Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vote for PAP and Your Future is just like Your Past..

"THE People's Action Party (PAP) chairman Lim Boon Heng said on Monday that a key issue that the party will fight the coming election on is the kind of future Singaporeans want for themselves and their children" - PAP will fight for Singaporens' Future,Straits Times.

I was looking through the PAP candidates and the list goes something like this - former Chief of Army, high flying civil servants, NTUC leader, a few successful bankers...and a 27-year old [Link](wife of a civil servant who is the Principal Private Secretary for the PM). These are precisely the type of candidates you would choose to preserve the status quo - people who will not rock the boat. There was once a PAP candidate whom everyone thought will bring great change to govt, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Remember the Remaking Singapore Committee? The outcome of that tells us there are just too many constraints to change the PAP from within. Singaporeans are pragmatic people - if the PAP can deliver the change they want, why go for the opposition? The PAP has had its chance already and after all the remaking, people can see the limitation to the rate of change and type of change the PAP is willing to make.

Lim Boon Heng now says the PAP will fight for the future of Singaporeans. Really? Lim Boon Heng was the labor chief when the floodgates was opened to foreign labor.

Without major changes to our system, our future will simply look like our past. The next 10 years will look like the past 10 years - rising cost of living, widening income gap, stagnant wages and continued deterioration of the quality of life in Singapore. In the past 10 years the real median income grew by 1.6% per year [Link]and a meager 0.3% in 2010 [Link]when the GDP growth was 14.5%. Income inequality measured by GINI grew to 0.452, the highest among developed countries. Cost of housing and medical care rose much faster than wages. There are many things not measured by numbers - stress levels, pace of life, overcrowded (public transport), job insecurity etc - that have deteriorated over time.

The PAP had the last 4 years and the last 4 decades to set things right. They had every opportunity to demonstrate to Singaporeans that Singaporeans come first and their future is the highest priority for the PAP govt. Opportunities they had and opportunities they squandered away.

 "If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem " - MM Lee [Link

Singapore workers clock the longest hours according to ILO's report[Link] and experience the 2nd highest stress levels in the world[Link].

The one time I see the PAP leaders fighting very hard was when they wanted to hike their world's highest pay to even higher. The PAP leaders fought against minimum wages, they fought against lowering GST, they fought against putting Singapore first in employment, they fought against suggestions to make pre-school education compulsory which will benefit children from the low income group, they fought against safety nets for the unemployed,old, sick and poor, ...over time they fought to restrict our democratic freedom -our right to assemble, right to speak in public - they bankrupted and jailed people without trial for wanting to bring about democracy, justice and equality to our society.

Now they say they will fight for Singaporeans' future which is very quickly diminished by their policy to open the floodgates to foreigners and convert them to citizens. This influx will result in a tougher future for ordinary Singaporeans - more competition for jobs, housing and cars, tougher for our children to get into good schools and places in the universities. It will mean Singaporeans struggling in the future unless something is done to bring about change in Singapore.


A fresh breeze approaches said...

".....because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem "

Indeed, it is my problem.. indeed I will approach it my own way, with my own solutions.

Only the ten commandments is written in stone. All else can be changed.

Anonymous said...

The more things change (the PAP way), the more things stay the same (preserve their status quo).

Vote wisely, this election vote for ANY opposition candidate even if its a semi retarded monkey. We can sort it out AFTER the PAP cancer is removed from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Come on, it is PAP's own future they are fighting very hard for.

I smell desperation in the air - from PAP and the people alike. One side wants to cling on to power and the other wants to throw off the shackles.

When PAP starts fielding new candidates of incestuous origins - princelings, NTUC running dogs and nubile wife of PM's secretary, you know Doomsday is coming for them.

yEs, we are going to get you. Be very afraid!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucky,

You have listed the short-comings of the PAP well. Bravo!
But here`s the sad story.In everyone of the PAP`s short-comings,its incompetence has touched (albeit adversely)almost every Singaporean.
And yet the PAP is able to juice up
a clean sweep in every election.My
dear Singaporeans, is`nt enough is
Will we be gutsy and daring enough like the fruit vendor in Egypt that
demanded change? ..inspired millions.. and it was changed!

