Thursday, February 17, 2011

Govt Performance in Numbers....

How did the PAP govt perform? Actually its not so hard to figure out. Lets leave aside all the untangible things like uncomfortable overcrowded buses and trains, the negative feelings generated by leaders who call us daft lazy lesser mortals, the higher stress level and insecurity caused by the large influx of foreigners. Lets just look at the cold hard numbers ....and what it means to ordinary Singaporeans.

Lets begin with the GDP. It grew by 14% last year. Median monthly income from work among resident households increased by 3.1 per cent last year to $5000. But after you adjust this figure for inflation the gain is only 0.3 per cent[Link]. Medical cost has escalated with class "C" wards costing 30% more than in 2006 (roughly 7% increase per year). Public housing rose 14.1%[Link] rising more than 60% within 4 years. Income gap has widened further[Link]. You probably figured the GDP can grow so much with improving the lot of ordinary Singaporeans because they did it by simply expanding the workforce by importing foreigners.

So it is all very simple. Wages have been relatively stagnant for ordinary Singaporeans while the cost of housing and medical care has risen sharply since the last elections. Ordinary Singaporeans saw their working hours rise to the longest in the developed world based on the ILO report [Link]. We have the 3rd lowest fertility rate in the world if you count territories (Hong Kong and Macau at the bottom) and lowest in the world if you count countries Quality of life of ordinary Singaporeans has been deteriorating. This deterioration started about a decade ago but most Singaporeans woke up to it only in the past few years.

Some of you may say a large part of it is due to globalisation. I don't share this view. The PAP could have done a lot better if it had effective policies in place to tackle these issues. At the end of the day it probably won't matter. When people's lives don't get better, they will demand change. 4 years ago, they were hoping for change from a new PM who looked like he all set to "remake Singapore". Today many have run out of patience and ready to vent their frustration.

I was in Penang in 2007 and 1999. When I was there in 2007, everything more or less looked the same as 1999 and that is why some Singaporeans like to go there - things don't change much. The island looked the same but I sense a change of mood in the people. When I took the taxi from the airport, I chatted with the driver and he sounded unhappy ... he told me the KL govt didn't take care of the people of Penang and wanted to shift the airport to Buttersworth (which was not be true?). He felt insecure although he had been doing what he was doing for the past 10 years. I ate at a restaurant the next day - was at the same restaurant on the previous trip there. I noticed the waiter and manager were the same people - a chinese feller working with an Indian chap. I chatted with the Indian manager I remembered from 8 years ago. After chatting for a while, he started talking about how the Indians & Chinese are sidelined in Malaysia. I was telling myself then that this "pro-bumi" thing had been going on for the last 40 years ...this guy was born into the system shouldm't he be used to it? ...Over the next few days, I spoke to a few more Penangites and they were unhappy with the govt but their actual issues were all different i.e. the unhappiness was not very coherent in terms of actual issues. The thing they had in common was this feeling that the govt didn't care about them....they were not hopeful the govt would solve their specific problems. I carried with me this suspicion that something had gone wrong in Penang when I left the island. In March 2008, when the Malaysians had their general elections, I wanted to write about my trip experience and that there might be a swing in the votes. However, when I ran through the news reports at that time, the overpowering belief at that time was that an opposition win was simply not possible although they were expected to do better so I thought my suspicions were unfounded. The huge win by the Penang opposition was completely unexpected by pundits.

If you have been talking to people, the ordinary folks in Singapore - taxi drivers, hawkers ...the man on the street, you get a sense that certain thresholds have been crossed and there is feeling that patience has expired. Many have waited hoping that their problems will be solved or get some help solving them but you sense that the people already realised that they are not this govt's priority. This is a govt that would give out thousands of scholarships to foreigners but does not ensure its own citizens get quality pre-school. This is a govt that advertises Singapore as a medical hub to attract and treat foreign patients [Link]but tell its own citizens to go to Malaysia for medical treatment and nursing homes if they want to more affordable care. 4 years ago, people still had some hope that this govt will turn around and put the people 1st in all its decision making. there is little doubt that this govt will not and cannot change. That is the hard truth that common people have discovered in the past 4 years. ..and their quality of life has deteriorated and will keep deteriorating until they do something about it.


Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping that there will be a change in the status quo this election time but how many Singaporeans are still blind and brain washed by the MSM and PAP that they are the best?

Anonymous said...

It's a real tragedy that our local media chooses to carry trash, rather than insightful commentaries by Lucky and other bloggers.
It would be good if a wire agency (like AP, AFP, Kyodo) can carry articles by Lucky.
Things are really bad in Singapore, despite what the PAP dogs would have you believe otherwise.
Like Mubarak's cronies, these dogs would not want their comfy boats to be rocked.

Anonymous said...

Yes,let's send the old man a roaring farewell gift by voting out the PAP. The alternative parties must form a govt. But fret not, if the masses ate still willing suckers, we can find greener pastures elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not Penang people. We, Singaporeans, are super kiasi and our government knows that very well that's why they call us lesser mortal, daft, etcs.

I doubt there will be any change come next general election or the one after next because majority of the Singaporeans have been living in fear under the pap and the miw knows it very well how to exploit it to its advantage

Anonymous said...


