Thursday, February 10, 2011

Expected List of New PAP Candidates for coming elections...

Except for 2, most of the new candidates are from GLCs or banks.

It is likely that all of them will serve as part-time MPs given their current high paying jobs which they will probably keep. I believe Singaporeans' problems now require full time attention not part-timers. We need more MPs closer to the ground not more of the same corporate high-flyers who will seek to maintain the status quo. I guess the people who really care about changing the system to benefit Singaporeans will emerge from parties other than the PAP.

ONG YE KUNG Assistant Secretary-General, NTUC

TAY LIM HENG Deputy CEO, Keppel Integrated Engineering

OON JIN TEIK Outgoing CEO, Singapore Sports Council and Incoming Group Executive Vice President, Hyflux

TAN SU SHAN Managing Director and Head of Private Banking, DBS

DR JANIL PUTHUCHEARY Medical Director, Faculty Development, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School & Senior Consultant, Children's Intensive Care, KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH)

DR TAN WU MENG Department of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre

LAM PIN WOON Ex-CEO, Health Promotion Board

TAY PING HUI Actor, Mediacorp

FOO MEE HAR Global Head, Premium Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

MARY YEO Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, South District, UPS

ABDUL RAZAKJR Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing, National University Heart Centre

DESMOND CHOO Deputy Director, Youth Development Unit, NTUC

VIKRAM NAIR Associate, Norton Rose Asia

GAN THIAM POH Senior Vice President, Institutional Banking, DBS


Anonymous said...

so skeptical of those part time MP and those with commercial business.

They will only come out with and support policy that benefits them, not ordinary singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

As usual, PAP comes up with a bunch of government-linked high flyers with no connection to lesser mortals.

For these people, million-dollar housing will always be Affordable.

I wonder why lesser mortals should vote for them.

Anonymous said...

These are the people who have benefited immensely from the system and PAP believes it's time for them to do some "national service". These people can do without public scrutiny for negligible increase in their income. I really believe they can do without the MP pay very comfortably. Let's just say that they were given an offer they can't refuse. Look at it another way, all they have to do is to turn up Parliament occasionally and try to stay awake. No need to debate anything. It's easy being a yes man. This must be the easiest $20k they ever earned in their lives. Looking at the list, there is no deviation from of their tried and tested method of selection.

Anonymous said...

Besides high-flyers also got actor with flagging acting career. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

all sychophants

Anonymous said...

Onn Jin Teik the ball-carrying joker:

Anonymous said...

crazy?! why should ordinary singaporeans vote for CEOs of any big organisations??? these are the very organisations that have been pushing up our costs of living while depressing our wages by hiring foreigners!

Singaporeans deserve to be screwed for one hundred years if they vote PAP again!

Anonymous said...

A very impressive slate of candidates. They are proven and talented.

More good years! Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

If you read the papers today, you will see that the survey depicts Singaporeans are dissatisfied with services here. The joke is, not all in the service line are foreigners. a lot of them are locals, why can't they provide good services to us. Some Singaporeans take things for granted just like our government. When you made suggestions or feedbacks, they ignore your emails & don't even bother to reply.

Anonymous said...

High flyers must be talented what. If not how to be high flyer? Some more they also must say yes to be PAP candidate, so not easy, you know. If I were a high flyer, I won’t say yes, no matter how hard they persuade me. So those who say yes, this is what PAP get lah.

Ordinary Joes, like those earning only a few $K per month, so many of them, how to choose one? Problem, right? Some more, if elected, their income will jump a few times just based on MP allowance. Which job change will make ordinary Joe’s pay jump a few times? Shiok for them but OK or not?

Maybe they should try to be the opposition.

But then, it is the voters who decide. But funny thing is, these voters in the past, majority who should be just ordinary Joes, also want to vote high flyers (PAP).

So what have you to say? Or this time different?

Anonymous said...

are u sure our 4th PM will emerge from this bunch? Standard has dropped.

Anonymous said...

yup sycophants. just more of the same group think and crony types.
pap is finished

Anonymous said...

Sigh..can expect more goof..oops good years! Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what can all these CEOs do for the common and ordinary Singaporean like you and me?!

Have they ever for once struggled like us to put food on the table. EVER?

Waiting till midnight for the next pay to be banked in our POSB accounts that have less than $10 in them?

To them, all the increase in cost of living, HDB housing, lack of job opportunities because of competition with foreigners mean nothing.

Simply because they sit high up there in their throne. What does a few measly dollars of ERP increase mean to their high paycheck and income?

