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How the Poor cope with rising food prices in Singapore

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Mar 7, 2011
How Singaporeans fight food price hike[Link]
By Rachel Scully, Multimedia Journalist

IT'S been years since they last ate at a restaurant, and special occasions are celebrated at a hawker centre close to their home.

33-year-old Merry Sumeily is a mother of two who lives in a 4-room flat in Ang Mo Kio. Her husband is the sole breadwinner and brings home an average of $1,500 per month. Of that, about $350 to $400 is spent on groceries and food items.

To combat the recent price hikes, Merry and her family have two dishes, instead of three for dinner. And to save more money, they have switched from rice to porridge for dinner since December last year. Merry also happens to be a benefactor of the 'Talking Dollars and Sense' workshop organised by the People's Association.

Chief trainer, Tess Lim started this programme nearly seven years ago in April 2004 to educate lower-income families on budgeting. She has since helped over 2,000 families and taught them ways to manage their finances, including reducing their grocery bill.

Be it a twenty-cents increase in the price of a piece of fruit, or a two-dollar increase for a bottle of cooking oil, Tess offers reassurance that rising food prices have yet to severely change consumption behaviour among the families she's helped.

So how has rising food prices affected Singaporeans? RazorTV brings you stories straight from the heartlands on this week's Point Blank, as well as tips on how you can stretch your dollar.

The above story appeared in RazorTV. You can see the family on video by clicking on the link then going to part 2 of the video. The family survives on an income of $1500. When your household income is so low, a large part of it is spent on food. That is why many (may be all other) countries with GST exempt raw food and medical services from GST.

"The GST would replace the existing taxes on sales and services and would not put pressure on prices, he said, adding that to ease the burden on consumers, staple foods such as rice, sugar, cooking oil and flour will be exempted" - Malaysia Plan 4% GST in 2011[Link]

It was a simple move that would have made food and medical services cheaper for the poor but the PAP govt refused to do it when they implemented GST claiming that it was too "complex". Yes, we know doing simple things to help the poor is often too "complex" for this govt.

For poor families in Singapore, whose incomes have been relatively stagnant in real terms for more than a decade, rising food prices mean less and poorer quality of food for the family. For many, if not all developed countries, the solution is very simple. It comes in the form of food stamps that the poor can use for eggs. milk & staples to ensure poor nutrition never happens due to poverty. Here in Singapore, the govt takes a different approach.

Remember in 2007 when oil prices rocketed (higher than what it is today), our utilities rate hit the roof and many poor families ran up arrears as they could not afford the electricity in Singapore. In other developed countries, the govt helps such families by either providing electricity at a cheaper rate under various low income schemes or money to offset the rising rates. The poor people are seen as "innocent victims" of inflation and no means or option to cope with it. In Singapore, the govt installed PAYU systems in the homes of poor families so they cannot electricity unless they have money in their cash card that they have to insert into PAYU [Link]. The system helps to solve Singapore Power's problem with arrears collection[Link]. The govt and its propaganda machine euphemistically portrayed PAYU as system that helps the poor not to "overuse" electricity.

"At the same time, the PAYU scheme has provided these families the flexibility to settle their arrears over time and to budget their utility expenditure." - Minister Lim Hng Kiang[Link]

When poor folks cannot afford to pay for the electricity bills, the govt does not see our high electricity tariffs [2nd highest in the world] as the problem but see the way the poor budget their expenditure as the problem - that is why it conducts so many "Talking Dollars and Sense" workshop of the poor instead of giving them more direct aid. When the cost of living goes up, our govt solution is for the poor to use less electricity and water, eat less food and stay within budget.


Anonymous said...

Well, the poor in Singapore deserve this government. They voted them in.

Anonymous said...

That is the modus operandus of PAP. They jerk up prices in everything to squeeze every possible cent out of you, so that economy can register higher GDP growth.

For the really poor, PAP returns a tiny portion of the ill gotten gains as rebates, so that they can be seen as generous and compassionate.

I say, the poor and especially Malays, deserve it. They are daft and staunch supporters of this pay-and-pay system. In the meantime, excuse me, I'm moving off to a different country.

Anonymous said...

The dafts will remain daft in the next election.

Anonymous said...

The dafts will remain daft in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Maybe as long as the poor is a minority, say 33%, then it is still OK for a democratic government what.

In the West, if a government has 66% support in elections, it is considered damn solid!

In Libya, Gaddafi can still stand because he still has majority support, even though the minority
rioted like hell!

So one must see things through a world perspective.

