Saturday, March 26, 2011

Targeted help - PAP's euphemism for barriers to those getting help...

I was watching this video in which Chee Soon Juan completely demolished and embarrassed Michael Palmer for bringing up this concept of "targeted assistance". If help is targeted based on need, why are millionaire ministers getting subsidies when they are sick and pensions when they retire....while the middle class have much of their subsidies eliminated.

If you go through my blog, there are numerous instances where needy Singaporeans are denied help simply due to numerous rules put in place to prevent them from getting help. One caller to 93.8 called to say he was "near homeless" and now begging relatives one by one because he was unable to get a rental flat - he had very low income of $1000+ and cannot afford to buy a flat. So why was he denied help? HDB had this rule that a person cannot apply for rental flats within 30 months of the sale of his flat[Link]. This caller sold his flat because he was in financial difficulties and he still had financial difficulties after he sold his flat but couldn't get a rental flat simply because he couldn't afford to hang on to his flat[Link] These rules were further tightened when the waiting time for rental flats grew to 4 years[Link]. He went to see his MP but his appeal was unsuccessful.

We often hear, Minister Khaw say we are fully covered for medical care because of the 3Ms (Medisave, Medishield, Medifund). If that is so, why do some Singaporeans have to seek treatment in Malaysia? Why do people have to sell their homes to pay for medical treatment[family sells home and owed bank $400k for daughter's cancer treatment] if they have access to Medifund ? How come Olympic hero, Tan Howe Liang, who is 77 years old could not get Medifund fo his wife's treatment and end up with medical debts of $100,000[Link]? Medifund eligibility criteria has never been spelt out - it is believed to be based on housing or income - either one can be used to reject applicants[Leong Sze Hian has been asking for the criteria and has been given the run around]. If someone like Tan Howe Liang or a father that has to go into debt to the tune of $400K cannot get it, you can imagine how hard it is to get help.

Minister yesterday announced that PA allowance would be increased by $30 a month, from $260 to $290, single constituents told me that they needed to skip one meal a day to live on the $260 per month. And now, MCYS is going to give them $1 more a day. But, Sir, $1 a day will not be able to buy them one meal a day in any hawker centre.” - MP Lily Neo in Parliament
There are numerous issues with Workfare[Link] even for those who believe it is superior to minimum wages (which I'm sure it is not), the PAP ruins its own solution with rules and barriers.
At a time when poverty is actually rising and spreading as the income gap and cost of living increases mean that more Singaporeans suffer unnecessarily and unjustly each year because as a nation we have more than sufficiently resources to help those really in need. We need a govt that is honest and sincere in distributing help not one that hides behind euphemisms and rules. What we have today is a govt that will debate endlessly over whether $1 per day increase for Public Assistance for the most needy people in our society is too much but wants to compensate its ministers and top civil servants millions a year and handout 8 month bonuses to people who are suppose to serve the public. This is a govt that has lost is has lost is values, its conscience and its sense of reality....and we better put all these back in govt and we have to be serious about it before its too late.


Anonymous said...

Dr Chee did a very good, and no less targeted response to Palmer. The PAP has forgotten that it is the taxpayers' monies that are subsidizing THEIR salaries, while people are scrambling to survive.

If Samantha in Holland V is an indication of how some of our young have such an "elistist" outlook already, a "us" vs "them" labels, you have to start sighing and wondering where they get such a view from.

IT's time for a new paradigm change, a new MAP before it's all too late.

Anonymous said...

MAP = Moral Action Party!

Anonymous said...

"This is a govt that has lost is has lost is values, its conscience and its sense of reality....and we better put all these back in govt and we have to be serious about it before its too late".

your above call will be read and heard.
However, voters are likely to ignore due to their fears for no reason. Most voters are lost in their bearings too, not just the PAP Politicians.


Anonymous said...

Why Singaporeans cannot get jobs because of foreigners

There is no statistics for unemployment rate for Singaporeans. This figure has never been released. When you see data on Unemployment rate of residents, it is unemployment rates of Singaporeans and PR (permanent residents).
As PRs form a substantial portions of the residents and most of the PRs are working adults(*), the inclusion of PR employment statistics have distorted the unemployment rate of Singaporeans.

