Saturday, February 19, 2011

Budget Goodies....2011

In 2006, the govt gave out up to $800 in cash as part of the "progress package". The money was deposited into Singaporeans bank account on 1 May 2006 and the election was held on 6 May 2006. The "progress package" cost the govt about $2.6B. It is hard not be happy to see cash in your bank account especially when you're poor and need money badly.

The budget goodies for 2006 is summarised below:

In 2006, the election budget took into account issues faced by Singaporeans. There was help for the poor, help for the elderly, rewards for NS men and so on. At that time, you would have thought that the govt was people or worker centered. But what happened in the next 4 years after the 2006 tells us that is not the case and we should not be taken in by budget goodies.

The 2011 budget removes the Radio & TV licensing fee which was something Singaporeans disliked and have demanded greater transparency for a few decades. If this has all along been a legitimate fee that was needed and fully expended for local productions that cannot be defrayed by the sale of advertisements, then what they needed to do was be transparent about it and show how the money has been used. Now that they have removed it doesn't it show that the fee was never needed in the first place. What happened to the hundreds of millions that was collected over the decades?

The 2011 budget like the 2006 overall does deliver some goodies - progress package, employer CPF contribution hike, HDB grants and so on[summary here]. The progress package will be paid before 1 May 2011 which means it is likely that we have the elections before May. Experience tells us that we will very quickly regret if we allow these goodies to sway our votes. The good intensions will quickly disappear and if they get a big mandate, they will take it that they can run the place the same way they did since the last elections. Just remember the torrent of fee hikes once the 2006 elections was won by the PAP - everything from GST to transport to minister's pay to kindergarden fees were raised in quick succession. We cannot let this happen again simply because we cannot allow the country to continue in the same direction as it has in the past 4 years. The quality of life of ordinary Singaporeans has deteriorated and we need some resolve as voters and citizens to set things right this time. Let not the euphoria of receiving a few hundred dollars take you away from long term considerations - the need to prevent our Singaporean identity from being destroyed by excessive immigration, the widening income gap, safety nets for the unemployed, poor, sick and old, and serious restructuring of our economy so that good quality jobs can be created for Singaporeans. If citizens repeat the mistake they made in 2006, the pain and problems will just expand and become harder to fix. The short-term quick results (for GDP growth) approach of the PAP has to end. We have to think about our future and our' children's future and choose the people who can help to reclaim it for us.


Anonymous said...

According to the ST online poll, 72% of the respondents thought the budget sucked, and was a blatant attempt to buy votes.

I wonder if ST dares to even publish the results of this poll.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the ST online poll is reliable lah. Just like the huge crowds at previous opposition election rallies, and pathetic crowds at PAP rallies. But what was the outcome?

Peasants never seems to learn lah, or learned but forgot. That's why I think PAP knows better and hence deserve to win again.

Don't believe? Just wait for 3 more months and you will.

I think Lucky may be disappointed, but only on this. Because whether good or bad Budget, he will still have lots of money, as always.

DareToAct said...

If TOTO is a gauge, perhaps the typical Singaporean don't really have a problem with our high GINI coefficient.  In fact, when you buy TOTO, you are looking to win the top prize, and the higher the percentage of total pool is allocated to the top prize the better. 

Latest TOTO result

9 winners each $1,280,233, total $11,522,097 (47.36%)
58 winners each $45,229, total $2,623,282 (10.78%)
1,900 winners each $1,381, total $2,623,900 (10.78%)
4,672 winners each $562, total $2,625,664 (10.79%)
87,693 winners each $30, total $2,630,790 (10.81%)
115,096 winners each $20, total $2,301,920 (9.46%)

Number of winners 209,428
Total prize $24,327,653

On average, each winner won $116
The median winner won $20

The top 0.0043% of winners together won 47.36% of pool.
The top 0.032% won 58.14% of pool.
The top 0.94% won 68.92%.

About 55% of winners won only $20.

Anonymous said...

i am happy to receive the goodies but i wont vote for pap

Anonymous said...

Save the baby carrots. I'll grow my own celeries.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

How likely are the "poor and need money badly" folk to be on this site?

Just asking.

So u think the elections will be in May.

Shouldn't you be actually doing something to "compel" PAP?

Like getting the liberal camp to stay focused like a laser beam on bread and butter stuff ...

Anonymous said...

... and in case u missed it ... AWARE says they are happy with the budget ...

Anonymous said...

I am unemployed, since 2008

I tried a few jobs here and there,
none worked out and I left.

I am 55 yrs old now.. do I like the goodies? of course!
Will I accept them? ( no choice right?)

Will I vote them again?..
it depends if my ward is being contested.. not likely.

Do I feel better today than in 2008?

Waddya think?