Then one will realise that the problems we have are no big deal compared to other countries.

Anonymous said...

wait till the poor go hungry, then see what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Those who said the poor deserve it because they voted pap are arrogant and childish. They presume that all the poor are stupid.

How could they make such presumption? Anyway the poor are the minority and even all of them supported pap, they alone cannot send pap to power.

Stop such brainless generalization please!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just to add on a piece of information - Singapore Power is 100% owned by Temasek Holdings (http://www.temasekreport.com/2010/portfolio/major_energy.html).

Anonymous said...

I also took the train to and fro work daily. Since last week, I had started taking Vitamin C on a daily basis. I try to go off work early in the morning so I will not have to jostle with the crowd. However, I knocked off at 6pm and the train is always packed at these times.

Anonymous said...

No matter what the rhetoric (the usual same tune as previously) I have decided not to be daft anymore. I am NOT going to listen to some cocks and bulls. Enough is enough. My vote goes to the best man - not the political party.....even if he/she is from the opposition

Anonymous said...

Temasek Holdings own ALL those so-called corporatised units of ministries and stat boards. Such as PSB Academy Pte Ltd, PSB Certification Pte Ltd, SingHealth Pte Ltd, National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd, SP Services Pte Ltd, and many more.

Some of them have been publicly listed on SGX over the years, such as SingTel, SingPost. Or bought and merged into GLCs, such as SingTel buying National Computer Systems -- NCS was the corporatised unit of National Computer Board, a former stat board under Ministry of Finance.

Yes, all the polyclinics and restructured hospitals in Singapore are run like private medical centres and own by TH. That's a major reason why cost of living in Singapore has been shooting up over the last 20 years. All of our basic necessities such as medical healthcare, public transport, electricity, gas, water utilities, telecommunications etc are all privatised under PAP control and used to generate profits for PAP govt.

Singapore Inc. is not a joke ... it's the actual reality we are living in.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8/3/11 10:57

That's why the government plays a major role in the economy and providing rice bowls, directly and indirectly, to many, many people, and their families.

And that's where the majority votes for PAP will most likely come from.

How many talented and capable folks would want to be in opposition if he/she can make and earn lots of money when on the side of the establishment. Or for ordinary folks, at least can earn a decent living?

And that's why the opposition is like that all the time.

Anonymous said...

"How many talented and capable folks would want to be in opposition if he/she can make and earn lots of money when on the side of the establishment."

Good point. I guess that is why we have scholars and a meritocratic system. And why we have such high priced workers with a penchant for French cooking classes.

We are bribing Singapore's talented and capable to "shut up".

Anonymous said...

Gospel truth......Many have eyes but cannot see. Many have ears but cannot hear. Many have brains but cannot think. Many have balls but no courage.

Anonymous said...

look at the kind of people interviewed and featured by the State Times. Those poor are indeed stupid! Hahahaha

oh and btw regarding this post comment:
"Enough is enough. My vote goes to the best man - not the political party.....even if he/she is from the opposition"

this is another sign of stupidity! The best man still comes under the political party he/she belongs to, stupid! No wonder you all deserve the PAP haha.

Wiser said...

Conformity / Critical Thinking / Inside Egypt Revolution




Anonymous said...

Food stamps are the best way out to make things easier for the poor. But the govt is reluctant to give these out because they are already sick and tired of greedy Singaporeans who just want more and more and more freebies. Such a pathetic bunch, and you call yourself 1st world.

Kojakbt said...

Lucky, can you write something about this. PAP is now touting this piece of crap news on their facebook:

Proof of welfare's multiple failings


AFTER 10 years looking to North America and Britain for reform inspiration in the fight against poverty, I come to the conclusion we are looking in the wrong places. There is a country in our own region from which we have more to learn: Singapore.

Anonymous said...


Why bother to reply to this kind of shit?

PAP know that Sin MSM is not credible, so they paid some Australian to write this kind if shit.

You can expect more of these shitty writing from some reputable foreign press to show up in the next two months!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.53......You contributed nothing in your comment except calling others stupid. Look at yourself in the mirror, motherfu4k8r.

Anonymous said...

I knew "they" were out of touch.

I just can't believe that "they" can be SO far out of touch.

I would be so ashamed to tell the world that my solution to the poverty problem is to tell the poor to switch from rice to porridge.

Wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars we had to pay the CONsultants and scholars to come up with this penny pinching idea.

I knew the cracks on the wall were getting too large to paper over. I just did not know how close we are to the end.

Thanks for the great post Lucky.

Lucky Tan said...


