Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MM Lee on why he demolished rivals...

The extract from "Hard Truths" appeared in yesterday's New Paper.

"What political party helps an opposition to come to power? Why should we not demolish them before they get started? Once they get started, its more difficult to demolish them"
- MM Lee

Everytime the PAP is asked why they demolished opponents, they throw back this question- "why should I help my opponent?" Rather ridiculous because nobody is asking them to 'help' their opponents but to have a level playing field and respect our pledge to 'build a democratic society'. Political parties in democratic countries compete with ideas not shackle their opponents with arrest, bankruptcy and detention without trial. MM Lee also admits to demolishing his rivals when they are small to prevent the emergence a real challenge to his rule.

On why he thought it was necessary to demolish men such as JB Jeyaratnam:

"Well yes, Jeyaretnam to begin with. Chee Soon Juan is another. I think they deserve to be demolished. I have no regrets. Jeyaretnam went nutty, selling things in the corner, how did that help him? After closing down his practice, I mean, he thought, you know, Western Style, he's sacrificing for his country. No, it is personal ambition to knock me down. I mean, I just laughed him off and brushed him aside, which annoyed him. No, I have no regrets. Chee Soon Juan, also no regrets." - MM Lee

JBJ ended up selling books at street corners because that was all he could do. He never gave up despite the severe repression and that inspires many people today. It is quite absurd for MM Lee to say that he 'just laughed him off and brushed JBJ aside'. Brush him off? MM Lee went after him with his whole arsenal. For those who are too young to remember, they came after JBJ with a series of charges - read about it here : Link to Wikipedia, forcing him out of parliament and making him lose his property and wealth.

“But what I was angry about was the injustice in society, the disparity between rich and poor.." - JBJ, 1990 [Link]
Today, we are all angry.


Anonymous said...

This man is just evil, shameless, disgusting and inhumane. He will burn (figuratively) in hell when his time comes.

Anonymous said...

A good and gracious leader care for everyone of its citizens, opposition or no opposition. If he is an exanplary and loved leader, he would listen to his opponents' views and engage them, rather than insult them from a distance behind the safeguard of the media who doesn't offer the view of the very side that is very criticised. Is it fair to not allow your opponent to not express and defend their views?

What sort of example is he inculcating in the citizens with this sort of behavior? It is his role to engage every Singaporeans and not marginalise those that do not share his view. He could learn more if he listens to his critics.

Having said that, I still think he did good for Singapore but now, it's no longer good. It's blatant unfairness. And thinking citizens no longer respect such unfair treatment to other Singaporeans, opposition or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee should continue to talk and the MSM should continue to sell his "Hard Truth".

That way, Singaporeans can see for themselves how daft they have been in voting for PAP all these years.

I look forward to reading every extract of "Hard Truth" in the newspapers - eye opening advertorial for PAP.

Alan Wong said...

Ruthless and unscrupulous. Always come up with some stupid excuse.

Honestly why does a almost 90yr leader still need more than $3m a year salary if it is not greed ?

How many coffins can he buy ?

DareToAct said...

In the not too distant future, you might see these schemes:

1. I give up scheme --
For Singaporeans who have low education standard, low income, older than 55, kids not top students, and vote for opposition parties. You will be allowed to withdraw all CPF monies and sell HDB flat back to HDB at a 5% premium to market price if you agree to give up your family's citizenships and move out of Singapore, permanently.

2. Member-get-member scheme --
For those who can help Singapore find good candidates (at least graduate, high income, below 35, like to have more than 3 kids, will vote for incumbent) to become a PR and later become Singaporean, for every successful conversion you will get discount to buy HDB, or COE, or three more chances for your targeted primary school or 1% more interest in CPF ordinary account.

Singaporean said...

