Sunday, March 13, 2011

SM Goh : Singaporeans are too dependent on govt...

I've down with the flu for the past few weeks. Went to see the doctor 3 times, had an X-ray of my chest taken and still coughing profusely. The medicine the doctor gave me makes me sleep all day. I think the strategy is to force me to rest so that my body can recover but it has affected by ability to think and work. This flu has been circulating in my office and I heard from the doctor it has been going around and many people take more than a month to recover from this strain.

"SM Goh said one worrying trend is that Singaporeans are becoming too dependent on the government, and more needs to be done to make Singaporeans more self reliant.

He quoted an example of how Singaporeans reacted strongly to the Orchard Road floods that happened last year, saying that Singaporeans should not complain too much but instead learn from the Japanese tsunami incident, and approach situations calmly."

- Straits Times Report (see below)

I've been following the news very closely about the calamity in Japan. It is a human tragedy of overwhelming magnitude. I don't understand why SM Goh said that the Japanese people reacted to this event "calmly" when we can see the panic, fear and sadness of the Japanese people on TV. The Japanese govt is the most prepared in the world when it comes to earthquake and tsunamis given Japan's history of such natural disasters. Within hours, they had 100,000 troops on the ground for rescue missions. Unfortunately, despite the preparations, nature unleashed a force so great that the death and human suffering cannot be avoided.
Using this tragic event to chide Singaporeans for being "dependent on govt" is inappropriate and insensitive. On normal days when their lights go out or their telephone system is not working, I'm sure the Japanese will complain as much as a Singaporean. As for the Orchard Road, floods SM Goh said SIngaporeans reacted "strongly" - strongly is a subjective word, there were no protests on the streets, nobody hackled the minister in charge, etc. The floods affected people's llivelihoods and destroyed property. Singaporeans only reacted because the PAP govt said nothing can be done about the floods. Many who spoke up were not doing so for themselves but out of concern for the other Singaporeans who suffered losses from these floods. He rather have Singaporeans "not care" and remain silent while their fellow Singaporeans suffer from the floods?
As for Singaporeans, "being dependent" on govt. I think it is quite an absurd remark. He should be happy that Singaporeans think they need the PAP govt because an increasing number rather have this govt kicked out or reduced in power so that change can come Singapore and their quality of life which has been declining for more than a decade can improve. Singaporeans shoulder the heaviest financial burden when they get sick relative to govt expediture compared to all other developed nations. Singaporeans are more responsible than people of other developed countries for their own retirement given the lack of a govt pension scheme and safety nets when they become old - in fact many Singaporeans continue to work at an advanced age because they cannot afford to retire. Singaporean workers have the least protection among all workers in developed countries - they are easily retrenched, replaced by foreigners, get the least retrenchment benefits and the labor laws favor employers over employees. The Japanese have unemployment benefits, universal healthcare, minimum wages and pension for the aged. Where else in the world compared with Singapore does a govt amass so much resources in terms of reserves out the people and take so little responsibility when the people get sick , old or unemployed? Where in the world can you find a govt that increases its own pay by 30% and gives out 8 months of bonus to itself when the median income of the ordinary people grew by only 0.3% in real terms....and the poor in this country have to cut down the number of meals per day to 2 and live on porridge due to food inflation.
I may be sick with flu but SM Goh's ridiculous and insensitive remarks just make me angry enough to overcome my drowsiness to write this post.

SM Goh: Singaporean opinions matter[Link]

SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong said the government welcomes all feedback from Singaporeans, including opinions on controversial issues such as immigration.

SM Goh was speaking to some 200 REACH contributors at a forum held at the Marine Parade Community Club on Saturday.

SM Goh said one worrying trend is that Singaporeans are becoming too dependent on the government, and more needs to be done to make Singaporeans more self reliant.

He quoted an example of how Singaporeans reacted strongly to the Orchard Road floods that happened last year, saying that Singaporeans should not complain too much but instead learn from the Japanese tsunami incident, and approach situations calmly.

Other topics discussed include providing affordable housing for the elderly, foreign competition in Singapore and whether the two casinos would create more social problems.

The reach forum is an annual event for citizens to air their views and give suggestions on government policies and national issues. For more, watch RazorTV.


Anonymous said...

Take care and rest well. Never let Ah Goh stress you up.

Anonymous said...

Despite whatever that he said, or not said, or whatever lah, SM Goh thinks the PAP will win 86:1 at the coming elections. Or maybe even make a clean sweep.

Hence the President, the PAP ministers and top civil servants deserve their humongous pay and bonuses.(humongous because not comparable by any world standards)

This is one difference between us and the Japanese, or rather any other country.

Show me another democratic country where the government is like the PAP, or the voters are like Singaporeans.

Difficult or none, right? Hence we are truly unique in this aspect.

Anonymous said...

Whatever said or done, people are going to vote for them. What to do??
What can you say??

No wonder taiwanese say sporean are "daft", and they are much smarter people.

Anonymous said...

The employed Singaporeans have to work like cow and work like horse to hope to earn just enough to meet the high cost of living such as the sky high HDB flat prices.
In the meantime, the employed Singaporeans are working in fear that they are going to be replaced by huge number of cheap foreigners.
The huge number of foreigners are expected to increase further after the general election.