Ghost said...

The title of this post is correct. The election is on the PAP track record and whether Singaporeans are happy with the PAP. For all the short-comings listed, they also had done good things for Singapore. It is a case of whether the good things overcomes the short-comings. That is a decision Singaporeans have to make.

Anonymous said...

I remembered then when the PM's message "to leave no stone unturned". It seems that pretty much everything is casted in stone for the benefits of some and drudgery for most for the past 5 years. Things were not helped with the hugh influx of foreign competition while S'poreans have one hand tied around their backs. Time to untie ourselves.

Anonymous said...

No apology to differ with You(Lucky) here.

Me thinks the Future will be Worse and getting 'worser' and 'woserer' than the Past.

There will be overcrowding for sure, more time wasting in queues for food, transportation, medical services and school choice and registration.

And if there is outbreak of fatal contagious disease, no need to queue and for the virus to attack but sure to queue at temporary shelters outside hospitals.

Dread to think further.


Amused said...

PAP wants more people, by importing massive number of foreigners. But Singaporeans want fewer people, by not reproducing.

The message is LOUD AND CLEAR. Is PAP listening?

Mohd Shahid said...

Superb article! Well said! I am posting this on the Singapore Black Ribbon Project FB page.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lim Boon Heng

No need to say so much.

We already know your standard.

Anonymous said...

"This influx will result in a tougher future for ordinary Singaporeans - more competition for jobs, housing and cars, tougher for our children to get into good schools and places in the universities."
Lucky Tan

So? But these ordinary Singaporeans, who are the majority of voters, will still vote for PAP, right?

Who in his/her right mind would think otherwise?

Jupiter7 said...

This post sounds like a speech at a election campaign rally!

Great rabble rousing stuff!!

Anonymous said...


Read this. Master's holder working as dishwasher now. I think we will soon be seeing degree holders sweeping the roadside.

Anonymous said...

I was at church service last Saturday. Our Father's sermon includes something like, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. He also read out a petition from a single mother saying she needs to pay SGD500 rental per mth but only earns SGD900 monthly. I was very upset by this revelation. Even our religious leaders are feeling the pinch for the people (I'm sure God knows too). Something has to be done. For those daily reports on revealing new faces in PAP, I am really not interested. They are just there to put up a show of diversities to represent different age groups, different genders, different background, different racegroups, etc..... What use are these to us? We need drastic overhuals and changes in this country not just faces.

Anonymous said...

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Anonymous said...

"Great rabble rousing stuff!!"
Anon 29/3/11 12:47

Come on, it's only a blog.

And even if it's at election rally, you think the outcome will be 30 opposition MPs?

More likely 9 NCMPs!

Anonymous said...

"He also read out a petition from a single mother saying she needs to pay SGD500 rental per mth but only earns SGD900 monthly."
Anon 29/3/11 12:59

Be realistic lah. You can't expect a perfect society with no poor people. As long as these people are only a small minority, it is OK in a one man one vote, GRC, SMC, NCMP, NMP system.

Anonymous said...

Quote from website:

Re: Influx of Chinese Nationals as Hawkers!
Post by adriane on Apr 24, 2008, 9:37am

I doubt our government cares..... classic case was when last week a middle age Singaporean lady said she is facing competition in sales from young PRC beer girls and said she is already working 2 jobs to make ends meet. She is afraid having such foreigners work at her coffee shop will undercut her earnings.

Guess what our Minister Lim Boon Heng said to her?

"The china co-worker was drawing men in droves to the coffeeshop. This in term mean brisk business which in turn help local, in turn helped the local drinks lady keep her job !"

Classic right...... Singapore is really going down the drain and we are handing it over these PRC on a golden platter..

Anonymous said...

A perfect summary of the pap's enslavement of the people of Singapore.