For a country with this geographical size, and the number of human beings to govern, it seems easier to control than to get me real job.
Not one that have me stand all day

Anonymous said...

But you can afford to be unemployed and can afford to go on line;)
In a lot of countries, you would have been a beggar by now

Anonymous said...

Last time the hdb flats were much cheaper, so older people still could afford to be jobless for a while.
Now the situation is very different. For the sake of the yonger generation, u hv to think carefully.

The older generation were also bought up in a "thifty" environment and learnt to endure hardship when they were young.
Most of them used to spent less than 50% of their income when they were employed. And the CPF rate was at 50% last time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably in a lot of (third world) countries, he (ie the 55 years old who is unemployed since 2008) would have been a beggar by now.

But most likely only in one country that, had he being younger, he might have to leave that "job" time and again to prepare himself to possibly defend to his death the very system that got him into that situation in the 1st place....

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 16:42

There are many unhappy but passive voters (many of them are housewives).
These passive voters will not attend any election rallies which are held at the remote places (such as stadiums).
The opposition candidates have very little chance of reaching them.
These voters will likely cast spoilt votes or even voted for the ruling party.

Alan Wong said...

If the goodies was meant to buy votes, then PAP must really be shameless to steep so low as they always boast that they have the people's mandate.

Anyway I still consider that these monies was robbed from my CPF funds in the first place and the PAP govt is just returning part of the loot taken away.

No thank you for the goodies. My vote will still goes to the opposition even if they are duds. We already have enough PAP duds so it's not going to make any difference.

Anonymous said...

//In a lot of countries, you would have been a beggar by now//

In a lot of 3rd world countries, yes he might have been a beggar. But since he is in a "first world" country, he would have been enjoying a game of chess in garden park with some of his fellow citizens; go watch a nice theatre or concert FOC for senior citizens; or red newspaper/mag/books leisurely in a cafe/library. I bet he's not doing these because He CAN't. His mind keep wondering back on how he's going to find the next job to fund his retirement and pay the bills and support the college kids, and before everyone around him sees him as a non-contributing loser to add on to his anxious guilt? And he is NOT the state problem, but he & HIS family problem. That's my guess.

//The opposition candidates have very little chance of reaching them. //

Go to the supermarkets and reach out to them. Or on Chinese/english radio stations. Or standby the PAP run kindergartens. Think creatively!

Penny Wise Pound Foolish said...

This illustrates the old saying 'Penny Wise, Pound Foolish'. If Singaporeans are willing to sell our future for a mere $800, then serves us right if the next 4 years are worse than the past 4.

p.s. After this election, if the PAP is still in power, they will "engineer" the voting population to vote in their favour 4 years later. We will not have a chance to change the government then. Our chance is NOW or never!

Amused said...

The so-called "goodies" are given once every few years, right around the poll.

The huge "taxes-to-help-the-poor" and "incentives-for-the rich/powerful/corporation" are also implemented right after election.

Unfortunately, many people are gullible. So you need to go out and shape public opinion if you want to change the status quo. Volunteer to go door-to-door is one way you can help. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Afraid it won't be the next 4 years, but 40 years.
The GLCs,, PAPs & elites will be thinking of ways to ensure a "freak" elections are not going to happen.
Maybe they will say- ok native singaporeans will get a one-off pension for x # of years. But you will be removed of your voting rights. And people will bite it! And they will built another Insurance GLC that will calculate how they can profit from your early death. LOL it's actually happening in USA paid for my companies like Nestle , P&G it.

Anonymous said...

Our leaders are posing as sharing and caring mercenaries right at this time.
Amused is correct, the one-off will soon be traded in for 4-yrs of cost recoup.
We need to go and shape opinions on the ground. Everyone of us can do our part.

Anonymous said...

"The so-called "goodies" are given once every few years, right around the poll."

You think the oppositions will be any different if they get to rule?

One can't even part with 10% of his MP salary for his party and the rests, are no saint I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Wait after the GE when they announce 10% GST to help the poor. I will laugh my head off for those who vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie 1 2 & 3

Anonymous said...

This nation leaders are shaking hands with the devil. The devil grins as he watched the leaders yielding ground.

But who is the bigger devil is any'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Save the payouts cos you will have to return after the election when GST increase to 9%.

Anonymous said...

ms lucky...
u need not worry..

we all know their dirty tricks...
Pls don't be worry.... just focus on ur party and make sure during election speeches u all do not get into trouble.. Dont need to focus on them or what they have done.. focus on what u can do for the country... then u will win more ppl over..

Anonymous said...

What we seriously need is a group of honest and diligent and smart ppl who can control themselves and their temper and speak with confidance...