The unemployed Singaporeans will have big difficulty to find any decent job as employers dislike to offer job to Singaporeans because of unfair disadvantage from employer 16% CPF contribution, reservist liability, 4 months maternity leaves, etc whereas the employers are determined to offer jobs to cheap foreigners only simply because foreigners offer themselves to be cheap.

Anonymous said...

"The unemployed Singaporeans will have big difficulty to find any decent job as employers..."
Anon 13/3/11 21:21

Maybe these unemployed Singaporeans only 33% of voters or less.

So PAP still got good chance to have 66% votes, right?

Anonymous said...

When Singaporeans were troubled by the floods; Goh Chok Tong said we complained like hell whereas the Japanese, despite a most devastating quake and tsunami remains stoically calm. He wanted us to open our eyes and learn from others.

When it comes to doing their duties, our Political leaders doubt their own integrities, steadfastly and insensibly insisting that if not paid the amount they want, they could become corrupt or inefficient.

If Singaporeans have to depend on the Government, they will be left high and dry, penniless and starve.
It will be very lucky if their utilities; water and power supplies are not cut off if the bills are not paid.

One wonders if it could be the other way round; that is, our state enterprises are making money from us the people and the Government is depending on us for It to make more profits. Possible?


Anonymous said...

You can't prevent tsunami, but you can definitely prevent floods from heavy rain. Building barriers to defend against 10 metres tall tsunami is absurd; not having enough functional drains for heavy downpour is absurd too.

Anonymous said...

Forget about his comments. I do not think this man's comments carry any weight at all. My guess is, only just slightly more weight as you and me.

Whatever he says or promises will not count as and when it really matters.

Anonymous said...

Sicko..where does this man conscience goes?

Anonymous said...

Ah Goh can make such remarks because he is very confident of winning the elections. PAP in its entire history, has never suffered an electoral defeat.

Things have reached a point where PAP no longer considers Singapore as a democracy, where leaders are elected. Instead, they view that leaders are groomed and selected. Elections? What elections? Sure win wan!

Ah Goh's speech reeks of cockiness and sheer arrogance. He really believes PAP will be returned to power.

The mighty never have to worry about being insensitive or rude.

Anonymous said...

This fucker sue fellow politicians from speaking their minds and he tells us we are too dependent on his fucking incompetent million-dollar salaried assholes. I`ll show you indepedency by not voting you.

TokyoSingaporean said...

This time I have to disagree with you Lucky.

I live in Tokyo and am experiencing the situation here *live* and SM Goh is right. The japanese do treat things calmly, part of it is because they believe in destiny. But I agree that the minister should teach us to be calm. He should first teach himself to train his wife not to say peanuts for people who earn less than her.

HS said...

For your type of cough, it sounds like mycoplasma. no such rubbish like 1 month recover. i figure you have no fever, a cough that is triggered by an itchy throat and you can cough nonstop for more than 10 rounds and end up breathless at the end of it. Treatment is a macrolide antibiotic---eg. clarithromycin 500mg twice a day for 5 days. you WILL recover. Cheers(from a doctor who isn't interested in making money off patients nor is he a slave in those goverment hospitals)

Amused said...

It is ridiculous to compare Singapore flooding to the Japan earthquake.

A more apt comparison would be handling of record snowing in the West. Poor government responses to snowstorms have ended the careers of many mayors in North America, including the well known Chicago mayor Michael Bilandic in 1979. (see Wikipedia.)

So Mr Goh wants to be paid obscenely while abdicates any responsibility for flooding that can be prevented with planning and engineering? He should read the following news stories and rethink his role and responsibility to the people. If he can’t handle the flood, how can he be trusted to manage economy malaise, the state funds, and people’s welfare?

Canadian city Edmonton mayor recently apologized for handling of snow removal, “We need to do a better job.”

(Denver major) Vidal got a glimpse of what it's like to live in the withering public spotlight when the director of public works had to deal with the relentless snowstorms of 2006-07. From December to February, the temperature barely rose above freezing while the snow kept falling, making cleanup a logistical nightmare.

"I was taking bullets every day; people were unhappy, and the media was constantly reporting how we were failing to pick up the snow and plow every street," he says. "People would see me on the streets and would yell at me. I'd get interviewed, and the (reporters) would ask whether or not I should be fired."
Despite the stress, Vidal says that ultimately the experience was one of the most rewarding of his career and that he was energized by the collective efforts of his department.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that I am a Singaporean living in Tokyo. The earthquake last Friday was the worst I've ever experienced. What you said about the intensity of the tragedy, the Japanese and the government's reactions were spot on. When I read about SM Goh's comparison of the earthquake to last year's flood at Orchard, I seethed with anger over his belittlement of a catastrophe of such proportions. The death toll is expected to go beyond 10,000! Drawing such an inappropriate example at the expense of the Japanese people is really unforgivable. But then again, SM Goh is never known for his tact. And of course, Japanese people complain, like you said, when things go wrong on a daily basis. The Japanese, especially women, are "champion complainers," to quote MM. But they differ from Singaporeans in that they truly accept criticisms, reflect on how to make changes, and carry out the changes. Otherwise, how else do you think they can produce such high quality work and such immaculate service? We have a lot to learn from them.

Even in this disaster, I learnt so many things from their response. I have a soft spot for Japanese people, they are the nicest people in the world, in general. That is why I really wish people would stop using the tragedy for their own gains (e.g. Mediacorp). It is utterly sickening behavior and speaks a lot about the kind of society Singapore is.

Clear eyed said...

Dear Lucky, get well soon.