Like all fossilized systems, there is but one cure which is to dig the fossils out, change and replace them with the new.

That job will be done on polling day, 2011.

Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it on the head, if PAP cannot change from within, there is nothing we should expect from them to change the current sad state of Singaporeans! TIME for us to mandate the change!

Anonymous said...

"because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem "

Yes, I am daft and that's my problem but is that my fault? Because I am so daft it took me 20 years to learn that I am no longer worthy of anything until during election time.

Clear eyed said...

Singaporeans are top not only in working long hours and facing high stress levels, we are also no. 1 in having a high threshhold for pain. The PAP, which has control of the temperature of the water in the pot we are all in, has been raising the heat with impunity and total disregard for our well-being. And what do we do? We grit our teeth and endure in silence and continue to vote them in election after election. We are only half alive now and we will be boiled alive if we vote for them again in the coming election.

hayek said...

Tharman has already given everyone $460 000. Singaporean is poor because they are too stupid.

Singaporean must receive less salary so that the rich will have more to invest to create wealth for us.

Poor Singaporean must also give the rich their virgin daughter for screwing. Because when the rich are happy, they are more creative, then they can create more wealth to feed the poor.

Beside Singaporean need to raise HDB price to infinity. Then, Tharman can claim he subsidize $1000 000 just to let every Singaporean have a place to build their toilet bowl.

Long live PAP.

Alan Wong said...

One very simple proof of what future lies ahead for us :

The other day, some subsidised patient was shocked to find out that if one opts to pay as a private patient, one can cut the queue from 3 months to 3 days. But this has been going on for many years ever since the public hospitals are restructured as profit-making enterprises to cater for foreigners as well.

Even for a simple result of a urine tests, the wait for the results is around 3 months when your next appointment is due. Which means if you don't have the means, you can wait and die for all the PAP govt could care.

And it will sure worsen when more and increased influx of new immigrants. While they can't even solve the existing problems, what kind of future do you think our PAP govt will be promising us ?

I rather they solve all the current problems in housing, medical, employment, low wages, immigration that we are currrently facing now instead of promising us a future where there is no tomorrow !

ThirdEye said...

I came from the Future, and warn you NOT to go back to the Past.

Anonymous said...

Ya in the past when you are cheated of investment in Minibond you are left to die on your own. Same for future.Don't count on the garmen to help you, unlike in Hong Kong.

Amused said...

Someone should definitely ask about the social ills caused by the 2 casinos during this election. I have heard many such stories from church friends and social workers. It's not pretty. The state is collecting the jackpot, and churches and volunteer organizations are picking up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Lucky

So we know PAP is fielding a 27 yo chio bu.
What about the opposition?
Who do you endorse?

Suppose I am one of those fundie Christian(or LGBT) who dun like PAP. You have to let me know what the opposition represents, no?

I would gladly vote for Low/Chee/Sylvia's pet hamster. But a fundie/LGBT ... thats different. Remember I am really stupid but my vote counts as much as yours!

Your buddy Mr Au gave a comprehensive list of PAP candidates to vote for. When will you do the same for the opposition?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing (eg pointing out what YOU perceived as PAP's ills) over and over and expecting different results(freak election).

Protons said...

//The state is collecting the jackpot, and churches and volunteer organizations are picking up the pieces.//

Why else do you think defense budget goes up so much -- to fight additional crimes like money laundering, prostitution trafficking, and housing Interpol HQ here etc !
You think they care much for locals? That's what churches and NGO are for - why else collect all these charity monies just to fund song and dance every sunday?

The more silly singaporeans ruined their future in gambling, the more PAP leaders can come up and say to us all " See how irresponsible you people are? How can I possibly give you free reigns to your CPF retirement funds, let alone welfares!" And daft Singaporeans will have forgotten who'd brought in and built them in the first place.

But why should MIW care? They are here for a few terms, make their million dollars and will be gone by the time the next lot of kate-spade leaders or new govt will come in and clean up their mess. Just llike the Fukushima 50, you think those people who sold you the nuclear plants are around to be accountable for your disastrous policies?

