Sunday, January 09, 2011

Singer 岳雷 has passed away.

Today a sad piece of news in the chinese papers about singer 岳雷 (Yue Lei) passing away at the age of 50. For those who have difficult reading the chinese news article below - it says that he passed away yesterday night in Malacca. He had planned to return to Singapore to celebrate the birthday of his adopted child but did not make it. Okay, you may not remember or know 岳雷 whose heyday was in the 80s. Here is a video tribute to him on YouTube, I'm sure some of you will remember him:

Yes, he was once a cultural icon that was very much a part of Singaporeans' life during his heyday as an entertainer.

....So at this point you may be wondering what has all this got to do with this blog?

Yue Lei had cancer and had gone to Mahkota Hospital in Malacca [I wrote about this hospital here] because, according to the chinese papers, his finances were tight and he had to sell his home to get medical care and tried to save money by seeking treatment in Malacca. ......his story casts plenty of doubt on Minister Khaw's statement:

"The bottom line : We have good high-standard public hospitals that are affordable because of the 3Ms" - Minister Khaw

If it is so affordable, why did 岳雷 have to go all they way to Malacca for treatment? It is sad that he had to die so far away from home without his loved ones by his side.


岳雷身边的助理兼好友Roger Tan今早证实岳雷的死讯,他受访时说:“岳雷是在昨晚大概11点半在马六甲去世。”岳雷去年7月把在新加坡的房子卖掉后就到马六甲休养,原本打算8日(星期六)回新为干儿子庆祝14岁生日,但因为需要到银行处理财务问题而延后,没想到昨晚却在睡梦中逝世。

Roger Tan透露昨晚发现岳雷身体冰冷、口吐白沫,他即刻为他做心肺复苏术,希望能够救活他,“但他只稍微睁开眼睛并流下眼泪。”岳雷随后陷入昏迷,在送到当地的Mahkota医院时被医生证实已经死亡。

Roger Tan目前在Mahkota医院办理手续,以将岳雷的遗体运回新加坡,并透露岳雷的丧礼将在汤申路的一间天主教堂举行。


Drugged and Overdosed Mind said...

I'm waiiting to vote in more oppositions to give PAPies some competition and challenge. Who's with me this time around?

Anonymous said...

I will definitely vote opposition.

But probably I won't get a chance (my place is GRC).

I don't understand WTF the 66.6% are thinking. Anyone who has a vote and is NOT of the following categories:

1) eLEEte
2) PAP member
3) crony capitalist with business ties to GLC
4) damn rich (not some peasant living in a million dollar condo and no money to get medical care)
5) new citizen

should be voting AGAINST PAP.

Even a dog or a monkey is better than a PAP. At least dog or monkey won't insult, abuse and exploit peasants and you only need to feed them peanuts or dog food.

Anonymous said...

From the current data, 1/3 New female and male Citizens, 1/3 native male Singaporean, 1/3 native female Singaporeans,all added to a total of 1 whole. The situation are really very poor for the our opposition.
The reason are: Most of the newbies would likely be voting for PAP. Most of our women folks would likely be voting PAP. Both voting would potentialy give 2/3 majority.
THe rest of the vote by our male folk could be split into 1/2, leaving only potentialy 1/6 of the vote to Opposition.
The opposition facing these uphill tasks, must really think hard to avoid those GRC or SMC where most new citizens are resided.
The general feature of these newbies are usually working class but not rich. they would not be able to afford high price area such as Tanjong Pagar, Bukit Merah, Bishan, Toapayoh, Etc. Likely they would populate the Suburban Areas such as Sembawang, Bukit Panjang, Jurong, etc. Opposition should send their Strongest Team to Contest in the more expensive area to lessen the damages from these newbies.

Artic cruise said...

i guess i cant vote the opposition in..i am under the category of damn rich...

Actually you are right, we the rich dont like changes. why change when everything is going so nice for us. Low taxes, rising equity and property prices, and most importantly,- a country that allocate it's reources to the highest bidder. From healthcare to owning a car, i get priority if i pay more. this is a fairest method in my opinion.

i am confident the PAP will win and they will keep the environment favourable for people who excel. The rest just has to catch up. No opposition is going to shift the goal post for you.

Cheers Donkeys

Anonymous said...

To damn rich, you might not always be rich. There will be a time when you will be old and in need of expensive medical services. My brother was a wealthy businessman ten years ago, now he is almost bankrupt. You never know what will happen tomorrow. If you're doing well, don't buy another nice convertible or nice holiday home, help the poor. You never know when you will need help one day yourself.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad article. To have to die in a foreign country because he can't pay the medical cost in Singapore. Thanks for sharing Lucky

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 10/1/11 00:19

People may not like the PAP but that doesn't mean they don't vote for PAP.

Just like people may not like to go to work but that doesn't mean they don't go to work.

Hope this will make you (and many others too) understand the 66.6%.


Anonymous said...

The health minsiter tried to deflect the issue of rising medical cost to affordable medical cost because of 3M.

The issue is not affordability through 3M because we pay for these 3M. We pay for medishield, our medisave is our own savings and medifund is our tax.

Rising medical cost is a problem because it will inevitably increase the medishield premiums, deplete our medisave faster and our govt having to provide more medifund.

The main reason for the increase of medical cost is demand. Simple econmics, demand greater than suppy and the price increase. Singapore has too many foreign talent and most of our infrastructure are straining to cope and the healthcare industry is not spared.

The middle and lower income will feel the pain most when medical cost in shooting through the roof and like the old saying goes - It's better to die than to fall seriously ill if one has no money.

Anonymous said...

Sinkapore health care is only affordable to the rich and elite.

Beside the higher mortals sense of prorportion is quite different from average peasant, so what appear them as affordable might really be just peanut.