As for SM Goh, I have 3 questions for him:

1) how much are we paying him every year?
2) what is his job scope, if any?
3) does he have the moral authority to say that Singaporeans rely on the Govt too much?

Serviced Apt said...

Maybe you will die from your flu and you can stop complaning about your country for once.

on a side note, It is quite fun to watch the diaster unfold on different live TV, most notably NHK World (thanks starhub). It is great entertainment over the weekend.

i say we aim for 10+ million dead in the next major diaster. otherwise, there is not much impact. the rest of the world still go on. say 10 million dead, one continent devasted. ah that would jolt some sleepy salarypeople from their daily office rountine.

It great to be in Singapore because we are invulnerable to any diaster due to the geographic location. we can hope for any diaster and it will definitely not affect us. especially not me, since i live on a high ground.

everything feels so good right now. the warm shower, cool aircon, 65inch tv, osim chairs, good food and the list goes on. everything i think of those donkeys stranded in the stadium in japan, all the stuff just feel so good. i guess human do need to have lousy stuff so you will know what is good to you. cheers my dear victims of gaia, dont let the dirty water soak you now...

Anonymous said...

---1) how much are we paying him every year?---

We are paying SM Goh at least $3 million a year, not counting the pension he is currently receiving for his many years in politics.

---2) what is his job scope, if any?---

Officially, he is there to mentor and advice PM Lee and the cabinet. Which basically means he does nothing of real importance.

Inofficially, he was known as the seat-warmer till PM Lee could officially take over as PM.

---3) does he have the moral authority to say that Singaporeans rely on the Govt too much?---

No. He doesn't. In fact, SM Goh relied on the taxpayers way too much for state welfare. He is getting paid $3 million a year to do forecasting and giving advice. He is paid $3 million a year, and receives a huge pension for life as though he is extremely well-off and is in no need for pension.

We refuse to provide pension to rank-and-file workers who may need the pension to support their families. But we made it mandatory to provide pensions to millionaire politicians who live in the lap of luxury.

Moral authority my a$$!

SM Goh speaks the way he speaks not because he is brutally honest. He is just speaking like any other arrogant prick who thinks he can get away with anything because he has never lost and will never lose!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Singaporeans are too dependent on govt. Why?

because they are daft enough to believe that our leeders are extraordinarily talented bunch who can solve any problems. why?

because these leechers oversell themselves and demand huge salaries for their "public" service.

Singaporeans are stupid, through and through. No two words about it. imagine being taken for a ride and being ridiculed for it too.

sgcynic said...

"It is quite fun to watch the diaster unfold on different live TV." Be careful when you have a bad conscience and karma. Even the TV can explode in your face and kill you. That will be a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky.
Do take care and rest well.

With such overcrowding in the bus and MRT, it is no wonder sickness like flu can spread around so quickly.

SM Goh does not deserve to say all these when he is paid millions, ignores our complains about high HDB costs, too many foreigners and so on.

our government is basically not with us

Alan Wong said...

Looking back in hindsight, he was the Prime Minister that we could do without in the first place. What is he currently doing that deserve his kind of obsene Minister salary ?

What has he really achieved for Singapoeans ? A Swiss standard of living for the PAP Ministers while there are still elderly citizens out there scavenging dustbins for discarded drink cans and cardboard ?

To me, he was merely an opportunistic seat warmer proven without the slightest doubt.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese cabinet ministers are not paid highly like ours. They do easily lose their jobs unlike ours.
So why shouldn't Singaporeans demand good service from our ministers? Orchard road is a popular icon of Singapore, as much as the Merlion is. So when such a thing happens, it is such a shame to a 1st world country like ours.

The Japanese public is calm as they are well prepared for such disaster and as a people,I admit they are much better than our Kiasu Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

heartless guy....perhaps one fine day, water pipes in his house will burst and have his house then, let's see is he can be very calm....

Anonymous said...

Floodgate are opened extremely wide to let foreigners into Singapore without any limit.

So many foreigners travel by buses and MRT everyday.

The overcrowding by the foreigners has made the spread of air borne germs like coughing germs fast.

With unhealthy and bad habit of personal cleanness, these foreigners are very likely the source of what Lucky is experiencing of constant cough.

Any Singaporean can also has the bad luck to have the chance to experience what Lucky is experiencing as a result of large number of foreigners in Singapore.

ExploitedMOETeacher said...

Hey Lucky, something interesting to share. The school had a meeting and told us teachers not to liase or write in to the mass media to inform about the difficulties and dirty politicking that happens in schools because of the epms. Everything shitty, keep em away from the public. Teachers suffer in silence because of overwork, miscarriages from stress, young teachers can`t even buy resale flats to start a family as the income is low. SM Goh should remind his children why they have left singapore to live and work in london before pointing fingers at singaporeans.

MOE is hiring thousands of teachers each year as thousands leave the fraternity. The EPMS is used to punish teachers to be branded D and demotivate them. Many principals and VPs are cunning foxes who use the system to abuse and grade educators to force students to drill to get the As. Values are not important anymore. Civics and moral education is scoffed at. This ministry is pathetic. They use kids to collect donations to cut down government spending. Moral values are expedient as propounded by PAP. Many of my kids want to be politicians as they can be millionaires. There is a serious systemic problem in our singapores education model and MOE is chasing teachers away with poor work life balance and micromanaging teachers all over singapore to submit files and worsksheets for checking., This is patronising teachers` professionalism. Condescending. All these just so to justify grading. Stupid MOE is still blind and stubborn. Our education model has 60 percent of teachers with less tahn 8 years of teaching experience. Work situation for teachers in MOE is exploited. Depression is rife. Many females are unmarried in the profession. And many suffer miscarriages from stress. MOE is exploiting teachers. America has an average of 20 years teaching experience among its teachers because of good work life balance. We are exploited with ceaseless administrative and punitive gradings. Many teachers are not voting PAP this election. Many people are still disillusioned, thingking that working for MOE is rosy.

