will have developed its own indigenous talent.

Hong Kong is arguably one of the most prosperous and international city in Asia.

She attracts the mainland wealthy to reside and to park their monies there. Her people has the highest IQ.

Unfortunately, due to scumbag landed elite class like Li Ka Shing, HK hollowed out her industries. She now earns her living by begging China for economic favors.

Taiwan under President Chiang Ching Kuo protects her industries. Chiang runs their GLCs with the help of real talent. (We ask former SAF, cronies and mother fucker to run our GLCs )

Taiwan support patriotic indigenous industrialist.

Eventually her GLCs and industries is giants today like HTC, TSMC, Acer, MediaTek, Foxconn...etc

PAP is the greatest damner of talent. Our scholar entering civil service got themselves castrated the very first day of work. Talent would fair better without PAP.

Anonymous said...

Again we have someone sprouting nonsense about not having "natural resources".

Our geographical location is the best resource we have. There are hundreds of Singapore sized islands in the pacific ocean which remain poor.

Of course you can suck up to the rich to earn a living. But what is the point of sucking up if 20% of the population live like dogs?

Anonymous said...

Be specific, what abundance natural resources please tell? Farming puffer fishes to feed an entire population plus make enough money to build MRT etc etc??

The 20 % could be dogs ruled by pigs for all you know.

Anonymous said...

"I think 99% of politician nowadays are corrupt."

Most of them are mercenaries which put them in a questionable disposition - 99% encompasses oppositions too.

Anonymous said...


Why still kept increasing the population??
Next time how to support 6 million people?? how to support 7 million peopl??
Just imagine!!!

Anonymous said...

don't say I say got no compassion.....think hard what you fighting for. this is no channel 5 fighting spider you know

I hate apathetic Singaporeans said...

This comment is directed to Anon 10.03. Fuck you, you apathetic bastard. Fuckers like you with your thinking and irrational fear is the reason why SIngapore is has turned out this way. If you have nothing constructive to contribute, shut the fuck up. Your suppression of individuals who know what is going on sickens me to the core. HAve you not consider, you dumbass, that regardless of this blog, they will still increase it? It doesn't matter sooner or latter, you fucking idiot. THe blueprint is there. They are only wayang to make you believe they're engaging you. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

There are many Singaporeans who don't understand what it means to be a human being. Many have no respect for the human condition. Minimum wage respects the human condition. But hey, with your kiasi and kiasu conditioned Singaporeans, what can you hope to expect but to migrate as soon as you can. Like the Hokkiens say, "You die, your business."

Anonymous said...

Anon 14/1/11 15:20,

I salute you for your incisive deconstruction of the Taiwanese arguement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.40,

"PAP is the greatest damner of talent."

Many talented teachers here themselves are working overseas to earn better as the MOE system does not recognise talent nor reward them.

Last year, alone I lost 7 colleagues who resigned from the fraternity to work overseas. They were upset that politics overule talent here.

Anonymous said...

incisive my foot... ha ha ha said...

We are witnessing now revolution in Tunisia, where people overthrow their "talent" leader.

Food price hike is definitely casual factor. Besides we must thank wikileak.

XXXXXXXXXXXX is extremely well respected and considered an upstanding member of the community. While we might doubt the veracity of some of the rumors that he shared with us, we have no reason to doubt his account of his conversation with President Ben Ali, in which he described the President as seeking a 50 percent stake in his private university. We routinely hear allegations of corruption, and such allegations are inherently difficult to prove. XXXXXXXXXXXX anecdote strikes us as credible. It is also significant in that it implicates Ben Ali himself, while so many other reported incidents of corruption involve his extended family.’

Guess why our Shame Sham law minister loath wikileak so much.

Anonymous said...

LKY says NO.
Which part of "NO" do you guys not understand.

Hey Mr Lucky

Take your time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 15/1/11 13:39,

Teachers are well taken care of:
The proofs are:

Teachers are paid highly to enjoy
1 week of March holiday,
4 weeks of June holiday,
1 week of September holiday,
6 weeks of Nov-Dec holiday,
1 day of Teacher Day holiday,
1 day of Youth Day holiday,
1 day of Children Day holiday,
1 extra day of National Day holiday,
many less than half day works, including eve of Chinese New Year, eve of National Day, eve of Teacher Day, eve of Youth Day, eve of Children Day, etc.
and the best thing about Teachers is that they are paid high salary and 3.5 months bonus year in year out,
e.g, fresh graduate teachers pay is the second highest, just less than the doctors pay, among all the different professions.

Anonymous said...

why no one asked about maid?
once min. wage is implemented, your maid will be paid much higher than now. do u want this to happen?

