Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ng Eng Hen : PAP not looking for yes-men...(or yes-women)

"If someone believes in a system that's so fundamentally different from
Singapore's, it would be hard for him to accept how we do things," he

"You have to persuade others that your view makes more sense, makes
for Singapore a better decision, a better framework." - Ng Eng Hen[Link]

In my last posting, I wrote that the PAP candidates look like people who won't rock the boat. I looked through the next few candidates the PAP announced -  CEO of NTUC Employment & Employability Institute, Ang Hin Kee and an MAS managing director who has stepped down and expected to be officially announced as a candidate soon[Link]. Yes-men? ...Perhaps people who cannot say NO.[Link].

At this point, I would urge my fellow netizens to refrain from personal attacks and getting carried away with speculation about a candidate's personal life. I support Siew Kum Hong call for netizens to stay out of the gutter[]Link]. While we disagree with them on policies and ideas, we should not drag people's personal's life into the fray - it is not only unconstructive, it will discourage capable people from entering politics. Although the PAP has engaged in this type of politics in the past to preserve its dominant power - remember the campaign against Francis Seow? - we should be mindful never to put our own interests above the interests of Singapore.

Recently the PAP introduced  a young candidate, Tin Pei Ling, to "connect" with Generation Y. Our restless youth today, like those of many other countries, are starting to ask fundamental questions about our socio-political system. I like to think many visit my blog because they are starting to ask "deep" questions and have taken an interest in politics because they are looking for answers and ideas that will shape their future in Singapore. You don't coonect with  Generation Y just by being young is  about ideas....and change.

"To be honest I don’t have any specific policies I feel strongly against” - Tin Pei Ling in reply to a reporter on RazorTV[Link].

Here is a speech by Tin Pei Ling in which she "explained" why the widening income gap is not the responsibility of the govt[Link]. I suggest you click on the link to read the speech yourself to appreciate for yourself how deeply rooted PAP ideology is in the mind of this candidate. It is mindboogling how someone can say that about a dominant govt like the PAP that controls influx of foreign labor, tax structure, medical care system, labour uniions, public housing etc is not responsible for the income gap. Singapore has the highest income gap in the developed world yet the govt is not responsible? If a young candidate from the PAP thinks like that can you imagine the thinking of people who are in the PAP establishment for a loinger time.

It is wishful thinking to expect najor positive change to come from the PAP internally. Looking at the type of candidates they have chosen, it looks like they are looking to preserve the status quo at a time when many Singaporeans can see the need to remake and reshape our future. We have seen the outcome of PAP policies for the past 10 years. Voting for the PAP will mean we will continue along the same trajectory for the next 10 years.  The income gap will continue to widen, the cost of living will continue to go up with housing going up faster than wages, poverty will continue to spread, pace of life (stress) will keep going up, quality of life down and the quality of retirement will keep going down that is if retirement does not become history. You cannot vote the same type of people with the same mindset and expect a different outcome for you, your family and your future.  If  you struggle and falter due to the challenges they create to make life difficult for you, your PAP MPs will  say the govt is not responsible for your plight. If you get sick and you're burdened by bills that wiped out your savings, the PAP men will not say that medical cost is too high due to the PAP''s aspiration to turn this place into a medical hub for the rich putting profits above people ....they will keep shifting the financial burden to the sick and their families and take no responsibility. They have taken no responsibility for depressing the wages of the bottom 30% by opening the floodgates to cheap foreign labor ....they don't take responsibility for the sharp rise in the cost of housing that has resulted in the lower income families not able to afford housing anymore.

This is a dominant, govt that pays its ministers' millions but it is not responsible for the deterioration in the quality of life of ordinary Singaporeans.


Living_on_borrowed_time said...

We are just a number (ic number). When this number does not meet their
objectives, it can be replaced with a new number (foreign->PR->Citizen).
Gone are those days when we meant something to them.
I had voted (3 times) against them but the end results were always the same.
I doubt it would ever change unless the fear factor is gone.

snow leopard said...