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon @ 19/2/11 20:35 "The older generation were also bought up in a "thifty" environment and learnt to endure hardship when they were young.
Most of them used to spent less than 50% of their income when they were employed. And the CPF rate was at 50% last time"

Actually I think that besides being thriftier, perhaps things weren't as expensive in comparison as well.

Anonymous said...

Why stop there? Bus ride used to be 5 cts.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore boasts an elite club so secretive most people don't know it exists"

The name of the secretive club is THE PYRAMID CLUB... The Lee family controls Singapore like a fascist dictatorship. Most citizens of Singapore allegedly " in fear of an Orwellian government that closely monitors every aspect of their lives." .

Singapore has welfare. It goes to the elites disguised as "salaries for the talented" to fund their lavish lifestyles and secrets.

Anonymous said...

After the 14.5% GDP in 2010, the "goodies" is still worse than those in 2006? What was the GDP growth in 2005??

Even with the "best ever goodies" in 2006, the percentage dropped from over 70% to 66%.

Will the drop in percentage of support this time be more??

Lye Khuen Way said...

I need to tell the whole wotld that the ONE "Goodies" that trick me was the TV & Radio License.
Why ? First, it must affect 95% of SIN Households. Second, it WAS REAL. Third, it cannot be reversed...unless... The Authority has finally concluded that that DAFT rational of theirs do not hold water and is making them look more daft by the years. Can we ask for Payback for the last 20 years ?

Anonymous said...

In 2006, even though no one expect gst to increase, and after receiving so much goodies, the % still dropped.

This time will the drop in % be even higher??

This time after so many "unpleasant events", and the goodies are not as good as 2006, will the results this time be comparable to 2006??

Anonymous said...

human nature - greed, forgetfulness, regret, complain.... then wait for 4 more years.
Ladies and Gentlemen, there's this saying from Snake On The Plane movie, enough is enough.
This is our time to get unplugged from this system that sucks us like batteries.
Remember The Matrix movie, it says there are people out there still remain plug in the system and their mind refusing to be set free.

Anonymous said...

If what you guys(doomsays) are saying is true, inhabitants will be doomed. When enough people burn in hell, the fate of PAP will be sealed.

You should rejoice by then because you are closer to power and repeat the whole process LOL

Anonymous said...

Is good to have a reset sometimes.

Any power in the hands of more than 3-5 decades is already crazy enough. We should have a system where PM cann only run up to max of 2x4yrs term. That way, it should always have renewal and the brightest people can truly come out and run. Not "annointed" and "handpicked" by so called Leegimes. Who do they think they are? Royalty?!

Good grief, singaporeans have allowed this consolidation of power for far too long. Think about what you have contributed in this process. It's time we reset it right so that our new generation don't have to suffer like us. If not for your sake , for your children.

Anonymous said...

but..if we choose the oppostition.what can they do?.can they financially help us too?..will there be more flat upgrade?.so far they are doing a good job...if i choose opposation..they arent well euip they dont have the money...they got no expernice..i don wan singapore to turn out with lots of protest..i wan singapore like it is.i have watch too many news like thai..and other neighbour countries.i will vote which i decided is the one who rule the place is true one can never be satisfied..prices will go up..wherthe u get the money from government..cuz of economies...there is 2 side of story..try look at it positivly n negative then slowly decides.

Anonymous said...

//if we choose the oppostition.what can they do?.can they financially help us too//

Here's the question for you. Would you help yourself first? If you can't make up the mind that you NEED to help yourself , why then do you think the Opposition knows you want THEIR help? By voting for PAP you (the oppressed minority or majority) are essentially saying No thanks, everything is fine. I don't need you to be my alternative voice. In that case, asking the future question if they can financially help you is moot. You can't even vote them into Parliament to begin with!

If enough pple do NOT agree with the policies made by PAP so far, and clearly don't want them to continue on such, then we as a collectively people should NOT vote for them, or you'll be sending a grave message to say "Yeah, go ahead..more expensive years".

This issue is extremely important. Since the only policies/measures by PAP on the table would as we know make matters worse, or at most no better for the average people, the best thing to do is SOMETHING, not nothing. Unless you are into passive fatalism, then good luck to your estate upgrade. If you can't make enough to pay mortage/buy a HDB that you can "truly 100%" own it until the next 20-30 years & worrying about your job loss to FT or high cost, then truly how valuable is a short-sighted upgrade in your hood worth?

Anonymous said...

It reminds me "Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish you feed him for life".

PAP is giving the people a fish (ikan bilis) on election day every 4 yrs. That's their strategy. Done so well, people even forgot how to fish anymore. We are such a shame to our hunters & gatherers ancestor. Where is our fire in the belly or the beliefs in our own survival instinct now if we have to ask - can we fish? Just go to Bishan Park and you will see. LOL

Sometimes, I think people are afraid to find out how powerful they can be.