Anonymous said...

Anon 00.26,

Where did you get your facts from? Teachers being paid 3.5 bonus and 4 weeks of June holidays? And December holidays? You are so clueless. Gone are those days.

De facto said...

Dear losers,

If minimum wage is what you guys want, i will give you. but the amount will be set at $3/hr.

Now i can force the donkeys to get even lower wages. After setting minimum wage and winning the election, more foreigners should be allowed in. As long as we pay more than what those third world losers are getting, NO PROBLEM!

In fact the key should be in GST, Corporate tax are still too high and high income earners should pay less tax to encourage them to park their money here. To offset this, i recommend GST to be raised to 20%, we can use britain as an example. Rasing GST again will enrich the govt coffers and more comprehensive welfare can be given to the poor.

Now dear citizens, lets us all welcome 2011 to be a great year!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
More u complain, the faster we get 10% gst. And >67 cpf withdrawal age."

And what the rationale is for raising gst to 10% and 67 cpf withdrawal age when more complain ? So which group is wrong ? Those who make valid complaints or those who can retaliate by making it more burdensome.

Aren't you blaming the powerless who you give the impression that they should take things without complain ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maggots and Parasite
To offset this, i recommend GST to be raised to 20%,

Why not 100% GST on food. I really want to replay Tunisia here.

Anonymous said...

"Now do we want to create a situation where it is mandatory to pay a minimum wage to someone for merely checking in to work at 9 and leaves on the dot at 5 and in-between, he is not much of a value?"

Then may i know do we need to pay gst (7% from previous 3% and 5%) for just buying the same things that we used to buy. And why do see the prices of things that you are getting like rice, transportation, etc (like your 9 to 5 work example) keep on going up.

All the taxation tools have been there all along, so why did the gst rate need to be increased when increase number of population (both singaporeans & foreigners) should technically ensure absolute $ increase in gst collection and in many other areas.

Anonymous said...

"To offset this, i recommend GST to be raised to 20%, we can use britain as an example. Rasing GST again will enrich the govt coffers and more comprehensive welfare can be given to the poor."

20% gst ? Higher than corporate tax ?

Even in UK, 20% gst is not across the board.

By the way, do we also need to adopt the protest, demostration & strike culture - to sound out the alarm bell on certain grievances to the govt, in between elections if necessary not just in election times.

Anonymous said...

We got to be real. The value of the worker is dictated by willing seller and willing buyer. Though FWs have added downward pressures on the wages of lower skilled jobs, which are the inevitable side effects of globalization, the overall benefits, in Sg context, have far exceeded its negative effects.
Furthermore, the govt has been making efforts to address these "side effects" with workfare, training and many other " helping hands" etc...... I think, the rest is really up to the individual.

Anonymous said...

"The value of the worker is dictated by willing seller and willing buyer. "

Then why the fxxking PAPies dictate their own sky high salaries

Anonymous said...

They can take, but they have no where to spend except return to society if they want peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

"We got to be real. The value of the worker is dictated by willing seller and willing buyer."

In slavery and feudal society, the worker not only work for free, but also required momentarily to surrender their wife's virginity to to lords.

It is possible to shape population into enter such deal "voluntarily".

Anonymous said...

"The value of the worker is dictated by willing seller and willing buyer."

Who gets to decide the level & type of sellers e.g "artificial" boosted-up labour inflow from this sexy "globalization" often parroted around - and certain monopolized "profitable" services.

"the govt has been making efforts to address these "side effects" with workfare, training and many other " helping hands" etc"

At least, you are beginning to see that "teach someone to fish instead of giving him a fish" can only work up to a point. Address the bigger issues first, else these 'side effects" are going to get worse and worse. said...

Food price protests sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East ......

The peaceful protest was held despite hastily announced government measures to curb commodity and fuel prices. Similar demonstrations were held in three other towns and cities across the country, witnesses said.

"We are protesting the policies of the government -- high prices and repeated taxation that made the Jordanian people revolt," Tawfiq al-Batoush, a former head of Karak municipality, told Reuters at the protest outside Karak's Al Omari mosque.

Three days ago, after riots in Algeria and Tunisia over high prices, unemployment and falling living standards, Jordan announced a $225 million package of cuts in the prices of some types of fuel and of staple products including sugar and rice.

Other Arab countries have taken similar steps. Libya abolished taxes and customs duties on food products and Morocco offered compensation to importers of soft milling wheat to keep supplies stable after a surge in grain prices.

Just a few days ago, the brave Tunisian exiled their despotic leader, showing us people's power.

This is different from the CIA supported "velvet" revolution.