"You cannot vote the same type of people with the same mindset and expect a different outcome for you, your family and your future."

Heard of a saying, Failure means doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result?

Anonymous said...

You have an economic system in which the top 20% are constantly pursuing a quality of life the bottom 20%, and a large proportion of the mid section too, can never achieve but more importantly, must work at a subsistence wage level to sustain their high standard of living of the top strata of society.
Without the exploitation of the vast unemployment number in the world which keeps wages low for these workers, would the rich, or successful, have become richer and can afford to enjoy a much higher quality of living than those at the bottom or at their expense?
I suspect, the economic system is deliberately designed to maintain high global unemployability or a widening differential between the masses of average workers and the fortunate top tier workers.
If we don't "steal" from those who have freely exploited a system of plundering, we will not be able to save those whose blood these folks they have shed.
And if we don't strike at the heart of the plunderers, people like Ms Tin will continue to harbor the highfalutin notion that the root cause does not rests on her pretty shoulders.

Anonymous said...

It is only to be expected that most of the PAP candidates will come from the establishment. Or somehow strongly related to it. And talk the way they did.

You expect these people to be opposition candidates?

And if they strongly disagree with the govt policies, at most they will just not be accepted or they reject themselves as PAP candidates.

No way will they want be opposition candidates either, except for a rare few, maybe only one or 2.

But despite the above, majority of voters still support PAP. Which is what really matters.

And I don't think this happens by chance. PAP must have also done something very right to deserve this scenario.

Anonymous said...

Name me an MP that is not rich, or will one day not be rich if they faithfully toll the party ideological line, and I will not snigger when you say...PAP not looking for yes men or women.

We are living on borrowed time. At least enough time for you to be dreamy for now.

Anonymous said...

Members of pposition parties are duds too lah(most are equally snobbish or greedy). On the contrary, with them around, things will never change because their presence will ensure the opposing kind will get to fix them and history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

look at America, where got change for the better?

bodohs lah you people

Anonymous said...

Yes, i think they are not looking for yes-people. Rather, they are looking for sincere people who are sincere but 'gullible'. One can be good in your own area but 'gullible' in some other areas. ie.Issac Newton as intelligent person, can lost his wealth in investments.

Often, it's the soldier/generals in the battle are sincere and loyal, risking their lives; it's the Emperor and the Eunuchs that are playing games behind for their own benefits.

Anonymous said...

Talk about serving people and policies?? My apologies if I sound very " micro". My husband works in a govt service. When I gave birth n he requested for paternity leave, he got an earful from his boss. He was bypassed for promotion n professional development as his second boss was insecure n took credit for his work done, according to big boss. On National Day, he had to go Malaysia for work. A day that is our country's birthday, family day n anniversary. U call this work life balance? When the whole family was sick n took MC with blood tests etc, nobody believed him. So what if there are great policies that are not practised? Serving the people? I think it's serving the boss up there.

Anonymous said...

It is best in the interest of the ruling party to withdraw TPL. I would not want her to be parachuted into some GRC which may have done some good work. The PAP is shooting themselves in the feet. Talk about eroding goodwill when it is already fast depleting. I was expecting a lot from the candidates that surfaced 2 GEs ago, most however, turned into yes men. The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Often, it's the soldier/generals in the battle are sincere and loyal, risking their lives; it's the Emperor and the Eunuchs that are playing games behind for their own benefits.

GREAT POINT. Chinese have the saying" Zhong Yan ni er".

Anybody monitoring these soldier/ generals with great work n reward them for loyalty? Most probably got killed along the way for not saying "yes".

DareToAct said...

It is unavoidable. As the saying goes "birds of feather flocks together", I actually think Dr. Eng was honest about PAP not looking. The reality is Yes Men and Yes Women look for PAP.

Anonymous said...

It is like being surrounded by "big guns" pointed at your not to get wet?

They want to see you get wet and go...yes yes yes.

Ms Tin fit the role perfectly

Anonymous said...

Their pool of candidates are "successful people".