Let me state, as a 48-year old Singaporean, that I was and still is in awe of JB Jeyaratnam - his strong belief in the good in Singapore and Singaporeans and his indomitable fighting spirit. I remember many years ago, seeing him walking towards Parliament House, sweating from the heat and with carrying heavy files and driving past him were all those miw mps in the comfort of their Benzes and big cars. It speaks much of the sacrifices put in by this man.

May I also add that when the old man and his son continue to attack and tear down JBJ, they've achieved nothing to stain his reputation. My respect for JBJ is undiminished but for the other two, disgust & disdain at their detestable behaviour increases.

Kaffein said...

Isn't is interesting to note that oppositions are also citizens?

I do not think the oppositions are asking for help. Their hands have been tied up. As mentioned before, it is like entering the fight against the incumbent with the referee, judges and commentators all belonging to the incumbent.

If this does not get across, has anyone heard of crippling opposition candidates through the court of law in a developed, democratic country? I have never. It is always through the vigorous debates that the people decide which part should represent them.

The only countries where opposition is charged, assests seized, thrown in jail and house-arrested are dictatorship countries, and developing countries.

I'm not saying Singapore is such a country. But for the country to progress with creative and workable policies, the incumbent has to be challenged and debated over. Then there will be proper checks and balances and the country will move forward.

Singapore has gone ahead since independence. I admit LKY and the first batch of ministers did play a vital role. But now his ideas and thoughts are not really applicable anymore. I am disgusted the way how the journalists take in whole bait, line and sinker without asking challenging questions like BBC did. It's like an orgasmic feeling for them to be in his presence. Get a grip, you are journalists, mind you!


Anonymous said...

In the early days when PAP "appear" in Singapore...didn't this disgusting old man also sell "things" & "papers" too for PAP to the masses then to get them on-side with him & the PAP?

What a farking hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

I am scratching my head as to why MM Lee would make such comments about JBJ and CSJ if he thinks it does not help the PAP at the next elections?

Or as what Lucky said " We are all angry". And so what, if we are all angry? Will PAP lose the election?

Can anyone enlighten?

Anonymous said...

JBJ is already dead for so long. Any disagreement that he had with JBJ should have been allowed to rest. Its not as if JBJ has done anything EVIL except that he had difference in idealogy.

When JBJ was alive, he made life a living hell for him. When he passed away our PM made very unclassy remarks at his wake. After his passing he still used JBJ as a punching bag ALL THE TIME.

If I were an outsider, I would have thought JBJ was someone like Chen Shui Biang or Marcos or Saddam.

But JBJ was just a man who believed in Freedom and Justice who happened to cross swords with MM.

"What you do in life echoes in eternity" the lack of class by some, and the amazing grace that Kenneth has to not respond to such low blows contrast starkly.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the island's biggest bully should accept that it is fair game to demolish future generations of his descendants.

Alex said...

Oh dear, this is really uncalled for; JBJ has already passed on, so pls let his soul rest. I dont think JBJ has done anything bad, it's just that his ideas are different from MM, so why the need to whack him again & again. I figure MM is just insecured & wanna remind us that only he & his team can run Singapore & no one else. It's sad to know that at the age of 87, he is still a bitter old man. He sounds like a broken recorder playing the same tune year after year & it's getting so boring.

Perhaps the old man should channel his energy towards making Singapore a better place to live for the true blue citizens & not waste time telling us how this opposition is no good or how that opposition is bad! Meanwhile, do look at your son & relatives & see how badly they fare. This country is going to the dogs & foreigners already!

Anonymous said...

"No Regrets" seems to be the punch-line of the familee.

Anonymous said...

Don't be naive lucky, JBJ, Chee would have done the same to LKY if they were seated in power. No leaders will tolerate anyone who would stand in their ways(otherwise, why bother to lead or sit in the pinnacle of power?).

The only difference is that they may not punch as hard(as LKY) because, not all are made of " Tyson material". But all will throw punches nevertheless - rightly or wrongly.

Point is, there is something fundamentally wrong with the political system...that's all.

hayek said...

Reasons why people in western countries choose to limit the power of government is that it is inherently evil.

