Friday, February 25, 2011

This election, your life, your future....

Chiam See Tong on his Facebook [] said:

"I ask myself today, what is my dream?
I can humbly say, my dream, at 75 years of age, is to be able to fly the flag for the opposition in Singapore by Fighting a Good Fight, to win a GRC in the coming elections.

Some people say to me, “Why do you still want to fight the next election in a GRC? It’s time to retire. It’s getting too hard for you.”

But you know, this isn’t a hard job.

In fact, it is harder to bring up a family with little income.
It is harder competing for jobs with foreign talents.
It is harder to look after a disabled child, or an elderly parent
It is harder to afford hospital bills for your family.
These, are hard jobs that Singaporeans are facing. And it will get tougher.

If Singapore Parliament is dominated by just the PAP, there will be a monopoly of ideas, and your voices may not be heard. I have chosen to fight my next election battle in a GRC, so that hopefully at least 3 to 4 other opposition candidates will be returned to Parliament together with me"

When Singaporeans go the ballot box in the not too distant future, they will ask themselves a few very simple questions - did my life improve in the last 4 years or not? Is it harder to buy the things I need? How do I make my life better in the coming years? For the common people, the govt's job is not to build a magnifiicent city (that they cannot afford) or grow the economy as fast as possible (by importing labor) or build the most extravagent sovereign wealth fund in the world or be the world class hub for everything under the sun. For the common people, the govt's job is to make their lives better. When a govt does not do its job of taking care of the people and life become harder because of that, that govt does not deserve our support.

When medical cost increased, this govts response was simply to pass on the increased cost to the sick and their families by implementing means testing increasing the financial burden of Singaporeans during the most painful part of their life. When CPF was no longer sufficient for old age due in part to bad policies of the govt liberalising it for housing, children's education and medical care, the govt pushed the burden to us by forcing everyone to buy annuities stretching our already insufficient retirement funds further. Public transport fares are hiked often when companies running them claim that operating cost has increased. The burden is passed on to Singaporeans who later find out that the profits of these companies have did the pay of their CEOs. The govt's desire to turn this into a city of 6M caused our population density to rise to the highest in the world above New York and Hong Kong. We are packed like sardines in the buses and MRT and our housing cost has escalated much faster than our stagnant wages - dashing the dream of the ordinary Singaporeans to own a better home.

The answers to the questions Singaporeans will be asking at the ballot box are very clear. We need to bring this govt back to focus on the people, their quality of life and the promise of a better future.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

I wish Lucky would run for elections though...

Anonymous said...

I have always respected Mr Chiam. He always get to the core of the issues. He never get angry when he is humiliated or poked fun at. He is an elder we should all respect!

De Leviathan @ Sg said...

Agreed. Read this post - Election Budget 2011, The Middle Class Income Stagnation & "Lost" in Retirement Fund

WiseVote said...

Every belief has a consequence. What's the belief you hold day to day? What do you like to say to yourself when people talk about PAP. What're your favorite words and phrases? Do you say Singapore is

(1) Safe/Peace (2) Clean (3) Successful ?

And these are reasons why you justified and voted them OVER and OVER again.

Now ask this questions. Did your VOTE for PAP guided you towards the following "problems" as a results of your belief

1) Safe = Police state. No freedom of expression in fear climate. No freedom of press. No open dissent or ability to protest or participate in civic debate on important issues. Oppression of Opposition candidate at all cost. ALL in the name of "SAFE".

2) Clean = Cover up of government dirty tactics by yarn spinning on real demand/supply/cost/talent issues pertaining to transport, food, hdb, employment etc. No visibility in GIC/Temasek on how they borrow our CPF monies to invest and the accounting outcome. Pay for MPs million dollars salaries to avoid corruption. ALL these in the name of staying "CLEAN" , so clean that you don't have to see it on surface anymore.

3) Successful = Translate to you agreeing long work hours, work/life balance not important, over reliance on maids and in recent case, justification of foreign talents. People are just digits in their cost center to grow GDPs. In other words, we are the automatons, the duds and poor foals metered by the Horse Masters with a whip to perform to the axioms of "Cheaper, Faster, Better". ALL in the name of SUCCESS.