To be "successful" in today's world, you need to be a 'fundamentally yes man'.

It is this fundamental strand that keeps the yes people orgasming to the top of the multimillion round table of decision makers.

That's why "white people" often brag about their "big guns".

Anonymous said...

pap appoints people those who have so much to lose if they go against the lees. obviously they are appointing yes-man. why so difficult to admit that fact?
they control almost everything including restricting freedom of speech and act. why so difficult to admit that they are also responsible for widening income gap?
do they still think singaporeans are so daft?

Anonymous said...

I think you have a valid point when you said that things wont change cos of the new PAP candidates' mindset. I guess some of these candidates really want to make a difference for everyone but probably along the way, they get brainwashed into thinking that we are just a bunch of ungrateful complain kings or champion grumblers. I dont think we are ungrateful, it's just that everytime we try suggesting something different from PAP, we are labelled as such.

Singaporeans are one of the best workforces in the world & when productivity went down, we are to blame. Hey, it's easy to put the blame on us, but shouldnt the PAP dig a little deeper? Dont they think that FTs could be one of the major factor? The PAP explained that we are shortage of people to work in certain sectors & that's why we have to import FTs, well I do agree. However, I dont agree with the opening of our doors to everyone onto our tiny island. Nowadays, we see FTs working as supervisors, FTs as managers or even FTs as a general clerk! Shouldnt these jobs be reserved for the locals? Locals that bled for 2 years defending Singapore?

I think the idea of growth all cost have taken its toll on all the average Sinkies. Not only do we need to bring rice onto the table but we also need to feed our overpaid-underworked ministers! Some old man told us that if we pay peanuts, good people will go to Lehman Brothers, well just look at what happened to this establishment! If you dont already know, Old Man, it went bust in 2008! There are just too many stupid mistakes (MAS, raising HDB, cramped MRT) made during the past few years & luckily for us, there's internet, if not, I am sure the local media will never report this. So did any of these MPs spoke up or raise it in parliament? I think all just sit there & act blur!

We have to work double hard cos we know an FT could replace us anytime. We have to keep fit cos we know if we fail IPPT, we will have to go for xtra RT & that would take us away from our work & family. Is this how we wanna live in the next ten years? Voters, you go figure it out yourself!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh. Another gullible idiot who thinks like lucky and blame FTs.

FTs were never the real cause of low wage lah or, from the political pimps perspective, our wealth creators.

our wealth creation comes from far more complex instruments and one of which is vices.

These are not good fundamentals to build our lives on lah

Anonymous said... have convince me to give my vote to the opposition..... sigh........its a situation of between the devil and the deep blue sea but I am quite certain we are on a wrong trajectory and this is my only way (minute though) to help alter course. Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

A brilliant article again, Lucky.
May I just add that an incumbent
government`s main responsibility
is to create and maintain a large healthy middle-class segment in society.
To this end, the PAP has failed
miserably. Why? We all know the
answer. The PAP`s candidates are
almost mole-like ie lofty,snobbish
and basically out of touch with the plights and needs of the middle class.To exacerbate the situation, the obscene compensation
of ministers have created this
`YES SIR` culture in the whole PAP
machinery.Without diverse opinions
and virile debates, how can our government ever function to represent the middle class or lesser?
If our ministers are paid the best in the world, should Singapore
have the best and happiest middle class in the world as well?
If not, should`nt we do something
about this now?

hayek said...

Really get choke by lies of PAP. PAP just cannot stop lying.

Non the less, they could still redeemed some creditability filing candidates who campaign on the platform of anti GST, nationalization of healthcare, anti real estate inflation, anti NS.

At the time, I would then believe PAP has forgo incestuous inbreeding.

Anonymous said...

I thought only the jp enjoy bukkake

Anonymous said...

Think of yourself as someone who is not so chatty or " limelight" like your colleagues. You just need one chance from your 'GUI ren' boss to prove yourself that you are good. Give e opposition a chance. Just one chance. Not tested u won't know.
Anyway, they can't take over govt. Just that one chance to let them prove themselves.