Once again - The Past Performance Is Not an Indication of Future Results. You don't need to invest in a Ponzi scheme to lose all your money; some arbitrage funds like GIC/Temasek SWF will get you sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

My gut feeling is that if the current trend and attitude continues, the future for the ordinary folks, young and old, poor and middle class will be rather bleak. With that in mind, I believe many will be inclined to take the chances by supporting the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

I have been reading your articles for a while now. They have been forcefully written with conviction and clarity. It is a pity that so many Singaporeans out there now who do not go online to socio-political blogs do not read your thoughts. Please do consider becoming a speech writer for the opposition parties this coming elections. I am very sure your work will produce very fruitful results.


Anonymous said...

"Vote for PAP and your future is just like your past"..... I dont agree with the title, It should be worse off. Im going to stick my spurs in their bums

Anonymous said...

Ever tot how much money taken from the people of singapore to pay "these people" in the government to do their "farking" jobs...

How much more "blood" monies these so called "people" in the PAP government wants...

Remember it is the people of singapore who are "paying" blood monies for the upkeep of these PAP clowns in white.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Great writing , Lucky !
All opposition can use this as a template for their opening speech at every Rallies. Sure you will not mind.

Anonymous said...

Ever tot how much money taken from the people of singapore to pay "these people" in the government to do their "farking" jobs...

I tot its the other way round. The minister pay us $460 000.

Alfred said...


Adding more fuel to the fire.

frugal introvert said...

Hi lucky,
I concur with anon 16:48 of u contributing your some of your content for oppo speeches. Oppo then need to tailor it to their personalities to sound authentic to win voters.

Remember that during american revolution the colonists still manage to win against the most powerful nation at that time despite inferior troops, training, supplies, equipment, navy.

Keep on the effort.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with lucky article. The PAP only care and fight for their own benefit. Now, i understand why the Government called Singaporeans DRAFT!

Anonymous said...

You are right. We have given too much trust to the PAP before. Not now and in the future. PAP be gone from the power scene. We no longer want you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you here.

For me. This is going to be the easiest election for me by far. Easy as in knowing where to put my vote.

Like most Singaporeans, I've put up with a lot over the years. But I can never forgive or forget the following 3 things:

a) Calling our Singapore Pledge an "aspiration." A pledge is a solemn oath by any dictionary.

b) Casting aspersions on my fellow loyal Singaporeans in the book "Hard Truths"

c) Saying that loyal, hardworking Singaporeans needed "spurs" to an international audience first. As a leader, if you are not happy with us, tell it to our face first.

There is only one political party in Singapore that has not renewed itself despite all the "wayang" to the contrary.

I trust my fellow Singaporeans. I believe in our good sense and loyalty in rallying behind our beloved country.

Anonymous said...


You forget to mention the casinos and the many lifes destroyed by it...


Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky

Electricity tariffs ... UPZ!
Childcare fees ... UPZ!
and PAP throw in $7.5M to match Lippo's no-strings-attached scholarships to INDONESIANS and CHINESE students ...

In your face!

But dun worry ... reality has a liberal bias!

DareToAct said...

Between knowing and understanding, one needs to THINK.
Between wanting and getting, one needs to DO.

Mr Lucky is helping us with the THINKING,
We must be the one DOING if we want to get what we want.

DareToAct said...

43 comments on this article and 28 are anonymous. It's about 65% -- about the same as PAP vote count in 2006.

jellyfish07 said...

If you agree with Lucky, please do your part, tell your friends and family or post this article on FB, twitter. I just did that. We need to take real actions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

Don't you find Lucky's post makes lots of sense?
Can we do something for the love of our nation?

Let's raise awareness of the failings of PAP and help oppositions garner more votes. We need a strong opposition to break PAP dominance as they have a big civil servant support base.

Pass it on to your friends and relatives. Make those fence sitters get up and make a stand. Politics is not a religion. Whether you like it or not, it will affect you and me.