You mentioned: "untangible things like uncomfortable overcrowded buses and trains, the negative feelings generated by leaders who call us daft lazy lesser mortals,"

Could you give me a link where the government actually calls us lesser mortals?

Is it for real?

Anonymous said...


"We have the 3rd lowest fertility rate in the world if you count territories (Hong Kong and Macau at the bottom) and lowest in the world if you count countries Quality of life of ordinary Singaporeans has been deteriorating."

Link and proof, please. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agreed that things started to change about 10 years ago. From a very strong PAP supporter, I become a strong anti PAP supporter.

PAP of yesteryear is not the same PAP of today. I was hopeful of a more inclusive society 4 years ago but instead Singapore has become more corporate than ever before. I do not want more of the same. I worry for the next generation.

I want to see changes an if PAP can not change then I will have to vote for change. No amount of budget goodies will make a difference plus I know I will have to pay more in future.

Anonymous said...

>>Could you give me a link where the government actually calls us lesser mortals?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 9:40,

I can't believe he would say that. I'm not voting PAP this year.

Anonymous said...

There is a growing social phenomenon in this country where the people don't trust the capabilites of this government to make good policies. The government is using meritocracy to write its own labels and definitions, and making self-proclaimations that it is indeed good. If it is good, how come I have to wait for the 4th bus to get to the interchange before I start my actual journey via the MRT? Why? Please explain why the fucking million-dollar salaries did not improve our lives.

Now, I have to take the second train back home as the first train is overcrowded due to too many foreigners. All these is making life stressful. Very stressful. The only people who are not stressed is the government who are living their million-dollar lifestyles.

Amused said...

No one foresaw the regime change in Tunisia and Egypt. I don’t think anyone can completely discount the fact that PAP may lose the upcoming election. Slim chance? Perhaps. Impossible? Ask Mubarak.

Anonymous said...

I am stressed that I have to flush my toilet three times before my shit goes away.
Such incompetence of our government should not be tolerated.
Vote them out and vote in somebody cheaper, better and faster so I can be stress free.

Anonymous said...

Right at the bottom

Anonymous said...

Right at the bottom

Anonymous said...

Some people are so hungry for power they will just say anything that is politically incongruent.

The MBS boss is right.

You guys are such amateurs.

Alan Wong said...

Our PAP Govt's best performance must be that it is the only govt in this whole world to tell her old and sick citizens to choose to go and die in another country if they cannot afford the high medical costs and care in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

they measured what they want to meansure. i doubt the opp will win this round as many are employed in civil service and TH/GIC related companies. the old and the sick will be asked to leave sg to live in cheaper areas such as batam or msia. the old man has to go since he is the most unproductive and resource consuming and highly paid.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the GDP depends on how many cheap foreign workers that come to Singapore.

It has nothing to do with MIW's ability to manage the economy.

MM said it all - Govt performance depends on how many foreign trash they allow to come to our shore.

If it is about opening our gates, I think anyone can do and do it cheaper, betterer and fasterest.

Still voting for PAP?

Ungrateful Singaporean said...

You are right about people feeling impatient and a sense of being left out and uncared for.

What is missing is numbers.
There will be some people who feel left behind, like myself, jobless, aging ( 55yrs) and that is after attending 3 courses with WSQ.

Choosy? yeah! sure! Do I expect high pay? ( that is relative of course )

The system has demanded high standards: High benchmarks for Civil servants
High benchmarks for RoE
High benchmarks for just about everything.
So, why should I lower my benchmark for a higher pay?

Yet, the grumblings are perculiar only to a few, like myself.

All sectors of the economy have shown positive growth.. none has regressed.

The numbers are too small to effect any meaning in elections or in any other dimensions. It will be "looked" into on a "case-by-case" basis.. and when they do that... they will reveal that:

A) you own a HUDC apartment
B) you own shares ( thus have income)
C) you took a holiday in Penang
D) your kids are working ( o level only)
E) you have 3 bank accounts
F) your wife works
G) your siblings work
H) you have a laptop
I) you have internet
J) you have mobile subscription

So, using their benchmark, I am perfectly fine and not deserving of any help, dont need help and should not be grumbling.

I am an ungrateful dog.
I am an ungrateful singaporean

"You see the foreigner?.. she appreciates what singapore offers and we will help get PR status for her."

" you are unngrateful, complaining,
unhelpful, annoying... thank goodness your kind has stopped producing!!"

" we will import instant workers!"

Anonymous said...

But why is our opposition not like the opposition in other countries?

Is it because they think there is nothing worth to oppose? Or because they don't have a wise old mentor like what the PAP has?

If so, PAP must be doing something right lah, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

Factors related to cost of living are within our government's control.

1) High COE. This contributes to the high cost of living here. Only rich people can afford cars. Can gov give more priority to businesses and families with children? Lower their COEs for them?

2) High housing cost. With a large percentage of public housing in sg. Gov has a strong ability to influence the price. They should not use the excuse of pegging the prices to private housing and letting it escalate.

LSL once said that we should not let our small size disadvantage us. Unfortunately their policies seriously put us at a disadvantage

Anonymous said...