Anonymous said...

I think what the minister is trying to say is... we are ok that you say NO or not being the 'yes man' for now because we know you are the type that will end up saying YES, if not quietly concede, after we perk you up with the "good life"

Anonymous said...

Whatever negative things that may be said about the Alternative Parties, we can definitely say that their path has not been easy;

JBJ, Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang have got to where they are today on their on merits.

True Meritocracy - where you get to where you are on your own abilities

No "mentors" to "groom" you while you "learn" your ropes on tax payers expense. Or hatchet men to "fix" your obstacles for you.

Anonymous said...

they use koon as an example but koon became too vocal for their comfort and eventually his services got terminated.

tin is not a koon type. rocking too many balls in the hand can get very sticky you know

Anonymous said...

Why I Fired My Father From the Family Business
by Mitchell Kaneff
Monday, March 28, 2011


Mitchell Kaneff is the author of the book “Taking Over: Insider Tips from a Third Generation CEO.”

Anonymous said...

Like i mentioned before, the mind of many are so hopelessly plugged to this PAP created "Matrix", they will take a lifetime to "unlearn" the myths in their head. The day they get unplugged, they might even puke like Neo did, or maybe worse, become a traitor like Cypher. The mind job this gahmen did to us, extend from the very first day we wore that PAP logo on our kindergarten uniform.

Anonymous said...

All must subscribe to meritocracy in order to qualify.

What a no braino.

Anonymous said...

As Dr Hen aptly put it, Quote " Even us, ministers and MPs , came in with different views, which changed over time. But they (the candidates) should give a rationale why they believe their system could work better and convince other speakers why it makes, for Singapore, a better decision and a better framework" Unquote.

We did never see these things happening, and like some earlier posts pointed, there were some from earlier batches that showed promise but faded like dew in the morning sun. So we can conclude that if you have a brilliant mind, speak up against them, and PAP will swoop down on you and inculcate their doctrine to you over time.

If after a while they cannot convince you (like Lily Neo) I think they will part ways. At least thats my theory, if not how to find an 82 strong parliament all agreeing ?

Anonymous said...

Who is this Siew Kum Hong? There are so many tribes in the Internet and each one has their leader. So who is he to preach to us like a school teacher?

What guild does he belong too?

Anonymous said...

Well, they are unlikely to change until the cracks get bigger and the system becomes unsustainable.

Meanwhile, they have enough "gooey substance"( thks to people like ms tin) to hold the cracks together.

Anonymous said...

i feel that i convert from pap to oppo for real reasons. If only more
Sgreans read industriously or get
VITAL information conveyed to them effectively by oppo parties or frens in the know - the result shd
be more Sgreans will plead with oppo to get into parliament. Alas,
who will go ahead and do this job?

Anonymous said...

yes, tribal chiefs must have long long beards to show got wisdom not long long hair with unbutton shirt to send men into paternity mode or "pat pat" mode.

Anonymous said...

What do we fear more?

We should fear that fellow Sgreans
do not know WHAT will happen to them after this GE!

When i spoke to my relative, she
agree what i said was true of the situation and she said maybe have
to migrate lor? SIGH!

Anonymous said...

Most people have no issues with foreign workers doing jobs that Singaporeans shun.

However, PAP is very clever to steer the topic away from foreign PMETs who snatch away jobs that Singaporeans want and are willing to do.

Every time we bring up this topic, PAP immediately and sneakily steers the topic by mentioning 'foreign workers' in construction and menial jobs.

PAP steadfastly refuses to entertain any grouses from Singaporeans who lose their jobs to due to foreign bosses and PMETs who want to create foreign enclaves in the job market.

Anonymous said...

Stop hammering the ruling politicians and their candidates.


It will do this tiny much good if bloggers spend more time to educate the people.

Anonymous said...

It will do this tiny much good if bloggers spend more time to educate the people.

The above sentence should read It will do this tiny island much good if bloggers spend more time to educate the people.