The PAP government basically did nothing but taking away all our wealth and give themselves fat salary. Meanwhile, they patronizes their cabal by directing our savings to property.

This is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

such arrogance, really piss me off, he can destroy all of us, but he will never destroy our belief and spirit to uphold justice, equality and progress. what is justice when good men are demolished, what is equality when these leaders are "more equal" than us, give themselves perks, what is progess when income gap and inflation worsen since his son take over? i wish for singapore is all those who are still so deeply hooked to this system to wake up and see the light. stop calling him Mandela or father of singapore, he don't deserve such high respect, it only feed his EGO.

--- from the lesser mortal

Anonymous said...

from no less a personage as Herr Joseph Goebbels...“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Anonymous said...

Wow such venom in those infamous words....to crush , to demolish , to break the will...no wonder our sgp plegde we say every morning from young & the very same ones our children are saying are just mere "aspirations"....

What irony then to preach about "graciousness" or a gracious society....what a Fine city-state. Policies maketh the society & its people. Do unto others what the govt does to you perhaps . Then do the same to thy neighbour..or in the face or injustice or oppression ...do nothing ,simply look the other way. "stand up for your beliefs" it is said. You Crazy or what ? Look at jbj , chee soon juan & the many other.
What it teaches or maketh us is to Mine your own business, keep your head down, hide your true nature, dont be hero. And if you want to succeed, say what they want to hear, be a great actor/actress cos its showtime ! if u want to stay ahead of the game cos look at the rewards .....

Subconciously , i believe these are the lessons learnt by the young , the old , by and large.
No wonder we are for so long, so confused by the two face rhetoric and actual practice.

Anonymous said...

for those who continue to think PAP is for the good of the people, you are only as good as when you are on their side.
Exactly why we need these mentals out of the govt!

Anonymous said...

We have to admit, and no one can deny that, in the past they have done a very good job, and have helped many local people.

But, as CNY is just around the corner. When u visits your friends and relatives during CNY, see for yrself, and listen with yr own ears, whether they have gained from the so-call 15% GDP growth?
Are their lives better than 5 years ago?

Anonymous said...

I read the condolence letter from LHL to JBJ again.
Very petty and very ungracious condolence letter. Is that what you write to someone who just lost a beloved father? It doesn't how smart MM thinks his son is and how good his results in maths and literature is, he has no compassion. And isn't compassion one of the important characteristics of a leader?

Anonymous said...

Quick, when is the election? I am getting impatient :p

Anonymous said...


The technique and attitude is reflected in the national airline too.
Just raise prices, because the customer can afford it! and the customer has grown accustomed to the creature comforts

It does not matter if the menu does not inlcude caviar or there is no more Straits Times or Herald Tribune.. just manage the customer expectations.. give chocolates at the end of the year, treat them to dinners with young girls prancing around..

At the end of the day, you will still fly with me.. because I have created a brand and you enjoyed the prestige of the it.
Reason being, the rest are just not good enough.

Do you see the similarity?

Its just business.

Clear eyed said...

When the vindictive Great Bully was demolishing JBJ abd Chee Soon Juan for trying to wake us up from our deep slumber, we kept quiet and minded our own business, or worse joined in in slamming them. Now we are paying the price for our folly. JBJ is no more. But thankfully we still have Chee Soon Juan and JBJ's son Kenneth and a host of brave and good men and women who are standing up to fight for us. Let us give these brave and good people our wholehearted support. Let us learn from our mistake before it is too late. The time is NOW or Singapore will be finished. Let JBJ's and the good and brave men's sacrifices be not in vain.

sgcynic said...

It tells us alot about the type of people Lee Hsien Loong and his father are from the condolence letter sent to JBJ's family in their time of grief. Deserving of contempt.

Anonymous said...

A truly pathetic and tyrannical old man who will face retribution for destroying many innocent lives.

Anonymous said...