Anonymous said...

Lau Goh is absolutely wrong...

Without the people of singapore blood can he upkeep his life-style...or feed his family?

Some-more when he retires in the end...his pension monies still comes from who...the people of singapore...

It is he who is dependent on the people of singapore.

Without which...he will eat dirt and have to work for a real honest living instead of living off others blood, sweat and tears.

What an ass-hole and fark all hypocrite!

And i use to respect this to me this is no man at all...just a weeny whiny loafer of a swine.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I`m a teacher too.

The EPMS system. How infamous. MOE copied from America.

Principals, VPs, HODs and teachers are all playing games with one another. Thanks to MOE ssytem. It needs to reform. Since SM Goh always talk about japan, they should follow japan style. No EPMS in japan.

10 minutes interval between lessons for teachers to rest and not always come late for the next lesson which starts immediately when the bell rings and ends for the present lesson. No wonder we are always laet for appointments as students always see teachers enter classes 5 minutes late since there is no time for movement. MOE has still not gotten it right. It:s ok. more new blood to recruit. In japan, mr SM GOH, teachers get 2 months bonus for the overwork shit they do. No epms means they all help and cooperate witrh one another. With your epms, politics and games are rife in schools. Stop your stupid moe excel fest. principals are forcing teachersw to attend. remove epms and you will see how manym ore teachers will come forward for moe excel. What is there to excel when there is no work life balance? Japan has gotten it right. They have a resilient society. We have a divide and conquer society with the epms.

Jeffrey Peter said...

WoW!! singaporeans are too dependent on the government"?!? The last I checked, it is the government who sets policies that are AGAINST the singaporeans. For example before the revision; labor intensive industries like marine, oil and gas and service industries can tap into "foreign talents" as a resource for manpower- for every 1 singaporean, they can get between 4 to 7 FTs.So, where are the "job oppurtunities for the locals who BUILT the nation?!? Displaced by a government interested in chasing the numbers GDP)and profiteering from the people. And "we" (the people are dependant") goh certainly got things backward. Futher in "creating job opputunities "for singaporeans; singaporeans are "given" jobs that pay low like security, taxi drivers, bus drivers etc when the higher paying jobs are given to FTs. just a stroll intio the shipyards oil n gas, one can count with their fingers the number of singaporeans.ost pressure from the citizens with the up coming elections have forced the government to rethink if they want to draw their multi-million salaries with perks.

Anonymous said...

My dear Singaporeans, please repeat
this mantra after me...

` I must kick the bumps out!`
` I must kick the bumps out!`
` I must kick the bumps out!`

Anonymous said...


My mum who is a teacher is going to retire and as she cannot resign guess what?? She got a D grade for performance!! This is what she got after working 30 years for MOE.

For every teacher that leaves the profession MOE have to use tax payers money to train a new teacher. Can you imagine the $$$ spent every year to recruit and orientate new teachers ??! Now you know what our GST is used on.

Obviously we have policy makers in MOE who does not know what is happening in the ground. Time to vote them and their masters out.

With such miserable life of course teachers will have to depend on govt on match making, subsidy for HDB. etc...

Anonymous said...

>>I don't understand why SM Goh said that the Japanese people reacted to this event "calmly" when we can see the panic, fear and sadness of the Japanese people on TV.

Watching/reading too much MediaCorpse news/State Times...sigh

Anonymous said...

"Where else in the world compared with Singapore does a govt amass so much resources in terms of reserves out the people and take so little responsibility when the people get sick , old or unemployed?"

and where else in the world do you have a government that invests the reserves forcefully squeezed from the sweat blood and tears of the people without proper due diligence resulting in mega losses of hundreds of billions, and the citizens don't hunt down and hang those responsible for incurring those losses?

PAP should be bloody thankful to Singaporeans and this wooden Goh moron should STFU before he really get lynched to death.

Anonymous said...

When Orchard road is flooded for the umpteenth times, I believe the universe is sending a metaphorical omen to Singaporeans - that you'll be/are now flooded with FTs that needed to be drained away.

PAP response - Flood are here to stay = FTs are necessary

When people are slowly realizing that their government is not there for them, PAP sensed the grounds well and instead of truly coming forward to help, they projected their fear and accused Singaporeans.

PAP response - Singaporeans are too dependent on govt = We cannot depend on Singaporeans to help us win votes & retain in power .

They ought to be reminded that it IS PAP that IS depended on its people to be self reliant in

- taxes - GST, COE, ERP etc
- healthcare
- Jobs & competition
- Retirement

on top of paying $75.7m of all Ministers salaries EVERY YEAR like a pension that never ends.

So who's depending on who again?

Anonymous said...

inorder to prove him wrong, singaporeans should all migrate and they go eat shit. cos no one in sound mind will pay them $3m to talk rubbish.