(*)Most of the PRs are working adults because non-working PR adults would not have been eligible to become PR in the first place, and if the PR adults become unemployed after becoming PRs, the PRs are more likely to leave Singapore to live in the countries they were from due to the lower cost of living.

If a person is unemployed longer than 6 months, this person is not classified as unemployed. This person is not captured in the statistics for unemployment rate

If a person is not able to find a job, he/she may choose to become a taxi driver, insurance agent, property agent, temp staff, part-time staff, etc. or he/she may choose to take up some courses thereby making himself/herself as full-time student. Peoples under this category are not classified as unemployed but they are unable to find any permanent full-time jobs in the first place.

Generally, the expected cost to employ foreigner is significantly lower than employing Singaporean.
Employer has to bear the opportunity cost of the absence of male Singaporeans attending about
3 weeks / year of reservist training even though the Singaporean salary is paid by make-up pay.
Employer has to pay for 4 months of maternality leave for Singaporeans women who just give birth.
Employer has to pay 16% employer CPF to Singaporeans CPF.
Whereas employer needs not pay any of the above to foreigners.
If you are a businessman, who will you employ, Singaporean or foreigner?
Obvious answer: Foreigner is employed as he/she cost less.

The hard true is that the real statistics of unemployment rate of Singaporeans is much higher than the released unemployment rate of residents although this real statistics has never been released.
The logical deduction of the real statistics of unemployment rate of Singaporeans shows that Singaporeans cannot get jobs because of foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee may be very good but what is the use?

He did not win in past elections, he was bankrupted, and his party also unlikely to win much seats or if at all, let alone form the next government after the elections.

Things will only change if the opposition can deny PAP 2/3 majority or can form the government. And they have also frankly admitted that they are unable to.

Diamond said...

Ultimate moral relativism equals anarchy, hence we make laws according to the moral code of the societies we build as a people.

Therefore we can argue as much as we like that a certain type of young person doesn't see treating someone from heartland in disdain as bad as their parents treating their filipino maid as uncultured slave, but it remains right because we have collectively decided it is all right to treat the disadvantaged with no dignity (by taking away their minimal wage or labour laws protection etc).

Along the line, all that has changed is that we have become timid in telling the theiving little sods from PAP that it is so NOT OK for them to steal from the poor people. The MIW has gotten used to taking it from people because of their "talents/contributions" but is NOT OK for poor people to get more from their enriching reserves. That's where the missing compassion comes in. They simply CANNOT put themselves in their shoes anymore.

Anonymous said...

There's no guide better than Machiavelli when considering such issues.

... how one lives is so far removed from how one ought to live, that he who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation; for a man who wishes to act entirely up to his professions of virtue soon meets with what destroys him among so much that is evil. Hence it is necessary for a prince wishing to hold his own to know how to do wrong, and to make use of it or not according to necessity.

... in the actions of all men, and especially of princes, which it is not prudent to challenge, one judges by the result... because the vulgar are always taken by what a thing seems to be, and what comes of it; and in the world there are only the vulgar... One prince of the present time... never preaches anything else but peace and good faith, and to both he is most hostile, and either, if he had kept it, would have deprived him of reputation and kingdom many a time.

Curious said...

To anon 17:46

So what exactly is the singapore definition of "unemployed" here?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are the Pigs that want to be eaten.

Protons said...

Not only does PAP practice petty politics, the way they abuse taxpayers money "selectively targeted" at Opposition Members (who by the way have the legit mandate of its residents) and deny them the use of a decent Resident Office.

I like to see MP Chiam win the GRC of WKS and move into the Resident Office, and ERic Low can win the Potong Pasir and move into this shit hole instead!

Is about time Singaporeans really look at how PAP are abusing taxpayers' money blatantly. Can you imagine what other cans of worms are waiting to be revealed if/when Opposition takes over? THINK ABOUT IT people!

Anonymous said...

Dear all
Respectfully, enough talk already.

If you plan to vote for the alternative parties, commit yourself to also convincing one friend, parent or relative to join you in voting for change.