I am just waiting for the day when he kicks the bucket and the whole house of cards propped on his fragile shoulders come tumbling down.

We all know his useless son won't be able to steer his party in the right direction, and I would like to think, albeit optimistically, that there are good men and women inside the PAP who will rise to the fore after the demise of the figurehead to help reclaim Our Singapore.

No one can beat The Grim Reaper and hope springs eternal for us all. Now for the polls!

Anonymous said...

Vote wise lee. Vote for change, not $mall change.

Anonymous said...

Instead of asking him if he believed in fengshui and horoscopes, they should have asked if he believed in karma/retribution/judgement day?

But I suppose he would say No, but personally, I think he does.

Even an animal, say a dog, if you gave it a bone, it would wag its tail. But the thought of LKY makes me shudder. You never know what is in his mind - how can such a person sleep soundly at night when the people he sent to jail, arrested under ISA, deprived of their best years are torn away from their families, having to sell books to eek out a living.

He is worse than an animal.

Bloodbath said...

Politics is War my chums! I will crush you and everybody who believe in you!

Every gracious vacum i offer you is a nail into my coffin, if need be i will rig the elections, bring out the guns and wash the streets with your blood!

We are too deep in to lose the elections, losing will mean death and political persecution. everybody had gotten their hands dirty and they will do things against their conscience for survival.

While i still ahve the guns and the men to fire it, I will do it if it need. better to throw my country in chaos than to lose it to my enemy. Know my wrath today, vote for your lives tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

"After closing down his practice, I mean, he thought, you know, Western Style, he's sacrificing for his country. No, it is personal ambition to knock me down."

So remember folks, sacrificing for your country is not a quality that is valued here.

For our men who have to go for your regular romp in the jungles, forget everything you learn about what it is all for. This means you can just chill out and enjoy the elements.

For everyone, don't forget this whenever they say our productivity stinks and we need to match up with the imported talent. Why work so hard? Why sacrifice for your country? Only Westerners do that!

Anonymous said...

Why do you neglect to mention Mr Low Thia Khiang and Mr Chiam See Tong?

Anonymous said...

But why Potong Pasir and Hougang always single seat hah?

And why Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong always win hah?

And why other opposition always lose hah? Or other GRCs and singles seats always change and change hah?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

Do you believe in evidence?
Do you fancy yourself the defender of the downtrodden masses?

CNY is just round the corner. Go to any heartland and ask the aunties and uncles this:

1. Are you angry at LKY for demolishing JBJ/CSJ?

2. Are you excited about Tay Ping Hui joining PAP?

Then ask yourself who is the guy in the ivory tower.

Seriously. Read up on Obama's campaign. In detail.
Election is expensive stuff. If you dun want to stand for election, you need to at least help mobilise resources for the opposition. Preaching to your 300 fanboys achieves nothing.

This is the last opportunity. Think of your children. If the opposition does not get at least 30 seats, you should get your UK/OZ/US PR asap.

Anonymous said...

You must be an idiot to even want to take them on.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against righting wrong in society. I am against wearing monkey suits while fighting for what you think is right.

Anonymous said...

Actually, LKY was being immodest when he said he demolished Chee. It was the power of the electorate which gave him an emphatic thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

Heroes today, villains tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, LKY was being immodest when he said he demolished Chee. It was the power of the electorate which gave him an emphatic thumbs down."

Utter rubbish. Losing votes is fair game, Chee was never demolished by voters.

Chee is demolished by old man who used unconstitutional means to persecute, jail, oppress and bankrupt Chee.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Chee is demolished by old man who used unconstitutional means to persecute, jail, oppress and bankrupt Chee."

Utter rubbish. Check out his share of the votes.

Anonymous said...

Did LKY just confess to our judiciary being a direct accomplish in helping PAP demolish the opposition through fixed judgements and kangaroo courts?

Anonymous said...