The situation in N. America and Australia is not so simple. I think they will worsen it if they do what we do in Singapore. When I was in California, the poverty problem was interwined with drugs, alcohol and gangs so we are not just looking at poverty in isolation. The dismal results in these places shouldn't be misinterpreted.

There is many degrees of help from giving nothing to giving so much that the poor become welfare queens.

Our poverty problem is actually growing in recent years so we cannot say Singapore is making progress in this area. We are in fact losing ground and the govt approach has been dogmatic and inflexible. The danger is we transfer disadvantages to the next generation of SIngapore's underclass. We should take a very pragmatic approach take care of very basic things like pre-school education, nutrition and healthcare...the whole idea is to restore social mobility and to ease unnecessary suffering. Nobody is asking the govt to shower the poor with excessive goodies so they can live like "welfare kings" wasting tax payers' money - it is in fact the PAP govt itself that does this once every 4 years to sway votes with cash.

Kojakbt said...


Good arguments. Should you decide to write an article to talk about this, let me know. I'll get it published on online sites including PAP facebook :)

Anonymous said...

You can only kill someone once...

But when that someone has loved ones who is staring at death in the face together with them...

well, a number of these someones would take the easy way out by killing their loved ones and than killing themselve....

But there also many other someones out there who will go for the blood of those who cause this to happen and those pigs who "maintain" these greedy policies at the expense of the "defenceless/the weak"...

Even a thousand very hungry rats can bring down a "lion" in the end. To rip it to shreds and eat it too! Pity those who caused this will have a number of their loved ones too ripped to shreds at the same time.

We will see for now.

We will see.

intellectual peasant said...

Well said, first commentator (8/3/11 06:08)

"the poor in Singapore deserve this government. They voted them in."

You get what you voted for. Still want to reward PAP with your votes?

You want real change, vote for real change. All constitutencies are contested this time.

If you want to nit-pick, (e.g. say Opposition candidate here didn't get his university degree, that opposition candidate is only mid-level manager maybe no experience to run my GRC, etc.), don't be surprised if you wind up with the same PAP team and have to be taught to eat two meals.

Then when food gets more expensive, maybe PAP tells you to eat one meal or save utility bill by bathing in longkang or use handheld fan instead of electric fan.

You deserve what you vote for.

Anonymous said...

it is not their education qualifications, as long as they can come up with good policies i'll vote for them even if he/she never attended schools.

problem is there is an entire generation of people who will vote PAP because they think its not a worthy risk to vote for the opposition. they are too afraid of change to try and fight for something better.

Alan Wong said...

Remember that NTUC Halimah recommended poor families to switch to fish instead of meat. Maybe she mean to say stale fish which can be fried to get rid of the stale smell. Just try ordering fish at the muslim or economy rice stall and that alone will prove this Halimah wrong.

It only goes to show that these elites does not understand the poor's plight. For many families in the lower income group, meat is considered a luxury.

Anonymous said...

in singapore, there are no alternatives for the "poor". in other bigger (size-wise) countries, "poorer" folks can move to the country side where costs of living are not that high. but it has nvr been PAP govt policy to give handouts.

Anonymous said...

wait till lky pass away and all these craps TH, GIC will erode away.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, to solve the "complex" problem of reducing or abolishing GST for basic food stuffs and medicine, best is to get rid of GST totally and increase corporate taxes instead.

Without GST, companies do not need to perform the tedious paperwork. Government just need to collect revenue as a form of taxes from company profits.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

well said. anyway, here's wishing u a speedy recovery too!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Lucky!

Anonymous said...

There was an earlier comment that the polyclinics and restructured hospitals are owned by Temasek Holdings(TH). That is not true, except for the case of NUH which used to be under TH. The restructured hospitals and polyclinics belong to their respective healthcare group clusters, which in turn come under MOH Holdings(MOHH), the holding company for Singapore's public healthcare assets. Check out the MOHH website if you don't believe me.

That aside, Lucky has raised some important points about the question of welfare and how to help the poor. Singapore's income inequality has risen and we should worry that our people are no longer as socially mobile as before.

Anonymous said...

Those who said the poor deserve it because they voted pap are arrogant and childish. They presume that all the poor are stupid.

How could they make such presumption? Anyway the poor are the minority and even all of them supported pap, they alone cannot send pap to power.

Actually the poor and stupid votes pap cos they dun know better and its not their fault. The fault is those who know better but do nothing except blog occasionally. Like you know who.

However, the poor and stupid are the majority by definition. Think pyramid.