And now, they become MPs with another $20k in their bank every month?

Like Obama said, let's not vote for the WALL STREET but for the MAIN STREET.

Anonymous said...

Potential PAP part-time MPs come from top management of companies including CEO, COO, vice presidents, senior managers, etc.

=>potential part-time MPs want to improve their KPIs in the companies they work in, include higher profit, as receiving of higher salary increment and higher bonus at end of year by these potential part-time MPs are aligned to better KPIs of the companies they work in.

=>achieve higher profit by cutting cost, including reduce employees salaries, retrench employees when employees salaries are too high

=>prefer foreigners as foreigners' salaries are lower and cheaper. These top management part-time potential MPs have been advocating opening of floodgate to let more and more foreigners to come to Singapore.

=>how are these potential part-time MPs going to serve Singaporeans truly with their heart when the potential part-time MPs interests are in direct conflict with the companies' KPI they are working in ???

Anonymous said...

And Tay Ping Hui as an MP? This is not some TCS drama for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...

there's 1 more you left out:ang hin kee also from NTUC e2i.

Anonymous said...

There is something to be said about a special group of Indians - they seem embedded with an extraordinary forgiving gene. Janil Puthucheary. Philip Jeyaretnam. It must be magnanimity that inspires them to collaborate with the very people who had maligned, persecuted and made their respective fathers suffer so extensively.

Anonymous said...

all these fellas seem to be well qualified on paper.
Private bankers, premium bankers, big GLC heads, bla bla bla...
None it seems, will be able to empathise the plights of the low income and suffering citizens.

Anonymous said...

Do to think these men and women understand the plight of the average Singaporean. Big money now and after two term a assured fat pension for the rest of their lives, even if they do not need it. Can't the people realise that the ruling party is screwing the people of their money and paying themselves million. For goodness sake its legalised corruption.

Anonymous said...

Does not know any of them, however, quite liked the upright and heroic characters Tay Ping Hui acted in television.

As evidenced, almost for five decades, our PAP Politicians are indeed upright and as incorruptible as Tay Ping Hui had portrayed in his acting roles.

For our prosperity and happiness, let's hope that these honest(no stealing, no cheating, no lying and cannot be bought over by huge rewards) and upright talents of PAP will be elected. Let us give them our votes!


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with an actor becoming MP?

Even a char kway teow hawker can be MP too, if he is so talented that he earns more than $20K per month by char kway teow only. So at least he can say he is not in it for the money, because he already earn that much.

Problem is, can you find such a char kway teow hawker and who will also say yes to be PAP candidate? Actor or actresses, maybe.

Anonymous said...

We had seen their past candidates like Teo Ser Luck, who joined as fresh MP. He was damn quick to make an impact but sucking to the max during his speeches and then he was made minister.

We also seen MP like Halimah, who continue to feign ignorance and pretend to help citizens to raise issues.

We also seen the bunch of the remaining stooges saying yes and joined every time in putting down oppositions' ideas and comments.

We have a bunch of new faces who are high flyers groomed for corporate (GLCs)and now given the chance to be stooges at politics. You expect them to risk their and career to raise issues and irked their master? What have the 80 stooges done for citizens? Close to nothing with honesty. Can you identify someone? Perhaps Lily Neo who raised few issues on old people but she was quickly put down by stooge VB, "You want meals to be served in restaurant?!"

4th PM will come from someone close to MM/PM and to ensure he is another seat warmer like GCT.

I think most Singaporeans are getting frustrated but still no balls to say NO or vote. But looking at the situation today, we are already being trapped in a boiling pot with steady rising temperature. Just look at basic neccesities, rental, property and our CPF accounts; you realise you dont have much left. But still you will not say NO and just awaiting to be boiled alive.

Anonymous said...

"It is likely that all of them will serve as part-time MPs given their current high paying jobs which they will probably keep."

Are there no full-time MPs in Singapore? How about the MPs in other countries?

Anonymous said...

"Are there no full-time MPs in Singapore? How about the MPs in other countries?"
Anon 10/2/11 19:01

Only if they were jobless or not having high pay jobs before they became MP.

Then it will be worth it to be full time MP. So which camp do you think such MPs will most likely be? PAP or opposition?

Provided they can even win in the first place.

DareToAct said...

Singaporeans have been told times and again that the world is changing and so we need to change -- upgrade our skill sets, retrain in another job, bring in foreign talents, open to new ideas, ......

But, the PAP seems to have continued using the same yardstick when looking for fresh blood, thus it's like old milk in new bottles. It's in-breeding and all you get are men and women who can't think beyond "how high, Sir?"