Do you say because of (1-3) you have no choice, but to vote for PAP? Think again. Does all these result in your increased power of choice, or a sense of powerless? Is voting for PAP a focus on the past or present/future?

Your ability to step up and vote for CHANGE when you have a CHANCE, will determine you and your family/peoples happiness. What is it going to be?

Anonymous said...

In fact, it is harder to bring up a family with little income. -MONEY
It is harder competing for jobs with foreign talents.- MONEY
It is harder to look after a disabled child, or an elderly parent - MONEY
It is harder to afford hospital bills for your family. - MONEY
These, are hard jobs that Singaporeans are facing. And it will get tougher. -MONEY

Cut it short and sweet. It is ALL ABOUT MONEY - NO MONEY NO TALK

Now unless the oppositions have an exclusive right to making money for the masses that is not capitalistic, please, stop masturbating the masses.

If someone can't even part with 10% of his inflated MP salary(basically a part time job) for his comrades, I don't see how people like him can help us "improve our standard of living", can you?

Bottom line is, SHOW ME THE MONEY or rather he prefers that we buy their sales pitch and send them to the jackpot of power? lol.

I think we have enough self serving rich politicians already do we need more of them who want to screw us from BEHIND? lol

Anonymous said...

I will vote for PAP because I am selfish.

I like passing the costs to others, just like government pass the cost to you when medical costs go up.

I operate like Singapore Inc. I want to make money. You die your own problem.

If Singapore gets invaded or overrrun, I will either run away with my money, become foreign-language translator like MM Lee or serve in the occupation army's civil service like our President Nathan.

Anonymous said...

Chiam you are great. I will pray for your health that you will live longer than LKY.

Alternate views please.. said...

There are many ways to earn money.
There are many ways to skin a cat

The opposition must present the other ways.

But the ways must meet certain criteria:

A) sustainable
B) equitable
C) adaptable

I am sure there will be different viewpoints. The policies that the opposition counters must meet these.

And, of course, be presented in a clear manner.. not some rambling voice that only serves to disengage your supporters.

I yearn to listen to alternative ideas.. not to listen to empty rhetoric and personal attacks.
useless, and I will be stuck with a PAP idea for want of a better

No nonsense deviation into the past
No nonsense pursuit to introduce playboy magazine under the idea of "freedom of expression"

No nonsense distribution of money from the CPF or reserves to have teacher to student ratios of 1:5

No nonsense removal of taxes for vehicles

No nonsense distruction of the casinos

No nonsense idea of free bus rides for elerly people.

No nonsense removal of National Service.( it means there is poor understanding of issues )

Then, perhaps the opposition may gain more credibility when they speak in parliament.

Please think carefully, present with clarity and you will get the support from all stratas.

Anonymous said...

what is so nonsense about free bus rides to elderly?

Anonymous said...

All are opportunistic monkeys guarding their fat paychecks FIRST, then give out crumbs to appear socialistic.

End game, you still beg, worry about your jobs, costs of living still rise, crowded, work till death,low birth rate,children grow up selfish,vain, greedy and sex maniacs as adults etc.

ha. Who r they kidding

Anonymous said...

I won't ramble a list of "No this or No that" while claiming to yearn for alternative views.

I also don't expect a 10y or 20yr plan from them since my current PAP doesn't even share their 5 yr plan with me. In fact I already can see through what their 5yr plan will lead me to. I would argue that SGP infrastructure and basic foundations are already there. All that is required is tweak to some policies and leap in others.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Best wishes to Mr Chiam in achieving his dream. It is NOT too difficult.
I can see that the PAP is running scared. They can sense that the Ground is not so sweet, their excuses or non-excuses are not being bought. Complacency /arrogance have become their hallmark.

As yes, Lucky should consider stepping forward to do another round of National Service ( or is it City-State Service !)

Anonymous said...

$$$present with clarity and you will get the support from all $$$

If they present with clarity, they will lose credibility. ha.

If they implement their socialist ideas, the rich will flee our island.