I left SG in 2008 for work and return once a year during CNY, only to find that every time I return, the trains are more crowded and the passengers look more tired and glum, and the property prices are shooting through the rooftop.

My sis has been looking to buy a 4RM or 5RM HDB in the west for the past 2 years. Her expectation of "cheap" has risen from 350k to 400k and finally to 500k for a 4RM aptmt. Unbelievable! I urge her to postpone her purchase until the housing market has cooled down and the prices have stabilised, reminding her of the property bubble of Japan 20years ago and the economic stagnation which ensued. But her response is, as expected of a PAP-indoctrinated citizen: "If i dun buy now, then when? The prices will continue to rise, the market will never crash, the govt will never allow this to happen!". I gave up debating with her on this topic.

Pap has fed on the greed and fear of Singaporeans on the housing market for years. But how long more can the natives endure this condescending, i-am-always-right, doing-this-for-your-own-good, more-FT-is-better, gambling-is-good-for-our-economy BULLSHIT??

PAP is running out of steam, and we voters are running out of patience and endurance.

Anonymous said...

If only PAP is willing to provide a breakdown of how much of the 14% growth is attributable to the 2 casinos? Probably more than 10%.

Ask around your family and friends, how many locals have benefited from the new jobs created by the IRs? Look around in the new IRs, how many PRc, Indian, Pinoy and Indonesian staff do you see?

How many locals have gone bankrupt or committed suicide after piling up huge losses at the casinos? I believe ST and zaobao have been doing a good job not reporting the suicide rate or bankruptcy rate caused by the IRs.

The SG govmt has done nothing since the last elections in 2006 to rejuvenate our economy. We should have moved out of a manufacturing economy to a knowledge-based economy, and re-invent ourselves as a 1st-world economy. Importing cheap labour in masses will only shore up the GDP figures for 1-2 years but definitely not in the long run.

Dun expect another 14% GDP growth for the next 100 years. People flock to the casino out of curiousity to try their luck, once their curiousity and interest are piqued, and their pockets have run dry, they will balek kampung tanam jagung again. By then, the casinos will become ghost towns again.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that the pap will get thrashing at the poll in the coming GE. They are out of touch and have taken the Singaporeans for granted for too long. They think they have the Singaporeans under their control but they will find out the reality soon. They might end up having to seek the WP support to form a minority government.

Anonymous said...

i don't want to see my property value collpased so i wish for no change.

more good years! huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Our high cost of living is due largely to high rental, which is a man-made cost.

Did you guys read about the rising costs of child-care centres?

Many of those interviewed mentioned rising rents, where rents can jump from 80% to 100% increase during contract renewals.

Rents in Singapore rarely drop 10%. But rents can easily double or go up by 50%, especially when landlords are envious of your good business, or they feel you won't dare to relocate.

Anonymous said...

When men lead, they expect the masses to follow, they command and You obey, otherwise how are they to be defined as leaders?

If our rulers have to listen to You, they might as well lead You take charge, can You? Dare You? The very fact that You are wishing and hoping here and not daring to take command shows that they are born your leaders and You are born to be followers, no matter how much You claimed to be better than them.

You are destined to be sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Oops, "lead You take charge" should read "let You take charge".

My apology!

Anonymous said...

I returned home from overseas during CNY, these are what I found out over meals with friends.

- MOM has just pledged in a few hundred batches of PRs into Singaporeans. This person was a taiwanese, and was full of praise for our government (naturally!). She said alot of new singaporeans were from China & India with their families.

- Canadian couple with children intend to leave Singapore after 10+years here. They said the govt have failed to instill any identity, freedom of expression or citizenships with its people. They bought a house and intend to sell it, both worked here as PRs.

- My foot reflex masseur claimed alot of his foreign colleagues have joined IR as card dealers. They are paid $2000 per mth with free meals everyday.

Enough said. PAP is NOT getting my vote anymore.

Anonymous said...

Lots of disappointments and complaints from the intellectuals.

Can they, will they and dare they step up to be counted?

Anonymous said...

To anon

You sound like a circus master.

//might as well let You take charge, can You? Dare You? You are destined to be sheeple//

You sound like a circus master with a whip. No need to be so condescending. Let it be known here that we are not caged animals. The gauntlet has been thrown. We the people will take our charge back come voting day.

I for once in my life would like a "freak election results" and see what cunning tricks PAP have up in their "clean white" sleeves. The people will see what they are truly made of and the hard truths will be out in no time.

We will take all your carrots, and stew them and eat them this time. But make no doubts that after the meal on polling day, we will hop over to the other side of fence.

Anonymous said...

@anon 18/2/11 11:48

They were not born to be leaders. They were just born with silver spoons, or just happen to be in one way or another related to LKY. For eg, LHL's cousin's hubby (WKS), HC's sis (Ho Peng), HC's bro (Ho Sing), LKY's daughter-in-law's sis (Lim Suet Boey), LKY's wife's bro (Kwa Soon Bee), Kwah Soon Bee's son (Kwa Chong Seng). All these people are the so-called "singapore elites", occupying high-ranking positions in the government or GLC. No wonder Lao Lee wants us to marry smart and breed elites.