Anonymous said...

he forgot to say that our parliament should learn from jap parliament and change every few months.

Anonymous said...

Is it resp to "packed" 6.5 mil to 7 mil people into a small island??

Taishan said...

A car is a luxury.
A flat is a luxury.
A job is a luxury for older folks.

A mudhead senior minister is a luxury.

Anonymous said...

SM Goh should resign if he think Singaporean is too dependant on govt. On the contrary, I think the govt is more dependant on Singaporean. Who doing NS, who is paying the pub bills, who is paying for skyhigh-priced HDB flats, who is paying for inflated car prices, who is paying for ERP, who is paying for everything expensive....who?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this gov is so bent on insulting its own citizens. Most govs try to inspire and motivate their citizens. Eg. Japan PM says, if we rally together we can get though this. Our gov tell us that we complain too much, needs spurs stuck onto us...etc.... Seriously, I'm getting very insulted by all the insults.

Anonymous said...

Why are teachers whining to Lucky?
Lucky has made it clear that he is NOT into politics!

And Mr Lucky ... "Liberals" have started bashing Christians for offering to pray for the Japanese ... what are you waiting for ... I was just kidding when I suggested you should stick to bread-n-butter stuff ... come on ... remember reality has a liberal bias ...

Seriously ... you are a millionaire! see a specialist lah!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Japan and the people. May God bless them with courage and strength to overcome this difficult period.

Anonymous said...

He has no moral authority to condemn his fellow citizens when he himself gets so restless -- for so long -- over those legitimate requests to prevent recurring floods. Instead of asking the relevant authorities try to solve the problem ASAP he seems to be more interested in looking for every opportunities -- even at the expense of the feelings of our Japanese friends -- to ridicule his own citizens. I suppose you guys know that patients at the Woodbridge Hospital with advanced mental disorder are most fond of telling people that everyone else is mad!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Mr. Goh...

What are you smoking or trying to smoke here?

Are you okay?...

Using other peoples (Our Japanese friends) sufferings as a cheap skate political shot to score super cheap skate political points...

You don't come cheap you are paid like $3 million bigs ones annually excluding pension (2/3 of your annual pay)/plus benefits/etc...

We don't pay you to use other countries natuaral disasters and pain/sufferings to whine about how unfair it is for you to be a minister in singapore okay...

You are one very sad and really not all there in the head person.

Nuts lah ... all NUTS!

Joseph Tan said...

I have enough of PAP's crab. Really wanna throw out each time any of them speak. They should just shut the fuck up and let us live our lives.

gold tap plumbing inc. said...

in a way SM Goh is right if one takes into account those Sporeans by the hundreds of thousands who voted for the PAP over and over again.

the PAP propaganda has managed to convince these Sporeans that no one else but only PAP buggers can do the job, whatever it may be.

it has gone so far whereby these Sporeans stop to think for themselves, what is right and wrong, so long as their rice bowl is not empty.

hopefully all this will change during the show Goh CT, Sporeans can move on without depending on his bloody PAP.
having said that, i cannot say the same about Durai, that he will not depend on mrs peanuts Goh for his dessert.

Anonymous said...

i think the Japanese must be thanking their lucky stars they got no "Wooden"

Anonymous said...

Is there any leader in the History Of Singapore comparable to any elsewhere in terms of quality?

Japan is thousands of times the size of Sin, their incompetent leaders were removed or resigned as frequently as fashions are changed. Some even committed hara-kiri(suicide) to atone and because they felt ashamed. Our local Ministers will put all blames on lower ranking staff.
It is a country most prone to earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption and weather caused natural disasters, flood, snow and low temperature.

Goh Chok Tong is very loud with his mouth but damn short on his promises, so much so that many citizens took his every word as fart.


Lye Khuen Way said...

SM Goh wants Singaporeans to "approach problems clamly".
Well said but, then what was the cool responses whenever there were feedbacks ?

Can we be faulted for getting agitated when there seem to be "no-government" ? That is what I felt, when one I see near-chaos on our roads/ MRT just to name two.
Amid all this, are our World-leading compensations for our political office holders. There is certainly not much value-for-money, as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Goh is right, but this is a situation created very much by the iron-fisted rule of the Old Man, and ironically, Goh himself is a Singaporean, and he too, in my opinion, is not independent of the Old Man enough.

Anonymous said...

He himself has got to be the worst kind of complaint-king of all. How can a so called leader kept complaining against his own citizen's legitimate requests? He never seem to miss any opportunity that can make you feel bad! Not least using the misfortune of other people for his own end!

I worry for this country!

Cathopologist said...

SM Goh, we all know you kowtow to the Lees lah. Morever, your pathetic remarks about Singaporeans complaining about the flash floods sounds alot like your Master's rhetorical rants. Did he give you tuition lessons on PAP 101? Hehe.

On a more serious note, please accept responsibility for your party's failure in the upcoming GE. Singaporeans have awoken from the deep slumber and will no longer tolerate bullying antics from the PAP.

You sing all the national songs during National Day right? We'll see how patriotic your members are when the PAP loses many of its seats. I bet you and your ilk will be the first ones to leave this country when that happens.

Anonymous said...

"It says in last para that some expatriates and their family will leave Japan or or preparing to do so.."

Goes to show, in the event of calamity, foreign talents are the first one to run away. Sometimes I wish Singapore will have a mini disaster of sort and we'll see who are the real quitters that our government has been admitting into our tiny land.