Then the country becomes poorer, more job losses and a one way ticket to hell ha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Chiam See Tong's hard truths in today's climate. May the power of force be with him the people of Potong Pasir.

I would be very disappointed if Opposition didn't at least win 5-8 seats. I just don't want to pay for more self-serving MP salaries. Fight strong, and fight well!

Anonymous said...

"""We need to focus on the people, their quality of life and the promise of a better future. """

Well said!!

Anonymous said...

In CNA today " Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said changes to Singapore's electoral map should lower the hurdles for parties intending to contest the elections."

Like all of a sudden we are supposed to believe that this political party will now help an opposition to come to power?! ha!

I believe the seats are increased so that he can bring in more million dollars assassins to carry out his "termination" plan.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

U need a min of 30 opposition MPs.
There is no difference 0 and 29.

Reality is that the opposition has already lost the moment the LuckyTans decided to sit on their collective butts and blog from the safety and comfort of home.

Oh wait ... I forgot reality has a liberal bias ...

PAP is a necessary evil said...

Most Singaporeans are disgusting human beings, always ready to cheat, steal, abuse others whenever they have the chance. Even the so called downtrodden will take the chance to abuse others when they get it. Just talk to any social worker for real life examples.

Without PAP's strong hand to enforce discipline, Singapore will go to the dogs within 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Change govt change destiny.

Vote for changes.

New govt, life will be slower, richer and bestest for all.

Anonymous said...

Lets agree that there is no free lunch.

"No free bus rides for elderly.."
Yes, perhaps a discount greater than now.Such as free transfers from one bus to another or a flat fare within a certain time frame.

Tweak the system to allow the old to enjoy their fruits, after all they did put in good years of their economic life!

Lets define the old as above 55 or 50.. since many would be bumped off their jobs anyway.

A population with a good mix of younger people and older ones lends itself to have vibrancy yet a mellow undertone.

In otherwords, the opposition can offer citizens an alternative route to achieve the same results.
What are the results?

stable economy/social cohesion/racial tolerance/jobs for all/

No different from the incumbent's.

What is the difference is the manner of execution and the journey towards the goal.. currently its " my way or the highway"

Well, this is my home too, and I am not about to go onto the highway just because YOU say so.

Anonymous said...

//the promise of a better future.//

In 2004 speech, PM Lee said he held up a vision
whereby his government is open to an

- inclusive society towards all Singaporeans, young and old, disabled and able-bodied, rich and poor’,
- place to live in dignity and harmony, and people have opportunity to raise our children and realize our dreams’
- compassionate and caring...’

Did he achieve all these KPIs?

What he did't say is inclusiveness applied to foreign talents coming after our limited resources.
More costs/indirect taxes are included in our ever-increasing monthly bills. And compassionate & caring only applied to his well-paying elites & casino kingpins.

I'll be a fool to believe in his promises. He's had 7 years to deliver and failed.

Anonymous said...

There are few sins worse than political in-fighting.

Bye bye Reform Party! Bye bye opposition parties!

For all its flaws, PAP can present a united front. This alone is enough to cover up a myriad sins.

Vote PAP!

Anonymous said...

Why Towkays like PAP?

The long-term strategy of the current PAP government is to raise GST from 5% to 10% and lower top tier income tax from 20% to 17% so that it is on par with Hong Kong. In short, the Towkays (a.k.a. winners) stand to gain at the expense of the commoners (a.k.a. losers).

Let's look at a simple case study for comparison
Towkays: annual income - $1,000,000; expenditure - $100,000
________ current income tax - $200,000; current GST - $5,000 (total tax $205,000)
________ revised income tax - $170,000; revised GST - $10,000 (total tax $180,000)

Commoners: annual income - $30,000; expenditure - $20,000
________ current income tax - $0; current GST - $1,000 (total tax $1,000)
________ revised income tax - $0; revised GST - $2,000 (total tax $2,000)

Towkays save $25,000 (win); Commoners pay extra $1,000 (lose)

Ratio: 1 Towkay: 25 Commoners

Anonymous said...