Just google their names and see what are their positions or go read up

If this is not "Qun2 Dai4 Guan1 Xi4" or nepotism, what is??? This is called "Guan1 Guan1 Xiang1 Hu4" !

Anonymous said...

i don't want to see my property value collpased so i wish for no change.

more good years! huat ah!

18/2/11 11:32

Vote oppositions, sure collapse.

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts.

Anonymous said...

Go vote PAP lah. End up you wont have a roof over your head and a coffin for yourself...

Anonymous said...

I think the reason most Sg folks vote for no change is precisely the fear of seeing their property losing value.

It is a cleverly construed trap that PAP has built to entrap all hardworking law-abiding citizens...

Anonymous said...

Best way to bring down PAP is to bring down the property market.

Oppositions, please attack Property Market!


Anonymous said...

80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, you only can see the appreciation in its value and can't touch it! Unless you are either migrating, up grading to private property or renting a house.
Whether the property market is booming or not, in actual sense, it does not concern ordinary citizens, therefore the conclusion is that 'fear' factor could be overcome if this is properly address.

Anonymous said...

No government is bulletproof. When PAP claims that if Singapore ie PAP (since they like to associate SGP = PAP) fails, Singapore will be in trouble.
The underlying tone is trying to say the following:

"PAP is too BIG to FAIL..or too IMPT to FAIL"
That is what the bankers want you to believe, and they end up squandering your money, caused a mess and still wants you to bail them out. THINK About it. They new PAP line up are full of banksters.

Anonymous said...

This HDB appreciation thing is BS. Yet I also agree that the fear tied to the people are very real.

EVerything in property market is only "perceived" ie paper profits only. Until you sell it , they are not real.
Anything could happen to property market and USA is an example. I suspect many people buy a larger HDB (although they cannot afford it) in hope to sell it later for downgrade to cash in to meet the rising inflation. So the reality of huge profits taking is further from the truth.

With or without PAP, Singapore business will go on.
They have put all the infrastructure in place, and foreign investors are NOT going to go anywhere..they have to be in Asia, and out of business pragmatism, it will go on. We don't need them anymore for bigger or newer shining projects..sort of like how they treated us to Batam/JB hospitals!

Anonymous said...

//So, using their benchmark, I am perfectly fine and not deserving of any help, dont need help and should not be grumbling.//

I sympathise with you. I think they have truly reserved the "qualified" list to someone who is picking cardboards and the downright destitute ones. That's why they want you to get married so that in the name of "Family values" your kids should take care of you instead of the state.

EVen then, we still see so many "happy campers" aka "transient nomads" (fanciful name given by the ST) are all loitering around east coast beach. Many foreigners must think we are such a outdoor good life living people!

That's why when I intend to be single and when I am old, live long enough to be a problem to PAP (if they are still governing that is).

Anonymous said...

What's the use of property price appreciation if you have only ONE property, the ONE you live in?

Sell high, buy high, back to square one what.

Unless migrate lah, then not only can cash out your property but also CPF some more!

But then how come Singaporeans don't migrate? And keep voting PAP?

So what's there to complain? To "release steam" is it?

Anonymous said...

80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats, you only can see the appreciation in its value and can't touch it! Unless you are either migrating, up grading to private property or renting a house.
Whether the property market is booming or not, in actual sense, it does not concern ordinary citizens, therefore the conclusion is that 'fear' factor could be overcome if this is properly address.

18/2/11 13:46 market collapses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = spending sentiments will drasticall drop like a ton of brick = businesses collapse like dominos =.massive job losses = finally have your guts splattered under your nearest MRT track.

Anonymous said...

So, in conclusion, fear will result in PAP lording over the people for a long time to come?
It shall be if the people fear for no reason.

Anonymous said...

no jobs, not able to pay for mortgages.....force to sell homes at great prices spiral down even more...force to sell even lower...massive and irrecoverable debts followed...daughters and wives end up as maids and end up in gay bars and backside hole big big...hahaha

Anonymous said...

No jobs...expats leave in throng..rental market depletes... retirees,housewives and elderlies who depend on income from rental of rooms and entire unit will dry money...oppositions come out from own pockets to feed the aging population and the poor ah? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Change of PAP regime will probably result in a few days the most a week of minor interruptions. Then it will be as normal as traffic jam, business as usual - SIA will fly, banks will open, shops will run, market will sell etc

But it will make rooms for
- fresh faces & alliances to come out and form government & parties, including those who had been intimated by ISA tactics before
- more local and creative enterprises owned and run by Singaporeans, not GLCs
- more diverse views from freedom of expression to freedom of press - that is truly signs of an "inclusive" society
- Singaporeans will be less empathetic and take a keen interest in the new well-being for themselves
- the real "leaders" (cld even be PAP) will decide if they are real leaders that want to serve the people well again..instead of the mercenaries

It is not the end of world as some people want us to believe. IT will just be a temporary blip of inconvenience. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I think there are PAP stooges coming to spread more fears..What a pity party.

Anonymous said...