If all of us do this, we DOUBLE the number of votes for change.

a) If your friend or relative has hired a maid to look after his elderly parents.
Ask him if he is paying the maid’s levy. If yes, then ask him why is he paying a tax on filial piety.

b) If your friend or relative is hiring a maid to look after his baby or child.
Ask him if he is paying the maid’s levy. If yes, then ask him why is he paying a tax to stop Singapore’s declining population.

c) If you are looking after your elderly parents;
Tell your parents that you have to pay GST on all the food and medicine you buy for them.
Tell your parents about the maid’s levy you have to pay to hire the maid to look after them.
Then ask your parents why are they supporting the PAPies who is taxing you for performing your filial duties.

d) Leave nothing to chance. Make sure you show your elderly parents exactly where to mark the ballot paper.

e) If you have young friends or relatives who are looking to buy HDB flats.
Tell them that they are lease holders. HDB flat belongs to HDB. Then ask them why do they need to pay stamp duty and property tax on a property that does not belong to them. Why do they have to pay lawyer’s fees to re-confirm that the HDB flat belongs to HDB?

e) When you succeed in converting one new voter. Ask that new voter to also commit to converting another new voter within his family or circle of friends.

This war can only be won, one voter at a time.
Focus on achieving your quota of ONE new voter.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous@20.01 has a good suggestion on "member get member"".
How to get more "members"to be aware of this suggestion to start a trend?

hayek said...

lucky how ungrateful of you to belittle the "sacrifice" of our minister.

Do you know that these talent minister can go to Goldman Sachs but choose to stay in government to "serve" the people.

Our government actually short change our talented minister by paying them lower than Goldman Sachs.

Are you aware that how much our government have "subsidize" the poor over their life time. Its around $450 000 according to Tharman.

See, the PAP is so full of fucking compassion.

The rich here is so so so mother fucking generous,

The people of SG is so lazy and ungrateful.

Damn you Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, A Failure to Fail.

Anonymous said...

//Are you aware that how much our government have "subsidize" the poor over their life time. Its around $450 000 according to Tharman.//

Where can I find that statement by Tharman?
Is that 450k per poor person, or 450k per poor family of 5? How about figures/dollars of a poor person in his lifetime has contributed to GST, personal Taxes, CPF plus other indirect taxes to the government? I like to see the compute of "give" vs "take" . I suspect is a case of borrowing from poor peter to pay rich paul.

NoHelp said...

Member-get-member sounds like some kind of credit card acquisition or mega cult church recruitment drive. What kind of "goodies" or 18k carrot gold are you dangling here?

It's very simple. Just triple up your ground work in the area you're serving, and do the education & persuasion. Optimize your use of new media and articulate your ideas well and clear. The rest is up to the universe.

That said and done, you already have 6 votes from me, my family and siblings. Good fighting, good winning!

Anonymous said...

Dear NoHelp

The whole point of "member get member" is to keep things simple.

Most Singaporeans do not want to volunteer or help out at the grassroots.

For such people, all we are saying is "all you need to do is recruit one member of your friends or family to cast their vote for change."

In your case, you say you already have 6 such votes.

Please just consider going the "extra mile."

Please ask each of your family and siblings to also recruit just ONE other friend/family to also commit to vote for change.

Every new recruit commits to also getting another ONE new recruit to vote for change.

It's like a chain letter (for those of you who are old enough to remember)

Change can only be effected one vote at a time.

Most of us do not want to be sued until we are bankrupt. And we are not asking you to open your mouth to get sued.

Just convince ONE of your friend or family to vote change. And in their turn, also commit to getting another ONE new recruit for change. And let it snowball from there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Protons. I wonder what things PAP is hiding with them being in power for so long. In UK when the Conservative Party took over Labour party, then they reaised how much worse the situation was for the gov than what Labour Party was protraying to win the last election. And I wonder what other benefits and what perks those serving PAP gets besides those well known ones.

hayek said...

"A low-income family of four can receive transfers from the Government totalling about $460,000 over a lifetime."


Wicked Singaporean are good for nothing parasite. How are they so blind as not to see that they ministers all work very hard and give them free food.

The rich are like father to the poor. Always paying for the poor without asking any in reason.

Fuck Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Greats News from your beloved Ministar Khaw.

Having seen some of the Indian FT in action ... the poor wont need to sell their homes for treatment any more!