Hey Mr Lucky ... you are really sticking to bread and butter. Wow. Btw, WP has publicly REFUSED TO BOW to the gay agenda! Jihad?!!

Anonymous said...

The situation in N. America and Australia is not so simple. I think they will worsen it if they do what we do in Singapore. When I was in California, the poverty problem was interwined with drugs, alcohol and gangs so we are not just looking at poverty in isolation. The dismal results in these places shouldn't be misinterpreted.

USA had 3 years of Obama ... u mean USA not a paradise yet? Impossible! Change we can believe in!

Btw, check this link.

Glory to the black Messiah!

sfloong said...

In other words, when the cost of living goes up, our world class government help the poor by giving them a belt to fasten their waists.

LKYcalledmeDAFT said...

"All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

MilkedlikeaCOW said...

Our leaders needs a strong mandate i.e. a two third majority in parliaement to allow them to continue enjoying their million-dollar lifestyles. If you vote mroe oppositions, the first thing that would be challenged would be their sinful public service salaries.

The government has forgotten how much 1 kg of rice costs. These are the kind of leaders that we have.

Amused said...

The PAP government has suppressed oppositions for so many years through various means- gerrymandering, estate upgrade, election goodies, GRC, ISA, suppression of free speech, using court to silence critics etc. Without such tactics, there could easily have been a couple dozens opposition members in the parliament. No other democracy in history has such a lopsided majority government for so long.

This fact is important as there is practically no representation for minority and the disadvantaged in the past and present parliaments. The situation can only get worse over time. ("Are you better off now compared to 10- or 20- years ago?")

GST is just one of many issues hurting the poor. If exempting basic food and services from GST is too “complicated” to implement, a tax rebate for the poor could have been easily implemented. It is clear that there was never any intention to protect the poor and disadvantaged except for small tokens of "compassion" during election period.

Vote wisely as PAP does not deserve any more vote from you. To correct the lopsided field, volunteer you time and energy to help to spread opposition messages. Every little bit helps. Good luck!

market2garden said...

the Taiwan (ROC) Premier suggested to their fellow ordinary citizens to restrain use of sugars for own cooked food due to inflation. And the suggestion was backfired.
Ha ha ha.

And BTW,
why there are SO MANY anonymous.

Anonymous said...

It's not really the PAP suppressing the opposition lah.

The opposition themselves also suppress each other. Just look at the party hopping and infighting among the opposition!

Do you see such things happening in the PAP?

And if the majority are very happy with PAP, how can the opposition become strong, right or not?

Just look at Libya. Even tanks and fighter planes cannot really suppress the opposition, if the opposition really have a cause to oppose.

Amused said...


If you have proportional representation, 66% gets you about 56 out of 84 seats. Of course, in practice it does not work that way.

However, getting 82 out of 84 seats, or nearly 98%, representation in parliament is also improbable in practice except through extraordinary tactics.

PAP knows it. You just have no idea. With tight media control and social conditioning, your reply is not unexpected.

Anonymous said...

"And if the majority are very happy with PAP"

I believe many of them are suckers.

Anonymous said...

The rich supports PAP because PAP loves them.

The Middle Income Folks loves PAP because they like the social and political stabilities.

The POOR chooses the PAP because they love the freebies and schemes dish out to them; of course the best, the most and at the most crucial moment just before an election. Some are in appreciations and others are just inherent greed.

However, all the above have one thing in common; A UNREASONABLE AND UNFATHOMABLE FEAR(absolutely not understandable). It is akin to worship the supernaturals and hoping to go heaven or to avoid going to hell.


Anonymous said...

The rich supports PAP because PAP loves them.

The Middle Income Folks loves PAP because they like the social and political stabilities.

The POOR chooses the PAP because they love the freebies and schemes dish out to them; of course the best, the most and at the most crucial moment just before an election. Some are in appreciations and others are just inherent greed.

However, all the above have one thing in common; A UNREASONABLE AND UNFATHOMABLE FEAR(absolutely not understandable). It is akin to worship the supernaturals and hoping to go heaven or to avoid going to hell.


Anonymous said...

"It's not really the PAP suppressing the opposition lah."

The best way to convince a fool is to let him has his way.

Anonymous said...

The reason why many Singaporeans do not vote for the opposition is because PAP plays pork-barrel politics and punishes estates that do not vote for it by pumping up its own estates and leave the opposition estatest to rot and look run down. They do this because they know that Singaporeans only have a HDB flat as their only asset.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon above

Not really so. Because people don't even think with the kind of opposition we have now, they can even win at least 30 seats to reduce PAP to less than 2/3majority in Parliament, let alone the opposition become the government.