Tharman said
- 8% of real growth in the 20th percentile
- 21% of real growth in HH median income.
- aim to increase 30% productivity over next 10 yrs

Someone please give me the "real" lowdown for the real growth" here?

30% increase will means everyone can forget all the maternity/paternity or home work life balance...

zy said...

Well numbers aside, I can't say the government is not doing a good job especially after I visit the regional countries. What I can say is that things can definitely be better so I do hope to have an alternate voice in the system.

However, I feel there is a lack of talent in the opposition teams. The effect of globalization is very real, and I do not trust the current opposition to be able to handle it. Sometimes it just seem like the only reason to vote for them is to fire warning shots to the PAP.

I hope good people will stand up and help the country carry a different voice

Anonymous said...

Home ownership is 85% high even among the bottom 20% - really?

Anonymous said...

" It's a real tragedy that our local media chooses to carry trash, "

The local media under the SPH and MediaCorp have BETRAYED the people of Singapore.

They are TRAITORS who should be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

Is official. Singapore runs the place as an Inc. They just announced "dividends" for its people.

They can call it "sharing & caring" or "grow & share" whatever the fancy names, but they are the same tactics all over again. One-off top ups (few hundred here & there) and mostly indirect..what's new? After that what? Another 4 years of ongoing pay and pain in other ways. They blew 40B on Temasek but give how much bandage to its people?

Overall, nothing to shout about.

Anonymous said...

It is a good article. It tells the hard truth from the ground up. PAP go and die!

Anonymous said...

Why waste hundreds of thousands( millions in more hit the jackpot) on alternative voices when you can get alternative voices free of charge in the Internet?- especially when alternative voice in parliament is not going to change PAP stance anyway.

It is much cheaper, better and faster for the govt to read all the alternative voices in the Internet.

Let them decide then whether to heed the voices or not.

Afterall, if it makes sense, they will have to concede or suffer the consequences.

NoBigDeal said...

Notice there was nothing on cooling down property take is that they can't / won't do anything to do it. In other words, HDB prices will keep rising. Their best and only way to help is to give CPF top up grant for house buyers. Good luck people!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are still people who think high property prices are good. Like a lot of people commented, it only benefits one if he/she migrate or have no family. Super high property prices naturally leads to hyper-inflation. No govt in the world can create real wealth by inflating property prices. If everyone is a millionaire, then what is the worth of a million dollars?

Recently a lot of hawker stalls have increased their prices. Most Sporeans can't demand more pay to fight inflation and it isn't easy to change to a higher paying job these days with the influx of foreigners. We are screwed! Just pray you are not retrenched. If retrenched, you will have to compete with cheaper FTs in a shrinking job market.

To Lucky: another good writeup!

Anonymous said...

The party lives on!

Cash handouts!
Business gets subsidies!
Lower income gets help for kids!

and painting a great tommorow...
yes! 30% more income!! in ten years!

Talk cock sing song.

Income is up to the boss..
Boss will save 50% if he employs foreigner.. he dont give a shit about you and your Tharman dream of 30% more.

So honourable to return 4billion.

lends creditablity.. and to rub it in... he did not have to return it since there is no legal obligation.
( Oppositions please take note.. no need to return hor! )

Best party man!
but where is my job?

Anonymous said...

Wah, 3 bdrms HDB 10 million dollars soon.

Who buy? LOL

Anonymous said...

//It is much cheaper, better and faster for the govt to read all the alternative voices in the Internet.
Let them decide then whether to heed the voices or not.//

So you think forums like these organized by oppressed civic citizens are now a great feedback tool for the PAP? Why don't they try put up one themselves and see what happens? Oh yeah, they did. The Facebook page on AMK-YCK GRC got a big backlash and heavy intervention by the PAPies who couldn't see them as "feedback" but "criticism" only. Talk about back bones of the leaders!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

By now, we are quite used to PAP Ministers using funny numbers to prove their assertions. It now seems however that even the Deparment of Statistics is going into the funny numbers business. The following is from Goh Meng Seng on how DOS used misleading data to hide income inequality.

Anonymous said...

Cant tahan FTs. Take our jobs, take our space and take our babies. Kick all FTs out of the country oppositions.

Vote out PAP

Anonymous said...

It is the voices of the people.There maybe a gem somewhere. Listen not at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

The so-called "Budget good news" are not so good afterall.

They are so-so only.

And it is only once every 5-years (election year).

Little to be excited about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lukcy

Sorry. Broken link. Please see from the main NSP site.

Anonymous said...

So in the budget announcement, they emphasized these are for the "singaporeans". I assume it includes those Nett new singaporeans (who were converted ex-foreign talents before). Nice, they just come in and share the same "goodies" as us.

So obvious they are trying to buy votes and loyalty from the NS group.

On a scale of 0-10, i give this budget a 4!

Anonymous said...

Dont live like an old man filled with regrets.
Live the dreams, and fear NOT!
Nothing in life is too late, for CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

What we want is jobs.

Priority should be given to sporean.

Give u a few hundreds $ every 5 years, how long can it last? To those with very very high salary, what is a few hundred $ to them?

Anonymous said...

Singapore Flawed Freedom. By Muhammad Cohen

Some quotes..