Better still, if the poor falls ill, they wont even have to worry about housing or food (for long)!

Ministar Khaw is the greatest!

Glad that we will be having many more caring new citizens MPs very soon!

We all know how smart and liberal you are. Enough of the mental masturbation. How are you going to help the opposition win any votes?

PAP is already parading their new candidates ...

Anonymous said...

Re "In Singapore, A Failure to Fail."

The local peasants do not have the rights to fail. Even if they do everything correctly, they still face the risk of being a scapegoat when some big shot make mistake.

People like Ho Ching definitely can fail and fail.

Anonymous said...

... and Mr Hayek

The alternative to Mr Tharman is our beloved PM LHL. U think he can do a better job?

Diva said...

Don't pray pray ok.

Tharman is now the the first asian to head the IMF body. Don't pray pray ok.

But it also becomes very clear that he's started to "pave his exit plan b" in case PAPs days are numbered. How he is "invested" to do his Finance job remains to be seen if he's busy building his networks for his post-career move. And if he can't get a grip on GIC/Temasek failings or hold them accountable, WTF can he do in IMF? See, money & PAP is the fastest route to all evils. These high-flyer are not here for our interests, they're here as a stepping stone to greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

See with yr eyes open;;
Listen with yr eyes open;;
Judge with yr eyes open;;

invest with yr eyes open!!
bvotes with yr eyes open!!

Anonymous said...

"Tharman is now the the first asian to head the IMF body. Don't pray pray ok. "

everyone in finance knows that IMF is the most corrupt supranational organization. Tharman must be himself a piece of shit that he is able to join the club.

In IMF, he could fully make use of his talent to make honest people suffer and to give the daughters of poor man for the rich to screw.

Over the pass decades, IMF has only been a trouble maker, damning the hardworking people, and enriching rascals.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we are still paying his salary?

Or better yet, maybe we can second him over to IMF. And let IMF pay his salary.

Amused said...

Okay, the poor family "receives" $460,000 over lifetime. Now, how much does Tharman and his kind "receives" from the state over their lifetime? $10,000,000? $100,000,000? $1,000,000,000???

As for "member-get-member", just learn from religious organizations. They have practised this over centuries and have pretty good success.

Diamond said...

A writer from ST forum is a genuine nutcase for defending the highest pay to PAP MPs.

Quote //First, we are still a young country and we have a long way to go before we create a solid identity and a deep sense of belonging that will act as a counterweight for financial-related benefits. This will come only with time.//

Let's put it in the private sector context. In a young start up or growing org, no CEO in their right mind will pay themselves millions of dollars to deplete their burn rate. They will watch their cash flow and expenses. Unless the company has been IPOed successfully, that's another matter. Can we agree what stage is SG at now? Are we a young start up like MM Lee likes to claim, or a IPO-ed company like PM Lee likes to act (we were just given growth dividends right?). If it's the former, then they surely don't deserve it. If latter, then they surely must give its citizens more regular dividends such as help to the poor and not just once every 4 years; and be held accountable to its shareholders (citizens) here. Which are they?

Besides, people may be honest when they say that honesty is the best policy – they just don't agree on the policy. PAP leaders like to say singaporeans are an island of cheaters - if welfares are given, it will be exploited. But when PAP is governing our pension funds via GIC/Temasek, they are honest custodians in the whole wide world, including taking welfares in the guise of salaries. Can they even pass the "Ghosh" test ?

Anonymous said...

"Okay, the poor family "receives" $460,000 over lifetime."

PAP are really bunch of economic terrorist. Their brains are stuffed with nothing except sado-masochism, and HDB is their whip for those Singaporean to enjoy to be tortured.

Singaporean are really a useless bunch of idiot. Despite a "transfer" of $460 000, many of them are in debt for 30 years.

Despite of this, most Singapore supported PAP by a majority of 66.6%.

Pay In Peace Party said...

In the last election, PM Lee aksed for a strong mandate.

A strong mandate means he can do whatever he wants without anyone to go against his will.

What happened when we gave him that strong mandate?

He immediately used tax payers money to pay himself millions.

He increased gst to do this.

He increased the price and waiting time of HDB flats.

He increased ERP gantries.

He removed estate duty tax when his mother fell ill.

