Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOC to be Gazetted

Recently, while I discussed the coming elections with a senior citizen, I told him about how the TOC organised the Face-to-Face, an event where people met, openly criticized various govt policies and broadcast it on the Internet. His response was "They won't allow this for long. They will 'go after' the people behind it". I thought the old man was wrong and we have made a bit of progress from the 80s. It turned out what the old man said was prophetic. I believe the turning point for TOC was the Face-to-Face townhall type meeting it organised. The authorities' light touch probably ended with that event. I think the govt probably figured out that a series of Face-to-Face type meetings leading up to the coming elections will not help the PAP.

What are the implications of being gazetted as a political association? It means that TOC cannot receive funding or have foreign involvement in its activities. TOC cannot be affiliated with political parties. It means TOC cannot invite foreigners to give talks at its events and all donors of to TOC have to be reported to the authorities under the act:

Annual donation report12. —(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the responsible officers of every political association shall, within 31 days after the close of each financial year of the association, prepare and send to the Registrar a donation report under this section in respect of every recordable donation referred to in subsections (2) and (3), giving all such details in respect of each donor thereof as are required by the Schedule to be given in respect of a donor of a recordable donation.

Many organisations after being gazetted face funding challenges not because they depend on foreign sources of funding but locals become fearful of donating because donors have to be reported to the authorities. In Singapore, people are still fearful of being known to the authorities for supporting a political association financially through donations.

The gazetting of TOC is just a reminder of the type of system we have in Singapore. TOC did everything responsibly (as far as I can tell) all it did was to gather and promote alternative views and ideas. But once the PAP feel that their propaganda is undermined, they will proceed to shackle the organisation. Gazetting is just one tool from its arsenal. You recall the recent ugly episode involving the people behind Temasek Review - they tried to shine the spotlight on it and attempted to humiliate the people behind the site. It takes real courage for Temasek Review to continue after that. There is a saying in football : "Go after the players not the ball" to describe dirty tactics. From the time people were labelled commuists and detained without trial to the time Dr. Chee was sacked from NUS to the time JBJ was bankrupted to the time Temasek Review was put on the spotlight....the whole idea has always been to go after the people not debate ideas. After TOC is gazetted, its editors and donors are exposed, what happens to the people the next time TOC reveals the flaws in one of PAP's policy causing support for it to be is not so clear...and hence there is always fear.....


Anonymous said...

in fact they tried to fish the originators behind TR but failed. Using the copyrighted "Temasek Review" issue as a bait.

E said...

Looks like we have started going backwards just at the start of the second decade of 21st Century.

Anonymous said...


So it's election time. I so can't wait to see what else they're trying to pull.

Guess they're getting desperate but oh so sad, their fall's going to be one heck of a long ride. Probably gonna take years or even decades though.

The Pariah said...

Big Brother banging Big Stick, ugh?

Before you know it, Lucky, they may even try to assert that you are a "Political Association of a Grand Total of One"!

PAP proved once again that they just lurvvve kow-towing sychopants.

Anonymous said...

people! election coming, let us not be fool by Budget handout, vote for your country, vote for your right to vote again, no more walk over for another decade! wake up wake up! otherwise we will rot, our children will rot in this decaying system.

Towkay said...

With 1 million FTs coming to Singapore after the next election, Singaporeans should spend more time on their jobs instead of wasting time on politics.

6.5 million - 2020

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan,

Could there be more pertinent but unsaid reasons why TOC is to be gazetted?

And you or the senior citizen you cited have missed the point?

Remember sometimes what is unsaid is more important and pertinent than what is said.

Taishan said...

Towkay, getting tipsy eh....old chap
Many Singaporeans do not have jobs to spent time on.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Ha Ha ! So it time to stand up and be counted !
As long as what you commemted or state can be back-up by documents/ facts, fear not.

Just be prepared to have some who die-die would not believe you.

Yes, I do see the possibility that Lucky Tan's blog here will be deem "political" ......

Alan Wong said...

They are supposedly in power because of us. But yet we seems to be at their mercy.

Now it looks like the only way to register our displeasure at the dirty tricks perfomed by PAP is through the ballot box.

That is the only way to regain what that is rightly ours.

Anonymous said...

Everythings they would just deduct the money from yr account unless u "OPT-OUT".
If u are not careful or not aware, the money would be kept deducting from yr account.
Such things shd not be carry-on on un-checked!! such things shd be stopped!!
Very tire, very sick.

Dept of corrections said...

So the next one will be you Mr Lucky Tan. You are a comuunist through and through. Your articles hints at anarchy underneath a communist tone.

It would only be wise to confiscate your assests, send you to jail or IMH and Have you repent your actions.