Did LKY just confess to our judiciary being a direct accomplice in helping PAP demolish the opposition through fixed judgements and kangaroo courts?

ghost of hitler said...

the Nazis were relentlessly hunted down after Hitler was demolished, and our despot deserves the same fate...along with his familee.

Anonymous said...

he has demonstrated throughout his entire political career, a consistent failure to divorce personal vendettas from professional disagreements. he is, mildly put, a child of a man.

Anonymous said...

I would like to remind you guys what BG George Yeo said:

“”Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate… Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party… You must make distinctions – What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion… people should not take on those in authority as ‘equals’”

Anonymous said...

Share yr stories on FB too

Anonymous said...

For those who thinks LKY developed Singapore in the early days of independence for the benefit of the people, think again. It just so happened that his goals then coincided with the aspirations of the majority. But when the interest diverge he wouldn't give a toss what the people think. He does what he wants. No one can stop him. Now that he has put his family and cronies in positions of power, does he care what the people think? Now that he is rewarding his family and cronies with Wall Street bankers type salaries, does he care what the people think? Open your eyes, he is simply a selfish manipulative evil man. He even sold out his race to the Japanese. At such an early age. He ain't no Mandela. That's for sure. And one more thing. All those in his inner circle are cut from the same cloth. They are only looking out for their own pocket. Forget about working for the people. If you still believe their words despite what you see today, you deserve to suffer under their rule.

Anonymous said...

Operation paperclip, under the shadow Nazis and their kind the Euginist are very much alive today....

"the Nazis were relentlessly hunted down after Hitler was demolished, and our despot deserves the same fate...along with his familee."

Seems unbelievable but entertain that thought...because a dose of alternative history is refreshing..its a global cabal of inbreeding elites that runs and stage almost everything.

Its a big club and you ain't in it.

Living_on_borrowed_time said...

Remember the movie, 2012?

Anonymous said...

If u r hoping for the physical return of Christ,as the Christians wld hv u believe, it will never happen, ever.

I am that certain.

Amused said...

Lucky, you are inviting trouble.

LKY, I hope you live to witness the defeat of PAP. (At least you now recognize the possibility, a change of mind from "freak" accident of a few years ago.)

People, you need to sign up now to help oppositions to go door-to-door to tell your passion for change. Obama did it and it got him an impossible presidency!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a reflection of the sad state of our country that the PAP would attack those that dare to speak truth to power (like Lucky), and embrace sycophants (bootlickers).

I'm a senior civil servant. Truth be told, many of the leaders/PAP people now are more interested in furthering their own careers through sycophancy, rather than working for the interests of their fellow countrymen. If this goes on, our country will sink deeper and deeper into trouble.

Bochup said...

" If this goes on, our country will sink deeper and deeper into trouble."

Let it be the legacy of the best,the scholars,the academias and the elites.

Happy Go Lucky said...

you know, you whingers are lucky that this is all you have to complain about.

you want a change in gahmen? Be careful what you wish for.

Up the PAP!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

its just a normal chinese mindset to crush your own opponents. asked around and most chinese do that. read around and most chinese history recorded that. only angmo are more advance thinking mammals. maybe PM should be angmo. they are cheaper, better, faster.

Anonymous said...

Question: What party helps a rival party?

Answer: A party that says what it means and mean what it says, without being being when it says it. Note: PAP said: "Every Singaporean matters."

Are opposition our fellow Singaporeans? Yes or no? If there is something that happens to Singapore, would no the opposition be called for national service to help defend Singapore?

So enough of petty politics, MM Lee. Grow up, please.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it but having worked in various countries, I have to say, it's a Singaporean chinese culture thingy, lucky.

There are good enlightened chinese singaporeans but the numbers are small. Most of these chaps studied in western universities overseas and so know what kiasism and kiasusm are not the sort of values we want our children to grow up with.

Look at the other countries and see how they behave. Singaporeans are rude and brash. And they complain a lot. Just take a train ride and you'll see how noisy and inconsiderate singaporeans are. It's sad but that's the way the chinese are because of their culture. The japanese culture is not like that.