Sorry for the omission of island.

Anonymous said...


The new candidates are mostly from the existing establishment i.e., civil services including the army.

I may be stating the obvious. But, the line between the civil services and the party has been blurred too much. There is no longer a distinction between the political party and civil services.

This election is critical. We need to make that distinction. Else, the civil services will simply be serving the needs of the ruling party and not the people.


Anonymous said...


EXACTLY! If voters cast their votes to Alternative Parties in the Coming Election, why care what ramblings the MIWs make?


Anonymous said...

PAP not looking for yes men ?

Hahaha, that is a good but hollow talking point.

All past, present and future PAPpies are and will be yes men.

Ouch said...

I didn't know we have "sugar daddies" in power. :)

Anonymous said...

I am not a "yes man". When my boss says "no", I also say "no". See, I can say no when I have to.

Anonymous said...

I think you can not do the same thing and expect a different outcome so you can not vote for PAP then expect a diffrent outcome.It will be more of the same.

Alfred said...

PAP not looking for "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full" ?

Who the FRAK is he trying to kid?!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

I would urge my fellow netizens to refrain from personal attacks and getting carried away with speculation about a candidate's personal life. I support Siew Kum Hong call for netizens to stay out of the gutter

You sir are a M-O-R-O-N.
Or PAP mole.
Please stop feeding your gullible fanboys with garbage.

If you want to stay pure as snow .. go join a monastery.

Want change?
Shocking news.
You GOT TO WIN the election FIRST!

Go watch how Obama win his election.
The Founding Fathers of USA were a bunch of atheists but that never stopped them from invoking the name of God.

The last time opposition won an unexpected seat, it was cos the PAP candidate wiped her hands and got smeared with dirt!

Protons said...

It is impossible to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on him not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair

If you have not watched the movie Inside Job, you should. Not for the ca-la-fe role that our PM LHL's role but think in the context of our current PAP system where the elites/civil servants/GLC etc are all a similar "gameplan" to keep the "Singapore Success STory" going, and how they are unwittingly playing out the role of Bankers' who doesn't know when to stop especially if you have all the yes-man who stand to profit? So everyone keep dancing until the music stops. Now, then think again, what sort of "strong check & balance" do we have today in the parliament to regulate these people? Only 2 Opp seats. Do you know how much is going on behind the closed doors when you (outsider) can't even get any close to the insiders? How much of loss did GIC/Temasek really get hit during the crisis? Are we sooo good that there's very little damage or are we just oblivion because they are well covered up? ASK THESE TOUGH QUESTIONS? What do you know or NOT know today? And if that could happen to

Iceland, country meltdown
Wall Street, financial meltdown
Fukushima Japan, nuclear meltdown

Tell me what do all these examples tell us? ARe there no extremely smart/intelligent people who govern or run these places? What happens to them? And these are just the recent examples , I'm sure people can think more. My point is, if you think are so complacent and arrogant to the point that a small group of elite people (including those academics) think they have the solutions to everything and that you should entrust your future & generational's future to them, then you REALLY ARE SELLING YOURSELF & your FELLA SINGAPOREANS Short.

Singapore's future is a disaster-in-waiting, if you continue to buy into PAP's version of future and give them your full 100% blind trust & mandate, you're another YES-MAN/WOMAN.

Anonymous said...

Ng Eng Heng is all talk but no action. It is only rhetoric we are witnessing. Don't fall for the PAP tactics, falsehood and deception for which they have mastered it over 50 years. I say enough is enough. No more PAP from now on.

Anonymous said...

I would think in order not to be perceived as being yes-men...(or yes-women), the least one can do, if one wants to be in politics, is to be in the opposition.

This is the ultimate measure and proof of not being a yes man or yes woman.

Don't tell me there are no worthy causes for opposition to aim, fight and sacrifice for?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Clearly LHL is the perfect example of an "Inside Job". The technical name for that is called nepotism,much like the arabian kingdoms that are now crumbling down as we speak. Because the people finally decided to speak out.