Where is the money???


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered why the opposition cannot be united, like the way PAP is. Or have a strong, respected and even feared leader, like the PAP has. Recent events in the opposition have only served to confirm this perception into a reality.

Why, why, why?

So for the opposition, unless there are dramatic changes for the better, I do not think they can make much headway.

Maybe voters will still regard PAP as the "lesser of 2 evils", so by default the vote goes to PAP.

I think this is what has been happening all this while and the next election will be no exception.

Anonymous said...

With money, anywhere is heaven.

WHERE or WHO you gonna take MONEY from to raise the living standard of the people is all that matters

Work till 85?

You mean if we vote you in, we can retire early like 84?

Not a zero sum game now is it?

Aiyah. Oppositions, you guys talk cock lah

Boudger said...

it is only when the government feels threathen than it will give out freebies or think twice on a un popular policies. only by having a critical mass of opposition candiates in the parliment will the govt feel the constant threat.

we have been voting in PAP candiates into political jackpot for the last 40 years, why not give some for others. the govt must know that their power is not absolute. at least 1/3 og the parliment must be filled with opposition.

Lets Vote in some alternatives!

Anonymous said...

"In fact, it is harder to bring up a family with little income.
It is harder competing for jobs with foreign talents.
It is harder to look after a disabled child, or an elderly parent
It is harder to afford hospital bills for your family.
These, are hard jobs that Singaporeans are facing. And it will get tougher", unquote.

Chiam See Tong got to realized what he has said above just before election?
Should be; as no Singaporeans have heard him said similarly in all the Annual Parliament Meetings in the past decades that he was Member Of Parliament.

GrownUp said...

//Or have a strong, respected and even feared leader, like the PAP has. //

Why does a country need a fearful leader for? I am not a workhorse of SGP Inc and don't need a egoistic cult leader who's not open to diverse views & feedback.

This is a country. Singapore is my home, and I am the rightful citizen who lives here. What we need are able men with strong integrity who's willing to lead for the good of its people.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens in RP is part of the rites. They may be clumsy and unsophisticated right now, but at least they are transparent. And possibly sabotaged by moles.

Goliath just did a better job in "covering" up his myriad sins or silencing people with fear.

I would be worried with the latter evil and take to David if I have to choose right now.

Anonymous said...

Far from the Swiss. More like Russia. Who're are trying to kid here?

Durian Freak said...

"it's the influx of the Singapore Population, stupid."

i wonder why no one uses this slogan like Bill Clinton's...

Anonymous said...

I have but the greatest respect for Mr Chiam See Tong

Excellent message to all S'poreans.....this is the man who knows what it's all about in this small nation.

Long Live hero.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he gonna kick the bucket before the old man

Anonymous said...

Gillian Koh of the IPS noted that the "eight new SMCs seemed to have been carved out of GRCs where the ruling party had done well previously, thus making them relatively safe seats.”

Me think Opposition should avoid all the SMC, and go for the GRC kill.

Kojakbt said...

>> The burden is passed on to Singaporeans who later find out that the profits of these companies have increased…so did the pay of their CEOs

posted Mon 19 Aug 2002 01:33 PM
(by the way, this was in 2002)

From BT: COMFORT Group’s Mr Goh Chee Wee is among the highest-paid chief executive officers (CEOs) in Singapore. According to the taxi operator’s latest annual report, he received $1.431 million last year – up 15 per cent from his year 2000 package. His remuneration – including bonuses but excluding share options – represented 2.1 per cent of Comfort’s $68 million net profit, achieved on turnover of $454.6 million. It is also believed to be more than three times what his predecessors drew, before he came on board in 1997.

Mr Goh’s counterpart at SMRT drew $567,000 last year, up from $441,000 in 2000 – though the former figure, said SMRT, was a mix of two group presidents’ remuneration.

Mr Boey Tak Hap recently took over the helm of the train operator from Mr Kwek Siew Jin. SMRT’s package for its top director represented under 1 per cent of its net profit of $56.8 million, which was on $500 million turnover. Over at bus-based DelGro, two executive directors – group chairman Wong Hung Khim and group president Phua Tin How – were paid $2.595 million last year, up from $2.351 million previously.