You should just shut up and leave politics to politician, policies to governments. Stop hiding behind the internet to spread your communist ways.

"Knock Knock" once you hear, it is all too late.

Anonymous said...

politics is dirty to start with and has always been dirty. politicians are the most dirty job. such trick only beginning. more to come. haha...

瓜子 said...

I am surprised by the timing of pap's action. It is too close to the next GE and Singaporeans of the Internet age will be angered by this.

A significant number of neutral voters may turn their support to the opposition because of this.

Anonymous said...

people dont like pap but will still vote for pap cos there is no choice.

Anonymous said...

I was told by a friend that the government agencies are using 6.5 million as the target population for building future capacity/projects. Eg. Sewage capacity. It is already so crowded at 5 million, I really cannot imagine Singapore at 6.5 million. PAP has to be stopped!!!

Anonymous said...

My relative was a teacher and said her colleague was fired because the colleague voted for the opposition.

Sylvester Lim said...

Anon 9.54, I have friends who still are in the civil service, senior positions both military and police force, who have voted all their life the opposition. They are still at their jobs and received their promotion for the good work. How?

You mean 33.3% of those who voted the opposition in 2006, none of civil servants? Please lah, don't try your rumor mongering tricks in this time & age.

Anonymous said...

Sylvester 10:42
I also have many friends who are
civil servants, some are teachers who are supposedly impart correct values and ideas to young minds, who told me they are fearful of voting against the PAP because of the implications.
So how also?
Look, as long as the fear factor existed, whether from the number on ballet paper or irresponsible hearsay, its best not to dismiss others' observations

Anonymous said...

TOC writers are really lucky, they could have been labeled communist and arrested under ISA without trial, perhaps they could use the religious harmony bill to do that since they mentioned that Malays are marginalised. TOC should know that they are wasting their time, the people are smart enough to know which side their bread is buttered. In fact, Mr Lee should have have even bothered about all the noise generated by all the anti government sites and people. We singaporeans know better, only elites or Lees will do for us..

Anonymous said...

I do not know if you vote for opposition you will lose your civil service job but i do know what will happen if you vote for PAP.
1. You cannot collect CPF until you are 62 and perhaps never
2. You will be sharing everything about 4 million foreigners
3. You children will find it hard to find jobs
4. Your children could hardly afford to buy HDB flats
5. Your salary will never increase but your Ministers will be very happy when he sees his monthly CPF statement.
5. He will be even happier when he gets pension as well.
6. COE will probaly cost $100,000

the list will go on

Anonymous said...

So the next one will be you Mr Lucky Tan. You are a comuunist through and through.

Lucky is a millionaire! He is as capitalist as Warren Buffet!

Lucky is left ... as in pro-LGBTs anti-religion liberal left ... not commie left!

Hey Lucky, time is running out for you to send a cheque/helping hand to the opposition as an anon. Or are you really NATO?

Before you get all self righteous again ... ask urself who is your fren. Your "fans" who kiss ur arse or the "arseholes" who is asking u to face reality?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky,

Remember the PAP seat was empty on that meeting. And MP Zaqy wanted to attend but the PM didn't allow him to. Now, do you know why?

They wanted to observe how far TOC would go and then jump in to gazette. So that it would be clear, that to have such engagement would not be encouraged.

Had a PAP seat been filled that night, it would be impossible for them to gazette TOC.

Anonymous said...

I think the government should just bring the population to 6.5 million now so that the people would be more aware how crowded it's gonna be. YEt, they have decided to wait only to immediately after the election to open the floodgates completely. Give SIngaporeans taking the trains 4 years to get used to the overcrowding and then call for another election. 3 buses didn't stop for us this morning on our way to work. I could only get on the 4th bus. And mind you, this is a feeder bus which takes me to the interchange so that I could actually begin my proper journey on the MRT to work. We need a systemic reform like Malaysia. This hell can't go on forever. The city is already a pit for animals to be overworked. No work life balance. And work till you die. With no CPF somemore. What kind of life are we voting for? This is the same country that bans the complaints choir on youtube.

The Pariah said...

The paranoia even extends to "rabbit tails".

I did some Chinese New Year shopping at Centrepoint over the weekend.

I was given a "rabbit tail" pouch by the mall for spending above a certain amount. The mall asked that we hang this pouch in our "car/bag/handheld devices" over a certain time period and if we are spotted by their photographer within their mall stable, we win a Hong Bao Prize.

Guess what was printed on the cellophane wrapper of this freebie pouch:

QUOTE: Please ensure that the position of the Bunny Tail Purse does not violate any legal, government or regulatory requirements of Singapore.

Hee, hee ... always read the fine print. The devil is always in the details, they say.

The Pariah

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