Why I say 2/3 majority? Because with 2/3 majority the PAP can still pass all the laws they want even if the opposition veto them. So to have 3, 4, 5 or 10 opposition MPs also no use because they just don't have enough power, right or not?

Unless the opposition aim to form the government and to show BEFORE the elections that they are capable of forming the government. Which is not really the case now, don't you think so?

Only then will people vote for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

""'No chance of a job, for she's above 60'""

Yes, If you are "forced" to ""Retired"" at age of 45, 50, 55 or 60, it is likely that you will never find a similar job in your remaining life time. U may become quite "Useless" after that if u are just an ordinary people.

Can we do better than that? ?

Anonymous said...

"Yes, If you are "forced" to ""Retired"" at age of 45, 50, 55 or 60, it is likely that you will never find a similar job in your remaining life time. U may become quite "Useless" after that if u are just an ordinary people."
Anon 10/3/11 09:52

Question is, how many of them are like that, feeling useless and frustrated? 30%, 40% or more than 50% of the voters?

If it is only 33%, then 66% will still support PAP.

Governments just have to ensure that the majority are OK, because it not realistic to have 100% OK, right or not?

Anonymous said...

Now they want to ""tighten"" the Work passes & Employment passes.

With full power at their disposal, they could change anytime "without reporting or consulting you". You will nevvr known the changes at all untill it is too late. When they want to "tighten", they emplify it many times and tell the whole world.

Does that make any difference at all?? why need to tell the whole world?? U must be "daft"......

Anonymous said...

@anon 22.62
Beg to differ. Heard of the song....`many thought we couldnt make it but we did, but we did'. I think Singaporeans have to make their own judgement whether the current system is screwed. In my opinion, a healthy democracy is one that has a government without a 2/3 majority. If we can achieve that, then I think we can hope for a better future for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

if we gather enough signatures, can we send a petition to UN to save us from PAP ruling?

Anonymous said...

Among the citizens, the surest way to identify the needy and the poor is through technological tagging - either bodily or your IC. That way, we know how much to tax and for how long. In fact, if we can track spendings and wealth, rich folks like multimillionaire ministers would be or should be taxed steeply for consumption.
The sooner we turn to technology to regulate the economy, the better. Achieving social equity,monitoring progress and rendering aids to those in need are more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait for your jackpot.


The Pariah said...

Will the PAP be able to "DO RIGHT" BY THE PEOPLE, especially the poor?

Bear in mind:

(A) Pay structure for ministers and top civil servants is calibrated in the following manner:

20% GDP Bonus PLUS
27% Job-Perf Bonus

47% Total Variable Component

(B) GDP Bonus computation favours Volatility over Stability using the following example of two scenarios over 4 years:

(i) GDP Growth:

- Volatile Model
Year 1 - 0%
Year 2 - 10%
Year 3 - 0%
Year 4 - 10%

- Stable Model
Years 1 to 4 - 3% each

(ii) GDP Bonus:

- Volatile Model: 16 months' bonus over 4 years
[0 bonus for two years and 8 months' bonus for two years (8 x 2 = 16)]

- Stable Model: 12 months' bonus over 4 years
[3 months' bonus for each of the four years (3 x 4 = 12)]

QUESTION 1: Why is GDP Bonus as a SINGLE Key Performance Indicator (KPI) appropriate regardless of the primary job focus of different ministers and senior civil servants in charge of matters ranging from national reserves to drains in Casino Hotel Singapore Inc?

[The PAP pride themselves on Governance but aren't they saying that the SVP in charge of Risk Compliance should have the same KPI as the SVP in charge of Marketing in boosting NET PROFIT which is the raison d'etre for every Corporation?]

QUESTION 2: Why is GDP Bonus not pegged to AVERAGE GDP Growth over the electoral term or 5 years, whichever is longer, on an accrual basis?

[If proposed averaging is applied for GDP Bonus computation in the above example, then even the Volatile Model would yield the same 3 months' bonus for each of the four years.]

QUESTION 3: Why is there no provision for clawback for negative GDP performance?

[Bankers' bonuses in future would be clawed-back under the upcoming regime post-Wall Street fiasco. Also, bankers' bonus pay-outs in the form of share options would be effectively deferred to iron-out the market kinks and preempt short-termism.]

TKK (Tang Ku Ku) if you even hope that the PAP will "DO RIGHT" BY THE PEOPLE, especially the poor?