He brought in all the foreigners into our MRT trains and took away from jobs and opportunities.

He reinstated his wife after she lost billions of reserves.

He raised the minimum age to witdraw CPF.

He increased the minimum sum to withdraw.

He forced people to work cheaper, faster and better.

He raised retirement age and disapprove minimum wage for human beings to survive at the subsistence level.

He gives himself bonuses and pension but is stingy to others and talks of target assistance to the poor and helpful among us.

He lost his moral authourity when he encourage 2 gambling dens in the country instead of building local industries and a sustainable economic plan and model.

Singapore is no longer a clean and safe city.

How many years must the Singaporean be allowed to exist before he can be allowed to be free?

Keep up the good work, PAP. And keep voting them in.

Anonymous said...

We need foreigners in this country. We should support PAP because we are shrinking in population. We need to do something. LKY has already admitted he made a mistake to this. So let's fix it.

We take in the foreigners and make them Singaporeans. It's good for us that they contribute and make Singapore vibrant.

This is good for us. What we need now is not to disallow the foreigners but we need to figure out a way to make sure our trains and buses are not overcrowded by increasing frequency and not compromising our standards of living.

This is something PAP has to figure out as the present transportation resources and HDB flats are not sustainable.

If PAP can work at keeping prices of resale flats lower and churn out BTO HDB flats in one year waiting period, people will continue to support the PAP.

This, PAP needs to give to the people so that they will continue to give it a strong mandate.

I still believe in the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Those undergraduates in the audience, who cheered for Dr Chee, are our new hopes for change.

They should be more passionate in helping the course of the opposition. They have the most at stake.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need opposition anyway if characters like Sylvia Lim can join as NCMP to offer constructive feedback from within? You can be pro-Singapore being an NMP or NCMP.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me the other day -

“What do you actually hope the opposition to actually do that PAP cannot?” What would you say?

Anonymous said...

Ref Anon: 27/3/11 02:01

“What do you actually hope the opposition to actually do that PAP cannot?” What would you say?

I would refer to our Singapore Pledge that all Singaporean students recite during assembly:
"We the citizens of Singapore ...."

According to Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary, (1987), page 1099;
1. A pledge is a solemn promise or guarantee to do or provide something, especially one that is made by a government, politician, etc.

4. If you pledge your word, you make a solemn promise, implying that if you do not fulfill it you will not expect people to believe you ever again.

In a memorable statement made in the Singapore Parliament in Aug 2009, MM Lee, a senior member of PAP's cabinet of ministers said that Singapore's Pledge is just an "aspiration."

If you no longer believe in the Singapore Pledge, it is time you make way for other people and political parties.

It may also be a good time to quit Singapore and look for other countries which shares your aspirations on what it means to be human.

Anonymous said...

Anon 27/3/11 01:26 &
Anon 27/3/11 01:57

a)PAP does not Equal Singapore.
b)What is good for PAP does not mean it is good for Singapore

Sadly, PAP may now be part of the problem and challenges facing Singapore.

It can even be postulated that PAP is distinct and no longer mainstream Singapore. A natural consequence of an elitist approach.

Anonymous said...

I'm impress by Dr Chee...he is the type of Opposition, Singaporean need to speak up for us (100% local born singaporean)!!!without fear. Other oppositions seems to hold back when being counter back by PAP strongly..PAP are very afraid of Dr Chee if he is being elected in...busy finding ways to disqualified him and they succeeded!!!

Anonymous said...

"..PAP are very afraid of Dr Chee if he is being elected in...busy finding ways to disqualified him and they succeeded!!!"
Anon 27/3/11 12:08

If so, then how? If you were Dr Chee, what will you do (to win)??
Through elections????

hayek said...

An economy need to keep 5% of its population out of job as per NAIRU.

What happen when everyone has job and happy? First thing, PAP will not be happy. Below is reason y.

Full employment rate will not only jack up salary, as capitalist scramble to up bid for worker, it will also promote democracy.

When there is 100% employment, the first thing is that the peasants are able to AWOL without getting fired.

You can be sure, PAP will do whatever means to keep 5% of our people unemployed or underemployed.

And the wealth of fucking elites and the tragedy of those unemployed are actually 2 side of same coin.