After all a public housing with only 99 yrs lease that cost an average family 30 yrs of loan to pay is also consider affordable to them anyway. :( said...

Hi Lucky,

I wish to provide a higher perspective. When lies are repeated again and again, they become truth.

Currently, everyone is focusing on debating whether or not it is "affordable". We are already intoxicated

The right thing is that everyone must discuss the topic on the fact the PAP is doing Goebbels and lying outright.

The are criminals defaulting on CPF and committing gross human right abuses by ISD and kangaroo court.

We must have in mind that social injustice have a greater purpose for elite than we ever imagine. The abject of the poor serve to frighten the employee into submissive slave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks, the Leaders have done all they can.
People should not blame our Leaders since they have done their best.
The only problem is that their best is not good enough for the peasants.
Wat do you want them to do?
Throw in the towels and admit that they're not up to expectation?

Anonymous said...

there are two ways to change who govern you. by voting or migrating. the claws of pap is too deep if you think how many people you know are in pap establishments. the easier way is migrating.

Anonymous said...

Dear Singapoorerians, with the Incumbent Regime, You die, your business!

Anonymous said...

MediSave Nice To Look At

We are told this Fund is our lifeboat when we fall sick. Let me tell you what happens when someone falls sick: You CO-PAY first before your MediShield kicks in. What really kicks in is: YOU pay for everything. Co-payment, MediShield Premium (Oldies pay the MOST), MediSave - Ever Rising!

Anonymous said...

The real problem in Singapore is the women. There are many stupid female Singaporeans who are university educated and fashion blind to see the problems facing this country and they will, time and time again, vote shittily. Fuck the stupid and politically apathetic female Singaporeans. Give you a fucking NSS , PP and ERS and you forget. Shopping money is all you whores think about.

The Pariah said...

When Minister Khaw first started yabbing about making Singapore a regional (then global) medical tourism hub, I "guessed" that pretty soon Khaw will liberalise Medisave withdrawals.

True enough, a year or so later, my "guess" came true as Minister Khaw relaxed Medisave withdrawals by Singaporeans for "elective surgeries" overseas.

Singaporeans need to ask themselves if Minister Khaw deserves to be re-elected in upcoming GE.

After all, he has lined-up a back-door exit (being the Co-Chairman of the Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council).

The Pariah,

The Pariah said...

Minister Khaw appears "responsive" as he replies to all e-mails addressed to him (even though the replies are typically inane).

So some voters are "flattered" by Minister Khaw's so-called "attentiveness" and "responsiveness".

But let's NOT be fooled ...

Minister Khaw introduced means-testing in order to minimize abuses of public subsidies for healthcare.

Yet he who earns $1.8-$2.2mn salary only paid $8 for his heart surgery.

In my opinion, Minister Khaw is not just IMMORAL. He is AMORAL.

The Pariah

Anonymous said...

I observed that there are a lot of private housing in Singapore. Is the ratio of private housing to public housing 1:1? I lived in a HDB flat and could never afford a private housing, not even in my wildest dream. Looks like I am really too poor to survive in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

To annon10/1/11 22:57:
Yea you are too poor to survive, what about me, I can't afford a HDB flat, so should I die?

Anonymous said...

"I observed that there are a lot of private housing in Singapore. Is the ratio of private housing to public housing 1:1?"
Anon 10/1/11 22:57

Most probably, if not where to get 6.6% mandate every time? Not for nothing, you know.

Live in HDB flat? Work hard and learn to be more capable to earn more money. Then can upgrade to private housing. Many have done just that.

Anonymous said...

What an Orwellian wonderland we have become. I suppose for a person who believes in eugenics like LKY, the poor aka "losers" should be denied healthcare to hasten their extinction.

Anonymous said...

Are there any scientist in Sin who can clone another hundred Lee Kuan Yew?
Sin may then be able to control the world with one hundred of these calibres.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys heard what is happening to TOC? Check out their site. It's happening all over again.

Kaffein said...

Probably this is what 'fix the opposition' means.



Anonymous said...

How many can be fixed and for how long??

Anonymous said...

S'pore is a very sad country. I have already left for a very happy country.

Goodbye sad country. Hello happy country.

The Pariah said...

Extract from Public Service Division's response, 2 Apr 2007:

Q: What kinds of medical benefits do ministers and AOs receive?

A: Ministers are on the Medisave-cum-Subsidised Outpatient Scheme, like the majority of civil servants. They do not receive any hospitalisation benefits.

Instead, ministers receive 1 per cent of salary (capped at $70 a month and at 17 months a year) paid into their Medisave. They can use this to buy health insurance plans. For outpatient treatment, it is capped at $350 a year for each minister.

Ministers co-pay 15 per cent of medical expenses at restructured hospitals. Where it is for his dependents, such as spouse and children up to 18 years, the minister co-pays 40 per cent.

But this is all subject to a cap of $350 per year. Any unused amount at the end of the year is put into the minister's Medisave account. There are no extra benefits for them or their spouse or children. Their parents do not get medical benefits.

It is similar for AOs who joined after January 1994.


So how did Minister Khaw end up paying $8 for his heart bypass surgery?

Obviously, the good minister did NOT practise what he preached and bought insurance riders to cover (A) Deductibles and (B) Co-Insurance - the very two elements that Minister Khaw proudly proclaimed when he launched Medisave Scheme that will deter abuse and wastage.

The Pariah,

Anonymous said...

gosh, i din see it that way!

you are absolutely right! thank you for pointing out to us that even a seemingly well-to-do entertainer (at least he must have been in the 80s) had to seek cheaper medical treatment abroad.

v.o.t.e. o.u.t. p.a.p.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Lydia said...

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