"But Singapore suffers from a sort of caste system, where it's difficult to advance very far up the economic ladder if you don't have the right connections. It's somewhat worse than Western economies, specifically the US - here [in the US] you can become wealthy just through having and working a good business idea, but there you'll need to know someone. Probably a vestige of their colonial past, colored by East Asian business practices that value relationships over ideas."

.. Their authoritarian style helped them emerge from the poverty of World War II, but may limit them now in attracting creative types that drive future economic growth.

"Friends ask me what Singapore is like and I call it 'Cuba with money': same politics and climate, with very different economies," Levin said. They also have surprisingly similar levels of freedom, depending on how you choose to measure it.

Anonymous said...

//What we want is jobs. Priority should be given to sporean.//

Tharman said on Budget today - Your job is your Social Safety Net. And I think he forgot to add HDB too. And nowhere did he mention how they will curb suppressing low wages through cheap import of talents. So you can go to all the free training and productivity classes, but when there's no job that will fit the person's experience and skill, that's not going to work either. They have to reserve the GLC spots for the PAPies.

So you either 1) downgrade & sell yr HDB 2) rely on your children or family 3) emigrate. Not everyone can be like SM Lee who can conveniently create a $3m per annum role for himself until 89 yrs.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the relevant authorities would look into the dental(medical) care provided to Singapore citizens in the coming budget. I have a personal dread experience dealing with dental treatment provided by the Dental clinic at the government OPD subsequent and was subsequently referral to the National Dental Centre.

1. Poor Service level: It took me abt 6 months to book for the OPD appointment (max. 1 treatment per person) and another 6 months for booking appointment for more major treatment at National Dental centre. Before the 3rd appointment which took 1.5 yrs, I already lost my molar tooth which had started off with only some pain. This molar and the adj crown tooth could have been saved with prompt treatment.

2. Costly dental treatment fees despite "subsidy":

The cost of dental treatment for consultation at the National Ctr was $80 even without treatment excluding x-rays which cost more than $50. The reason given is because it is specialist consultation and for "urgent" cases. Even, when I explained that I made appointment with the OPD, I was made to pay the consultancy fee & X-ray which adds up to more than $100 without any treatment. Payment by Medisave is not allowed i.e. cash is accepted only. (Btw, I recently consulted a private dental surgery and the dr did not even charged me for consultation when I did not have any treatment).

I am really surprised that with all the Government's emphasis on better healthcare for its citizen, dental (medical) care which is equally important to medical(hospitalisation) for Singaporeans has been ignored by the authorities.

Anonymous said...

So anyone who is really serious about the budget announcement should be focusing mainly on three things

1) rising inflation cost, stagnant income
2) jobs and productivity for local singaporeans
2) health care.

However, none of what I expect come through.
I mean getting behind specific numbers & actions to rein in costs for food, properties, transport etc. Jobs or replacement help/fee that local singaporeans have lost to foreign talents (both blue & white collars). And affordable health care for the population.

Instead the whole thing was a let down. The same old goodies in the form of bandaids.The bottom line, nothing is new. it’s all top ups (not hard cash) and posturing, telling us a lot about the our jobs are our security nets, but signifying nothing in terms of actual jobs creation for middle class. SO we shouldn’t indulge our PAP leaders by pretending otherwise. Vote for a change in this GE. Or I assure you we are all stuck in the same complains for the next 5 years, and things will not improve.

job-less & cash less aimless said...

At the rate I am going... may not last another year let alone 5!!

Training?.. to do what?.. personal effectiveness?.. Diploma in Tourism?

Who wants to employ a 55 year old?
to be the face of tourism? To be an "attraction host"?

Who wants to employ a 45 yr old to be a coupier?..

Yeah, sure... lots of jobs out there... hundred thoussands of them..

None for people older than 35yrs.

I' ll just wander around from MRT station to another.. one food court to another.. add flames to blogs such as this..

And.. beat this.. I cant take out more than 20% of my CPF too.
What a great place to be!!

Jobless, cashless, aimless,.. my fault?

Anonymous said...

We should released the self proclaimed "talented" ministers to the private and see if they can earn the same millions every year!! My patience with PAP ran out 3 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Want proof that Singapore has world's 3rd lowest fertility rate? Just check wiki

Anonymous said...

In an interview! lKY actually said that PAP will activate the army f there was a freak election results!!!

Anonymous said...

So let's test it. I highly doubt so because he would totally lose his credibility on the international stage.
It is said so to instill more fear to oppress people.

Anonymous said...

I think they have just spent $500k to shoot a tv ad with 36 artistes to sing an emo song "Home" the name of Total Defence!

haha, they want the molly colly feel good song broadcasting everywhere now so people feel "unified" through the power of star persuasion.

Plus just before election smart & so transparent!

Can Opp party come up with similar gig? Who will sing for Opp party - in the name of freedom of rights, expression, citizenships & dignity?

All propaganda..

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

U know that things are bad when even your one-time Mr Wang has started commenting again (now that HIS rice bowl is going to be threatened by FTs)...