Bui said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

People should start donating to Dr Chee, discharge his bankruptcy and put him into parliament. If he stays in politics long enough, the fruits will bear ripe for him because it is clear he has become a suave speaker and more and more younger Singaporeans are following him. If he keeps at it, he'll be voted into parliament 10 years from today.

Anonymous said...

AGree. Don't understand why he didn't get himself discharged so he can run? Or is there a feeling that PAP will repeatedly try to slamdunk him over and again so it's really pointless exercise? IF so, then that's really a gross injustice. However, if he can discharge himself and run, I think it would take him less than 10 years. By next election is possible!

Anonymous said...

//It's like a chain letter (for those of you who are old enough to remember)//

I have great dislike or taste for chain letter. It usually meant along the line that after reading this, if you don't pass it on to the next 20 people bad karma will come to you or you will combust automatically! I don't response to silly threats like this.

But ok. I get your idea. Just saying is a bad analogy.
The climate of fear/threat is over. We are now in the era of empowerment. That's the route for alternative parties - because it is FEAR & Inertia that you need to overcome to get my votes.

Protons said...

Here's another reality. MOM have no qualms to spend $575 x 472 units for the purchase of designer chairs to cushion their asses and strengthen their low backs but have only spine to give a generous $290 of allowance to low income family.

That in total my dear voters, comes up to $271k that will easily feed another 930 months of food to tables that MCYS has failed to fight for.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee comments on the line up of candidates. During which he chided the media for being breathless (at first thought i heard it reckless), creating stories for the sake of stories, and some of which he only learnt about it when he reads it.

What does that say? Everything that is fitted to print must be known facts/information by him in advance? As if his constant stressing of "nation building" is not enough cue that ST must report every propaganda in positive light and masquerades them as fact or good science.

I think given the past examples of how MBT and other MPs who can twist and turn their graphs and figures selectively, we can become our own judge in other media. ST is shit times as it is already widely known. I urged voters to go visit to get their alternative news

Anonymous said...

"ST is shit times as it is already widely known. I urged voters to go visit to get their alternative news"
Anon 27/3/11 18:22

Shit or no shit, or whatever, PAP will win at least 2/3 majority.

If they don't, I predict a earthquake and tsunami will also hit Singapore.

Clear eyed said...

I must say the MIW are extraordinarily talented marksmen if nothing else. Their solid gold diamond encrusted arrows hit their target, which is their pockets, without fail every single time!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Title: Why I'm not Religious, Reason #10,203 - Jesus was against the minimum wage

Anonymous said...

Our elite MPs are getting good bum deals, while poor "lazy" bums are queuing up at ParknShop for food stamps, and eat in non-aircon hawker trying to survive on $290 a month of "welfare". Bummer!

Or should I say "dumb & dumber" voters?

Anonymous said...

"Our elite MPs are getting good bum deals, while poor "lazy" bums are queuing up at ParknShop for food stamps, and eat in non-aircon hawker trying to survive on $290 a month of "welfare"."

Are you telling a lie? I tot PAP give every Singaporean $460 000. How could that kind of poverty happened in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 23:15

Is good to stick out our ostrich head now and then (no matter how busy we're trying to bring food to table) to look around , hard enough, and understand the hard truths on this island. Mr Leong is all you need to follow when it comes to mythbusting the PAP machinery or Shit Times.

Anonymous said...

/////We need foreigners in this country. We should support PAP because we are shrinking in population. We need to do something. LKY has already admitted he made a mistake to this. So let's fix it./////

LKY has never admitted to any mistakes.

Any opposition who made mistakes have bankrupted, jailed, barred from parliament and discredited repeatedly in the Straits Times.

Every time LKY or some big shot PAP guy makes a mistake, they simply shrug their shoulders, and tell us to move on. Hardly any form of accountability for wrongdoing

Anonymous said...

If all these ministers can earn more in the private sector, they should do that. Then they can start paying some taxes and contributing to the country. In the mean time, these minister jobs can be given to people who really needed to job and they will be motivated to work harder to keep the job. If a person feels he is underpaid, how is he going to be motivated? Don't give me the crap about serving the nation. Looking at their performance, it looks more like these people feel contempt for being underpaid and putting in the bare minimum which we can see from the results.