Anyhow, I am surprise we have MM Lee going from "we have to take the military to take you out" (sic) to accepting that PAP will lose power.

I think he is coming of age and perhaps becoming a little senile.

Anonymous said...

"its just a normal chinese mindset to crush your own opponents. asked around and most chinese do that. read around and most chinese history recorded that. "

This is the real problem living in a chinese singapore. That's why many of us are migrating to other countries. We have a brain drain of 7000 to 10 000 people each year.

Anonymous said...

Good answer for bully in school to answer to the principle or a robber to the police :"Why should I help them(victim)?"

Anonymous said...

When I was working for local SME, I witnessed plenty of bad culture and practices by those 'Cheenas' and 'Chinese Helicopters'. When I started working in the financial sector under Cacausians, I experienced a very different but better culture. I hope to God that I will never need to return to work in a local SME again.

Anonymous said...

You are the best so we leave you to your vices.

You take the glory, and you alone are responsible for any unfortunate outcome.

Anonymous said...

I think regardless of the best intents, total power corrupts. And right now PAP has more or less total power. Whether they do a good job is not the point. You cannot depend on individuals, for a country to survive, the system/institution must be sound. In US, the system does not depend on one party or one individual. In Singapore it does and it is not healthy. So whether PAP is good or not, the fact that it has so much power is bad for Singapore in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Senior Civil Servant

Isn't it a reflection of the sad state of our country that the PAP would attack those that dare to speak truth to power (like Lucky), and embrace sycophants (bootlickers).

PAP loves LuckyTan!
Lucky is a champagne socialist!
A safety valve that prevents the people from rising up like Tunisia and keeps PAP in power!
If only Lucky has a chinese website, PAP MPs wouldn't need bodyguards!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lucky

Check this out!

Marc Faber insults hookers!


I have to disagree with Mr Faber. Mr Obama is so bad .. he is good! Because of Obama, things have gotten so bad that the poor in Tunisia has revolted and the elites in Egypt are starting to sweat! If Obama gets a 2nd term ... who knows! Maybe even PAP will become afraid!

Anonymous said...

Today, we are all angry.

Maybe a little. But the alternative

If u r hoping for the physical return of Christ,as the Christians wld hv u believe, it will never happen, ever.

I am that certain.

is isn't much better.

I have seen UK where your kind is in power.

High unemployment? Yes.
Jobs to foreigners? Yes.
Expensive housing? Yes.
Lousy healthcare? Yes.
Killing cops = 50 mths jail? Yes.

And the UK gahmen's priority?
Helping gays oppress elderly Christians. Yes.
Introduce gay culture to 4 year olds. Yes.
Great for you but not for me.

gu said...

His utterances show just what kind of character he truly is.....a lowdown, me-only, inhuman and totally graceless person, if he is indeed a person!thylly

Anonymous said...

Every Singaporean matters. Are the rival parties any less Singaporean than the rest of us?

The PAP party's logic is clearly inconsistent. It doesn't take a Straits Times to fool people.

As mentioned, the aim of this government, it seems to me, is keep people as unconscious as they possibly can.

Anonymous said...

Get out of Sin if tak boleh tahan(cant take the heat), that's it, period. Singaporeans got nowhere to go meh or not welcome by other countries? Or cannot survive once there is no government to take care of you?

Anonymous said...

He talks about JBJ personal ambition, but what about his own? The way he behaves, his singualrly inapt son as PM, the way the whole govt and politics here, make it very clear what HIS personal ambition is!

He lives in a glass house and is throwing stone. Many are waiting for the day when they could return the compliment with boulders. He sees the splinter in others eye but not the log in his own.

di said...

"Up the PAP!!!!!!"

u mean "up the pap's ass" ???!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

their perverted behaviour strengthens my opinion that they never like singaporeans; they never want to be singaporeans; they like malaysians and foreigners.

Anonymous said...