DogeatDog said...

haha, I think PAPs motto is this :

Teach a man to fish, and you introduce another competitor into the overcrowded fishing industry. Give a man a fish, and you stimulate demand for your product

Awoken said...

People must understand that it's perfectly ok to recognize one’s moral obligation to one’s family FIRST before putting his moral loyalty to PAP. After all you+your parents have already honored your loyalties to PAP for last 50 years, and by lord, that is more than enough demonstration of patriotism for 5 decades!! Talk about gratefulness. We the PEOPLE have reciprocated, enough said.

Now look around & think about this now
- if your son dies in NS, are you compensated for the loss of his life where you’ve raised him up to?
- If you/breadwinner could find no employment (for reasons out of your control) are you given “help” (temporary – not even long term entitlements) to tide you over in this first world country?
- if your child could not afford extra tuition or curriculum education compared to a wealthier who has all the arbitrary facts—luck, genes, and family circumstances but are equally brilliant, do you think he is given "equal" access to opportunity based on meritocracy?
- if you are old & have insufficient medicare (for reasons maybe the family have depleted it or cost of living kept rising that it could not be met) will the govt give you free healthcare?
- if your savings are exhausted but you have monies in CPF that you really believe can tie you over short term, will your PAP say "Yes help yourself NOW is your money" or will they say "No help yourself YEARS LATER as we control your money?

You have now an obligation to your self, family & community around you before you willingly consent to give it all up to your Country for NO GOOD reasons whatsoever in this time of peace.

In short – we CAN dont agree with their policies and still love our country. And the VOTE you’re putting in on GE, is to VOTE towards these policies designed by the Party that will disadvantage us further. DO you want to that? Is that the message you want to send to them and to your family? It is NOT a betrayal of our country, but our DISAGREEMENT to their way of management that have been undermining us or our community.

This to me speaks volume of your personal Justice, Conviction and Principles to doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Vote oppositions for more good years.
Vote oppositions for free healthcare, free education,free housing and free holidays.

Have faith. All things are possible if you believe.


PMET said...

I am a PMET and doing fine as of now.
However I saw many lower class who are also struggling very hard, especially those with family.
Sometimes they are like walking zombies with no soul. Very sad to see. Lately, there are far many policies I disagree with PAP. These will have long term effects if we do not correct them now.

So for the record, Tampines GRC will not have my vote this time.

Wiser said...

If more people vote for PAP, they will stop being better safe than sorry, and become "safe and sorry".

There's more than one road to regret, and though misery caused by a failure to take precautions is extremely hard to take, the loss and longing caused by a failure to take any risks at all can be just as painful and more insidious, judging by the many online voices of singaporeans.

Caution can cause sorry, so just because it may always be better to be safe than sorry, that doesn't mean it is always better to be "safe and sorry".

Vote wisely.

Small Fish said...

Me think gahmen practice this

Give a man a fish, he'll eat it and keep coming back for more handouts. (Singaporeans)

Teach a man to fish and if he still come for handout, you better feed him to the fish. (Foreign Talents)

Anonymous said...

Hope lucky stays lucky.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting the >million strangers in our midst! The next time you pass by or in fact is in the queue at the 4D outlets, take a good hard look at the rest of the queue.

Anonymous said...

Me think gahmen practice this

Give a man a rod, he'll fish at a designated pond and pay you(govt) rent.

When the man catches a fish, he'll eat the tail and you take the rest of the fish and get a chef to cook it so you can charge him if he wants to upgrade his palette.

Anonymous said...

Another good decode :

Anonymous said...

I am voting against the PAP for several reasons:


Too many family members of the Lee and Kwa family are holding top leadership position in our governments and stat boards. Too many children of PAP politicians have been awarded government scholarship.
This is certainly not meritocracy.

Integrity of the role of President

Our late president fell out with the PAP government because he asked too many questions about the reserves.
Our current president could serve two terms unopposed because he asked no questions.
Is this how the President is supposed to safeguard our reserves; by asking no questions at all?

Value of Singapore Citizenship

For too long, foreigners holding Permanent Resident passes have privileges and benefits near equal of citizens, especially since they are not burdened with NS.
There also have been far too many foreign students scholars funded by Singaporean taxpayers', while Singaporeans have to serve NS and take bank loans to pay for their tertiary education.
Singaporeans are also losing their jobs to foreigners, thanks to a government that is pro-foreigner.

We need to put an end to this.

I am voting for opposition, any opposition that stands in my ward.

Fishy said...