The trend about PAP leaders is this - when they ran out of ideas/solutions or are unwilling to come up with the money/resources to solve it, they then blame it on Singaporeans and want us to 'pick up the slack" instead. Well thanks but no thanks. That's why we PAID you guys so much to do your job remember!??

Anonymous said...

Though Sin maybe relatively free from natural disasters of physical and climatic conditions, it may not be totally free from disasters of disease and geo-political development.

However, me doubts that Singaporeans can depend on the Government should any outbreak or regional fighting breakout with Singapore involved. Surely the political elites will be the first to leave Singapore.


Worst Singaporean said...

SM Goh,

I would like to take your advice and be self reliant. I will start by managing my own retirement funds, please scrap the CPF and allow me to manage my own money! Please allow me to lift that burden from the government.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners are unreliable and cannot be dependable.
Foreigners are the first one to pack up and leave if disaster strikes our homeland.
However, foreigners are welcomed to Singapore to replace Singapore Citizens in all areas.

This is proven from the fact that foreigners are leaving Japan after the earthquake and tsunami disasters as reported:


Foreigners, wary of nuclear risk, flee Tokyo
By Boris Cambreleng, Agence France-Presse

TOKYO - Fearing the possible risk of contamination as Japan confronts a post-quake nuclear emergency, foreigners have begun a slow exodus from Tokyo, though some are maintaining a stiff upper lip.

Several European nations have advised their citizens to consider leaving the Japanese capital following two blasts at a quake-damaged atomic power plant 250 kilometres (155 miles) to the north, sparking fears of a possible meltdown.


Anonymous said...

Re ExploitedMOETeacher

"Many females(teacher) are unmarried in the profession."

This is because the civil service is too well paid if one manage to stay there more than 5 years. Most female teachers would earn around 5K by the time they reached their 5th years.

By then, even the ugliest female pig in MOE would not consider anything other a prince charming driving a porsche.

Those single female teachers are totally unaware that they have absolutely no real employment value in real job market and they look down upon all other honest working men whose salary who do not the same amount of salary.

pigstothetrough said...

Dear SM Goh,

Why don't you follow the Japanese ministers in not taking such obscene salary for yourself and your fellow leeches? Why don't you allow true democracy in the country in not destroying opposition politicians using organs of the state? Why don't you provide more social safety net like what the Japanese government is providing its people?

Perhaps then we would be less dependent on the government like the Japanese you so admidre.

pigstothetrough said...

Dear SM Goh,

And one more thing, no one is more dependent on the government than you and your ilk. You are so addicted to your million salary that you will never ever retire. You will "work" to your dying day in order to collect your undeserved reward. You see that old man in his late 80's still collecting his monthly pay when in any other country, senior statesmen like him would be contributing his time to the country for free. You guys are addicted to money like heroin junkie. I'd really love to see you guys go cold turkey.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think SM Goh was the most compassionate PM we had. I felt he was more sincere than MM and our PM now. But after LSH took over the gov, SM Goh's comments has been down right politically insensitive. I wonder if it's LSH trying to make him look bad.

pigstothetrough said...

@ anon,

Best of a bad lot is no consolation especially if they are paid astronomically obscened salaries.

In other countries, a child wants grow up to be the president or prime minister of the country because they want to serve the country, to change things that are not right in their innocent eyes. In Singapore, as child wants to grow up to be the president or prime minister because he can make a lot of money. This is a value we are inculcating in our future generation. You go figure.

Anonymous said...

sg should learn from the jap to kick out their gov once every few months.

Anonymous said...

My mum who is a teacher is going to retire and as she cannot resign guess what?? She got a D grade for performance!! This is what she got after working 30 years for MOE.

Anon 14/3/11 11:36

I have no sympathies for your mum, even though I am a fellow teacher.

In my school, the overwhelming majority of the 1A3 teachers or teachers with 10-15 years of seniority do the LEAST amount of work.

At worst, they behave like long-term relief teachers. At best, they work as though they are contract teachers. Most of these senior teachers only teach and mark, and do comestic work on their other non-teaching responsibility.

Whenever they work with junior teachers, it is usually the junior teachers who have to do the bulk of the work. I have colleagues who have only been in the profession for one or two years, yet on top of their teaching, they have to do discipline, manage the daily running of a Uniformed Group CCA, or run the prefectorial board.

On the other hand, I have senior teachers who take charge of backwater CCAs like robotics and library, where all they do is take attendance, and do their marking while students and junior teachers run the actual CCA.

I also have a senior teacher who became a house master, and under her charge, a champion house immediately lost its top position. All these happened because the senior teacher was totally indifferent to her duties. She was just concerned about teaching, marking and going home as soon as she could.

Ironically, her teaching results were not that spectacular either. Even if they were, it still does not change the fact that the senior teacher was extremely lethargic towards her house duties.

If senior teachers don't get the 'D', then who should get the 'D'? Us younger teachers who have to juggle mutliple portfolios and do the real work?

You not happy, vote against PAP lah! After all, the EPMS system was implemented by a PAP education minister.

Why would anything change unless you get a new education minister from a different party?

Anonymous said...

"In other countries, a child wants grow up to be the president or prime minister of the country because they want to serve the country, to change things that are not right in their innocent eyes. -Anon 15/3/11 08:15"

Which countries are those?

Africa or any Third-World country? Most politicians there are paid about $5000 a month, but their wealth runs into the hundreds of millions while their own citizens survive on $100 a month.
Are these politicians cheap or expensive for the country?