Let's not suffer for another five years. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbours and tell your relatives why we should not vote for PAP. Tell them to read, not just ST, read temasek review, read TOC and read Lucky's blog.

Let's pass it on, 1 to 10, 10 to 100, 100 to 1,000, 1,000 to 10,000, 10,000 to 100,000, 100,000 to 1,000,000. Spread the word of change now before it is too late!

bodohs said...

Change to what? From PaP to pAp ah? lol

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, it has degenerated into an ugly family feud, of multiple marriages and her offsprings, over the righrs, management and expenditures of SIN money.

Not only the political system degrades you, it makes monkeys look good in a square hat.

Anonymous said...

To Bodohs........Well an opposition can be a mole today (shrewd move) but......remember someone said he rode on a tiger. Sorry Bodohs, you really live up to your name and dont have what it takes to be a good and shrewd politician.

Anonymous said...

when you hit the jackpot, I will be the first to congrats you. but until then, it's all amusing.

IceBerg said...

One of the speech that MP-wannabe Ms Tin has given


Very clearly - she does not think the government is to blame for rich-poor gap. This responsibility is not their problem, but the people's! Wow, not even a tinge of self-reflection on the Party's side.

Then it was mentioned that PAP is like a ship, to be steered by us the sailors. I don't know about you ,but what's the point of rearranging the deck chairs when you're on a sinking Titanic?

It then went on and on with micro and macro views - all airy fairly stuff.

Conclusion - i'm jumping ship. And this time, with my life-jacket and along with my blue topaz necklace too. See you on the other side of the shore!

Anonymous said...

And now we have Lim Boon Heng who equate his MP
s jobs is like Jesus who tried to heal the lepers - totally thankless.


Thanks, good to know we are now the Lepers.

Diamond said...

The old saying that if you pay them peanuts you get monkeys, but if you give more peanuts you sometimes get gorillas. We have plenty of the latter now.

Anonymous said...

now pap operates like old chinaman company. powers passed from father to son. lky started the ball rolling and now we see ex-mp sons getting into the act.

we must stop all these pap nonsense. vote them out now. we may not have the chance again.

Anonymous said...

"now pap operates like old chinaman company. powers passed from father to son. lky started the ball rolling and now we see ex-mp sons getting into the act."

Singapore is worse than monarchy or Sheikhdom in Arab states. Next premier-to-be Teo Chee Hean is a relative to Lee family through Kwa bankster family. Same with Tony Tan.

Anonymous said...

Teo Chee Hean is from a cadet branch of family which spawn the big traitor The big traitor 张有福 (Zhang You Fu).

This person works for the Jap in China that after the war, he was nearly executed by Generalisimo Chiang Kai Shek.

LKY worked for Jap. Nathan worked for jap, so did many of the PAPs.

In short, PAP are form by bunch of traitors, ball-less, wicked who prosper by selling out their citizen.

Anonymous said...

everybody says they want to serve the people or make a difference.

with so much money and privileges at stake for the "right candidate", more people will become skeptical of their motivations especially they tend to be of the same breed or lineage(in education,business,political connections or family/friends related)

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, the floodgates for foreigners will be thrown open even wider, after the election.

Anonymous said...

and there was really some socialising going on.
with her wonderful connections, we got a VIP table at this new club even though there was a French makeup event going on. where kym ng was the celebrity!
and we even had the director bring us in cause the dumb bouncers were acting snooty.
so we had a nice comfy corner with lots of nibbles and drinks.
the director brought countless people to come meet with us. or actually more like just peiling. but since it was networking and stuff, they had to be nice to her friends too. so the rest of us also had to shake hands, exchange namecards and chitchat etc etc. heeheehee

Anonymous said...

Just need 66% support and they will get 98% seats.

Out of 5 million people on only 700 sq km, sure can find 66% of citizens happy and satisfied lah.

And don't forget a lot of new citizens and for the guys no need to do NS some more. Of course will support PAP lah. In fact 2 of them even become PAP candidates already!