His cameo in the opening scenes where he also mouthed "When you start thinking you can create something out of nothing it's very difficult to resist."
Not sure if he was speaking on behalf of his father 50yrs back, or he is referencing his present attempts to use his Harvard business skill to build singapore inc into a model family MNC where its citizens are his employees that can be hired/fired if necessary ,especially if they don't put on their stirs.

Welcome to Singapore Inc, Singapore Hotel, Singapore Hub blah blah blah. Whatever you wish to call, just remember this is not HOME. If you want to buy into the future illusions, then you're all good. If not, get out of his elite uncaring way because the the son also rises now, and he is onto his business venture 2.0 just about the right time for some major software (new foreign citizens) upgrade.

If you're smart though, you really want to send some bugs for him to fix aplenty!!

Azz said...

It's not that they are yes-men.

People who join PAP do so because they very much agree with what PAP stands for. Otherwise they would join another party or stay out of politics. So I believe it is quite normal and no surprise that the new PAP candidates all sing the same PAP song.

It is no different for opposition parties. You go try asking the new WP or SDP candidates which part of their own party manifesto they don't agree with? What do you think the answer would be? That they don't agree with most of it and want to change the whole thing? I don't think so…

When there are too many different visions and opinions in a political party, it often ends in a break up of some sort (Reform Party?) or even complete disintegration of the party. I don't think this is what PAP wish for. So we should not expect for much change to come from within the PAP. Just not going to happen.

What we need instead is a stronger opposition to balance them or a new government.

Anonymous said...

PAP not looking for yes-men...????

There's nothing like the smell of fresh bullshit first thing in the morning. What a way to start the day?

Anonymous said...

Party politics don't go into parliament and "balance things". The nature of party politics is to take over the government because, like religion, she believes she is right, the other party is wrong.
And therefore, the consequences of such democratic process is nothing short of war - in many forms
So either you get trashed, or they get trashed - evidently.
Under those circumstances, no changes, internal or otherwise, is satisfactory in a democratic process open to power struggle.

In short, wrong political model.

Anonymous said...

It started in the...midst of the garden and it must end there....understand?

Anonymous said...

It is like in a football game. You may have good players. But if the configuration or formation is wrong, against a powerful or cunning opponent, you will lose.
Can we afford that?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many good teachers and school leaders with good track record leave MOE despite the "good pay"? Because they are the loyal generals who did not say "yes". Why is it that the education workforce is getting younger and younger? Because they wants to climb up the ladder fast and said "yes".

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that so many good teachers and school leaders with good track record leave MOE despite the "good pay"? Because they are the loyal generals who did not say "yes"."

Why not someone start a page where we can let the whole world know the wicked school management by their name?

Starting with me.

Perm Sec S XX was once a principal of Tanjong Katong Sec.

On her inauguration as principal, an unprecedented number MOE elite attended. (If this is not white horse, who is)

She is extremely unpopular with the students in the Sch. nevertheless that doesnt prevent her to get promoted to the sky.

Tanjong Katong Sec get another white horse Wong Siew Hong who took over after Seah.

Anonymous said...

Hey people,
We may get "shot" here for not being e goody goody "yes" people. This blog is getting hotter n it seems majority wish to see a change or perhaps, improvement.
Oh my god, maybe this blog will be "asked" to close. ha... I will change my vote this time round. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

If the HDB Dwellers(85 to 90% of population) do not wake up, Lucky Tan can keep on harping on the inequalities and sins in our society to no end BUT ALL IN FUTULITY.



Anonymous said...

Surely the old man is cunning enough to know that it is a one way ticket to....hell?

Anonymous said...

Dont count on it, these ppl are stupid.

Anonymous said...

the old man is busy holidaying and congratulating each other.another crooked old man meanwhile is busy being secretive.

how nice

Anonymous said...

I believe that it is the responsibility of the government to look after the welfare of its people. That is why they are elected into office and paid a salary. Hence, it is incorrect to say that income inequality (and inflation for that matter...) are not the responsibilities of the government.