His rivals had been repeatedly demolished by THE VOTERS at every election.

Wonder why the MM 'admits' to have demolished or is demolishing the Oppositions.

Quite intriguing!


Anonymous said...

"His rivals had been repeatedly demolished by THE VOTERS at every election."

Ya lor, and that's because the opposition deserved to be demolished by the voters.

And the voters deserved the kind of government.

So if want to blame, blame the voters and the opposition. They deserved each other.

But next election, don't know still like that or not.

Anonymous said...

quote: Anonymous said...
Get out of Sin if tak boleh tahan(cant take the heat), that's it, period. Singaporeans got nowhere to go meh or not welcome by other countries? Or cannot survive once there is no government to take care of you?

This is a really stupid comment. We all (assuming one is a citizen) have as much claim to the nation, as anyone else. Regardless of the person's position in society, or wealth. The member of parliament is elected by the people to decide on policies on the people's behalf. He does not have any more claim to the country than the ordinary citizen that walks the street.

As such, why should the disgruntled citizen leave the country, when the logical and correct course of action, is to exercise his claim to the country and force out those who are infringing on his very rights?

The PAP is NOT Singapore. Citizens make up Singapore.

Anonymous said...

You mean "up the lorry" PAP?

Anonymous said...

Well, nothing can best death.

MayRulersBeRighteous said...

A society that seeks to demolish or punish severely those who hold alternative political views and dare to contest public opinion, has no bright future.

Anonymous said...

It is not a minority of elected leaders that demolished their opponents that's worrying.


May I say here that MM Lee Kuan Yew had fell victim to the interviewers to admit or claim he had single handedly demolished the Oppositions. IT WAS THE VOTERS THAT DID THE DEMOLITION AND DESTRUCTION OF THE OPPOSITIONS ELECTION AFTER ELECTION IN EVERY ELECTION. PLEASE CHECK FOR YOURSELF.


Anonymous said...

But why is it that the voters demolished the opposition?

To what extent was it due to opposition fault?

And to what extent was it due to PAP being PAP?

Anonymous said...

Not only PAP does help they "tekan".

21st century confucius said...

every descendant of his being demolished while he is bed-ridden will be the most befitting retribution for this megalomaniac.

Anonymous said...

Do look at the responses by the public to the Oppositions when the latter are doing their walkabouts. Then compare them to those held by the PAP. You will be able to know the result of the coming election. It's very telling.

Anonymous said...

PAP are through and through cowards, period.

Anonymous said...

I felt that Singaporeans in general especially the older generation are just stupid enough to let this dictator do what he wants. They don't think they think at all. My feeling is they are actually our enemies as far as defending a democratic republic is concerned.

Even the Brits called him "a coward" because he cannot compete fairly with the oppositions. He's basically another Saddam Hussein. He's a good liar: he doesn't bat an eye when he lied through his teeth saying he believes in doing good. Millions of dollars for salary on top of everything else ?

ZhuGe Liang was the minister I worshipped when he spoke of thrift to his subordinate regarding to tributes given to his immediately family member before his death. Such person will be immortalised. And the rest like Adolf Lee will be in "The Hall Of Evil".

Anonymous said...

A blog of how second generation Singapore ex-PR tried to escape serving national service.

In the blog comments, there are potential of Singapore PRs who have the intention of not serving national service.

This is the kind of terrible and horrible PRs we are getting. You judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Indeed it really makes one wonders how those older than sixty years old could have elected him as the First Prime Minister of Sin since knowing that he had worked for the World's greatest enemy; the Jeps in WW2.

Now that the Net(blogs) had revealed and made that part of history(MM working for the Jeps in WW2) more widely known, let's see if the younger Singaporeans will have any more respect for Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

He's a hypocrite. Just like his son who's parroting what he said during 2010 national rally about "foreign competition & stimulus will benefit Singaporean. We'll do better and produce works better. "

All these time urging Singaporeans to accept foreign competition but PAP themselves would not open the same playing field for "local" opposition parties! Why crush and demolish them and deprive singaporeans better "services" or options. Until PAP lose 5-7 seats in the coming election, they will not remember how to "compete" for our votes and pay attention to our needs. Is all in the name of fair game right?