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid."
— Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

But we are all small fishes in a small pond right?
Unless we let in more fishes, the pond cannot grow.
So when the pond becomes bigger, than we can all be bigger fish in bigger pond right? Then those who are the bigger fish can now eat the smaller new fish? Make sense? As for the sharks, they will always be hovering around, just dodge them lah. I mean what's the point of being a BIG fish in a small pond, shiok meh? Better to be a medium fish in medium pond lah.

Anonymous said...

//Anonymous said...
... and in case u missed it ... AWARE says they are happy with the budget ...//

If you ask anyone officially with the possible glare of the media, most will say they are happy, being politically correct. Goodies right ? Election year right ?

Likewise, who would say increasing tax rates is good except those propagandist part-time actors / actresses.

Grab the goodies and enjoy while it lasts and then do what you still must do comes election.

Anonymous said...

It is a fallacy to think your vote counts. A popular govt or unpopular govt can both be built on weak foundations. Eventually, both will fall regardless of your vote.

Anonymous said...


The General Election is likely to be in March instead of May this year. For no other apparent reason, all the big name stars in Singapore come together to sing "this is home truly". National Day is still a long way to go. It is very costly to have all the big name stars singing together...

This batch of PAPs have totally lost their way and led Singapore to become a country with citizens that have no sense of belonging.

There is a need for CHANGE. The time is NOW!


Amused said...

"I am voting for opposition, any opposition that stands in my ward."

Unfortunately, rant like this changes nothing. You need activism to change things. Talk to your neighbors, join opposition volunteer house calls. I know activism is a foreign concept to many. But you can learn a lot from religious people going around town talking to others about their faith. Your faith is a better future for your children. So get active!

Anonymous said...

//all the big name stars in Singapore come together to sing "this is home truly"//

On the pretext of Feb 15 as Total Defense Day.
I'm sure it all builds up to the GE. Is a very powderful song for unity. That explains Why Teo Chee Hean has a 5.4% increase of his defense budget. $1m goes to the production of this "international gig" & antoher $1m goes into tv airtime. Slowly all the hard and soft tactics are revealing.

Anonymous said...

Taking inflation into account, the $800 of 2011 is worth less than the $800 of 2006. How can the pap depreciate the value of Singaporean votes ? Are they committing suicide ?

DareToAct said...

You are on a bus and the bus is going the wrong way. You tell the driver he is going the wrong way but he ignores you. You stay on the bus and you notice the driver continues to drive the bus further and further away from your destination. You shout at the driver but he still ignores you. Now, what are you going to do?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"It is a fallacy to think your vote counts. A popular govt or unpopular govt can both be built on weak foundations. Eventually, both will fall regardless of your vote."

Of course, it counts. Are you going to vote or spoil your vote then ?

You keep on voting or changing in favor party (ies) which will rectify the weak foundation and build a strong one. Not easy, but still you must do it as this is your country.

Black Swan said...

First the Progress payouts
Then Pro-creating incentives
Entered the Pro-aliens schemes
Finally Pro-ductivity dividends
Everything for Pro-fitability
Said our Pro-digious leaders
More Pro-mises
Not forgetting Pro-sperity
The Pro-pandaga Pro-motes
Naturally we keep Pro-ducing
Even casinos Pro-stituting
Yet Pro-perty gets Pro-hibiting
And Pro-blems keep rising
Retirement gets Pro-longed
People asked where's the Pro-vidence
So they decide to un Pro-grammed
Everyone gone virtual Pro-testing
Avoiding Pro-secution
Screaming Pro-fanity
And all sorts of Pro-claims
Finally Truths are Pro-founding
So on election day I Pro-fess
No more Pro-crastination
I Pro-ffer the Precious Vote
To match the Pro-phecy
For it will be Pro-ven
We the people
Will Pro-claim our Pro-wess.
It's the Time.

Anonymous said...

on another note, our neighbour bolehsia, declared cpf dividend @ 5.8%...

Anonymous said...


So it is better for the people to send a clearer message (signal) via the ballot box ??

Anonymous said...

Actually the government's tactic of playing the "Home" song advertisement could backfire on them. I like the song and it makes me more determine to vote out the pigs to save my country for my children's future.

As for the budget goodies, I will take it with open arms happily and still kick their Sssss.

Anonymous said...

Fools don't learn from lesson.

Let see how many fools there are in coming election...

Anonymous said...

its a slave system here. most housing that you worked a lifetime for is 99 years only. try to migrate if possible.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, it counts. Are you going to vote or spoil your vote then ?"

Look at US. Fully democratic. They keep changing sides. Does it matter? The state of their economy is still crap.

Mid east and now even china are under threat of their govt being thrown out. Why? Are we any different?

Fundamentally, we are all the same.

Just that we are luckier so far.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

When my freind was "jobless" in 2004-2005, the prices were so cheap then.