It is not known how much each got but their salaries were against group net earnings of $61 million on turnover of $1.1 billion. Compared with CEOs outside the land transport sector, their remuneration is nothing to sniff at. For instance, SingTel, which made $1.63 billion on sales of $7.3 billion last year, paid CEO Lee Hsien Yang $1.42 million. The CEO of its Australian subsidiary SingTel Optus, Mr Chris Anderson, collected $2.49 million in salary, bonuses and benefits last year. That is 0.15 per cent of SingTel’s profit.

At Keppel Corp, executive chairman Lim Chee Onn, group finance director Teo Soon Hoe and executive director Choo Chiau Beng together took home $6.3 million last year. Keppel earned $384.6 million on turnover of $5.9 billion. Among the highest-paid executives here are those from DBS Group, which made about $1 billion in net profit last year. Three executive directors – Messrs John Olds, Philippe Paillart and Jackson Tai – shared $16 million last year.

The first two have since left DBS.–Business Times

15% increase in salary when the economy is bad? Mr Goh CW, former MP for Boon Lay, achieved this. Bus fare went up so does Mr Wong Hung Khim and Mr Phua Tin How’s pay up 10.37% ($2.595million) Bus operating fees increased due to things like these(?)

Mr Choo Chiau Beng took home $6.3million 1.6% of the group’s profit and Keppel bank got took over by OCBC. Just wondering why are these people getting thier pay increased when times are so bad, especially when these people are not performaing so wonderfully? This is so sad and do all of you working souls out there know that there will NOT be any GST rebate and $3000 personal relief for your income tax next year? And the 4% lower tax incentives are only valid for the likes of those people mentioned above? Whereas, we at the average range do not benifit much, if not pay more. What is happening to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Cracking & Packing. The Leegime's art of war by game theory.

Anonymous said...

Party politics ultimately empowers the strongman.

Gilbert, glad that you have seen the light.

Next, change the political system.

The democratic.system is seriously flawed.

The ancient model, prophesied, will and must descend.

Anonymous said...

It's like the corrupt churches. All riding on one dictator prescription of "truth" that divides the people and bring cancer to society.

Let the...anti Christ rise...hahaha

Anonymous said...

but I think...most ppl are like lucky. they think by licking old asses like chiam, they will be liberated lol

if so. the old guy is passing his touch to his old woman. hmmm...wonder what kind of politic or polictickic is that? lol

Anonymous said...

I meant...poLICKic..LOL

Anonymous said...

You mean...torch? Torch your backside then you know..HAHAHA

Turkey said...

There is a turkey, noting that he had always been fed at sunrise, concluded that "I am always fed at sunrise" held as a general rule. On Christmas morning, it therefore came as a bit of shock when, instead of getting feed down his neck, he got his neck wrung.

Moral - although we base our expectations of the future on the experience of history, past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Anonymous said...

While i certainly hope that there will be more opposition MPs, I have my reservations about the quality of some present opposition MPs. The only 2 have not exactly stepped up to expectations and I hope any new ones will not be lure just by the 13K allowance. Chiam has not groomed a successor and may actually treat it as a family business. Talk about making a choice between the devil and deep blue sea.

Anonymous said...

Think folks. And I mean really think out of the box that you have been put in or used to.

You need to come up with a system that UNITE, not divide.

And when you finally CONCEDE, you then go out and make.....disciples.

Otherwise, history will repeat itself.

Fool said...

Top 10 Things to do before you (Singaporean) die.

1) Vote in an election
2) Vote for Opposition
3) Unvote PAP the ruling party
4) Break your Scholarship bond
5) Start your own enterprise/business
6) Spend a day with a sick or poor elderly
7) Falling seriously ill when medisave is empty
8) Join a Rally/Protest openly
9) Express views about any named leaders on TV
10) Speak your mind or dissent your govt on policy you disagree regardless of your education

Turtle said...

I like deep blue sea..because I can scuba dive.

I dont like devil..because I have plenty of time to see them after I die. Not now.