Anonymous said...

Frankly with PAP i don't need high flyers...just someone who look dead gorgeous on banners placed around my neighbourhood..afterall i hardly saw my part-time MP in person.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...feel sorry for some who "invested" $10k...and didn't even made it close to the thanks to one Horse :)

Anonymous said...

The whole political system is a joke. I think the old man knows that.But since the world is no wiser, he gave it his own twist.

He gave you an actor.

Anonymous said...

if these glc heads & bankers get voted in as MPs, they will want to ensure labour costs remain low for their businesses - ie resume mass import of "foreign talents". good luck to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Vote wiselee. Vote for change, not $mall change.

Anonymous said...

PaP has their elite team.... oppositions too have their elite team so WTF?
all claim to serve the people's interests and sit in ivory tower so WTF?
also like that so WTF?

Anonymous said...

Supporters are fucking idiotic that deserves to be fucked by all these snakes.

Anonymous said...

Usual list of corporate high fliers who will sell their souls to the devil once they get elected. 13K allowance is VERY attractive. Talk of higher order to serve is crap, and the problem will be worst if we get an opposition clown who also eyes the 13K allowance. Going by the crop of opposition, I am really stuck between the devil and the big blue sea. Might have to cut my arm to extricate from this diificult position.

Anonymous said...

Fuck ah, unpopular actor also can. Fuck PAP for not choosing me instead! I feel so insulted that the relatively unknown actor also can lord over us. He thinks he arnold or what. Fuck ah.

Tay Shi'an said...


I'm Shi'an, a journalist with The New Paper. I would like to write a story about this list of potential PAP candidates you've published -- how you came up with it. Would appreciate it if you could contact me at when you see this message? Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

hello pappy dog leeporter, why not u go ask the PAP themselves? or your pap card-carrying editors?

Anonymous said...

It's so very wise for the PAP to choose an experienced actor to join them. If elected, the Actor can at least 'teach' and guide his fellow members how to act more realistically, convincingly and not so unnatural like Zorro Lim. Watching him clowning around feels so funny. He also make one wonders how he got to be in parliament.

Anonymous said...

To Tay Shi'an said on 11/2/11 13:03,

To prove that you are who you claimed to be, to show that you are authentic and real, you have to sincerely, faithfully and demonstrate your humble manner by writing to the newspaper you belong to, to formally beg Lucky with your request.

Anonymous said...

For actor, we don't know what they say and act is true from their heart. Actor is very likely to be acting so don't trust their words and actions.

TheTruth said...

I have no qualms about their diverse it actor, gay, reporter or corporate fliers types. After all, Ronald Reagan was also a hollywood actor and got elected. Carter was a farmer and got elected. In true democracy your occupations should not really matter (as long as it's legit) because if your constitutional system is truly robust, tried and tested, with full accountability and check /balance in place, then in reality- constitution should sufficiently support any types of qualified incumbent (regardless of his party affiliation) if that's what the people voted for. The question to ask is

- Do Singaporean (after all these years of brainwash by PAP) have that dismissing mindset that a superior or qualified leader HAS to be a "somebody" ie. elite, scholars, high flier etc in order to serve OR just someone with the right mental and emotional calibre to lead and do what is the right thing to do for the nation.

- Would Singaporean prefer to vote for an unknown "devil" (like opposition parties who are largely not given the opp to thrive) and give them a chance to grow& groom versus a known horrid "devil" whom we know are not going to get any better ?

- Does our political constitution/system have what it takes (accountability, transparency, check&balance) after all these years of so-called superior PAP governance or construction? How strong has our almost half century =50 years of governing and nation building has the 1 party ruling given us? Are we prepared to test and find out the truth?

Anonymous said...

>>It's so very wise for the PAP to choose an experienced actor to join them

AGREED...with that, at least i'm fine with paying t.v licence fee.

Anonymous said...

>>It's so very wise for the PAP to choose an experienced actor to join them

Sigh...too bad they lost a movie director mid-way else viewership might even surpass that of taiwan mega t.v serial 爱

Wiser said...

To The Truth

Good points, and I agree.
But what really get me wonder is how these high fliers (presumably have a reasonable sets of skills) would "choose" or "decide" to run for PAP, instead of the other side? Either to set one up or join the OP? These fresh bloods always claim to be the "champion" "alternative" voices - but what's the point of playing devil advocate "for the PAP" as opposed to playing the REAL devil advocate on the opposite side of PAP?! (ie. for the little people whose voices are not represented & PAP are good at dismissing). Because that my friend, is REALLY the crux. Sooner or later, these people will develop the "group think" of PAP and we have more people who cant think out of the usual box. After all, you must always "TOE" the party lines, and sing in unison. How effective" are these so called fresh bloods? I always feel is such a shame these highly experienced people don't the road less travelled, and stand up and be counted more instead.