He said that he used to feel very guilty even just to sepnd S$2 on meal (eat at home much cheaper).

At the time, jobs were difficult to come by, but the costs of every things were so cheap.
Now the jobs also difficult to find, but the prices of everythings are so high!.

In 2006, when everythings were so cheap, each get $600-800.
Now everythings are so expensive, also $600-800 each.
If not for the 14.5 growth last year, people wld get much less.

Anonymous said...

You let oppositions rule, you are dead.

maomao said...

Lucky, Thank you for this timely piece. Let's hope that everyone will not be swayed by the "goodies" given out at this time to sway our votes to them. I can't bear to see almost immediate increases in utlities, tpt.. and so on.

Anonymous said...

You let the elites rule, slower death. Better.LOL

Anonymous said...

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

This is how it goes:

Ah Seng: " hey! how come you make life so difficult for me?.. you know how much the levy will cost me? The last increase was less tha 1 year ago, now kenna again!

Gah'men: " Ah seng, you forget that I helped you many times already!.. the IR, the upgrading, the expressways.. I know. You made quite a bit right?.. If I am not mistaken, I heard you went to Hokkaido to eat seafood with your extended family and you and your wife sold condos making fat profits!.. I did not tax you right?

" Anyway, Ah Seng, read the budget carefully, then you'll understand.. there is opportunity for you again! You know, you can start a company to import equipment to help with your construction business.. trust me.. as you have trusted me before..
These equipment need TRAINING to use.. you can also start a company to do that!.."

" Do not say I did'nt help you!.. we are a team remember?"
"nevermind about the people.. they have short memories, let me handle them.. you just start your companies and prepare your bids lah!... and we will have more Good Years!"

With that, Ah seng drove off in his Mercedes Benz 280.. he was grinning.. yes, more good years ahead!!... and with robustness, he sang along with the music that was comming out of his CD player: " ah see wah ooo jit pek ban...!"


Anonymous said...

I do not know why we bother to help those low income earners. Alot of them working as cleaners are extremely unprofessional, impatient and rude. My brother once told me of one uncle who keeps on complaining and scolding all the time in his workplace cleaning the toilets that he was eventually asked to leave his job.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why the people always blame PAP for the people's fault. Everyone was given equal opportunity. If you did not take it and have to work your butt off in old age is it the PAP's fault. Look at the budget, its pro worker, pro low wage and so many goodies. People should be dumb to vote them out. Look, we worked hard and have a big HDB house, I have one child, both my wife and I still work at age 60, because we want too and not because we have too. So what if rich earn more, its because they work harder. So stop complaining, we have the world's best Ministers and I will always vote for them. They deserve every cent they earn

Anonymous said...

However we need some credible opposition. Lucky, are you going to stand out? We needpeople like you.

Anonymous said...

More often than not, you get the feeling that those who end up at the bottom of the social strata deserve to be there.
But 400,000(these are only the eligible ones. If you factor in the non eligible ones, the number is even more staggering) need to depend on workfare is very worrying. Whatever assistance you offer this lot, it is unlikely they will be able to gain financial freedom. In fact, most will struggle to survive and mired with financial problems for the rest of ther lives.
So who are these folks? Many are your regular hard working folks. I am sure some of our better educated will meet similar fate sooner or later.

Question we need to ask is why?

Clearly, someone is exploiting unequal strength?

Anonymous said...

to Anon 18:54

Our complaints are about
the excessive immigration, the widening income gap and lack of safety nets for the unemployed, poor, sick and old.

Wiser said...

One day the great philosopher Socrates came upon an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?"

"Wait a moment," Socrates replied. "Before you tell me I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test."

"Triple filter?" asked the acquaintance.

"That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my student let's take a moment to filter what you're going to say. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

"No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it."

"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?"

"No, on the contrary..."

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, even though you're not certain it's true?"

The man shrugged, a little embarrassed. Socrates continued."You may still pass the test though, because there is a third filter -- the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?"

"No, not really..."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell it to me at all?"

The man was defeated and ashamed. This is the reason Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem.

It also explains why he never found out that Plato was shagging his wife.

Anonymous said...

Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought.

Anonymous said...

the excessive immigration - subjective.

the widening income gap - yes

and lack of safety nets for the unemployed, poor, sick and old - tied to income and self sufficiency.

conclusion - unequal rewards

Anonymous said...

//If you did not take it and have to work your butt off in old age is it the PAP's fault. //

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.

Anonymous said...

The con is in "talent"."Talent" or not, your shit is as smelly as the rubbish man.
- Aristotle

Not a DUD said...