Anonymous said...

Good one Fool! hahaha before they hit the bucket!!

Anonymous said...

"I hope any new ones will not be lure just by the 13K allowance."

Compared to $30k-3m lure by PAP?

Anonymous said...

you guys deserve to be fucked :)

Anonymous said...

Fuk by religion, Fuk by politics....haha....they r used to it lah

TokyoSingaporean said...


In Japan, bus rides are free for the elderly.

Whatever U do, don't remember this said...

Anonymous said...

nothing is dirtier than politics, ya?

changes? more jackpot money for them lol

Anonymous said...

"When they continued to think that they are smart, and see everything and understand what to do and how to do it, God came and disturbed the nations, and here they are, scared again because they could not predict such a big thing, and again they do not know what to do," he added. "God is laughing at them, waiting to see when they will understand and become wiser."
The one who does not see that God is running the world, Lefkowitz concluded, is not evil, but a fool.


ed said...

If you’re not mature enough to question your own leaders (in the opposition) then you are certainly not mature enough to follow them. Consider that paradox, and you’ll go some way in not being a part of the problem you bemoan.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the choir!
Wow talk about the soft power of protest.
Is comforting to see the young ones taking the initiative to sing their voices. Hopefully they do more than that.

mao wang said...

There's one way we can secure our future and guarantee opposition representation, but I don't know if we'll all live to see it implemented.

Let's have a proportional representation system in Singapore, just like what is being done in New Zealand and Germany.

Anonymous said...

Support life.

Oppose Condom.

Intellectual Peasant said...

Today I took a look at the front page of the propaganda rag whose name translates as (Soviet) Union Morning News.

There were a bunch of running dogs surveying bags of rice at the local Soviet supermarket. (Soviet means something like Workers' Union)

The Pravda offered the following: supermarkets agree not to raise price of rice.

I was left wondering.

Is this a first world country? In which first world country do people worry about price of rice or bread? Why is this crap even news - unless peasants are really worried about their daily rice?

After 40 years of feudalism, repression, brainwashing and tyranny, are we merely an urbanized village of subsistence farmers slaving away to pay rents to the local landlords?

Are we an electoral monarchy or a modern democratic republic?

Anonymous said...

Intellectual peasants
Well said. I read the same soviet morning papers as you too! I couldn't agree with you more on your views.

Anonymous said...

Due to US QE2, global inflation is very real, particularly shortages in food & commodities now.
That's what sparked the "revolutions" in middle-east.

Wiser said...

Capitalism has created poverty by focusing exclusively on profit. It built a fairy-tale of prosperity for all. This never happened. That's why Europe decided to entrust the government to take care of poverty, unemployment and health. They were smart enough to figure out the emptiness of capitalism in solving these problems.

-- Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate 2006

Anonymous said...

We need Cheaper, Faster & Better government as this is heavily supported by their own minister - LSS

Clear eyed said...

The current MPs here go into hibernation in between elections, waking up and becoming active only just before the next election. Uniquely Singapore. Let's hope that in the coming election we can install in our Parliament MPs who do not need to hibernate.

新谣 said...

"This election, your life, your future...."


Anonymous said...

Getting the elites to represent the people is liken to getting monks to serve royalties.

Instead of breaking bread with commoners, they build monumental and opulent cathedral for the rich to worship themselves.

ignorant said...

Thank you, Annon 22:26 ( Towkays benefits)
Thank you Kojakbt ( salaries of CEO)

Yeah, agree with both.

High prices? caused partly by these.

I believe that a few people are either overpaid and underworked,a few are overworked and overpaid
and most are underpaid and also underworked.

Many older people are not even employed!.. but yet taxed! ( via GST )

Thanks for the alternate views!
Thanks to this blog to spread the views too!

Anonymous said...

""""The maid said that after completing her contract, she would have enough money to build a 3-storey house in the Philippines. Who is better off? """"

Even a maid is better off than us after working a few years here.

Just image those who taken over the local PMETs' jobs and earn a few thousand $ a month. They become millionares in their own countries after a few years' time.