Anonymous said...

"Looking at their performance, it looks more like these people feel contempt for being underpaid and putting in the bare minimum which we can see from the results."
Anon 28/3/11 08:27

Problem is, at least 60+% of voters don't see it that way, at least through the way they voted.

Will it be the same this coming election?

And if it is the same, what would you say?

And what would Lucky say?

Atoki Hiroshi said...

When a nation is run like a corporation, having CEOs paid top salaries to perform, it will be focused on short term goals: maximizing profits to get maximum bonuses.

Not helping the poor, increasing housing, medical and transportation costs brings in more profits, and Singaporeans are seen as "going on tours" and spending a lot on luxury goods. But they are not going to care about those at the bottom 30% because their salaries are pegged to the top 1%.

Making the top 1% richer, they get more salary. So are the ministers in for the money?

Anonymous said...

the 5 big lies of pap: coe, cpf, erp, gst, hdb. all to make themselves richer and you poor daft singaporeans poorer. even the sick, old, unemployed have to pay gst on everything. this gov is not for keeping. vote them out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lucky

Not say I say what but one of your pet fanboys already reminded that the brights(like you and your 300 fanboys) discuss ideas, the stupids(rest of SG population) discuss people. Unfortunately, its 1 person 1 vote. Irregardless of IQ.

So shouldn't you be like ... u know ... endorsing the opposition candidatesor their platforms? Even the PAP's mouthpieces have announced NSP's new candidates. Election really is round the corner.

Btw, have you ever asked Mr Goh Meng Seng if he prefers your liberal posts or you handing over a $1M cheque to his election warchest? $$$ seemed to have helped your beloved Black Messiah (who must have ordered his GIs to invade Libya wearing sandals - no boots!).

Amused said...

People who claim Lucky is too liberal should instead ask themselves how Singapore compares to the rest of First World countries in the following areas:

- Minimum wage
- Job security / Equal employment
- Social safety net / social welfare
- Free speech
- FT

You will be surprised how mainstream Lucky's views are and how backward your views are.

Protons said...

Agree with Amused.
These are the basic expectations I have for the ideal Singapore that I want to live in.
If anything, our small size is the best reason to test and make a fair & equitable system that can work in Singapore.
It's a joke to self-proclaim you're the first world of swiss standard when you can't even look after your citizens rights/welfare, let alone care about human rights of other foreign workers. We are only interested in exploitation and hoarding reserves to pay welfare to Ministers' lifetime in the millions - the inconvenient truths.

Could it be that all these show that PAP as a leading party are only interested to undertake a strictly utilitarian calculation. Do we want the kind of Leaders who are only willing to refrain from doing wrong only when they are handsomely paid and benefit to do so? The easy but shallow route to PAP's formula of net happiness..

Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. -- Thomas Sowell

BBC said...

One Nation Under Familee

Anonymous said...

Any opposition party to contest at Western side of island?

Anonymous said...

//Every time LKY or some big shot PAP guy makes a mistake, they simply shrug their shoulders, and tell us to move on. Hardly any form of accountability for wrongdoing//

You forgot in the last GE the slogan was "STaying Together. Moving On"? It means staying together with the new 1m plus of foreign talents & moving on after MP made mistakes..get it? This time make sure you pay attention to what the slogan all in between the line. When he first took over as PM he said we will have an "inclusive society" meh? Right now the Samathan V from Holland V or Wee Shu Min elitist kids don't even want to be seen together with heartlanders..let alone with foreign workers!!! Wake up lah..their fatter wallets and bigger arsses are now fit to sit only on designer chairs. Next civil servants want to pay $300k of designer wedding for their daughters or go to PAris for haute cuisine while MP Vivian wants the rest of poor families to ration monthly $290 on non-aircon hawker food. You go figure how much better your life will be..TAXED after the GE in the next 5 years!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I’ve been looking about this specific topic for about an hour, glad i found it in your website!


Timvomf said...

Dr Chee may be very good but what is the use? He did not win in past elections, he was bankrupted, and his party also unlikely to win much seats or if at all, let alone form the next government after the elections. Things will only change if the opposition can deny PAP 2/3 majority or can form the government. And they have also frankly admitted that they are unable to.

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