Unfortunately, the official opposition mouth piece (the one that got gazetted) seems more interested in in pro-LGBT agenda than the bread-n-butter issues of the majority who really dun care.

Seriously, can you whip them(pro-opposition sites) into shape? Election coming u know ... win the election 1st lah ...

Anonymous said...

It would be good if a wire agency (like AP, AFP, Kyodo) can carry articles by Lucky.

Mr Lucky ... Shiok?

James Dean said...

I've just returned to my place of work after a short stay in Spore. I did not detect a groundswell against the govt. The voting patterns will remain more or less the same with a slight shift to the other political parties.

I was expecting a strong anti govt mood in my trip. I did not find it. People just dont care and are interested in making money. My observations and chats with people, friends and acquaintances have led me to believe that nothing much will change in the political landscape during and after the elections.

A multi party democracy I suspect will only be a reality with the departure of the old man and fissures within the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

the latest budget is really like a big "f*ck you" to all the critics. you suggest cutting defence budget? i am gonna increase it. you suggest having a more progressive tax system? i am gonna reduce middle-upper class personal tax (AND still claim that this is introducing a more progressive tax system!)

its as if the govt is saying to the people: "what can you do? nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh! cry me a river! boohoohoo!"

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

PAP has heard you!

Health Budget DOWNZ!
Transport DOWNZ!
Prime Minister Office UPZ!
Defence UPZ!

Ya da man!

Now seriously ... how are you going to "compel" PAP?

Have anything really changed? said...

I agree with James Dean.

Nothing much has changed. We can see that the government is still issuing out cash.

But it is not fixing the issue of overcrowded MRTs and buses, and the fact that we don't have transitional rental houses for new young couples to stay and have a family when they are forced to wait wait 5 years for a BTO house key.

It's disgusting. It has not address its CPF issue. People want to draw their CPF but are not allowed to. All these issues are swept under the carpet and are not addresses. You can give as many grants but if yougn couples can't get their keys but have to wait for 5 years to get it, you're not worth voting for. But are the people really aware? Most of them have already sucked into the value of pragmatism. Pragmatism in Singapore realistic with your money and accept that you can't change the government nor Singapore. Pragmatism in Singapore is unconscious defeatism. It is defeatism, ladies and gentlemen, not pragmatism.

But we have to understand, PAP has moulded many Singaporeans' minds to be kiasu and kiasi. Having conditioned their puppets that way, they could now easily give their puppets what their puppets think they want.

Anonymous said...

So much for swiss standard of living...

Anonymous said...

Too many people on the trains and buses and everywhere...what's happening to our country, huh? It's getting less and less conducive to move around. Why is the government doing this? Can't it find a better solution? Increase productivity through technology lah...why keep using cheap china, phillipines and india? Last time, goh chok tong called us quitters for migrating singapore. How come now he never call their foreigners quitters? Double standards leh.

Lies said...

Mr Leong has a great analysis of the "real" budget on TOC. In sum

The following Budget 2011 benefits are not cash that Singaporeans can use:-

$500 millon Medisave top-ups
$175 million Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG)
$10 billion to upgrade homes and rejuvenate estates over the next 10 years
$200 million U-Save and S & CC rebates (as these are to offset increased and possibly increasing costs)

Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics by our leaders.

Anonymous said...

You think oppositions will allow you to withdraw your CPF or let you freely do with your money?


Anonymous said...

Aft all the compliants & the end PAPs WINS.....^-^ just part of our day in and day out life and we choose to suffer in silent cos PAPs cannot and MUST not COLLAPSE......^-^ else the WHORE COUNTRY going to COLLAPSE..........55555555+

Decode said...

Once again, this is bad science on the foundation of
Budget announcement.

It is repeating PAP's commitment to fiscal gimmicks and goodies otherwise known as "votes buying". The "share and grow rice buckets" all are nice sounding, but nothing in concrete terms to show how there are shared sacrifices on the part of elite leaders aka czars. It only let them pose as a "sharing and caring" mercenaries once every 4 years.

The larger picture is this: the budget has virtually nothing to do with share & care, and only a little to do with the size of the elites salaries.

While they are giving out all the "indirect" help in the form of top ups to the poor who are already cash-strapped with the rising costs, the top 20% especially the leaders, are enjoying millions of hard cash into their monthly pays. Seriously, is this the best PAP can do for its bottom 20% and the large 60% of its middle class?

Anonymous said...

The budget seems to resemble previous pre-election budgets, ie lots of goodies, including the most prized goodie, CASH.

So most probably the coming election outcome will most likely resemble previous election outcomes.

I guess the government knows very well what makes Sinaporeans tick in the right box.

"Know yourself, know your enemy, 100 battles, 100 victories"
- Sun Tse on the art of War.

The opposition better learn from this ancient 6th century BC Chinese military strategist. It is still valid thousands of years later.

Sunson said...

Sun Tzu also said

To see victory only when it is within the ken of the common herd is not the acme of excellence.

Anonymous said...

To james Dean
//was expecting a strong anti govt mood in my trip. I did not find it.//

Do you think is because people are waiting for the budget to come out first? Besides it's still early days since no one really knows when election is going to be held.

Anonymous said...