Oh Islam, what a sweet religion you are. In 1979, the brave Islamist overthrow the Shah in Persia, and today you have shown the world again that Muslim have the guts to give corrupt dictator a few kicks on backside.

By the way, is our Malay neighbors Muslim?

I hope to see this in SG. The time has come. Oh Benanke, my sweet Ben, please QE to infinity hiking food price. Please continue to bail out thieves, and make "loser" here rise up and form battalion.

Anonymous said...

"It is possible to shape population into enter such deal "voluntarily"."

Have we reached that stage, there would have been bloodshed....even within the party

I think technological advancement and the maturing of ideologues have pre empted any return to the middle ages. said...

It is very possible that Singaporean will be conditioned into slaves who surrender their wifes' virginity to elite -- not unlike the middle ages.

I am not kidding.

During the early 20 centuries, Germany is the most advance country, far ahead than anyone else.

She has the most philosopher, most Nobel Laureates. Her engineers are the best. Her population the most educated in the world.

Yet within a short period of time, German are conditioned to become mass murderer. At least, the process started not in bloodshed but it quickly spiral out of control. Do you know that Hitler was democratically elected?

In Singapore the PAP boot licker, including those who support slavery using "code word", "encryption" of FT, demand and supply, globalization will be the mother fxxking culprit who damn their own brothers.

You know who you are.

Anonymous said...

It is Stoicism.

We cannot change our lives
But we can change our views of it and adapt accordingly.

The powers that be control everything or choose to do nothing.
Very,very influential people.
Arm twisting the gov without our knowledge and we cannot prove it either.

Foreign powers? could be.

Its just like joining the local unions and being elected into office within the exco.. you have to sign papers to agree on secrecy and confidentiality.

Guess what is being discussed behind closed doors at NTUC?
Variety of food and Workfare?

Ha! ha!.. think again.

Every contract signed between HPL,SIA, KepCorp, SPH and any firm that does business with them will have confidentiality clause.
How to reveal the costing of labour and the prices set to pay salaries etc?
Unless someone is willing to take the stand and spill the beans, your nephew or niece working for DBS, SIA or some law firm will not say more than what has been printed publicly.

Min wage and all other issues will stay..

Anonymous said...

min wage protects the workers. pap only protects the towkays and their salaries.
ir is bad. the pap knows it but have to introduce to protect their salaries.

Anonymous said...

You 60 year old hawker centre cleaner is not going to be able to upgrade by training. I also met a 40+ woman working at Bukit Merah hawker centre who probably doesn't have very high IQ. They do their job well and are responsible, but it's unlikely that they would be able to upgrade out of their situation. But shouldn't they be paid a proper wage for working 10 hours a day and 7 days a week? I would rather our ministers earned less and these people earned more.

Anonymous said...

PAP hands are everywhere. From businesses to the media and to education, PAP imprints are all over.
The result is a PAP manufactured people.
So we have our brand of compassion and ethics.

The problem is, it is "manufactured" and you just want to spit it out your mouth - because it is neither hot nor cold.

Anonymous said...

"Every contract signed between HPL,SIA, KepCorp, SPH and any firm that does business with them will have confidentiality clause."

Any "private contract" or "action" is still subordinate to the larger statutory law of the land.

If any clause is "wrong", the authority in making such contract may be put into question.

Anonymous said...

Tis gahmen over the board emphasis on meritocracy has screwed our values and wages.
Save yourself. Get out of the rat race if you can.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the fat cats in our parliament are wiser than the polticians in all other countries that implement minimum wages.

And I am tired of seeing Singapore posting phenomenal GDP growth, increasing cost of living while my salary hardly increases much.

Enough of the bullshit, vote out the clowns and duds in the PAP!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, all are duds except anonymous bloggers. LoL

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:34,
like the old man said, you get duds into power, they will even cheat on cab fare.

what you need is a fail proof system to keep out duds like hitler.

but every few years, we open ourselves to... duds.

one of these days, we may not be that lucky, get the hint?

Towkay Neo said...

I don't want to pay low income workers a higher wage. If I do so, it means I must take a paycut or reduce my company's profits. I work to make myself rich, not to support cheap workers. They die their own business. Just replace them with cheap FTs.

Anonymous said...

You said it, even if you have seemingly intelligent electorates , under the current western democratic system, you may still end up with duds like hitler.

so I say, fuck the Christians for being bodohs...:)

Anonymous said...

I see the PAP internet brigade has sunken to a new low...

I've got a MBA and stay in a private property. But I'm still gonna vote for opposition this election.