You decide whether you want Morality, Immorality or Amorality in Parliament.

You decide whether it is safer to have More (rather than Less) Checks-and-Balances in Parliament.

Fellow Singaporeans, that's your choice at the upcoming General Election!

Anonymous said...

Yo Lucky

Forget "the poor" and "Checks-and-Balances"!
WP defied your gay overlords!
GMS, TR, TOC have all started WP-bashing. What are you waiting for?!!

Anonymous said...

All these duds cannot even talk or communicate popperly, let alone possess critical thinking skills, and yet want to sit high high and rule over mortals.

Bleddy hell. Remind me of the kind of self serving tom dicks and hairy who offer their service as council members in condos.

Can't be garbermen of country, be garbermen in condo also can..

Anonymous said...

To Pariah

Great breakdown. And do we know what exactly is the KPIs of the President here?


Anonymous said...

the KPI of the President (istana security guard) is in effect tied to the KPI of LKY and son.

it makes sense, b'cos if the father and son prosper, then he too should prosper...since he is guarding their treasure.

Anonymous said...

“Talent Is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin is an inspirational book that puts exceptional performance into perspective. It presents a solid case that great performance does not come primarily from innate talent, or even hard work, as is supposed by most people.

The thesis of the book reminds me of a theme that I heard many years ago from Albert E. N. Gray called the “Common Denominator Of Success.” Successful people do the things that failures don’t like to do. It is not that successful people necessarily like doing them any more than anyone else, but rather that, by doing the things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do, they are able to get the results that come from doing those things.

Anonymous said...

The practical value of the book comes from the practical application of the thesis. In talking about world class figure skaters, he said that top skaters work on the jumps they are worst at, whereas average skaters work on those they are already good at. In his words, “Landing on your butt twenty thousand times is where great performance comes from.” Each of those hard landings is able to teach a lesson. Those who learn the lesson can move on to the next hard lesson. Those who don’t pay the price and learn the lesson never progress beyond it. In other words, hard work and dedication is necessary but not sufficient in itself for developing higher level performance at any endeavor.


In other words, many can do high paying jobs. unfortunately, high paying jobs, such as ministers and part time MP jobs, are for only a privilege few.

People can work harder than overrated talents but hard work does not translate to high pay.

In creating high paying jobs for EVERYONE, they , all politicians, are talentless.

With money not enough at the end of the day, what use I ask you?

Anonymous said...

Vote your head lah. All duds

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that since the President is the only judificiary person who can question or has overseeing rights to the states reserves (ie our CPF retirement monies) then he should ensure that our monies are transparently reported and well invested with returns. So we the people should press him for our CPF bottom line (ie what the hell is happening at GIC/Temasek with our loaned money) and hold him accountable for the returns. That should be his KPI and he is answerable to us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PAP values are questionable and hypocritical. The oppositions want to step into their shoes so what does that make them? Both are farting duds.


Anonymous said...

Why should the President question the way PAP handles the reserves?

They just raised his pay and hired him an additional butler.

Besides, our President was once a kempetai agent. He's pretty good at setting his sails to follow the winds. That's not the kind of guy you want to hire you want someone brave to stand up against any potential political or corporate mismanagement.

Jeffrey Peter said...

One way for soingaporeans to reclaim singapore from the money grabbing pap; close all financial accounts in POSB, DBS, UOB,OCBC, standard and open and transfer funds into Maybank and/or Citibank. That'll create mayhem within the finasncial institutions enough for the government/pap (legalised corruption) to get kicked in the teeth and balls. Short of all out inserruction as what we see in Libya.

Jeffrey Peter said...

Interested in taking down the singapore government/pap and install a democratic system that is pro-people; contact me. at 81948998.

Jeffrey Peter said...

The growing singapore poverty problem is a direct creation of the singapore government/pap as what shamie has said; they get money from accross the board then they decide on who anfd how to redistribute. It is all a GDP numbers game.

Case-in-point, whenever the government comes out with a "solution" the problems are increased exponentially and passed on to the people. Like for exam[ple the Orchard Road flooding. Though the rains are not controllable, however the floodings are. In point of fact, the floodings are a direct result of development en-masse by a government seeking to raise the GDP and in turn get more money and bonuses. the "solution" is simply passing the buck; by suggesting the "raising of Orchard Road. water will always flow down. So, if the roads are elevated, then, the commercial and residential properties have to come up with a counter measure. When a countermeasure is expedited; cost will naturally be transferred to tenents who in turn pass on the cost to the downstream victims. With an increase in revenue means an increase of taxation (government revenue)and the cost of living is raied. as opposed to just diging wider and deeper drainage. To do the latter would have the government expand from the txes but with zero return as the operations and maintenance cost will come from taxes.