Anonymous said...

"I ask myself today, what is my dream?
I can humbly say, my dream, at 75 years of age, is to be able to fly MY flag for a POSITION in Singapore by Fighting a Good Fight, to win a Grand Lottery in the coming elections.

Some people say to me, “Why do you still want to fight the next election in a GRC? It’s time to retire. It’s getting too hard for you.”

But you know, this isn’t a hard job to fly MY flag

In fact, it is harder to bring up a family if I am paid miserably.
It is harder competing for common jobs with the rest of my fellowmen
It is harder to look after a disabled child, or an elderly parent with average pay.
It is harder to afford hospital bills with average pay.
These, are average paying jobs that Singaporeans are facing. And it will get tougher to be part of it.

That's why I have decided to .... $erve the people.

Anonymous said...

"Instead of breaking bread with commoners, they build monumental and opulent cathedral for the rich to worship themselves"

Every Sunday, they worship themselves in you know where. ha

Anonymous said...

If the citizens vote for leaders that repeatedly gave empty and false promises election after election, THEN IT IS THE FAULTS OF THE VOTERS BEEN/BEING BLIND AND STUPID.
therefore it is the voters that deserves to be exploited and SCREWED.
Lucky and some other bloggers have done their 'bestest'. IF the RESULT of the Coming Election does not result in A CHANGE, there is nothing much anybody can do but wait for events similar to those happening in Middle East to erupt. Don't think it is far fetched !



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the people ARE stupid!

And leaders are generally self serving and BIAS

Doesn't help when your idiotic system allows such MUTUAL exploitation.

Anonymous said...

""枉娇"" 必须 ""过正"".

Anonymous said...

The fact that the old man did away with the jury system says a lot of what he thinks of the people.

A good lawyer can sell you anything or move mountains.

Anonymous said...

"If the citizens vote for leaders that repeatedly gave empty and false promises election after election, THEN IT IS THE FAULTS OF THE VOTERS BEEN/BEING BLIND AND STUPID."

Majority of voters are passive and gullible (many of them are housewife).
These voters voting decision is greatly influenced by the main stream media.
There is no chance for the opposition candidates to reach these voters because they will not attend any election rally held at remote places such as stadiums.

Anonymous said...

Idealistic idiots always SELL themselves by saying....I want to serve the needy.

But once you place them in HIGH OFFICE...."the needy" ends up wor$hipping at their feet.

Anonymous said...

I think I have to step in and put things in perspective since many people are hoping for something more than they expect this election. I suggest everyone curb their expectations. Nothing much will change. What you should look for is not this election but rather next election. In 2016 election, the amount of shit that this government has done will be so obvious that a drastic change will happen then. This 2011 election is just the calm before the storm. 2016 is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

I need PAP to retain power.

Once PAP wins, they will re-open the flood gates to allow me to hire more foreign technicians, foreign accountants and foreign clerks.

Foreigners are cheaper and they add diversity to the workplace. They also don't have NS reservist liability.

Vote PAP!

The Pariah said...

ASSUME that PAP is the bestest.
[Note: ASS-U-ME = make an ASS out of U and ME.]

Do you feel safe when the bestest enjoy ZERO checks-and-balances?

Are you sure the bestest will ALWAYS remain bestest with the ebb and flow of the tides?

Please excuse this "Daft Lesser Mortal" (Gaddafi pipped the Yaya-PAPayas with "Cockroaches") for rejecting those Deaf Frogs, Blind Bats, Snapping Crocs and even a Sleeping Beauty in the House!

The Pariah

Anonymous said...

I wzs watching Singapore talking on channel 5. The topic is how to get Singaporeans to procreate. A lady in the audience expressed her inadequacy in raising a child to a successful person in life given our stressful and competitive environment.

The question was then thrown to the president of focus On the family, yada yada.

With the whole nation watching, she rat-tat-tat her highfalutin counsel and in nutshell, she said we need to manage our problems. Those who failed to manage and overcome their circumstances is because they lacked the "know how". She is convinced that anybody can cope because she knew of people who managed and overcame the odds.