Reason is simple: I need to think for my children. They will not have the same opportunities as I or my parents did, given the hordes of foreigners colluding with greedy polititicans.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Civil Service. And I'm voting opposition too. So are many of the civil servants.

The PAP internet dogs can rant all they want. This time, there will be change.

Anonymous said...

not say i say want to scare u like lee tok kong ....don't pray pray...tats how duds got in

better think of a better system than continue with a stoopig western model.

open eyes big big see see around you know I speaka the truth...he he he

Anonymous said...

the way i see - singaporeans are too timid, they will not vote for the opposition, they are fated to lead a serf life, pap will continue to rule until these people wake up one day in the far future and overthrow them. election is just a stupid game for those in power to stay in power here.

Anonymous said...

""Water can carry a boat, it can also capsize the boat"".

New citizen is also a double edged sword!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how my children is going to be able to afford to buy a place to stay in. JTC is selling its assets too. In 2008, it sold several flatted factories to Temasek Holdings. I bet Temasek Holdings is increased the rent. Many of the gov linked companies are the ones who raised the rent the most. Not sure what the govt. is trying to do.

von hayek said...

New Wikileak on Tunisia

Official unemployment figures leveled off at 14 percent in 2005, after a steady declines dating from 1999s 15.8 percent. Even at 14 percent, however, this figure is consistently challenged....

This arrangement has permitted President Ben Alis extended family (siblings, in-laws, and distant relatives) to become aware of, to assert interests in, and to carve out domains in virtually every important sector of the Tunisian economy.

The weak financial system has also been manipulated. One local financial expert blames the Family for chronic banking sector woes due to the great percentage of non-performing loans issued through crony connections, and has essentially paralyzed banking authorities from genuine recovery efforts.’

Today, elite Tunisians boldly, if not publicly, denounce Ben Ali and the Trabelsi family as uneducated and uncultured nouveaux riches whose conspicuous consumption is an affront to all patriotic Tunisians.

However, the lack of Tunisian political activism, or even awareness, seems to be a more serious impediment. While frustration with the First Familys corruption may eventually lead to increased demands for political liberalization, it does not yet appear to be heralding the end of the Ben Ali era.

Is Singapore similar? .

Anonymous said...

How can the Country of the Muslim holy land allows a corrupted despot to seek refuge,
safety and and runs away from justice in their kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Many friends I spoke to in the Civil Service are voting for the opposition. Their main gripe they tell me is that they have been hurt badly because of rising HDB flats and felt unduly punished to have to wait for 3-5 years for a flat. They are concerned there is no transitional rental flats for them to stay to start a family while waiting out for 4 years to get their keys. They are upset that had to delay birth because of this specific policy. The other reason they told me was that they realised after paying for their flats, they can retire on their CPF as flats are overpriced and all their CPF are used to pay for it. They didn't want to work in their 60s and are vehemently opposed to the raising of their retirement age. They want to rest and travel a little in their golden years. So, the tune on the ground has changed with the advent of the internet. Even grassroots friends of mine have decided to cast their vote to the opposite side as they felt the government did not response to their queries that LRTs and MRTs are overloaded. They are telling me that life doesn't have to be like this. I don't know. Maybe, they're right.

Anonymous said...

The flaws of meritocracy: How 40 years of kiasu and kiasi social engineering has generated apathy.

Anonymous said...

What can oppositions do? Bring down the costs of everything including you salary and return to the days of your grandfather?

Don't like the rat race?Don't be a rat then, be a bum.

There are many ways to survive with 7eleven pay.

Anonymous said...

Yar loh...

minimum wages of "millions" for the "elite" and "bottom feeding" politicos...

all the rest can go die their business...

I have something to state here...

when push comes to show to all of us...i won't lift a finger to help....

All you fragging basterds will die with me horribly too in the end becos of your un-substainable short term policies...and i will laugh all the way too as i see your elite kids dying horribly with the rest too!

Anonymous said...

Vote vote your head lah

Anonymous said...

Talking about retirement. In China the old have pensions. So you see them doing taichi in the parks in the morning rather than collecting dirty plates in the hawker centre. They also have highly subsidised old people's university. It's a farce when the gov tell us we have it good in Singapore.

And all the places that Singapore wants to emulate. Tokyo, New York, London, Paris. I have friends staying in those places and all of them hate it and want to leave. Rent is high, expenses are high and even if your pay is high, it doesn't cover your costs.

Anonymous said...

singapore are not willing to have minimum wage.

Indonesia protect their outgoing maid worker by forcing singapore to give them minimum wage.

We need other countries to enforce minimum wage here. isnt it a joke?

look4kc said...

Vote the all the bastards out!!!!


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