As for the yes-men issue... if the PAP chooses candidates of similar socio-economic status to join them, inevitably they will have similar mindsets and thinking. By default they are unlikely to question the government.

I think that we have to bear in mind that even top government officials are humans, and they susceptible to errors (or worse, greed...). Thus, it is necessary to have some opposing views in parliament, and also the ability to vote down any unpopular governmental proposals. This is the smart thing to do to ensure that citizens are not short-changed.

Anonymous said...

SIN know the game. You need to be successful to plug into the power circuit. Then you need the right command language to rake them in.

He learns well from SIN just that he is not laughing to the bank.

Anonymous said...

>>the old man is busy holidaying

SIA on stnd-by???

Anonymous said...

Politic is dirty, election is war.
Tin Pei Ling just a pawn pushed to front line to test the reaction of opposition. The puppet master behind knows it too well.

what absurd nonsense is she talking about ? said...

Please watch the video @1.45 " Tin Pei Ling's reply to the question posed to her on what is her greatest regret and what is the first thing she will do after becoming a candidate "

One conclusion can be drawn from her reply :

Throughout her life ; from schooling to 4 years of working life, all was smooth sailing.

She had yet to encounter any event or hard pressing personal issues that she had regretted. Otherwise she would not have given such reply.

If she could brought her parents to Italy for 10 days but unable to spare a day to bring them to the Universal Studio in Singapore, what absurd nonsense is she talking about ?

Anonymous said...

PAP is taking a huge gamble with a young broad.

Next time, when you next visit your doctor, he/she may just be 13 years old.

That's how insane we are with "talented youth"

Anonymous said...

Hmm. In a way is correct. PAP is not looking for Yes-Man/woman. What they want is people who can say "No, we can't"..(use CPF, give more to poor, go welfare, stop foreign talents, govern without high salaries, do more for people etc etc). I think this has become their norm now and the party should run on the slogan call "No, We Can't". And Opposition can scream "Yes, we can".

The disconnect is widespread. If singaporeans don't do something about it, there'll not be anymore singaporeans left to speak out for them. Good luck and use your vote calmly and wisely.

And remember, once you vote for a candidate who does not need to serve NS, you will open a floodgate of other candidates who will claim their past job (doctors, lawyers, social workers etc) who have helped save lives & do public works that they too, can skip their obligational 2-years NS.

Anonymous said...

Your psychiatrist could be a 12 yr old

Fed Up said...

PAP amended the employment acts to strengthen their say and power over unions. Look where are the crippled unions today? All become PAP dogs, instead of speaking out for workers.

Then they raised their MPs salaries to the millions including pensions and guess what, nobody is there to stop them. Did the electorates have a say, or vote to pass the bill? No way, No hell.

PAP now amended its constitution to allow NMP/NCMP as pretend voices because they know if they get clean sweep of votes, people are unhappy. So as token compromise and as show of democracy to outside world, they appoint NMP with no legit rights to overturn bills. If Singaporeans also fall for that & think is sufficient, they will be truly daft.

I'm 40 this year, an recently retrenched PMET, and is my 2nd time voting. If this election does not put in more Opposition seats, I will see this as a last sign where Singapore will be going down its ruins. You can count me in for another emigration statistics.

Anonymous said...

everybody knows all these "war talk" is useless. you might as well save your effort and migrate.

Anonymous said...

you see,our national leader lui said it best....tin....shut out and ignore everyone whose opinions are negative....listen to only those that are constructive to your cause.

so....who cares....fark off.

that's politics.

Anonymous said...

Seems that e PAP responds to someone's comment over at Rock's blog. Now many speaks up for Tin Pei Ling. BUT if she is such a "caring" person who hv been active in e grassroots, why is it that residents of " her GRC" not defending her? I cannot imagine seeing her as an MP n speaking in parliament. But I believe she will be MP under e wings of Goh. Protected species, white horse. So no point talking abt her. Sian....

Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

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Pls bear with him for the initial part, the second half of the video is more interesting.

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