What I cannot reconcile is how can the Government say to me, I must be self-reliant, I must work and save for my own needs, including for my own future needs in old age, but I have no choice on how to grow the money I have in my SMRA that I have saved, except to lend it to the Government to lose it away in Temasek or gains made by GIC (reportedly at 9.5% over the last 25yrs) are gains earned on "my money" are NOT my money. Instead they only pay 2.5% on Ordinary, and 4% on SMRA. No wonder so many people are NOT having sufficient monies in the account for retirement!

So to bandaid these issues, they decided to raise retirement age from 55 to 65/67 yrs. On top of that, the minimal sum goalposts have shifted from $80k to $99.6k to eventually $120k and who knows what! And my MP in Tampines said we should NOT delink the Draw-down Age (DDA) with Retired Age, ie. do NOT bring forward the DDA because it will disincentive people from working!? Huh?
So GIC/Temasek the Motherships can't take better responsibility for my CPF and I'm penalized for a delayed retirement with a slant that could turn into a lazy dud?

So, I think I better emigrate to Canada where their pension funds are consistently giving a 10% returns to its people. Seems like their non-million dollars Ministers are smarter than our million dollars studs anytime.

Anonymous said...

An MP said we should not make CPF withdrawals too early or easy otherwise some people will use it to have "flings here" flings there" everywhere.

I wonder why he didn't say the people will "gamble here" gamble there" everywhere. hmmm, oh that that's right. They can't, because they have created two giant monsters right here in the SIN city.

Guess for a loser, Singapore is the meanest town on earth. Move over Vegas.

Anonymous said...

With carrots so small, I wonder if Bunnies will come out this easter to eat at all.

Anonymous said...

What carrots?

PAP has just given out Onions!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Passive Voters (mostly housewives & low income earners) are the hindrance to this country which needs some real changes. These Passive Voters should just leave this country and let those who are ready for change stay in Singapore

Anonymous said...

//These Passive Voters should just leave this country and let those who are ready for change stay in Singapore//

It doesn't matter what's going on internally for you - if the same needs isn't perceived by the other person, then it doesn't exist, other than in your mind.

Either you tune up your persuasion and engagement skills to change make that perception into reality, or far better you target a different segment (perhaps the young & first time voters) who are better attuned for change.

Otherwise, is no difference than PAP saying "
these unprogressive voters should leave this country and let those who are ready to progress and succeed stay in singapore.".

Anonymous said...

How could some people still think that the goodies are not to buy votes?

Unbelievable! But sadly true.

Anonymous said...

Can I buy your loyalty with a cup of coffee?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

Gaddafi must really be regretting re-establishing "diplomatic ties" with USA ... under the brilliant leadership from Obama ... looks like we may soon be on our knees thanking PAP for their onions :-p

Seriously, any stock tips? Your fanboys will need the xtra cash soon when GST goes upz!

Btw, I notice TOC is working very hard to lose the Muslim votes that LKY just lost ... is that your strategy to "compel" PAP to serve the people?

Anonymous said...

Election Day will be after April 16 as the overseas expats will be having Singapore Day 2011 in Shanghai on that day. The guest-of-honor will be Wong Kan Seng. And since, May will be the carrot payouts, this means elections will be either a few days before of after the first week of May or the week before that.

That's the educated guess. In the meantime, Singaporeans are still full-time sleepwalkers.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the budget and reading the PM lauding that they did it good, it suggests to me how shody this budget was. They simply took last year's template and adjust the figures accordingly. A fool is a person who insists on making the same mistake twice.

Anonymous said...

I see HKG has a more all-rounded budget that range from healthcare/social to its local business/talent development. You be the judge

Anonymous said...

Well, passive voters are the biggest hindrance to real democracy in Singapore. Of course, they should leave, if not, all of us who wants change should just migrate instead?

Anonymous said...

SM Goh always have a way of mixing his metaphor.
This time, he claimed this is a "Budget with a Heart".
If X=Y, then Budget = Heart.
Therefore he claimed further = No Single Heart can satisfy Everyone! Wow, so true my Valentine Leader.

Mr Goh then said that "Baby Heart" did not work.
So sounds like our leaders have died of a broken heart.

Maybe like Mr Khaw, all our leaders should go and get the $8 bypass surgery and replaced them with newer, and stronger hearts. That way, there will be not just a Single Heart, but Plenty of strong Hearts going around to satisfy EVERYBODY.

Come on, share the real love!

Anonymous said...

Well, passive voters are the biggest hindrance to real democracy in Singapore.

Passive voters?
Or passive opposition armchair critics too lazy to find out what the voters really want?
Hey Mr Lucky, have u done your heartland survey yet?

... and about Reform Party ...

Anonymous said...

The reason why many intellectuals would not vote for this government is that it does not make stabilisation of the well-being of its people a primary factor. Rather, million-dollar salaries as lifestyles as their primary factor.