Anonymous said...

In short, we have lived by a pyramid system that panders to a privilege class. The nett result is an unequal distribution of wealth but we are told this cannot be rectified. Cannot you say or won't?
Please. You rectified the system of pilferage, the top privilege elites will lose its privileges, wealth and power.

Will those in power SACRIFICE the golden calf so that the playing field can be leveled?

Not over your dead bodies.

But to perpetuate such an insoluble system will mean a slow and laborious death for many.

What they have so far came out with is nothing more than treating the symptoms and not the root cause.

Jeffrey Peter said...

Can be rectified; withdraw all accounts from POSB, DBS, OCBC, UOB, standard and transfer the money to Maybank and Citibank. that'll do the trick. Jeffrey Peter tel: 81948998

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, after that how?

Jeffrey Peter said...

Before we g for a Middle east uprising in singapore in order to reclaim a singaporean singapore from a non-democratically elected government;check the 2006 election results; it would be clear the pap did not win an overwhelming vote as they claim. In other words, the pap 'win" is simply a government elected by the government for the government with a compliant judicial and legislative system: what we can do is create an economic mayhem; withdraw all our money from POSB, DBS, OCBC, OUB and standard and move them to Maybank and citibank. Then see what happens. An economic revolution by the people against legalised corrupt governance. Jeffrey Peter 81948998

Amused said...

Coordinated withdrawal of funds from government banks is what PAP would consider economic terrorism. If many people heed your call, the banks will surly collapse and you will be a fugitive from ISA. It appears that you are challenging them to arrest you.

Btw, many in the States did just that, disgusted by the TBTF banks. But such action is impossible to prosecute in American courts. Further, there is no ISA in the States.

Anonymous said...

Then see what happens? lol. Sorry, don't mean to be disrespectful.
Sg is too tiny to afford a " see what happens" and furthermore, knowing singaporeans, most would prefer to leave the current status quo alone because no one has inspired them that there is another way and that way is not....see what happens :)

Jeffrey Peter said...

And that is the crux of the matter; the pap/government wants CONTROL of the people; sorry lah, my suggestion is valid and it is up to the SINGAPOREANS CHOICE. singapore government starts an micro economic terrorism against the citizen, the citizens payback the government in kind.Melon Labeh.

Jeffrey Peter said...

By the way; tell the singapore government to keep screwing the people and the people will screw them back. be advised we are well aware that the judiciary- police, courts are all compliant to the government.

Anonymous said...


at long last someone has offered Singaporeans a peaceful mean to retaliate.

It is now up to Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...


at long last someone has offered Singaporeans a peaceful mean to retaliate.

It is now up to Singaporeans.

Jeffrey Peter said...

the pap did not 'win" in the last elections, based on the results they gave, check out the numbers. Essentially they bumped out a group of voters and shifted the goasl post because they don't want to share power. The election was an Electorial Fraud committed by the pap for the pap as said, singapore is a compliant judicial and legislative system.
Another thing to ponder; "minister mentor" lee kwan yew under his administeration is guilty of sponsoring genocide in Cambodia. His only "defense" "It was at the American's request and we are not alone (ASEAN) was involved. Interestingly, since we were not at war with Cambodia this matter falls under the criminal laws for murder. It is capital crime; yet the "minister mentor" is not a "criminal" as the government does not want to pursue. hence a DUAL LAW SYSTEM exists in singapore. So, why is there still capital punishment and how many locals and foreigners have justice taken from them when they were executed?

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, the US, the UN or anyone else never accuse anybody in Singapore of crimes that U have mentioned here. How come ?

Anonymous said...

To annon 11/3/11 15:18
Look at the Taliban, do you know US funded them?

The Pariah said...

When the present PAP govt needed to draw down $4.9bn of PAST RESERVES in Jan 2009 for the Resilience Package following 2008 Wall Street implosion, this was hitting the PAP Sacred Cow.

The Presidential Consent was given pronto without any conditions or prodding.

Worse still - when developers started releasing audited results from 2H 2009 that showed historic record high profits in their ENTIRE CORPORATE HISTORY, what did our multi-million dollar salaried Minister Tharman do?

Tharman continued to dish-out Resilience Package goodies to all and sundry (INCLUDING these developers) ... the guy even extended Job Credit Scheme all the way to Jun 2010!!!