Bribery of politicians is outright legal. Lobbyist for corporations constantly pressure politicians and senators to make decisions that are bad for the country but good for their own bottomlines.

Do we really need politicians who are nothing more than paid representatives of corporations to push agendas that hurt the masses but enrich the privileged few?

Anonymous said...

Many work for the pay, not for liking the job.

If a road sweeper is paid $5K per month, I am sure it will attract even graduates!

What more if a job is a teacher, despite whatever bad things said about it.

As for politics, if the pay and rewards is very good, a lot of people will want to be politicians too. No doubt about it. But then the process will become very selective.

Anonymous said...

I remember LHL said at his inaugural speech that we will have a "all inclusive" society. Years later, we discovered that includes a lot of FT.

Now maybe GCT is trying to allude us that the nuclear plant might still go ahead if we all could just be like the stoic japanese?

Maybe they need to seriously consider this plan all over again when they can't even fix a simple flooding engineering. Now our leaders not only want money, but power ..nuclear power!!

As the earth tetonic plates are shifting very quickly who is to know that we might not get earthquake one day? Who can anticipate such disaster might not hit home in near future? With all that little island we have and mostly reclaimed sands, we will be the first atlantic to sink. So what if George Yeo has his social capital that is INDESTRUCTIBLE?

Enough said. Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

//Do we really need politicians who are nothing more than paid representatives of corporations to push agendas that hurt the masses but enrich the privileged few?//

It does look bad. But SGP has only 1 reigning party for the last 40yrs. It holds "open" elections on schedule but does not provide a lively forum for debate. The GLCs are like paid reps of PAP who pushes their own agendas to enrich only the elite fews. Do you see any difference?

Here in SG, the form is bad, the substance are even less to begin with. In practice both scenarios represent the specific interests of BIG money at the expense of the individual .

It's like changing the deck chairs on a sinking titanic every 4 years and another round of the same thing.

Unless we have a paradigm shift, singaporeans will be on shifting sands very soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon above.

No way Singapore will have an earthquake like that of Japan.

Just look back at history.
For past hundreds of years do we had an earthquake beyond small tremors?

But not the case for Japan.

So not to worry at all.

To cope with high cost of living here, just concentrate on how to make more money.

That will be the smart thing to do.

Anonymous said...

//If senior teachers don't get the 'D', then who should get the 'D'? Us younger teachers who have to juggle mutliple portfolios and do the real work?//

Why are we so harsh against our senior teachers. They have afterall given their time & energy in educating our generation. Is good to see the younger teachers have higher productivity given all the various tools available to them now and with better performance accountability, all these one hope can only be better improvements to the quality of out students/young generations. So I feel there's no need to compare the younger workload vs the older ones. Times are just different. The attrition or phasing-out will naturally takes place. If we among us can't have any gratitude for our seniors, why do we expect our leaders or society around us to show us or mirror the right values then?

Have a heart for your fellow singaporeans who have contributed to nation building. Everyone has a turn or part to do.

Anonymous said...

If there is a war, many singaporeans will kill pap first then defend singapore. They are fucking cunning bastards who does nothing for this country healthcare, gst and pension. we will shoot and kill them first then defend singapore.

Anonymous said...

If your definition of a meaningful life or a life well lived is to make more money at whatever expense, then go ahead and do your smart thing. Just don't become my politicians.

Sohcool said...

Very well written despite you being sick. It sadden me to see our govt writing such stuff. Are we really good for nothings in the eyes of our govt?
Hope you get well soon.

Anonymous said...

///Why are we so harsh against our senior teachers. They have afterall given their time & energy in educating our generation.///

Here's why:

In a secondary school in AMK, I know of a senior teacher who has taught for 13 years. She currently draws a salary of $7000 pm. All she does is teach and take attendance for CCA.

In the same school, there is a diploma-holder teacher who teaches only lower sec. She has the same number of teaching periods as the senior teacher. On top of her teaching and CCA, she has to coordinate the entire sec 1 music elective program. She also has to cheoreograph the dance moves for her CCA during the speech day. Her monthly pay is only $1800.

There is another young degree-holder teach who teaches the same subject and level as the senior teacher. He has serve as 2IC for a UG and serve as camp commandant for level camp involving 400 students. His whole december holiday is burnt planning the camp. His pay is about $3600pm.

Why should these two younger teachers, whose salaries is so much lower than the senior teacher, be ranked lower than the senior teacher in the annual ranking exercise?

Now you know why ACS(I) wants to fire the old English teacher. For her salary, the school could easily employ two teachers, who each person alone can do double her her workload.

EPMS system of pitting teachers against teachers is making everyone unhappy; be it young or old teachers alike.

Old teachers sad to get the 'D', and young teachers feel resentful that they are overtaxed and taken advantage of.

Lose-lose situation. But unless the senior teacher buck up, they should take the 'D' and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Most teacher and civil servant who stay there for 5 years get $5000 and probably 5x as much if they found themselves a patron.

Most Singaporean are not aware that our civil service is among the most generous employer and one day, civil servant may be better paid than Goldman Sachs.

We definitely need talent for civil service. If we pay them peanuts, Singapore will be doom.