And Snr Goh Chok Tong would not have said in a freudian slip that "if Singaporeans dont care, then why should I care to serve you!" is itself a great testament that today PAPies are there to serve us not because of some high moral grounds of wanting to "serve" the people, but because they're paid so highly to do the job.

Anonymous said...

The Gulka soliders after serving Singapore for almost 3 decades are treated like dirt to toss. They usefulness is over once they start going on protest.

After reading this story, will you still want to die for Singapore? We are just used and toss beings...so why hang onto your moral obligations when the state has none to show?! Maybe that's how Mas Selamat ran away ..hehe


Anonymous said...


“Repression, Sir is a habit that grows. I am told it is like making love-it is always easier the second time! The first time there may be pangs of conscience, a sense of guilt. But once embarked on this course with constant repetition you get more and more brazen in the attack. All you have to do is to dissolve organizations and societies and banish and detain the key political workers in these societies. Then miraculously everything is tranquil on the surface. Then an intimidated press and the government-controlled radio together can regularly sing your praises, and slowly and steadily the people are made to forget the evil things that have already been done, or if these things are referred to again they’re conveniently distorted and distorted with impunity, because there will be no opposition to contradict.”
-Lee Kuan Yew as an opposition PAP member speaking to David Marshall, Singapore Legislative Assembly, Debates, 4 October, 1956

Non-eugenics said...

The elitism in SGP is best summarized by the once Perm Sec, Dr Ngiam:

Q. With all this pessimism surrounding Singapore’s prospects today, what’s your personal prognosis? Will Singapore survive Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew?

A. Unequivocally yes, Singapore will survive SM Lee but provided he leaves the right legacy. What sort of legacy he wants to leave is for him to say, but I, a blooming upstart, dare to suggest to him that we should open up politically and allow talent to be spread throughout our society so that an alternative leadership can emerge.So far, the People’s Action Party’s tactic is to put all the scholars into the civil service because it believes the way to retain political power forever is to have a monopoly on talent. But in my view, that’s a very short term view. It is the law of nature that all things must atrophy. Unless SM allows serious political challenges to emerge from the alternative elite out there, the incumbent elite will just coast along. At the first sign of a grassroots revolt, they will probably collapse just like the incumbent Progressive Party to the left-wing PAP onslaught in the late 1950s. I think our leaders have to accept that Singapore is larger than the PAP. …

I suspect we have started to believe our own propaganda. There is also a particular brand of Singapore elite arrogance creeping in. Some civil servants behave like they have a mandate from the emperor. We think we are little Lee Kuan Yews. SM Lee has earned his spurs, with his fine intellect and international standing. But even Lee Kuan Yew sometimes doesn’t behave like Lee Kuan Yew. There is also a trend of intellectualisation for its own sake, which loses a sense of the pragmatic concerns of the larger world. The Chinese, for example, keep good archives of the Imperial examinations which used to be held at the Temple of Heaven. At the beginning, the scholars were tested on very practical subjects, such as how to control floods in their province. But over time, they were examined on the Confucian Analects and Chinese poetry composition. Hence, they became emasculated by the system, a worrying fate which could befall Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The twists and schemes of GRC.


Anonymous said...

anymore indiscretion, we will all head down the slippery slope, the Rulers and the Ruled all together.

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Anonymous said...

I will donate money to charity when this evil man is sent to hell

Anonymous said...

I tell you most solemnly.what good is it for a man to gain the whole world and only to lose his soul.

For LKY, he gained all of Singapore...his funeral will be filled with accolades and praise...

Yet the one thing he failed to gain was his soul. He has lived, he has gained and yes ultimately he lost. His soul, it will never enter the kingdom.