Casino Singapore 1 (3-part trilogy):

Did any of the other 83 MPs squeal and sqwark? Let alone the President and his elite Presidential Council!

I don't think this President even reads the newspapers!

So KPIs are IRrelevant to the President. Excuse me, is the President still relevant then?

Anonymous said...


Singaporeans should stop donating to Presidents Charity and all other Charities.

The President is receiving much charity in his pay for doing nothing productive.


Anonymous said...

Mr Peter

The losers here have no money. They would be doing the local banks a big favor by closing their pathetic accounts. The only exception being Mr Lucky himself. But, in case u are wondering, Mr Lucky is a champagne socialist. Talk only. Which is free. I hope you are not really expecting Lucky to actually do something for the poor he "champions" ... consider yourself lucky if Mr Lucky help UPz your costs or DOWNz your benefits ...

And to Mr Lucky

... UPz FT salary requirement will
a. reduce number of FT or
b. increase their pay?

C'mon. on the record pls ...

... And Prata-man pay rise is $890k... and thats before the election ... u want to whine some more?

Jeffrey Peter said...

Thatb is because the US is the one guilty try and do your own research into the Cambodian Genocide. I have some documnts implicating Nixon, Haig, and Kissinger; the latter being a celebrated politician.

Our "friend" lee kwan yew and try to sue me; but it was his statement in the televised news interview of his admission to such crimes that thatsparked my research.

Jeffrey Peter said...

Actually, the issue with the Taliban is a contradiction. the UN recognizes the Taliban as an "Alternate government" of Afghanistan with their primary support for Harmid Karzai waining for the corruption is rampant. Why the war against the Taliban is interesting; because when the US ordered them to handover the Al-Qaeda members- Osama to them, they asked for proof. But the US witheld som the "might makes right" kicked into gear. In that part; it is a matter of honor for the host to protect their guests even to the point of family members being killed.
Ironically, the Afgans have NEVER been conqured and the US is being whipped....AGAIN.

Jeffrey Peter said...

A MUCH BETTER way is NOT ONLY to stop donating to the charities but a mass withdrawl of YOUR MONEY from POSB, DBS, OCBC, OUB and Standard and move them to Maybank and/or some other bank like Citibank. That'll make the government cave-in.

Jeffrey Peter said...

Yes, but losers do not FIGHT BACK; we singaporeans do. The problem is just a begining of the escalation of the war against corrupt and criminal government.

Anonymous said...

So, time to do away with United Nations and International Court Of Justice. They exist only as White Elephants but are eating up much plant and hugely help to cause global warming.

What and why does the World needs such organizations? Their existences suck!

Jeffrey Peter said...

The simple rules to the UN are: 1. The golden rule- "He who holds the gold rules", 2. "Might makes it right" and 3. "To the "winner goes the spoils (inclusive of impunity)"

Anonymous said...

thks, today, for the E-lawyer article. Proof my pt that, potentially, politics can be taken over by computer to a very large extend or shed GREAT LIGHT to political issues.

your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Yup, next to conquer is that fuking religion crap.

for world peace,amen and amen

Anonymous said...

ain't exactly farting. Need to be decoded ;)

Anonymous said...

""""Pinoy professionals in Singapore outnumber maids - Aquino"""

Created so many jobs for them, but our own PMETs, just bec they are a bit older, can't even get a low paying job here.

Why be the ""Capital"" for other countries and make our own people suffer????

Bigvic said...

From what I hear and read from credible academics here in the US, Singapore is an authoritarian state (Capitalism with "Asian values"), I guess that is just a fancy way of saying Fascist. Is this false?

Anonymous said...

We are defeated by numbers and in numbers, we shall defeat them.

Anonymous said...

After listening to the assistant secretary general from ntuc, in singapore talking,I am convinced we are ruled by duds.

Jeffrey Peter said...

A "mercenary" is an attitude; one who will FIGHT for money; however, most mercenaries fight to make a difference. With Gadaffi, he pays PEANUTS" so, let the pap join in. LMAO. Gadaffi and pap share in the same SCURLES- both have NONE.

Jeffrey Peter said...

It is called CHEAP LABOR; not so much that they are "professionals"; just in for the ride in lucarative income given by the singapore government to them. Singapoporeans are left with work like cleaners, security, taxi drivers, etc. All good and fine only the pay SUCKS. The government/pap sold the people of singapore OUT. After the years of pressure especially coming from the net, theyu relent to the demands of the people; and begruding too. With a 2 year grace period given to these "foreign talents" means that if singaporeans are to see anything; it will take 3 to 4 years.

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