The rest of the people can starve till death.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Japanese leaders so panicky? They kept going on to the TV to tell people what is happening. Look at our "CALM" leaders, they can kept calm (couldn't care less?) for one full month before making a casual comment that nothing could be done about the unprecidented repeated floods. As usual they would never forget to irritate you that you should not to be so dependent on the government (for doing nothing)! Our "leaders" draw ten times the salary compared to that of their Japanese counterpart for doing NOTHING! I guess the Japanese leaders can learn a lot from our BS-leaders.

Anonymous said...

//EPMS system of pitting teachers against teachers is making everyone unhappy; be it young or old teachers alike.//

Just like private sectors, everyone has a KPIs to deliver. If PAP argued that we need to pay them or we get monkey, they EPMS or whatever system that is used to measure performance & output is all fair game. To say that for the same price they can get two cheaper & younger teachers is akin to saying instead of paying our in-laws/parents $1000 a month to look after my children/cleaning I could have gotten two cheap filipino maids for that same price for more work done. Do you? So the same argument goes to Foreign talents that PAP brings in to replace your expensive job. So are you for it or against it?

//Most teacher and civil servant who stay there for 5 years get $5000 and probably 5x as much if they found themselves a patron. We definitely need talent for civil service. If we pay them peanuts, Singapore will be doom.//

But judging from the first reader, it seems like a $5000 salaried senior teacher does NOT necessarily equate to Talent here, despite it is NOT peanuts we paid. So to categorically say you pay top money you get talents or you pay peanuts you get monkey (the young teacher given as an example) have totally contradicted this argument.

LEt's just say I am all for paying fair salary that will commensurate with individual's performance. So that no one is abusing anyone.

FuckPAPforNoMinWage said...

There is no performance bonus in teaching. So performance are we talking about? All teachers do different things, different comittees, different CCAs, different classes and levels, etc. So why should instill unfairness in this way by pitting them against one another? SHouldnt we get teachers to cooperate? If you pit fellow teachers against one another, how are you going to promote goodwill in the fraternity? This is a bad system. Teachers dont cooperate because they know that the EPMS system is not fair. And since when PAP is fair. Look at how they bully Singaporeans and the opposition. Just observe and see for yourself. SM GOH likes japanese society because japs dont complain about their bosses, they either vote them out in the election or commit suicide. And that`s what most singaporeans will end up doing.

Anonymous said...

So you have just confirmed my suspicion. Reads like a total failure in tying the right Incentive with Performance. In short = incorrect KPIs.

Is like having one set of KPI (ie grow GDP @ x%) across all the Ministers of whatever portfolios without taking into account their relative scope of expertise & deliveries. And especially lacking are the soft metrics.

Looks like the Civil Service need a Comp Plan lesson 101. About time to rethink if a private sector model can truly be applied in a public paying top talents for hard driving results. You will get tough teachers, more tutors, more crammed time and probably more depressing children. People & Parents have to decide at polling day what message they want to send to PAP .

A vote for PAP =Everything is fine as it is. I'm giving you the mandate & endorsement to "business as usual". Your policies are great as it is.

Quite frankly, the taxpayer can save their monies and without hearing the constant justification from PAPies that Top Money = Top Talent = Top everything. The last 4 years have given me enough proofs.

Cynical Investor said...

Hubby of Peanuts Choo not worth getting upset about. Look to him for "negative demonstrations" on succession and other Hard Truths.

And an example of "You can pay a lot of money, and still get a monkey". Other examples are DPM Wong, Mah Bow Tan, Zorro,VB and Yaacob. Taz almost half the cabinet.

Get well

Anonymous said...

We must pay more than Goldman Sachs la. Or else talent will go there and our hurt our competitiveness.

We must pay our civil servant by taxing everyone until they sold their underwear.

Then the talent will be so rich that they will be able to invest. And the trickle down effect will make everyone a rich man.

Anonymous said...

jap is a welfare state unlike sg. Japs know that they can depend on the gov to foot medical bills and restoring their homes that why they can stay calm. if their gov is also as useless as sg gov, i am sure they will complain like mad and even worse, riot.

Anonymous said...

"SM Goh said one worrying trend is that Singaporeans are becoming too dependent on the government, and more needs to be done to make Singaporeans more self reliant."

Only if you satisfy two conditions:

1)age must be 65 or above and
2)education level must be below primary 6.

Anonymous said...


me never feel that the people can depend on our government for anything.

Can someone mention what and where can the people depend on the Government, maybe me am too shallow to understand.


Anonymous said...

////GOH likes japanese society because japs dont complain about their bosses, they either vote them out in the election or commit suicide. And that`s what most singaporeans will end up doing.///////

Committing suicide?

Anonymous said...

Another of The Woody Goondu Show on CNA!

Vincent said...

There are other reasons why the Japanese do not complain.

One is that their government has done a good job. This is something SM Goh has to learn from them.

Two is that they have a strong opposition to complain for them.

SM Goh's comment only reflects the narrow perspective that he has.

Remember the NKF incident and the "peanut woman".
The big fat salary is 'peanut' to someone who is greedy. These people keep so much money to feed seven generations
(their children, grand children, great-grand children ...)many of them who are not yet in existence while there are so many poor in existence now who need to be fed.
These are called the economic barbarians in the book, The Human Cycle written by Sri Aurobindo.

“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of.
In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”
- by Confucius

Anonymous said...

In my view, SM Goh and his party members have a lot to learn from the Japanese leadership. Better for him to just collect his fat salary, shut up and sit down. said...

This cannot succeed in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.