So you say lah, opposition still got hope or not?

Anonymous said...

I will be surprised if the degenerative pap do not retract her candidate

and fuk the oppositions too!they are equally satay wayang and sotong balls

Anonymous said...

To turn back is to lose face.

Face is everything.

Anonymous said...

nice to me and nice to my friends, nice to you and to your business or future ya?

Anonymous said...

my wish list for the future: no ns, no hdb for pr, no gst, no coe, no erp, no kangaroo court, no isa, no lease but FH for hdb, no multi million dollar paid ministers, no less than 5% return on cpf.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there will be people, or that we should have a system that count on such people even if there are exceptions(almost like none), who will do or can do the right thing with so much rewards, perks, promotions, glory,power and money .... or even sex, offered.

In fact, politicking is so muddled out there, those involved could hardly distinguish what's rightful and not.

Can you blame the situation? With what money can buy now, you need to be discreet about your prospects isn't it?(hypocritical)

Get real and change the political system(not change party or have an orgy of parties) or suffer ridicule and regression.k

Anonymous said...

"Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement." - Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

Politicians can lie to people but they cannot lie to themselves.

Diamond said...


Dr Ng went on a long tedious descriptions of their talent selection process that spanned years. Withered down to half and 8hrs of psychological tests later, the results are MPs that are :

- An Activist
- Have a heart
- Have guts
- Be trustworthy

They got all soundbites correct. Except the talents inducted so far have misplaced all of the above all of the time in wrong priorities. They are quick to pour cash into their pockets, while ordinary families struggle to keep up with rising costs. It also takes guts to be the world's most expensive politicians in one of the smallest city states.

If leaders are not there to create jobs, provide stability, grow GDP and look after basic needs of citizens, why are they there in the first place? Isn't these the hygiene factors for a good government anyway. The jobs now being created too often are for cheap foreign talents, pay pittance & not nearly enough to pry open the doors to a middle-class standard of living for native Singaporeans who have fallen behind.

So can we today trust our leaders of their intention & motivations, without the lure of million dollar paychecks? And where are their hearts when the numerous poor/disadvantaged/sick/aged people have fallen through the cracks? They said it is NOT their problems. Independence is good ethics for citizens to have while a heart of conscience is not required for PAP.

The good old leaders of PAP is no longer what it used to be. That seems like ancient history now. Their past has been suppressions, and the future illusions. Think if you really will stay together, or fall out altogether with your fella Singaporeans. Move ahead, or be left behind.

Wiser said...

Dubai on Empty

In its mad rush to become the Middle East’s answer to Singapore and Las Vegas—the world’s tallest building! an indoor ski slope!—Dubai forgot one important thing: an identity. Post–financial crisis, A. A. Gill finds, it has become the world’s most opulent ghost town. Photographs by Tom Craig.


Anonymous said...

Mr Lucky is helping us with the THINKING,
We must be the one DOING if we want to get what we want.

HAHA ... are we talking about the same Lucky Tan?
The guy who supports "Calm under pressure" KHAW, Timmy G and Heli Ben?
Who THINKS Obama is the black Messiah and OBAMACARE is any good?

>90% who bother to come to this blog ARE already THINKING(about the crappy PAP policies)!

But ONLY Mr Lucky can actually DO anything 'cos he is articulate and RICH!

... Shocking News ... elections cost money ...

Nah ... just kidding ... reality has a liberal bias ... God willing ... the opposition will win surely by a landslide ... on the day Mr Lucky believes in a God ...

Anonymous said...

Come on people...
If jobs are important for you and all
then there is no other way but to have business set up shop here.
And that means stable politics..etc

However, if jobs is not an issue but having an income is... then we can see things differently.

You can earn an income from other activities other than having a job.

At this point, we seem to believe that jobs is all important. I beg to differ: an income is more important than a job... a job may not give you the income that you need.

Anonymous said...

The More Leaders Make, the Meaner they Get.