So more education and CONDITIONING and managing your expectations are all it takes to solve all your problems.

There you have it folks. The elitist's way of solving all your money and procreation problems - and the problem IS YOU. LoL.

Anonymous said...

Let me add on to the above post. In a similar vein, GCT said on TV that the re-drawing of Singapore's electoral boundaries is not a critical factor. The quality of the candidates being fielded and the reputation of the political party is. In OTHER words, the problem is not in the electoral lines & structure, it is the Opposition's quality! In OTHER implicit words, it is NOT THEIR problem, but OURS ( or opposites)!!

Only in Singapore will career politicians reframe a political problem so that it appears to belong to the citizenry or their Opponents but NEVER not to them.

Way to 2016?! No Way, No How! You can go manage your expectations because we aren't going to vote for your welfare salaries. Get that.

Anonymous said...

Wake up. Oppositions will never change WHAT PEOPLE WANT.

And people have unanimously agree that they want MONEY - they have swallowed hook,line and sinker that that is the way to go.

So long as PAP delivers the wealth and the quality of life in Sg, give and take a few casualties, money rules.

Anonymous said...

The root cause is the Westminster System of Government. Such a system encourages power mongers to contest for the right to rule( justly or unjustly) over the people and this, often than not, create discontent, division and even corrupt the course of justice, equity and peaceful coexistence.
What this political system has proven is that anyone charismatic and clever enough can remain as the sole power almost indefinitely.
Such a government resembles monarchy/aristocratic rule but without advert royalty treatment because of democratic restrain.
This,however, do not augur well for the nation in the long term because any man who takes the hot seat through political contest will always invite or open itself to revolt/contest, which can lead to violence and even annihilation of a nation.
We see this being played out all around us.
History has shown that no man who has to fight/seek power or to remain in power will ever be fit to preside over the rest.
Such a man,often devious, is a man of war, not of peace.
Maybe it is time we put the sacred/golden cow to the...cross?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, singaporeans do not understand a false sense of peace lah. got rojak,got laksa got chicken rice to eat, all is well lah.

Anonymous said...

In spite of escalating cost and deteriorating standard of living, most people would settle for the "unjust peace" than a "just war". Things would change only when enough people feel that things would be better of after a "war". PAP is "leading" us down fast in that direction:

Cheaper, Faster, die Better!

By "war" it could mean forgoing the dirty upgrading tricks and promise for a better future for our children.

Anonymous said...

We are a global world. Can we embrace a poison that's killing the rest and not suffer similar fate eventually?


Anonymous said...

You take the bait, you will always smell fishy.

Anonymous said...

No to CPF Life and I want to be able to withdraw at least 20% of my CPF monies should I lost my job.

Befooled SIngaporeans said...

Of course, the birthrate is falling and it is because of the PAP's policy of forcing couples to wait out for 5 years to get their BTO? In the meantime, where do they try for a child? At the park?

There are many a fucking selfish Singaporeans who only think about themselves and not their children's future. DO you think your children can own a flat in the future?

It is not SIngaporeans who are responsible for the falling birth rates. That's fucking propaganda. It's PAP 5 year BTO wait out for a flat is the fucking cause of it.

You must fucking daft to live your life on a diet of THe Straits Times and CNA.

Anonymous said...


With liberal "import of FTs", the population increase rapidly, and more & more people are becoming poorer & poorer.

Anonymous said...

Chiam is yesterday's news... Just got kicked out of Opposition alliance for non attendance.Potong Pasir under his inexperience wife. Reform Party mass exodus. Predicted Total PAP victory this elections, only Hougang left standing.

Anonymous said...

Is it in your interest to vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

At Last Chiam See Tong, reaching the age of 75, has the gut to go to GRC. He should have done so in the last 2 election.

Hope that Lau Tia Kiang will follow suit.

Andrew said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree. We are ruthlessly efficient without a heart. You have my support.

Jenkinswmkj said...

Getting the elites to represent the people is liken to getting monks to serve royalties. Instead of breaking bread with commoners, they build monumental and opulent cathedral for the rich to worship themselves.