My take is that Singaporeans are getting smarter and quietly. The taxi drivers are not complaining as much these days I notice, but I suspect people are taking the dividends anyhow, and come polling day, it will be another matter. I could be wrong, but let's see.

STpolled that as high as 70% are not satisfied with the budget.

Plebian said...

People have short memories.

Once money is given, all is forgotten

The rich will always remain rich and powerfull.. they will cling on with tooth and nail.
It has been like that since biblical times.. nothing has changed.
only the clothes, transport and mobile phones.

You and I will have to suffer this until a leader emerges with the courage and the vision.

Sadly, this will not happen in my lifetime.

Enjoy the peace now.

Anonymous said...

I am middle age. I vote against the pap if I have the chance. I have seen the past ... all this build up and finally when comes voting ... it is PAP clean sweep.

The fact is the online world or the talkers make a lot of sound. That does not change the fact that many are satisfied with the PAP but they are less vocal. The non whiners.

Actually i do admire LKY and the pAP. I do believe they did their best. However like some us despite this we do vote against pAP.

But when I see whiners ... i don't emphatise with them.

I am nobody special ... middle age and end up with M liquid assets mainly cash and ... properties. I can truly say it is the result of the PAP government.

James Dean said...

Dear Anon 15:29

I doubt if a person's vote hinges on the 2011 budget. The folk I know have made up their mind and many are not going to switch to another party when they actually put their mark on the ballot paper. There is a feeling that a vote for an alternative party at the cost of HDB upgrading, year end bonuses etc is too risky. This was the impression I got when I conversed with those around me during my vacation in Spore. I dont know how widespread this feeling is but I suspect that this is probably the common sentiment.

The ruling party has at the same time picked up a degree of inscrutability on the ground which has caused them some concern. They dont really know if issues like the "foreign talent" will translate into votes against them.

Kuan Yew's age old argument that our smallness and vulnerability not only disqualifies us from multi party democracy but also requires Sporeans to "suffer hardship" and to FEAR any alternative voice is DEEPLY EMBEDDED in the Singaporean psyche. His "Hard Truths" is designed to keep the troops in line and to rein in anyone from the 66% (previous level of support at 2006 GE)who may shows signs of switching to other parties.

Change will come in a few years time but perhaps not in this coming election.

James Dean

Lye Khuen Way said...

I agree with the perception that the present Govt is arrogant enough to Increase the Defence Ministry/ PMO Budget and Reduce the Health/Community Development Ministries allocations ! Sure, there is no YOG in FY2011, but are there NO Health Care issues/ No hardship cases ? As I have declared : the ONLY memorable item was the scraping of THAT TV & Radio License.

The Pariah said...

I'd like to add one more phenomenon to the list that Lucky pulled together that shows up PAP's contradictions.

1. MND's tagline: "Endearing Homes".

2. URA CEO's speech at ArchiFest in Oct 2010: "... URA’s mission to develop Singapore into a great city to live, work and play in. Happy experiences and memories associated with places and people are ultimately what anchor our heart and soul to a city".

3. MM Lee's "Hard Truths" book about his old bungalow at 38 Oxley Road: "I've told the Cabinet, when I'm dead, demolish it".

4. PM Lee's 2011 CNY message: "We will manage the pace of change, so that we keep our bearings, sense of place, and sense of belonging".


Do read my latest blog posting:
"After Wikipeeks, NOW Weakipeeks"
(esp WEAKIPEEK NO. 7 on MM Lee).


AMORAL (worse than Immoral) and SHAMELESS (worse than Shameful) are how I would describe the PAP of today.

The PAP of old that I knew and admired is long dead!

The Pariah

Anonymous said...

"But then how come Singaporeans don't migrate? And keep voting PAP?"

How come? Because it is never easy to migrate to countries like New Zealand or Australia unless you have skill sets that are lacking in these countries. On the other hand, Singapore welcome all foreigners in whatever trade...even hanky panky ones

The Pariah said...

This is my country. This is your country.

Why should I emigrate? That only makes the day for the PAP, my friend.

You leave the country because of the PAP???

OR you get the PAP to leave the stage (eventually)???


When the going gets rough, the tough gets going (NOT leaving).

The Pariah

Anonymous said...

You know folks...

iknow many or a lot of us local guys (feverishly hope so)don't blame singapore gals for being what they are...which is realistic...(not materialistic)...all thanks to the PAP BS policies...

To cut it galfriend left me for a PR, she told me she feel more secured with him than with me...cos he is financially in a better position...the irony of it is his education from poly all the way to Uni was paid by the PAP gov' he has a 2.5 years head start on me...

I had to pay my way all secondary 2 all the way to throw 2.5 years plus reservist time of my productive life away...and for what Singapore? For the bloody self serving PAP and their "foreign cronies"...

PAP...fark you to hell understand!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must act to remove this uncaring govt. Correction, they care only about the elites and the GDP numbers that puts money into their pockets.

We, the man in the street, are just digits, slaves, not to be heard much less cared about.

PAP toady is different from PAP in the early years. This only justifies the need to change the way we need to vote.

The opposition have also become stronger from the past and they must be given a chance to make Singapore better.