My personal take is

= Is a "safe" but "smart" choice. Too much personal risk to take if on opposite end of the party. Let's face it, that's the hard truth. So what does that tell us about Singaporeans apathy?

= It can't hurt to be on the "strong" and "powerful" side..all these years of corporate politicking taking them where they are today, they must be very good at the games too. More types A into public service, great, just what we need ;-(

Time for people to realize = to stand up for Singapore, not stand up for PAP. PAP does NOT equals to Singapore. They down own our nation, is the people who own/make up the nation. It is their privilege to serve us, and to hold office. We the only human resource & capital is NOT their Cash Cows. They squeezed us dry, and now they need more Foreign Cash Cows. We have become the Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...

>>I'm Shi'an, a journalist with The New Paper...

Got journalist in Singapore...sure or not?

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows there is no real investigative reporters in ST, let alone other papers!

Anonymous said...

I want to see more creative types.

Architects, designer, artist, sculptor, film maker, entreprenuers etc for a change. Me think we need more right brain people. Me think Pappies are running out of creative ideas. oh but wait, me think we don't have any of such people in singapore. Problem. Me think we cannot innovate outside GDPs, pro-businesses and moneylaundering enterprises like Casinos. F*~! we are screwed .

Mossad said...

The list seems like the starting event for olympic balls carrying.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

Dear Shi'an,

for potential candidate, BG (NS) Tay Lim Heng, yopu go and talk to those MINDEF officers who worked under him before.

From my friend in MINDEF, Messr Tay is one kind of a zero-EQ man who thinks everybody owed him a living. Big ego and cocky. Total alck of emphaty. You also go ask those who worked for him after he left MINDEF.

Sad for Spore if he is made MP through the back-door.

Anonymous said...

So predictable. 80% from GLC or related Banks. It only goes to show - PAP people are everywhere now entrenched in these places. These candidates are like doing the time " for the government, and now is time the government "scratch their backs" = elitism/nepotism at works. That's why they are not interested to promote local creativity and home grown entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will take their slice of pies away better to keep them as a paid workhorse for GLCs and be a servants to the master, then let them become find and nurture the next bill gates or steve jobs. Dont waste your talents here in this SG INC. Their interest is to milk you as a cash cow. We have moved away from the western master a British colonization to Corporate/GLC colonization.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lucky

Been a while right?
So have u completed your poll on the aunties and uncles in the heartlands of Singapore?

Are they more excited about Tay Ping Hui as PAP MP or ANY of the stuff raised by the opposition?

Seriously, if you do not face reality ... how are you going to make a difference?

Btw, your black messiah is showing great leadership in Egypt ...

Gateway Pundit tracks The Obamateur's inconsistent signals.

* Tuesday The Obamateur asked Mubarak to step aside.

* Wednesday he said that transitioning power “now means yesterday.”

* Saturday morning The Obamateur said Mubarak must stay.

* Saturday evening The Obamateur said Mubarak should step aside.

* Sunday Hillary's pantsuit said Mubarak must stay in power.

* Tuesday The Obamateur said that political reform will be a gradual process.

Anonymous said...

why dont they get phua chu kang? more convincing.

Anonymous said...

On good governance, it is one claim that the government makes that is totally irrefutable. In Singapore, the government sets the agenda, determines the KPI, consolidates the results and presents the verdict, much like history. There is nothing for you to affirm or refute. It is as meaningful as saying Japan is a nice country.

Can there be an alternative form of governance that also qualifies as “good”? The point is this: If you could find out, would you?

Singaporeans have to wake up. You do not always have to be marshalled and have your choices made for you. You can be the marshall in yourself. Vote for Change -- good Change while it's still early. If you wait for a real revolution to come (like Egypt), you will have a more dicey and chaotic results.

Anonymous said...

People should read this excellent post by the author

Anonymous said...

More people with link to NTUC!!!

Monique Thomas said...

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Heidi Meyer said...

crazy?! why should ordinary singaporeans vote for CEOs of any big organisations??? these are the very organisations that have been pushing up our costs of living while depressing our wages by hiring foreigners! Singaporeans deserve to be screwed for one hundred years if they vote PAP again!

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