So what safety are we really speaking in Singapore? We say Singapore is safe but are the people's well-being secure? No.

We don't have earthquakes in this country yet the people don't feel secure.

Youngsters have already resent national service and reservists as seen from the goh chok tong scenario: "I no longer know what I'm defending." Many Singaporean men are resenting reservists call-ups to protect the 1.2 million foreigners in this country. Such growing resentment needs to be address as the singaporean spirit is diluted but it is of course clear, the Singapore is not interested in the singaporean's soul. To them, running a country is purely business and capitalistic. Not more and nothing less. Only the people are sold with the garbage to believe that Singapore is really home. So all the foreigners who we offer citizenships, they people are not quitters of their own country? We don't even protect our singaporean culture, so why bother to set roots in a purely corporatised government and island.

Nothing will change in this country. No changes in votes as most singaporeans do not care, simply because they do not know how to make sense of the information before them. We have to accept that this is Singapore. It is shitty. The government are living million dollar lifestyles and that's the way it's gonna be.

Anonymous said...

The recent budget seems to put election year as top priority. No mention on developing local singapore industries. As mahathir would call it, it's economic mismanagement. After 40 years of lack of creativity from the government, much less casinos, we still don't have a "Made in Singapore" product. Let alone workmanship. We don't have to talk about workmanship or developing local talent because we have not focused on developing a sustainable economic model except to simply bring in casinos. At the rate that we're going, this country is going downhill and the clearly already, the quality of life has dropped. Tell the minister to take the MRT and bus each morning and evening. Swiss standard?

Anonymous said...

The government tells us to exercise self-restraints to universal healthcare, "affordable 30-year" new HDB flat or high COV, no minimum wage, poor work-life balance, longer retirement, rising inflation and overcrowding. But it allows itself no self-restraint to living a million-dollar lifestyles. I hope we can see.

toomanycindys said...

Aiyah, why are Singaporeans never ever contented. With the economy having done well last year, it is only expected that the govt would extend help to the poor and elderly in the form of "goodies handouts" in the budget announced. Please lah, I don't think Singaporeans should read too much into it that the goodies are given only becos elections are coming up. With or without elections, I am sure the budget would still factor in assistance for the poor and elderly.

Anonymous said...

//only expected that the govt would extend help to the poor and elderly in the form of "goodies handouts//

HKG govt gave the poor
- 2 months rent free in public housing
- 2 months electricity bill rebates
- $6000 ($1k in SG) into their Retirement fund
- Create bond fund for pple to buy tagged to inflation rate to offset high cost
- tax reliefs for those supporting parents/child

In comparisons, do you think SGP gahmen is doing enough for the poor? Our LKY school professor Tan even propose to charge % interest rate to those desperate people who wants to temporary "withdraw" money from their "own" account to tide through? Huh?

If you want to be an Ostrich, then one cindy is far too many.

Anonymous said...

A good video in how NOT to be an Ostrich.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what lucky has to say abt the RP?

Rest in Peace? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just announced. TWO GRCs will have four MPs each. They are Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, and the new Moulmein-Kallang GRC.

There are 11 GRCs which will have five MPs each. They are: Aljunied, Bishan-Toa Payoh, Choa Chu Kang (new), East Coast, Jurong, Marine Parade, Nee Soon (new), Sembawang, Tampines, Tanjong Pagar and West Coast.

Three of them used to have six MPs each: Marine Parade, Sembawang, and Tanjong Pagar.

Two GRCs will have six MPs each: Ang Mo Kio and Pasir Ris-Punggol GRCs.

There will be a total of 87 seats, up from the current 84.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lucky

TOC has started their Gay campaign.
About time you start your Christianity bashing?

That would really help the opposition cause!

Anonymous said...

I know I know .. you can also blog in favor of the STD vaccines for primary school boys and girls so that they can practice safe sex earlier! Make sure u link it to WP!

That will surely help WP's cause and at the same time advance the cause of science!

And remember ... reality has a liberal bias :-)

Anonymous said...

Party politics and DEMONCRAZY suck big time[all over the world, it is showing]

In fact, it makes suckers of all of us at the end of the day.

Now when is lucky gonna wake up?

Anonymous said...

What I worry about are those intelligent people e.g. bloggers like this:
who can do well and take care of their own family promotes the PAP idea of meritocracy not knowing that lesser educated and poorer citizens are going thru' a hard time trying to break out of this vicious cycle. I hope these people spare a thought for those who are less resourceful or does not possess the necessary skills to trade in the market to earn extra income that they need more help than just a few hundred dollars from the govt.

Anonymous said...

You cannot get a HDB flat now even after 3 years from selling your house,it seems that u have to put up with ur siblings,even if they are married and don't want u there.

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